Samsung Galaxy S10 Impressions!

Marques Brownlee
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Galaxy S10 official hands-on and first impressions!
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20 feb 2019

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SneakierForg 676
SneakierForg 676 Hace 3 minutos
OMG. It’s rewind time!
Marisa Ezirim
Marisa Ezirim Hace 3 minutos
iPhone x *the greatest phone alive!* *Samsung s10 joins the chat* **still has a headphone jack** iPhone x: *samsung is so old, they still have a stupid headphone jack* Person: *goes to the shops: Hello I would like to buy an iPhone xs max please!* iPhone shopkeeper: *okay that will be £1400 please.* Person: *Okay!* *3 weeks later* Person: *Oooh I like your phone, where did you get it from?* Person's friend: *I got it from samsung for £900* Person: *Okay, I'll UPGRADE to samsung* *2 weeks later* *at the apple store* iPhone shopkeeper: *Hello how can I help you?* Person: *How can I UPGRADE to Samsung Galaxy ma'am?* *iPhone shopkeeper has left the planet*
renee p
renee p Hace 3 minutos
apple, google. and samsumg should do 1 colab phone
ApexLegends 19
ApexLegends 19 Hace 3 minutos
Oh yeah yeah
Count Ingteeth
Count Ingteeth Hace 4 minutos
Skip to 10:09
EPIC TV REVIEWS Hace 4 minutos
I'm close to 1k subs
Kevin Hosea
Kevin Hosea Hace 5 minutos
Bixby button is there but they are finally allowing users to remap the button to other actions besides just Bixby so it will finally be useful
Yako Is Sergalicious
Yako Is Sergalicious Hace 5 minutos
Thats Hot
Diego Samson
Diego Samson Hace 5 minutos
Apple has left the chat..
Abhishek Das
Abhishek Das Hace 5 minutos
But Can You Play Fortnite?
Ryan Laboissonniere
Ryan Laboissonniere Hace 5 minutos
Andrew Strydom
Andrew Strydom Hace 6 minutos
I like how the S10 is worse than the Mate 20 Pro but costs more...
Obinna Eze
Obinna Eze Hace 6 minutos
My HTC One A9 is nothing compared to this.
Noah Arroyo
Noah Arroyo Hace 6 minutos
Ahhh that’s hot
adithya gulab
adithya gulab Hace 7 minutos
Did u ever tried turning on the reverse charging option on both of the phone and putting on each other to charge? Just curious to know? Will it start to glitch?
j Hace 7 minutos
happy to just buy an iPhone SE at clearance
Just Random
Just Random Hace 7 minutos
The moment you realize Samsung is better than apple
Brian Ruiz
Brian Ruiz Hace 7 minutos
7:52 Bixby button can be remapped. 9:18 Apps grid size can be changed.
Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan Hace 7 minutos
That camera hole makes you blind. A deal breaker for me.
Evan Gudmestad
Evan Gudmestad Hace 7 minutos
We are tech nerds and enthusiasts. Of course we brag about how much RAM we have in our phones =)
DAYASHII Hace 8 minutos
I’m only buying it for the Fortnite skin
Ahmed 700r
Ahmed 700r Hace 8 minutos
MarkAss Brownlee
kxyoto Hace 8 minutos
5:29 That’s a lot
LIFE DASH Hace 9 minutos
Can’t wait for Note 10... 🤣
Corny Bajoga
Corny Bajoga Hace 10 minutos
This is the ugliest think I have EVER seen
3 subscribers without any videos
Whats something new about the Samsung Galaxy s10
Ronron Gumabon
Ronron Gumabon Hace 10 minutos
Famingoo pinkkk🤩🤩🤩🤩
souptroophat Esplin
souptroophat Esplin Hace 11 minutos
Didn't they already make a new phone
CallMeKev Hace 12 minutos
My Note 9 feels so old compared with the s10 😞
Otubanjo Hameed
Otubanjo Hameed Hace 12 minutos
Bro congrats on 8m
TW L Hace 12 minutos
You are the black person that I dislike the least.
Suhaib Abid
Suhaib Abid Hace 13 minutos
Sorry not impressed at all. Gonna stick to the beautiful S9.
