Ryan Reynolds shows why EVERYONE loves him

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Ryan Reynolds shows why EVERYONE loves him
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17 abr 2019

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Jay Macky
Jay Macky Hace 3 días
It's because he's Canadian!!
Ryan Stagg
Ryan Stagg Hace 4 días
Anyone notice that he's wearing the same tie on Letterman that he is with Jimmy?
Johnnatan Da Cruz
Johnnatan Da Cruz Hace 5 días
Keanu is the nice humble guy and this one is the Troll.. and Ryan loves it hahaha Deadpool role fit him perfectly
Joshua Gordon
Joshua Gordon Hace 5 días
Ryan should seriously do standup
Slider drago
Slider drago Hace 6 días
Wjats with the woosh
Reynolds is a terrific actor and entertainer, ...just keep politics out of your life.
luis pedro almeida pinto
Civil war wounds sing along Lost it
Jay Klary
Jay Klary Hace 8 días
Just here to say NOT EVERYONE... I cant stand the lame excuse for an actor... in fact hes not an actor as that would imply that hes playing something, when in fact in everything hes in; is it a tv show, movie or an interview, hes exactly the same lame guy with a sense of humor straight oot of high school.
Peter Tibbett
Peter Tibbett Hace 8 días
Another great comedic CANADIAN
Agimus78 Hace 9 días
"Trudeau is like our rockstar"..Probably the dumbest comment that he has ever said 😏
Cypriana Davis
Cypriana Davis Hace 9 días
"How we could 'take' Alaska" 😂😂😂 that's great!
Rikke Hace 10 días
he´s not even trying, is he?
Péter Horváth
Péter Horváth Hace 12 días
adarsh sandyal
adarsh sandyal Hace 12 días
🤣🤣Deadpool is funny in real life too
antonius Hace 13 días
ryan reynolds is cheese and fish to make the horse say lala
Amber133 Lee
Amber133 Lee Hace 13 días
Ryan is so Hot and his wife Blake Lively is one lucky woman that she’s married to him 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Akym Rinkovsky
Akym Rinkovsky Hace 13 días
Ha Ryan brother the story of your first crush, the bus doors closing on your back pack and the bus dragging you down the road. Is absolutely hilarious.😂😉 btw to whomsoever made this recommendation. 🤝 thank you friend this is super funny🌹
He's attractive and funny. Difficult combo.
XXXGHOSTBOY Hace 15 días
My name middle name gordon Michael i love you Ryan
『 』
『 』 Hace 16 días
"I swapped a quick idea with him on how we can 'take' Alaska" only Ryan would.
Marioiscool Games
Marioiscool Games Hace 16 días
Y he was the perfect dead pool
Oscar Silver
Oscar Silver Hace 16 días
Comedic timing
Kuro 67
Kuro 67 Hace 16 días
I'm this close btw so keep going 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cuong Dang
Cuong Dang Hace 17 días
His voice is sexy af
Sir Booty Trumpet The Wise
Ryan Reynolds looks like a boy band member and I love it
Djinn Gaming
Djinn Gaming Hace 17 días
I hate jimmy fallon,i wish i was a celebrity just to go on as a guest and say your show sucks ass you fake bitch,and then like five other sensored in america words
Rob Monroy
Rob Monroy Hace 17 días
Susbscribe lol
Joeink100 Hace 17 días
Daddy loves you 3000
jackaplier marksepticeye
Ryan Reynolds, you look sexy as hell in a beard
john reymond
john reymond Hace 17 días
this guy is funny! he should be the new deadpool. tbh
Julien Vitre
Julien Vitre Hace 17 días
I hate this guy...
FBI Agent #1376
FBI Agent #1376 Hace 18 días
0:52 Build a sea wall lmao
Mitters Hace 18 días
I love how proud he is the be Canadian 😍🇨🇦 aw fuck yeah budz
T Belle
T Belle Hace 18 días
Ventner Hace 18 días
5:20 *No, daddy loves you 3,000*
karen jordan
karen jordan Hace 18 días
why does he reminds me of teletabie 0__0
Darkness Inspires
Darkness Inspires Hace 18 días
(●~●) Oof
Linus Blomberg
Linus Blomberg Hace 18 días
When he said ”i will write a book called dada loves you 10% more” was i the only one thinking of Iron man and love you 3000
Darkness Inspires
Darkness Inspires Hace 18 días
Ashwaath S
Ashwaath S Hace 19 días
when i hear him, all i hear is pikachu...
