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This story is from a game of Mutants and Masterminds, which is another tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, but it focuses on making superheroes instead of an adventurer. This story is about my brother and getting him into tabletop RPGs and that one time he couldn't make a superhero in time for the game, but I made one for him instead. Enjoy!
Music Credits: "Sunshine Samba" from the ESvid Library


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8 feb 2019






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Kevin Hixson
Kevin Hixson Hace 12 horas
Some say it's still ringing to this day
Christian Lecroy
Christian Lecroy Hace 2 días
Why do your players keep making characters that are from anime 😂
rammsteinrulz16 Hace 2 días
Elfen Lied. Elfen. "LEED" It's German.
A Dandy Gnar, In Space
Honestly Chadwick wouldn't be bad as a template. Passive-Constant Aura of Nullification that negates powers and abilities. Possibly with an addition of 'Accuracy' so it doesn't affect your allies too. Wearing a bulletproof & ballistic resistant armor. Since just because powers don't work, doesn't mean a gun won't. Be like Ironman, only you have Nullifier abilities, so in a battle of Iron Man vs Mutants. Its really Iron Man versus average school children....
Noah Lim
Noah Lim Hace 3 días
Chadwick Strongpants is clearly s scp
Versatile Die Caster
Chadwick Strongpants is to your Mutants and Masterminds game what King is to One Punch Man.
BlueFireDrakka Hace 3 días
so chadwick strongpants is basically that X-man Mutant kid whos power is turning off other mutants powers? kewl
Casey Cutler
Casey Cutler Hace 4 días
"hey thanks ben, youre really coooooo"
Face Octopus
Face Octopus Hace 4 días
Your brother offered to show up early. You didn't have to give him Chadwick Strongpants.
Beat The Great
Beat The Great Hace 4 días
10:44 Is that an SCP?
Jonathan Wuensche
Jonathan Wuensche Hace 5 días
So literally King from one punch
LinkToThePastry Hace 5 días
worth it for a thermal detonator
Argedon Hace 5 días
Your brother sounds like a dick. Don't be surprised, you literally have not said a single positive thing about him. On the other hand none of the GM's seem to have instantly killed what little interest in role-playing he might've had.
Anti Sora
Anti Sora Hace 6 días
The quality of your videis has gotten so much better!!!!!? I've been a sub to you since the start and I'm so proud of your progress :)
Torqegood Hace 6 días
It sounded like you wanted to play with your brother, then you just...decided you didn't want him to ever play with you again.
torgor Hace 6 días
Kind of a yikes this one, imagine having a big brother that takes out time to play D&D with his sibling only to get put in a useless role for the lols. some DMs really think they're untouchable huh.
Konichiwa! Hace 7 días
Mark Opferman
Mark Opferman Hace 8 días
I dont even play D&D but I would SOOO play with this guy for my first AHAHAH he is AWESOME!
Melon Man
Melon Man Hace 8 días
Woooooooooo koma
El Catrin C
El Catrin C Hace 8 días
Why i have Charlie the Unicorn Flashbacks ¿?
theonebutcher Hace 8 días
You should have given him a fear aura. -everyone thinks he is invincible.
Cane McBeardfacé
Cane McBeardfacé Hace 8 días
I love DnD stories even though I’ve never played for the shear Hilarity that can happen. Also the animation helps maintain my attention
TheChubbyCreeper Plays
I just got the best idea! Chadwick Strongpants vs Absurd! It'll be the fight of the century!
Darthbane2006 _
Darthbane2006 _ Hace 9 días
You should have done a kenku bard
Lemon Leaf
Lemon Leaf Hace 9 días
I’m gonna Make a new character named Chadwick strongpants
Odd Luck
Odd Luck Hace 10 días
All this could've been solved by making a recreation of their favorite superhero.
GuyNCorner Hace 10 días
Chadwick Strongpants, the hero your brother didnt need, but the one he deserved
Pinky 010
Pinky 010 Hace 10 días
The Chad Strongpants vs The Virgin Party monkaS
JKstudio Gacha
JKstudio Gacha Hace 10 días
I have finally found a D&D group On the outside: (Sarcastically) Yay! On the inside: WHOO THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!
HolyMaryFullOfShit Hace 10 días
free xp systems are pretty common. its the first thing people fixed after dnd. its great cause it allows you to find a lot of characer in the abilitys you aquire through adveturing. my favorite german system allows you to learn every ability you critical succed or fail in for reduced xp. i have been playing pnp for over 18 years now and only dnd or pathfinder is that constricted. Edit: other systes i played: cthulu, shadowrun, the dark eye (das schwarze auge), rouge trader, black crusade and dark heresy.
