ROSALÍA Sings Shakira, Ozuna, and "Malamente" in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

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It was early March when #Rosalía recorded this episode of #SongAssociation for her first ELLE cover (www.elle.com/culture/music/a32289394/rosalia-interview-june-2020/). Of the experience, writer Carina Chocano shares:
"Once we arrive at the sound stage, she disappears into a back room to do her impressively operatic vocal warm-ups. After a while, she emerges in an oversize graphic tee and enormous thigh-high platform boots and perches on a stool to play an improvisational game of Song Association for a video she’s shooting for this magazine. She takes it as seriously as she takes everything, which is to say very. She questions if one of the words is correct. She does several takes of her own song, even though it sounds perfect every time. She checks the monitor and thinks the light on her face is too harsh. She makes a suggestion, the lights are adjusted, and she does look better. If this makes her sound like a diva, it isn’t meant to; she’s sincerely nice to everyone around her-her team, drivers, waiters, interrupting fans. It’s just that she has a vision, and her vision is total."
Luckily, for us, that vision came together in one of our most-anticipated episodes of Song Association, to date. Tune in, as ELLE's latest cover star-the Spanish superstar who's taking flamenco mainstream-sings Consuelo Velázquez, Lole Y Manuel, and her own "Malamente," in a race against the clock.
Read our full cover story with Rosalía on ELLE: www.elle.com/culture/music/a32289394/rosalia-interview-june-2020/
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ELLE Hace 9 días
Thanks to all of you who pointed out that "Bésame Mucho" should be credited to Consuelo Velázquez! We appreciate it - please keep the feedback coming! x
Ernesto Avalos
Ernesto Avalos Hace 15 horas
Omg! I’m about to have a conniption! João Gilberto? Seriously? Don’t u do your research before publishing? 😡 repeat after me... C O N S U E L O V E L A Z Q U E Z !!!!
Cristal Hernandez
Cristal Hernandez Hace 16 horas
Damn .. ya'll are savages and need to chill . There's so many interpretations of this song that at this point there's really no telling how old 'Besame Mucho' really is. Yeezuss 😓
Has Gam
Has Gam Hace 2 días
Exactly . Who is Joao Gilberto ? That song is from a Mexican Singer and author.
Cedeño Ruiz
Cedeño Ruiz Hace 2 días
Edit your video and put it there, not in the coments. It's a terrible TERRIBLE mistake
Joselito Cortes
Joselito Cortes Hace 3 días
Unos dibujos de tiburones que solo que inversiones
Daniel San Luis
Daniel San Luis Hace un hora
5:15 I speak catalan at home: - Bon dia -> Ok! - Merci -> Fail. People say 'merci' a lot in Catalunya to say thank you... but is a French(ed) word.
Leslye Garcia
Leslye Garcia Hace 2 horas
Me fastidia Rosalia siempre gritando y cantando horrible
Camila Miranda
Camila Miranda Hace 2 horas
Hermosa, talentosa, unica, grande, diosa
Dimas Pramudya
Dimas Pramudya Hace 2 horas
I've been following her recently, since she slay that glambot.... She was hands down the best at the glambot lol
abigail solorio
abigail solorio Hace 3 horas
Karina Rosales
Karina Rosales Hace 3 horas
Ella canta lo que se le da la gana jajaja
Víctor T
Víctor T Hace 3 horas
6:25 de ahí pueden salir muchos memes JAJAJAJAAJ viva Rosalía xd
Juan dominguez mayoral
no entiendo lo que cantas
Ruben Dawn
Ruben Dawn Hace 4 horas
By Joa Gilberto?????
eu Bitch
eu Bitch Hace 4 horas
Im dead 4:12
tiktok dance1
tiktok dance1 Hace 4 horas
6:24 - 6:25 To you😅 (I know it's not funny but I didn't knew what to comment 😂)
Lizbeth1184 Hace 5 horas
I enjoyed her energy 😊👏🏽
InariFlau Hace 5 horas
El furor de toda la vida.
DJ Trevi
DJ Trevi Hace 6 horas
I respect this woman so much.
un known
un known Hace 6 horas
Her English is love
Andrea Delgado
Andrea Delgado Hace 7 horas
I still can't believe she's the voice in Adore you by Harry Styles
Rocio Terradez
Rocio Terradez Hace 9 horas
soy la única que cree que SE RÍE IGUAL QUE ARIANA GRANDE. QUE MIEDO.
Paola Prada
Paola Prada Hace 9 horas
Jufan Hace 10 horas
Marie Bellucci
Marie Bellucci Hace 10 horas
Chiquita hermosa!!!
Tima Baebae
Tima Baebae Hace 11 horas
So fucking pretty.
An Per
An Per Hace 12 horas
Anda atrevete y canta en catalan,no odias tanto a España,garrula independentista.
TheAg2661 Hace 13 horas
I want to make boom boom with her
Diana Maria Necula
Diana Maria Necula Hace 13 horas
Rosalía: Juro que, juro que, juro que.. ESvid translation: Haruka, Haruka, Haruka..
Gabby Hace 13 horas
Y’all have to do Lea Michelle and Darren Criss is literally die if they did this 🤣🙏
Angela D'Ambra
Angela D'Ambra Hace 14 horas
Now we need "besame mucho" covered by Rosalia 😍
Igor Malta
Igor Malta Hace 15 horas
she had me at joao gilberto
MKR _San Agustin
MKR _San Agustin Hace 15 horas
Collab Rosalía and Maluma plz
MsPerlalatina7 Hace 16 horas
But why she didn't sang "Dios no libre del dinero" 😂 ?
