Scales: The Insane Mermaid Movie Nobody Asked For

Danny Gonzalez
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Scales: Mermiads Are Real is an extremely bizarre take on mermaid lore and mythology. Please enjoy my review

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30 mar 2020






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Jack Grazer
Jack Grazer Hace 2 años
Conthegamer Hace 3 días
Are you bragging that you got pinned
Ian Hace 25 días
CupidsLyre Hace un mes
It’s the man! The man with the plan!
Godmode Extreme
Godmode Extreme Hace 2 meses
ImpalasFaith Hace 6 meses
You got all of your one laughter out😂
Shauxuhr Wilson Grim
“Isn't that like naming your kid murderer?” Well she sure lived up to that name.
sasuke uchiha
sasuke uchiha Hace 2 años
Eye Cylinder
Eye Cylinder Hace 2 años
Shauxuhr Wilson Grim HA
[Insert text here]
[Insert text here] Hace 2 años
@Joe true....
Joe Hace 2 años
Sam MaDi More like she SHORE did drain the guy.... Ok I’m sorry I’ll stop
[Insert text here]
[Insert text here] Hace 2 años
@Sam MaDi wait wat... Oh ok
SimWings Hace 4 meses
Mermaids being selfish of their healing abilities and killing at a whim is actually accurate to real mermaid mythology And that’s scary since a 12 year old just killed a grown man
Cade Burran
Cade Burran Hace 21 un día
@SimWings I imagine there baby fish teeth biting off limb by limb
theuncalledfor Hace un mes
Just because it's accurate to mermaid mythology doesn't mean it's okay for a freaking kids' movie _that portrays them in a fairly positive light._
Cələstə D.G
Cələstə D.G Hace 2 meses
@•Gender Neutral• 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍⚧️ QUEEN 👸 ♥️ ✨️
•Gender Neutral• 🏳️‍⚧️
@SimWings nuh-uh 💀
Cade Burran
Cade Burran Hace 2 meses
@SimWings nope
HappyEngie Hace 3 meses
This movie is clearly an allegory for puberty. We all remember puberty when we'd change and those effects would last forever and our legs would fuse together into one giant tail and we'd kill people. Just turn them into nothingness. Disintegrate them. Fond memories.
HappyEngie Hace un día
@Sen the Nerd Well the killing part was fun so yeah
Sen the Nerd
Sen the Nerd Hace 2 días
@Void satas L + ratio + woosh + you missed the point Edit: I love how op managed to woosh this again and ended up liking my response
Sen the Nerd
Sen the Nerd Hace 2 días
The weirdest part of this is having fond memories of puberty
Thestral: the undead
Thestral: the undead Hace 22 días
Omg fr it's so relatable
Dalys🐛📖 Hace 24 días
That’s so relatable
JynxNugget Hace un mes
Danny: thinks it's weird that the girl is named Siren and she's a mermaid People named Guy: **sweats nervously**
Jotaro Kujo (6)
Jotaro Kujo (6) Hace 14 días
guy fieri: 🧍
Error Name Not Found
Error Name Not Found Hace 17 días
My friend named Guy:
fleur !!
fleur !! Hace 18 días
drew gooden fans: 😥
Lou Hace un mes
Guy from the croods : 👁️👄👁️
Anzaia Hace 3 meses
I honestly love the stiff mass I'm a sucker for that "good magic comes at a price" trope where the transformation is real ugly and/or painful, and this movie does a pretty good job at that
Penelope Wilson
Penelope Wilson Hace 29 días
You would love the reckoner series by by Brandon Sanderson
Pa5an1 Hace 2 meses
As someone who’s been ugly 24/7 ever since I first hit puberty, my magic must be absolutely amazing by now 🤣
fadas khan
fadas khan Hace 2 años
She took that "How to act like a mermaid" wikihow way too seriously.
Hazel Macaraig
Hazel Macaraig Hace 2 años
D. Frost nice.
Epic Royalty Free Music
fadas khan potential meme
fadas khan
fadas khan Hace 2 años
@Epic Royalty Free Music mind defining it for me?
Epic Royalty Free Music
fadas khan Can you help me popularize the word “GARTUBAGE”?
Delaney Frost
Delaney Frost Hace 2 años
¡ ! She’s a freshman this year. They give us yearbooks at the end of the year. Hence. Year book.