FG ALEX Hace 13 minutos
🚧iPhone users beware🚧
jiaxuan zou
jiaxuan zou Hace 14 minutos
best phone of android phone
pianist5153 Xx
pianist5153 Xx Hace 14 minutos
I hate those curved screens... no Screen protectors and easy to break
Generic Soviet
Generic Soviet Hace 14 minutos
Samsung is always trending!
ishan R
ishan R Hace 14 minutos
He hates Samsung
Labib Chy
Labib Chy Hace 15 minutos
#1 on trending in Bangladesh!
RandomStuff ,Inc
RandomStuff ,Inc Hace 15 minutos
Thanks for the info, Mark Ass Brownlee
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Hace 15 minutos
4k salty iPhone users
ItsWeenie Hace 15 minutos
R/apple is salty that people like the whole punch more than the stupid jarring notch. Yeah it ain't perfect but bezelless phones are so good looking
Fort Cy
Fort Cy Hace 16 minutos
Y’all sub to me
Dust TO
Dust TO Hace 17 minutos
Mate 20 pro is still better
Mrs Farzana
Mrs Farzana Hace 17 minutos
Sal Vulcano
Sal Vulcano Hace 17 minutos
Markass Brownlee
SumpPump Hace 17 minutos
All I’m saying is my iPhone 6s has never done me wrong
Eian00 Hace 17 minutos
you should make a frisbee smartphone throw test
Bad Meets Evil
Bad Meets Evil Hace 18 minutos
Wasn’t S10 supposed to be released on 8 March ?
Tech by Anthony
Tech by Anthony Hace 18 minutos
Cool! Can’t wait to check one out!
Awesome Cam
Awesome Cam Hace 18 minutos
Were getting these soon
Kromhe Hace 18 minutos
Still use my S5
arpit singh
arpit singh Hace 20 minutos
Does these phones have led notification in the front???
Xx_Shadex_xX Hace 20 minutos
Yahahahaha its rewind time
Xpert Killer
Xpert Killer Hace 20 minutos
Can u guys subscribe to me and comment that you did so I can subscribe back to you guys
gnnrgmlng Hace 20 minutos
Watching this video from my iPhone XS Max..
Angel D
Angel D Hace 21 un minuto
Awesome video, very nicely broken down
Beavents Gaming
Beavents Gaming Hace 21 un minuto
Will I get Galaxy skin?
gordor bordor
gordor bordor Hace 21 un minuto
Sub to pewdiepie
Joshua D.
Joshua D. Hace 22 minutos
Would love to see a segment on the review with a focus on performance seems to always be skimmed over on reviews.
MarBarArt Hace 22 minutos
This video is very satisfying idk why lol
Imrais Hace 23 minutos
Still i think s8 is worth to keep.. it fits all my needs even today, s9 was just the same as s8.. and this s10, for its price and ugly hole in display, just destroyed its design... thanks for s8
Minecraft in style channel
Iphone = Ronaldo Samsung = MESSI
Chris Hace 23 minutos
Hi great video!! It’s true s10 got bitcoin wallet???
Hace 24 minutos
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Praedyth The Lost
Praedyth The Lost Hace 24 minutos
Captions: "What's up guys, I'm Kim PhD here"
Petko Krushev
Petko Krushev Hace 25 minutos
I'm just sitting here with my S7 and I'm completely satisfied with it and I won't upgrade it even with the next versions.
xomniac Hace 25 minutos
Mark ass brownlee
Doing my part.
Doing my part. Hace 25 minutos
Sub to pewdiepie
Ryan Armstrong
Ryan Armstrong Hace 25 minutos
i would never use an Android because i use apple but this looks really cool
Ryan Armstrong
Ryan Armstrong Hace 5 minutos
Shore Amaze misunderstanding: The Samsung Galaxy s10 is 37.4 dollars monthly for 2 years bringing the total up to 899 dollars well i have an iPhone X which roughly costs a little over 1,000 dollars so if you wanna try me , try me
Shore Amaze
Shore Amaze Hace 23 minutos
Of course you wouldn't, you can't afford one
Joshua D.
