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"FTL" by Adam Stern
A lone astronaut testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft travels farther than he imagined possible.
Ethan Kane, a NASA Astronaut and decorated pilot, has recently retired from active duty to spend more time with his wife and young son. As he tries to adjust to a quieter life on the ground, he’s approached to fly one last mission...testing the first faster-than-light spacecraft. While the world watches, Kane takes The Longshot on its maiden voyage.
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5 ene 2019

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Comentarios 4 657
joesgarage618 Hace un hora
We so need to see her b**bs....
Teresa Smith
Teresa Smith Hace un hora
To love and be loved with such depth, I have never known.
patriotpioneer Hace un hora
Yet again, Music Too Loud, Dialog Too Low.....
Kirkaiya Hace un hora
So, they already had FTL communications? Because radio between Earth and Mars is 3 minutes each way, minimum. You can't have a conversation with with Earth from Mars the way the astronaut did in the beginning.
Random Schmid
Random Schmid Hace un hora
Aliens were like "Hold my beer"
Ratcat17 Hace 2 horas
I 'Vectored myself at 7 minutes - now I have to change my pants. And I know its Sci-fi but there would be no sound coming from the Aliens zooming through Space. Yeah I know its for effect.
Karl Rifenbark
Karl Rifenbark Hace 2 horas
Cool movie! Thank You!
rfdsdf1 Hace 2 horas
This was awesome except for the people in it.
LA Waitress
LA Waitress Hace 2 horas
cheesy af
Ev3rM0r3 Hace 2 horas
This is old... I watched this over a year ago.. wtf
Kevin V.
Kevin V. Hace 2 horas
Man I love Ty olsen. Hes such and amazing actor!
VILKAS Hace 2 horas
It would be really not bad movie, but now it is so broken and there's so many mistakes ughhh
Tigger0067 Hace 3 horas
Solitaire Guillaume
Solitaire Guillaume Hace 3 horas
She didn't notice the gray in his beard is gone? Hmm. I think there needs to be a Part II to this ;)
555jaybo Hace 3 horas
This video kept showing up on my right hand / up next list...... well there's fifteen minutes of my life I won't be getting back ffs
examplerkey Hace 3 horas
This short film is way more better and meaningful than Hollywood block busters. We human think we know everything, but compared to an advanced alien civilization, be it biological or AI, we are at their mercy.
AntiguaDreams Hace 4 horas
This was really good. my only criticism... the main actor's facial expressions. on the ship he had an "something wrong" face when he was doing routine stuff. and when the aliens brought him back to earth, his initial rezzing face was ... weird. otherwise, amazing short film I'd like to see in a movie or series. just please, cast Abraham Benrubi as the main star, and a son who actually looks like he has his mother's DNA(although its completely geneticaly proven a kid can just look like one parent).
Erik Hace 4 horas
Aliens be like "Nope, you don't deserve this tech, back home to where you came from squishy organic thing until you can learn to stop killing each other and your planet and being racist and building walls - you clearly can't get along on a tiny planet, let alone the galaxy."
Second Unit Aerials
Second Unit Aerials Hace 4 horas
True story. Just...not yet.
III% Hace 4 horas
ROFL - Pretty sure that a future spaceman has to be a bit more fit than fat assed hallmark soyboi
Blueming Sounds
Blueming Sounds Hace 4 horas
Is this new? I've seen this about a year ago.
Ranger Ray
Ranger Ray Hace 4 horas
All this "Dust" stuff is a new level of cool.
galactic-visitor Etxavarria
Well, a short film, with a Pink end!!. But of course, we know, reality,won`t be so merciful!!. The true, I`d prefer a more weird & fantastic end.No this one,"So Rossi", and so hard to believe!!.
Rich B
Rich B Hace 4 horas
I need more of this films ending, and during the capture of a human and what happened during the visit. What advanced tech did he learn. lets continue on with this. Thanks
Eitvydas Paulauskas
Eitvydas Paulauskas Hace 4 horas
The moral is don't try to go faster than light, because you'll create trouble not only for your family but also for the ghosts of good Samaritans.
thekingjackass Hace 5 horas
At the end of your life do you look at the picture of your wife and kid that youve seen a million times or do you look at the aliens and all the crazy s**t around you? Screw the wife and kid.
thefatman77 Hace 5 horas
excellent im waiting for more
Гопник задира
I´m not a physicist or anything, but from what I´ve read, that FTL ship appears to use a scheme similar to what we currently believe an FTL ship would look like. Plus, quantum entanglement ftl communications, although not really accurate, has some basis in reality.
sir lancelot
sir lancelot Hace 5 horas
Interesting . Dn't know how this wound up on the viewing list , but well put together . Let's hope our first contact with aliens is a peaceful one . . . . .
