Samsung Galaxy Buds VS. Apple AirPods

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Samsung Galaxy Buds (USA Link) - amzn.to/2Y6cycz
Samsung Galaxy Buds (International) - geni.us/eZzztqT
Apple AirPods (USA Link) - amzn.to/2UDiPKE
Apple AirPods (International) - geni.us/acd9CBL
Which fully wireless earbuds will win this battle? The new 2019 Samsung Galaxy Buds or the Apple AirPods?
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18 mar 2019






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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Hace un mes
Which would you choose?
I'm the unknown
I'm the unknown Hace 4 días
Galaxy buds because I'm a huge fan of Samsung and i love their products and even though they are smaller then airpods they have a touch pad ambience.
Luke Chaplin
Luke Chaplin Hace 4 días
Air pods
Christopher Kim
Christopher Kim Hace 17 días
Galaxy Buds of course
Tyler Kirby
Tyler Kirby Hace 24 días
Galaxy buds because I hate cheap products and that's all you get with apple
Triston Ritchie
Triston Ritchie Hace 27 días
Juba Hace 48 minutos
For me I would use the Galaxy ones because it hurts to have airpods I just can't use them when it hurts so much, so I prefer the Galaxypods.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace 3 horas
I think people should just get the ones that fit their ears the best
Crazy bot
Crazy bot Hace 5 horas
Hello friends can u subscribe my channel
Txrixie Hace 5 horas
Funny story: my dog chewed one of my AirPods. So.
- Daigher -
- Daigher - Hace 5 horas
I tried both and i can say that listening to a lot of heavy metal and hard rock the earbuds seems better because they are more into your hear, you can really feel them and the deeper tones of heavy metal feel way better, also i can say i almost lost one airpod because it fell of while i was headbanging lol, those things are really not that good if you hsve big ears like me XD But i can also say that a friend of mine likes the airpods more for the opposite reasons, he loves trap etc and says that he likes that the music is not as "pushed" into your ears but its more light and flows better for him
Fudgey _
Fudgey _ Hace 9 horas
So basically they're both good Well that doesn't help choosing
Angel Vicente Anguiano César
1:49 chunky moto moto enters chat
abhishek singh
abhishek singh Hace 10 horas
did anyone notice how he skipped treble boost because he could not pronounce it. LOL.
elireloaded Hace 12 horas
O-Town Player
O-Town Player Hace 13 horas
Your vids are cool but the thumbnails are cringey
H Hwang
H Hwang Hace 16 horas
So airpods are for when your not aware that you are wearing it but literally everyone around you will...cool
FBI Hace 16 horas
Oh no he has galaxy pods in he can't hear us! *turns up ambient volume*
The Gaming Waffle
The Gaming Waffle Hace 18 horas
Galaxy buds don’t look like tooth brush heads unlike ass pods
Nichols Gavin
Nichols Gavin Hace 20 horas
So they do everything AirPods do?
xd drizzle
xd drizzle Hace 21 un hora
can u charge galaxy buds with a wire
DoGgO Hace 22 horas
I have the 2018 iconx but they got water damage and are now very quiet :( I would probably choose airpods even though i have a note 9 they just seem more reliable but the buds do have wayy more options
Leszek Wójcik
Leszek Wójcik Hace 23 horas
Who needs airpods and buds if you can have: Tidepods
J3sseJ13 YT
J3sseJ13 YT Hace un día
ISI can’t afford AirPods and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I JUST NEED THEM!!
