Scales: The Insane Mermaid Movie Nobody Asked For 

Danny Gonzalez
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Scales: Mermiads Are Real is an extremely bizarre take on mermaid lore and mythology. Please enjoy my review
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30 mar 2020






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@jackgrazer457 Hace 3 años
@Meeechiii88Azecas Hace 3 años
10 minutos para encontrar tu comentario... Ahahah te felicito men, te quedó fantástico.
@madelenhal Hace 3 años
@sophiamarino1185 Hace 3 años
@kxmmyqwq Hace 3 años
I changed this reply so you don't know what I said to get 5.2k likes
@Blapze Hace 3 años
@zoecoric396 Hace 3 años
If the birth mom wanted to protect her daughter from hunters, then WHY DID SHE NAME HER DAUGHTER *SIREN*
@melanipotvin2119 Hace 3 años
@tuxdraws8004 Hace 3 años
Like, wtf mom
@justatoaster4328 Hace 3 años
tbh, why would she keep her out and away from the ocean if she wanted to keep her away from the hunters, who live on land.
@stormespyder709 Hace 3 años
Like say your child is a centaur your not gonna name them after earth pony’s omg my little pony
@theteeth3780 Hace 3 años
Reverse psychology
@bewu._. Hace 11 meses
I love how “my bones are getting squishy” has become an inside joke throughout other videos on his channel
guys my bones are getting squishy
it has? can someone give me a few videos for example?
@FleecyJoker Hace 5 meses
@@TheDoerOfRandomStuff The only one I know is the Candy Ken video
@@FleecyJoker thx
@CultLeaderCashew Hace 5 meses
I have a rubber skeleton keychain whose name is Danny in reference to the joke.
@idkbruh173 Hace un año
How the heck do you make a "pure mermaid breed" if there are NO MALE MERMAIDS?
@michaelagarner1282 Hace un año
Asexual reproduction?
@Eternal23Studios Hace un año
@@michaelagarner1282 OOp-
@AngryGamer1224 Hace un año
just get mermaid man and barnacle boy
@BonnieBuggie Hace un año
@@pomelo9518 yeah but there were no mermen showed in the movie, that’s what they’re meaning. as far as we know there’s no mermen AT ALL in that world meaning every mermaid would have to either have a human man as a father or. idk mermaid genders work differently but given the writing in this movie I don’t think they’d think that deeply about it
@bunnyrabi Hace un año
@@pomelo9518 lol I think you completely missed the few times he said in the video "there are no men"
@elisacostello4876 Hace 7 meses
“Your body is made up of 65% water” I really thought she was about to start bloodbending him
@LunarWolf222 Hace 5 meses
@JackHynes-jo2nb Hace 5 meses
Me too
@guilhermedeltoro Hace 4 meses
She basically did
@ojs5988 Hace 4 meses
Exactly but no, the way my jaw was on that beach floor
@CitrusMan37 Hace 4 meses
That would've been a much better solution
@tiffanyc2 Hace 10 meses
Turns out Siren was the best name for her all along. That's foreshadowing on her being a ruthless killer.
@pipama3223 Hace 6 meses
True,true Very true
@AjT-sw2fi Hace 5 meses
@rabbitz4542 Hace 5 meses
Wait why?
@kinoko_draws2055 Hace 5 meses
@@rabbitz4542sirens in mythology are mermaid like creatures that lure sailors by singing into rocks which leads their boats sinking, killing them. So basically “wow a hot mermaid she sounds so nice” *dies*
@user-eg4xr9mq8x Hace 5 meses
@@kinoko_draws2055 their actually more commonly related to bird like creatures
"Your body is made up of 65% water" I thought she would immobilize him blood bending style, but nah she straight killed him with no hesitation 💀
@elijennings9913 Hace un mes
She should have made him pee his pants.
@Greystorm1619 Hace 29 días
I mean, he was a murderous creep
@user-xw6xk9df9f Hace 11 días
She's worse than hama
@freddiemercury1830 Hace 3 años
Adam's dad: lets not kill mermaids anymore Creepy guy: *years of academy training wasted*
@freddiemercury1830 Hace 3 años
@@hopestephanie0708 ok, gonna do that next, but I AM Greg😃
@devisplace8848 Hace 3 años
@theaceofhearts7249 Hace 3 años
^ You guys are scaring the children I
@bloobmaster739 Hace 3 años
@freddiemercury1830 Hace 2 años
@SabrinaRene4565 Hace 10 meses
Siren's mom: I want to protect her from hunters. No one must know shes a mermaid. Let me send her to land, where hunters live, and name her Siren. totally inconspicuous
@ghostt98 Hace 5 meses
Maybe she was going for reverse psychology??
@clemclemclemclemcl Hace 4 meses
@@ghostt98yeah but it was so reversed that it became really obvious
@girlleavemealone-- Hace 4 meses
​​@@clemclemclemclemclmaybe she was going for ✨️️REVERSE REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY✨️
@Fyodor-mallory Hace 2 meses
@@girlleavemealone--isn’t reverse reverse psychology just psychology?
@girlleavemealone-- Hace 2 meses
@thefellamachinima Hace un año
This movie is clearly an allegory for puberty. We all remember puberty when we'd change and those effects would last forever and our legs would fuse together into one giant tail and we'd kill people. Just turn them into nothingness. Disintegrate them. Fond memories.