Josh fox
Josh fox Hace 3 meses
To me this seems like a pretty obvious metaphor for how men feel entitled to women's bodies the second they reach puberty and how it is up to women to protect each other, especially young girls. Like I agree it's extremely clumsy but like I do get what they were going for
Radicoly Hace 7 horas
@Bea Bea Meanwhile, rural racist cops be like: "Blacks are you be avoided if possible. I live by it and it has yet to fail me once." Literally the same reasoning, I just swapped the nouns to demonstrate how it's bigoted. "But that racist cop is clearly in the wrong, and I'm not!" If your own subjective experience with reality is the only thing holding you back from bigotry, then I'm afraid you're already a bigot.
Pramada Hace 11 horas
@Bubble Tea no, she won't give the blood, because she doesn't want to and she gets to do that because it's her body. Lots of people are struggling rn because they can't get blood, should it made mandatory to give people ur blood? U don't get to have a choice, u get dragged by govt officers and doctors to take it from u. There's a reason when antivax became a thing all people could do was ask them to leave and not interact, nobody gets to even force others into a Vax that would save their life.
Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea Hace 12 horas
@Pramada Innocent Human: *Dying of Brittle Bones* Mermaid: You see, I *could* help you, but I won't because, donating blood hurts a little.
Pramada Hace 22 horas
@Coletrain Hetrick I mean even if they can heal people with their blood that doesn't mean other people are entitled to it. If they don't want to give it then it's their body, their choice kinda thing maybe?
Scaryslug19 Hace 5 días
@Bea Bea clearly you own slaves
Anony - PhanGirl
Anony - PhanGirl Hace 2 meses
Siren's mom's absence seems like they were trying to pull off what happened in the "Barbie in a Mermaid Tale" movie where Merlia's mom was absent from her life because she was trying to protect her, except they left out the part where Merlia's mom was literally imprisoned by her bitchy sister and that's the main reason she couldn't visit. Also Siren's gils were missing after her full transformation, what was up with that?
No, that's wrong!
No, that's wrong! Hace 24 días
A reference to a Barbie mermaid movie? I respect that. And yeah, Barbie did it better.
subliminalrats Hace 2 meses
I use a mermaid tail sometimes to swim in pools for fun and recently I was in San Diego and staying at my grandma's beach house I thought "maybe I should try taking photos in the ocean" and holy shit was that a mistake. I came home covered in red marks from being shoved up against the sand over and over and I could barely stand up to keep myself from getting hit by waves. Props to the actress playing Siren (and her stunt double) for probably having to do like fifty takes of flopping around in the waves.
June Creator
June Creator Hace un mes
I’m so sorry but this is so funny to me 😭😭😭
ReaMart Hace 3 meses
How the heck do you make a "pure mermaid breed" if there are NO MALE MERMAIDS?
TheChristmasCreeper Hace 2 días
@BonnieBuggie Maybe mermen are only able to live deep in the ocean and mermaids have to make the trip out to them if they actually want pure mermaid children.
bunnyrabi Hace 14 días
@BonnieBuggie yea they truly didn't think that deeply. It sucks because I would like to see an actual decent mermaid story, but it seems the only people willingly to write anything about mermaids are not good at world building and making a good narrative. They are good at fanfiction though
bunnyrabi Hace 14 días
@pomelo lol I think you completely missed the few times he said in the video "there are no men"
BonnieBuggie Hace 22 días
@pomelo yeah but there were no mermen showed in the movie, that’s what they’re meaning. as far as we know there’s no mermen AT ALL in that world meaning every mermaid would have to either have a human man as a father or. idk mermaid genders work differently but given the writing in this movie I don’t think they’d think that deeply about it
pomelo Hace 24 días
there is a word called "merman", check it out, its just a buff guy with fish tail
Akita Hace 2 años
This whole movie low-key sounds like a 10 year old’s roleplay
Figure Hace 7 horas
Iris Sebert
Iris Sebert Hace un día
Gross little fish feet😂😂😂😂😂
Chips The Cat
Chips The Cat Hace 3 días
@Harry Jones he was in jail
Mason Kerr
Mason Kerr Hace 3 meses
Nah kindergarten play
The Official Weirdos
abloom. Hace un mes
did anyone notice that when siren was going to throw rocks to get adam's attention she said she was going to “throw them at the window” ... but there were no windows.
