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someone in the group finally got a VR set!
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2 feb 2019

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Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Hace 20 horas
Swagger sounds like ted
I'mChiliHere Hace un día
SMii7Y: 😀🔫 Swagger: 🔫😑 SMii7Y: *Now this is an Avengers level threat*
KingBullDogg Hace un día
Cool kid in jailbreak
Dark _wolfy
Dark _wolfy Hace 3 días
4:08 i hit my wall
Jeremiah Lopez
Jeremiah Lopez Hace 4 días
swagger:be hind us *swagger and smiit7 shooting * swagger: dead dead *smitty corps flys* swagger : WOAH WOAH wtf happend
Jeremiah Lopez
Jeremiah Lopez Hace 4 días
LightninThundr Hace 4 días
Loved the wholesome moment with the kid at the end
Not Famous
Not Famous Hace 4 días
King goji
King goji Hace 4 días
8:23 in the video was hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Andrej Aki
Andrej Aki Hace 5 días
Xd xd xd!
Andrej Aki
Andrej Aki Hace 5 días
Poor him ate a bullet xd
Cosmic Gaming
Cosmic Gaming Hace 6 días
5:32 Dead! Dead! WHOA! WhOa! *30 seconds later* Oh Fuck! Sorry *5 seconds later* Oh YoU rAn InTo ThE kNiFe!
WnDr khaos
WnDr khaos Hace 7 días
All jeeze I like that
{The Legion}
{The Legion} Hace 7 días
hm sharpening the gun its also funny how you had a knife thrown at your foot
JL Lopez
JL Lopez Hace 7 días
Is that smitty from vanoss
The Outland
The Outland Hace 7 días
Yeeeeeeeeeeet 5:33
aLongLostBrother Hace 8 días
Crow Moon
Crow Moon Hace 8 días
The look on his face when he had the gun to his own head. The character model just gave that thousand yard stare.
I am Everyman
I am Everyman Hace 9 días
1:20 spirit of the law?
PMitchell1011 Hace 9 días
Remember: its not called a clip, its called a magazine or mag
Ashley Schwalm
Ashley Schwalm Hace 9 días
Swagger is a God
PMitchell1011 Hace 9 días
Are you sure?
Im4T89 Hace 9 días
2:23 Wow. Smiity with that headshot bullet dodge!!!
Alfie Seddon
Alfie Seddon Hace 10 días
I like that!
Jennifer Ciotti
Jennifer Ciotti Hace 11 días
i like that 4:54
The Chubby Potato Uwu
The Chubby Potato Uwu Hace 11 días
Poor kid-
Andrewthe Robloxyoutuber
4:29 sounded like the beat from we will rock you
Ay Drops
Ay Drops Hace 12 días
Is Smii7y from Morocco??
Connor Gregory
Connor Gregory Hace 14 días
It’s actually kinda nice how swagger isn’t a total jerk to little baby kids playing the game.... proceeds to kill him multiple times for trying to help him
memes_like_tendies Hace 15 días
Wholesome ending
I fucking love your vid lmaooooo he shoots the guard and then tosses the guy a guy like that was dope for some reason felt the immersion on my side,
BMueller137 Hace 16 días
swagger 3 seconds of being in prison and he kills three gaurds ant tosses a gun to a inmate and fucking wrecks the gaurds
Ikirad017 fox garem
Ikirad017 fox garem Hace 17 días
What is this Video game name
sumdumbbih Hace 18 días
That kid helping swagger "escape", he was precious.
5:32 why did i laugh so much at this
Yosof _epic games
Yosof _epic games Hace 18 días
3:21 im from Iraq
miles tussey
miles tussey Hace 18 días
"I like that" name of video right there
Dead Hace 18 días
5:42 I love how you just start the music on a completely different map as if it was all the same round
david Txe Trxp gxd
david Txe Trxp gxd Hace 19 días
It’s me
david Txe Trxp gxd
david Txe Trxp gxd Hace 19 días
Yo Ross family
p Hunte
p Hunte Hace 19 días
You sound like the guy who does the voice for Peter Griffin 😂
ALI GAMER Hace 19 días
I'm from iraq🐸✋😂
Mad-Lad52 Hace 20 días
*Points gun at self* Swagger thought the best thing to do when he was pointing a gun a himself is to aim a gun at him! 0:39
Why u do THIS?! !