@achillesblack5857 Hace un año
this comment is so unrealistic. nobody had fond memories of puberty
@cheese1358 Hace un año
good times, good times
@carlybarker6180 Hace un año
ah i remember being so excited for the day when my legs finally fused together in the bathtub and then it happened and i realized it was fucking gross… memories
@PotassiumCat6163 Hace un año
We’ve all been there
@Scrofar Hace 3 meses
I feel like if this weren't a kid's film, this could easily be an intense horror-thriller allegory about a kid experiencing bodily changes as they begin to learn about and experience firsthand the dark side of the grown-ups who have no problem exploiting others for personal gain, regardless of age.
@grantslater861 Hace 2 meses
And we get brutal murder scenes of them killing mermaids.
@DeerEwe Hace 2 meses
and Danny excusing the hunters sad moments
​@@DeerEwethats because its a terrible allegory and the hunters are kind of in the right
@DeerEwe Hace un mes
@@forthelowpriceof4.99 yes but also in the right ? no one has a right to someone's body, even if it's fake magic blood
You know exactly what this movie script sounds like? Any kid playing with their dolls 😂
@ninar9664 Hace 10 meses
Yeah it sounds like something a mermaid obssesed 12 year old girl who thinks that she’s a mermaid
@Mel-jr5cz Hace 10 meses
murder included, and I'm not being sarcastic. I was once a little girl playing barbies, her imagination often starting cute then ending extremely violent for no reason, with very little actual thought about the ramifications about what I had idly thought up
@Bubbles_Art Hace 9 meses
@@Mel-jr5cz omg I thought it was just me
@Ianto_Jones Hace 7 meses
@@Mel-jr5cz same bud same… I loved murder…
@Celesteyt__ Hace 7 meses
@@Mel-jr5czlol yes the violent and creative ways to kill in your imagination I did the same
@themadhatter5526 Hace 9 meses
I love how Siren goes like "Ugh, fine, I guess I'll be nice and save this poor kid with a critical disease"
@Bercmmm4566 Hace 3 meses
@genevataylor2451 Hace 8 horas
The audacity to say "on her own terms" like😭 I'm speechless
@jackrabbit5155 Hace 3 años
This movie is literally like a 10-year-old's fanfiction with a self-insert
@ellen301 Hace 3 años
I finally found a way to best describe this movie, thank you
@daisyviv8385 Hace 3 años
Kinda like the fanfiction about Danny and Drew
@ffiggy Hace 3 años
That’s literally what I was thinking lmao I think I had this fantasy in 3rd grade
Danny: thinks it's weird that the girl is named Siren and she's a mermaid People named Guy: **sweats nervously**
@fleur5135 Hace un año
drew gooden fans: 😥
@PossumPlaygrounds Hace un año
My friend named Guy:
@oceanman2011 Hace un año
guy fieri: 🧍
@bobobsen Hace un año
Kid named finger:
@cryingchild4209 Hace un año
Guy Fawkes:
@ezraellison8547 Hace 11 meses
I know I'm late, but I think in Japanese mythology, mermaid blood can make you immortal. That's probably where they got it from.
One of my favorite animes, Mermaid Forest, actually centers on the fact that eating their flesh makes you immortal.
@gwest3644 Hace 10 meses
I thought it came from how people used to try and find unicorns because they thought their horns could heal illnesses
@ashikjaman1940 Hace 10 meses
I feel like I've also heard this in the Witcher or something but idk
@kitdoesstufflmao Hace 10 meses
Yeah there's a YoKai in YoKai Watch2 that says her scales can give immortality. Of course since it's a kids game, it has to be more tame-
@vvaleriie_ Hace 6 meses
Honestly I’d love a mermaid movie where the main character discovers them and IS NOT a mermaid.
There's a film called aquamarine about two regular gals who meet a mermaid. It's not a masterpiece and I'm probably remembering it thru nostalgia tinted glasses but hey it's a something! (I think it's called aquamarine anyway, it was definitely a gemstone ik that much)
@vvaleriie_ Hace 5 meses
@@thesingingsirenz4714oh thanks-
@helloworld1493 Hace 3 meses
@@thesingingsirenz4714how dare you that movie is absolutely a masterpiece
@PrincessAcornHair Hace 2 meses
oh that would be epic
@bizarre.batboy Hace un año
I use a mermaid tail sometimes to swim in pools for fun and recently I was in San Diego and staying at my grandma's beach house I thought "maybe I should try taking photos in the ocean" and holy shit was that a mistake. I came home covered in red marks from being smacked up against the sand over and over and I could barely stand up to keep myself from getting hit by waves. Props to the actress playing Siren (and her stunt double) for probably having to do like fifty takes of flopping around in the waves.
@JuneCreat.r Hace un año
I’m so sorry but this is so funny to me 😭😭😭
Gonna make it not 666 liked
@merryrose12 Hace 6 meses
is there some sort of advantage to wearing the mermaid tail? thats kinda cool.
@user-uz4my8xr4d Hace 5 meses
"Every mermaid has a unique wail" whilst everyone is "wailing" the same tune
@Kristianalexis1 Hace un mes
Thank you!! I thought so too
@fadaskhan3227 Hace 3 años
She took that "How to act like a mermaid" wikihow way too seriously.
