Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Impressions: Underrated!

Marques Brownlee
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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is definitely already a candidate for phone of the year. What a monster. Enjoy this first hands-on!
Also - there's 4 colors, not 2: Black, orange, blue, lavender.
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9 ago 2018

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ya472 Hace 2 días
I did the Note 9 512 because I needed a new phone (???) and hope it will be durable enough to last five - six years. I can't wait for the latest/greatest, but damn, this is one fine gizmo ! ($1600 Canadian) OMG
Lloyd Griffiths
Lloyd Griffiths Hace 3 días
Watching this on a laptop with less RAM 😂
Lazaros Kotsaridis
Lazaros Kotsaridis Hace 5 días
well i did get it and it's amazing probably the best of2018❤😍😍
Elsa Woods
Elsa Woods Hace 6 días
The design is too cool dnt say negative abt the desing.. i love it
zealot316 Hace 8 días
Samsung having had the laggiest phones for years really should just include a base 8GB of RAM
User User
User User Hace 8 días
I love my note 9 😀
LightenStar // TurboLighten
Samsung note 10: A foldable smartphone.
Samuel Khalifeh
Samuel Khalifeh Hace 15 días
Lemme get that wallpaper link.
Joachim Werner
Joachim Werner Hace 15 días
S9 Plus not far behind, if at all. its basically all around perfect phone but less nerdy/feminine
Hamdhoon Mohamed
Hamdhoon Mohamed Hace 15 días
Do not buy that phone
วคx Hace 9 días
Ram Bow
Ram Bow Hace 15 días
What can money do for you that God cannot do for you?
Earlando Johnson
Earlando Johnson Hace 17 días
And now, the Note9 has been discounted by $200 across all carriers and models. Samsung is King!! 💜💙
chill out
chill out Hace 18 días
Bro please do a comparison between note 9 and oppo find X ..I'm having confusion that going for beauty or specs?
Shalmon Anandas
Shalmon Anandas Hace 21 un día
Why is the bottom bezel smaller than the top bezel?
eatatjoecs Hace 21 un día
You're spot on when you said this is a huge upgrade, not incremental. I just got the Note 9 and the bluetooth SPen is AMAZING. The SPen without bluetooth adds a whole new dimension of functionality. With bluetooth, it's true innovation. I take group photos a lot. With any other phone you have to set up a timer or buy a $400 watch to control it remotely to get everyone in the shot. Now, just click an SPen. Someone blinked? No need to go back to the phone and set up a new timer, just click the SPen again! There are cons though. Bixby is next to useless and the Bixby button can't be remapped. It still has Google Assistant so it's not like they removed features (lol Apple), but really, Bixby needs major improvement. As it is right now, Samsung should dump it and just integrate with Google Assistant.
A T Hace 22 días
A fair, factual review of the best smartphone in the market. BTW, incremental improvements have been the bread and butter of some brands (cough) and nobody seemed to find that a flaw although the brand in question (cough, cough) produces vastly inferior phones for 3 generations now and overprices any feature found in most other phones since 2015. Thanks for the review!
harsha knv
harsha knv Hace 24 días
pls do a video for nokia 6.1plus(X6)
BOSNIAN_Bloke1111 Hace 24 días
My Note 9 likes this video.
Cody Anderson
Cody Anderson Hace 24 días
Finally a android phone I can leave iOS for
Prevlin Naidoo
Prevlin Naidoo Hace 25 días
I have been a strictly Apple user for the past 7 years. I need a new phone at the end of this week and I just CAN'T justify the price tag of the new iPhone. I haven't used Android in ages but I'm will to give it a go. I'm still deciding between the Note 9 and the Huawei P20 Pro. Has anyone else made the switch from Apple recently?What was the change like?
วคx Hace 9 días
I swapped from the iPhone X to Note9 after being with Apple since the iPhone 4. Best decision I ever made. I was becoming more and more unhappy with Apple's greedy business practices.
Prevlin Naidoo
Prevlin Naidoo Hace 22 días
Thanks for the reply. I think I'm gonna wait and see what the Pixel 3 has to offer before I make a decision.
Olivia Nicole
Olivia Nicole Hace 22 días
I had an iPhone but just recently changed to the Note 9. Definitely took a few days to get used to where everything was on the new phone but definitely worth it. Has more features then iPhones.
