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"FTL" by Adam Stern
A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.
Ethan Kane, a NASA Astronaut and decorated pilot, has recently retired from active duty to spend more time with his wife and young son. As he tries to adjust to a quieter life on the ground, he’s approached to fly one last mission...testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft. While the world watches, Kane takes The Longshot on its maiden voyage.
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5 ene 2019

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Comentarios 9 629
Rui Nunes
Rui Nunes Hace un hora
They want to keep their planet clean from lowlife humans ... we humans are nothing to have .. look at our planet and we have the proof of that.
Frank Buss
Frank Buss Hace un hora
Look at his face at 13:49! I'm sure it is a robot clone, made by the aliens to conquer the world.
kalinovskiy Hace 2 horas
Is this from a movie or video game?
Rodrigo Cesar
Rodrigo Cesar Hace 3 horas
Lamberto Barchiesi
Lamberto Barchiesi Hace 5 horas
Just like the iss ...😂
Guys, space doesnt even exist.
bullatthegate Hace 9 horas
That was an excellent production thanks for posting
rick james
rick james Hace 12 horas
The people don't want their. Way of rules
Fuzzy Boi
Fuzzy Boi Hace 13 horas
This is what happens if you go past the cosmic speed limit.
altha 2014
altha 2014 Hace 14 horas
they should send out probes going FTL first before men tries it
john Last
john Last Hace 17 horas
I'm a lil late.. been busy.. ;) That was excellent.. truly enjoyed it.
hank fontaine
hank fontaine Hace 17 horas
NASA Nazi's the Worlds greatest sting
Sebastian Sochanski
Sebastian Sochanski Hace 18 horas
For first FTL flight celebrations were rather lame.
Arnab Datta
Arnab Datta Hace 19 horas
Trying to understand the Story - wat exactly hppend Even Aliens Are Racist ?? 😂😂
Laurynas Stankevicius
Laurynas Stankevicius Hace 20 horas
You don't see the comment section to conform so much
spamattack123 Hace 20 horas
Very good concept. Want more!
Lindsey Allison Westhaven
Seems the 5G communication systems and navigation computer developed a "glitch"
Movie info, clips and trailers
They shouldn't have chosen Huawei.
Bchlr Singh38
Bchlr Singh38 Hace 21 un hora
👍💖 *Wonderful Film 🎥 . ... Till now 5.5k dislikes unable to understand why?*
swojmil Hace 17 horas
watch i.e. Odyssey 5 series to see why the trans-humanism made on the fake materialism (btw made by the evil spirit against Mazdaism) is a prison reality consuming victims for their soul/mojo the same way as any other demonic parasite
Mike Crabtree
Mike Crabtree Hace 21 un hora
Very nice. But there needs to be more. MUCH more
Blade Man
Blade Man Hace 21 un hora
I bet he never leaves his front porch again!
Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash Hace 21 un hora
Thanks for happy ending
Prince Green Advanced Self Defence
Now that was a superb mini movie,I really enjoyed that,thank you so much,awesome
Jose Tanchão
Jose Tanchão Hace 23 horas
peter makes
peter makes Hace 23 horas
the "entangled satelite" is a nice touch to get around the time delay from mars to earth
Matthias W
Matthias W Hace un día
Starcraft Episode I
BugMcVagh Hace un día
Can I just say, that the Hungarian subtitles are awful? I don't have problem listening to the English dub only, but I usually like to share such things with my non English speaking family members whenever I see that there's a subtitle. But I just noticed, this is a very very poor Google translation.
Damian Lewd
Damian Lewd Hace un día
Poor thing he’ll be debriefed and dissected
D'Jack Chocoa Van Berg
said the old man, the aliens have very advanced knowledge and science. especially light science. The rest is the same as animals on earth. So wide is the universe. :D good luck we are just stuck on Earth. without knowing the story in the universe
William Griffin
William Griffin Hace un día
beam me home scotty.. thanks !
morningstar Hace un día
Is this the guy from purgatory in Supernatural?
_welcome7to7hell7_ open your eyes
2nd Part? HelloOooo
Alex Freshmann
Alex Freshmann Hace un día
So it took them 2 days to get him back? Losers
Gr3gor Hace un día
Nice but wanted to see the spaceship interior though
Fluxgun Hace un día
this needs to be a full length movie
Lyra Snow
Lyra Snow Hace un día
Steve Felten
Steve Felten Hace un día
That was very cool, the acting was really good.. 😁👍
Sanjay Bhaskaran
Sanjay Bhaskaran Hace un día
Please...give this guys An Oscar!!
