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This story is from a game of Mutants and Masterminds, which is another tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, but it focuses on making superheroes instead of an adventurer. This story is about my brother and getting him into tabletop RPGs and that one time he couldn't make a superhero in time for the game, but I made one for him instead. Enjoy!
Music Credits: "Sunshine Samba" from the ESvid Library


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8 feb 2019







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lisa morris
lisa morris Hace 19 horas
Lockshot84 Hace 19 horas
Chadwick strongpants has at least one super power, he has the power to take 13 minutes and 4 seconds of my time that i will never get back :P
Andrew Matthews
Andrew Matthews Hace 20 horas
Yes, this story was not as good for you as you think it was.
TNB TheNewBlood
TNB TheNewBlood Hace un día
so... Chadwick Strongpants is basically King from One Punch Man?
Axios Hace un día
Wait... Michelle the gnome monk? The turtle f***ers' s Michelle the gnome monk? It all makes sense now...
dementedleo 334
dementedleo 334 Hace un día
So you pretty much gave him King from one punch lol
gober dober
gober dober Hace 2 días
Hmmm I wonder why your brother doesn't want to play with you considering all the good times you've shown him like when you left him in the void or the time you made a character out of spite because a new player was having trouble making one
mdg456 Hace 2 días
I actually would try a game as chadwick strongpants, sounds so amusing
Villager McVillage
Villager McVillage Hace 2 días
Who would want to roleplay with a Beta as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc when you can roleplay with a Alpha Chad as Strongpants
Fast Fletcher
Fast Fletcher Hace 2 días
7:18 am I the only one that thinks puffin sounds like Todd haberkorn
john johnson
john johnson Hace 2 días
If I ever do I superpowers rpg I am so making Accelerator from index
Trinston Michaels
Trinston Michaels Hace 2 días
ProNobis Hace 2 días
I have to use this!
Xersys Hace 2 días
Chadwick is my spirit animal.
Annabel Kusnitz
Annabel Kusnitz Hace 3 días
Gnome Monks are not useless!
Umbral Abruptum
Umbral Abruptum Hace 3 días
I find it hilarious that Chadwick didn't actually do anything to the Gangsters. You made it sound like they all killed themselves by means of friendly fire. I love that story.
TheWannaBeWoodsman Hace 3 días
ELFEN LIED!!!!!!!!!!
Anna Meyer
Anna Meyer Hace 3 días
Am I the only one getting total King from one punch man vibes from Chadwick???
Fayt Dragon
Fayt Dragon Hace 3 días
Man...howwwww do I get a chance to play DND with you!??? Please let me know lol
HELLBOY5232 Hace 4 días
I've never played d&d but since yall throwin superpowers in there like that, would having a healing factor greater than wolverine,(DeadPool healing factor) where your hand is cut off, itll regrow in a couple of turns or something/head is cut off all you gotta do is put it back on to reattach. Or is that too much?
I have a micro penis, Anyway
Plot twist, chadwick is very fuckin op, just strength stats and nullify
TXO Burrito
TXO Burrito Hace 5 días
Send me the character sheet
Sasquatch Hace 5 días
His ego is his power and it makes him invincible because everyone is just too terrified of his rumors and they fuck themselves over in a blind panic
Eddie42023 Hace 5 días
You should put Emerson Lake and Palmer somewhere in the background music for Chadwick.
Cierra Anglin
Cierra Anglin Hace 5 días
I now wanna play Chadwick Strongpants 😂
NBtelethia Hace 5 días
My favourite tabletop rpg is houses and humans, the real life game
Charles Borden
Charles Borden Hace 5 días
Chadwick Strong reminds me of King from One Punch Man. Who has only one "power", Reputation. LOL.
Stay Realistic
Stay Realistic Hace 5 días
Chadwick Vs Absurd
Michael Matherne
Michael Matherne Hace 6 días
Are you going to try Aberrant second edition?