Catherine Adams
Catherine Adams Hace 26 días
In the US at the current time, there are only 2 colors
วคx Hace 9 días
3 now.
Mathew Lucas
Mathew Lucas Hace 26 días
Best phone on the planet!!! (Profile pic taken with my s5 or s6) but watching on a LG Stylo 4...i want the s10 because i already know!!!
Anang Sulistyono
Anang Sulistyono Hace 27 días
I mean seriously, iphone has better apps and thats it. Note 9 wins in every other area.
วคx Hace 9 días
I disagree, but ok.
It's Me
It's Me Hace 28 días
Just one question, how much did Samsung pay you for this video????
Anang Sulistyono
Anang Sulistyono Hace 27 días
Lol salty isheep
Douglass78 Hace 27 días
samsung cant pay someone who is already sponsored by apple 😘
abdul azees
abdul azees Hace 28 días
Awesome phone
kult_deyo_DHA Hace 29 días
Now I can save 4k porn on my phone, thanks technology
Andrea Montaray
Andrea Montaray Hace un mes
Varun Jain
Varun Jain Hace un mes
hi marques plz review iphone X vs note 9 which is best
davis icon
davis icon Hace un mes
The best phone ever with the best display ever note 9 is King even after the Big Apple launch which was a colossal disaster
public interest
public interest Hace un mes
Watching on my note 9
LegendaryBitch 1810
Does note 9 camera have slow motion?
วคx Hace 9 días
Yes. Up to 960FPS I believe.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace un mes
The right side of the recommendation section though
Ahmad Hashimi
Ahmad Hashimi Hace un mes
How about the quality of the screen against scratching? Because note phones usually have stronger screen.
manohar reddy
manohar reddy Hace un mes
วคx Hace 9 días
Hey There
Hey There Hace un mes
Will this model explore, chances high? I’m looking to buy a high end phone, not sure which, Samsung or htc? Appreciate some suggestions
Kim No Dong
Kim No Dong Hace un mes
Will this Corean Samsung rice cooker explode??? And banned from international flights??? Kim???
chris bad
chris bad Hace un mes
I have this phone
Ameen Business
Ameen Business Hace un mes
I got it and it's an amazing phone! It's a mega step up from my Note 5.
Kuong Fiyang
Kuong Fiyang Hace un mes
how much
Naseem Shanboor
Naseem Shanboor Hace un mes
still happy with my Galaxy s7. but its very tempting to upgrade >_
Benjamin Cavanaugh
Benjamin Cavanaugh Hace un mes
floss did it better
pradeep ghosh
pradeep ghosh Hace un mes
Not so good phone, Thanks bro
Umashankar Raj
Umashankar Raj Hace un mes
Umashankar Raj Nice video
Chris m
Chris m Hace un mes
I am currently using the Note 9. It is my first note so I can't say it's better or worse than previous models....but I'm loving the hell out if this device! Thank you Samsung
swati kondapure
swati kondapure Hace un mes
I want this mobile
PrisonCipher Hace un mes
Never pay 1000 dollars for a phone, get yourself a PC upgrade and buy a 200 S7.
วคx Hace 9 días
I don't want an S7, I want the best of the best.
BRIGHT LTE Hace un mes
You made awesome video.
Dereck Toombs
Dereck Toombs Hace un mes
I love it I just bought it
Constantin Trifan
Constantin Trifan Hace un mes
Samsung makes amazing phones, but just because of the bloatware + bixby + samsung store (sure, why use play store, let's just make a new one) + unpractical infinity display, I've moved to a cheaper + cleaner OS phone but with worse screen and camera. I would love to return to Samsung phones, and even would pay the higher price, if they stop shoving all the shitty software and their samsung apps into the phones.
Ab K.
Ab K. Hace un mes
Great video!!!
RisingStar Aavez
RisingStar Aavez Hace un mes
The Zomato app is just making me Angry !!!
Ole I. Christensen
Ole I. Christensen Hace un mes
Funny when you sounds like you're impressed by the size of the battery, considering my almost two years old Huawei mate 9 pro, has it as well. It's just that usual. Just looks like Sammy was the only one in class, who's got it wrong. 😋
Grant Cole
Grant Cole Hace un mes
I use my Huawei as a computer hooking up to almost any screen, can the note do the same? I haven't heard any reviewer talk on such a feature.
