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Watch the cast of 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' reunite to do a table read of the cult classic film 10 years later. Go to www.waterforpeople.org/pilgrim/ to donate and to enter a raffle to win the drawing in the video.
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'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' Reunion Table Read | Entertainment Weekly


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20 jul 2020






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Limp Hace 5 minutos
This was one of the best movies with an all star cast of young actors on the rise, or already big names. (at the time)
Sebastian Shammer
Sebastian Shammer Hace un hora
3:19 Actually, it's Shivran... =/
Sameem Bashir
Sameem Bashir Hace 2 horas
the most famous cast member plays the most famous person in the movie
Rick D
Rick D Hace 9 horas
I'm in lesbians with Ellen Wong. She was and still is perfect in this role.
Natenator77 Hace 9 horas
What are the chances - that part how the stage direction was 'Scott throws the cymbal Captain America style'. So cool to see this!
Natenator77 Hace 8 horas
Also, maybe the line was improvised, but I didn't hear Stephen's line about the Katayanagi twins 'tearing down the roof'.
52:57 De rienn🤠
Zabdiel Bunquin
Zabdiel Bunquin Hace 11 horas
Shame Brie Larson isn’t here
Kathlee7n w
Kathlee7n w Hace 12 horas
I love Toronto it's so weird. So is this movie.
Kathlee7n w
Kathlee7n w Hace 12 horas
Pedro Amaral
Pedro Amaral Hace 15 horas
fun fact: Mary Elizabeth Winstead's hair have the natural color of ramona's from the comic book... i guess
0Imtheslime0 Hace 21 un hora
Aubrey Plaza is something else..
0Imtheslime0 Hace 21 un hora
TheDare531 Hace 22 horas
Watching this and then it hits me.... I remember Michael Bacall from Free Willy
aBucketOfPuppies Hace 23 horas
I wish Kieran Culkin could make it. His delivery as Wallace was amazing
Mayukh Hace un día
This is undoubtedly one of the best things on the internet>
Paddy Plumridge
Paddy Plumridge Hace un día
HaloGalaxy Hace un día
Edgar Wright looks like Gary Oldman
Astle Seethal
Astle Seethal Hace un día
How crazy was this cast actually
bean25 Hace un día
ZuGgy Gaming
ZuGgy Gaming Hace un día
This was so cool! Thank you all!
Slab Panda
Slab Panda Hace un día
I lesbians this movie so much
drhectorm Hace un día
I literally went back to watch the movie again. and I like this version more ... ok no, I'm going to see the movie again better !! they are the best !!!
Missing apollo
Missing apollo Hace un día
Michael Cera is trying hard to look like an adult.
Salmonfilms Hace un día
Uh oh *N I G G A N I N J A*
Celene Gonzalez
Celene Gonzalez Hace un día
best movie ever my cousins sister and I are huge fans we've watched it way toooo many times
drhectorm Hace un día
AND Wallace?? I need this video with subtitles un spanish please!!!
Vipul Gupta
Vipul Gupta Hace un día
Knives is so cute!!
Loren Wilson
Loren Wilson Hace un día
Ellen Wong's readings exactly like in the movie!
metalmilitia89 Hace un día
I still heart Mary Elizabeth Winstead. She is like a fine wine.
curtis cook
curtis cook Hace un día
is that Julian Edelman?
Mon'el Zor'el
Mon'el Zor'el Hace un día
Now that this movie has such a following a sequel would kill the box office
Disup_Arya Hace un día
This is one of the movie that I have lost count of how many times I have watched it.
Cameron Widger
Cameron Widger Hace un día
9:45 Headphones too loud, Michael?
thajuice100ify Hace un día
Knives got insanely hot
MARCOM noivent
MARCOM noivent Hace un día
So why cant brie larson be here? Isnt she a youtuber now
Govanni Delrio
Govanni Delrio Hace un día
I love that Michael looked pleased with himself after Ellen's reaction lol
E Wok
E Wok Hace un día
It's kind of awkward that the "ex-boyfriends" who skipped this reunion are the non-whites dudes.
nan c
nan c Hace 2 días
I smiled through this whole thing. Thank you.
Sir Oswald
Sir Oswald Hace 2 días
1:23:26 The subtitles 🤭💀💀
cristhian julca lopez
I love you ellen wong
alice p.
alice p. Hace 2 días
the fact that i can perfectly picture the scenes as they read them should definitely worry me
Vongola Tenth
Vongola Tenth Hace 2 días
Is that fucking Captain America?
unlucky march
unlucky march Hace 2 días
Ellen Wong was so gooood
Cameron Troutman
Cameron Troutman Hace 2 días
40:43 Language, Cap! Oh shit, I just realized...he’s not here. AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!! Me: (🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂)
Dub Devil
Dub Devil Hace 2 días
Man i love Scott pilgrim comic and movie
Just a kid that rants
Someone needs to dub the whole movie with this
Just a kid that rants
koi no yokan
koi no yokan Hace 2 días
This movie reminded me how much I used to say "totally"for everything
- sollarz
- sollarz Hace 2 días
This was awesome, i bought the film and game around the same week back in 2010 and loved both of them probably one of the best Michael Cera films i've seen. Here's to 10 years!
