Ryan Reynolds - Funniest Bloopers

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Isaac Cuenca
Isaac Cuenca Hace 12 horas
Mrs Bullock still's hot.
Pogsit Pogapo
Pogsit Pogapo Hace un día
*_"You tampon chewing glistening communist fuck."_*
Adam zoabi
Adam zoabi Hace 3 días
Seriously, halfway in I didn't laugh once This guy is not that funny
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez Hace 4 días
This guy a level b actor like Paul Walker cant see him doing a serious role .. hes just a bad actor so was PauL
Ship For Hopeless
Ship For Hopeless Hace 3 días
Jesus Gonzalez hahaha shut up bird
Kariana Leija
Kariana Leija Hace 4 días
My stuntman is about to fuck you up 😂
Zeal's Parchments
Zeal's Parchments Hace 5 días
Why'd you flip the perspective? A bit unnecessary. And you cut the video clips too soon. :p
Jeffrey Perales
Jeffrey Perales Hace 6 días
Clickbaited with Olivia Wilde. She only had a 3 sec clip in a red dress and it wasss Soooo worth it.
catherine sipapate
catherine sipapate Hace 6 días
Can someone list all the movies 😭😭 seriously want to watch all of them 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Lovepreet Singh Dhaliwal
what movie is at 5:08
Mike Ryan
Mike Ryan Hace 7 días
The Celine Dion line is hilarious considering she ended up recording the official song for Deadpool 2 😂😂
beenoid Hace 7 días
Dies when he started singing the gambler
Flulo Aj
Flulo Aj Hace 7 días
Who was cuter? The puppy? Or Ryan?
Anna Nellis
Anna Nellis Hace 7 días
Naturally funny :) and it’s Ryan Reynolds he makes me laugh
hoe hoe
hoe hoe Hace 8 días
8:20 wow what is going on there LMAO
Gibbypastrami Hace 8 días
idk if he was born to be deadpool or if deadpool was created to be played by Ryan Reynolds
Master Gon
Master Gon Hace 8 días
@5:05 the pain
Rocket ansky
Rocket ansky Hace 9 días
Sorry Gina lol
Shiv R
Shiv R Hace 10 días
Why you gotta do him like that 13?
Holmesy87 Hace 10 días
Ryan Reynolds is a treasure to mankind xD
THEEND4444 Hace 11 días
“ He called me a Haitian.”
Brian Watzig
Brian Watzig Hace 11 días
At 2:30 what movies is that???
Geek Commentator
Geek Commentator Hace 12 días
The individually wrapped Jewish toffees one really gets me 😂
sobreaver Hace 12 días
Must be great to be a woman around that guy ;)
Da40kOrks Hace 13 días
Only Betty White can make Ryan blush.
Phú Quý Trần
Phú Quý Trần Hace 13 días
communist fu... i'm sorry what the.....????
Zeus YT YOUTUBE Hace 13 días
0:56 film?
V V Hace 15 días
Deadpool 2 2:11
METAL MONGREL Hace 15 días
"HATIAN!" What? lol
Cody Borak
Cody Borak Hace 16 días
He called me a hatian racist
shyam mohanty
shyam mohanty Hace 17 días
Somewhere in a parallel world, Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight Hace 18 días
I'm so in love with Canadians why they so perfect? Can't wait to live Thier before it all goes to Thier heads like what's happened to the rest of the world
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch Hace 19 días
What the fuck is dubstep tho
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch Hace 19 días
sanjay sharma
sanjay sharma Hace 20 días
Marvel didn't make Deadpool or Iron Man they just brought Ryan Reynolds and Robert Downey jr. That's it. Ohh Stan Lee you were time Traveller.