Why u do THIS?! ! Hace 21 un día
How can u play on nuktown in VR?
Minecraft Server mc defcongaming net
3:34 Chicken Tendy: I ripped my base station out of my wall Also Chicken Tendy: 5:33
Luk Brandstatter
Luk Brandstatter Hace 22 días
This is sooo funny man
I like corn
I like corn Hace 22 días
A m1911 is mag fed
Brennen Oliver
Brennen Oliver Hace 22 días
5:32 Had me in tears
CrazTheKing -
CrazTheKing - Hace 23 días
Ediel Velazquez
Ediel Velazquez Hace 24 días
i like that
frthou? Hace 25 días
That kid can t play the game lol
redzombie6 Hace 25 días
what kind of setup do you need to run this VR type of game?
Mykephoon Hace 25 días
5:09 when Smitty says “mother fucker” he sounds like deadpool
isn1pe Hace 25 días
Why is giving me alan alda vibes?
aeham 88
aeham 88 Hace 25 días
Swagger:I love Iraq Me: I love you too man
eat eggs
eat eggs Hace 26 días
Swagger is really nice to kids
Chrissy Hace 26 días
5:32 ya YEET
Nakedgaya Hace 26 días
Is smitty really tall of are you just too short
MAX exe
MAX exe Hace 26 días
9:08 that happens every time when u play a shooter game
Green Pudding
Green Pudding Hace 27 días
this game could give me ptsd
Jadyn Reif
Jadyn Reif Hace 27 días
Are we not going to talk about how the helmet flew off🤣🤣 0:26
ChrisDaBomb Hace 27 días
Jadyn Reif no
William Hace 27 días
You sound like Howard Stern.
Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson Hace 27 días
How are you so funny? .... Short people are usually funny so it makes sense
Vhd Topill
Vhd Topill Hace 28 días
Sooo funny
MAX. GFK one
MAX. GFK one Hace 28 días
What your problem with Iraq
Keri Hace 28 días
I like that
Natalie Clitso
Natalie Clitso Hace 28 días
So cute 😂😂
theotherwayaround desendent
This guy is absolutely hilarious. ( think i misspelled hilarious)
Step_On_A_Lego 66
Step_On_A_Lego 66 Hace 28 días
I’ve watched this video 5 times now. Never gets old
Carter Walker
Carter Walker Hace 29 días
Is this Pavlov VR?
Donald Burkett
Donald Burkett Hace 29 días
The Leroy Jenkins move at 2:50😂😂
TSR DemonDogZ
TSR DemonDogZ Hace un mes
guy 1: what do we want guy 2: low flying planes! guy 1: when do we want them guy 2: 5:32 NYOWM
Graves Hace un mes
Play CS:GO surf in VR
Soy Minte
Soy Minte Hace un mes
I liked that
Estella Vanderhoof
Estella Vanderhoof Hace un mes
“got him got him dead dead. WOAH WOAH” SwaggerSouls 2k19
Dank Shaggy
Dank Shaggy Hace un mes
0:21 was funny
fredbear omega
fredbear omega Hace un mes
5:29 Swagger: Behind us! 5 seconds later.. Swagger: WOAH! swagger, it's sanic.
ProtoZAP GAME Hace un mes
5:32 *nyoom* I laughed so hard at that!!!
blueramblestoomuch Hace un mes
“What is this guy doing?” “Help” I’m dying
Allison Gee
Allison Gee Hace un mes
*gasp* you play with SMii7y that's cool
shuib mas
shuib mas Hace un mes
I like how he throws the gun to another prisoners. Its look like some action movie shit
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