The Eighth Wonder
The Eighth Wonder Hace 6 días
Hey guys, I've been searching everywhere on the internet for home brew rules on how to charm an animal, monster, etc. to make them my players' companion(s). Does anyone have a home brew rule they could give me?
Alresu Hace 6 días
Sooo... What did he play? Also: Aren't you supposed to make the game especially fun and interesting in the first session, so he get's hooked?^^
James McKnight
James McKnight Hace 7 días
Chadwick strongpants is scp001
Cassuttus Tshirt
Cassuttus Tshirt Hace 7 días
I would have played Chadwick Strongpants for at least one session. Partly because I would have deserved it (Always have your character sheet ready by game time!)! And partly because I think it would be interesting to play.
Marguns21 Hace 5 días
It would be fun to play an OP character for once xD
Adam Davenport
Adam Davenport Hace 7 días
I would totally play as Chadwick Strongpants. 🤣
Bryan G
Bryan G Hace 7 días
Isn't the most useless character your thing?
The Real TK-Dragon!
The Real TK-Dragon! Hace 7 días
Michelle the Gnome Monk seemed like one the most well played and best characters in D&D, did Will change inside at some point or something?
Oh so Chadwick is like King from one punch man
D Sandoval
D Sandoval Hace 8 días
Wait. Your brother, Chadwick Strongpants, is Michele!? I always thought Michele was an established longtime player in your group.
Minesneakeyes Hace 8 días
I just realized that his brother logo is scp
Brook 42
Brook 42 Hace 8 días
He sounds like King from 'One Punch Man'
jamie fuller
jamie fuller Hace 8 días
I would play Chadwick Strongpants for the RP value alone, if a GM gives you a character which causes the enemies to kill each other and flee through sheer fear from you just standing there, that provides so many hilarious fun opportunities, you have to play it at least once
Twin Shades
Twin Shades Hace 8 días
Why...this character symbol is SCP? Is chadwick strongpants an SCP?
Karis Coyne
Karis Coyne Hace 9 días
this radiates such intense little brother energy
Brian Figueroa
Brian Figueroa Hace 9 días
Is Chadwick basically the King from One Punch
Kayla Hace 9 días
"its always been tough to get my brother Will into tabletop RPGs" guess you could say he wasn't... willing.
Rumiah Kessel
Rumiah Kessel Hace 10 días
The first character I ever made was a gnome monk and I thought he was really good so... go away
Josie Wells
Josie Wells Hace 10 días
1 time at school my friends and I were playing DnD and my friend was the dungeon master and he aloud me to argue with the monsters. I was completely rolling bad unless i was arguing. Sooooooo, I ended up only arguing for a whole session. Another time that I was playing with the group, and the other girl and I were drunk the whole session.........The whole session.................in the game.
Ó Slattarra
Ó Slattarra Hace 10 días
Elfen Lied...not Leid LEEEEED
Ainz Ooal Gown Gaming
Ainz Ooal Gown Gaming Hace 11 días
its pronouced elven leed, its german
plague_692 does animation
Though spelled lied its German so its pronounced lead 5:55
Tatu Juntunen
Tatu Juntunen Hace 12 días
Reminds me of mumen rider tbh
samurai7dkong Hace 13 días
Exosuit and similar to Venom... I'm pretty sure that was just Flash Thompson and Venom
Tillsey McDonald
Tillsey McDonald Hace 13 días
Hey me and my m8s did this once because someone forgot their character sheet so we gave him a 1d4 club and 4 heath and 10s in all stats. This accidentally allowed us to work in his backstory into the game for when he got his sheet but otherwise he was the best character. Joe of the land of the two houses
ObiWanBillKenobi Hace 14 días
That’s a new one! I’ve never heard of threatening other players with another character’s character sheet! 🤣
DanMartinParanormal Hace 15 días
Chadwick (not related to John Wick) Strong Pants = King, The Strongest Man On Earth (from One Punch Man)
Joker Hace 16 días
i feel like the back story to Strongpants was inspired by King from OPM
Parsee Mizuhashi
Parsee Mizuhashi Hace 16 días
slavery is legal ... somewhere ... daaaaamn also if he wont give you a straight answer on the character just give him a gay character?