Alex Watson
Alex Watson Hace 21 un día
"I'm a bubble" cracks me up every time
Megan Hace 21 un día
I think he ages in reverse.
mantas Adidas
mantas Adidas Hace 23 días
pika pika
Richard Brabbs
Richard Brabbs Hace 26 días
Its good they put clips from that one good film he was in
chair362 Hace 27 días
i know this is about ryan, but sandra bullock was insanely beautiful and cute at 10:00
Christina Devine
Christina Devine Hace 28 días
Watching this with my 2 kids in the room, for some odd reason I wasn't expecting the "holy shit fuck" I sincerely hope my 4 year old doesn't go to pre school and start showing off his language skills 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Dangerous One
Dangerous One Hace 29 días
Loved RR since Van Wilder. Thought he was gonna go places. Was such a good, new generation Chevy Chase. But he's not a stand up comic. He's not that good.
kaitlyn spiva
kaitlyn spiva Hace un mes
What movie is he in at 8:18
kaitlyn spiva
kaitlyn spiva Hace 8 días
Megha Rethinasamy lmfao thanks bae
Megha Rethinasamy
Megha Rethinasamy Hace 9 días
kaitlyn spiva deadpool 😂
Gail Pochop
Gail Pochop Hace un mes
Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman are comedy gold!!
BenRhysFisher Hace un mes
Roddy Shikatekime
Roddy Shikatekime Hace un mes
What a maan
MsWisdom38 Hace un mes
The editing🤔
manuellong Hace un mes
My god he’s had some gorgeous costars.
Right the Wrong
Right the Wrong Hace un mes
What was the song you used at the end. I think I'll use it for my theme song to life.
turgsh01 Hace un mes
Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds need to make a movie series together.
AgentDouble0Nipples Hace 10 días
turgsh01 this....this is the answer
becc12able Hace un mes
other than deadpool which movies are these
Rory Nell
Rory Nell Hace un mes
whats with the black in-between all the clips. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
Prostitute Penny
Prostitute Penny Hace un mes
Get you a man the way Thug #4 looks at Reynolds at 3:33
Sabal Alazzawi
Sabal Alazzawi Hace un mes
I want to see him as a vilan... a smart realistic cold hearted vilan that rarely smiles but when he does its for a twisted evil reason .... and he should have a mostash and a beard
Michael Brunner
Michael Brunner Hace un mes
Did it get moist in here??... oh wait, it was Anna Farris
Kevin Kosmo
Kevin Kosmo Hace un mes
December 12, 2018. I just learned today from Ryan Reynolds that Andrea Bocelli is blind!
Crypto Jihadi
Crypto Jihadi Hace un mes
Omg. The one with Olivia Wild was HILARIOUS!!!!!
Xavier McQueen
Xavier McQueen Hace un mes
How much did these bloopers cost I wonder
Simic SRB97
Simic SRB97 Hace un mes
Can someone tell me what is that movie @ 10:06
Simic SRB97
Simic SRB97 Hace un mes
+ABC Thank you very much <3
ABC Hace un mes
The Proposal
funkyman78 Hace un mes
2:50 i was dying
Varun Hans
Varun Hans Hace un mes
He was born to play Deadpool
James Baker
James Baker Hace un mes
0:38 it is Wednesday my dudes
Will L
Will L Hace un mes
Good stuff
Trish Hace un mes
So I'm the only one who screamed "Nooooo" when the video was over? Okay.
Asian Idiotube
Asian Idiotube Hace un mes
Thank you god for bring him to this life 🤗
o o
o o Hace un mes
I'd take Sandra Bullock to the Poundtown city hall ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Elle Belle
Elle Belle Hace un mes
I like the song at the end. What is the name of it?
ABD120 Hace un mes
Naturally funny, charismatic and good looking. I hate him so much
P A Hace 17 días
😂 😂 😂
Music for life
Music for life Hace un mes
whats the movie called at 4:09
Michael Godsey
Michael Godsey Hace un mes
"He called me a Haitian" lmaoo
Cutie Breeze1
Cutie Breeze1 Hace un mes
Lets fucj right now great mess up.
Dougal Murray
Dougal Murray Hace un mes
7:55 #MeToo moment right there. Look at her face.
