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The brits, are back! Gwen and Ruby return, and they have a few tricks up their sleeve that they hope will drive a wedge between Sam and Cat.
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5 feb 2019

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Comentarios 184
Ryan McCrave
Ryan McCrave Hace 2 días
Aaawwww they're the cutest little things
Aria G
Aria G Hace 2 días
K. Mummy is being mean to me she is laughing in bad way like she is saying bad word
Komel Hace 3 días
I love you Ariana Grande
Nafisa Manneh
Nafisa Manneh Hace 3 días
is that Ariana grande
Kennethh Issac
Kennethh Issac Hace 3 días
So cute
coolcube artic
coolcube artic Hace 3 días
I miss this show
Renam Saeed
Renam Saeed Hace 4 días
I wach Sam and cat in Netflix 😘❤️🖤
Diamond. k
Diamond. k Hace 4 días
They are little scam artists
Lucy Richardson
Lucy Richardson Hace 4 días
*dInG dOnG* *AHHHHHHRGHHHHH* *DoNt LeT 'eM iN!* *BiBbLe?*
daily cringe
daily cringe Hace 4 días
*am i the only one who wants to try “bibble”*
TheArneHere Hace 4 días
1:34 🤣 Ariana grande🍆
Marla Nicole
Marla Nicole Hace 5 días
I can't believe this was 5-6 years ago
Brandy Nash
Brandy Nash Hace 6 días
is Kat Ariana grande
Vallery Ramos
Vallery Ramos Hace 6 días
Tricia’s World
Tricia’s World Hace 7 días
why did all oh you guys post this 1 week ago
Savanimatio n
Savanimatio n Hace 7 días
That little girl sounds like PEPPA PIG🐷
Ricardo J Bestard Flores
I love this show
Toxic Boba roblox
Toxic Boba roblox Hace 8 días
I miss my childhood and watching this show 😭😭😭😭
Jasmine Hace 4 días
Omggg I watch u 💗
Tea With Me
Tea With Me Hace 8 días
back when sophia was kid friendly
Ashley Rivera Velázquez
Does. Brats
BTC Hace 8 días
Unicorn macy Bradley
I am in love with this show make more
Annabelle’s World
Annabelle’s World Hace 9 días
Your real name is Sofia grace and Rosie
Shuhel Ahmed
Shuhel Ahmed Hace 9 días
The bibble looks like popcorn
AddyLynn HereAgain
AddyLynn HereAgain Hace 9 días
Raph padaze
Raph padaze Hace 9 días
ariana grande likes ding dongs
KC YOUNGROD Hace 9 días
Who misses Sam & Cat
Unicorn lover
Unicorn lover Hace 9 días
OMG guys they are ruby and rosie OMG! im crying there soo cute
Deimile Simkute
Deimile Simkute Hace 8 días
Um no it's Sophia Grace and Rosie
Moneth Fajardo
Moneth Fajardo Hace 10 días
the girls bad
Moneth Fajardo
Moneth Fajardo Hace 10 días
Mya Nelson
Mya Nelson Hace 10 días
Ariana grande is cat did you guys know that
David Nancoo
David Nancoo Hace 10 días
Gabrielle Johnson
Gabrielle Johnson Hace 10 días
Did that just happen like in 2019
Will Tutin
Will Tutin Hace 10 días
I love thank you next
Nicohle&Jordan Channel
That reminds me of Sophia as little cat and Rosie as little Sam
Nadia Bangash
Nadia Bangash Hace 11 días
UMM.. I realized that this came out in 2019 AWKWARD
Nadia Bangash
Nadia Bangash Hace 11 días
2019... anyone???
Sydneyyy McCaskill
Sydneyyy McCaskill Hace 11 días
Sophia is cute but Rosie is precious
Samantha Rivera
Samantha Rivera Hace 11 días
Is that ariana grande.omg.😯😯😯😯
Omar Wilson
Omar Wilson Hace 11 días
Like for Ariana Grande
Emily Andrews
Emily Andrews Hace 11 días
Which one of the Brit Brats is Gwen and which one is Ruby?
Darek Pierzchala
Darek Pierzchala Hace 12 días
i love your show
Skylyn Lantigua
Skylyn Lantigua Hace 12 días
*Don’t let Nickelodeon dye your hair every week*
Koral Davis
Koral Davis Hace 12 días
Who knew Sam and Cat made a great team?
