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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Hace 3 meses
Which would you choose?
Not Aasho
Not Aasho Hace 13 días
S 10
Losinq Blyzzzias
Losinq Blyzzzias Hace un mes
@Overseas 01 Love live serve bro i seen that vid 'If soulja was in your class'
I'm the unknown
I'm the unknown Hace 2 meses
Galaxy buds because I'm a huge fan of Samsung and i love their products and even though they are smaller then airpods they have a touch pad ambience.
Luke Chaplin
Luke Chaplin Hace 2 meses
Air pods
Christopher Kim
Christopher Kim Hace 2 meses
Galaxy Buds of course
kasey p
kasey p Hace 8 horas
The wired ones that come with the s10
Ashley Jade
Ashley Jade Hace un día
I have the same phone as you and AirPods... it’s honestly great
DaNNetwork 2KTV
DaNNetwork 2KTV Hace un día
5:04 Pink Floyd!!!!!
YOUSIF ASHKN Hace un día
I run with them on the treadmill at 13 speed without a problem
Catia Hace 2 días
I don't own an iphone or any other Apple product but I ended up getting the airpods simply because my ears can't handle those earphones where you push them inside the ear canal. I don't know why, but it hurts my ears lots and it is so uncomfortable, no matter what size, shape or model I try (and I've tried loads of different kinds throughout the years). The airpods are simply so much more comfortable and I like the way they sit "in" the ear (or rather, rest on the ear). The sound is surprisingly good as well. I'm super happy with them, even as an andoid user.
WierdHairGrows Hace 2 días
Honestly I hate how AirPods feel. They’re so uncomfortable in your ears. I feel like silicone tips are better, because I can’t even feel anything inside my ears. When I wear AirPods, it feels like there’s two rocks stuck in my ear canal
Zacky Mohmand
Zacky Mohmand Hace 2 días
Galaxy bud?! 💨💨💨💨💨🌬🌬🌬😤😤😤
PACYBITS Rfun Hace 2 días
Love you
PACYBITS Rfun Hace 2 días
Great video babe
PACYBITS Rfun Hace 2 días
KLYTR0 Hace 2 días
Can I use the Galaxy buds with my Motorola phone? Help please
OurNewHorizon Hace 2 días
Yes just connect them like normal Bluetooth earphones.
Peacecraft117 Hace 3 días
Have you tried calling with them?
Salish Lamtin
Salish Lamtin Hace 3 días
I wouldn’t want Samsun to remove their Headphone jack just to sell more buds
Called Storm28
Called Storm28 Hace 3 días
I would purchase galaxy buds but i already have meizu pop
Essie Gang
Essie Gang Hace 3 días
Rather not look like in wearing an hearing aid
Joel Vasquez
Joel Vasquez Hace 4 días
Lew, i love lew... You give an honest reaction for every product that on your table.. Also.. You make it makes me harder also for my purchase decision.. But thats cool.. At least we know.. May be I'll go with Airpods.. 😁 I love lew so much.. 😘😘😘
Mahmood Safi
Mahmood Safi Hace 4 días
i am using my very very old head phone with one side i was cleaning my carpet and the the machine suck it when i was trying to take it out one was completly damage but still i am using my one earplug headphone
Георги Мумджиев
i choose BEO E8 2.0 .. Best wireless buds on the market
Zhadow Storm Gaming
Zhadow Storm Gaming Hace 4 días
How is the pairing process (for Galaxy Buds) with older Galaxy models?
Gbeminiyi Isiade
Gbeminiyi Isiade Hace 4 días
What is the technology behind ambient sound
CERO PRIDE Hace 4 días
I just got my galaxy buds
Michon W.
Michon W. Hace 5 días
After further review, Galaxy Buds > Airpods! Extremely better battery life.
Alistair Dewaard
Alistair Dewaard Hace 5 días
I have airpods there the best
the undead1
the undead1 Hace 5 días
Compared to all the samsung ear buds i love my jbl. Clean sound depth to it is noticeable. Just better.
