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Did you get the news? We're about to die. Russian Doll from Amy Poehler, Natasha Lyonne, and Leslye Headland arrives February 1st. netflix.com/russiandoll
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SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/29qBUt7
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Russian Doll: Season 1 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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9 ene 2019






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Wastelander G
Wastelander G Hace 7 horas
Reminds me of Kenny Mccormick !
Elizabeth Hace 23 horas
Why can't I see the sex scene on netflix?? Wtf
tuananh doankim
tuananh doankim Hace 3 días
For some reasons, I mistook her with lady gaga. Don't know why? 😢
Guan Hua Lee
Guan Hua Lee Hace 3 días
Gaga shades
hypnocil10 Hace 3 días
excellent show
warm blankets
warm blankets Hace 4 días
this series will forever have a special place in my heart. i really hope for a season 2..
MsRoCkGirl1000 Hace 7 días
Naum Rusomarov
Naum Rusomarov Hace 7 días
this show is the bomb.
ali zoraiz
ali zoraiz Hace 7 días
i swear this is the best show ive ever seen
gotta get up
Keijo Lakkala
Keijo Lakkala Hace 8 días
Perfect A+
Phissk Hace 9 días
Please give Natasha Lyonne an Emmy
R. Gill
R. Gill Hace 9 días
Check out my review of the first season of Russian Doll >> www.wanderbiz.co.uk/2019/03/russiandolls1.html
Amelly 's
Amelly 's Hace 10 días
it's good and strange but it's like boring i don't know how to describe it if you like strange series go watch
Hiroki Hace 10 días
Maniac and this show raised the bar of Netflix originals. I hope they keep making good shows like these.
Fernando Leal
Fernando Leal Hace 10 días
I know comparison isn´t ok but Happy Death Day 2 or Russian Doll ?
Mark Puckett
Mark Puckett Hace 10 días
Russian Doll should win the Emmy... Natasha Lyonne should win the Emmy because her performance was impeccable. Amazing series! Got my monies worth this month...
Andy Carmichael
Andy Carmichael Hace 10 días
This looks exactly like that Bill Murray movie-Ghostbusters.
Aritro Roy
Aritro Roy Hace 11 días
Just watched all the episodes. This has got to one of the best shows netflix has produced in a long while. More like this please Netflix execs!!!
Carla Hace 11 días
It's like Happy Death Day.
Ioannis Petroulakis
Ioannis Petroulakis Hace 11 días
ok.....I m gonna watch it
Jonathan England
Jonathan England Hace 11 días
I liked it the 1st time I saw it when it was called "Goundhog Day"
Enrique Cernas
Enrique Cernas Hace 12 días
Whats the name of the song that plays in the very beginning. "over and over..."?
William M
William M Hace 7 días
Crimson & Clover
Courteney 103
Courteney 103 Hace 12 días
Happy birthday babyyy - how original
Björn Thomas
Björn Thomas Hace 13 días
Life affirming, dark... & somehow still funny... I have watched this probably 4 times now... good stuff, WTG NETFLIX
VCR Films
VCR Films Hace 13 días
Fucking amazing show.
victor jo
victor jo Hace 15 días
This and the Umbrella Academy really good shows,good way to start 2019 for Netflix. This and the Umbrella Academy really good shows,good way to start 2019 for Netflix
Mike Airley
Mike Airley Hace 15 días
This series was terrible. We only watched episode 2 to give it a chance. Terrible dialogue..the actors were shockingly bad. Everyone was an asshole. I will not be watching more.
bugra kacmaz
bugra kacmaz Hace 15 días
Cok iyi bir dizi
maxine Hace 15 días
this was so good. that is all .
Tochukwu Samuel Nwobodo
Just finished watching this series. Episode 1 was boring at first but the rest was amazing.. go and watch it
Nena Romine
Nena Romine Hace 16 días
I’m on episode three right now and I’m loving it!! Such a great concept, very realistic :)
Josh R
Josh R Hace 17 días
This show was superb, the writing, the backstory, and the acting! The fact that its so different from what's currently on t.v is what made it even better! Amazing show.
