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This story is from a game of Mutants and Masterminds, which is another tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, but it focuses on making superheroes instead of an adventurer. This story is about my brother and getting him into tabletop RPGs and that one time he couldn't make a superhero in time for the game, but I made one for him instead. Enjoy!
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8 feb 2019







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Aidan Hayes
Aidan Hayes Hace un hora
5:29 he has a name you know
GamerGid - Mostly Mobile Gaming
This episode made me laugh a lot! We played Mutants and Masterminds regularly, many years back. And one story arc the GM had made an NPC Hero called "The Perfect 10" All his stats were 10. And he'd show up to our missions and try to upstage us. He had a fan group, corporate endorsements, I think his actual powers had to do with luck or probability control or some such. Definitely added a layer of mayhem to the plot. Might have to run a one-shot for old times sake!
Yellow Marshmellow
Yellow Marshmellow Hace 4 horas
Chadwick Strongpants is actually King from One Punch Man
Young Forsaken
Young Forsaken Hace 7 horas
I changed my mind. Instead of being apart of the Prometheus orginization? I own it now!
Psycho Mantis!?
Psycho Mantis!? Hace 12 horas
If mutants and masterminds has something along the lines of intimidation, that’s what i would dump strongpants’ points into. Just to make him king from one punch man.
KittenyKat Hace 12 horas
You should've doubled down and made Chadwick Strongpants like King from One Punch Man -- make Will play as him and then the whole time bad guys are falling over themselves to flee or surrender before his overwhelming -hype- might. :D
Ned Biltz
Ned Biltz Hace 15 horas
I need a Chadwick Strongpants T-shirt lol
Ryan Stallard
Ryan Stallard Hace 15 horas
If he wasn't found out, Chadwick would actually be one of the most useful characters. All your enemies are afraid of you, and everyone else would do anything for you. You could probably get all the highest level gear and magic items in the game just by asking.
Ryan Stallard
Ryan Stallard Hace 15 horas
Wow, there's so many little gems buried in the subtitles.
Cow Hace 17 horas
After watching this and the episode on Malikar, wouldn't it be interesting to have like, a podcast where Ben and his brother discuss RPGs given their extremely differing opinions? If not I feel at least one 10 minute video could be squeezed from the concept.
Candy Rhodes
Candy Rhodes Hace 17 horas
Oooooh mutants and Master minds looks cool *GASP* CAN I BE DEKU FROM MHA
M. A. Packer
M. A. Packer Hace 18 horas
I hate to break it to you, but modern D&D is pretty much super heroes with a quasi-medieval texture
starrbuck27 Hace 19 horas
you had my like at 1 minute!. GJ i loved the story.
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi
Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi Hace 20 horas
So chadwick strongpants is that hero from One Punch Man.
Jeigh Tee
Jeigh Tee Hace 21 un hora
I heard Willy Wonkanobi, and I will never hear it as anything else.
Mr scrub
Mr scrub Hace 22 horas
Can anyone link the pdf he mentioned about villain bases based on the mi hq
Snoozems Hace un día
So he’s kinda like King from One Punch Man lol
Commander Thire
Commander Thire Hace un día
Puffin your adventures sound fun
sirdroolsalot12 Hace un día
Ok, you win, I subbed.
Jarrod A
Jarrod A Hace un día
Reminds me say same thing to a dwaft who was lawful good.....he kill 8 people in a "mining accident" ya and he give me sh!t for be chaotic neutral
Revolver Ocelot
Revolver Ocelot Hace un día
Rather hope you making your brother hate your hobby was when you were starting out as a DM. Because ignoring him like that in the Star Wars game three times? Fuck that; I'd call playing tabletop the sadness if that happened to me EVERY TIME I PLAYED. I do however condone the malicious editing of the inventories and characters if the player is being snippy and refusing to fill those in. The only difference is I'd at least make them playable.
not a professional Gamer
2:01 so he wanted to play as abserd
Anon Hace un día
Honestly I don’t see why he wouldn’t want the Strongpants. It sounds like in combat he could get enemies to just accidentally kill themselves out of fear from him just being there.