Akin Pedro
Akin Pedro Hace 5 días
Apple: we have the best headphones Samsung: hold my fridge
panda456_yt Hace 5 días
Galaxy buds better
THE GHOST Hace 5 días
I own both, apple had the right idea but failed in design and extras (suprise suprise) samsung fixed those flaws and added ambient sound.
Elena PF
Elena PF Hace 6 días
Air pods
Navi Valdez
Navi Valdez Hace 6 días
Samsung always wins. Nintendo always wins.
Hambu 47
Hambu 47 Hace un día
@Carlos Guerra Tupperware?
Carlos Guerra
Carlos Guerra Hace 3 días
samsung is tupperware
not aTheist
not aTheist Hace 6 días
People wearing airpods just look stupid.
Rigo Jr
Rigo Jr Hace 6 días
Okay but galaxy buds are clearly the better of the 2 it's not even a competition if you have an I phone just get air pods it makes more sense and if you have a Samsung just get galaxy buds but it's clear that the buds are better
Retrobellite Hace 7 días
Sorry I can't hear you over with my ambient sound turn on with my galaxy buds 🤪
djenty boi
djenty boi Hace 7 días
You should review Raycon earbuds preferably the e50’s
iiPryzee Hace 7 días
I can feel the “I don’t even know I’m wearing them” in always at the gym thinking I lost them 😂😂😂
Jaime Aguilera
Jaime Aguilera Hace 7 días
Watched this Unbox, went with the Galaxy, complete trash. (I know you didn't make them, I know its not your fault) I think if you would of made a phone call with the Samsung's you'd change this review lol.
加藤健志 Hace 7 días
DarthHater 9045
DarthHater 9045 Hace 8 días
Buds for life ❤
Ghido Busta
Ghido Busta Hace 8 días
Samsung earbud’s options just made them a necessity !! While apple’s is ...well..just apple
Abodi Alhalabi
Abodi Alhalabi Hace 8 días
Ngl the galaxy pods have like two extra festures which is cool BUUUTTTTT yall mf still broke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rizki ECT
Rizki ECT Hace 7 días
Cory Thomas
Cory Thomas Hace 8 días
Not feeling the airpods means you wont notice if one has fallen out?
aitiotia Hace 8 días
Cory Thomas you definitely notice... everything gets louder and you’ll probably hear it hit the ground
Joe Lopez
Joe Lopez Hace 8 días
Had the jabra elite active 65 they were very uncomfortable. Just got the galaxie buds they fit great and all the features are the tits but I all so u a Samsung phone
brian kohorst
brian kohorst Hace 9 días
Ambient and equalizer options available with iPhone?
Tayloristhe Hace 9 días
0:57 you can do that with AirPods too..
Retrobellite Hace 7 días
So? Do you have ambient sound?
Boss Master
Boss Master Hace 9 días
I'm still wondering 🤔 if someone will make fun of you if you wear those 💀
Jermy Smith
Jermy Smith Hace 7 días
Yup. Always say "awwww you could afford air pods so you got the cheap version?" Till I show em what they can do
janice schautz
janice schautz Hace 9 días
Can the galaxy buds pair with an Apple Watch?
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah Hace 10 días
Damn galaxy buds has some pretty sweet features
stephen deng
stephen deng Hace 10 días
AirPods looking candy canes hanging out your ears whereas galaxy buds looking like hearing aids both goofy as fuck looking
NoVa Replayz
NoVa Replayz Hace 10 días
Personally I like the buds more than the air pods, Why because I like it in my ears more my opinion they sound better tbh I think they look better
muiske41 Hace 10 días
I'm going for the buds.. Just because with airpods you look like you have toothbrushes in your ears
jacob shove
jacob shove Hace 10 días
Can't you download music straight to the galaxy buds too or is that the watch I'm thinking of
Marcelo Arreguin
Marcelo Arreguin Hace 9 días
The buds dont have internal storage like the past icon x's, idk if you can download music to G watch🤷‍♂️ hope that helps man
10,000 subscribers with no video challenge
Android is superior hands down no questions end of sentence.
chicken Hace 7 días
You forgot to say period
REALM GAMERZ Hace 10 días
how many phones u got
Xxdylan- StanleyxX
Xxdylan- StanleyxX Hace 11 días
I'm a iPhone guy and like galaxy buds better they fit anyone's ears just change the tips you carnt do that with airpods also Samsung buds feel way nicer with the rubber not crapy plastic
amine mdamine
amine mdamine Hace 11 días
Do Apple headphones work on all phones or on iPhone only ???