Theo thott
Theo thott Hace un mes
The note 8 is now like 840 bucks in norway now should i buy it somone please answer?
Cruzi Hace un mes
Do you also get a bomb defusal kit?
David deitoros
David deitoros Hace un mes
Okay. So I was on here earlier saying shit like. Ohh I'm gon a wait. I did not. Went out bought the note9. Fuck. The forward facing speakers. Great. Face ID. Great. Screen. I dunno I did a comparison with s8 seemed better. Just wow. I'm currently testing out the battery over the weekend so I know If it's okay to leave my charger. 10 out of 10. Thanks Marcus. I had to come here first.
JK Hace un mes
Jason Irwin
Jason Irwin Hace un mes
Awesome review Man ! Definitely my next Phone :D
whoahh Hace un mes
Samsuck without android = nothing.
วคx Hace 9 días
Without Android Samsung is still one of the biggest companies on the planet, so they would do just fine, and probably would create their own OS, allowing their phones to perform even better due to Samsung being able to optimize it specifically for their phones.
Allan Hace un mes
i currently have a iphone X i have been with apple since the iphone5 but im now considering to switch over to a galaxy s9 or note 9 is it worth it? your opinion would be appreciated
Harrison Kessler
Harrison Kessler Hace un mes
I still have my note 4. It's still amazing and it has a removable battery!!
Nathan Weaver
Nathan Weaver Hace un mes
why do people compare phones to pcs its not a pc its a phone to make calls
วคx Hace 9 días
Because this phone has better specs than a lot of PCs.
Jacob Crosby
Jacob Crosby Hace un mes
Samsung didn't develop supercaps, they've been available from capacitor companies for decades, though I practically expensive for most uses. Samsung just added one to this device... Irks me to misattribute such a technology. Look it up before doing such.
yujinn g
yujinn g Hace un mes
"oh headphone jack is a feature now?" Remove it or keep it, people will still be bitching. SMH
Şafak Hace un mes
I am happy with my phone for years. But first time now i want a new phone cuz it has great headphone output. Also great camera for now. There is a no more BETTER headphone output. Even for years there is a no more!!! Too bad that i can't buy it. :(
FarCloudElite Hace un mes
other phone manufacturers will eventually follow this Samsung trend of making bigger storage just like the iPhone x notch everywhere, and at that time of point apps will get bigger and bigger after updates, so probably in future I can't see why people wouldn't want to get bigger storage
Faisal Blangpidie
Faisal Blangpidie Hace un mes
It's hard to look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from the perspective of a phone geek in Hong Kong and not think, "that's it?" The big claims to fame for this year's Note 9 -- features that American tech writers have been gushing about -- include a large 4,000 mAh battery, up to 8GB of RAM, and camera software that can recognize objects and scenes. Those are all things that Chinese brands like Huawei and Xiaomi have offered for more than a year already. A camera that can tell a human from a dog? That's old news. Heck, Xiaomi just launched a phone with the exact same mobile processor and battery size as the Note 9's for literally one-third the price. But then I remembered that, as a consumer tech writer in Hong Kong, I am spoiled more than most people in the rest of the world. Hong Kong is in a unique spot to get all the phones. Most other markets with high-end spending power have shut out specific brands due to political reasons or national pride. North America and South Korea, for example, have virtually no official access to Chinese phones; China has returned the favor by mostly shunning Samsung; and Japan doesn't get much of anything besides Apple and Sony. The only top-tier markets with access to as many brands as Hong Kong are Singapore and western Europe, and even then they can't compete with Hong Kong's sheer proximity to Shenzhen. So for major chunks of the premium smartphone market, the Note 9's specs sheet is as impressive as it gets. After using the Galaxy Note 9 for a week, I can see what all the brouhaha is about. What the Note 9 lacks in value proposition or immediate wow factor, it makes up with refinement and a workmanlike commitment to just offering more. Samsung's been making great, powerful phones longer than anyone but Apple (the likes of Oppo and OnePlus are relative babies on this front), and the Note 9 is a culmination of all of that. It's a premium phone that ticks every single box.