FUCK your feelings
FUCK your feelings Hace 5 horas
Well done.
Rob Tireman
Rob Tireman Hace 5 horas
Nice job, very enjoyable
Phlan-Michelle Purss
The only problem I have with this is that 15 minutes it's to bloody short. So I hope that they make a longer version soon or even turn it into a series. As a Trekhead I loved it.
Jean François Girard
Well done! Two thumbs-up to Mr. Stern and his team - we now need a full prod on this ... just *wow* :)
Earthling Hace 6 horas
This stuff should be fully worked and on the widescreen. These days, I tend to question the entire NASA narrative and even the astrophysics science itself, however, we are all still enamoured by fantasy. This was excellent.
Henk Spierings
Henk Spierings Hace 6 horas
Toby Whaymand
Toby Whaymand Hace 6 horas
Amazing... But Mars would be too close for warp drive and warp drive would have to be done outside of the solar system (unless you want the solar system crashing into the ship.) The nearest star is Alpha Centauri this would be the first place we will go to when light speed becomes possible, at light speed, it will take around 4 and half years to get there.
xebache777 Hace 7 horas
Nicely done. Enjoyable 15 minutes.
Paper Sack
Paper Sack Hace 7 horas
He's all an old man with a crooked mouth blowing a load in that young broad.
Augie Pellegrini
Augie Pellegrini Hace 7 horas
Great plot, I enjoyed it
sandy harless
sandy harless Hace 7 horas
Excellent Sci-Fi short. Better than some movies I've seen. Thanks for letting us watch.
Spaceballzy Hace 8 horas
I wish I were lucky enough to happen to fly in the right direction into a mega structure to pick me up.
Daniel Van Patten
Daniel Van Patten Hace 8 horas
Spotted by Border Patrol. Denied immigration. Tagged and sent home.
aunun ally
aunun ally Hace 8 horas
mind programming
angeltraxx1 Hace 8 horas
Nice work !
aunun ally
aunun ally Hace 8 horas
look up hyper luminous luminous speed you'll see we've had it for decades we've also had contact with evil (aliens) for years and years. in reality are demon that have Mis misled your leadership. work in the video with very good like
Richard Harris
Richard Harris Hace 8 horas
Beautiful! Thanks for posting it!
Acg blah
Acg blah Hace 8 horas
Was good till the boiler plate wife and child scenes far over took majority of the short 14:06 time.
Doc eb
Doc eb Hace 8 horas
Consider the possibility of more advanced earth sapiens saving a less advanced alien species when they lost in space. Probably the second thought of human race would be to know the location of their planet,go there,invade, pollute and finally dooms day there too...😂😂😂😂😂😂
bigkozlov Hace 8 horas
I will use this story as an excuse next time I stop at the bar on the way home.
Daz Hace 8 horas
That was brilliant!
that guy in right at space station looks like commander shepherd !
byron yorks
byron yorks Hace 8 horas
I'm ok with alien abduction as long as they spare me the anal probe.
Kolompár Gandalf
Kolompár Gandalf Hace 9 horas
ye ye ye but the "FTL" is soo primitive technology. just waste of time! ;) :)
ujjwal Gupta
ujjwal Gupta Hace 9 horas
Wow love it
Su Takahashi
Su Takahashi Hace 9 horas
"Moving out. Quarter impulse." Lovin' it!
Therealozzy47 Hace 9 horas
*initiate slow clap
Siva Prasad
Siva Prasad Hace 9 horas
No Technology can Succeed The Creator.
atreyyu Hace 9 horas
You can still hear the sound in space, nice... "Real-Time" communication with Mars should take around 30 minutes...
Overonator Hace 10 horas
I like benevolent aliens. Also he should have a helmet on. What is this Warhammer 40k? Put your helmet on!
Philipp Hace 10 horas
hand grabs rocket from the wrong side after cut: 2:48 wrong interface interaction: 1:02
mick2d2 Hace 10 horas
I suppose it was a bit of a longshot!
Professor Booty
Professor Booty Hace 10 horas
Pretty trash short. You make it seem like the aliens save him and bring him home but if they didnt drag his ship to where they were he would've gone home anyway.
Splunder Hace 10 horas
MAKE A MOVIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ran Ko
Ran Ko Hace 10 horas
What was this? 8th grader's first attempt to shoot a sci-fi film? Total crap.
The Reynolds
The Reynolds Hace 10 horas
Starship designers never put an actual off switch on their machines. A way to physically break the circuit would be nice.