SapphireWings Hace 3 meses
You know, seeing such a brutal death in a children's film, I'm reminded of this book series. This book series is aimed towards an age range of 8+ (if I remember correctly) and dang there were some graphic things in there. In the first book, a dragon is literally stabbed through the heart by another dragon and shoved down the cliff, and the graphic novel version makes it look a lot more brutal than it is in chapter book form. And wait till you see this death *chuckles* get this, a dragon's own body is forced against his will to cut off his own tongue, rip out his own stomach, and disembowel himself. Mind you he is fully aware while all this is happening, and the book explains the fear in his eyes as he watches his own body pull himself apart. Of course there was other stuff like a dragon's teeth getting pulled out, genocide, a human's head getting bit off, a dragon being tortured an deprived of water until the point of insanity, and the list goes on.
Circa Hace 3 días
Animal Ations
Animal Ations Hace 13 días
It’s wings of fire! I love that sires! And the dragon deprived of water was Webs
SapphireWings Hace 18 días
@Zoe Corder Yep
Zoe Corder
Zoe Corder Hace 18 días
You are talking about Wings of Fire right?
Jameson Herring もぺもぺ
Also there are different kinds of dragons and there is what could be called Dragon racism too. Also multiple political conspiracies.
Jude Potvin
Jude Potvin Hace 5 meses
The wost part of this is that Sirens were female hypnotic bird cannibals who lived on a little island in the middle of nowhere. They had nothing to do with mermaids.
bunnyrabi Hace 14 días
Ooooh, no wonder why in World Of Warcraft the siren monsters were literally just the harpies they used in other parts of the game
Rachelcookie321 Hace 2 meses
Yep, I learnt this from the “what we do in the shadows” tv show.
Jude Potvin
Jude Potvin Hace 2 meses
Nope. You can look it up.
Brian Glenfeldt
Brian Glenfeldt Hace 2 meses
Those are harpies
Kenzalina Hace 2 meses
I am surprised that I had to scroll so far down to find this comment. Naming your mermaid daughter Siren is like naming your dog cat.
I’m with you on this, bruh imagine the people with 4th stage cancer thinking they’re gonna die in a few days that those asses could have saved, but no, they cant freaking touch each other for the life of a person. I just realized that i give too much of a shit about how some fictional characters are assholes
Winston Tingle
Winston Tingle Hace 2 años
Let’s all appreciate that Adam’s bones are so brittle that they broke when he fell on sand
UpTopZ Hace un año
Guys my bones are getting squishy
Jack FakeName
Jack FakeName Hace un año
It looked like knocking to me.
Jack FakeName
Jack FakeName Hace un año
Then what happened that broke his wrist?
Poncho Ceron
Poncho Ceron Hace un año
@Jack FakeName he never knocked
Jack FakeName
Jack FakeName Hace un año
Let’s also appreciate that his bones are so brittle that KNOCKING ON A DOOR broke his bones.
lola is hot af
lola is hot af Hace 2 meses
13:37 this has gotta be a metaphor for puberty lol. i feel like the whole film is a metaphor for puberty. especially how those creepy ass men kept tryna hunt down siren the second she transformed. kinda dark ngl
Paradoxical Hace 12 días
I love movies like this where it’s clear that the appeal is just immortalizing all those weird high-stakes imaginary games we played as kids, unintentional fridge horror included
vinny Hace 5 meses
I can't get past how glaringly obvious it is that Siren's tail is a costume.
Precious Mourning
Precious Mourning Hace 4 meses
The "loves the water but lives far away from it/doesn't get to experience it" is a theme in the Emily Windsnap books, a mermaid book series for tweens that came out in the mid 2000s. It's more PG though. The bubble bath suddenly leading to a mermaid tail is an iconic scene from h20 just add water, which was a tween mermaid show from Australia in the mid 2000s that got really popular.
Eve Hace 2 años
Movie Idea: it’s the opposite of scales. A mermaid who just LOVES air can’t get enough of that air, then turns out she’s a human and has just been swimming for a real long time
toby Hace 19 horas
skin: humans are real
★Sleepy Star★
★Sleepy Star★ Hace 3 días
We would call it skin instead of scales
scaramommy Hace 3 meses
@commentary slays oh god
ducks with knives
ducks with knives Hace 3 meses
@• Neptune • Nahh it would be "Nails: Humans are real"
Dread Pirate Robin
Dread Pirate Robin Hace 3 meses
That mortal kombat-esque shot of Jack Grazer's wrist breaking was legitimately incredible.
glass horse
glass horse Hace un mes
I like how the entire movie could’ve been made irrelevant if sirens just proved their existence and showed their healing blood in a irrefutable way. Boom they’ve gone from hunted to world class healers
Jiwoo Bae
Jiwoo Bae Hace 5 meses
My problem with the mermaid's tails, is that they look like they have a bone in the middle, like a human knee. When normally, it should just be able to bend in any way and be a lot more flexible.
