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We get crazy DM's on Instagram all the time, so this week we decided...what would happen if one of us said "Yes" to the first one we came across? Thomas was chosen to go on this adventure and let's just say within 24 hours of accepting the challenge, he was on the other side of the world.
Thank you to @roshniwaliaa for the challenge and the incredible hospitality and thank you to the rest of the Yes Fam India for making this trip so unforgettable.
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19 may 2019

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Hace un mes
What country should we fly to next? Let us know below!
Gromp Hace 10 horas
come to Israel
raquel Hace 14 horas
the south of spain
Ronald Leon
Ronald Leon Hace 4 días
Rohith Ravindran
Rohith Ravindran Hace 20 días
come to south india ❤️
Javier Maldonado
Javier Maldonado Hace un mes
Reya Lang
Reya Lang Hace 10 minutos
Next fly to the least populated town in the world.
Saad Shakeel
Saad Shakeel Hace 30 minutos
Come to Karachi, Pakistan. The hospitality & generocity will make you speechless that would ne once in a life time experirnce for you.
lucas choi
lucas choi Hace un hora
THOMAAAAS! COME TO BRAZIL!!!! remember me? we did our first youtube channel together for a McGill project when i was an exchange student in montreal back in 2014! HOPE TO GET A VISIT FROM U HERE IN BRAZIL! COMEEEEEE YOOOO!!!! o/
CreepyMuppet Hace un hora
She was so nice!!
djinnov8 Hace un hora
How awesome is the Mum!!!
Riley Johnson
Riley Johnson Hace un hora
11:14 the guy in the back = me the whole video
Preston Johnson
Preston Johnson Hace 2 horas
You’re so fortunate to be able to this. Such a blessing 🙏🏻
Tahsha Crawley
Tahsha Crawley Hace 2 horas
Bring them to the US
Teriko Hace 3 horas
10/10 hosts
kuramasan Hace 3 horas
I’m most surprised that the beach is that much of a tourist attraction!
SathyaKumar N
SathyaKumar N Hace 4 horas
Why can't Indians be nice to the black foreigners as well! It is so hypocritical to be biased towards the whites!
SathyaKumar N
SathyaKumar N Hace 4 horas
Amazing edit boys! Good work!
Morenob Hace 5 horas
She will smother the curry over his face
Vanya Gupta
Vanya Gupta Hace 5 horas
At 11:14 this guy just stares into the camera
Kelly K
Kelly K Hace 7 horas
11:13 the dude just wanted his second of fame with that iconic ass video bomb 😂
No name
No name Hace 8 horas
This dudes gunna have the shits for a week. His asshole is gunna fall out
Hello Hi
Hello Hi Hace 8 horas
Everyone don’t think they just randomly picked a random DM they must of planned this for at least a month and have already contacted the person who requested for them to go to India
atchuth sai
atchuth sai Hace 9 horas
if you visit india again check out vizag its a beautiful city
Versace - Medusahead
The girl was so beautiful and her mom was funny as hell 😂 bring her to LA.
aadil zeeshan
aadil zeeshan Hace 10 horas
The only reason he couldn't bargain is because he is white. He doesn't understand how much the items were, same thing happens to me when I go to Pakistan. Somehow the shop keepers realise I'm not from there and try to rip you off. Amazing for business really 😂😂
Diski Domain
Diski Domain Hace 10 horas
Something inside me tells me I have to travel 10000 miles to India to find my wife.
Mark K Williams
Mark K Williams Hace 11 horas
U didn’t fuck? You shoulda slammed those bitches bro lol
Tanmay Sharma
Tanmay Sharma Hace 11 horas
Every member of YES Theory should to India for a long holiday and explore....I bet it will be the most liked playlist on your channel.
Tea Prxnce
Tea Prxnce Hace 12 horas
Oh my god she's beautiful
Evelyn Texidor
Evelyn Texidor Hace 12 horas
What a wholesome video , 😸
Gabbi hey
Gabbi hey Hace 13 horas
Baylie Dadleh
Baylie Dadleh Hace 13 horas
Come to Australia
Garry Weir
Garry Weir Hace 14 horas
Try this in Pakistan 😂
raquel Hace 14 horas
Sometimes Hater
Sometimes Hater Hace 14 horas
Come to Tenerife
FW Hace 15 horas
pls fly the 2 out to LA for another video
HarindeR SaharaN
HarindeR SaharaN Hace 15 horas
11:11 people like those makes india proud.
Daniel Callahan
Daniel Callahan Hace 16 horas
ignorant westerner with his "expectations" india has a lower homicide rate than usa
Daniel Callahan
Daniel Callahan Hace 16 horas
his girlfriend sounds like a real cunt
Daniel Callahan
Daniel Callahan Hace 16 horas
India has a lower homicide rate than USA
Kasra Fard
Kasra Fard Hace 16 horas
Now you can tell your Girlfriend that India is not a Harsh country to travel 😉
Edwin_Marcia Hace 17 horas
My dumbass thought the thumbnail said Indiana
It’s such a amazing country
♡ LENI Hace 18 horas
her mom was top class, oh my god
sadaam lutan
sadaam lutan Hace 19 horas
Come to Africa kenya nd we take trips in various exciting places
Power Spirit
Power Spirit Hace 20 horas
How about Rynkeby, Sweden?
Leah Griffiths
Leah Griffiths Hace 21 un hora
Pro tip: you've got to walk away if they don't go down to a decent price. They usually will if you walk away.
elena coverdale
elena coverdale Hace 22 horas
awe those people ur staying with are too nice
sherab wangchuk
sherab wangchuk Hace 23 horas
come to Bhutan.
Jimmy Canas
Jimmy Canas Hace un día
12:15 the guy in the white shirt look hot 💖
Shravan Kumar
Shravan Kumar Hace un día
India is always gonna surprise you with loads of things unexpected though 😉 but beyond your superficial fears it's my beautiful country which offers it's kindness and generosity to the outside world.!! Cheers
Hace un día
The girl who invited you is cute
finalgamers 2
finalgamers 2 Hace un día
11:15 bruh
killjoyprince Hace un día
at 11:12, the guy in the back looked so excited that you had a camera 😂
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