DC_M_Comics Hace 19 días
I hate everything’s music??
Chicken Nugget #9
Chicken Nugget #9 Hace 19 días
Wtf is in the background? (0:50)
Joseph Orozco
Joseph Orozco Hace 19 días
Pretty sure it's his new line of underwear made entirely out of ham
Fhmi Hkim
Fhmi Hkim Hace 20 días
i love this video
chris hitterdal
chris hitterdal Hace 20 días
This man has to be the most karismatic human being ever
chuck steak
chuck steak Hace 20 días
I wonder if he practices Ky-rot-tae at the local Y ?
Alaskan Life
Alaskan Life Hace 20 días
7:00 taking Alaska ay that would be pretty fine
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis Hace 21 un día
Can't stand him
Jana Koorts
Jana Koorts Hace 21 un día
7:34-7:44 Ryan Reynolds: You handle everything with, "Aww fuck buddy." 😂😂😂😂
Captain_ Zuro
Captain_ Zuro Hace 21 un día
At 4:02 it looks like she’s saying wow 😂
Banana King
Banana King Hace 21 un día
Please watch and share it, it have a really good message in it!! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-eRLJscAlk1M.html
KDonkey4lyf Hace 21 un día
6:29 “George Clooney” 😂😂😂😂
Breckin Brees-roach
Breckin Brees-roach Hace 21 un día
I’ll be the inside man for the taking of alaska
whoa horsey whoa
whoa horsey whoa Hace 22 días
Reynold.... loved you forever ... but Imma gonna break up with you ! Trudeau !! ??? seriously?? how could you ?? after all the laughs ?? you dont get the biggest Canadian Joke ever ??
Dan Farrar
Dan Farrar Hace 22 días
Love him. And what the heck, I am in Vancouver now for a month, would be such a crazy thing, to run into him.
Andini Wirawan
Andini Wirawan Hace 22 días
I love that media was like "Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively is getting divorced [RUMOUR]" Ryan and Blake : Is expecting a third child
followerofshrek Hace 23 días
I watch this once a week. Consistently.
Bogdan Florin
Bogdan Florin Hace 23 días
I am taking a shit while watching this and it really helps, it helps allot.
Terry C.
Terry C. Hace 23 días
I hate you dumb fucks that jump back and forth between clips! JUST USE THE ENTIRE CLIP!! Then do the next one, then the next one, then the next one. And don't give me that bullshit about it's for copyright reasons either. You ARE using SOMEONE else's clips, so NO MATTER how you put them, you are STILL in copyright violation!! I have looked this up numerous time, so don't tell me that doing this shit keeps you safe, because it DOESN'T!!!
Random User
Random User Hace 23 días
Ryan reynolds, explaining to the world how he got his wife pregnant. Did she complain when he used the reynolds wrap as a condom?!
L M Hace 23 días
His ass is fine. And my husband wouldn't watch this so he has no idea I'm leaving this comment lol.
Gerald Martinez
Gerald Martinez Hace 7 días
@L M no but don't worry... I won't tell
L M Hace 7 días
@Gerald Martinez Honey....is that you?! Lol
Gerald Martinez
Gerald Martinez Hace 21 un día
Gaia Chavez
Gaia Chavez Hace 24 días
Just not a fan...sorry...to much energy..to cocky
Captain Jack
Captain Jack Hace 24 días
Everyone loves him cause he's Canadian
Dude M847
Dude M847 Hace 24 días
Reynolds wrap. You would think that there was a connection, but no. He just advertises it for no good reason.
Meg Reilly
Meg Reilly Hace 25 días
Ryan Reynolds I loved you until you said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is an amazing guy, try living in Canada full time then you might change your mind. But hey I still love you. :)
Reginald Workman
Reginald Workman Hace 25 días
Why do they always have to bring politics into everything, it’s tiring.
Dimitri Stone
Dimitri Stone Hace 25 días
my canadian bro's gonna conquer America soon enough !
ashitakaharuo Hace 25 días
if you don't know him and just see a picture, he is basically just a decently handsome guy. it's really his personality and sense of humour that make him stand out.
