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A confusing incident in which a man exposed himself to a teenage Sean Patton and his friends winds up having all kinds of unexpected consequences. (Contains strong language.)
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About This Is Not Happening:
Now hosted by Roy Wood Jr., This Is Not Happening features long-form storytelling from stand-up comedians, musicians and more. These outrageous stories show why real-life experiences always make the best material.
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6 feb 2019

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Max B. Solo
Max B. Solo Hace 21 un hora
I hope not, but I know he was on this show and it’s supposed to come out, but I HOPE that’s not Big Brown laughing like that
nilpoint Hace un día
Got to 7 minutes. Too dull.
Terrorxxarveen Rad
Terrorxxarveen Rad Hace un día
I feel like he’s a dick in real pife
Terrorxxarveen Rad
Terrorxxarveen Rad Hace un día
GULLWORKS LTD. Hace un día
Who knew balls could create life and futures...?
C. iNat
C. iNat Hace un día
this venue is awkward to watch
Adnan A
Adnan A Hace un día
I just learned how blunts were made
fernandez Hace 2 días
fernandez Hace 2 días
Mason Rex
Mason Rex Hace 2 días
That was god’s balls
Cum Fart
Cum Fart Hace 2 días
10:32 the girl on the right is not amused
LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Fishing Florida Bass
This is one of the greatest “This Is Not Happening” I have ever seen
BG Fishing
BG Fishing Hace 3 días
The lady behind him immediately regretted being there at 10:32 lmao
Ulfar Jonsson
Ulfar Jonsson Hace 4 días
Is michael from rooster teeth just losing it in the audience?
daks5122 Hace 4 días
“Marijuana Ocarina” I think woulda been better.
John Doe
John Doe Hace 4 días
This guys hilarious.
Nick Dusek
Nick Dusek Hace 4 días
I knew when I got to the comment section I would see some hate on this guy's laugh, but honestly I didn't mind it. Lol and Sean Patton did a great job with timing some of his punch lines to work around the guy. Lol
darnizy Hace 5 días
We were challenged lmfao. Had to pull over that shit hit me
Adrian Cline-Bailey
Adrian Cline-Bailey Hace 5 días
Brilliant story teller, mad funny, never heard of this guy before, new fan, lol
Adrian Cline-Bailey
Adrian Cline-Bailey Hace 5 días
Just realized I sound like Trump, shit :(
Nicholos Jones
Nicholos Jones Hace 5 días
testimony, tell it man. never heard anything like it. wow. and u were mentality molested according to the law i think. dudes a pedifile. but i'm glad u've used tht experience to paid. evil happens,but it's there to test is and make us stronger.
Grayson G
Grayson G Hace 5 días
this was inspiring
2ndmoon Hace 5 días
I actually like the laugh in the background and there’s a good chance it’s Ari’s lol
Charles Weber
Charles Weber Hace 5 días
My new favorite person..
R0b0saurus Rex
R0b0saurus Rex Hace 5 días
If you havent watched this video yet skip to 1:00 cuz these mutherfuckers always ruin a punchline... WHY!!!!????
M B Hace 5 días
That laugh made it even better lmao fuck the haters lol
s.carolina Hace 6 días
The Best Deez nuts story ever 😂.. kinda gay tho...
PowdaToastFace Killah
Everyone from Louisiana must think of life as split into pre and post Katrina
Youtube University
Youtube University Hace 6 días
Razor blade? Falls out.....angry? Yeah you smoke blunts....and play with girls "sandbags" aaalll the time.
Michelle Darkly
Michelle Darkly Hace 6 días
Do you think fat shaming can work for other comedians the way it worked for Tom Segura? So many talented fatties die young, it would be a shame to lose another one.
Zack Hace 6 días
Bring back ARI as host...
Chaz Danielle
Chaz Danielle Hace 6 días
"we were challenged" Incredible
dailyvlogfan92 Hace 6 días
Okay, i do enjoy most of these and i find them pretty funny. But this may be the person who made me laugh the most.
