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Ryan Reynolds - Funniest Bloopers

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apurv abhyankar
apurv abhyankar Hace 8 horas
5:10 which movie??
Jason John Minnaar
Jason John Minnaar Hace 12 horas
What are the names of these movies
M. Zul9
M. Zul9 Hace 4 días
kahara Hace 7 días
4:46 you're welcome
Marmite .
Marmite . Hace 8 días
Donald Trump popping up at 1.37??
LordOfThe Flightless
LordOfThe Flightless Hace 14 días
kulto1986 Hace 14 días
Sputnik !!!! ahahah
Jon Summers
Jon Summers Hace 15 días
You see no , they wont be . So im not watching them .
90doz 1
90doz 1 Hace 15 días
ممثل فاشل
#1 Steary Shipper
#1 Steary Shipper Hace 18 días
90% of deadpool bloopers could just be kept in
Northlane Hace 19 días
He has the longest head
Jason McLoughlin
Jason McLoughlin Hace 20 días
Make your mind up Ryan! I have to admit I think he is favouring Marvel!
Jason McLoughlin
Jason McLoughlin Hace 20 días
So is he Marvel or DC?! Or a people pleaser?!
GANESH SHINDE Hace 22 días
1.43 which movie ?
kungfu kenny
kungfu kenny Hace 23 días
Movie name at 4:37 please Movie name at 4:37 please Movie name at 4:37 please Movie name at 4:37 please Movie name at 4:37 please
kungfu kenny
kungfu kenny Hace 23 días
got it! its JUST FRIENDS 2005
MiniExtreme Hace 23 días
2:25 what movie is that?
wakaka kaka
wakaka kaka Hace 24 días
Best green lantern ever
Ahsan Siddiqui
Ahsan Siddiqui Hace 25 días
that negasonic teenage girl is a good actress,
luqmanr Hace 25 días
B One
B One Hace 25 días
what is the movie at 2:30 ?
Roblox news
Roblox news Hace 25 días
I hate it when people reverse all the clips so everything is either backwards or going the wrong damn way.
mörkö fantti
mörkö fantti Hace 26 días
4:45 I’m pretty sure he was gonna say Michael Spinks against Mike Tyson
nes04 Hace 26 días
7:23 - 8:00 had me bustin up 😂😂😂
g I
g I Hace 26 días
Betty gets it
DumbDuck44 Hace 27 días
It was made from over 9000 individually wrapped Jewish... whats?
Rash Vin
Rash Vin Hace 28 días
interested to know all the movies in here
luke warm
luke warm Hace 29 días
Can anyone name all the movies in this video?
Myrin Hace 29 días
he makes me proud to be canadian
Pratyush Kumar
Pratyush Kumar Hace un mes
Could somebody tell the name of the movie at 5:08 in the video?
OU812 Hace un mes
This is stolen content. You took the exact same content from another channel and mirrored the image to try and hide that fact from the ESvid algorithm. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-B1WbcfkNasc.html Reported.
Emmanuel Ofori-Kuragu
Can anyone list all the movies
Akuza Gaming
Akuza Gaming Hace un mes
Should have with the "hey you guys" Haha
Kris A
Kris A Hace un mes
His best role was in blade trinity
rockerchair Hace un mes
Ryan in Blade 3 just played an early version of deadpool
Bianco Hace un mes
He called me a Haitian?!?
Jose Herrera
Jose Herrera Hace un mes
"My stunt man is gonna fuck you up" Bruh 😂
David Bolha
David Bolha Hace un mes
@ 05:04 Oh look it's Sophie Lynx. 😉
David Bolha
David Bolha Hace un mes
Like a young Kirk Cameron. 😂
Reva Dixit
Reva Dixit Hace un mes
4:14 foreshadowing
TryHardSneepur Hace un mes
Literally just the horizontally flipped version of another video. Pathetic
Joe Sciolinator
Joe Sciolinator Hace un mes
dislike por la mierda de cancion de scooby doo papa
caveman Versace
caveman Versace Hace un mes
There's always one sure fire way to get away with saying whatever you want and not getting hit. That is to inform them that punching or slapping me only arouses me.
Onyx Hace un mes
Would it be amaing to have 90's Jim Carey and Ryan reynolds star in a comedie movie?
Soumya Lahiri
Soumya Lahiri Hace un mes
What's the movie at 1:31?
kaushik thomas
kaushik thomas Hace un mes
If they club all the deadpool bloopers and made a movie out of it . I would definitely go and watch it
Da40kOrks Hace un mes
Brianna's ability to hold character in the face of Ryan's antics should be applauded.
Mallisetti Rajendra babu
Ryan reynolds does copy Jim Carrey
Magare Govedo
Magare Govedo Hace un mes
So overrated.