08bourquem Hace 18 días
cool so its like groundhog day but less funny
KINGTROLL Hace 18 días
What is the best Netflix original of 2019.
Jesse pinkman
Jesse pinkman Hace 18 días
Krisanna Marie
Krisanna Marie Hace 18 días
Felt the first episode dragged but I kept watching and loved it by the end. Definitely recommended. If you enjoyed ‘Dead Like Me’, ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘Wrist Cutters: A Love Story’ you will definitely enjoy this
Him Anshu
Him Anshu Hace 18 días
Do we know each other? - F@#* OFF😂😂😂😂
HAYAO LEONE Hace 18 días
An entire show on the dangers of being high-strung + neurotic in an artificial intellectually sick environment?
Bitcoin CEO
Bitcoin CEO Hace 18 días
Wow, just finished watching this, its one of the best things i've ever seen - was not expecting that.
Nick Hace 18 días
Great Show
Thomas Gangemi
Thomas Gangemi Hace 19 días
Great for degenerates!
Angeles kindred
Angeles kindred Hace 19 días
Watched it all in one evening. I really liked it. Interesting and good characters that I actually liked.
F T Hace 19 días
Why have I not seen a comment abou Daya and Nickels being in a show together yet
Wolf Runners
Wolf Runners Hace 20 días
Started watching cuz of Nicky and Daya, stayed because the show was amazing
GBiaggi Hace 20 días
Arielle Pooch
Arielle Pooch Hace 20 días
Fresh concept
Kevin Morais
Kevin Morais Hace 21 un día
Who needs happy death day when you have this
Назар Назаров
Пугачева блджад
Łucja Wojtyska
Łucja Wojtyska Hace 21 un día
Love it!
Spectacular Spider-Man
Spectacular Spider-Man Hace 21 un día
A story about a character dying and living their lives over and over. Gee, you think someone would’ve thought of that before.
Ks 4
Ks 4 Hace 22 días
1:07 that’s what he said ( sorry not sorry 😉 )
Paulaessiina Hace 22 días
Just binged it. I loved it.
pankaj gera
pankaj gera Hace 22 días
Spoiler Alert: Nadia has superpowers
Jay Cimo
Jay Cimo Hace 22 días
when the opening line is "Let's fuck his party in the mouth, that's where I decide not to watch.
Matheus nunes borba
Matheus nunes borba Hace 22 días
Zero deaths everyone
jwelly bweans
jwelly bweans Hace 24 días
Noor Sehgal
Noor Sehgal Hace 25 días
same concept as 'before I fall' movie
Alfa Beto
Alfa Beto Hace 25 días
This and umbrella academy are awesome. Welcome back Netflix.
tokekkk Hace 25 días
Meant to watch 1 episode, binge watched it to the end. Amazing!
Rafael Veiga
Rafael Veiga Hace 25 días
Happy Deathday only not funny or scary? And seriously, this isn't a movie?!😩
the larouso efct
the larouso efct Hace 26 días
Watched this 3 times already. I love this show. A hidden gem for sure.
Х CAT Hace 26 días
Это Американская Пугачёва?)
CLA S Hace 26 días
Матрёшка)Так каким боком относиться этот сериал к России?
Bartholomew Willington
Just finished watching this show I'm still a bit confused? Did all of this happened just so those 2 can save each other lives?
Elizaveta Uvarova
Elizaveta Uvarova Hace 26 días
That ending got me
Edwin D
Edwin D Hace 26 días
didnt seem interesting but my gf was watching it so i joined her. she wanted to go to bed but after so many "okay one more episode". we finally went to bed. the next night we continued to watch it and unfortunately only had the last episode to go. we accidentally almost binge watched the whole season in 1 night. its that good.