Phyrior Hace 16 días
In the defense of the thermal detonator, any shrewed/pragmatic noble would know, even as a pacifist, that some people can't be reasoned with. Speak softly, and carry a thermal detonator, you will go far.
Prootzy Zoots
Prootzy Zoots Hace 17 días
Have to disagree with this video Your brother finally showed interest in playing but didnt know the material well enough. So you purposely made a character for him to not have any fun. Then complained when he didnt have fun. I would have called you out so fast if i was one of the other players
thetony458 Hace 17 días
DanLuvs MC
DanLuvs MC Hace 18 días
Board _
Board _ Hace 18 días
The like to dislike ratio is interesting on this one
Chibi Kami
Chibi Kami Hace 18 días
>no bonuses >no stats >no powers >feared by his enemies and highly rumored so King from One Punch Man
D&D nerd
D&D nerd Hace 19 días
You’re lucky you can even get your brother to play D&D I can’t even get him to try it
death100ify Hace 19 días
He work for the S.C.P foundation. There is no S.C.Ps here move along.
Board _
Board _ Hace 18 días
What's with the link that doesn't take me anywhere? Maybe I just have bad internet
death100ify Hace 19 días
Which edition did you use? I make my own HQ and airship to kill everything. O no I am The bad guy. And play this tabletop game.
Dark White
Dark White Hace 20 días
Will... playing dnd? WILL? StRaNgEr tHinGS?!?!
Board _
Board _ Hace 18 días
PhobossGaming Hace 21 un día
chadwick strongpants is pretty much king from one punch man.
supajasiu Hace 21 un día
Id give you a cold stare. Crumple up the sheet and throw it in your face. The get up, apolagize everyone for my petty brother for wasting everyone's time, and end up with a warning that if you try to nag me to play you cretinous games again I would just bust your lip. Then I would leave.
Zetru Hace 22 días
Your character looks and talks like Cartman
W TheKoolestAid
W TheKoolestAid Hace 22 días
This is weird for me. My first name is Will but everyone uses my middle name, Ben.
Jake B
Jake B Hace 23 días
So is he more into it if he's playing in a campaign of yours?
Matthew Newman
Matthew Newman Hace 23 días
0:48. lol. as a little brother i can say this is exactly right.
Callista Harrison
Callista Harrison Hace 23 días
I NEED the write up for Chadwick Strongpants!!!
dischordedheart g
dischordedheart g Hace 23 días
So basically Chad was a person who uses phycological warfare
dischordedheart g
dischordedheart g Hace 23 días
Cool idea thanks I'm imagining possiblity of game breaking combos like someone so painfully mundane he has a permanent all barrier around him because he is so normal he can manipulate his max nullify skill into a all barrier that protects against anything it doesn't nullify effects instead it made them weaker and the barrier gave off a insanity Field basically I have a nomalitly counter where I spend different amounts of little counters depending on how good the power is and I get one every turn in combat or every day out of combat and he can only use are some weakish offense power/majik but can use anything else and can spend counters to make it stronger I took like 29 minutes or something ridiculous like that because of the sheer amount I wanted to write down and I hope you make a character like this named dischord for some props towards me and the idea also sub to puffin for muffins
lolga1 Hace 24 días
Chadwick strongpants sounds like King from one punch man
kimberly sims
kimberly sims Hace 25 días
6:37 wish adds be like
Grid Hace 25 días
Yeah sometimes you uh... Get players interested or help them out by bending the rules a tiny bit. It's not surprising he calls those games "the darkness" or "the sadness." Hilarious really.
Hexates Hace 25 días
You seem like a sad and petty little manchild. Please become a better GM and person.
Big ol THICC
Big ol THICC Hace 24 días
S u p e r i o r i t y c o m p l e x
That1guy -u-no
That1guy -u-no Hace 25 días
Me freeze or green goblin
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