Patrick Jackson
Patrick Jackson Hace un día
Chadwick Strong-pants vs Absurd
Finn Underwood
Finn Underwood Hace un día
So... Cadwick Strongpants is King from One Punch Man? ...cool.
UnknitDIamond72 Hace un día
Note how his ChadWick Strong Pants’s chest says SCp
Voxelgon Gigabyte
Voxelgon Gigabyte Hace un día
can you dump the character sheet? I'm starting an RPG club at school and want to have him as the default backup [edit]: sorry, autocorrect strikes even on desktop
Thomas Boulet
Thomas Boulet Hace un día
DUDE the voice is not funny you sound like a chicken
Gore Obsessed
Gore Obsessed Hace un día
thank god they made the headguarters cheap i spent so many ingame resouces in a gurps game making a base that we never even fucking used
Gore Obsessed
Gore Obsessed Hace un día
ofcourse he doesnt like rpgs his whole group fucking abandoned him
elizabeth schader
elizabeth schader Hace un día
Will: I wanna play as the most useless character who's bad at everything and a bum Me: so a bard then
soultaker A
soultaker A Hace un día
Its not pronounced lied but like leed sorry its a pet peeve when people pronounce anime titles wrong great vid though
Dylan McNally
Dylan McNally Hace un día
So which person got which codename
Infected Animations
Infected Animations Hace 2 días
Any way I could get mutants and masterminds in the uk very expensive and there is basically none in amazon
TheIronArrow Twitch
TheIronArrow Twitch Hace 2 días
#69thVideo Love your Videos man. Actually, You kinda Inspired me to start playing D&D, And ive got to thank you for that. Its helped a lot with my Depression, And if it wasnt for you it never would have happened, So, Thanks man.
Zoheb Satta
Zoheb Satta Hace 2 días
I'd love to see that Kuma character sheet
desertpunkism Hace 2 días
An average Joe whose only power is to nullify enemy powers? Did you mean Touma Kamijou?
Scott Dovel
Scott Dovel Hace 2 días
Not to be that guy but the second part Elfen Lied is pronounced like "lead" or "leed" it's German for song.
Jason Poyner
Jason Poyner Hace 2 días
You got beat up a lot in school didn't you?
Blake Webb
Blake Webb Hace 2 días
So king from One Punch?
Dead Wolf
Dead Wolf Hace 2 días
dickhead GM you are. should keep your fantasy world away from the family.
I would pay a million dollars to play Chadwick Strongpants
Ripper2509 Hace 2 días
7:54 isn't that what Nick Fury did to begin with? Super soldier turn leader of organization?
Patrick Kelley
Patrick Kelley Hace 2 días
The closed captioning has some issues - "Glass houses" does not refer to an IT concern, but to the phrase: "Those who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones." It is similar to "The Pot calling the Kettle black", or "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" - basically casting aspersion or blame when one is not blameless.
Austin Gilliatt
Austin Gilliatt Hace 2 días
Whoever made their pc Lucy, send them my condolences
dou jin
dou jin Hace 2 días
Other also say chadwick strongpants also have the 7 scar in front of his chest that form the big dipper,you wa shock.
Marinus van Zyl
Marinus van Zyl Hace 2 días
For some weird reason, Chadwick Strongpants sounds suspiciously a lot like Starlord? ;)
Caiã Wlodarski
Caiã Wlodarski Hace un día
OMG You are right
Marinus van Zyl
Marinus van Zyl Hace 2 días
03:56. What if you had an attack that (how can I put this delicately and diplomatically?) was as that one person in the film "Mystery Men" called it "silent but deadly"? ;) :P
Marinus van Zyl
Marinus van Zyl Hace 2 días
03:56. What if you had an attack that (how can I put this delicately and diplomatically?) was as that one person in the film "Mystery Men" called it "silent but deadly"? ;) :P
Marinus van Zyl
Marinus van Zyl Hace 2 días
05:20. I'd possibly have paid to see you with Princess Leia hair buns. :P Also, being a family member, playing the Supernatural version of Wayward Son would have been a better musical choice to rope him back in again. XD
Cezo Downfall
Cezo Downfall Hace 3 días
Yo Can you do an episode based off of Edward Elric aka Full Metal Alchemist
zumzumzum Hace 3 días
Chadwick Strongpants reminds me of King from One Punch Man
RedwoodTheElf Hace 3 días
The Hero System (Originally "Champions" is the archetypical "Make any superpower you want by spending points" game.