Dougal Murray
Dougal Murray Hace 22 días
+tony soprano16 "Great dad, Stop holding my leg..."
tony soprano16
tony soprano16 Hace 23 días
Dougal Murray what does she say there?
Stickdoge Hace un mes
They should've worked some stuntman fourth wall breaks in Deadpool
Jackson Aucoin
Jackson Aucoin Hace un mes
Liam Debels
Liam Debels Hace un mes
I mean are the deadpool ones actually bloopers they really fit ;D
mom2wyatt Hace un mes
Wow...Ryan is WAY MORE filthy mouthed than I had originally thought .....AWESOME. He is the perfect Deadpool. 👍❤️😆
Ani Bennett
Ani Bennett Hace un mes
Música do final?
DominantCub 72
DominantCub 72 Hace un mes
2:43 3:00
Walter K Bauer
Walter K Bauer Hace un mes
Did I hear Anna Ferris in there a few times?
kray z Dude
kray z Dude Hace un mes
This fucker is funny as fuck
Sir Castic
Sir Castic Hace un mes
Omg i would let him destroy me............laaaaaaaaaaawwwwwd........
alice bradberry
alice bradberry Hace 2 meses
What movie is 10:55 from?
Megha Rethinasamy
Megha Rethinasamy Hace 9 días
alice bradberry the change up
Sabitri Sahu
Sabitri Sahu Hace 2 meses
That blade trinity scene isn't scary anymore 😂
Aishwarya Dasgupta
Aishwarya Dasgupta Hace 2 meses
This guy is a Canadian treasure.
James Grant
James Grant Hace 2 meses
I think that's the guy from The Black Keys at 3:30!!!
rita rabaa
rita rabaa Hace 2 meses
anonymous alien
anonymous alien Hace 2 meses
My stuntman is about to fuck you up...I can't stop laughing..
as7terix Hace 2 meses
I got a ryan reynolds add for toon blast before watching this lol
old Goblin
old Goblin Hace 2 meses
Actors get payed millions to fuck up until they get it right. I get payed 3 penny's a week to make sure i do perfect the first time, or i cant feed my kids...
KAL- ADRIAN Hace 2 meses
5:06 ur welcome
Mark Sabaduquia
Mark Sabaduquia Hace 2 meses
Sandra Bullock please adopt me
C.J. Davis
C.J. Davis Hace 2 meses
It's amazing how much he was Deadpool before he was Deadpool.....
sputnikalgrim Hace 2 meses
Ryan is lifgoals
RAVEN 1971 EDWARDS Hace 2 meses
Hes sexy hes funny i would die in a week either by laughing too much or gawping lol
Pushing 30
Pushing 30 Hace 2 meses
I would have messed up every scene with Morena... just to do them over.. and over
jcynavarro Hace 2 meses
1:31 both just keep straight faces after an obvious failure of some kind hahah
Ananya Neralla
Ananya Neralla Hace 3 meses
I love how his eyes look so innocent when he is like the naughtiest little shit ever😂😂😂😂😂 Plus, love how Brianna is like, " I know right?" when Ryan said, " x-men. I mean there are women in there, right? So sexist!" 😂😂😂
Ipernova Hace 3 meses
I love how the screen goes black every 3 fucking seconds.
XPRAIDER Hace 3 meses
what's the movie at 5:04?
Cerus98 Hace 2 meses
XPRAIDER - The Change-Up. Starring Reynolds, Wilde and Bateman.
Neil Tipton
Neil Tipton Hace 3 meses
The pretty boy needs to play something different.HEY REYNOLDS!!! Are you capable of playing something besides the smart ass. How about trying out your acting chops . That is if you have any. And to all you deadpool millennial faggots . I hope you all die
Neil Tipton
Neil Tipton Hace 3 meses
literally-not joking
Kuroro Luxifer
Kuroro Luxifer Hace 3 meses
His look with that beard as Hannibal King was cool as fk.
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