Tabth The Cat 3778
Tabth The Cat 3778 Hace un día
I still can't get over the fact that the mermaids could literally cure cancer by donating a little bit of blood, but they refuse to? They're the real villains here, also Siren didn't even hesitate to brutally murder someone? She wasn't even a little bit concerned after she killed someone? Also how come she only "transformed" for the first time in this movie? Has she never taken a bath before-
jackrabbit Hace 2 años
This movie is literally like a 10-year-old's fanfiction with a self-insert
PhoenixClockwork Hace 6 meses
For real anyone could write a better plot than this
Abri_Saber Hace 6 meses
I'd write a story like this frfr
Lond Hace 7 meses
Daiyu Hace 7 meses
StrawThatBends Hace 8 meses
@Razorshot5698 honestly i hate romance- so-
Gab Hace un día
15:28 I feel like this one might be one of danny's most well executed jokes
Kraken Hunter
Kraken Hunter Hace un mes
It's so funny having seen the movie several times before seeing this video and seeing how he reacts to all the weird/dumb parts. Though he skipped out on her suffocating at school because she didn't wear her air neck thingy and just a scarf to cover her gills 💀
Tini Fanpage DE
Tini Fanpage DE Hace 5 días
After your video I just had to watch the whole movie, sometimes I smiled and laughed, although that certainly wasn't the point of the film, but some things were just like that random and kept contradicting the story 😂 If that had been my first mermaid film I would have watched, I would have been a bit disturbed as a kid😅
I actually watched this movie just bc I wanted to see how stupid it was. I absolutely hated it and it was so b-rated😂😂😂 You should still watch it if you haven’t if you enjoy laughing at ppl embarrassing Themselves 😂
BaeCat Hace 2 años
The way the bully says “this isn’t your fight, siren” like the fragile bones kid has personally wronged her and her family
DegeneRAT Hace un año
Plot twist, the bully's Mum was a mermaid who was killed by the boy's Dad
Isaac Hace 2 años
@Juneberries I would watch that
ayumi01 Hace 2 años
oluoma Hace 2 años
@Quickslate maybe because he was cursed or something (the movie is so cliché that I wouldn't be surprised)
Quickslate Hace 2 años
How do think is bones got so brittle?
Jimmy Jim
Jimmy Jim Hace 17 días
Okay, ignoring the fact that it is horrifying, the 65 percent water thing confuses me greatly. For one the bones are made of calcium, which can be transferred into hydrogen, but not oxygen. This means that she rearranged the subatomic particles in his bones and organs to create hydrogen and oxygen, which she then used to synthesise water, all while somehow suppressing the resulting explosion that splitting an atom would cause. Siren could have very well created a neuclear explosion rivalling our suns own power at will. She is a god
abi summers
abi summers Hace 24 días
the bit where Danny is mocking the main character trying to give herself a pep talk in the mirror had very strong Drew Gooden energy
Mads Stokes
Mads Stokes Hace un mes
The most realistic line is when Siren is like, "I decided against it before you came out."
Elizabeth Misham
Elizabeth Misham Hace 4 meses
I’ve reached such a depressed state from working through my trauma and bringing those feelings to the surface that this video and ratatoing is the only thing that gets me to sleep so thank you Danny for making me feel safe enough to sleep.
Visile Hace 2 años
Siren: “Your body is made of 65% water” Also Siren: literally deletes the guy
emily whiting
emily whiting Hace 2 años
@Rochelle Ann LMFAOOO
Rochelle Ann
Rochelle Ann Hace 2 años
emily whiting
emily whiting Hace 2 años
Not even killed. DELETED him LMAO
Jorleann Romero
Jorleann Romero Hace 2 años
Bonnie and Kayleigh!