Marwah x
Marwah x Hace 12 días
Who wants old Ariana to come back? Like if u do
Tisha Kirk
Tisha Kirk Hace 12 días
The one with the red hair
Tisha Kirk
Tisha Kirk Hace 12 días
I thought that the girl was Ariana grande
Amy Roro
Amy Roro Hace 9 días
Tisha Kirk it is Ariana Grande
Unicorn princess
Unicorn princess Hace 12 días
But ariana
Unicorn princess
Unicorn princess Hace 12 días
Nvm it looks like them
Unicorn princess
Unicorn princess Hace 12 días
And ariana grande
Unicorn princess
Unicorn princess Hace 12 días
Wait is that Sophie and rosie
Lina Nazmy
Lina Nazmy Hace 11 días
Ruby Hall
Ruby Hall Hace 12 días
We do Not call them SHUVMUCKERS. All english accents and people were they are ike this offend me 😡☺
Vidoje Kovačević
Vidoje Kovačević Hace 13 días
Best best best hahaha
David Andrade
David Andrade Hace 13 días
JhopeIsScaredOf Snakeuu
*What the 2029?! Published?!*
Meena Kang
Meena Kang Hace 13 días
One of them is Sophia grace
faith_ is_everything_05
Cat is Me when I see someone I don't like: I scream, starts running, run back to the door, slam the the door in their face, run back to my room and hides 😂😂😂
Dennis Legara
Dennis Legara Hace 14 días
When rosie said head lice my heart melted
Krutzi 55
Krutzi 55 Hace 14 días
Who misses Ariana like this???
Gabar Soomaliyeed
Gabar Soomaliyeed Hace 14 días
Sophia grace and Rosie are sneaking this time they really need to be nice to them 😔not just sneaking around...
Pigmallow Corner
Pigmallow Corner Hace 14 días
Ariana Grande!!!
G7X Beats
G7X Beats Hace 8 días
Lexi Taylor
Lexi Taylor Hace 14 días
I love ruby the most xxx ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Tracy Enogieru
Tracy Enogieru Hace 14 días
Cat is soooooo cut!!!!!!😍😜😀🍘
Mango the fruit queen
Mango the fruit queen Hace 14 días
I love this scene
Jackson Wooddy
Jackson Wooddy Hace 14 días
Jackson Wooddy
Jackson Wooddy Hace 14 días
Shohrehsdi Sdi
Shohrehsdi Sdi Hace 14 días
Same and cat
Kenzie Everdeen_Carpenter
*do not look behind this sign*
Trinh Hoang
Trinh Hoang Hace 15 días
Whats wrong WITH Cat/Ariana
Trinh Hoang
Trinh Hoang Hace 10 días
She Was like to Sam like DONT LET THEM IN
David Andrade
David Andrade Hace 13 días
Trinh Hoang idk
Ana Wilkerson
Ana Wilkerson Hace 16 días
Peyton So'oialo
Peyton So'oialo Hace 16 días
omg i cnt believe cat wrote 'thank u next'
Rachel Tamba
Rachel Tamba Hace 8 días
Peyton So'oialo her real name is Ariana Grande
Tom Maxwell
Tom Maxwell Hace 11 días
You know she is called Ariana Grande
Anika Brice
Anika Brice Hace 12 días
Rayyan Khan
Rayyan Khan Hace 12 días
Peyton So'oialo where
David Andrade
David Andrade Hace 13 días
Peyton So'oialo me too
Belgielyn Marie Allocod
Jasmine Hidalgo
Jasmine Hidalgo Hace 16 días
Ari hahaha
Rasika Mikky
Rasika Mikky Hace 16 días
Now u know how ARI learned how to hit that whistle note 😂
G7X Beats
G7X Beats Hace 8 días
Emad Darwiche
Emad Darwiche Hace 16 días
The Brit brats are so cute!
Aristhetic Hace 17 días
Omg I miss my childhood.
Theodore Logarta
Theodore Logarta Hace 17 días
Did anybody notice that the brit brats sound like peppa pig
Unicorn Roblox Master
Unicorn Roblox Master Hace 17 días
Ha cats scream
Melissa O'Sullivan
Melissa O'Sullivan Hace 17 días
Omg I hate their accents
Godly Child
Godly Child Hace 4 días
I do too idk why tho
G7X Beats
G7X Beats Hace 8 días
i think it's british
a c
a c Hace 9 días
They can’t help it🤦🏾‍♀️
Lyrical aldc
Lyrical aldc Hace 11 días
Chihuahua B we don’t speak like that in England tho...
aishane sivakumar
aishane sivakumar Hace 12 días
Well that’s a bit rude isn’t it😂
Lucifer's Devilish details
Question why would helmet need to vibrate
Godly Child
Godly Child Hace 4 días
Jackson Wooddy she hates them cause what they did to her
Pretty Cool Peach
Pretty Cool Peach Hace 8 días
Jackson Wooddy First of all! Its Cat. Second of all! There brats and she is scared!
