Ryan Reynolds shows why EVERYONE loves him

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Ryan Reynolds shows why EVERYONE loves him
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17 abr 2019






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Sweet toothed Angel
Sweet toothed Angel Hace un día
I love him. So much.
Freedom is a Choice
Freedom is a Choice Hace 2 días
6:58. Lol. Trudeau a rock star? He should be cleaning bathrooms at rock concerts. 😂
u235u235u235 Hace 2 días
Scarlett indirectly described Ryan as a controlling douche bag without saying those words about their relationship
Double C
Double C Hace 3 días
Wait deadpool literally broke the 4th wall he's Fucking Ryan Reynolds
Vesa Girsen
Vesa Girsen Hace 3 días
just a note,. Is Ryan doing DP in al hes interviez ?
Sid Sin
Sid Sin Hace 3 días
He's proud of his English roots
Roman Torteli
Roman Torteli Hace 4 días
I wanted to here what he said after he revealed taking a picture of his penis on his Dad's camera
David Hace 4 días
This would be better if it weren't chopped up just to make it SEEM like it's from many, many different appearances. This is just disjointed.
Muhammad Abdul Malik
"Can you guess where my thumb is?" -- 🤣
Ar Emei
Ar Emei Hace 5 días
If Ryan would publish a book on about anything it's going to be a best-seller
Ogeid Zepol
Ogeid Zepol Hace 7 días
He's likeable and all that until unfortunately some feminist lefty bitch falsely accuses him of sexual abuse or harassment then his rep will colapse faster than a bullet. So be careful out there guys !!
Spooky Hace 5 días
Don't be a creep and you have nothing to worry about.
Jennifer Dodge
Jennifer Dodge Hace 8 días
I love this guy!!! I feel old...I will always always remember him Fifeteen on MTV!
Peachy Hace 8 días
it pisses me off how weird fallon looks
GHOSTPAYNE Hace 10 días
Damn this guy is funny can’t wait for Deadpool 3
Michael Reed
Michael Reed Hace 11 días
I don't like Ryan Reynolds, that SOB still owes me the 9 bucks I wasted on Green Lantern.
Ilker Kubat
Ilker Kubat Hace 12 días
0:38 - 0:40 *how sad...*
Honesty4yoass Hace 12 días
I love him. Actually, I love all Canadians lol They’re the nicest people you will EVER meet. They probably look at Americans the same way we look at the British, cold as ice LOL
Alex Clark
Alex Clark Hace 12 días
I was a huge fan before this vid. Now he's just full of shit.
LIFE SUCKS Hace 12 días
Ok, so if they're not gonna have johnny depp as jack sparrow, i feel like the only one that would be able to keep his character close to the og would be Ryan Reynolds
riley garcia
riley garcia Hace 13 días
This title isnt pretentious at all
Vinícius Carvalho Ramos
Darren Gilliam
Darren Gilliam Hace 13 días
I miss Letterman
g milne
g milne Hace 14 días
I don't love him or like him
bongo gibbans
bongo gibbans Hace 14 días
Vs punisher .Deadpool is awesome.
bongo gibbans
bongo gibbans Hace 14 días
Deadpool vs wolverine thank you very much.awesome thanks mate 😊.
luke lowder
luke lowder Hace 15 días
I’m fairly certain he could be a stand up comic
GaLoS Hace 15 días
Canada is proud to own the 2 Ryan's.
Izzy Nobre
Izzy Nobre Hace 15 días
This editing was as unnecessary as it was disorienting.
Marithé Tuyub
Marithé Tuyub Hace 15 días
0:59 someone pls explain that. I don’t understand what they are saying
Jess Xx
Jess Xx Hace 16 días
“Daddy loves you 10% more”
Gordon Bombay
Gordon Bombay Hace 16 días
Fun fact about him. He’s very quiet and introverted in real life. Hard to believe I know.
Vlad Tepes
Vlad Tepes Hace 16 días
that he couldve told us earlier.
Ana RS
Ana RS Hace 17 días
So why did he prefer Blake than Johansson?
Cem Polat
Cem Polat Hace 17 días
I hate him
Convergence33 Hace 18 días
I don't
TheNitroG1 Hace 18 días
You know I was wondering why these clips are all chopped up, it destroys context and punch of most of the jokes...then it hit me. oh it's to make sure I keep watching and don't realize none of these stories are finished until part two...no thanks.
loveforthe90s Hace 18 días
Vintage Will 🤣
jjmonster_2025 Hace 19 días
I just can’t stop seeing him as deadpool
Denver Megstar
Denver Megstar Hace 20 días
This was so cool
Drahcir Hace 20 días
6:53, Agree or disagree?
johanna filpo
johanna filpo Hace 20 días
Imagine a comedy movie with will and Ryan ... just imagine
CamTheDestroyer Hace 21 un día
What’s a “susbscribe”?
ATrueBosz Hace 22 días
just saying that part about canada handling everything with "aw fuck buddy" is 100% accurate
Jesse Collin
Jesse Collin Hace 22 días
I'm 33 and im finally hitting puberty.
d0ugl4s_m0 Hace 24 días
Stop making videos jump back and forth between this shit, you stupid bastards.
Mintyy Hace 24 días
0:48 anyone else thought that was a pair of nuts?
Dang it Doodles
Dang it Doodles Hace 24 días
Ryan Reynolds is like the calmer version of Jake Gyllenhaal... or seeing how Ryan is older than Jake, Jake is the chaotic version of Ryan
Taaha Siddiqui
Taaha Siddiqui Hace 25 días
Ok these scenes keep switching back and forth that's not cool editing it's annoying
Taaha Siddiqui
Taaha Siddiqui Hace 25 días
I movies with some kind of combination of Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, and Keanu Reeves.
Alyssa Maley
Alyssa Maley Hace 25 días
Comedy genius
Johnson Purti
Johnson Purti Hace 25 días
That's why he is Deadpool
Jake Binns
Jake Binns Hace 27 días
Imagine a night out with him, be fucking legendary !!!! LOL
Stupid Idiot
Stupid Idiot Hace 24 días
Kanley West
Kanley West Hace 29 días
Deadpool by day, Ryan Reynolds at night. Nothing can fight against this man's might.
A. Ajay S
A. Ajay S Hace 29 días
It is true. He has always been Deadpool.
c v
c v Hace un mes
Love u man😍😍
MunchyChips Hace un mes
Jimmy Fallon be shrieking like a damn dolphin and slamming his desk anytime Ryan breathes, like damn, calm down
akshat jain
akshat jain Hace un mes
Where the hell is JustKovac..😭😭
Joe Momma
Joe Momma Hace un mes
3:24 I feel ya big dawg
Princess Caty
Princess Caty Hace un mes
When we were a bit younger, my brother and I used to do this sword fighting program. We were walking to it with our mom, and my brother and I were squabbling, so my mom says “am I sure I want to let you go play with swords?” And as she’s saying it, this guy walks past flanked by four body guards. The guy chuckles and gives her a sympathetic look. So she drops us off, she’s walking home, and she’s trying to figure out where she knew that guy from, because she definitely recognized him, and she realizes “oh shit, that was Ryan Reynolds!”
Bob Of All Trades
Bob Of All Trades Hace un mes
Will is like "don't touch me" 0:38
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