TheSeeohhdee Hace 7 días
homeboy with the annoying laugh needs to tone it the fuck down
nate dogg
nate dogg Hace 7 días
The ending 😂😂
kurai shinzou
kurai shinzou Hace 7 días
I dont like roy wood jr.
solomon gros I
solomon gros I Hace 7 días
Greatest comedian from Louisiana
Onemancantwo Hace 7 días
Sean has inspired me to give someone else a "future"
lar har
lar har Hace 7 días
thumbnail looks like a spasticated brendan fraser
mike benoit
mike benoit Hace 7 días
Not funny.... Also.. Not a Large shirt.. You're a 2X homie
Theo Skourtis
Theo Skourtis Hace 7 días
Is that Ari's laugh in the background that is so intensely annoying?
G1RR0X Hace 7 días
gotta take my balls for a walk xD IM DEAD LMFAO
ADZ bros
ADZ bros Hace 7 días
Someone should make a animation of this
jose tafolla
jose tafolla Hace 8 días
Sean Patton has the most punchable face
Mazeoftorment Hace 8 días
Very unfunny...
Advaith Pillai
Advaith Pillai Hace 8 días
anyone notice male Janice??
Juan Laris
Juan Laris Hace 8 días
Omg ROFL he good omg haha
Matt Blanco
Matt Blanco Hace 8 días
Ive rolled many blunts in my time. There were many years when that's all I did. NEVER ONCE did I have the problem described.
David Reed
David Reed Hace 8 días
How many times did he say the word"Balls"? Would love to see a comp of all the times he said "Balls" cut together
Christian Difelice
Christian Difelice Hace 8 días
I feel like I shouldn't be able to hear the people with horrible laughs in the crowd
Jazmin Albertie
Jazmin Albertie Hace 8 días
We were challenged 😂😂
Mateusz Janik
Mateusz Janik Hace 8 días
god that laugh ruins it
Red Ericson
Red Ericson Hace 8 días
Now, if I see this guy on the news...
B Dean
B Dean Hace 9 días
and that man was louis ck
InfantGoose6565 Hace 9 días
Whoever that idiot is with the obnoxious laugh needs to be KOed.
Big Mac
Big Mac Hace 9 días
10:28 Lmao the lady in the bottom right is visibly in anguish
De da deee 😂😂😂😂😂
bee elle
bee elle Hace 9 días
holy fuck that dude's laughter is SO obnoxious
Jon H
Jon H Hace 9 días
I work in mental health with people who have downs syndrome and I'm really fucking tired of comedians using the word "retarded" Yeah, you don't have to change your language because I listen to you and it hurts my patients feelings. I support free speech but I am done listening to your videos and podcasts.
Amv Nation
Amv Nation Hace 9 días
3:17 the fuck you doin smoking or playing a pipe XD
voher Hace 9 días
not interested. 235th thumbs down
MyWyfe 22
MyWyfe 22 Hace 9 días
Who else had to stop watching because of that laugh? Sheesh
Michael Gilbert
Michael Gilbert Hace 9 días
That laughing has to be fake.
Crazy accurance
Crazy accurance Hace 9 días
13:46 that laugh tho
mersaless Hace 9 días
Oh my please more of him that was hilarious beyond a doubt
orry townes
orry townes Hace 9 días
You're an idiot if you have that kind of trouble with blunts.
FMPcrash Hace 9 días
the guy in the front row had me laughing mo0re
Eric Owen
Eric Owen Hace 9 días
I want to bitch about his blunt skills. But I do the exact same thing. Ive never rolled a good blunt and i'm almost 40.
JrOW 908
JrOW 908 Hace 9 días
Like a pard of cackiling hyenas
Jake Harper
Jake Harper Hace 9 días
the guy in the front laughing jesus Christ please never go to a show again
Eric Wilsey
Eric Wilsey Hace 9 días
I thought for sure his belly button was going to eat the microphone cord.
Exo Grime
Exo Grime Hace 9 días
I've watched comedy central for years, after the shit they pulled with this show and ari, I'm done supporting their platform. Netflix has better content for comedy now anyway.