Ali Wahab
Ali Wahab Hace un día
The buds are better but more flex with airpods
mert şenyurt
mert şenyurt Hace un día
I listening on my Galaxy buds
camcam0530 Hace un día
I can't stand the air pods like the shape litteraly hurts my ears and they still fall out I understand it fits some people but why not make something that fits all people
Julian 7160
Julian 7160 Hace un día
I love my urbeats they have awesome bass and I love bass had them for about 5yrs now and they still sound great
DanDanio Games
DanDanio Games Hace un día
Ok the only thing configuration wise that the Samsung buds things have over AirPods is ambience, that the AirPods come with naturally lmao
Outside sounds : *exists* Airpods : I'm boutta end this man's whole career
bannana schwert
bannana schwert Hace un día
Im proably going to get samsung buds
It's the Music Guy
It's the Music Guy Hace un día
*I feel so rich with my airpods i wanna flex so bad but i don't speak broke*
Random Things
Random Things Hace 21 un hora
I dont hear retards only earpod users😂
Ender Mage
Ender Mage Hace un día
Alex Puls
Alex Puls Hace un día
Air pods are overrated. They aren't ergonomic, they look dumb in your ears and they just arent as customizable. Galaxy buds are just better all around. They offer more features within the app and they are less noticable when wearing them. The wireless charging from your phone is pretty dope too.
angel rivera
angel rivera Hace un día
You should do a test on vodosounds vodo vibe headphones.
winsley ocampo
winsley ocampo Hace un día
Wired earphones why cause when ai kills us all we have something to defend us
Grace Huang
Grace Huang Hace un día
Don't use max volume because that damages your hearing
McMegaLego Teo
McMegaLego Teo Hace un día
Didn’t Samsung just copy AirPods?
Paqman98 Hace un día
AirPods do have an ambient sound option just like the galaxy buds
Yasir Irfat
Yasir Irfat Hace un día
Microphone quality not good
KH28 Playz
KH28 Playz Hace un día
Thought that was Adam22 in the thumbnail for a sec
Jenna-may Cox
Jenna-may Cox Hace un día
Blank Dusk
Blank Dusk Hace un día
Samsung 4ever
PWNalityTV Hace 2 días
Do I look weird doing this? I think you look like secret service lol
Lae Adiga
Lae Adiga Hace 2 días
Can you review the skullcandy true wireless earbuds?
Mynamesnotslimshady Hace 2 días
What is this dumb shit if u own an android phone, u go with android buds and same logic with AirPods they’re both optimized to work best with the OS they were mainly built for, otherwise ur better off just buying same/better quality third party pods for a significantly less price
Woos Ju
Woos Ju Hace 2 días
Buds!!!!buds!!!! Pod look like aliens head
Bean Yoongi2093
Bean Yoongi2093 Hace 2 días
I want to buy them but i dont use samsung nor apple so dkkskdjskdk
Luke Beckstrom
Luke Beckstrom Hace 2 días
I have the Powerbeats 3 and I noticed that my first very time putting them in, while testing all the different ear pieces, it hurt so bad. I thought I had completely wasted my money. The next day, and the day after that, it got better. I’ve been using them for over a year and I still forgot that they’re in my ear. You get used to it.
Animation Stories For you
Did u know that when u use AirPods And turn on hearing u can hear people WHILE you listen to MUSIC
Felix Fong
Felix Fong Hace 2 días
5:43 "It's the fit and the feel and the sound seal" my boy here spitting out lines
Chris Marston
Chris Marston Hace 2 días
It seems like apple does a lot of things the Samsung is right behind them trying to, I don’t want to say mimic or copy but I don’t have a better word rn, and they always come out with a very similar product but slightly different and with more features. Like the AirPods were out way before the samsung version of them, yet the Samsung is better because maybe they had more time to developed it? I don’t know but it seems that way to me. And ps I do use apple but I’ve been thinking of switching to Samsung, it’s just I can’t afford the s10 or any of their new phones
SmileDog78 Hace 2 días
Can I use my airpods on my s9 ???
Rodrigo Garrido
Rodrigo Garrido Hace 2 días
Kevin West
Kevin West Hace 2 días
AirPods are garbage
Jagvir Johal
Jagvir Johal Hace 2 días
Can you give a review on huwaei freebuds 2 like is that better then apple airpods
Noman namoN
Noman namoN Hace 2 días
Ok you named all the Samsung pros but not all of the air pods pros. Air pods have a sensor on them, what that does is when you take them off the sensor will automatically pause the music that is playing. I find AirPods extremely convenient, especially when I’m at school listening to music, I can also hear people around me, which btw AirPods have and ambient sound setting too. I honestly think AirPods are great for going to school or in some cases work, you can listen to music while also being able to hear people around you. However in a workout scenario I think the Samsung earbuds are the way to go. Just cause they fit better in your ear.