@erinbush9005 Hace 3 años
When she was talking about how she avoids water, that's all I could think. Also when she gasps and runs to the bathroom
@ZiggyFL Hace 3 años
@Tw0Dots Hace 3 años
Wikihow really out here changing lives huh
@dfrost03 Hace 3 años
Just found out that Siren goes to my high school and I'm ROLLING omg I knew i recognized her
@savannahgassiot Hace 3 años
D. Frost sure
@ms.blooddiamond3857 Hace 10 meses
I really feel like the lady who played Siren's adopted mom was leagues above the majority of the rest of this cast acting-wise. She seemed into it. So did that one blonde lady who told the hunters to take her instead.
@happybob1441 Hace 8 meses
I mean she was pretty good in Law & Order for years.
@@happybob1441 She was in Law & Order? Which one, the mom or the other blonde lady? Makes so much sense though because their acting was solid👏
@happybob1441 Hace 8 meses
@@ms.blooddiamond3857 the adopted mother was. The blonde who said to take her instead was Chandler's mother in Friends.
@yume5441 Hace 4 meses
i liked the ditzy teacher's performance
@malayacarey69 Hace 2 meses
She appeared for at least an entire season of Law and Order SVU. She was the district attorney or assistant DA (one of the two) 😊
@andrewtheawesome Hace un año
Her finding out that she is a mermaid and thinking that controlling water must also be normal has the same energy as Harry being able to speak parseltongue and thinking it must be a normal wizard thing
@tournesol99 Hace 7 meses
I mean... what else would you expect? With zero information everyone would assume special abilities to be normal if they were part of some special group of people. The only reason it isn't is to highlight how extra special the protagonist is.
@maddieb.4282 Hace 6 meses
@@tournesol99we know, we all understand the underlying character reasoning
@kristysmith5308 Hace 9 meses
And fun fact: sirens, after they lure sailors, if the ship does not crash into the rocks, the siren will eat every sailor that was on the ship.
@dinobob4855 Hace 9 meses
Dinner 🍲😋
@leilamanchino Hace 5 meses
That’s so cute!
@Mr_duck_official Hace 3 meses
GiRl DiNnEr
@ineedmyhoodie Hace 3 meses
cuteness overload >_
Mmmm dead sailors 👌
@anony-phangirl1800 Hace un año
Siren's mom's absence seems like they were trying to pull off what happened in the "Barbie in a Mermaid Tale" movie where Merlia's mom was absent from her life because she was trying to protect her, except they left out the part where Merlia's mom was literally imprisoned by her bitchy sister and that's the main reason she couldn't visit. Also Siren's gils were missing after her full transformation, what was up with that?
@cupcakegal1903 Hace 10 meses
god i have such fond memories of watching that movie with my best friend and making fun of it cause we were like """edgy""" middle schoolers. queen of the waves still slaps tho
My kids were watching this movie and I walked in just at the end when she murdered the creepy guy. I yelled, “oh shit what the fuck!?” and scared the crap out of my kids lol.
@user-en8zw6wv9i Hace 3 meses
You shouldn't cuss around your kids...they might start cussing too
@bumbabees Hace 3 meses
@@user-en8zw6wv9i ...so what? lol imo as long as they know not to do it in certain situations, its not that big of a deal.
@nickherbeck9794 Hace 3 años
Siren: "why can't we just have a nice moment? :(" Also Siren: *smiles as she brutally murders a man while all her friends and family watch*
@ChelDorado Hace 3 años
Also she was the one who brought up the wailing stone while they were trying to have a nice moment. (I don't even know if it was the wailing stone.)
@user-cm1ui9rl4t Hace 3 años
@@ChelDorado Yeah but she had no idea what it was
@ChelDorado Hace 3 años
@@user-cm1ui9rl4t I know I just felt like it was kinda dumb.
@user-cm1ui9rl4t Hace 3 años
@@exzyyd392 the whole point of my comment was to say shE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS 😂😂
@ThePandaSupreme Hace un año
I’ll just put this out there… a kid who only found out they were adopted at 11 would not call the biological mother “real mom” she would just say biological or birth mom… most adopted kids do not like the term real mom including me… it’s something small in the movie but just kinda makes me feel uncomfortable lol
@DodaGarcia Hace 11 meses
Yeah it's definitely someone's vague idea of how someone with an adopted family might feel, with no concern at all about actually asking.
@snomberry Hace 10 meses
Not adopted, but I have stepparents and hate the "rEaL mOm" thing too
@katjosephperez8772 Hace 10 meses
I’m not adopted nor do I have stepparents, but it still makes me uncomfortable. I want to adopt one day tho. I have shitty genetics (health problems I wouldn’t want to pass on and that would make pregnancy extra hard), and there are so many kids who need homes. I thought that Siren knew she was adopted for a long time, but she didn’t know her mermaid mom was alive. Either way, I feel like the writer and director didn’t spend a full second thinking through the “real mom” line
@cedoniapeterson9239 Hace 10 meses
Yep I have adopted siblings and we don’t talk in terms of “real mom” and “adopted mom”. They just have two real moms and we usually know which one we are talking about through context clues.
