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Drunken life, dreamy death. #RickandMortyAnime
Rick and Morty returns May 3 to Adult Swim.
Director/Script: Kaichi Sato
Cast: Yohei Tadano (Rick WTM72)
Keisuke Chiba (Shogun Morty)
Executive Producer: Maki Terashima-Furuta twitter.com/MakiTerashima
Producer: Koji Iijima (Studio DEEN)
Production: Studio DEEN
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28 mar 2020






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drescrubb Hace 10 minutos
Imagine if this was animated in an anime style tho
MihaVar Hace un hora
We can consider that every Rick and Morty parody is canon because of multiple universes
Immortal, Algae-covered Jellyfish
Ghost of Tsushima looking good.
Little Go0n A
Little Go0n A Hace 3 horas
Can we get samurai rick vs Afro samurai?
Mtha1201 Hace 3 horas
Was able to use portals from muilt-universe to generate all those Ricks but no one had a gun haha, awesome scene tho.
Lord Anubiz
Lord Anubiz Hace 4 horas
Just a normal boring anime in a nutshell fight :(
MAR MAR Hace 5 horas
When an adult swim short has better cgi fighting animation than the entirity of Berserk anime
Anakin skywalker
Anakin skywalker Hace 7 horas
I bet all you normies watched it subbed
Jayb426 Rec room
Jayb426 Rec room Hace 8 horas
Thought he was a Jedi for a sec xD
Neon Nights
Neon Nights Hace 8 horas
It’s 4:13 am.
Reuter Atwork
Reuter Atwork Hace 10 horas
When something is just homage, & nothing else...is it really anything at all?
Andy Tran
Andy Tran Hace 11 horas
this scene was a lot better in the manga
Илья Еловиков
Sekiro rick edition
Xientist Hace 14 horas
Rickiro - Shadows die twice
Paul_ The_Nerd
Paul_ The_Nerd Hace 14 horas
can't believe this all happened because of a damn mcnugget sauce
Andrea Sancho Sancho
Andrea Sancho Sancho Hace 16 horas
Pannacotta Fugo
Pannacotta Fugo Hace 17 horas
The new Sekiro dlc is looking amazing.
Carmen Mencar
Carmen Mencar Hace 17 horas
The fuck is this?
Dina Ahmad
Dina Ahmad Hace 17 horas
Shendue Hace 17 horas
I love the "poorly translated" subs, very appropriate. And Morty is a nice homage to Lone Wolf and Cub.
The lonely blue Whale
The lonely blue Whale Hace 19 horas
Me after playing sekiro shadows die twice
Ismael Laroui
Ismael Laroui Hace 19 horas
Yare yare daze
Jasper Klee
Jasper Klee Hace 20 horas
frick and shorty
b. happel
b. happel Hace 20 horas
Bloodborne 2
Dewash Adhikari
Dewash Adhikari Hace 21 un hora
Why do I want this to become a actual season of ram?
Guts 342
Guts 342 Hace 22 horas
Rick WTM-nanajone
CLEFFOY Hace 23 horas
Hahaha Samurai rick goes chop chop
UnCreative Deconstructionism
pink panter
pink panter Hace un día
WTAF:What the anime was that
Baron Von D mac
Baron Von D mac Hace un día
I feel like this is test footage for a game they are making or something. Along the lines of The Fractured But whole, but better. I would totally play Rick and Morty game like that.
A Ching
A Ching Hace un día
Have I already watched this? Yes Does that matter? No Will I watch it again next week? Yes :)
Christopher Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez Hace un día
lol Usagi Yojimbo and Lone Wolf and Cub reference
Vova Sollo
Vova Sollo Hace un día
Tenchu style blood)
polcalvaxx Hace un día
7td9 Hace un día
Was it just me or was this video really smooth
Merlin omg
Merlin omg Hace un día
Sekiro Remasterd
KazNDS Hace un día
when some stupid shit made for the Internet was better than the season that aired close to it, again
Heyden's videos
Heyden's videos Hace un día
1:21 me killing everyone in battlefront 2 with a lightsaber cuz I got battlepoints ealry sucka
Erick Card
Erick Card Hace un día
Someone had watch a lot of vagabond manga.
