Ronaldinho: 14 Ridiculous Tricks That No One Expected

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In this video:
14. Dancing Before Scoring goal vs Chelsea
13. Ronaldinho No Look Assists ( passes )
12. Ronaldinho goal that would have been vs bilbao
11. Ronaldinho Back Assist vs Osasuna
10. Ronaldinho Juggling With Closed Eyes
9. Ronaldinho Free Kick vs England
8. Ronaldinho Triple Sombrero vs Bilbao
7. Ronaldinho Debut Goal vs Sevilla
6. Ronaldinho Playing With The Crossbar
5. Ronaldinho Bicycle Kick Goal vs Villareal
4. Ronaldinho Controlling The Ball With His Back
3. Ronaldinho Under The Wall Free Kicks
2. Ronaldinho Smart Water Bottle Trick
1. Ronaldinho Stealing The Ball From Goalkeepers
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27 jul 2018







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Comentarios 9 244
Real Madrid Albania
Real Madrid Albania Hace 4 meses
Simply, the Best Player of All Times!
SHAKUR Hace 2 días
And this is coming from a madrid fan ? Respect bro 👏👌
Edson Silva
Edson Silva Hace 5 días
please someone tell me the title of the last song that came at the end of this video, I really liked it
Edson Silva
Edson Silva Hace 5 días
please someone tell me the title of the last song that came into this video, I really enjoyed it
Matias dias
Matias dias Hace 6 días
O melhor jogador de todos
HOX_Tuska Hace 9 días
Le Comédien
Le Comédien Hace 28 minutos
The no look pass of roni are so pathetic hahaha nobody trust that shit
The Gaming Panda
The Gaming Panda Hace un hora
I love Ronaldinho, best player ever! Dislikes are from jealous people.
carlos jupez
carlos jupez Hace 3 horas
El mejor...tenia trato con el balon
Edvangela Lopes
Edvangela Lopes Hace 4 horas
Anderson Batista Campos
Se o cara vacilar com ele em campo já era kkkk
Dmitry Number_One
Dmitry Number_One Hace 9 horas
гений , жалко что в современном футболе нет таких выдающихся и зрелищных игроков
Tyler Schmidt
Tyler Schmidt Hace 11 horas
Yeah definitely the best football (soccer) player of all time.
oleg1701 Hace 14 horas
Профессионал, не то что наши уёбки, только в руками ахать
drainage Erosion
drainage Erosion Hace 15 horas
I don't see nothing Ridiculous
roberto ochoa
roberto ochoa Hace 16 horas
A genius
Flávio Nóbrega
Flávio Nóbrega Hace 18 horas
The best ever... Legend... Myth...
jairo perez
jairo perez Hace 18 horas
Único uwu
Júlio César Barros
Júlio César Barros Hace 21 un hora
Bruxo é Bruxo 🔥⚽ Jogava demais ❤
Z R Hace 22 horas
He was just awesome
rafael .alfredo
rafael .alfredo Hace 22 horas
ronaldiño deberia estar a lado de pele y maradona gano todo rapidito en 10 años lo gano todo cuanto van jugando messi y cristiano y solo an ganado con sus clubes y la gente recuerda mas el mundial y sobre todo ser campeon del mundo y copa america eso fue ronaldiño que gano clubes y seleccion todoooo
Ella Shy
Ella Shy Hace un día
5:00 now I know where shaolin soccer get their inspiration from lol
Edenilson guedes cardoso Guedes
Hoje só joga truculey
Ped510Gamer Hace un día
This is Brazil!
ungface Hace un día
9 Broke my heart when i was a little kid, then He broke my heart again in 2008 at fratton park. still love him though.
Ezequiel Moran
Ezequiel Moran Hace un día
Tema del minuto 8:34???
Daniel Gomes
Daniel Gomes Hace un día
Mano passei o vídeo todo arrepiado o cara e monstros♚♚♚♚♚♚👊👊👊
Marcelo & Meiriellen
Truques ridículos? Como assim?
