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VonnBoyd - La Luna
VonnBoyd - Despereaux
VonnBoyd - Torment
❚ VonnBoyd
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Music provided by HearWeGo (goo.gl/nDS3zR)
Artist: VonnBoyd
Title: La Luna
Listen on ESvid: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-kHwhSWiZHe8.html
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Comentarios 48
Miss Jones
Miss Jones Hace 4 días
Vid: people love watching egg yolks right? People: why would we like that its gross and weird Crazy person: I love egg yolks...hehe
Oldiemanta RBLX
Oldiemanta RBLX Hace 5 días
Thumbnail: 8:03
Автохаус Слуцк Гнедой мустанг Autohaus Belarus
Amazing content keep up the good content
Mariyah Burgos
Mariyah Burgos Hace 12 días
0:26 wtf is dat
Samir Uddin
Samir Uddin Hace 19 días
It's devastating as most of the clips are from CHINA reminding me about CORONAVIRUS....😥😔😰😱😷😵
amberlynn amos
amberlynn amos Hace 20 días
0:26 what is that
moon yoon
moon yoon Hace 13 días
Taia Currer
Taia Currer Hace 21 un día
This triggers me!!
Millie Roberts
Millie Roberts Hace 22 días
no one: absolutely no one: this video: eggs are satisfying right?
shiggy Hace 22 días
dude idk what u think about yolk is so entrancing, but let me and the SEVERAL other comments tell you it is nOT pleasing to see
Cheypie 565
Cheypie 565 Hace 24 días
There was literally 5 egg videos in this entire 10 min video. (6 if you count the duplicate video) there weren't too many eggs. Yall just complain too much
Alexandra Dwight
Alexandra Dwight Hace 24 días
Most of this video either was stressful or gross uh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
mahekamil khan
mahekamil khan Hace 25 días
0:32 what is this?
shiggy Hace 22 días
Omotayo Olutoyin
Omotayo Olutoyin Hace 26 días
You are lying
Michealle Rodriguez
Michealle Rodriguez Hace 27 días
4:06 reminded me of the little lamp from Pixar idk why😂
Harsha Bharti
Harsha Bharti Hace 28 días
Imma stop watching there videos, if they keep showing these unpleasant Ads in the beginning ! Ruins the whole vibe -_-
Spleens The Cocaine Addicted Cat
What ads?
Shantelle Shannon
Shantelle Shannon Hace un mes
What’s with all the egg clips
Michelle Jones
Michelle Jones Hace un mes
At :22 does anyone know what that is???
White Wolf
White Wolf Hace 4 días
at what?
Hector Heath
Hector Heath Hace un mes
This is NOT a relaxing video..too many yuki eggs.
Маргарита Бабочка
Почему все пишут комменты на английском?! 🙀
Ugly Baba
Ugly Baba Hace un mes
Here I found another one esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Rsd2rP3_pZs.html
Frankie Hace un mes
There is nothing satisfying about egg yolks...
LankyBox Fan
LankyBox Fan Hace 3 días
Anjali Kashyap
Anjali Kashyap Hace 7 días
Yeah so true
katlup1 Hace 13 días
I was just thinking that they use WAY too many eggs/ egg yolks, Sometimes it's a little nauseating.
Dusk and Dawn
Dusk and Dawn Hace un mes
Not to you atleast
Steff-Anne Dark
Steff-Anne Dark Hace un mes
Why is there so many eggs
Sylvester Underfresh
That was my question
• {Ethan Gacha} •
soooooo ture
So good
Rakhshinda Sayeda
Rakhshinda Sayeda Hace un mes
2:23 what is that, does it really work?
Horst Oden
Horst Oden Hace un mes
Why so many eggs?
Mindy Nordquist
Mindy Nordquist Hace un mes
Anyone get pulled out of the trace when you notice that they used the same egg clip twice in the same video
Lourdes David
Lourdes David Hace un mes
1:14 what is that?
Dusk and Dawn
Dusk and Dawn Hace un mes
A gem
Isaac Salo
Isaac Salo Hace un mes
Did you know all electronics produced in Japan and China have "back doors" remotely to your phones and computers, etc.
Whistlin Diesel 2.0
Me: so relaxing Fan:brrrrrrrrrrr
BP M Hace un mes
Eggs, eggs,eggs........
Don tom
Don tom Hace un mes
god bless all/esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-_BZNBw8y8YE.html
Dark Moon
Dark Moon Hace un mes
I know I'm late and it's around late here, but I'm sipping hot coffee and just relaxing to this. Perfect end to my weekend.
Helbigs Hitachi
Helbigs Hitachi Hace un mes
whats the deal with that green sack of eggs?
Li Ko
Li Ko Hace un mes
90% of the people who watch: woooow so satisfying!! 9% of the people who watch: oh so thats how they make it 1% of the people who watch: trying to guess what the thing shown is
Jamie Hart
Jamie Hart Hace 27 días
Li Ko I am number 3
Portsouth Hace 28 días
It’s all eggs
Sylvester Underfresh
Jhon Santamaría
Jhon Santamaría Hace un mes
Abandon World
Abandon World Hace un mes
Somany amazing things in world. Thought life will give little happiness to enjoy but it ended up in disaster which cannot be repaired anymore no matter how much I try. The pain of lonleyness and multiple thoughts of past plus imagination. No matter how good things are but looks meaningless and cause more pain... Wish no one should ever face this in life even for a minute let this end with me ...
Akmalcola Hace un mes
2:18 what the product
Akmalcola Hace un mes
Hahah yes i thing fake
Lourdes David
Lourdes David Hace un mes
The Big Wet
The Big Wet Hace un mes
Zabeen Ulaspavuda
Zabeen Ulaspavuda Hace un mes
8:37 .. Can anyone tell me what it is
Tý Trần Thị
Tý Trần Thị Hace un mes
@Catherine Story really
Catherine Story
Catherine Story Hace un mes
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-LV-g_UrgEVE.html jelly noodles!
henfe 89
henfe 89 Hace un mes
I think wax
Satisfying sand
Satisfying sand Hace un mes
great job like always!! 👍
Dhanusree Ajith
Dhanusree Ajith Hace un mes
Satisfying sand yqh
Kendra Sanders
Kendra Sanders Hace un mes
Always just what I need to be able to relax
jesus Silva
jesus Silva Hace un mes
Nego bota ovo cru no video So pra estragar
힐링 토템Healing totem
so satisfying like my vids :)
Mrwein Hace un mes
Brilliant work! Keep it up! Would you like to be ESvid friends? :]
Mrwein Hace un mes
Excellent video. Keep it up! Would you like to be ESvid friends? :]
Tý Trần Thị
Tý Trần Thị Hace un mes
Karen Kalar
Karen Kalar Hace un mes
Angel.G Cruz
Angel.G Cruz Hace un mes
Firts 😁😁😁😁
PoP Up Collection
PoP Up Collection Hace un mes
Favorite channel !
UNKNOWNSTAR _64 Hace un mes
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