Cristal Hernandez
Cristal Hernandez Hace 16 horas
Rosalia is So Cute! Lol I love her #Queen 💫
Mariana Martínez
Mariana Martínez Hace 17 horas
bésame mucho no es de ese autor, es de Consuelo Velázquez 🇲🇽
Marcelo Almeida
Marcelo Almeida Hace 17 horas
Nahuel Barrios
Nahuel Barrios Hace 18 horas
paloma pereira
paloma pereira Hace 19 horas
5:31 jajaj pusieron El mar querer
Alberto Vazquez
Alberto Vazquez Hace 19 horas
Who is she?
Boluwatiwi Ogunye
Boluwatiwi Ogunye Hace 19 horas
Her lil accent ♥️♥️
Alex 0ut-Of-Magic
Alex 0ut-Of-Magic Hace 19 horas
No se porque siempre que veo a Rosalia me parece que estoy viendo a un hombre y no a una mujer. Me pasa solo a mi?
John doe
John doe Hace 20 horas
Being bilingual for this game and consistently listening to songs in both languages must make this go so much easier lol
te amoóoo Rosalía❤❤❤
Melina de la Cruz
Melina de la Cruz Hace 21 un hora
Tan beellaaa no me canso de verla en entrevistas😭💕💕💕💕
Cari pescadør
Cari pescadør Hace 21 un hora
Ahhh, Rosalía makes me miss spain :( what's unique about her is that she takes flamenco but totally transforms it in something else, greetings from México!
thisismecindy Hace 22 horas
I like how she referenced Malamente 3 times
adriana Hace 23 horas
imlilcry Hace 23 horas
Latino is not latin
marisela myrie
marisela myrie Hace un día
Cantó bebe leche HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA
Miguel Palazuelos
Miguel Palazuelos Hace un día
Bésame Mucho was composed by mexican songwritter Consuelo Velazquez.
Liseth Johana
Liseth Johana Hace un día
Shakira es bruja el diablo lo demostrara por eso no te confundas con ella mujer
Dingleberries Hace un día
Rosalía cochina culiá
Elizabeth Romero
Elizabeth Romero Hace un día
Her hair is SO beautiful!!!
Giovanni Nateras Mercado
4:11 😍
Sasuri moon7
Sasuri moon7 Hace un día
نحبك روزاليا 💗صوتك مذهل✨
Sasuri moon7
Sasuri moon7 Hace un día
Wereis Arab? 🇰🇼🇯🇴🇱🇧🇮🇶🇸🇾🇪🇬🇦🇪😂💗?
Sasuri moon7
Sasuri moon7 Hace un día
🇮🇶💝 I love you
Serra Bolat
Serra Bolat Hace un día
I love her T-shirt and everything about her but that t 🥺
lory991959 guzman carrasco
SHE SEEM TO BE A NATURAL WOMAN LOVIT @ @ ROSALÍA Sings Shakira, Ozuna, and "Malamente" in a Game of Song Association | ELLE 2.252.509 visualizaciones•19 may. 2020
Jaz Gonzalez
Jaz Gonzalez Hace un día
Rosalia hace musica para gente que lava los platos desechables. Rosalia makes music for people that wash disposible plates
TGS Films
TGS Films Hace un día
oh yea and rosalía is the best.
Francisca Vasquez
Francisca Vasquez Hace un día
Aquí llegue yo, la más fácil 🤣🤣🤣
TGS Films
TGS Films Hace un día
que jo se que he nascut per ser milionaria
vamp gf
vamp gf Hace un día
SHES SO CUTEEE and her english ): i love herr
clelia auguin
clelia auguin Hace un día
Elle chante tellement bien! J'adore..
Valeria Guerra Yepez
4:11 a lo que vinieron
dayani isabel carrasquilla baleta
Jajaj amo a esta mujer es hermosa♥
marshmallon Hace un día
sounds more spanish speaking in english than singing in spanish source: im spanish
gadgeto canal
gadgeto canal Hace un día
Que uñas para rascarse el culo....Si señor....da gozo sólo de pensarlo
gadgeto canal
gadgeto canal Hace un día
Si no se le entiende hablando Español no quiero pensar como lo estarán pasando los de habla inglesa para entenderla.
stephie williams
stephie williams Hace un día
Por favor una cover de “baby love” 😍 la ha cantantado preciosa!!
javiera javiera anays
la risa de rosalia😋😋😋😋
Malu 5555
Malu 5555 Hace un día
La voz de esta mina 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
jese artero
jese artero Hace un día
qué guapa ostias 😍
MAJEST- E Hace un día
My face when she started sing at the start 😍😍🤤
Yourname Hace un día
Producción: pónganle autotune Rosalía: Que es eso? Se come?
Lohanny Firmino
Lohanny Firmino Hace un día
Muoyo Hace un día
Her voice is so beautiful 😮
Spanish con Mari
Spanish con Mari Hace un día
Que hermoso canta!!
BUNNY MELON Hace un día
I hear Ariana from her
Rhyme Hace un día
She laughs like Ariana
mariana flores
mariana flores Hace un día
Bésame mucho was written by the mexican Consuelito Velázquez, not by Joao Gilberto
Jyoti Pathak
Jyoti Pathak Hace un día
Ohhh mi ŝatas vian voĉon
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