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Did you get the news? We're about to die. Russian Doll from Amy Poehler, Natasha Lyonne, and Leslye Headland arrives February 1st. netflix.com/russiandoll
Watch Russian Doll on Netflix: www.netflix.com/in/title/80211627
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Russian Doll: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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9 ene 2019

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Luvie1980 Hace 55 minutos
Groundhog day meets happy death day 1 and 2
Kay cass
Kay cass Hace un hora
This actually looks hilarious and what a plot twist that she found somebody else like her at the end
Shine baby shine
Shine baby shine Hace un hora
I am so looking forward to this
Christian Faustinorio
Happy death day (netflix version)
Lipton T ,
Lipton T , Hace 2 horas
I can not wait.
Aki Hace 2 horas
Alla Pugacheva?!
Deborah Goddard
Deborah Goddard Hace 3 horas
Man I fucking love Natasha 😍
poppy pop
poppy pop Hace 4 horas
Is it Tuesday?
Enyatta Landreaux
Enyatta Landreaux Hace 4 horas
I loved her in OITNB 💕. This look like it's go be hella funny LMAO.
Liya Fasil
Liya Fasil Hace 5 horas
Sofi Cifuvilla
Sofi Cifuvilla Hace 6 horas
It's a copy bro
Ms Lee
Ms Lee Hace 6 horas
I think she’s stuck in hell idk I could be wrong
Mike Vierow
Mike Vierow Hace 6 horas
Anybody know the name of the song at the beginning of the trailer?
raBbit tIki
raBbit tIki Hace 7 horas
Damn the same girls of ORange is the new black :/ lame
Hey Its george
Hey Its george Hace 7 horas
Tottally interested
Roman Watson
Roman Watson Hace 7 horas
Looks like a better Happy Death Day
Claude Frollo
Claude Frollo Hace 8 horas
Not really into this trope. It was overused the second time it was used
Daniel Applegate
Daniel Applegate Hace 8 horas
gay feminist garbage movie for stupid women and gays. garunteed there is an inter-racial sex scene.
Abby Hace 9 horas
"Didn't you get the news? We're about to die." "It doesn't matter, I die all the time." This is what really intrigued me and set this series apart from its predecessors in my mind. I've seriously never seen a groundhog day-esque movie, TV, or book ever have more than one person experiencing the repeating day. So, if she finds like, a community of people that experience it, that'd be fucking awesome. Also, I love Amy Poehler and Natasha Lyonne- Tine to binge the shit outta this on the 1st.
Monique Nonye
Monique Nonye Hace 9 horas
I was into it until I saw Amy Pholers name
Figure8snowman Hace 9 horas
Wow, they watched some Pugacheva before making this!!
John Michael Buslon
John Michael Buslon Hace 10 horas
Happy Death Day?
Brae Sepulveda
Brae Sepulveda Hace 10 horas
Hahah this looks really good!
Ricky Garcia
Ricky Garcia Hace 10 horas
Wow what crap. So far i see unrelatable dikes trying to be funny for the 20% of the population LGBT. A wanabe comedy that'll be more like a chuckle from a dad joke. I say out of 0 or 5 stars i give a score of already forgotten about.
Tadj Mahal
Tadj Mahal Hace 10 horas
Русский, иди домой, здесь водки нет!
Tadj Mahal
Tadj Mahal Hace 10 horas
Russian dies, again and again. like it!
z Hace 10 horas
Omg.. One death is horrible enough 😣💔
Mo 2k
Mo 2k Hace 11 horas
Wow I've never see a movie like this before Christmas do over Happy death day Groundhog day Edge of tomorrow Naked
johnsonslawnservice Hace 11 horas
So it’s Groundhog Day with Death
#Indianka /Life in India & Indian Cosmetics Blog/
What the adjective "Russian" has to do with it?
Eduardo Razo
Eduardo Razo Hace 12 horas
It killed all jokes in one single trailer... Pass...
Ali Russelfray
Ali Russelfray Hace 12 horas
Ahm anyone heard of “Before I Fall?”
Vilazone Hace 12 horas
this is just like happy death day
Ali Russelfray
Ali Russelfray Hace 12 horas
This is Nicky’s real flashback before she got into prison
Ioana Hace 12 horas
Anyone remember First Day by Take180? ¿ 😭😭😭
Angel Bay
Angel Bay Hace 12 horas
Пугачева что ли
the song of the blue heart
I'm sorry, but it's so funny
the song of the blue heart
Okay, it's most sad
Bedel Idjao
Bedel Idjao Hace 12 horas
Groundhog day, Before I Fall, Happy Death Day, etc. But still, I love this storyline
Devaunsmall Hace 12 horas
Very different!
Agustiawan Agustiawan
Agustiawan Agustiawan Hace 13 horas
Happy Death Day ?