Andrew Flowers
Andrew Flowers Hace un día
Cool, but they screwed up on communications link. If it takes 4 minutes at the speed of light to travel to Mars, how long world it take to radio back home, even a simple message, then response? At least 4 minutes!
Joseph Haag
Joseph Haag Hace un día
I dont know if i would freakout or go brain numb😦
Mike F
Mike F Hace un día
It's wonderful to put all those things together. I admire you for trying. But does it have to be so predictable at every single step? Why not drop all your conceptions of what a scifi movie would be, and making something original and real.
John A
John A Hace un día
Vahan Good
Vahan Good Hace un día
This was a Really Good short, simple, and sweet movie. I think in this century, movies need to be shorter too - 15 to 45 mins is perfect. For more realistic Sci-fi check out Issac Arthur's channel. He has some pretty neat stuff. ✌️
Jose Coss
Jose Coss Hace un día
Gardner De Aguiar
Gardner De Aguiar Hace un día
idk... for a pretty simple story, there are quite a few plot mistakes.
Prof Gordon Land
Prof Gordon Land Hace un día
Not bad but not good either. - Nice modeling.
Murdochella Hace un día
I don't like the beginning, because the earth is flat.
relentlessmadman Hace un día
flt!!!! burn????????????????? awe come on!
x Hace un día
The Return of V'ger
x Hace un día
Better than 99% of all Star Trek movies and shows
jetstream222 Hace un día
“Here. You dropped this.”
Marcus Weiß
Marcus Weiß Hace un día
ist das ein film oder eine serie sieht geil aus
SnAk3mS Hace un día
Einfach nur beeindruckt wow!
J WILTON Hace un día
And then there’s the ending...ahem.
J WILTON Hace un día
He was gone for a number of minutes before turning up on his own front lawn. These people didn’t even have time to determine what to think or feel.
J WILTON Hace un día
What’s with the water works? The guy with the alleged “right stuff” turns all weepy even before he know what his situation is all about. I guess in the future NASA is more concerned with recruiting “sensitive” astronauts rather than guys and women with nerves of steel and ice water flowing through their veins. This is a weak spot.
J WILTON Hace un día
Not to be a nooge but it takes radio signals somewhere around 45 minutes to make the trip from Mars to Earth or visa versa. Plus I’ve never heard of any research being done or technology that exists on how to bridge that gap. Otherwise it’s completely believable.
Jutta Steinmann
Jutta Steinmann Hace un día
We found new friends! Without fight or fear. They are explorer. Like us. May the force be with them. Holy crap, what a ride.
COMBAT DOC Hace un día
Mankind cannot achieve traveling through space at the speed of light. HE will have to be advised by a alien nation to accomplish this goal
Project 19
Project 19 Hace un día
Great 15 minutes! But... who's "Roger"?
pjdave66 Hace un día
Woah that was awesome
Yushi Erico
Yushi Erico Hace un día
I thought it is a remake of FTL game
GearZ25 Hace un día
very high quality!
David Auer
David Auer Hace un día
The Crystal Aliens have just informed Cdr. Kane that his species must be hazed before joining the Fraternity of the Traveling Lightyears.
kayemen415 Hace un día
Best acting goes to both 'father' and 'son'. Cringeworthy acting goes to TV reporter and guys at the control room. 'Lady commander at control room" was ok - she looks like an older Kamala Harris. Wife's performance was also ok. Now is there a part 2 of this ?
Chandra Ramu
Chandra Ramu Hace un día
Juuzou Suzuya
Juuzou Suzuya Hace un día
Alien save this guy beacose dezintegretion speed
justoldog Hace un día
"and next time apply at our embassy before you cross our border illegally-"
Jeremiah Kerkendall
Jeremiah Kerkendall Hace un día
They got this one right. That's exactly how it would end orb again depending on what you call it.
Nick Rff
Nick Rff Hace 2 días
Dust pisses me off I hate cliffhangers
Nick Rff
Nick Rff Hace 2 días
If I had to guess, they DID try it with a nonhuman first? Right?
