Rory McIlroy Shoots Five-Under Par 65 | Round 1 | PGA Championship | 2022

PGA Championship
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Highlights as Rory McIlroy shoots a five-under 65 in Round 1 of the 2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills Country Club.

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Contested each May, the PGA Championship is the second major championship in golf’s annual rotation, and perennially features the strongest field in the men's game based on the Official World Golf Rankings. Known for dramatic finishes and notable champions, the Wanamaker Trophy-which has been awarded to the winner since 1916-is inscribed with names such as Koepka, McIlroy, Woods, Mickelson, Nicklaus, and Player. The 2022 PGA Championship is set to take place between 19-22 May at Southern Hills Country Club. The reigning champion is Phil Mickelson.

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18 may 2022






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Danny Jeung
Great work editor!!! Please keep this style of almost every shot of the top players. The b roll of the flags was nice and the music was great. I also really like when the commentators don’t get cut off mid sentence/thought. A little longer package is good!! Keep up the great work.
Philip S
Good highlights and the music wasn't too loud, could easily hear the commentary. Not sure why people are whinging it's great to have highlights of this quality compared to the tour ones!
Douglas DeNunzio
Glad to see Rory Mcilroy play well in the PGA Championship and lead the first round of play.
What a great round for Rory. His putter was HOT today, was making them from every length. If he keeps his putter going he's got this in the bag.
John W.
Everything looked good today. Gonna be tough to beat if he keeps it up.
Would love to see Rory get that 5th major!
He played really well today, so much talent
this was the old Rory today! if he continues to drive and putt like this, he could win by +8 strokes again.
Aaron Chan
After Rory's tee off in the first clip you can tell they were calling Tiger to the tee based on how many PGA championship wins they have to announce, not to forget the few pros still playing today with a win dating back to 1999
Dan Myers
Has to be one of the best rounds putting I have seen Rory have in quite some time. Now we’ll see if he can repeat it.
Head in the clouds
I maintain my belief that if all tour players are playing at their apex Rory is the best in the world
Rory played amazing. Great to watch.
Jordan Ness
His drives are a thing of beauty to watch
Rvve Duio
Powerful swing…wow, there’s an impact noise,in every professional sport, that when you hear it you know it’s a cut above…
Jack Landis
You know what this golf highlight video needs, some royalty free cinematic music
Brennan Swanson
Besides prime Tiger…… greatest swing ever
So fun when your favorite player is at the top of the board! Let’s go Rory!
สุนีย์ สงึมรัมย์
Im so happy when i see Rory play good, Let's go Rory .
GuyXie 解千愁
That’s some high quality highlights. Well edited! Thanks for the work! Subscribed.