J Carver
J Carver Hace 25 días
Dude! Imagine! The MIB reboot, but with a Will Smith cameo...and Ryan Reynolds taking over the Agency.
Cosmic Silhouette
Cosmic Silhouette Hace 26 días
He has good jokes but some are not really funny. Well that could be said for every comedian. The dolphin and the book though that was rather funny.
Victor Selve
Victor Selve Hace 18 días
Must be a pretty good book. Not easy to beat dolphins, second smartest species on the planet.
Luke S
Luke S Hace 27 días
Uncle Burt must be proud
Deez cabalz
Deez cabalz Hace 27 días
Nobody loves him hes so annoying
Liu Sam
Liu Sam Hace 28 días
that fake laugh of Conan on 03:46
Cpt Wouz
Cpt Wouz Hace 28 días
"dady loves you 10% more" the best
George Easton
George Easton Hace 29 días
The scene change sound is awesome. ..
MikaeruDaiTenshi Hace 29 días
What I don't like about videos like that: They're all split into pieces and mixed. Why can't we see one interview/clip/whatever after another?
Don Bossco
Don Bossco Hace 23 días
MikaeruDaiTenshi copyright
C Hace 29 días
I can't stand Ryan Reynolds.
This is what I look like when I eat Tacos
This is an adorable man
Jamie Veenswijk
Jamie Veenswijk Hace 29 días
*10 easy steps to lower the self esteem of your child*
Rishikesh Jha
Rishikesh Jha Hace 29 días
Just close your eyes and you're in a Deadpool movie.
Sergeant Seven
Sergeant Seven Hace 29 días
He is Wade Wilson.
Hitler The Stripper
Hitler The Stripper Hace 29 días
He doesn't need to show it
stalnaker576 Hace 29 días
Dudes so effing hillarious
SirDogs Gaming
SirDogs Gaming Hace 29 días
Breaking News: Canada Invades Alaska
Enoch Powell
Enoch Powell Hace 29 días
Reynolds likes Truduea.....hmm I now like Reynolds 10% less
Shafi Sediqi
Shafi Sediqi Hace 29 días
0:27 when its not u r first time reading that topic
Clean Soap
Clean Soap Hace un mes
Blake is freaking lucky
Ivan Vištica
Ivan Vištica Hace un mes
Daddy loves you 3000*
Heisenberg Hace un mes
everything was going well.. and then i heard fallon’s demonic fake fucking laugh and that ruined entire thing
gabackermann Hace un mes
4:06 Graham Norton shows why EVERYONE loves him
Lee Nolan
Lee Nolan Hace 29 días
He's so quick! The deadpan delivery as well hahaha
Hope De Leon
Hope De Leon Hace un mes
I only have eyes for Keanu eversince but this Ryan guy suddenly appear out of nowhere and now I love him!!
You ShallNotPass
You ShallNotPass Hace un mes
He thinks hes deadpool. Poor guy
yuigohkid1 Hace un mes
The "aw fuck, buddy" is so true
Charlie Zhear
Charlie Zhear Hace un mes
RR is legitimately funny! This was great.
SpaceMonkey 907
SpaceMonkey 907 Hace un mes
He's a dreamy bastard.
richard fouts
richard fouts Hace un mes
he is so hilarious
eggo global
eggo global Hace un mes
Deadpool and Ironman plz interact...
Ethan Wiggins
Ethan Wiggins Hace un mes
Just came to say everyone does not love this douche nozzle
Velcro Crab
Velcro Crab Hace un mes
I always new him as a funny actor, but looking at this he genuinely seems like a really cool guy and a great dad. Rooting for you Ryan Reynolds.
hainted house
hainted house Hace un mes
"my new documentary on dolphins and how to stop them." if only SNL could be half as funny as Ryan.
Colton Wes
Colton Wes Hace 28 días
WHAT A dick gobbling COMMENT anus licker
Gis Storm
Gis Storm Hace un mes
Just a good Canadian kid.
joelouis321 Hace un mes
The only problem with this montage was his illusion that Trudeau is good. Trudeau is the greatest threat and worst thing to ever happen to Canada. A treasonous snake, hell bent on destroying Canada. One freedom, one liberty, and one terrorist organization at a time.
JMB Hace un mes
I don’t love him at all...and he’s funny but not handsome.
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