Christiaaanneee Hace 13 horas
Netflix, stop making the same shows over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over...... you get the point
love glam
love glam Hace 13 horas
Carlos Fernando
Carlos Fernando Hace 13 horas
Roger Arvizu
Roger Arvizu Hace 14 horas
What's up with these die and come back movies this is like the 4th movie I know lol
Amer Mostafa
Amer Mostafa Hace 15 horas
Same story of this Egyptian film Alf Mabrouk (2009)
Владимир Тайдонов
Коммент про Пугачеву
Don quichotte
Don quichotte Hace 17 horas
that's dark XDDDDDDDDDDD
Joshua LOWE
Joshua LOWE Hace 18 horas
season 2 will probably be about the guys experience of reliving the same day.
y m
y m Hace 18 horas
Пугачева в «счастливого дня смерти» от нетфликс
Isaac Dibbens
Isaac Dibbens Hace 18 horas
Are we really that incompetent that we have to make shitty show after shitty show just because we can? The main actress is gorgeous and talented but I'm tired of putting my effort into cheap writing being carried by a single good performance in a sea of mediocrity
Will B
Will B Hace 19 horas
They made two movies. They’re called happy death day. Come the fuck on Netflix. Jesus fucking Christ. There are 5 hundred million scripts floating around. Produce the one that’s not like the other one for fucks sake. HARD pass
Adam Ramirez
Adam Ramirez Hace 19 horas
Another One of these huh
Greg Tarrieux
Greg Tarrieux Hace 20 horas
How many movies like this are we gonna get ? Omg my day keeps repeating itself that's so weird OK WE GET IT WE HAD A TON A MOVIES LIKE THIS
seffi rotti
seffi rotti Hace 20 horas
Is this Yaketrina Ptrovna Zomolodchikova
Silver Bat
Silver Bat Hace 21 un hora
Natasha Lyonne in a major starring *mainstream* role ??!!!!! I've only been waiting over a decade!!!! 😍🤩💋💘💜
Ioana Hace 12 horas
Love her💖
Craig L.
Craig L. Hace 22 horas
1:13 isn’t she the nurse roommate in happy death day, is she?
Dariah Jaffar
Dariah Jaffar Hace 22 horas
Happy Death Day
Dwitya Hace 23 horas
Dwitya Hace 23 horas
me @ ex 1:16
Dejianna Hace 23 horas
Natasha Lyonne as the headliner is a guaranteed view from me, here's hoping this ends up being as good as her other projects!
Alex Brennan
Alex Brennan Hace un día
Tiffany Mayer
Tiffany Mayer Hace un día
Lmao before I wake, Groundhog Day, happy death day
Snodge Kat
Snodge Kat Hace un día
Groundhog Day for scene kids?
Ellie Sings
Ellie Sings Hace un día
This looks hilarious
Samcancer Hace un día
I really likes the actress. Very good job
Janiyah Davis
Janiyah Davis Hace un día
It’s messed up that it’s the stairs is her main killer 😂
cusman Hace un día
1:55 "Didn't you get the news, we are about to die" followed by "It doesn't matter, I die all the time" really piqued my interest
пошел нахуй
Это типа сериал про Пугачёву?
Adam Prenger
Adam Prenger Hace un día
Is this a show about Trump?
คาร์ลอเรย์ ริออส
Happy Deathday : "are you sure you're gonna do this ? like remaking us " Russian Doll : " I'll just change my lead actress's hairstyle . are we cool ?"
alkmatraz smiddt
alkmatraz smiddt Hace un día
Kinda like groundhog day. But seems like it will get dark
rosa a
rosa a Hace un día
Happy death day?
ImPizzaLover 22
ImPizzaLover 22 Hace un día
This is like the same thing of happy death day
Krys McCormack
Krys McCormack Hace un día
What date is this out
y k
y k Hace un día
this is such an overdone trope but it still looks good
girlgreenivy Hace un día
girlgreenivy Hace un día
And Dascha
Badeya Music
Badeya Music Hace un día
how dare Netflix say "a Netflix Original" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dia Warner
Dia Warner Hace un día
I thought that was a young Peggy Bundy in the thumbnail.
MargOz Orgil
MargOz Orgil Hace un día
Plot looks the same. Like Happy Deaths Day, Before i fall
Notorious Triggerella
Im here for anything she’s in
Faiq Ömərov
Faiq Ömərov Hace un día
I swear I've seen the trailer of another Netflix movie/series just like this, same plot
Marsh Harrier
Marsh Harrier Hace un día
Where's Amy Phoeler?
Evi Yuanita Chang
Evi Yuanita Chang Hace un día
Russian Doll is the new black
Autumn PR
Autumn PR Hace un día
Could someone please tell me the name of the movie with a very similar plot that came out maybe two years ago. It was about a teenager whose friends bully another teenager to kill herself, set in Seattle. ???
Maral S
Maral S Hace un día
So this is the next happy death day?
jahwi jawando
jahwi jawando Hace un día
This Re: Zero live action is looking good.
almightywhack Hace un día
Happy death day x curly sue
Lee Benesio
Lee Benesio Hace un día
Bandersnatch, looks like.
Monkey D. Lucy
Monkey D. Lucy Hace un día
Nicky sal de ahí, esa no es tu familia!!
Chika LS
Chika LS Hace un día
This trailer reminds me with japanese drama "kiss that kills"
Privati Rizkiana
Privati Rizkiana Hace un día
I watch some movie with this plot, but it looks interesting.
Norby Germano
Norby Germano Hace un día
Okay so bandersnatch but no options?
Raghu Sai Garre
Raghu Sai Garre Hace un día
It is similar to HAPPY DEATH DAY movie
agentchickn Hace un día
Women can’t be funny
CanuckHead Hace 2 días
The concept of reliving the same day is getting old
Jesse Carliner
Jesse Carliner Hace 2 días
1961 Twilight Zone Season 2 Episode 26 Shadow Play: Adam Grant is trapped in a *recurring nightmare*, in which he is sentenced to death by execution. Also "12:01" from 1993
Stone Walker
Stone Walker Hace 2 días
Literally main stream happy death day. On Netflix
Zandra Steele
Zandra Steele Hace 2 días
I really enjoy the restarting trailer
Mark Arandjus
Mark Arandjus Hace 2 días
She's like some kind of Tom Waits character, digging it already!
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