@elise.adamenko Hace 9 meses
Yes! I said this already but I HATE when non adoptees write adoption and foster stories because they NEVER get it right. Especially with the “real” parents bullshit. It makes me so mad. I saw a TikTok about celebrities who were adopted and MOST of the comments were exactly this; “their real parents must regret giving them up now!!” And it made me FURIOUS. Our success has noting to do with our bio parents ability to raise us. They don’t understand that saying that makes us feel like we weren’t good enough to be kept. I commented on every one I saw and told them how harmful that statement is and I got a few replies saying “iTs JuSt A jOkE!” Like… fuck off with your “jokes” because we’ve been hearing “who are your real parents” and “you weren’t good enough” our ENTIRE lives and it’s just not a joke anymore. I’m just so tired of dealing with ignorant people that joke about other peoples lives and get mad when people try to educate them.
That mortal kombat-esque shot of Jack Grazer's wrist breaking was legitimately incredible.
@kennywithagun43 Hace un año
It's like a mk throwable
@tsifirakiehl4250 Hace 9 meses
Not sure why Siren got upset when her mom asked for details on the possible mermaid hunters. She’s the one who brought it up!
@anzaia2164 Hace un año
I honestly love the stiff mass I'm a sucker for that "good magic comes at a price" trope where the transformation is real ugly and/or painful, and this movie does a pretty good job at that
@Pa5an1 Hace un año
As someone who’s been ugly 24/7 ever since I first hit puberty, my magic must be absolutely amazing by now 🤣
@penelopewilson6249 Hace un año
You would love the reckoner series by by Brandon Sanderson
@alexjewett7455 Hace 9 meses
That's also most likely how it would work if mermaids actually did exist. But it would probably be the most realistic if the mermaids couldn't transform at all and just always had fish tails.
@egrumblybus7792 Hace 6 meses
visceral stuff is a thing for sure
@victorlolxd7347 Hace un mes
@@penelopewilson6249oooohhh what is it About?
@hauntedsunsets Hace 9 meses
I feel like this could've been such a good movie about puberty and men's entitlement to women even at such young ages - but when they made the mermaids able to heal people it just kinda ruined it cause now it's really hard to look past that to the other themes present
@hoodedman6579 Hace 8 meses
There's a lot wrong with it before it gets to that point.
@sloth4629 Hace 3 años
The only reason we don’t have a cure for corona is because of these damn mermaids being selfish with their blood
ArianatorAvenue I think you’ll find they’re being *shell* fish!
@kevingaming4012 Hace 3 años
@FooPanda Hace 3 años
Send the vampires on an extraction mission.
@leonie8558 Hace 3 años
@@aus-li who hurt you lmao
@DimmuDeer Hace 10 meses
I love how mermaids are trying to stay inconspicuous yet they stand in front of places of interest with huge magical shining wands.
@joshfox2941 Hace un año
To me this seems like a pretty obvious metaphor for how men feel entitled to women's bodies the second they reach puberty and how it is up to women to protect each other, especially young girls. Like I agree it's extremely clumsy but like I do get what they were going for
@coletrainhetrick Hace un año
That's insanely clumsy if that's true, especially with what this movie is implying with how selfish the mermaids are for just not healing people
@beabea5985 Hace un año
Yeah, the moral still rings very true. Men are to be avoided if possible. I live by it and it has yet to fail me once.
@nibroc06 Hace un año
@@beabea5985 💀
@blumpet6250 Hace un año
@No, that's wrong! Men should get a better reputation than?
@goldenwolfae Hace 4 meses
i love how whenever the mermaids wailed for siren half of them opened their mouths so fast like they forgot when they were supposed to start lip syncing lmaoo
@vanessawalker6666 Hace 11 meses
They can literally heal and kill with the same power. They're unstoppable
@Random-sk6hm Hace 10 meses
almost as powerful as me
@GremlinJohnny Hace 10 meses
@@Random-sk6hm lmao
@katelynpyle174 Hace 2 meses
Kill them then heal them for fun lmao.
@EbbermanEmily Hace un mes
LOVE the response of the milf mermaid to the creepy man just being "Yeah, that'll be enough of that."
@souleaterevans4589 Hace 3 años
Dad: "Were you throwing rocks at me?" Siren: *lowering her fully cocked throwin' arm* "No, sir. At your window. But I decided against it _before_ you came." *drops rocks* Nailed it.
@andrive Hace 3 años
Almost nailed it The window Get it Ok
@madisonbrown5921 Hace 3 años
i was going to like this but it was at 666 and i didn't wanna be that person
@codybarlik4524 Hace 3 años
I’m gonna start stealing from stores and anytime they catch me, I’ll just tell them I recently decided against it!
@noods1406 Hace 3 años
There isn’t even a frickin’ window.
@Montesama314 Hace 7 meses
Mermaids have supernatural bluffing abilities.
@lunanewyear Hace un mes
I think one of the funniest parts of this movie is that Siren literally WAS about to throw the rocks at the window, but she was stopped by Adam’s dad. She didn’t change her mind by herself-she got scared because Adam’s dad caught her about to damage his property. She didn’t decide against not doing it before he came out because she was winding up to throw the actual rocks immediately before she saw him 💀
@sapphirewings8638 Hace un año
You know, seeing such a brutal death in a children's film, I'm reminded of this book series. This book series is aimed towards an age range of 8+ (if I remember correctly) and dang there were some graphic things in there. In the first book, a dragon is literally stabbed through the heart by another dragon and shoved down the cliff, and the graphic novel version makes it look a lot more brutal than it is in chapter book form. And wait till you see this death *chuckles* get this, a dragon's own body is forced against his will to cut off his own tongue, rip out his own stomach, and disembowel himself. Mind you he is fully aware while all this is happening, and the book explains the fear in his eyes as he watches his own body pull himself apart. Of course there was other stuff like a dragon's teeth getting pulled out, genocide, a human's head getting bit off, a dragon being tortured an deprived of water until the point of insanity, and the list goes on.
