Salomondrin’s house in Calabasas found on Google Earth-(address)

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24261 Bridle Trail Rd, Hidden Hills California. Send him some fan mail.






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Juan José Núñez
Juan José Núñez Hace 2 meses
Que mal pedo
Alan Salmeron
Alan Salmeron Hace 2 meses
Por esto se cambió de casa culeros
Parth Patel
Parth Patel Hace 2 meses
Why? You know it’s messed up
Jhonatan Rangel
Jhonatan Rangel Hace 2 meses
You'd like all of us Salomondrin fans to come to your house to annoy you because that's what people do when they go to a famous person's house. Have more respect
obxe csmaster
obxe csmaster Hace 5 meses
Atupid of you to share this..hoping that karma gets you
Mousin Oficial
Mousin Oficial Hace 7 meses
when you are a famous person, you cant get privacy, even legaly, Ariana Grande had problemas with a photographer due it,
oswaldo rosado
oswaldo rosado Hace un año
exelente :)
sebtuseb :D
sebtuseb :D Hace 2 meses
you are rude as fuck dont ever show other peoples address again
Mike O'Barr
Mike O'Barr Hace un año
Reported. I literally opened this video to report it. Shameful and irresponsible.
Please enter your name Here
You guys need to learn that Luxor violated none of the rules...and there is no case against him if he gets harassed!! Might I add if the owner of the house feels threatened I'm sure with the amount of money they have laying around they could easily move house or hide out somewhere else for a few months!
Daniel Grutta
Daniel Grutta Hace 6 meses
Please enter your name Here he has to move because some dumb fuck on the internet made a video on the internet showing his address for everyone to see? You're one of those selfish/entitled people..
Fake News Incorporated
this is legitimately the most retarded thing i've read today... congratulations
Khanaqah e madaniya Noorpur sharif
Freaky shit!!!!! Stay of my property fool
Janusha Hace un año
Send him some fan mail? Why bother him at all.
Jonny Villa
Jonny Villa Hace un año
Oofff.. kinda messed up.
Daniel 9000
Daniel 9000 Hace un año
Now I know how to get a free carrera gt.
GIL company S.A
GIL company S.A Hace 9 meses
Jajajaja you are so funny
Fishy Hace un año
well done sharing private info online he has a family including a wife and a child reported
Fake News Incorporated
@Please enter your name Here he never showed his address online you fucking idiot
Please enter your name Here
@Fishy No worries mate, never hurts to have a reminder
Fishy Hace un año
@Please enter your name Here im sorry
Fishy Hace un año
@Please enter your name Here ohhh
Please enter your name Here
Private info?? Hardly, he uploads this on his own channels... What's private?? Your report has no real basis
Hive71 Brown Hornet
Hive71 Brown Hornet Hace un año
I don't care and tbh I'm sick if this salomandarin whatever and you mate need to get a life
Patriot extraordinaire
Why are you sharing his house address? You do know that he got harassed by people recently. You need to bring this video down or else it will get reported!
David Maloney
David Maloney Hace un año
i reported it
Sociedad Tech
Sociedad Tech Hace un año
Why are you sharing this? Kinda mess up. Have more respect for other people.
Miguel Gonzalez Nieto
@john Google fuck you
lucas aristizabal
lucas aristizabal Hace un año
so why u enter here?
Eltern10 Hace un año
26 grand a month for this? considering the location, it is definitely too much
Eltern10 Hace un año
@DIAMLER Well I disagree. I was in L.A this summer for more than a week for vacation. I also tried to get to Salomondrin's house, but they don't let you in - nearly everything is gated in California. So let me explain why this is not worth 26 grand a month to me: - too far away from L.A (45 minutes to Beverly Hills by car if there is no traffic) - no views - the house is nice but nothing special I know, rent is ridiculously high in L.A. But maybe you can tell me why the location is so good.
Salvador Murillo
Salvador Murillo Hace un año
@Javier Hernandez that might be true but where he lives isn't far from Beverly hills, Boyle heights,Griffith park, universal studios, Hollywood... Arizona might have bigger houses than his with a better view but the location of his is very good combine that with the great weather... but of course there is always better houses🤷‍♂️
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez Hace un año
DIAMLER yeah not fucking really we have places here in Arizona that are cheaper and much more beautiful with the views.
DIAMLER Hace un año
Eltern10 you clearly don’t know the location very well. One of the more desirable places to live in the LA area/San Fernando Valley.
Cloxxki Hace un año
The next plot over looks nice. Is it still vacant?
DIAMLER Hace un año
Cloxxki no I believe there are tenants there at the moment.
Luis Lepe
Luis Lepe Hace un año
Brother can you at least stop sharing the address, keep it to your self. He is a human too, he deserves privacy, just like you. Put your self in his shoes, imagine getting thousands of mail to your house every day, or people showing up to your house knocking every Saturday, when you are trying to have a nice weekend with your family, it may have good security, but you don't know, what a wierd mother fucker could do. Come on, you know better 😐
troll :v
troll :v Hace un año
Wtf dude, im going to report your video
TKR Hace un año
Fuck you ... with your report
Alex M
Alex M Hace un año
Is that the same place where the Kardashians live?
LUXOR Hace un año
Alex M yes, Hidden Hills is a large gated community, just north/west of Calabasas, and west of Woodland Hills and Canoga Park. Hidden Hills has a Ranch Style theme to all the houses in the community. The Kardashian’s live nearby, but not in this house. This is Alejandro Salomon’s house.
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