Tara Does Whatever
Tara Does Whatever Hace 26 días
This is an awesome series! If you haven't watched it, I made a quick no spoiler review: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-mvHAOeIcYR0.html
d. anirudh
d. anirudh Hace 26 días
is it similar to happy death day or edge of tommorrow? i have watched many movies and anime based on this concept and i liked each one of them. i hope that i will like it
Grace Face
Grace Face Hace 26 días
wow a great series!! do yourself the favour watch it! it’s not just about some reliving their lives but there’s so much more to it ughhhh 😍
Sham Adams
Sham Adams Hace 26 días
I think I need to be on drugs to watch this.
Evil Queen
Evil Queen Hace 26 días
I guess dying and coming back to life is a thing now. Ok.
Hanna l
Hanna l Hace 26 días
She sounds like lady Gaga
alvara 2
alvara 2 Hace 27 días
just like Groundhog Day......right?
thotsune miku
thotsune miku Hace 27 días
Gotta get up, gotta get out, gotta get home before the morning comes
Darkness is Anonymous
Darkness is Anonymous Hace 27 días
Happy Deathday?
DJ John
DJ John Hace 27 días
Great show though
DJ John
DJ John Hace 27 días
Is it just me but she reminds me of Andrew Dice Clay.
ear lina
ear lina Hace 27 días
Who can give me netflix account? im poor 😢
Ivona Hace 27 días
*Damn I'm so glad I didn't watch the trailer cause then I wouldn't even been surprised when she died and came back to life etc*
ming dang
ming dang Hace 28 días
Are you serious their copying happy death day?
Ryan Heiser
Ryan Heiser Hace 28 días
I just accidentally binged this.. I really couldn’t stop watching it. Wow, so good. Made me feel so many different emotions. Totally took me by surprise, best thing I’ve seen on Netflix in a long time.
uncle darren
uncle darren Hace 28 días
The 'Ground hog day' plot line was never one I enjoyed. Love Natasha, but this just wasn't my cup of tea.
David Caro
David Caro Hace 28 días
Why does she remind me so much of Steve Buscemi??!
C C Hace 29 días
Ground hog day... over and over
StaryKawaii Co
StaryKawaii Co Hace 29 días
Netflix = lesbian and gay's shows
StaryKawaii Co
StaryKawaii Co Hace 29 días
WE NEED TO RESPECT PEOPLE BUT *LESBIAN AGENDA NEED TO BE VANISH.* More mental health victim increase by this shit
Shepard Hace 29 días
More like Ragdoll.
Gemina Winkle
Gemina Winkle Hace 29 días
What is the song?
Neil Em
Neil Em Hace un mes
she looks like trouble before she even speaks :) brilliant show 10/10
Sydnie Hill
Sydnie Hill Hace un mes
Watched in one night best four hours ever!
Sam Koek
Sam Koek Hace un mes
Gotta get up, Gotta get up
Helene Perlas
Helene Perlas Hace un mes
I thought the star of the show was Katya Zamo... Huhuhu
splitz Hace un mes
Anyone else always get scared when they see little Nadia!?!?!? just me.... ill go home.
Selen Nar
Selen Nar Hace 28 días
splitz omg me too
splitz Hace un mes
Omg, Daya and Nicky from OITNB!!! IM LIVING!
mirrorr Hace un mes
Is this a show or advertisements for smoking?
StormWolf01 Hace un mes
I've watched 2 eps. So far, it's about an obnoxious, dirty looking girl, with low intelligence and no class at all, who is rude to everyone, including her friends and coworkers. This is like Groundhog's day, with a more detestable main character and no redemptive arc. I'm waiting for the moments where i'm supposed to empathize with her. So far, i'm happy every time she dies. The soundtracks stand out though. Good music.
Selen Nar
Selen Nar Hace 28 días
StormWolf01 low intelligence? I suggest you to continue watching man...
Charlie Greaves
Charlie Greaves Hace un mes
Would never of clicked on this if Natasha wasn’t in the thumbnail. A hidden gem that deserves couch potatoes to go binge watch!!
Victor Hace un mes
What its the song of this trailer (over and over)
Sibel Sürücü
Sibel Sürücü Hace un mes
is it depressing? i love Natasha Lyonne but i'm afraid to watch it also..
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