@aceofjacks7071 Hace un año
I was gonna say is this wings of fire but I think wings of fire was teens and didn't have humans
@ediblepastries145 Hace un año
@aceofjacks (spoilers) the scavengers are humans
Wof really do be like that
@dragonsaway9710 Hace un año
Oh it's wings of fire! I think you forgot about Peril being groomed from birth as a weapon for the queen
@sapphirewings8638 Hace un año
@@dragonsaway9710 Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
@WorldWeaver Hace 9 meses
A few points I'd like to make: Sirens are mythical creatures. Some variations are mermaids (the bad kind. They drag people to their deaths in the ocean, drowning them), and the other variations are these people with bird wings, sometimes bird feet, and they also kill people. Siren is the sort of name you have if you are mentally unwell and willing to murder at a moments notice. In any case, both variations sing to lure their prey (humans) to their demise. The second thing I'd like to point out is that the beginning of this movie reminds me of a book I read a while ago, and I can't quite remember the details in it, so I'm not sure. In any case, the book is called "The Tail of Emily Windsnap" which follows a girl named Emily who lives on a boat, really likes water, has a mom who really doesn't like it, and is also a mermaid. If you've read the story more recently than me, please help, because I don't want to read it again just for an analysis! I don't think the whole story lines up, but I wouldn't be surprised if they'd gotten inspiration from it. (the book is much better though) I also have an idea for another movie where Adam is the bird-person kind of siren and that's why his bones were like that, and it turns out the real reason Hunters kill mermaids is because every Hunter once loved a Siren or is a Siren, and the Sirens and Mermaids are at war so Mermaids are killing Sirens and are turning many humans against Mermaids, but Mermaids don't have their own Hunters because it's against their law to fall in love with humans. I could write an AMAZING movie! :D Anyways, I'm gonna use the points you brought up to go write a story! :D
@AlashiaTuol Hace 7 meses
Wouldn't surprise me also if they took a lot of inspiration from _The Thirteenth Year._ I mean... if they gender swapped the protagonist of that film and gave his new friend a terrible disease (and like... made everyone act even less naturally) it'd basically be the same plot. Except, you know Cody doesn't straight up waterbend someone to death
@girlleavemealone-- Hace 2 meses
​@@AlashiaTuolor just take H2O Just Add Water but remove the good developed characters and make it really dark and intense-
@adelaj_ Hace un mes
Omg yes i remember that book but I don’t remember much else than what you wrote
@TabthTheCat Hace un año
I still can't get over the fact that the mermaids could literally cure cancer by donating a little bit of blood, but they refuse to? They're the real villains here, also Siren didn't even hesitate to brutally murder someone? She wasn't even a little bit concerned after she killed someone? Also how come she only "transformed" for the first time in this movie? Has she never taken a bath before-
@AvocadoToast06 Hace 6 meses
I think the transformation thing is because it can only start at a certain age
@sapphireblue4031 Hace 5 meses
Why aren't you constantly donating blood, plasma, hair, bone marrow and parts of your liver? Everything of that grows back and is replenishable. Why don't the less than a dozen people on the planet with golden blood go donate every few months?
@lisaschutt7302 Hace 5 meses
​@@sapphireblue4031 there are about 43 people with golden blood. 7% of the world population have the boold type 0- which is also a universal donor. I don't quite know the difference between golden blood and 0- since sources always state that golden blood is 0- though...
@spoonsrattling Hace 5 meses
@sapphireblue4031 I mean seems a bit different if donating blood or touching someones arm can literally fix irreversible diseases. Like yeah donate blood but that's not gonna fix brittle bone disease lol
@gator-aidan9839 Hace 4 meses
the whole conflict of this movie could be so easily solved by just having mermaid-exclusive blood drives like srsly
Siren:... Adam: “I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep”
@fanfandom551 Hace 3 años
Mans broke his wrist touching a door
@anaeller6472 Hace 3 años
Cynthia Hernandez *falls down the stairs*
@koliikat Hace 3 años
Fan Fandom shattered his entire skeleton by falling on sand
@GS_emerald Hace 3 años
Broo this left me dying 😂
@khalilfajloun6813 Hace 3 años
why is this funny XD
@paradoxical2088 Hace un año
I love movies like this where it’s clear that the appeal is just immortalizing all those weird high-stakes imaginary games we played as kids, unintentional fridge horror included
@Zeevolts Hace 8 meses
Hey Danny, Long time Greg here. I am rewatching your old videos because I love your stuff. I broke up with my girlfriend tonight and that part of “He’s harmless.” “Yeah I fucking doubt it!” Gave me the biggest laugh I’ve had all day. Thank you, Danny.
hey (person whose name I am unsure of), hope your doing well! Take care and know that you at least don't have squishy bones :D
@Zeevolts Hace 6 meses
@@kuzcospoisonthepoisonforku2607 hello, fellow Greg! I am doing super well in life! I appreciate your words!
​@@Zeevolts that's awesome, very glad to hear! And it's no problem!
