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Greta Thunberg realized at a young age the lapse in what several climate experts were saying and in the actions that were being taken in society. The difference was so drastic in her opinion that she decided to take matters into her own hands. Greta is a 15-year-old Stockholm native who lives at home with her parents and sister Beata. She’s a 9th grader in Stockholm who enjoys spending her spare time riding Icelandic horses, spending time with her families two dogs, Moses and Roxy. She love animals and has a passion for books and science. At a young age, she became interested in the environment and convinced her family to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx






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Adsy Gee
Adsy Gee Hace 7 horas
Jon Spambottomly
Jon Spambottomly Hace 8 horas
She was never required to go to school as a result of her illness. I am not obliged to conscript in the UK army. So how can I object? now she has your money. How gullible TED EX viewers. Scam.
golden boys
golden boys Hace 8 horas
so basically, i get to not go to school and do anything i want because earth hot
Matt Dorsey
Matt Dorsey Hace 12 horas
If you want to listen to a 19 year old speak on climate change with actual facts, look up Naomi Seibt.
Matt Dorsey
Matt Dorsey Hace 12 horas
This midget politician avoids facts. Thank God for climate change! We wouldn't be here without it. That's a fact. This video gets a thumbs down for obvious reasons.
reena thami
reena thami Hace 2 días
Im so glad the children like you is existed who can raise voice of our mother earth in the full of stupidly intelligent crowd who can think only money , luxury and fame. Well Im from India .lots of love ✌
Aisha SAKHO Hace 3 días
i love this girl
Miraculous Studios
Miraculous Studios Hace 6 días
1:43 she says she lost about ten kilos of weight. fun fact: she was an obese.
Yasmin Tedeschi
Yasmin Tedeschi Hace 8 días
She's absolutely everything!!!!
Alice guglielmino
Alice guglielmino Hace 8 días
Marko Galović
Marko Galović Hace 10 días
She looks like 60 year old
Loenmidi Hace 12 días
the jeanne d'arc of these times, keep fighting greta i support you among many others, thank you for speaking up
Mustafa Severin
Mustafa Severin Hace 14 días
Damit die Partein keine Stimmen verlieren wurde sie dort zum reden gebracht
Mustafa Severin
Mustafa Severin Hace 14 días
Sie wurde von der (Bildungsministerium) Schuldirektor dazu gebracht hier zu reden damit wir freiwillig und naiv Umweltsteuer bezahlen.Und die reichen werden immer reicher und sind mit ihren Fabriken für mehr Umweltverschmutzung verantwortlich
Stephen Barnes
Stephen Barnes Hace 15 días
Grita is here is to save us
Malory Poirier
Malory Poirier Hace 17 días
She is way over reacting
Navdeep Singh
Navdeep Singh Hace 17 días
Full support to her She is doing extremely daring ventures not only for herself but world also
Cool Kk
Cool Kk Hace 18 días
She's right. You should stop making fun of this and actually take action.
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh Hace 18 días
Greta : "Hey kids.. stay home instead of going to school. Let's show them how we combat climate change!!" **Kids stay home and play video games** **Greta get's forgotten in a month**
Zen 8
Zen 8 Hace 19 días
She makes me want to ruin the climate.
Berrot McMusing
Berrot McMusing Hace 20 días
Greta is the biggest fraud ever
Tamse Rinpoche
Tamse Rinpoche Hace 20 días
Baby you've lots of why's because you're not big enough to understand. You definitely want to become popular. Vegetables sounds good but we don't want to suffer. You're good at memorizing the lines. Another form of joker
James Zink
James Zink Hace 21 un día
I genuinely do not like her. I also believe in climate change. Those two things can exist at the tame time. She is a political prop and I feel bad for her.
John Nowakowski
John Nowakowski Hace 22 días
She's a fake...
Daddys Fastest Swimmer
White Flower
White Flower Hace 19 días
Daniel Gyllenbreider
Daniel Gyllenbreider Hace 23 días
Climate alarmists like Greta seems to have been on a school strike all their lives. Who needs education when you got religion, right?
Gary Hawkins
Gary Hawkins Hace 23 días
Where's the list of species going extinct each day?
Sharon De Silva
Sharon De Silva Hace 23 días
Once we start to act .. HOPE is everywhere ... so instead of looking for Hope... look for ACTION!!!👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥
Kyle Cortes
Kyle Cortes Hace 9 días
Sharon De Silva Do your research and don't take everything at face value
Sharon De Silva
Sharon De Silva Hace 23 días
Just live the way she speaks.... so focused.. passionate.. bold.. fierce .. direct ... no holds barred!!! ❤🔥
Geraint David
Geraint David Hace 25 días
And her solution is...?
