Ronaldinho: 14 Ridiculous Tricks That No One Expected

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In this video:
14. Dancing Before Scoring goal vs Chelsea
13. Ronaldinho No Look Assists ( passes )
12. Ronaldinho goal that would have been vs bilbao
11. Ronaldinho Back Assist vs Osasuna
10. Ronaldinho Juggling With Closed Eyes
9. Ronaldinho Free Kick vs England
8. Ronaldinho Triple Sombrero vs Bilbao
7. Ronaldinho Debut Goal vs Sevilla
6. Ronaldinho Playing With The Crossbar
5. Ronaldinho Bicycle Kick Goal vs Villareal
4. Ronaldinho Controlling The Ball With His Back
3. Ronaldinho Under The Wall Free Kicks
2. Ronaldinho Smart Water Bottle Trick
1. Ronaldinho Stealing The Ball From Goalkeepers
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27 jul 2018







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Comentarios 12 481
Real Madrid Albania
Real Madrid Albania Hace 6 meses
Simply, the Best Player of All Times!
Gleathiel Hace 6 horas
What about Panajot Pano?
global terroil
global terroil Hace un día
_That_ would be Maradona.
My favourite player ever a class above even the best
No.10 & 6 its fake!!!
Voornaz Hace 4 días
Real Madrid Albania I like r9 better but to me he is the 2nd best attacker
Khairul Anuar
Khairul Anuar Hace 38 minutos
Without him,messi is nothing..
Victor Castro
Victor Castro Hace 40 minutos
Melhor jogador da história !!!
Vinod Dipchand
Vinod Dipchand Hace 53 minutos
There will never be another Ronaldinho! He's the real G.O.A.T.!!!! #2019
Substantia Inominata
One of a kind unhuman "Alien Level" art-like soccer skills! You got all my respects Ronaldinho!
Alan Stewart
Alan Stewart Hace 3 horas
Most entertaining player ever
wusselfussel Hace 3 horas
Waterbottle trick aka über dick move
Victoria Orlova
Victoria Orlova Hace 4 horas
I'd let him plant his seeds in me.
Eli Lujan Cabellos
Eli Lujan Cabellos Hace 5 horas
Que bestia Ronaldinho
Moo ooN
Moo ooN Hace 6 horas
ساحر الكرة
Rony Callado
Rony Callado Hace 6 horas
My name in real life is Ronaldinho my dad decided to name me after him because he loved soccer I’m blessed to have this name I feel honored when someone looks at my jersey and says Ronaldinho
Raj Gill
Raj Gill Hace 7 horas
sachin tendulkar of football
niall donovan
niall donovan Hace 7 horas
Possibly the best ever. Way better than Messi.
Bogdan Jovanovic
Bogdan Jovanovic Hace 8 horas
when football was football and not money and politics
Qiuyuan Chen
Qiuyuan Chen Hace 9 horas
I actually prefer him the most among Brazilian player.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow Hace 10 horas
shonenlad one
shonenlad one Hace 10 horas
Is that guy even from this dimension? Some of those "tricks" look downright impossible? Dude was clearly sent here to show us how it's done.
Hoàng Nam Nguyễn
Hoàng Nam Nguyễn Hace 10 horas
His most impressive skill is the ability to get an applaud from Real Madrid fans right at Bernabeu despite being a Barca's player :) I don't think there will be another Barca or Real player who can do the same thing
Teen Scene
Teen Scene Hace 11 horas
Love Ronaldinho the best player ever!
Muree Media
Muree Media Hace 11 horas
Messi and C Ronaldo are great in their own right but Ronaldinho is hands down the most skillful football player i have ever seen. In a complete class of his own. It's just effortless how he does the most difficult tricks with the ball. He was truly born to play the beautiful game
Roiman Rodriguez
Roiman Rodriguez Hace 12 horas
We all know he used cheats
Dont Lie Tell The Truth
Absolute rubbish @ 3:01. He could see for sure!
Shahrul Adieka
Shahrul Adieka Hace 13 horas
Just one word, Legend.
HomemDoMal Hace 14 horas
Pena que misturaram 2 cenas falsas... a da trave e a da petecada vendado. It's a pity that they used two fake scenes, the one with the crossbar and the juggling blindfolded. O restante é real e dá uma saudade fdp dessa magia The remaining scenes are real and make we miss a lot of that magi
Zet Chan
Zet Chan Hace 14 horas
i don't think the cross bar part is real
yayah dgdysu
yayah dgdysu Hace 15 horas
Higty Hace 15 horas
All looks like fake.HAHAHA. He is amazing!!!!