Smokey and Niffy
Smokey and Niffy Hace 10 días
Can i hear more about dexter
jayroldification Hace 11 días
Oh your brother is one of those cool types
Doc Shecsby
Doc Shecsby Hace 11 días
1:53 How Abserd!
DragonSlayer05 Hace 11 días
This is legit me trying to get my brother to play with me
Jason Walker
Jason Walker Hace 12 días
Chadwick strong pants just put all of his skills into luck
colin murphy
colin murphy Hace 12 días
This video is why I started a mutants and masterminds campaign
bluessquid Hace 12 días
I would play Chadwick. With the right group that could actually be hilarious.
Risdar Hace 13 días
Chadwick strongpants is pretty much king from opm
garthshark Hace 14 días
Chadwick is my dad
Loyal2Luna Hace 14 días
Wait he’s the gnome monk in the malikar game? Has he changed his mind?
Heather The heartful
Heather The heartful Hace 15 días
Wait...will...like will from dagames? The character even looks like him
dndhat Hace 16 días
so... you put all his points into reputation? He is a perfectly ordinary guy... who has the most terrifying reputation that is mechanically possible in M&M? I know players who would jump at the chance to play that...
Maximus Hace 17 días
4:30 I love the idea of a sniper whose damage is so high that it causes localized earthquakes wherever the shot lands but has the accuracy of an OG stormtrooper.
RedRum 5014
RedRum 5014 Hace 19 días
Captain StrongPants... He locks up criminals, keeps everyone safe and guards the weak. He contains, secures and protects
Dirge Cry
Dirge Cry Hace 19 días
So, your brother was Hercule?
new meme
new meme Hace 19 días
So king from one punch
Orlando Yongco
Orlando Yongco Hace 19 días
Chadwick is king but everyone sees him through the POV of every other character in opm
jackatack 76
jackatack 76 Hace 19 días
I swere its leagle
Black Fox Gaming
Black Fox Gaming Hace 19 días
I like how Ben unironically becomes Cartman when he is acting like an asshole. XD
The Tony U
The Tony U Hace 20 días
partially on-topic question, if one wanted to start running M&M games, what is the best route to go book-wise? Does the Deluxe Hero's Handbook have all I need? Should I get the Basic Hero's Guide and Game Master's Guide? Halp
Lucaccino17 Hace 20 días
Willy Wonka Nobi
Qoink Dinkler
Qoink Dinkler Hace 20 días
So king from OPM
Death pirate
Death pirate Hace 20 días
Wrong, worse would be halfling barbarian
I play games
I play games Hace 20 días
8:56 the end remindes me if Eric cartman frome south park
Chase S
Chase S Hace 20 días
I've watched this so many times. I can never keep a straight face. I was just wondering watch version he was playing. "You're like a ball, perfectly round." 😂🤣😂
Mitchell Bailey
Mitchell Bailey Hace 20 días
this channel is like if The Odd One Out and Brewstew had a retarded child and left it on the steps of a firehouse.
Jesse Orchard
Jesse Orchard Hace 21 un día
Not gonna lie, I'd love to play in one of your campaigns. You sound like an awesome GM.
Daganisoraan Hace 21 un día
If I was playing Chadwick i would put all my xp into my dangerous reputation. This way when i would encounter an enemy i would roll "reputation", roll super high and wouldn't need to do anything since the enemies would be too afraid of me to harm me due to all the things they have heard about me. :P
Josh Boucher
Josh Boucher Hace 21 un día
lol aphrodites
Keywork Studios
Keywork Studios Hace 21 un día
Suddenly Chadwick turns op
Knickknack v
Knickknack v Hace 21 un día
Heroes unlimited *cough cough*
gigaswardblade Hace 21 un día
“The full metal alchemist” You never fail to disappoint me PF.
Nile Snow
Nile Snow Hace 22 días
10:02 Cartman?
Bluey Industries
Bluey Industries Hace 22 días
He should of been a bard
Xavier Schechter
Xavier Schechter Hace 22 días
Can you release the character sheet for Strongpants
Alexander Barroga
Alexander Barroga Hace 22 días
He sound like the character King from one punch man, probably have amazing luck...
TJZ2017 Hace 22 días
Well, at least your brother left an impression on Mutants and Masterminds: Never make a useless character or (s)he will be like Chadwick Strongpants! Fun fact: James Chadwick is known for discovering the neutron.
haratz i
haratz i Hace 23 días
Jeffry Cochran_MP3A
Jeffry Cochran_MP3A Hace 24 días
Princess Ben-nee-uhhh
hahneul shin
hahneul shin Hace 24 días
This character reminds me of King from One Punch man. A totally average person with a reputation so great that his enemies cover and lose before King makes a move.