Veronika Gore
Veronika Gore Hace 26 días
Hej, greta I'm gonna sign you up for my therapist, he's a genius, he'll be able to fix you in a week.
Yasmin Tedeschi
Yasmin Tedeschi Hace 8 días
she does not need to be fixed
ziyou gu
ziyou gu Hace 26 días
Who here is anti-Greta?
David Konevky
David Konevky Hace 28 días
The teen who actually made a system to take the plastic out of the ocean deserves more attention than her. Still proud of her, most of us would be watching videos at 3 AM thinking about nothing, she also cancelled Trump EDIT: He actually has a TED talk, search "Boyan Slat" and he will appear
Lady A
Lady A Hace 5 días
Hi David. Do you know the name of teen mentioned re plastic n ocean. Thank u!
stoki1 Hace 28 días
I don’t like her arrogant character, because she’s a puppet who is just repeating other people and organizaciones pre meditative words. First of all she should be in the school for further study. Shame on her parents they don’t encourage her to finish her studies.
Nemesi Your
Nemesi Your Hace 29 días
😳🤲🏻🤲🏻🤲🏻 🙏 my lord 👌🏻👌🏻 Greta you are my hero 🙏🙏🙇🏻🌍💓💓💓💓
Richie Patterson
Richie Patterson Hace un día
Haha that's funny
Wilkas Hace 29 días
One person doing the right thing it's an example but right now examples are almost useless. Either we fix this TOGETHER or we don't. There's no more time for idealism, we need to act against our own extinction.
Diana Patricia Silva pico
Alarmist brat
Glenn Johnson
Glenn Johnson Hace un mes
This girl needs Jesus Christ, she is sinning against the Lord in telling men they can do things that they cannot apart from God the Bible teaches us If My people which are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways and seek My face then will I hear them from heaven and forgive them their sins and heal their land
Sophia Romo
Sophia Romo Hace un mes
I’m watching this for school I’m Greta my friend is Rosa parks
Clodoaldo Claudiano
Mó chata ela
積分微分 Hace un mes
8:22 〜 8:53 good
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨Ʒ Hace un mes
Greta is clear, concise, specific, and persistent. She states facts. Her logic is easy to follow. Her message is simple and direct: Listen to the scientists, and act now. Personally and politically. There is no way to attack her message so they make fun of her tone, her appearance, anything they can.
John Pikoulis
John Pikoulis Hace un mes
Go to university first, get a degree on the subject and then I'll try to listen.
HMR.Videos Hace un mes
The west pollutes a small fraction compared to 80% of the worlds pollution that China and India makes. Will Greta try to go over there. If she does will she still use the typical high pollution airplanes that everyone uses? I feel bad for her, her parents have been putting the weight of the whole world on her shoulders. I dont know how she could be so certain that all science has been settled being so young she doesent know the details of all the science behind shes talking about, further more she cant even analyzed any other views.
Petr Sirap
Petr Sirap Hace un mes
Greta psycho 👍🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🥴🥴🥃🥃
jennifer biondi
jennifer biondi Hace un mes
Nobody ever talks about the ice age, acid rain, the ozone....the earth changes constantly....it's been this way for billions of years. We cannot exist without fossil fuels unless we want to go back to the caveman days...
Андрей Бонд
Purpleaf XD
Purpleaf XD Hace un mes
Why are people being so rude to her? All she is doing is warning us about pollution
Richie Patterson
Richie Patterson Hace un día
Well what pollutant is she talking about?? co2 ?
Vegan-Opa 1965
Vegan-Opa 1965 Hace un mes
Greta is much more important than Jesus! Greta you are wonderful - a hero of the century!
Vegan-Opa 1965
Vegan-Opa 1965 Hace un día
@Richie Patterson In Germany we have no "Grads". Can you answer me in german? You smarty?
Richie Patterson
Richie Patterson Hace un día
You're about as smart as an uneducated child with grade 4 education
Titanus Rodan
Titanus Rodan Hace un mes
@Иван trying to save earth, is that crazy?
Vegan-Opa 1965
Vegan-Opa 1965 Hace un mes
@Иван No - thats a fact!