NoVa Replayz
NoVa Replayz Hace 10 días
The iPods works on all phones but kinda quiet tho
Josh12342 Hace 11 días
Why is Linus the only one who points out the latenency for the Galaxy buds r more pronounced in any device that is not a Samsung device, it is a very important downside and needs to gain more attention
K Hace 11 días
Because they are paid shills
Kaif Ally
Kaif Ally Hace 11 días
AirPods were one of the first wireless headphones so stop bullying it with the latest ones.
Anon Hace 12 días
Ur using an android with airpods. Airpods sync with iPhones, ofc the buds will be better, but really airpods give you the same features. And get you some airpod tips they sell them for good price, it’s good stuff.
Anon Hace 12 días
Aight ok. They sell tips for airpods. Airpods can use one in ear and one charging. They also display individual battery life. Treble mid bass customization is and should be a part of the song and music app not the earbud IF they are synchronized systems like apple and airpods. Airpods offer the same features as samsung earbuds IF you use the respective system for each.
Reversal Roblox
Reversal Roblox Hace 12 días
Watching this with an Android phone with Airpods connected lol
TheEditor102 Hace 11 días
Lmao u liked ur own comment
Juan Ocampo
Juan Ocampo Hace 12 días
I choose galaxy buds but the airpods are small to dumba**
Dr DoGooder
Dr DoGooder Hace 12 días
get whatever you have respective of your device. i bought airpods for the connectivity purpose. they’re no better sound wise than the earbuds that come with the phone, i just put it in and it’s on and ready to go with solid sound.
Yamanappa Talawar
Yamanappa Talawar Hace 12 días
Hey can you give us review about urbanista Stockholm wireless earphones...???
Xxx_ _xxX
Xxx_ _xxX Hace 12 días
Omg get to the point 😂
The Art Yeti
The Art Yeti Hace 12 días
I just like apple earbuds just because of not having the rubber. It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine
Karen Claims
Karen Claims Hace 13 días
Apple Airpods FTW
Good game Герасев
Интересный обзор, жаль не понял ничего.
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko Hace 13 días
Use the smallest rubber wing with the biggest ear tip. Perfection trust me.
Ministorm Fire
Ministorm Fire Hace 13 días
Im on iPhone and im looking for those kind of EarPods but dont know Which One
Alberto Valdes
Alberto Valdes Hace 13 días
Love youre videos man you dont bullshit you tell ot how it is..
NikName !
NikName ! Hace 13 días
Ima get the galaxy buds tomorrow, airpods/earpods don‘t fit me very well. I plan on using them while jogging
Valery Boisrond
Valery Boisrond Hace 14 días
NO homo but like... The faces you make when you were listening to the Galaxy Buds are the CUTEST BABY FACES EVER! LMFAO
2k Gaming
2k Gaming Hace 10 días
keanu martinez
keanu martinez Hace 14 días
Just got the galaxy buds!
Лёха Hace 14 días
Вот под кого Сидельников косит
CozyTricky - Fortnite
CozyTricky - Fortnite Hace 14 días
I think juul pods are the best!