Abnu C Paul
Abnu C Paul Hace 15 horas
Simply humply ronaldinio 😍😍😍😘
timotej re
timotej re Hace 18 horas
one of a kind
Julie Boihtlung
Julie Boihtlung Hace 18 horas
Crossbar part reminded me of shaolin soccer
Sorry but the crossbar playing it's fake
burak lol
burak lol Hace 19 horas
Pele+Maradona+Messi+Cristiano ronaldO = RONALDİNHO
adam Jostsons
adam Jostsons Hace 20 horas
i dont think seeing the ball come all the way to you and then twisting your head the second it makes contact with your feet counts as a "no look" kick
Murali Sampath
Murali Sampath Hace 22 horas
I wish in my lifetime I see another player like The greatest Ronaldinho...
tony rodriguez
tony rodriguez Hace un día
Playing with the crossbar really shows how he would put the ball wherever he wanted
Elver Gota
Elver Gota Hace un día
Joao Carvalho
Joao Carvalho Hace un día
Ronaldinho malandrinho grande jogador
Noel H
Noel H Hace un día
He still 1 of my all time football idols man.
Sr Bone
Sr Bone Hace un día
Jajajajajaja ridiculo dice jajaja ha payaso
TurKRaPTv Hace un día
8:30 thats not fair play buuuuuh
Scott Walker
Scott Walker Hace un día
Messi learned from him, legend
riberadelplata Hace un día
jajaj como burlaba a los vascos brutos hijos de puta
Centurion bill
Centurion bill Hace un día
What a legend
Die Covers
Die Covers Hace un día
1:12, yo solo quiero que messi haga algo así, para poder catalogarlo a la altura de Ronaldinho, muchos siempre presumen de messi, pero solo lo hace con equípos medianamente grandes y chícos, y no a ese nivel, Ronaldinho hacía cosas así en cada partído, con cualquier equípo, y contra cualquier equípo, Messi no está ni a la mitad de Ronaldinho, Ronaldinho no tenía el pecho frío, y aunque tuviera malos jugadores los hacía competitívos, simplemente por jugar en el equípo, en méxico ya con mas de 35 años, llevó a un equípo a la final, cuando el equípo tenía años, pero años sin llegar ahí, eso messi jamas podra demostrarlo, y cuando puede demostrarlo, se achíca, (Argentína), luego sus fans lo defienden xdxd
Jordi Oró
Jordi Oró Hace un día
Se te olvida algo a ti y a todo el mundo que criticáis a Messi, Messi es el sucesor de Ronaldinho, hace mucho tiempo Ronaldinho le dijo a Kobe que Messi seria el mejor jugador del mundo y así fue, si no me crees búscalo que lo explica él mismo (Kobe Bryant). Ni Messi ni Ronaldo le llegan a la suela de los zapatos, porque Ronaldinho es el que revoluciono el fútbol si queréis llamarlo de alguna manera, Ronaldinho es el DIOS, Messi es un Rey y Ronaldo otro Rey, ninguno de los 2 es mejor que el otro, solamente que los 2 destacan por diferentes cosas. Dejar de poneros de un lado y de otro. Ronaldinho es el unico jugador del Barça que ha ido al estadio del Madrid en un Clásico y lo han OVACIONADO. No hay nada mas que decir.
kishor kamble
kishor kamble Hace un día
He was intelligent player with speed and agility damn. He is still the best.
Sirjean5 Hace un día
Mark Aguilera
Mark Aguilera Hace un día
This guy is a shooting star, a blazing comet like there can only be once in a lifetime, God's playful smile to mankind. Now weep for joy.
LA TIGRE Hace un día
I swear, R10 was Jesus of Football. I need better word than incredible for Ronaldinho Gaucho. Love watchin his skills.
منير حسون
منير حسون Hace un día
فوق ما عطاك مي خدعتو لبول بثمك
marcos silva
marcos silva Hace un día
4:13 excelent
Chengyuan Diao
Chengyuan Diao Hace un día
He’s my hero when I was kid
Bobby Sebastian
Bobby Sebastian Hace un día
He is a legende
Mo G
Mo G Hace un día
3:00 The Juggling was a joke. He had a hole in the blindfold above his right eye. See the end of this video: esvid.net/video/vídeo-9lQF413SJgE.html
TheReal iTorrezx
TheReal iTorrezx Hace un día
Idk Sometimes i think Ronaldinho was somehow a God Of Soccer literally
Stalowy Samarytanin
Stalowy Samarytanin Hace un día
He has hole for his eyes when he juggling. See full version!
La Police de la Pensée
The referee doesn't know the game !
三天 Hace un día
#ゴリ松# Hace un día
Subhasish Bisoyi
Subhasish Bisoyi Hace un día
calm down you've been served by god himself
Eddie Bacon
Eddie Bacon Hace un día
People going nuts 9ver a guy kicking a ball. With enough training you too can do this
damian o'connor
damian o'connor Hace un día
Are you utterly retarded or what ? Literally millions try to make it .very few reach his level
eniru rose
eniru rose Hace un día
The best player all time
Jason Baker
Jason Baker Hace un día
playing with the fucking crossbar what amazing accuracy
Niker*official RC
Niker*official RC Hace 2 días
Alguien en español?
Angel  Mendoza
Angel Mendoza Hace 2 días
Se estraña ver jugar a ronaldinho el mejor jugador de los tiempos grande dinho
miguelito relajada
miguelito relajada Hace 2 días
si,podia manejar el balon pero no tiene cerebro porq votaba por bolsonaro..me da asco tanto gillipollez..