@looneybinkitty Hace 16 horas
Hey buddy 7 months later hope your last this but if not don't rush it hope your doin well
@Hellothere15262 Hace 8 meses
Parents: We don’t want her to get killed by hunters so we can’t let anyone know about her secret identity Also parents: LeTS nAmE HEr SIREN 🤡
@Bercmmm4566 Hace 3 meses
@glasshorse6893 Hace un año
I like how the entire movie could’ve been made irrelevant if sirens just proved their existence and showed their healing blood in a irrefutable way. Boom they’ve gone from hunted to world class healers
The comment section of this video put more thought into this movie than the actual writers did.
@scpuppydog Hace 3 años
i can let every silly detail slide by, but the main thing bothering me: Why is the costume makeup on her gross transforming tail so detailed and realistic but then the actual tail was just a big target costume not even glued down on the waist?? Did they use the entire budget on her transforming feet??? They zoomed in on the fabric wrinkled up at the bottom they didn't even try!!!!
@briannadozark Hace 3 años
I thought the same fricken thing lmao. Like when they were carrying her into the ocean you could see it rising up on her waist, like it either was slightly too large, or they just completely failed to glue/paint/whatever down the tail to her waist/torso 😂🤦
They could have used more effects to make it blend with her waist :/
@goathead5073 Hace 3 años
19:53 the fabric isn't even secured down. When she swims off into the water you can see the hem of the tail tent up on her back.
@bri-eh2fu Hace 3 años
So that's where the budget went..
@k-danceyana5371 Hace 3 años
That’s actually a pretty expensive tail
@katjosephperez8772 Hace un año
It’s actually so sad. The other mermaids can stay on land, but Siren’s mom is mean and makes her (a killer) leave her friends, adoptive mom, and her education behind.
@the_head_pack Hace un año
This movie really makes me appreciate the show h2O, I used to think that show was cringe but now I realize it had like a really good plot to it, and when they turned into mermaids it made sense why they turned into to mermaids you know, and they had pretty cool powers, so this movie really makes me appreciate that masterpiece of a show.😂
@sophiedowney1077 Hace 10 meses
I was just thinking about that. I bet if I watched it again it would hold up (but not the Netflix series, that was trash).
@hopefullyhelping6664 Hace 16 días
Kid me loved Lewis. Dude was the nicest guy.
My favourite part of this video is that at 23:50 there's no big reverb effect or any audio effects on Danny's reaction, it's just the purest and most realistic "Wha-?" I have ever heard XD Same Danny, same.
@nonotreally1425 Hace un año
I remember watching this movie with my friends and dying of laughter at how stupid it was💀💀💀
@girlleavemealone-- Hace 2 meses
"YOUR MADE OF 65% WATER" *literally eliminates everything but his clothes*
@PrincessAcornHair Hace 2 meses
that's why i love it
@AmiratheDemon Hace 9 meses
Now Danny, don’t you think it’d be pretty weird if a group of doctors walked into a patient’s room and started singing at the top of their lungs then all of sudden the disease is cured. Wouldn’t that expose the existence of mermaids to the public which would put them in infinitely more danger than just a small group of hunters?
@shauxuhrwilsongrim Hace 3 años
“Isn't that like naming your kid murderer?” Well she sure lived up to that name.
That's so true lol
@tybaltofficial1160 Hace 3 años
Omg 😂
@lauramari Hace 3 años
Oh lmfao
@Mikayla_5 Hace 3 años
I literally cringed at the scene in the movie. Don't watch it unless you're in a mood to cringe. Lmao
@Mikayla_5 Hace 3 años
@Bobby Sands she didn't have to kill him tho.
@shockthetoast Hace un año
I can't believe they named her Siren. If they really wanted to protect her from the Hunters they would have gone all out and named her Mermaid. Then nobody would have ever suspected.
@chocolate-muffin Hace 11 meses
18:19 pause at this part. Okay so, I have studied the human skeletal system before, and if your bones do THIS, you would probably screaming your face of in pain. Usually bones only break in 1 to 5 pieces, BUT HOLY GOAT IS THIS KID OKAY?
@yuki97kira Hace 11 meses
His bones are squishy
@chocolate-muffin Hace 11 meses
@Woopor Hace 10 meses
If someone’s entire wrist straight up shattered into a bajilion pieces then A) his entire nervous system and blood system on that hand would be completely destroyed, meaning they’d probably need to straight up amputate that whole arm, and B) the kid would scream in agony for 5 seconds and then faint from the pain
@noodlelynoodle. Hace 10 meses
Depends, shock is a hell of a thing my mom shattered her wrist to the point doctors thought they wouldn't be able to fix it and didn't even really feel it cause of the shock
@Scarawara Hace 9 meses
This is what happens when your bones get swuishy
@l0velif3 Hace un mes
“he screams “AHH” and then he’s dead” that got me💀😂
@jimmyneutron5755 Hace un año
Jack really went from brittle bones disease to a kid named Eddie who fights clowns from space. Come up of the century.
@sarahmorris4575 Hace 5 meses
THAT’S WHERE I KNOW HIM FROM!! Freaking finally thank you so much
@Agnes_Bramble Hace 7 meses
I actually don't think the lore is all that broken, the hunters probably didn't know that a mermaid's healing is a lot more efficient if she's not being stripped of her blood, which is probably just the vessel that carries the healing power through the mermaid's system. The helping people part might have something to do with historical interactions between mermaids and the aforementioned unknowing humans, which probably led to a cultural fear of being open about their powers and identities.