Fluffy Fluff
Fluffy Fluff Hace 3 días
"Equally terrible at everything" Sooo...you made the average internet troll
bebop417 Hace 3 días
master of pants o7
CliffJumper gaming
CliffJumper gaming Hace 3 días
willy wonka no-bee
skëtchy Hace 3 días
dang, now i want to do this with MHA characters. and i swear to god roxy, I'M kacchan!
Liglerian Hace 3 días
I HEARD that Captain Strongpants is a cousin of .... *clinches buttcheeks ... Detective Detective Savage “Savage Rage” Rage... again *cliches buttcheeks
poopmannelson1 Hace 3 días
Lol Ben has the sadness.
chaosmastermind Hace 3 días
He's Bink from Xanth. LOL
George Plumbe
George Plumbe Hace 3 días
Hear me out here Ben... Chadwick Strongpants Vs Abserd. No idea how you would do it but I would pay money to watch that.
CanadianGamer Hace 3 días
i would have totally played as the character with only points in nullify. see how far i can take that concept
CCCM89 Hace 3 días
So Chadwick Strongpants has no powers or anything, but somehow has dumped everything he's got into his reputation, thus rendering him the ultimate symbol of justice just by standing nearby. that's honestly pretty awesome. just a normal dude who can get people to follow his every whim, just by vaguely mentioning something offhand, all because his reputation is just that good. Honestly, I'd love to play a useless character that could actually serve as a rallying point. Seems like a fun way to do nothing in a game and still gain experience. :P
Joven C
Joven C Hace 3 días
HEY! I play a gnome monk, we are not useless 😡
Ramsey Jones
Ramsey Jones Hace 3 días
Chad McSrong Pants outfit looks like he belongs to the SCP Foundation
Alex Carlson
Alex Carlson Hace 3 días
I mean... CS (cause I don't want to spell out his name) has the ability to cause others to run in fear and kill each other, merely based on a false rep... That's a lot of power right there! I mean, characters like the Godfather or Kingpin were like that. No actual superpowers, but could contend with the greatest of them all. (And yes, I understand they had money and brains on their side, but still, no powers.)
Exposition is unnecessary
I have a Human Bard character named Chadwick. He is how he sounds. 6 int 19 cha, you know, the basics. Anyway you stole my character so I'm gonna have to sue. so sorry.
jacob foster
jacob foster Hace 3 días
You should run or play the hoard of the dragon queen
Secretary Hace 4 días
Elfen LEED, it's German. No lying Elves here.
Goku 12345
Goku 12345 Hace 4 días
So Chadwick Strongpants is King from one punchman
Joshua Lackey
Joshua Lackey Hace 4 días
Yesterday it was my first time playing d&d and m 10 people and I all died froma few goblins
Chameleon EDM
Chameleon EDM Hace 4 días
In this comment section: People believing everything they hear on the internet
Bryce Simon
Bryce Simon Hace 4 días
Puffin forest do a video on a homebrew Champaign
Bradley Cross
Bradley Cross Hace 4 días
You are pretty awsum :D
HeadHunter 549
HeadHunter 549 Hace 4 días
. . . So just so we are clear you gave your brother a expay of King to play as?, a completely normal human that because of a lucky accident is considered the most powerful hero in the world causing all enemy's to face him to crumble in fear of him.
Shakeel Amlay
Shakeel Amlay Hace 4 días
So you made King from One Punch Man?
Sir Hawk
Sir Hawk Hace 4 días
Hey Puffin can you make a video about role master, I would love for you to do that. Like you think he should do this. ;)
Oda Swifteye
Oda Swifteye Hace 4 días
Your brother just seems like a normie drag. Someone who is 70 years old at the age of 20 and dead by 50 because living was just too boring.
John B Webb
John B Webb Hace 4 días
Gettin some Cartman vibes up in here
Casey Brooks
Casey Brooks Hace 4 días
When will you play Starfinder?