Иван Hace un mes
U r crazy... )
Mustard Seed
Mustard Seed Hace un mes
Adore you Greta. God bless you young lady; you are my hero (and I've been in this Earth many more years than you). ❤️🙏
Richie Patterson
Richie Patterson Hace un día
That doesn't mean you're intelligent
Charles Ponzi
Charles Ponzi Hace un mes
Fake money = fake politicians, fake news, fake wars, fake global warming....end The Federal Reserve and ALL Central Banks.
Its not that I dont agree with the ideas that she tries to convey its that her facial expression, the way she talks and looks is so passively aggressive, that I have issues to continue listening to what she actually says
No Interesa
No Interesa Hace un mes
A marionete in the hands of big political powers that has the only desire is to control which and how you use and access energy. “Change is the only constant”. She preaches disruption. Disruption means hunger, unemployment, civil unrest. She truly makes me sick.
No Interesa
No Interesa Hace un mes
Who is you ghost writer, by the way?
Ninja VIP
Ninja VIP Hace un mes
At 7:50 she starts being selfish
XxgachaoreosXx animations and other things
I support her. Save our earth! 💙💚🌎💚💙
meerchimear 22
meerchimear 22 Hace un mes
Thank you greta my mom slap my while i seeing an video from you
Shaun Clark
Shaun Clark Hace un mes
Matt Leblanc
Matt Leblanc Hace un mes
More like Greta Dhumberg
vortex Hace un mes
She knows nothing about living or life and is just a puppet for her extremist parents and their doom end of the world cult
박경자 Hace un mes
Jenice Cheong
Jenice Cheong Hace un mes
*Her face in da thumbnail * 😂 😂😂
CelestialTina Hace un mes
"No one talks about it." If she bothered to read the news she'd see these issues are being talked about every single day, way before her speech.
Dezonus Hace un mes
Or you could have much of an entire countries media controlled by Climate Skeptics with shares in mining and fossil fuel industries...
Archie2 Hace un mes
Though i Appreciate her for Discussing seriously about Global Warming. But i don't think she deserves a "Nobel Prize". She hasn't done anything substantial for the Environment to achieve it
Heavy Alex
Heavy Alex Hace un mes
go to the East, Asia, there you must start with action, not in Europe ... look in Asia how they do with our World !! Europe is clean and work really good with action for better World. Of course we can do more....but Asia , Africa are "atomic bombs for the environment" !!!
Battle of Athens
Battle of Athens Hace un mes
She is an example of why most teenagers can't vote. She's a joke. Why doesn't she go to the countries that are heavy polluters and help them clean their environment?
Inmediatamenteya Furlan
Whajjjjjjjjjj....she of course walks to school, she do not use light, stove, or heating in her home.
acidsunrise Hace un mes
TV Evangelism for hippies.
Gavrie Cox
Gavrie Cox Hace un mes
The truth, casualties have only been getting less, the world is not facing an apocalypse, what she complaining about is the earth’s natural ecosystem.
t S
t S Hace un mes
Acting good be a good careeer choice
Maggie Andrew
Maggie Andrew Hace un mes
Oh. She has gut!.......... on instigating radical environmentalism to covering the real glober financial economy, fomation of free market system and how to keeping those things efficiently. And I will end my comment to radical environmentalism who depressing freedom of individuals by name of environment.
lovely.ravenz Hace un mes
Bruh she is human to
Tim Higgins
Tim Higgins Hace un mes
I've just lost all respect for TEDx, I expected it to be above all this left wing propaganda.
Bryan Hace un mes
I don’t think this is left wing propaganda
Skeletor Hace un mes
Change the rules. No more activist teens spewing partisan propaganda at TED Talks
JR Furniture Repair Service
im sorry but money makes the world go round and round, of course people know whats going on. the money to be made is more appealing than actually caring about the environment;
The Chiller
The Chiller Hace un mes
Her face is a complete square ⬜
Laticia Cull
Laticia Cull Hace un mes
very accurate plans for something like that I found on Avasva
Shaun W
Shaun W Hace un mes
Young genius, hope the audience listens and acts
Shaun W
Shaun W Hace un día
@Richie Patterson schools don't have much to do with genius
Richie Patterson
Richie Patterson Hace un día
Genius? Wow you think an uneducated child that doesn't go to school is a genius?
Re-Creator Creator
Re-Creator Creator Hace un mes
LMAO !! WHAT school strike ?? What school ?? This fake corp girl s the biggest fraud in the world !!
Uwanda Roberts
Uwanda Roberts Hace un mes
CO2 is the gas of life! I want more of it!
Boby Berry
Boby Berry Hace un mes
If you need a little privileged white girl from the suburbs to tell you about climate change, you need to see a psychiatrist.
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