Joshua D. Hace 26 minutos
How is performance with GPS and heavy games? I ask because I returned my Note 9 after a few weeks back in September and switch to the XS Max after it was lagging with GPS and gaming and that was with it set to 1080p DPI and 6gb of ram l. Seems to continue to be an issues with Sammy since 2009.
ergys peca
ergys peca Hace 26 minutos
Samsung is better than iphone. Who is with me like this comment.
Christopher Hace 26 minutos
Markass brownlee
Alvaro monroy
Alvaro monroy Hace 26 minutos
Gross front camera placement rather have a notch in the top middle of the phone
max van dijk
max van dijk Hace 28 minutos
Great! Now the notch isn't even centered. Why are people so excited about this hole punch display. They just moved the notch for the most part.
Tori B
Tori B Hace 28 minutos
Thank you Mark Ass Brown Lee
mattchappell2002 Hace 28 minutos
Looks decent, makes my iPhone 8 look like a dinosaur. Maybe time to look into Android?
TheRealMysticalCat Hace 28 minutos
Da Boo
Da Boo Hace 28 minutos
I still have the samsung s5
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh Hace 29 minutos
Well, the ram is their to speed up the 1terabyte storage
Omega Sirius
Omega Sirius Hace 30 minutos
Samsung sponsoring this channel?
IronWolf 73
IronWolf 73 Hace 30 minutos
Ayy its Markass Brownie
Tyler Simoni
Tyler Simoni Hace 30 minutos
~S10 joined the chat ~Pockets joined the chat ~S10 dies Because it couldn't fit in pockets
Cow Penguin
Cow Penguin Hace 30 minutos
I’d want fortnite and
bluemoon Hace 27 minutos
Cow Penguin and?
Kernelsquadron Hace 30 minutos
Nah. I’m happy with my Note 9. S10 is a really ugly phone tbh. That hole punch camera is killing me.
bluemoon Hace 27 minutos
Kernelsquadron ik honestlyy
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Hace 31 un minuto
Oh no no
The Scrat Kid
The Scrat Kid Hace 31 un minuto
Congratulations on “#1 in Trending” ☝🏾🍾🎉🎊
peanut gaming
peanut gaming Hace 31 un minuto
sub to pewdiepie
Aeiden Tomlinson
Aeiden Tomlinson Hace 31 un minuto
{\_/} (•-•) Boi now I feel poor
JJ M Hace 32 minutos
It’s fucking ugly
bluemoon Hace 26 minutos
ive always found the Samsung os ugly too tbh
bluemoon Hace 27 minutos
yehhj tbhh
Allen Analog
Allen Analog Hace 33 minutos
#1 trending video and 8 Million subs !!! Amazing
zMantlez Hace 33 minutos
don't y'all hate when ur scrolling deep through the comments than an add pops up...so it makes you go the whooooole way back up? or is it just me?
bluemoon Hace 7 minutos
zMantlez i don’t remember that happening to me
bluemoon Hace 7 minutos
zMantlez i don’t think so I don’t remember tbhhj
zMantlez Hace 8 minutos
bluemoon fr?
bluemoon Hace 26 minutos
zMantlez that never happens to me
Trip through life
Trip through life Hace 34 minutos
Are these phones or computers ;o()
Trip through life
Trip through life Hace 14 minutos
+bluemoon lmao they killed the whole ipad and macbook air lineup in one phone.
bluemoon Hace 26 minutos
Trip through life hybrid lmao
darkgamer101 _
darkgamer101 _ Hace 35 minutos
Can I get 69 likes plz
TheGiantUnhappy Hace 35 minutos
I didnt know you were real tbh i thought you were just mark ass brownie
Randy Jama
Randy Jama Hace 35 minutos
To each their own but the look of the phone doesn't do it for me with the screen hole and larger bottom bezel
Bhaveshswamy 29
Bhaveshswamy 29 Hace 35 minutos
Bro the Bixby button is apparently becoming reprogrammable.
Flowers Lanza
Flowers Lanza Hace 35 minutos
Thank you Samsung for keeping the headphone jack
huiguiletu Hace 35 minutos
Do they have dual SIM cards for this phone?
Clickbait37 Hace 36 minutos
Only buying if it can play Knack.
The View From The South
The View From The South Hace 36 minutos
Tech race!!!!
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