Save Your Tears / In Your Eyes (Live on The 2020 American Music Awards)

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"Save Your Tears / In Your Eyes" (Live on The 2020 American Music Awards)
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23 nov 2020






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Akash Pandey
Akash Pandey Hace 10 minutos
How much fireworks do you want? The weeknd : YES
Поняк Понякович
У нас такие биты делают челы за 30, песня говно
Adrita Idris Disha
Adrita Idris Disha Hace 14 minutos
i cant stop listening him😭❤️❤️
Petra Ofor
Petra Ofor Hace 15 minutos
wait u really did a face surgery? i thought it was fake
Petra Ofor
Petra Ofor Hace 8 minutos
@Mujahid Ali 1O ok dammnnn (only for the viewers) whyy though
Mujahid Ali 1O
Mujahid Ali 1O Hace 13 minutos
no he made it look realistic basically and more beleiving he didnt at all it was just make up the hole time and to lur in viewers to the music videos
Generation-21 Hace 18 minutos
its gives me a feel of Joker playing GTA 5
Ruthbha Sulthanah
Ruthbha Sulthanah Hace 27 minutos
This live performance is the bestiest best!!
Chiara Zoli
Chiara Zoli Hace 44 minutos
where is that bridge?
T Hace 52 minutos
I'm 59 and love your music. You're very talented. By your videos, I feel you went thru some type of trauma in your life. I wish you could contact me to just talk it out. I'm no psychiatrist. Sometimes we just need a friend willing to listen to us day after day to let it all out. I was that fortunate. I want to pass it on.
nega celestrino
nega celestrino Hace 52 minutos
nega celestrino
nega celestrino Hace 52 minutos
E muito louco
DUDU Santos
DUDU Santos Hace 58 minutos
Porque que ele só aparece todo lascado?
Ignacio Exequiel
Ignacio Exequiel Hace un hora
Que buen video!! Excelente
Giampiero Formichi
Giampiero Formichi Hace un hora
Weeknd number 1!!!
manman mini
manman mini Hace un hora
What happened beby😬☹
MixSona Productions
MixSona Productions Hace un hora
Anna Grace Banasihan
He looks like Joker with all of the bandages covering his face.
Tran Tra
Tran Tra Hace un hora
Love you.
Choke Mi PaPi
Choke Mi PaPi Hace 2 horas
2.17 nice
Laxmi Love
Laxmi Love Hace 2 horas
Brilliant! Thanks for your insights! 🙏♥️
Sid Roy
Sid Roy Hace 2 horas
Tf not even one nomination? First you blue balled Ariana and Lizzo last year, now this year the grammys aint even nominating this dude, grammys heading in the wrong direction. Note: I like Billie, but even i think she shouldn't have swept the 5 categories.
Eduarda Rodrigues
Eduarda Rodrigues Hace 2 horas
You = Perfect
Stephanie Hace 2 horas
Is that Kenny G.? Gtfoh
VampQueen Hace 2 horas
my 2 year old keeps saying you need to go to hospital. she also enjoys your music, she's got good taste.
KURDISH GAMER Hace 2 horas
Wehre Are You ?
Candice Carter-Thurow
Is that Kenny G on sax though ?! That’s a whole vibe also ! 🤔
cem cem
cem cem Hace 3 horas
the voice of super...
Git Sum Gaming
Git Sum Gaming Hace 3 horas
Everyone: On compete lock down house arrest This guy: dancing on a bridge with tons of fireworks setup by the commoners.
Mo Hl
Mo Hl Hace 3 horas
Was that Kenny g
《Dallwitz》 Hace 3 horas
Maverick Blonsky
Maverick Blonsky Hace 4 horas
The Weeknd é incrível, passa uma vibe Foda demais
Hong Vo
Hong Vo Hace 4 horas
I really want to see this concert in person
Donoryx Hace 4 horas
Yowww he sang at grove street bruhh...we tempenny hit that bridge
Lamond Jay
Lamond Jay Hace 5 horas
Hats off to Kenny G
Melo D
Melo D Hace 5 horas
Coco huts
James 12345
James 12345 Hace 5 horas
Has he joined slipknot?
Cindy Saenz
Cindy Saenz Hace 5 horas
So what if he had a surgery,y'all be worrying about other people if it makes him happy then let it be
Autumn Child
Autumn Child Hace 5 horas
I keep coming back to this like a dxpe fiend ❤️😔🥴❤️
antonio moreno
antonio moreno Hace 5 horas
Yusop Juhor Salapuddin
Kenny G❣️
Mario Hace 5 horas
Kto od Marcina Dubiela? :)
띠용띠용 Hace 6 horas
위켄드는 ㄹㅇ 살아있는 전설이다
Joao Alves
Joao Alves Hace 6 horas
Faz o kenny G
ITZÁ ME Laura Gabot- Sattler!
Was this filmed in Miami Beach? Looks familiar
Chu Mai
Chu Mai Hace 7 horas
i love u .
Thompson Hace 7 horas
This will be the song of Christmas in GTA VI
Chris D PandaRBLX
Chris D PandaRBLX Hace 7 horas
kelpy G is here
سید محسن حسسینی
Elena Prokopova
Elena Prokopova Hace 7 horas
Пришла посмотреть на салют,а тут какой то парень поёт
Arindom Batsah
Arindom Batsah Hace 7 horas
Here goes all the pollution
Ahmed lewis
Ahmed lewis Hace 7 horas
Mans an completed singer! Legend from since "Often" and beyond....and still killing it now
Adrian Gonzales
Adrian Gonzales Hace 7 horas
Ok so no one is gonna talk about the fact that the one and only KENNY G opened up the song for him?!?! The guy is a jazz legend!!!!