@nicomom9534 Hace un mes
They probably should have clarified that in the movie
@meeee3686 Hace 3 años
This movie should be called: How mermaids can save the world but don’t want to
@gayclown69 Hace 2 años
It should have been
@victoracosta7658 Hace 2 años
@abisummers6789 Hace un año
the bit where Danny is mocking the main character trying to give herself a pep talk in the mirror had very strong Drew Gooden energy
@camo2156 Hace 6 meses
17:58 something about this scene just fucking kills me every time: -the way the poor kid sounds so desperate -the music is so dramatic -how the mom just ignores the kid/doesn't even seem to realise he's there??? then slams the door in his face -we never see the mom's face in this scene for some reason??? -the completely overdramatic visuals of the bones breaking -the fact he gently places his hand on the door and proceeds to shatter his entire wrist into a thousand pieces, like I know he has brittle bones but my god its so funny oh my god
Imagine the filming in this because the music isn’t actually there so it’s just silent and people are just opening each others mouths while they “wail” at each other but it’s just pure silence and shuffling of feet.
@theatregeek1313 Hace un año
The best part about her name being siren is that sirens don't even resemble mermaids- They have human-like heads and bird-like bodies
@boringpileofbones Hace 4 meses
you mean harpies?
@@boringpileofbones no harpies are pure half human half bird, sirens are like a fish, disgusting bird, and human all in one that lure sailors to there death
@aero.4177 Hace 2 meses
i remember watching this movie as a child and being absolutely obsessed it was so bad lmfao 😭
@skeppyfan1415 Hace 2 años
Little did he know that “my bones are getting squishy” would be the best line in cinematic history.
No “i never even got her email address” is
@giraffeinwindow Hace 2 años
@zay_rat8942 Hace 2 años
S q u I s h
@boom_powy Hace 2 años
Time stamp?
@@boom_powy 33:44
It’s funny to me how people are always like “these mythical creatures are always so cute and nice (generally fairies and mermaids)” when in the actual mythology they’re fucking menaces
@Adam-hs2pw Hace 7 meses
Fun fact: Sirens really aren't mermaids, at least not in the classical sense. Sirens in Greek Mythology resemble birds with the heads of women
@Indexer409 Hace 9 meses
Danny is extremely funny lol. His jokes and just the tone of his voice makes me laugh lol.
@kraken_hunter117 Hace un año
It's so funny having seen the movie several times before seeing this video and seeing how he reacts to all the weird/dumb parts. Though he skipped out on her suffocating at school because she didn't wear her air neck thingy and just a scarf to cover her gills 💀
@Anna-hb4uy Hace un mes
One day I hope I can thank Danny in person for gifting the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome community with the phrase “squishy bones” ❤
@dewdrop5552 Hace 3 años
Why is no one talking about the mother being absent for Siren's whole life, even though she has legs? There was no explanation about any of this
@mitchi63 Hace 3 años
She was busy doing mermaid things 💅
@fruity3693 Hace 3 años
She’s like the ruler of the mermaid clan and shit so she gotta stay in the water
@nathanherbst3280 Hace 3 años
Marco Polo takes FOREVER
@Rrrrrry489 Hace 3 años
@aloryamod9762 Hace 3 años
Everyone knows marco polo is way more important than raising a child🤷🏽
@AmbitiousDucks Hace 11 meses
Danny I think you’re forgetting the scene from the old classic ‘Help! I’m a Fish’ where a group of children cause a nasty mutated fish monster to straight up commit suicide. Shit was dark and it’s def got this beat
@badadinga Hace 9 meses
aw fuck yeah that shit terrified me as a kid
@royalecarmen9837 Hace un año
Siren is SAVAGE. She didn’t even flinch when she murdered the creepy guy!!!
@girlleavemealone-- Hace 4 meses
ahhh, the start of a pyschopathic journey.
@ashleydevore5514 Hace un mes
You got me dying 😂😂😂 Danny, I am so happy I ran across you. Life has just gotten a bit brighter with your comedy. I love it.
@gabby_5820 Hace un año
15:28 I feel like this one might be one of danny's most well executed jokes
@nyxcat3621 Hace un mes
Yknow I always used to think siren going “all the time??” When she found about adams condition was really weird and stupid but ever since being diagnosed with a chronic disability. You would not believe how common dumb shit like that is 💀 if I had a dollar for every person who asked *me* if my chronic condition was all the time right after I told them it was all the time, I’d have enough money to remake the scales movie with Danny cast as siren
@cindy3933 Hace 3 años
“Isn’t that kind of like naming a human baby ‘person?’” Well, Guy is a legitimate human name
@Amanda-cq1oy Hace 3 años
@a-a-ron6245 Hace 3 años
It's my uncle's name, lmao.
@jooniesjjk1047 Hace 3 años
And isn't "Person" a last name-?
@saintouija6403 Hace 3 años
Idk why I thought of the Croods
There are a few people named guy person
@mr_yooooda8147 Hace 11 meses
love how most mermaid movies the mermaid mother just ditches them to humans until there like 13 and then they just come back and there OKAY WITH IT?