Henrik Amalia
Henrik Amalia Hace 2 días
This readthrough made me realise how past paced this movie is - it's am an I kinda got stuck, but I totally loved it
Sabbalab92 Hace 2 días
23:48 I can't believe Mary didn't stutter saying all the tea names.
Ares Zhu
Ares Zhu Hace 2 días
Can’t believe this movie was 10 years ago
WebHeadRon Hace 2 días
Who’s still waiting for Scott Pilgrim 2
Kevin nightmareszzz
Kevin nightmareszzz Hace 3 días
it's a shame Brie and Kieran couldn't be there but I'm really happy to see most of the cast together again
Hammyez Hace 3 días
that was gay
Meri Dolbakyan
Meri Dolbakyan Hace 3 días
Anna is actually a rlly good Envy lmao
Ryan Gubbins
Ryan Gubbins Hace 3 días
I love these people, and this movie. So very much.
john Alfaro
john Alfaro Hace 3 días
Why brie larson is not there?
Douglas Clemente
Douglas Clemente Hace 3 días
This was soooo good!!
Keaira Finlay
Keaira Finlay Hace 3 días
I closed my eyes to listen to this movie and could still watch the entire movie in my mind. 😍😍😍😍
ONE23 BEANZ Hace 3 días
The 8bit universal theme will never stop being my ringtone
Phil Chao
Phil Chao Hace 3 días
Anyone here after seeing Chris Evans' package on Instagram?
BloomsCrux Hace 3 días
I absolutely needed this in my life
Dillon Tharp
Dillon Tharp Hace 3 días
I love that the storyboards are in the comic style
Alex Laycock
Alex Laycock Hace 3 días
Mark Webber’s lip sinking to launchpad mcquack is amazing
Issa Abustan
Issa Abustan Hace 3 días
Jason Schwartzman winking and looking at the camera 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Odyssey Hace 4 días
I thought I was over it. Its been 10 years. I still love you Mary Elizabeth Winstead
WW3 Hace 4 días
So this is what it looks a movie without like cameras u kno..
Dj Arthur do DG
Dj Arthur do DG Hace 4 días
Algum brasileiro por aki?? Kkk
Yato Yatoparin
Yato Yatoparin Hace 4 días
I would watch this everyday pretty much especially if Brie would sing Black Sheep again
MrWhositMagig Hace 4 días
3:02 her?
gr8latino Hace 4 días
Captain America is like “I got better things to do. See ya!”
drog Rel
drog Rel Hace 4 días
Hyped for the re-release of the game
Indigo Detry
Indigo Detry Hace 4 días
just finished rewatching the movie this is so trippy lol
Søul Central
Søul Central Hace 4 días
MegaTomPlays Hace 4 días
I needed this, just rewatched the movie for like the 100th time. They still got it!
Andres Marin
Andres Marin Hace 4 días
Brandon Routhe plays the Atom. His flash met DCEU flash. Who is in the same world that Huntress is in (aka Mary Elizabeth Winstead.)
Anna Kendrick screaming "oh yeah" has me in some kind of mood....
Devin Doran
Devin Doran Hace 4 días
Soooo goood ❤️❤️❤️
Dade Lee Murphy
Dade Lee Murphy Hace 4 días
but can he do that one thingy of the rail?
Q the omnipotent
Q the omnipotent Hace 4 días
Scott Pilgrim 2 Ramona has to defeat Scott's exes.
Nukiee #Az
Nukiee #Az Hace 4 días
i watched the movie, now im watching this , then im watching the movie again, so who watched the movie again after this???
CIC Hace 13 horas
Read the comics?
Jess Cuz
Jess Cuz Hace 4 días
They need to make a 3D version of this
SPMC studios
SPMC studios Hace 4 días
this was the most beautiful thing in the entire world
SPMC studios
SPMC studios Hace 4 días
why did i watch all of this instead of the real movie😂
robert diaz
robert diaz Hace 4 días
miley cyrus
AV John
AV John Hace 5 días
Home Alone brother? that doode can play a young tony stark
royal boyo
royal boyo Hace 5 días
40:11 holy shit his eyebrow-change
adrain182 Hace 5 días
I literally just finished watching this movie. My phone is definitely listening to me
Chewy Thomson
Chewy Thomson Hace 5 días
The 378 people who down voted this have never been in lesbians with anyone.
gary Hace 5 días
I really liked Brie larson singing black sheep zz, now she's kinda annoying and she ain't even here. Even chris evan is here ...
gary Hace 5 días
Bruh, some of these side characters really blew up in the past 10 years
luiza Hace 5 días
my cheeks hurt from smiling so much :') that was incredible, thank you
Karlan Jones
Karlan Jones Hace 5 días
This is so fun to watch. They should make a new DVD release with this on it.
Cierra David
Cierra David Hace 5 días
Where is Kieran?! :'(
Cierra David
Cierra David Hace 5 días
I love that they love this too! It's so good!!!
dudebfg0123 Hace 5 días
53:10 I love everyone just jamming, bummed that Brie wasn't there tho
Harry O'Donovan
Harry O'Donovan Hace 5 días
Ellen Wong is like having knives there
Matthew Strahlman
Matthew Strahlman Hace 5 días
Jason Schwartzman is brilliant wtf
Gabriel Ryan-Leon
Gabriel Ryan-Leon Hace 5 días
I love how proud Chris Evans looked when they said “Scott threw a cymbal, captain America style”
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