Violet Beauregarde
Violet Beauregarde Hace 8 horas
Next Song Idea *I Can't Hear*
MsBoognishman Hace 8 horas
He spews talent from every orafice,It ain't nothing but a Canadian thang baby.....
angel m
angel m Hace 8 horas
My guy is a genius
yo. it's me.
yo. it's me. Hace 8 horas
How many sparks do you want? The Weeknd: yes.
DiegoGin Hace 8 horas
i love this version of "Save of tears" :)
Florencia Montaña
Florencia Montaña Hace 8 horas
Love it 🥰
Ok the weeknd is the modern day Michael Jackson
TheGameHud Hace 8 horas
i feel your the next michael jackson my brother! fantastic artist
Sam Virnig
Sam Virnig Hace 8 horas
I don't even have the power to say WHY... You were perfectt
Shivam Singh
Shivam Singh Hace 8 horas
Damn that transition....SLICK as fuck.❤️😭🔥🔥🔥
manri martinez
manri martinez Hace 8 horas
como se llama la primera cancion porfavor alguien me diga
ana victoria hernandez sanchez de la vega
The video and the weeknd are amazing
Brenda Saltijeral
Brenda Saltijeral Hace 9 horas
Best performance in pandemic time. Worst performance for a firework's phobic.
Market Marlet
Market Marlet Hace 9 horas
I love you 😚😚😚😚
Loslos1! Loslos1!
Loslos1! Loslos1! Hace 9 horas
A_Sean Boi
A_Sean Boi Hace 9 horas
Is nobody talking about that fire transition 🥵😂💀
Zynai Oliv
Zynai Oliv Hace 9 horas
I'm obsessed with the song save your tears and the music vid
Patryk Kamiński
Patryk Kamiński Hace 9 horas
Nickeele Brownwood
Nickeele Brownwood Hace 9 horas
That walk though!!!!
Aka Hace 10 horas
his music is so nostalgic
Eduardo Torres
Eduardo Torres Hace 10 horas
Este artista no canta para nosotros , canta para los angeles nosotros solo escuchamos de lejos la música que es, entre los angeles sean angeles caídos o del cielo al fin y cuentas son hermanos .... los mortales no tenemos derecho de jusgarlos
NFGbastard Hace 10 horas
Kenny G opening this song is absolutely fabulous!!! I'm just at a wow! Absolutely love this song!!!
Stephen Norberg
Stephen Norberg Hace 10 horas
why did he hack up his face
Fabian Guzman
Fabian Guzman Hace 10 horas
Kevin Slechta
Kevin Slechta Hace 10 horas
I'm pretty sure he hasn't taken that suit of all year
Марина Новикова
JADA MARIE Hace 10 horas
Another MK ULTRA VICTIM...THEY played Tic Tac Toe on His Drawing Board...Very Sad 🙈
you tube
you tube Hace 10 horas
No one is gonna say its the bridge from gta next to the police station in Los Santos
Han Hu
Han Hu Hace 10 horas
Alayah Diggs
Alayah Diggs Hace 10 horas
it’s crazy I’ve been listening to these songs for ages and didn’t know that he made them until now I’m just sitting here like im living under a rock or sum
shally kumar
shally kumar Hace 11 horas
Nobody is talking about that shoes
Carolina Suarez
Carolina Suarez Hace 11 horas
Que le paso en la cara🤔que se ve grotesco, acaso tuvo un acidente, debería conseguir mejores composiciones , bueno al menos voz si tiene!
Mytch Imb
Mytch Imb Hace 11 horas
I guess he wasn't lying when he said he couldn't feel his face.
Alfredo Cortés
Alfredo Cortés Hace 11 horas
Tas potente
De Thu
De Thu Hace 11 horas
if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.
Essa música é boa, l like
Quairan Hace 11 horas
People actually like this? This is trash. Lol
Carolina Malfacini
Carolina Malfacini Hace 11 horas
GMusicLover311 Hace 11 horas
This album was awesome. This is the best song. Save Your Tears
Tia Thomas
Tia Thomas Hace 11 horas
I maybe wrong but was that Kenny G in the beginning? That really shows this guy musical ear👂🎵🎼👂
Evan Reyes
Evan Reyes Hace 11 horas
What a legend in years to come he will always be a legend jut like Michael jackson is
jorgiman el loko
jorgiman el loko Hace 11 horas
David L
David L Hace 12 horas
Joker looks different
Lucas Tran
Lucas Tran Hace 12 horas
I believe that this is the modern day Michael Jackson
joshpwnsnoobs Hace 12 horas
idk bro it was just pyrotechnics not into this
joshpwnsnoobs Hace 12 horas
this whole album asthetic is so fucking lame
Lucas Dias Araujo
Lucas Dias Araujo Hace 12 horas
Maycon Jackson 2
Mactimi bm
Mactimi bm Hace 12 horas
The clarinetis in the begin is same of the trompeist was singing in Last friday Night (3,53), 9 years before. No changes, what a legend.
S G Hace 12 horas
О Боже! Я его ЛЮБЛЮ! Голос! Стиль! Мы стали без лица? ЛЮДИ ВЫ ГДЕ?!!!!
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