A-10 Warthog
A-10 Warthog Hace 16 días
Yeah cheap ass Chinese phones that have malware hah no
SwagScorpion 777
SwagScorpion 777 Hace 17 días
Well it’s not that bad considering apple realises all the new tech 3 years after androids have it
Mirako Moore
Mirako Moore Hace 25 días
Well I mean Samsung was Sloppy this year and didn't update enough to be enticing. Take a look at the S10+ or Galaxy F leaks they are more interesting...
Anang Sulistyono
Anang Sulistyono Hace 27 días
Sorry but Chinese products do not last.
Jiko Hace un mes
Go back to china
Penguins Are Super Smart!
Don Hyon
Don Hyon Hace un mes
8GB RAM with 512GB ROM. The phone is as powerful as a midrange desktop now? Guess I don't need a laptop computer.
Rashid Archer
Rashid Archer Hace un mes
so i currently own a samsung galaxy s7, do you reccomend i go and get a note 9 or should i try and wait for the s10 to drop?
วคx Hace 9 días
I would wait for the S10. It's going to be a complete redesign.
Abdelkader Bayalla
Abdelkader Bayalla Hace un mes
Its not underrated, its just overpriced..
ro bin
ro bin Hace un mes
Samsung note is hard to destroy except (extreme way) im just trhow it and it not broke
D_Fitness Hace un mes
Does anyone know how to access the emoji keyboard?
Dimond 101
Dimond 101 Hace un mes
I love this new phone
Amir3point Hace un mes
Watchin' this by Note9! This phone is God!
Shrirang Pund
Shrirang Pund Hace un mes
Enabling the subtitles for a MKBHD video is the stupidest thing ever!
pete shoda
pete shoda Hace un mes
Looks to be the boom
Nhat Pham
Nhat Pham Hace un mes
3:14 Marques lowkey be hinting his new channel Logo tho.
pinchelizbeth Hace un mes
I upgraded to the note 9 from my note 5 which I loved, it's so cool using all these new features
xR LeGiiT
xR LeGiiT Hace un mes
Iphone or Samsung?
xR LeGiiT
xR LeGiiT Hace un mes
get me the galaxy skin
Nice video!!!
K 72018
K 72018 Hace un mes
Which phone should I get? iPhone X or Samsung Note 9?
Blonde Con
Blonde Con Hace un mes
I always look to your channel for phone reviews when i consider purchasing a new phone
moondarck Hace un mes
You forgot to mention the Dolby atmos stereo speakers. Just upgraded from a note4 to 9 with a buyback promotional discount, couldn't be happier
Mirza Ayyan
Mirza Ayyan Hace un mes
Fale this model note 9. I hate this no more than anything else
Khaqan Ahmad
Khaqan Ahmad Hace un mes
Ive got to admit It is a really nice phone Though i am a huge OnePlus fan But it does look really ugly I hate the boxyness
# NC
# NC Hace un mes
Hey Marq Try Out The Poco F1 by Xiaomi Its 🔥🔥 Snapdragon 845 "liquid Cooling" Dual cam Dual Speakers 4000mah battery IR Face Unlock 6/8Gb RAM only 300$
AttachedSilver Hace un mes
IR blaster > headphone jack
Rami Krayem
Rami Krayem Hace un mes
I have the note 8 and i'm a big fan of the note series and yes you are right in everything you said, but simply it's not worth the buy.
Yi-hsiu Lee
Yi-hsiu Lee Hace un mes
As always, the look of the camera is so ugly.
udipto barman
udipto barman Hace un mes
giveaway please
chathura dilshan
chathura dilshan Hace un mes
Faiyaz khan
Faiyaz khan Hace un mes
Onelplus 6 is flagship killer picophone is oneplus6 killer, now who is flagship killers killer?👅
ApeZone Entertainment
It's bullshit that you can't get a black one in the US. So dumb.
Mike Studmuffin
Mike Studmuffin Hace un mes
Can it use a screen protector?
Mjd Zid
Mjd Zid Hace un mes
kazmifar Hace un mes
My only issue with this phone is that it will not have timely updates.. If it did, I wouldn't care for any other phone as this does pretty much have it all!
jcallwood25 Hace un mes
Just picked up my lavender purple note 9!!🤗🤗🤗
Bonita• •Bloom
Bonita• •Bloom Hace 21 un día
They don't have it here in my country😭😭😭 so jealous. I got the copper instead🤣
Marco spennati
Marco spennati Hace un mes
Note 9 arriving in my house today
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