She just became thanos
Revkitz Hace un mes
i remember watching this a while ago it wasn't very great and that part where they pull all the water out of that guy was horrifying
Nonotreally Hace 3 meses
I remember watching this movie with my friends and dying of laughter at how stupid it was💀💀💀
MasterSora64 Hace 5 meses
Bro that ending was horrifying! The 11 year old just straight up murders that guy in such a gruesome disturbing way. WHO WAS LIKE "Yeah this is okay for a childrens movie. Just straight up murder your problems away."
Z.J Hace 5 meses
Danny missing the consent issue they're talking about and the 'girl starts her period/becomes a woman and is now being violently pursued by men' storyline cracks me up and is so cringe. Edit: nvm it's not funny anymore I can't watch this.
Hace 2 meses
True. And i think people here are underestimating human's greed. Wasnt it like the characteristics of humans in a lot of fantasy movies? Everytime there are mythical creature with abilities, humans will always find a way to fucked em up for our greed. So, i would imagine that by willingly giving up their blood, there will be evil rich people with powerr exploiting them.
hachune Hace 2 años
"Isn't that like naming a human baby Person?" Guy Fieri: *sweats nervously*
Dutch Plan Der Linde
@Oh my god they were roommates! Let's see, Kratos always calls Atreus *"Boi"* and Kratos is a Greek god so you must be Greek *The* *detktive*
Oh my god they were roommates!
I mean- were I live Boi is a very common name.
Dutch Plan Der Linde
yahalomren Hace un año
In my language Ben means boy
Vicente Aguilar
Vicente Aguilar Hace un año
Oh :/
JustmeAgain Hace 2 meses
I'm kind of squicked out by how the sole black Hunter is the most "savage" one who is the most gung-ho about abducting and killing the girls. And literally the only Hunter who gets murdered at the end, despite arguably all of them doing horrible shit.
Average flatulence enjoyer
The worst part about this movie is that the creepy guy is played by someone who voice acts for Louis in TWD games. I can never look at that character the same again.
Lily Johnson
Lily Johnson Hace 2 meses
This movie really makes me appreciate the show h2O, I used to think that show was cringe but now I realize it had like a really good plot to it, and when they turned into mermaids it made sense why they turned into to mermaids you know, and they had pretty cool powers, so this movie really makes me appreciate that masterpiece of a show.😂
Blue. Hace 19 días
The fact that jack grazer was in it probably made the set an interesting place
Gregory Roitbourd
Gregory Roitbourd Hace 2 años
danny: “ive never heard of humans talk about air that way” he clearly hasnt watched the lorax
Cobri The Cobra
Cobri The Cobra Hace 2 años
Your not wrong
Snoop Dogg The Certified G
pink99644 Hace 2 años
The Negative Demon Under Your Bed • 3 years ago I know you now heard of it now, but I recommend you to go and watch it, it's so good (in my opinion) I do love the songs, it's on Netflix right now :)
QT Simselle
QT Simselle Hace 2 años
@Diorr Nicole😘 no
MamaMOB Hace 2 años
The Lorax speaks for the trees not the air. That’s just their exhale.
This movie genuinely gave me a stomachache the first time I saw it. And the second time. That wouldn’t have happened if those damn mermaids weren’t so stingy with their blood 🙄
PhoenixGaming Hace un mes
The best part about her name being siren is that sirens don't even resemble mermaids- They have human-like heads and bird-like bodies
Juana RVD
Juana RVD Hace 3 meses
i also love how the nurses mug seems like its aking a reference to what siren says about water (i wanna breath it, LOVE IT) cuz it says "hug, kiss, BREATHE"...you gotta breathe this water!
Xander Logan Mejia
Xander Logan Mejia Hace un día
Man, the brittle bone boy’s dad and his dad’s friends keep questioning Siren like they are going to lure her into a white van or their basement
emem724 Hace 2 años
Siren: "Your body's made of 65% water" Me: Blood bending? That's brutal Siren: * painfully turns man into a slushie * Me: Oh, nope that's way worse
Zovyn Rei
Zovyn Rei Hace un día
@Picket Pants Her superpower is RADIATION
💜 Comsy 💜
💜 Comsy 💜 Hace 2 días
@Conthegamer what is it?
Conthegamer Hace 3 días
What the f*ck
Conthegamer Hace 3 días
I have a question
lavender_cosmiic! Hace 5 días
POV: Hama from Avatar learns to do that.