Deimile Simkute
Deimile Simkute Hace 8 días
You didn't need to write Question we know it's a question and write Question mark at the end😊
Gracie Anderson
Gracie Anderson Hace 12 días
Sam and cat
Jackson Wooddy
Jackson Wooddy Hace 13 días
+deez nuts why would cat scream of the Brit brats
Abbie_panda 123
Abbie_panda 123 Hace 17 días
Aww I wish Sam and cat was back on tv ☹️😞
Leafeon ღ
Leafeon ღ Hace 12 días
I mean I watch Old episodes,
Leafeon ღ
Leafeon ღ Hace 12 días
Abbie_panda 123 It is for me ?
Denise Wu
Denise Wu Hace 17 días
Hi Nickelodeon
micheal mcqueen
micheal mcqueen Hace 17 días
Hi love it
Umut K
Umut K Hace 17 días
I wrote it several times before but can we please get new shows for older audiences again? Like Victorious, Sam and Cat, iCarly, Drake and Josh, House of Anubis etc..
Ai Ko
Ai Ko Hace 17 días
what the season and episode??
tytianna's life
tytianna's life Hace 12 días
Ai Ko season 1 episode 4
Intapass Asher I love cooking
You may'nt
Alia Ismail
Alia Ismail Hace 17 días
Hi I love this
Ethel Addom
Ethel Addom Hace 17 días
Aadiya Poudel
Aadiya Poudel Hace 17 días
I love you
MP GO Hace 17 días
so much
MP GO Hace 17 días
i love you
Happy Yvanna
Happy Yvanna Hace 18 días
We miss you Sophia grace and rosie💖 Love you Ariana grande💖
Chabełła Hace 12 días
David Andrade
David Andrade Hace 13 días
Love Ariana Grande 😍
Gabar Soomaliyeed
Gabar Soomaliyeed Hace 14 días
Happy Yvanna are they sisters
katrina's music videos
Happy Yvanna same
Real___ Javi
Real___ Javi Hace 18 días
Mason Couch
Mason Couch Hace 18 días
Mason Couch
Mason Couch Hace 18 días
( Catherin Screaming )
Mason Couch
Mason Couch Hace 18 días
Catherin: Ding-Dong!
David Andrade
David Andrade Hace 13 días
U guys are making me confuse
IAteTwoEggs Bruh
IAteTwoEggs Bruh Hace 16 días
Yin Tun You know Cats and Ariana’s name is Catherine
Galaxy _Cupcake
Galaxy _Cupcake Hace 17 días
Cat's real name is Caterina you would have known that if u watched Victorious. It is available on Netflix (in my country i dont know abt urs)
Yin Tun
Yin Tun Hace 17 días
You know that cat' real name is ariana grande? Right?
Alaa Alnajjar
Alaa Alnajjar Hace 18 días
Please can we get the next part ??!!?! I really can’t wait !!!!! Aaaahhhhhh sooo exciting !!!!! how is cute with your family and your family is always so fun omg omg was the day you were here to pick up the girls from school today so we could meet you there at five or five minute later and then I can do something for fun I don’t think you guys are going anywhere you guys can do that I love ya know what if you want me I can get it to her and then I’ll get it and then go to see the girls I don’t think she is doing it so she just got home she is so funny and I really want her kids and she is a good job I really can’t get them out and she is going home so she is doing fine So all this was just recommended above the keyboard on my phone and you just wasted your time reading this weird thing BUT the first 3 lines are a normal comment ……… bye 👋
Marwah x
Marwah x Hace 12 días
This series is about 10 years old, we won't be able to get much of it anymore, I want old ARIANA!!
Rainbow Corn
Rainbow Corn Hace 18 días
come to order! C.G.:the Cartoon Judge!
1:the irony that the ones who speak with the most polite,restrained and pleasant accent on the planet are so mutch jerks! 2:when will Nickelodeon learn they make animation just as good as Disney but now they focus all energy on live action shows to launch more celebrities and bearly on animation just like current disney shows!
come to order! C.G.:the Cartoon Judge!
+katrina's music videos well many things are uneque with countries of diffrent origin and location but interaction with other cultures just like how legends are born add something diffrent and stay like building a tower starting from something bit the new parts added shape it to something else, british have polite mannerisms,plesant,restrained and sufisticated,a lot of rain,and in many sci-fi story their the scyentist who most persons belive and trust.
katrina's music videos
come to order! C.G.:the Cartoon Judge! I have one
katrina's music videos
come to order! C.G.:the Cartoon Judge! Thanks
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