Yknow what when you say that, that IS a very common plot, another example of where a brunette is going about their lives doing whatever then realizes their fish DNA and their friend has to help them while someone related to that friend tries to kill/capture (can't remember) the main brunnette The name of that movie? The thirteenth year
@olivesonderer4855 Hace 7 meses
This is giving me nostalgia…. This movie used to be my favorite movie as a kid I wanted to be a mermaid so bad and when I turned 12 and didn’t become a mermaid I cried. 💀
@JamboreeBlackberry Hace 9 meses
As a mermaid, I can confirm that we file our taxes by wailing
@PrincessAcornHair Hace 2 meses
no , you're the horrifying walrus from my nightmares
@Mint_FNaF Hace 10 meses
It’s like a crossover between a strange fan fiction, one of those American doll role play mermaid things, and a cringey middle school book with that “omg when I go in water I grow a weird skin shaped lump on my legs” plot This scares me 😨 Also not that one line They’re wailing.. each mermaid wail is unique
@sienavfx_onabreak Hace 8 meses
Fun fact- I remember watching this movie and then I had a panic attack and had to stop watching it 💀✌️
@bayliebeatty124 Hace 3 años
I’m just concerned for Jack Dylan Grazer because all he ever plays is a nerdy kid with a medical issue and I just want to make sure he’s okay
@Elle-cy3eu Hace 3 años
Baylie Sutton It, Shazam, now this, he’s typecast as the disabled kid now lol
@petedavidson7003 Hace 3 años
First it’s Adam with the brittle bones, then Eddie with the asthma, then Freddy with the disabled legs- What’s next? A sTaPh iNfEcTiOn?
Leta Lestrange what movie is he freddy? i cant remember
@@pugslikefireanimations4095 shazam
@codythompson9750 Hace 3 años
Oh my god I didn't realize that was the same guy, what a strange type cast
*Mermaids:* We have healing powers that can cure anything in any living organism just by singing while touching the targeted organism. we do not know why hunters hunt us. *Also Mermaids:* LeTs **BEEP** ArOuNd In ThE wAtEr AlL dAnG dAy!
"I never touched the water in my entire life!" *PROCEEDS TO DRINK WATER A SPLIT SECOND LATER.*
I remember watching this movie with my family and I was cringing so hard😂
@thatonekid2008 Hace 5 meses
So I watch Danny with my mom a lot, she thinks the videos are funny and enjoys them. I was watching this one with her while eating one time, and she, who happens to be a nurse, pointed out that if Adam actually had brittle bones disease, he would not be walking. People with brittle bones have such fragile bodies that even normal movements can hurt them. If this were to be realistic, Adam would probably be in a wheelchair at the least and unable to move at all. He probably wouldn’t even be at a regular school. So not only is it a terrible movie, the writers also don’t know how to properly portray the disease they claim this character suffers from.
@lukacunningham342 Hace un mes
Mermaid: *heals child without using blood* Me, seeing Danny’s perplexed face: *STAND BACK, HE’S GONNA BLOW!*
@YourBigDaddyOwO Hace 3 meses
Cant help but feel like the writer just sat back and let his kid write most of the story
@xolqi3394 Hace 3 años
*Mermaids: start wailing* Siren: Are they singing? Danny: No, they’re filing their Taxes
@pratishthajany9037 Hace 3 años
I died😂😂😂😂😂
@greythomas6199 Hace 3 años
I like that her name is siren like the mythological creature that sing to feed of negative energy
@mazvitaselemani Hace 3 años
Like seriously, wtf did she think they were doing? Hitting the woah?
@MayaTadmor Hace 3 años
yea i saw that part too
@genlosersletsgoooxx Hace 10 meses
The only thing I’m confused about is how did Siren not know this? Has she just not been taking showers her whole entire life? 😃
@fluffymonkey484 Hace un año
I have osteogenesis imperfecta too and God you made me laugh about it tho! It sucks but thank you for not being afraid of making fun of it! God the phasing idea made me laugh so hard! "Oh no I'm going squishy!" 😂
@straw6erry_poptart Hace 11 días
I remember watching this movie when I was 10 and freaked out so hard when she was in the tub and experienced her first tail transition or something 😭
@tjmproductions6358 Hace 4 meses
I like how they have an even darker version of blood bending in this movie
@yingziphoenix3515 Hace 9 meses
I just love the part where they are like “you know how I go to a different school every few months and then come back for a few months? Yeah that’s actually me being in the ocean living as a mermaid” that’s the only thing I remember from that movie
@d3lir4nte Hace 3 años
danny: "Their blood can heal like diseases and any injuries-" coronavirus: *oh shi*-
@rowenabales8416 Hace 3 años
i ate all ur pizza rolls i was about to comment this when i came around this🤣
@washedblue Hace 3 años
if mermaids exist, how come they aren't offering themselves up to humanity during this pandemic so we can drain all their blood for healing purposes? huh? checkmate, cryptozoologists
@quinnmaxey3956 Hace 3 años
i ate all ur pizza rolls love that!
@jackie-dr7or Hace 3 años
please give me my pizza rolls back
@rekhan3926 Hace 3 años
yOu mOnStEr, how could you eat my pizza! :::(
@SpinxieShroom Hace 26 días
After re-watching this a few years later,I think the reason the added grasping effects when siren said she had to go to the bathroom is because the other kids might have though she peed her pants
@The_Skrunkl3r Hace 8 meses
I watched this movie as a kid and I used to take this movie so seriously until a few years later I watched this movie again and I couldn't take it seriously anymore 💀