Royale Carmen
Royale Carmen Hace 3 meses
Siren is SAVAGE. She didn’t even flinch when she murdered the creepy guy!!!
sleepingkittystar Hace 16 días
i love it when disabled kids get made fun of in movies, its just funny, like "haha your legs dont work"
Funny Man
Funny Man Hace 3 meses
I thought exploding someone's brain was brutal but this mermaid legit sucked out all the water in a dudes body and nothing but his clothes was left
BonnieBuggie Hace 22 días
I’m not even ten minutes in and this feels exactly like a 14 year old’s first foray into writing an “original story” which makes the drawings at the beginning make sense lmao edit: I’ve now seen where she dehydrates the man to death. definitely still a 14 year old’s story
Meme Stealer
Meme Stealer Hace 2 años
Why would her mom name her something so obvious if she’s trying to hide her from the hunters
Wolvie Hace un año
RIGHT THO?? If you gonna pick an on the nose name, why not something like Shelly or Pearl? Still a bit sus but not overwhelming
Random internet person
JellyBeeJack Hace un año
@Narancia is best boi Aggjsysenjsdjk I can't breathe-
Roundhouse Hace un año
‘Hi, I’m Alligator, but you can call me Alli. This is my husband, Cobra, and our son, Gecko. We are completely normal people and are not reptilians.’
jaden cruz
jaden cruz Hace 2 años
Hijacked Cat
Hijacked Cat Hace un mes
always good to come back to a classic Greg video...
Cal Owenby
Cal Owenby Hace un mes
obanai Hace 3 meses
"I have never heard anyone go to the bathroom before" "GUYS!, MY BONES ARE GETTING SQUISHY!"
Rockingthestage.Productions *
This video holds a special place in my heart because it is the first and only youtube video that my mom laughed at.
SkaterTita Hace 2 días
Friend's mom: *trying to break the news to Siren about being a mermaid with powers* Siren's mom: yeah so you'll most likely will die cause hunters
SoulEater Evans
SoulEater Evans Hace 2 años
Dad: "Were you throwing rocks at me?" Siren: *lowering her fully cocked throwin' arm* "No, sir. At your window. But I decided against it _before_ you came." *drops rocks* Nailed it.
noods Hace 2 años
There isn’t even a frickin’ window.
Cody Barlik
Cody Barlik Hace 2 años
I’m gonna start stealing from stores and anytime they catch me, I’ll just tell them I recently decided against it!
Madison Brown
Madison Brown Hace 2 años
i was going to like this but it was at 666 and i didn't wanna be that person
andrive Hace 2 años
Almost nailed it The window Get it Ok
BlkPaint Hace 4 meses
These mermaids are the villains not the heroes :/
Rebel Rider
Rebel Rider Hace 2 meses
This movie reminds me of the book, The Tail of Emily Windsnap. Its a girl, who lives on a boat with her mom who tells her not to go in the water, but then her mom lets her join swim team and at swim practice she fucking drowns cause she’s a mermaid but doesnt know. And this guy picks her up and takes her home. Then she jumps into the ocean and turns into a mermaid and goes off to find her real mermaid family or some shit
just a smøl tøwn gir
Kat Joseph Pérez
Kat Joseph Pérez Hace 4 meses
It’s actually so sad. The other mermaids can stay on land, but Siren’s mom is mean and makes her (a killer) leave her friends, adoptive mom, and her education behind.
lilautieunicorn Hace 2 meses
The lore? Decent, the rest of the movie? Questionable and weirdly executed.
MegavidÆos Hace 2 años
I don’t care how much she “avoided” water, you mean to tell me she never took a single bath her entire life?
𝕀𝕤𝕙~ Hace 16 días
she probs took showers
Jimmy Jim
Jimmy Jim Hace 17 días
A lifetime of cranking the AC To max intensity, praying to god you dont sweat.
giannis Hace 4 meses
oh my god 💀
Pedro fs
Pedro fs Hace 4 meses
There’s no nice words for ugly
EJ Edwards
EJ Edwards Hace 4 meses
Once I discovered showed it was all over.