Kirihigo Hace 2 días
Joga Bonito generation was the best.
Int3nc3_ Sn1p3rz
Int3nc3_ Sn1p3rz Hace 2 días
Back when he was Better than Messi..
eris kummallinen
eris kummallinen Hace 2 días
as much as i love this guy, the number two is kind of disrespectful
Cusco Gauderio
Cusco Gauderio Hace 2 días
Bah... esse guri jogou muita bola!!!
Cr4zy Goose
Cr4zy Goose Hace 2 días
What Song was that at the end? ( 7:35 ) . Amazing Video btw, He really was gods gift to football 😁👍 (if Chernobyl Shadows, which version?)
ҜᗩSᕼ Hace 2 días
Ronaldinho was one of the most creative, pur artist. Was no need to put this fake shit 5:00, you get thumb down for this.
Alex Fonseca
Alex Fonseca Hace 2 días
The water bottle “trick” seems like it shouldnt count as a goal..
моряк папай
когда играет за футбол!!за игру!не то что Рашкины пидорасы.извините за мат
Ali Bukhari
Ali Bukhari Hace 2 días
Who is messi who is ronaldo. The best one is Ronaldinho.
David Schmidt
David Schmidt Hace 2 horas
ronaldo r9 is better,but r10 was a magician,it was amazing to watch him in his prime
tespiii Hace 4 horas
+Baron Slayer People want to see their team win. And without scoring there's no winning. So yea... you're way off.
Baron Slayer
Baron Slayer Hace 4 horas
+Si I poeple come to stadiums to see something new and jaw dropping, not just scorring goals. Poeple got borred of only seeing players scoring goals and wanted more and thats just what ronaldinho brought to football.
Ciprian Ghenghea
Ciprian Ghenghea Hace 5 horas
+Liam Dunphy How much scored Ronaldinho ?
Si I
Si I Hace 5 horas
Baron Slayer The best player usually has the biggest impact in a game . Scoring 91 goals and dribbling past every team you face is greater than a few tricks
terry thomas
terry thomas Hace 2 días
Never heard the guy complain about a decision, his treatment on the pitch (Reckless and bad tackles) and always had a smile on his face - absolute legend and professional.....the GOAT
Juanix Aguado
Juanix Aguado Hace 2 días
Este sí es el mejor jugador del mundo y le faltó decir que de los más feos 😆
timmy jordan
timmy jordan Hace 2 días
I had to pause the video. Huuuuum im officially destroyed with playing with the crossbar. Im still in disbelief i need to know there was plexiglass on the goal
Nwegbe Chuka
Nwegbe Chuka Hace 2 días
One of the best football ever live
wally ynwa
wally ynwa Hace 2 días
Best ive ever seen
abhishek das
abhishek das Hace 2 días
Definitely one of the greatest of all time❤️ I didn't like #2 though.
nicomachea Hace 2 días
Sachin Bhatt
Sachin Bhatt Hace 2 días
Background music plz
Felix Reali
Felix Reali Hace 2 días
can someone please explain to me how this YT video got 14,000 dislikes????
:s o u r o m i:
:s o u r o m i: Hace 2 días
In my opinion, Ronaldinho should be known as the ' *GOD* of soccer '
bgm1911 Hace 2 días
Unfreaking believable. Guy is not human!
Mohamed Safi
Mohamed Safi Hace 2 días
Mesmerism ronaldino
Premier League Podcast
water bottle wasnt smart, it wasnt even fair play... it counts, its not against any rule but you know,, gentleman behaviour: 0 .
Premier League Podcast
of course veil over eyes and counting is a FAKE.. he can obviously see thru veil.
Premier League Podcast
that co-commentator at osasuna clip is the worst in the world. he works for BEin and he is total shite.. he speaks like moron, he screams like moron, he act like its fifa teen player... disgrace ..
claud Finn
claud Finn Hace 2 días
El mejor
eza reysa
eza reysa Hace 2 días
legend of legend
joe noor
joe noor Hace 2 días
Franchute Viejo
Franchute Viejo Hace 2 días
The best player
DnA Hace 2 días
On the one hand we have Ronaldinho's brilliance , ..... and then we have some twat playing auto-tuned cat-shagging as a backdrop. Show some respect, snowflake.
Merter Uner
Merter Uner Hace 2 días
Hayret yorum yapanların arasında türk yok.Çok şaşkınım şu an :D
Fabiano Benedetti
Fabiano Benedetti Hace 2 días
Forget about Messi, CR7, this guy is simply the best football technician ever seen on a field. Maybe Maradona was on the same level, but not quite sure...
Speak Spanish FST
Speak Spanish FST Hace 2 días
dislike button keeps hating legends don't give a damn they r so busy
Mohammed Huzam
Mohammed Huzam Hace 2 días
The trick king 👑 👑👑👑
Paul Snehasish
Paul Snehasish Hace 2 días
he is not ronaldinho....he is LEGENDINHO
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