Nick Rff
Nick Rff Hace 2 días
How do you have the funding to pay all those actors?
Mat Lins
Mat Lins Hace 2 días
That's crazy, the same shit happened to me...........I was driving my spaceship (2001 Hyundai Accent) faster then the speed of light (about 40km/h) when my reactor malfunctioned ( my radiator fucked out). Anyway long story short I was picked up by an advanced alien race (an Indian taxi driver) and brought back to earth where I was reconstituted back into my original form (I was drunk, had no money and ran from the taxi without paying). At which time I hugged and embraced my family (I was tackled by Police and arrested) THE END
Susanth Vasudevan
Susanth Vasudevan Hace 2 días
He has indirectly provided the coordinates for an inter galactic visit... Time to call captain marvel.
Leudwig vonshwartsenhelm
Can I get cleared for some initial thrust?
J.P. I.
J.P. I. Hace 2 días
Perfect film for my short attention span.
Juan Figueroa
Juan Figueroa Hace 2 días
he forgot to wear the helmet
tashaffin Hace 2 días
If it took 3 minutes for him to travel to Mars FTL then it takes at least 3 minutes for any communication to make it back. Seriously, I'll believe a lot of sci fi hocus pocus, but at least try.
John Jay
John Jay Hace 2 días
He made it home in 21 parsecs.
deb blooth
deb blooth Hace 2 días
The pilot was in x-men and riddick.
donnan huggler
donnan huggler Hace 2 días
That guy is a real actor (don’t know his name).. Are there any other dust films this good? I’ve seen many excellent Dust films, but this was next levels
Bernhard Tittelbach
Bernhard Tittelbach Hace 2 días
They are everywhere beyond 10ly. They bring everyone back who crosses that threshold. The message is clear. Stay inside.
Harmon Wood
Harmon Wood Hace 2 días
Perhaps he could have gotten back on his own had he not been such a cry baby.
Thorsten Flemming
Thorsten Flemming Hace 2 días
awesome. thank you so much for wonderfull 15 minutes.
Phil Boardman
Phil Boardman Hace 2 días
I’m constantly amazed by the quality of the production, it just blows me away thinking that a major corporation hasn’t done this with a production costing high fives if not six figures, like you can see in the high end films about, well done to each and every single one of those who have contributed to this “FTL“. Nice job indeed. Phil👍
RAY SPEARS Hace 2 días
Very good, pity it wasn't a lot longer, I wish there was more space movies made.
Ununius Hace 2 días
Real good short movie. Besides the sounds effects in the vacuum. Lol
Kai Proton
Kai Proton Hace 2 días
Finally, some nice Aliens,
Alberto Morales
Alberto Morales Hace 2 días
Ok good
Robert B.
Robert B. Hace 2 días
What's stupid about this is that even though It was minutes to Mars at the speed of light, There is no time delay in their communication. So my guess is that general radio frequencies are faster than the speed of light. Funny eh?
Richard Emerson
Richard Emerson Hace 2 días
Another of the few DUST shorts that doesn't leave me wanting to slit my wrists from darkest despair.
Danny Bongo
Danny Bongo Hace 2 días
I love your works! I found this esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-n7Z5RJr6TkI.html I think they need guidance lol
Ricardo Castillo
Ricardo Castillo Hace 2 días
Muy buena
Chris Fredriksson
Chris Fredriksson Hace 2 días
I would like to see the full feature movie, NOW!! This was really good!!
Sachin Devaraj
Sachin Devaraj Hace 2 días
jeff bridges? is that you?
Стефан Стефанов
Wow! Instant radio communication from Mars to Earth - that is only possible if the guy is in the other studio next to the "mission control" - like the lunar landing 50 years ago... LOL!
akupehsluarketatAR Hace 3 días
meanwhile on Alien News Network: A hooman refugee found in a broken ship, got deported.
TUMSonY Hace 3 días
This is how most hollywood movies are. Just shorter to the point. I like it.
Jeremy Desmond
Jeremy Desmond Hace 3 días
Awww, what nice aliens.
Jim Bean
Jim Bean Hace 3 días
Guess the Aliens built the Wall!!!
Dal Jeanis
Dal Jeanis Hace 3 días
Mom... Sorry about the car; it was impounded. You're never going to believe what the ticket is gonna cost. At least the cops brought me home.
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