Smoggy Hace un día
Is this sekiro?
Forest Giliad
Forest Giliad Hace un día
Bitches gon be watching this in a year or two and be like "OMG whose watching this in 2022 LOL!!!"
Johnny C
Johnny C Hace un día
This is cool!yeah why not do a short series. Rick & Morty : Lost Samurai
ANONYMOUS Hace un día
The giant Rick lookin like a giant from plants vs zombies
Omarion Malachi
Omarion Malachi Hace un día
This got me singing the samurai Jack theme song in my head
zac mccarthy
zac mccarthy Hace un día
the fighting choreography could've been a LOT better. at least they could've had the ninjas offscreen while they stood around and didn't attack him
MetalSam25 Hace un día
My favorite anime is Rick and Morty UwU
Geoffrey Churchill
Geoffrey Churchill Hace un día
Better than the whole of season 4
Gaspar Anwandter Munoz
Why don’t they just... shoot him?
Adrian Wisdom
Adrian Wisdom Hace un día
This needs to be a game😂
John Moreno021006
John Moreno021006 Hace un día
Top 10 best animes
赤巻紙 Hace un día
iNfamos Wordz
iNfamos Wordz Hace 2 días
This was #fire the soundtrack the screenplay all #fire
Jorge Salinas
Jorge Salinas Hace 2 días
Neji USG
Neji USG Hace 2 días
Wtf did I just witness
Average Gamer
Average Gamer Hace 2 días
Put some good rap music with this and it is spot on
the campers
the campers Hace 2 días
Samurai rick samurai rick samurai rick woo cha! Samurai Jack was a fun watch I'm reading comments and I think I might have the wrong reference
Walter Hace 2 días
Please make episodes like this. Kinda like a "Special" episode thing
Ricardo Marques
Ricardo Marques Hace 2 días
That's a video game I would totally buy
Tekoei Hace 2 días
Why is this in my recommendation and why does theres one espanol sub
Carleto King
Carleto King Hace 2 días
Love it.
Jaswant D Kadu
Jaswant D Kadu Hace 2 días
Rickero : Morty die twice
Lmao Wat
Lmao Wat Hace 2 días
0:22 it do be sounding like black ops 2 when your almost dead
Michelle Nalugon
Michelle Nalugon Hace 2 días
At least it isn't jotaro
clarence Di Maria
clarence Di Maria Hace 2 días
Samurai champloo but it's rick and morty
Nolan Saulnier
Nolan Saulnier Hace 2 días
I like the Beserk style animation.
bl-sensei Hace 2 días
I don’t know how much those people are getting paid but that’s too much
Klikxy Hace 2 días
Editor:how much blood do you want Director:yes
Frostwing Gaming
Frostwing Gaming Hace 2 días
R + M: the hentai
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams Hace 2 días
The Mortylorian The Anime The Video Game
Kao Xiong
Kao Xiong Hace 2 días
Best theme to base this off from old Japanese series lone wolf and cub
CogitoErgoCogitoSum Hace 2 días
I dont like the third-world version of this show.
Soy fan
Soy fan Hace 2 días
ItsJake Hace 2 días
So how much blood do we want? "Yes."
TehSamuraiGaming Hace 2 días
thegolden tymander
thegolden tymander Hace 2 días
now that......................WAS AWSOME!!!
K7qk Hace 2 días
why does the brute here look like a plant vs zombies miniboss
Layla Carrington
Layla Carrington Hace 2 días
YOOO WHAT????!!!!
iHack3x2 Hace 2 días
Man I wish they used better a better artstyle and choreograph . So much potential, but it seems like everyone else liked it. So I guess kudos for that.
Baulli182 Hace 2 días
Lone wolf and cub
Kübs Hace 2 días
So this is basically Rick and Morty but an anime
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