Lifewithshy Hace 2 días
Ur really dumb you has the nerve to say that u can charge the other bud while listening to music AirPods do the same thing.
Amanda Xo
Amanda Xo Hace 2 días
That charging feature alone !!!!
GotShampooinmyeye Hace 2 días
SmElLs LiKe BrOkE
KingQTX Ninja
KingQTX Ninja Hace 2 días
When I’m watching you I’m always thinking about tyler from the dude perfect!!!😂😄😀
Ghost 037
Ghost 037 Hace 2 días
2 min in ..... Me:Imma get Samsung
Dabi Hace 2 días
1. Samsung did it first with the iconx years ago 2. Samsung more features and cheaper
Diego Barrientos
Diego Barrientos Hace 2 días
Cancer vs cancer
SE Park
SE Park Hace 2 días
solid conclusion.
Ibrahim Rahman
Ibrahim Rahman Hace 2 días
I’m alright with my beats
Subscribe To T-Series
I think tidepods are the best
Fudgey _
Fudgey _ Hace 9 horas
Had to unlike when I saw that name
Moi s
Moi s Hace 16 horas
Well fuck you 9 er old indian
Ikhwan Yusuf
Ikhwan Yusuf Hace 20 horas
Dead meme
Rin Okumara567
Rin Okumara567 Hace 2 días
100% galaxy buds
favio espinoza
favio espinoza Hace 3 días
Let me tell you something... you r american you always gonna pick american products...thats why it is so hard for you... for me and in this situation... samsung by far is the winner
Brad Watson
Brad Watson Hace 3 días
I have both of them they break easily if you throw them😀☺☺haha
Jōkēr ML
Jōkēr ML Hace 3 días
You should unbox johnson's cotton buds
Chance Towner
Chance Towner Hace 3 días
AirPods are better 🔥😂
Rajashekar Guruvareddy
Chance Towner
Chance Towner Hace 3 días
Any one else using AirPods to wach this video
Christopher Mata
Christopher Mata Hace 3 días
Why do my galaxy buds sound so low??? I have the galaxy note 8 and my galaxy buds sound way higher in other phones from other brands. WTF!!! If anybody knows please help me.
nick painter
nick painter Hace 3 días
Anybody else think they were getting Galaxy Buds when they purchased an S10 variant? No? Just me?
RahmanNoodles ッ
RahmanNoodles ッ Hace 3 días
samsung buds fit all ear types air pods fit on people with hooks if you don't it will fall out
QuickPlay TV
QuickPlay TV Hace un día
I agree
James Shakespeare
James Shakespeare Hace 3 días
The ambient noise is in all Bluetooth devices on iOS but it’s bad and it’s hidden in settings
Keonwoo Ji
Keonwoo Ji Hace 3 días
AirPods are way better
Farticus thefirst
Farticus thefirst Hace 3 días
If you go into the Samsung Gear App you can raise the volume of the galaxy buds and it gets pretty loud. Thank Me Later
A-Maverick8 Hace 3 días
Buddy the Samsung is clearly better
Sooner Models
Sooner Models Hace 3 días
why is it that when i first put these in my ears...the sound quality equaled that to an am radio.?
2nd Draft Music
2nd Draft Music Hace 3 días
Galaxy buds are alot better!
Hamza Butt
Hamza Butt Hace 3 días
Can anyone knows about the bass of Galaxy Buds???