TIM y Hace un día
Crafty men👍
R15H! 19Darklife
R15H! 19Darklife Hace un día
One of greatest. Much respect and love. To you ronaldinho. Now.........hold my beer.
CYRAX 2000
CYRAX 2000 Hace un día
Trucos ridículos como eso
Rômulo Castilho
Rômulo Castilho Hace un día
depois não tá jogando nem bola de papel hoje em dia qualquer hora Neymar acontece o mesmo
Felix Cactus
Felix Cactus Hace un día
Tem um comentário aqui!
sssprt67 Hace 2 días
Can you tell me what the last music/song is? Thank you.
Lucas Perry
Lucas Perry Hace 2 días
Respeita o Brasil
Elijah Simon
Elijah Simon Hace 2 días
dnt really luv soccer but he is still a king, a legend, and a god of soccer
Truong Nguyen
Truong Nguyen Hace 2 días
got me at playing with crossbar, is that CGI lol
Shabik07 Hace 2 días
Goat 🐐🐐🐐🐐
Setiawan Eko
Setiawan Eko Hace 2 días
Ronaldo is a very smart player Messi is a genius Ronaldinho is a MAESTRO !!!!
Johny Klysman
Johny Klysman Hace 2 días
Esse bruxo é demais
Douglas Ribeiro
Douglas Ribeiro Hace 2 días
If you look in comments you will see that older people chose Ronaldinho as the last real player of the glorious ages of soccer.
останемся ли мы живы???
Это вам не месси 👏
Carlos Villa
Carlos Villa Hace 2 días
Jordan del fútbol gracias maestro por tantas alegrías
romildo ferreira
romildo ferreira Hace 2 días
Ridículos? Eu diria sensacionais.
burak bozdag
burak bozdag Hace 2 días
herllo ABONE OL
Lucian P
Lucian P Hace 2 días
One of the best in history of footbal !!!
Muhammad Mushtaq
Muhammad Mushtaq Hace 2 días
ArippM 吗安仁 8BP
5:15 shaolin soccer real life?
Alejandro Flores
Alejandro Flores Hace 3 días
He came whit et in the other wordl
cool TAK Junior
cool TAK Junior Hace 3 días
He always looked like being a 'boy'
Nick Zhao
Nick Zhao Hace 3 días
the crossbar play is so damn unbelieveable!!!!
fudo003 Hace 3 días
God of football. Imagine him and Messi each on one side.
drush gaming
drush gaming Hace 3 días
5:16 😦
ronz Avila
ronz Avila Hace 3 días
I'll be glad if these tricks are included in dream league soccer or fifa world.
Atrinz7 Hace 3 días
Definitely the most skillful player of All time.
Oliver smarty
Oliver smarty Hace 3 días
Best footballer of all time. Just a Genius. Messi and Ronaldo doing great shit too, but this guy is on an other level,. Awesome.
Tj/XkRa -89
Tj/XkRa -89 Hace 3 días
el amor que sentia ronaldinho por la pelota era y seguira siendo incomparable
Whackafish Hace 3 días
This was great, thx for sharing!
Videsh Bidaisee
Videsh Bidaisee Hace 3 días
That last one was amazing
Videsh Bidaisee
Videsh Bidaisee Hace 3 días
I thought Messi was the best but now when I see this... Ronaldinho is a god
Augusto Suehiro
Augusto Suehiro Hace 4 días
venomX Hace 4 días
o kurwa ale gol 4:45 takie uwielbiam :D
Zsolt Derekas
Zsolt Derekas Hace 4 días
Music: Pirates Of The Caribbean - VioDance Violin Remix time - hans zimmer (satellite empire machinist remix)
Afedo camate pofavo :v
The best player of the history
Jitendra Singh
Jitendra Singh Hace 4 días
Is he really a human?
John Cena
John Cena Hace 4 días
3:36 lol that keepers face
JalanRaya Gt
JalanRaya Gt Hace 4 días
ahrsan nazat
ahrsan nazat Hace 4 días
All in one...