13_ways_to_rain Hace un mes
There’s this other mermaid movie from Netflix ( I don’t know how I remember it), and the little I remember about it was that there were these powers mermaids got. One of the powers was shooting underwater fire, and one quote was something along the lines of “hey, watch it! You’ll burn someone!” Also it was a Barbie movie
J plays
J plays Hace 13 horas
Moral of the video: "Don't watch this movie"
koffinrott Hace 5 meses
The fact that she's a Mermaid named Siren makes me so mad because Sirens in greek myth are BIRD PEOPLE WHO LIVE ON THE ROCKY CLIFFS BESIDE THE SEA--
Marielaa Usher
Marielaa Usher Hace 3 meses
Wait... Siren´s friend telling her "you have to teach me that one makes no sense. The friend´s mom wa surprised when she found out Siren controlledd water and told her that it made her special. So the friend couldn´t learn that move because she can´t control water. The entire movie makes no sense.
DewDrop Hace 2 años
Why is no one talking about the mother being absent for Siren's whole life, even though she has legs? There was no explanation about any of this
💗Tsukihiyo💗 Hace 13 días
She was bust wailing at other fish
jasminerice Hace 2 meses
@Nathan Herbst FR MAN
Bethan Buchanan
Bethan Buchanan Hace 2 meses
@Nathan Herbst nice
Ratman Hace 2 meses
@Damon_on_crack ShE LoOkS lIkE a PeRsOn OuT oF tHe WaTeR
Jacob Rogers
Jacob Rogers Hace 2 meses
For story idk and idc
Aiden Hace 22 días
“I’m going to protect my child from the mermaid hunters!” Proceeded to name her child Siren 😂
RaindropRen Hace 3 meses
I bet in universe the reason for having no mermaids as docters is that it takes like... years to have the qualifications to be a docter. so theres probably a couple but not y'know alot. Also When there's humans trying to kill you for your blood would you really want more of them haha...
ImpishGae Hace 2 meses
"she finds out mermaids are real and gets to watch them do cool shit the rest of the movie" literally the movie aquamarine where both main female protagonists find out mermaids are real and just watch a mermaid go around doing cool mermaid shit lmao
NEO Metal Sonic
NEO Metal Sonic Hace 12 días
18:06 I like how the mom slams a door on a kid in stilts and then his arm shatters into like a million pieces and is still able to move it
Nani Rox
Nani Rox Hace 2 años
“Isnt that like naming your kid murderer??” ..... or perhaps.... hunter?
estie JELLY bestie
estie JELLY bestie Hace un año
odd1sout vibes
Somebody Else
Somebody Else Hace un año
...and this is my extended family. There's me, Serial Murderer, my sister Phone Scammer, my father Identity Fraudster, there's my mother Drug Trafficker, here's grandpa Battery, and grandma Arson on my mother's side, and uncle Speeding offence.
cro. Hace un año
cro. Hace un año
literally the og members of the bad batch
_Leaf- Hace un año
i mean, she does murder a guy at the end so i guess her name fits
Moai Hace 2 meses
I don’t think he realises how funny he is🤣
Andrew Ashton
Andrew Ashton Hace 19 días
Her finding out that she is a mermaid and thinking that controlling water must also be normal has the same energy as Harry being able to speak parseltongue and thinking it must be a normal wizard thing
L train
L train Hace 3 meses
I saw like the first 10 mins of this vid and I thought it would be fun to watch this movie drunk. When I got to the body horror and the man turning into a slushee I was genuinely terrified
100% Real Giga Peppa
When this movie came out I had no intention to watch it. The feet transforming in the bath thing was in the trailer and creeped me out when I first saw it. Then 2018 or 2019 I was like ehh it’s a mermaid movie I like mermaids.. I’ll watch it Even as a kid i was very confused and thought this movie was trash and weird and made no sense
spenstoppable Hace 2 años
“Each mermaid wail is unique” she says as all the mermaids sing the same exact tune in unison
Corascakes Hace 2 años
@Ally Kayyy they are not real Greg’s
Just Some Furret With Internet Access
@Prodigious can’t donate but I hope cookie is getting better
Burgerboy Hace 2 años
Yanny or Laurel soundin' asses
Ruby Dean
Ruby Dean Hace 2 años
15:06 if anyone wanted it
ignore me lol
ignore me lol Hace 2 años
@brainmare yo momma isn’t real :) Stfu
🌸Pastel Ghost Tears🌸
Omg, my old friend (we are just gonna call her Sandra) I remember we both watched this mo in and we at the time were kids. background info, Sandra was insanely bossy (like she would get super mad if I even stepped one foot in front of her and she always had to be leader) and also loved playing games like wolf pack and mermaid games. Anyways so me and her watched this movie then she said "This movie is about me ✨️ like- like I'm a mermaid" I asked a few questions like "Your name isn't even Siren also were not that old-" she then said "Yeah well my name used to be Siren! and well, they just made this movie about me just if I was older" lmao the whole day we played mermaids.