TheRudeTree Hace 9 días
I don't like this one as much as when he talks about cumin but that could be that he looks like a child and a molester at the same time here but idk
Raymon Blodgett
Raymon Blodgett Hace 9 días
It was hard to get into the comedy with that guy chackling in the background like a wounded seal.
SnackPatrol Hace 9 días
Roy Wood doesn't have the same energy/dark sense of humor of Ari but I guess he's doing the best he can. He's obv. not terrible but I sincerely miss Ari and his insane intros.
Adam Frederick
Adam Frederick Hace 10 días
that dudes laugh ruined it for me, stopped the video 6 mins in cuz i couldn't fuckin take it anymore
Logan Burnette
Logan Burnette Hace 10 días
The sketches are even worse since Roy took over
Caleb Johnston
Caleb Johnston Hace 10 días
I can't fucking breathe.... had to pause it multiple times
Orin Paul Popelka
Orin Paul Popelka Hace 10 días
1:05 You're welcome. I miss Ari.
The Jackass Linguist
The Jackass Linguist Hace 10 días
Hey guys, idk if you got it the first 7 times, but it was balls...not a dick and balls
Kom Rook Met My
Kom Rook Met My Hace 10 días
This story just exemplifies the reason why pipes are far superior to joints and blunts.
KH 47
KH 47 Hace 10 días
Air drop them a pic of your balls then😂
Human Being of Planet Earth
learn how to roll a proper blunt jesus christ
Steven Macharius
Steven Macharius Hace 10 días
John Wick
John Wick Hace 10 días
It's 3am and I'm running out of This is not Happening clips...help
acousticfixation Hace 10 días
Strip club haaaaa!!😂😅😂
Heather Burton
Heather Burton Hace 10 días
This dude is fucking hilarious!!
haze bluntman
haze bluntman Hace 10 días
Worst one ever
TastyBreastMilk Hace 10 días
11 minutes too long
Progamer1013 Hace 10 días
Great story, but the one idiot laughing way too loud like a moron at every other word was driving me nuts.
John  Davis
John Davis Hace 10 días
I lost interest from the start when he started trying to relate with smokers with a untreatable story about blunts.... I have never in my life saw a rolled blunt come unraveled and all the weed fall out on the ground ever.... Dude is full of shit- these are supposed to be true stories that happend to comedians- this guy obviously made this shit up...
John  Davis
John Davis Hace 10 días
+ordude123 the point of this show is that its supposed to be real true stories that happend.... This guy is obviously a fake-
ordude123 Hace 10 días
John Davis even if its made up it doesnt matter dont take shit so seriously dude
Robbie T. Campbell
Robbie T. Campbell Hace 10 días
that asshole laughin in the background literally ruined his entire set. that was so rude, and you should see sean losing his cool and trying to work thru it. i actually wonder if that man has a mental handicap or was of special needs for him not go after him like as if he was being heckeled cause he basically was...
Lucien Around
Lucien Around Hace 10 días
That's why you never use a blade to open a blunt
Ap Rh
Ap Rh Hace 10 días
"It was just balls okay? Now think about just balls for a second, I know you have been since I brought it up."
R.Gonzalez Hace 10 días
Give Ari his show back!! disliked
Jordan I-colts
Jordan I-colts Hace 10 días
That laugh! I'm 99.9% sure it's the 70s pedo-mustache guy... center background... leftish alil.
Lorett 711
Lorett 711 Hace 10 días
The chick at 10:3 didnt like the down syndrome joke. Lulz
Corl Franco
Corl Franco Hace 10 días
weed shrinks your balls and lowers your testosterone levels
John  Davis
John Davis Hace 10 días
Something has shrunk your brain if you believe that lol-
JA Parker
JA Parker Hace 10 días
Oh that was him who did that to me, thanks man now I need theapy.
Patrick Keefe
Patrick Keefe Hace 10 días
We have a distinct laugher
Jake Picard
Jake Picard Hace 10 días
That like to dislike ratio though, nice. This guy is coming up.
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