Iis Akisa
Iis Akisa Hace 4 días
im from pakistan i love great ron
Virat Jain
Virat Jain Hace 4 días
5:20 - mind-blowwwwwwn
Vamshi Krishna
Vamshi Krishna Hace 4 días
I need that music.
Zsolt Derekas
Zsolt Derekas Hace 4 días
Pirates Of The Caribbean - VioDance Violin Remix
Viral Pro
Viral Pro Hace 4 días
Herman Polani
Herman Polani Hace 4 días
Herman Polani
Herman Polani Hace 4 días
Lagu Anak Anak
bigsmallapple Hace 4 días
A class above the rest! He is one of the best if not the closest​ to Pele.
hamed BarfaK
hamed BarfaK Hace 4 días
ایول داشت
Elias Moreira
Elias Moreira Hace 4 días
who's neymar?
Jack Jill
Jack Jill Hace 4 días
Crossbar one was fake.. dont believe me check. However if one man could do it, it would be him.. true joy to watch. He took the same joy and energy you have playing with friends as a kid and made it work on the highest level of football
Edgar García
Edgar García Hace 4 días
At 8:41, there's no dead game?
Joe Moukarzel
Joe Moukarzel Hace 4 días
William Bull
William Bull Hace 4 días
Simplemente Es Un Genio; Aunque Considero Que La Numero Dos No Es Fair Play
SorryFor Nothing
SorryFor Nothing Hace 4 días
Music on 8:45?
orko paşazade
orko paşazade Hace 4 días
foocw Hace 5 días
the other incredible thing he did: he was the first barcelona player to get a standing ovation from real madrid fans. at the bernabeu, no less. what he did on the field wasn't football, it was magic!
keiipeibui dailiam
keiipeibui dailiam Hace 5 días
All the players should learn something from his simple smile ☺. As long as the player is cool it wins the heart of spectators
Anvesh Dubey
Anvesh Dubey Hace 5 días
Legends say he's been convicted by two spirits one plays front and one who plays ' from' back
majid vahedi
majid vahedi Hace 5 días
majid vahedi
majid vahedi Hace 5 días
Game Gamer
Game Gamer Hace 5 días
No one can be as sportive as he is.
pepe Hace 5 días
I don't believe this is real (3.20), nor that playing with the crossbar (5.35)
FaceCards Hace 5 días
the first one was a fake, not a dance
Josefus Decimus Meridius
Carlos henrique Nenee
Ronanaldinho é o melhor jogador 😍
Daniel Rivas
Daniel Rivas Hace 5 días
Ronaldhino mejor jugador que e visto mejor que messi y cristiano y que neimar y que anmbape..a sado el mejor .
Boina verde
Boina verde Hace 5 días
Muito melhor do esses aí que vc falo,Ronaldinho e lenda Brasil !!!!!!
Eliseo Lopez
Eliseo Lopez Hace 5 días
Name of music at the biggining?
Zsolt Derekas
Zsolt Derekas Hace 4 días
Pirates Of The Caribbean - VioDance Violin Remix
Ashik Rahman
Ashik Rahman Hace 5 días
Oo what a game!
Name second music pliz !!!
Claudine Francis
Claudine Francis Hace 5 días
10k dislikes? Jealous c***s 😂
Edson Silva
Edson Silva Hace 5 días
please someone tell me the title of the last song that came at the end of this video, I really liked it
Edson Silva
Edson Silva Hace 5 días
please someone tell me the title of the last song that came into this video, I really enjoyed it
Edson Silva
Edson Silva Hace 5 días
Mano, por favor alguém me diz o titulo da ultima música que entrou nesse vídeo, curti imenso
mohammad uddin
mohammad uddin Hace 6 días
If you believe football is all about scoring goals then you must be in love with Ronaldo If you think football is about creating chances abd scoring as well with wonderful dribbles then you must be in love with Messi But if you just simply love football,then you love this smilling assassin for sure.
ANDY MALAGA Hace 6 días
Ronaldiño con migate nogokui
Court Circuit
Court Circuit Hace 6 días
but in the end look at ronaldinho now trouble .....nothings
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