Anzaia Hace 3 meses
Saying "each wail is unique" comes across as so weird to me. Because, like... yes? So are human voices? And they also all had unique voices before? I didn't assume that all these mermaids would produce the exact same voice, but only when they sing. Unless wailing works in a fundamentally different way than singing, which it doesn't look like. To me it seems that it's just a cultural difference, tbh
thedorsinator Hace 5 meses
These breakdowns have me laughing so hard I’m debilitated and crying
Dan Hace 5 meses
"Guys, my bones are gettin' squishy!"... comedy gold...
David Hace 2 años
Siren: You’re made of 65% water Me: Oh, so blood bending? Siren: *Murders him Me: 👁👄👁
Joanna Müller
Joanna Müller Hace 10 meses
That's like something I would write into a horror story. Then scare myself from thinking of something so nightmare-ish
C Cm
C Cm Hace 10 meses
U gotta be loving dat water now 😏😏
Alexandra Hace 10 meses
That is the most terrifying mash up of emojis I have ever seen in my life.
Cooper Winkler
Cooper Winkler Hace 10 meses
That man is dead for sure
Tricky Trey Perfected
Tricky Trey Perfected Hace 10 meses
@SpiritShackler torture is arguably worse than death, depending on the extent.
Lila Lune
Lila Lune Hace 3 meses
I cannot tell you how many times i tried to move water after i watched this when i was younger.
♡︎𝕝𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕖𝕣 𝕓𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪 ℚ𝕦𝕖𝕖𝕟♡︎ ︀︀︀︀︀︀︀
I wanna see a movie where No one tells her she is a mermaid and all the mermaids just singing to her and she just looks at them
T.W Hace 3 meses
Damn. They took blood-bending a bit too seriously
saboweey Hace un mes
i remember watching this with my family and we kept complaining about the ending why the mermaids couldnt just heal the dude 💀💀
me Hace 2 años
“Are they singing?” “No sweetie...they’re filing their taxes”
Joseph cheeseinthebanana
alt: "Are they singing?" "No, sweetie...they're opening their mouths while someone plays some generic 'angelic' choral music from their phone." "What app are they using?" "And today's sponsor _is..."_
TechSan-YT Hace 9 meses
@cosmiicon I’m DEEEEAD.
Naomi's Fun
Naomi's Fun Hace un año
Jay Baker
Jay Baker Hace un año
I Am A Shape
I Am A Shape Hace un año
shockthetoast Hace un mes
I can't believe they named her Siren. If they really wanted to protect her from the Hunters they would have gone all out and named her Mermaid. Then nobody would have ever suspected.
lavender_cosmiic! Hace 5 días
POV: You thought this was a good film when you were a kid and when you watched this video you realise it's a crappy film :)
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron Hace 3 meses
Jack really went from brittle bones disease to a kid named Eddie who fights clowns from space. Come up of the century.
Mikey Brissy
Mikey Brissy Hace 3 meses
I was dying of laughter throughout this whole movie
Eden Reyes
Eden Reyes Hace 2 años
Siren: *is named siren* Me: So like the mermaid thingy Danny, an intellectual: Like the ambulance
Doctor straing Strange
Like sirenhead
inactive - old techsan account
so like the thunderbolts.....
the_0ff1c1a1_me Hace 2 años
I never thought of it like that till he said so xD And made a joke about how loud she can be
*—Honey_Bun—* Hace 2 años
Mermaids and sirens are two different things so I’m kinda mad about her being named siren and her being a mermaid
cheesyvin Hace 2 años
But it's kinda misleading, like you're in pain and agony then you hear the siren of an ambulance and you run towards it and it runs over you.
~[•Bloob_•]~ Hace 3 meses
also not to mention they took the technology to realistically make her legs fuse together, but then just make her wear a cloth mermaid tail, not even a realistic plastic one
Shadow- Reaper
Shadow- Reaper Hace 3 días
notice how all the females are the "beautiful" mythical creatures, and the men are the "evil" ugly killer. I feel like these women if they were real would be feminists.
Unikittywaffle54 UnicornWaffle54
isn't the water part just blood? I would think that to be able to separate water from blood, you need to be really good at manipulating water. Or than that she could've just done blood bender stuff like in Avatar.
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