Manisha Sharma
Manisha Sharma Hace 15 días
lol Samsung clearly wins, you just don't want to be biased I guess
Aviation Fan-KLAX
Aviation Fan-KLAX Hace un día
Manisha Sharma And you’re blinded with Shitsung. Oh a dual sim, it must be great. Cheap ass 144p camera and exploding battery is the only thing you’ll get. Poor ass shitsung fanboy
Manisha Sharma
Manisha Sharma Hace un día
@Aviation Fan-KLAX and you are blinded with Apple. Oh wow, it is white and expensive, they must be great!!!. Get a mind , idiot apple fanboy
Aviation Fan-KLAX
Aviation Fan-KLAX Hace un día
random generic username When A shitsung user has no argument at all, safe to say he is a SHITsung fanboy
random generic username
@Aviation Fan-KLAX when an isheep has a trash argument then it is ok to say you must be an isheep
Lust Clan
Lust Clan Hace 15 días
Galaxy buds look an odd amount like a hearing aid
John Choi
John Choi Hace 15 días
5:54 then I'd probably be the type to put them in and then look for them not knowing they're in my ear
Eveningbot Hace 15 días
Lol i wish Galaxy Buds worked on the OnePlus 7 Pro
Mart Jan Koops
Mart Jan Koops Hace 12 días
Eveningbot they work with every Bluetooth deviced!
tyler joe
tyler joe Hace 15 días
Me listening to this on my galaxy buds.
Watching this on my AirPods
Muhammed Ali
Muhammed Ali Hace 15 días
Please test the huawei freebuds 2 pro I don't now I will buy them
Poramed Kaikhuntod
Poramed Kaikhuntod Hace 16 días
My best pods is metapod
Meilani Castillo
Meilani Castillo Hace 16 días
Watching with my Samsung Gear Icon Xs
Tapas Ranjan Sahoo
Tapas Ranjan Sahoo Hace 16 días
Everyone is talking about airpods or galaxy buds while I am watching this video on my OnePlus bullet wireless 2.
Senior SEOG Agent
Senior SEOG Agent Hace 16 días
Dont forget, i think you can download music into the headphones like the Gear IconX headphones, from samsung, so you dont need your phone to listen to music,
ll-Fvck Oppz_-
ll-Fvck Oppz_- Hace 16 días
Ewww galaxy buds look like two pieces of cotton in your ears what disgrace FUCK SAMSUNG APPLE FOR LIFE 💯💯💯
Huzaifa Raza
Huzaifa Raza Hace 16 días
Why are you using airpods with a Samsung device you should've tested the airpods with an apple device for better results
oVerzifyy Hace 16 días
Wired Earbuds all the way 😂😂
Ayman Hace 15 días
Broke faggot
rohit wagh
rohit wagh Hace 17 días
Samsung pays this guy to do promotions,I have used both and airpods are more comfortable and has better quality, this guy just hates apple products that’s it!
sid chaturvedi
sid chaturvedi Hace 17 días
Galaxy buds for sure
Jennifer Marea
Jennifer Marea Hace 17 días
I have a Google Pixel 2xl and I just bought the Airpods. I lows am thinking about returning them after this video to get the Galaxy ones. I bought them so I could have something to sleep in and block out noice and though these sound good and are comfortable to sleep in they don't block out any noise! And I live in a dorm so I'm just not sure that this is gonna work out
Max Evans
Max Evans Hace 17 días
What music app do u use?
Bilal Naeem
Bilal Naeem Hace 17 días
Hi. I am facing problem in picking up and declining call by taping. This problem is on app like whatsapp and messenger plz help.
Reaction guy
Reaction guy Hace 17 días
The problem about the airpods is that you cant feel that there in your ear so you can lose them and not even notice
Riverdale tales
Riverdale tales Hace 17 días
Good point I wouldn't know because, I don't use these because they give you cancer
Don Ramon
Don Ramon Hace 17 días
Tidepods are way better
Mitchell Starling
Mitchell Starling Hace 17 días
Come on apple 😆
Rocket Ninja
Rocket Ninja Hace 17 días
I have airpods and galaxy buds I think in my opinion the galaxy buds are amazing but airpods are ok
Forever alone friend zoned Faggot
Rocket Ninja shut the fuck up you piece of shit
Zishan Munir
Zishan Munir Hace 17 días
I have s9plus should I get sumsung buds or airpods could someone tell me
Nueve Youtube
Nueve Youtube Hace 17 días
I just got samsung buds :> you should get em gyysss
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