Name not found
Name not found Hace 10 horas
This has been posted before.
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle Hace 10 horas
I didn't know of Aliyah O'Brien before this. She's great.
Keith Penner Photography
ummm. his emotional outburst were too much...got to cast a younger guy with more testosterone. This movie should be called M.M.P. - Male Menopause Project...lol
Oughriend Hace 11 horas
If I ever go into space I'm bringing a pack of smokes so I can light up like Spike Spiegel when my ship breaks and I'm adrift & going to die.
Confused Voyager
Confused Voyager Hace 11 horas
Better production value than H-wood.
Jared Thibodaux
Jared Thibodaux Hace 11 horas
I thought this was going to be a Battlestar Galactica prequel or something, when they started spinning up the FTL I thought for sure there would be a Capica reference. 40 billion dollar spaceship and they could not afford a helmet for their pilot, that sounds more like a Soviet space flight :)
Neil Carter
Neil Carter Hace 11 horas
I can't even hear this guy, maybe he should have taken some acting lesson on projecting his voice and #subscribetopewdiepie
scott just looking
scott just looking Hace 11 horas
empty ending to a somewhat good flick!
Karl Tanner
Karl Tanner Hace 11 horas
Dust make some really good short films and excellent CGI to boot... Make them 40 - 45 min a pop and sell to Netflix!
Inside Tha JackaLs Head
This was epic! LOVED IT! Better then any "mission to mars" sort of movie turned out by Hollywood in ages. I would love to see a 2 hour film of this short film the story is very captivating, and the fx was exceptional! Well done... This deserves a standing ovation by all...
Zensei Bzenonline
Zensei Bzenonline Hace 11 horas
wow well done i was moved
DanLiveOnUTube Hace 11 horas
Please upload this thing without the letterbox.
tibchy144 Hace 12 horas
wife will have to do with a copy of her husband
Ravi Kumar Sharma
Ravi Kumar Sharma Hace 12 horas
These insurance company ads are getting smarter
Allen Waters
Allen Waters Hace 12 horas
figofagonagoitis Hace 12 horas
Weak :/
Jonas 3D Page
Jonas 3D Page Hace 13 horas
wow. that was amazing! and may I ask what software you use for your vfx?
Mulla Meer Ahmed
Mulla Meer Ahmed Hace 13 horas
Anonymous Spaceman
Anonymous Spaceman Hace 13 horas
Cheers Dust, it must be very dusty up there mate! He travelled faster than light to get to Mars & then the aliens brought him back to his horny Mrs & neatly kept house & garden mate. He was lucky, cos I would have thought that travelling beyond the speed of light, would have sent him back in time mate. Enjoyed the vid & impressive looking spaceship.👍😁👍
Seba92000 Hace 13 horas
Good actors.
Edward Quinn
Edward Quinn Hace 14 horas
Loved this !
Corporal Video
Corporal Video Hace 14 horas
So much potential ultimately unrealized.
wally crail
wally crail Hace 15 horas
It would be a good sci-fi short film, if you remove both the good and sci parts. There was nothing good, or scientific about it. It was pure fiction.
Josh Kaufman
Josh Kaufman Hace 16 horas
Nice presentation, but I came expecting/ looking forward to SciFi, but got spiritual/ mysticism swapped in at the end. Swap the "Alien" parts for him meeting God/ Angels and then the plot makes more sense. The whole premis of SciFi is the plausible adventure facilitated by advanced technology that keeps us chewing our popcorn. The story did a great job of featuring The tech & adventure in the intro, and sufficiently developed the characters for us to car about them, but then copped out into a lazy "God Mode* at the conclusion. This is the reason the plot seams so disjointed.
MrZenmancer Hace 16 horas
Better story in 15 minutes than all 5 Twilight movies combined.
kermets Hace 17 horas
He's a modern day Chuck Yeager.............
Little Al
Little Al Hace 17 horas
I wonder what system was used to communicate between mars and earth, there was very little signal delay.
megadeth Pantera
megadeth Pantera Hace 17 horas
mmm.. ¿Einstein? relativity?? aaa...
Thunderchild11111 Hace 17 horas
nice but it will not happen this way
Myriaddsystems Hace 18 horas
This made me weep, don't know why but it just did. If only we could.....
Scott Margerum
Scott Margerum Hace 18 horas
Commander you are fined 1 galactic credit for speeding...
Ty Cetto
Ty Cetto Hace 18 horas
What a load of sentimental BS...
richard mccann
richard mccann Hace 18 horas
Dan L.
Dan L. Hace 18 horas
This is just a story about futuristic work zone car thieves.
DoctorGarkle Hace 19 horas
A continuación