Joseph Guy
Joseph Guy Hace 3 días
Buds are better since I got them has not touched my AirPods
ღ amelia ღ
ღ amelia ღ Hace 7 horas
+anяl loli you can change the bass on galaxy buds to make it stronger
Paul Williams
Paul Williams Hace 14 horas
Joseph Guy the AirPods having better call quality
Satvik Pawar
Satvik Pawar Hace un día
+Ella Casey r/choosingbeggars?
anяl loli
anяl loli Hace un día
Joseph Guy which bass is better
Pastor Gains
Pastor Gains Hace un día
+Ella Casey buy your own you beggar
Mythic117 Hace 3 días
Airpods look stupid
Christopher Carter
Christopher Carter Hace 3 días
How is the microphone for calls???? I've notice sometimes people have trouble hearing me on some Bluetooth headphones
Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson Hace 2 días
*galaxy buds* I only used them twice for calls but the other person said I sounded normal. I didn't have to talk any louder than normal. Note I was outside and it was quite. Not sure how itd be in an loud environment I recommend them tho, they have a good bass and I was surprised how good they sounded
Yo boi
Yo boi Hace 3 días
Wireless ear buds are for people that can't afford the wire's
Yo boi
Yo boi Hace 3 días
+Angel Gonzalez wooosh
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez Hace 3 días
Yet typically, wired earbuds are cheaper than wireless
Jason French
Jason French Hace 3 días
Airpods look better and work flawlessly
wiz moha ghanem
wiz moha ghanem Hace 3 días
*like for the Galaxy Buds*
tropico boy
tropico boy Hace 3 días
Do the galaxy buds have a charging cord.
Makin Edwards.
Makin Edwards. Hace 2 días
Apple airpods < Samsung earbuds Sorry apple samsung WIN this one
ravi ananad
ravi ananad Hace 3 días
Nailed it in the end U want to wear headphones which you wont even feel they are there That’s why AirPods 😎😎😎
habitat LP
habitat LP Hace 3 días
i think this review is on point. I don't need headphones but when i want to listen to some music or a "book" inside a shopping center or something i use my buds.
dante munoz
dante munoz Hace 3 días
Nojmul Hoque
Nojmul Hoque Hace 3 días
Speak quietly am deaf
Meah Kitty
Meah Kitty Hace 4 días
I still prefer AirPods 😛 I’m listening with them rn
H3R0 FOREVER Hace 4 días
Galaxy is better just saying
ღ amelia ღ
ღ amelia ღ Hace 7 horas
+Neyamaya Abrams airpods are apple...
Neyamaya Abrams
Neyamaya Abrams Hace un día
Yea I just got the Galaxy airpods for my bday 😊
Testikills Hace 4 días
I personally sold my jabra elites because I can't stand noise isolation. I have a toddler, a wife and people trying to talk to me at work and I just hate having something blocking my ear while trying to hear the outside world. Picked up some airpods, they work horrible with Samsung but not a day has gone by that I don't use them, I can hear when someone needs me, but i can also crank the volume up and listen to some tunes. They have fantastic microphones too
TheHassan2098 Hace 4 días
I have an 'I don't even notice I'm wearing them' pair of Sony headphones that I got for £5. They are wired but they're super light and plug into my phone AND I NEVER NEED TO CHARGE THEM
hanbaekyeol Hace 4 días
Can I also charge the galaxy buds with my S9+?
Isaac Fernandez
Isaac Fernandez Hace 4 días
But they look so stupid...
Leonel Huerta12
Leonel Huerta12 Hace 4 días
Does anyone know where to buy Galaxy Buds?
Leonel Huerta12
Leonel Huerta12 Hace 4 días
+Liew Thank you
Liew Hace 4 días
Carson Yip
Carson Yip Hace 4 días
HEYYYYYYYYY! Do a Huawei Freebuds 2 pro review !!!!!
Supremely Effects
Supremely Effects Hace 4 días
Ever since apple made AirPods, more company’s started making wireless earbuds...
Liew Hace 4 días
Cause they realises it’s a easy money maker
Katie Jo
Katie Jo Hace 4 días
This video was a diss on airpods
Ben Rubio
Ben Rubio Hace 4 días
whats the best true wireless earbuds right now for under 250? i want something with more bass and cant decide between galaxy buds bose or jabra
Life Hace 4 días
Bose maybe? Their quality has been slipping as of late
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