Teo Todica
Teo Todica Hace un mes
He was born to make me laugh at 3am 😂😂😂
Alexander C. M
Alexander C. M Hace un mes
“You can watch the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln commercials later you commy fcuk!” 🤣🤣🤣👌🏾
CrieDescrie Hace un mes
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Jahidul Islam
Jahidul Islam Hace un mes
1:48 what movie was that?
Yougant S
Yougant S Hace un mes
Beautiful man 😍
Connor Haines
Connor Haines Hace un mes
1:40 😂😂😂
TRINA LE Hace un mes
Wait what movie was 10:56 ?!
Piss Kakk
Piss Kakk Hace un mes
Aaron Hace un mes
My Stuntmans gonna fuck you up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fucking golden
S S Hace un mes
No bloopers from Van Wilder or Green Lantern, I'm surprised. I always had the hots for Blake Lively but Ryan up and fucking married her. How is that for gratitude.
Snigdha Bhattacharya
Love the communist fuck part
Steve Mclean
Steve Mclean Hace un mes
Why have all the clips been mirrored? Is it to make it look less taken from other uploads?
Jeanette Combs
Jeanette Combs Hace 2 meses
Sexy and funny....what more could a girl want?
Kerri Bear
Kerri Bear Hace 2 meses
Ryan Reynolds, always cracks me up.😄
RogueGamer907 Hace 2 meses
Ryan Reynolds would be the perfect comical murderer
gbuddy Hace 2 meses
This is the reason everyone has such potty mouths. Hollyweird and the filth they pass off as movies like Deadfool.
Ok Man
Ok Man Hace 2 meses
I know golden child
Jaydo Fett
Jaydo Fett Hace 2 meses
Valentin Hace 2 meses
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-B1WbcfkNasc.html same video added a year ago, you just download it and add your "logo" 190K subs for a crappy channel
the big Cartel
the big Cartel Hace 2 meses
so unfunny
Erald Soriano
Erald Soriano Hace 2 meses
Wat movie was 4:39
B K Hace 2 meses
9:37 holy shit
D T Hace 2 meses
These aren't even bloopers
gbxgbxgbx Hace 2 meses
whos ryan reynolds?
princess fae dela cruz
I love watching Sandra Bullock's bloopers..the way she laugh is very contagious...
Wahwahmels Hace 2 meses
3:15 clean me in the fountain lol ahahah
johnny81archer Hace 2 meses
Sputnik lets fucking go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seth Parekatz
Seth Parekatz Hace 2 meses
These are not bloopers
Cody Harper
Cody Harper Hace 2 meses
Baby bump fuck😂😂
Richard Conner
Richard Conner Hace 3 meses
stenbak88 Hace 3 meses
He seems like the coolest dude ever
shannon P
shannon P Hace 3 meses
I just realized I saw all his movies :O
EctoBuzz Hace 3 meses
Ryan Reynolds is also sort of a Canadian treasure... and a damn hot one too.
Vidal Valerio
Vidal Valerio Hace 3 meses
What song in 3:28??
Elizabeth Vogt
Elizabeth Vogt Hace 3 meses
Sorry but, Betty white owned it lol
Punch A Dragon
Punch A Dragon Hace 3 meses
5:04 ouch
Fino Menezes
Fino Menezes Hace 3 meses
He gets it from his dad, Burt
Samuraisahsah Hace 3 meses
Fucking dammit, that “Chris Angel mind freak” line got me good..
Caleb Bains
Caleb Bains Hace 3 meses
Bro ur editing skills are shit
Sidney Fein
Sidney Fein Hace 3 meses
Hey cool intro clip
Opiti-Cule Prime-Tangelient-[Atlas]
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John Here
John Here Hace 3 meses
Which guy doesn't want to be him?? 😂
NLR 1996
NLR 1996 Hace 3 meses
Man I love him
Susie Colfer
Susie Colfer Hace 3 meses
He should seriously have Betty White in his next Deadpool movie.
oh look a falafel
oh look a falafel Hace 3 meses
"My stuntman's about to fuck you up!" - that one's really good, it should've been in the movie.
Josh Gearhart
Josh Gearhart Hace 3 meses
The hey you guys part got me😂
wharmon Hace 3 meses
leave me all alone here with "hey you guyyyyys" is an all timer. how was that not in the final cut
marked150 Hace 4 meses
never seen such shitty bloopers,0 laughs
TheSaviorOfSouls Hace 4 meses
He's really enjoying what he does.
LunaticEnigma66 Hace 4 meses
6:25 😂😂😂😂😂😂
D Jones
D Jones Hace 4 meses
Th e The guy reminds me so much of young Chevy Chase. Even his mannerisms and his manner of comedy.
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