Sr. L
Sr. L Hace 24 días
"I wanna play the most useless class there is" The Bard?
Noah Miller
Noah Miller Hace 23 días
no because bards can act as skillmonkeys and provide buffs
Buff Isabelle
Buff Isabelle Hace 25 días
Dexter the cereal killer,best character ever
SatansWerewolf Hace 25 días
I swear I keep hearing the name as "Chad with Strongpants".
Patrick pedersen
Patrick pedersen Hace 25 días
holy shit is that a motherfucking scp reference
madhaha Hace 25 días
King from One Punch Man?
Lennart Petersen
Lennart Petersen Hace 25 días
Why is the concept of a hero who does not have any particular skills but build themselves a reputation that causes all villains to fear them and defeat themselves in the ensuing chaos kind of a genius idea? I can really imagine their worst enemy would be a villain, who actually assesses the situations they're in but since the hero knows about that, they avoid this particular villain giving the villain a name of being feared even by the one who makes villains stumble in fright. The finale would be them realising the mutual advantage they get from one another and agreeing to never ever actually encounter letting both live on as feared personalities.
Coal Creek Defense
Coal Creek Defense Hace 25 días
Some things. There's the kind of person who's open to trying TTRPGs and there's, the kind of person who's not. I can't imagine getting someone who calls them "the sadness" to give it a whirl. Secondly, based on the "pilot" of the drifting ship and Míchelle the gnomish monk, CSP sounds like exactly the type of character Will would want to play.
william wells
william wells Hace 26 días
As a William I am very uncomfertible with Willy wan kenobi
mystic plays
mystic plays Hace 26 días
I'm already Chadwick strongpants
Garret Siercks
Garret Siercks Hace 26 días
Yeah make that his power and backstory that he is so normal that everyone who is near him is normal too. Honestly characters who can nullify their enemies' powers are really useful but sometimes they can be really funny too because an enemy can be like preparing a super-mega-awesome attack but when they actually do it nothing happens.
Keane Hampshire
Keane Hampshire Hace 26 días
Diamonikon Hace 26 días
I made an egyptian super hero recently for this game! His name is Ankh, and he uses mythical artifacts from the egyptian gods. Like the Eye of Ra for an amazing beam of light, and a Scale of Anubis which lets him heal his allies and resurrect them if they're good enough!
Matthew Mazzetti
Matthew Mazzetti Hace 26 días
darkusdudemedia Hace 26 días
When you realise Chadwick Strongpant’s emblem is literally “SCP” 😳😂😂
LarryTM Hace 27 días
TLDW; made a shit character because brother wouldn't say what he wanted to be due to not liking the game
Ragebox85 Hace 27 días
ELFEN LIED? ELFENLIED. ELFEN LEED. ELFENLIED. ITS GERMAN.. nobody lies in that word. Its ELFENLIED like LEEED ELFEN LEED. PLEASE dont say elfen leid.. that suffering elves in german or elven suffering... dont do it.. please
Cinthya Hace 27 días
Wait his name is will what if he has the Wheaton dice curse
Kieran Mellor
Kieran Mellor Hace 27 días
At 5:31, does anyone know what game/reference the ball of arcane energy is from?
KingSkelett Hace 27 días
Did nobody notice that Chadwick Strongpants' sigil is saying SCP when you read it from the left? Because I just did.
Yu donotneedtoknow
Yu donotneedtoknow Hace 27 días
1:58....Abserd comes to mind
Ralph 052
Ralph 052 Hace 28 días
His brother sounds sooo much like mine!
Fin the Frog
Fin the Frog Hace 28 días
Is Mechele the one is your campaign videos, the one with the Turtle ****ers? That one?
JAMES MARRS Hace 28 días
So Chadwick Strongpants is Saitama from One Punch Man on crack
lucas fitzgerald
lucas fitzgerald Hace 28 días
I kind of want to play as Chadwick strong pants now
Atomic Wheeze
Atomic Wheeze Hace 28 días
I want a video on Dexter the Serial killer
Cory Thackston
Cory Thackston Hace 28 días
If hes not telling you what he wants to play, my guess is he doesn't want to play but he wants you to figure that out without him having to come out and tell you.
Gian Cornale
Gian Cornale Hace 29 días
1:55 So he pulled a Sam Riegel?
Memory Cards
Memory Cards Hace 29 días
God i hate hearing your D&D stories...
Harpy Productions
Harpy Productions Hace 29 días
now you gotta make a character the most overpowered you can and name it, Virginwick Weakpants
Caleb Dilleshaw
Caleb Dilleshaw Hace 29 días
3:40 so that’s how they came up with baptise
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