Bean Master Galactic Glasses
I want- wait no, I NEED a body pillow of Chadeick Strongpants!
PainfulJoy Hace 4 días
The evil Doctor Nothing has taken the UN hostage and in inflicting upon them his ultimate torture! Perfect Boredom! Being trapped with Doctor Nothing is said to be a purgatory unlike any other. But wait, who comes in this dark hour to rescue us from this mundanity? Why... its... ITS! CHADWICK STRONGPANTS!
Sechesín Surname
Sechesín Surname Hace 4 días
Oh yeah! That was the best possible resolution to that situation, totally! Throwing mediocre experience after mediocre experience at someone smothering their interest in the crib and salting the wound after you shoehorn them into another unwanted game. Yeah, that's... that's quality gm right there. Not contributing to the image most people have of tabletop players as vitriolic, no-lifing gremlins.
unluckyG0 Hace 5 días
C.hadwick s.trong p.ants S.C.P.
Zeeka Hyena
Zeeka Hyena Hace 5 días
Does anyone else have puffin forest videos constantly playing after every video? ESvids algorithm is going crazy with this channel
Eddstale Edd
Eddstale Edd Hace 5 días
Who wouldn't want to play Chadwick Strongpants??
Coy Keaton
Coy Keaton Hace 5 días
So, in a superheroes game, you got mad at your brother and made him play Mark "Hercule"Satan? That just seems mean.
Panice111 Hace 5 días
I want a halfling slave how can i get one
J. M.
J. M. Hace 5 días
Huh, you brother didnt want to play after you left him behind and had fun without him, and you didn't even double back to save him? No wonder he didnt want to play with your candy ass. I wouldn't either.
mak10z Hace 5 días
Human man! With the powers of One Average Human Man!
red1995j Hace 5 días
It took me two separate viewings to digest this and the comment I wish to leave here. If this is not as exaggerated as it seems, Puffin would be, my opinion, the Eric Cartman of GMs. It feels very bad to be in their table because it's all about the trolling it seems and not about the adventure or fun with the group. This may not reach their eyes and be read in their mind, but I hope I don't become similar in playstyle as this.
Draxis Blackwood
Draxis Blackwood Hace 5 días
"An invisible frog and...D E X T E R the S E R I A L K I L L E R." XD
Weiner Breathe
Weiner Breathe Hace 5 días
I've personally had a lot of fun with DC Adventures, which was a Mutants & Masterminds ruleset rework but with DC superheroes & villains. Would love to see more superhero RPG stories if you got more. Keep it up!
Space Macaron
Space Macaron Hace 5 días
I don't have brothers but whether that's your brother or not what you did was just ... lame. What did your brother do to you? Who hurt you?
brandominion 011
brandominion 011 Hace 5 días
Am i the only one who heard about the nullify ability and imediatly thought about a charecter who just walks up to people nullifies thier powers and then punches them to death
Adrian Hace 5 días
So you made him play your Star Wars game which were hours per session where he could do ABSOLUTELY nothing if he tried THREE times, then when he didn't want to play with you sat there and pestered him over it? Then years later when you got him agree to play and you were getting annoyed because he didn't know what he wanted to play? Jesus Christ new people by themselves don't know what to play let alone you let him out three times and gave him a horrible DnD experience not only you've already done stuff like buy stuff he didn't want or could use when he's taking you seriously. And when he is actually gonna take your game seriously AGAIN and say he needs to come early to make a character you're gonna give him a "No fuck you, your character is useless" and mock him over it and make it a joke and punishment to the group? This video and your treatment of your brother is damn near the whole embodiment of HORRIBLE DM'ing. You're kind of a dick.
Obake Senpai
Obake Senpai Hace 5 días
you gave the pacifist a thermal nuclear device, well yeah who would start something when one of the main characters to blow-up the planet and kill everyone.
Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows Hace 5 días
You see I always wanted to play d&d or another table top rpg they seem fun. But I'm a extremely shy person and suck at rp. Also my imagination isn't exactly active so.. I feel like I wouldn't be a good fit
Liraken Hace 5 días
So King, from One Punch Man
Taylor Faith
Taylor Faith Hace 5 días
i need to fanart this shit.
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