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A confusing incident in which a man exposed himself to a teenage Sean Patton and his friends winds up having all kinds of unexpected consequences. (Contains strong language.)
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About This Is Not Happening:
Now hosted by Roy Wood Jr., This Is Not Happening features long-form storytelling from stand-up comedians, musicians and more. These outrageous stories show why real-life experiences always make the best material.
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6 feb 2019

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Austral Opithecus
Austral Opithecus Hace 6 horas
That's nuts.
Michael S
Michael S Hace un día
I love how he's telling a weed story while his pupils are dilated AF
o o
o o Hace 2 días
the one guy going ha aa a a a ha a a aha aha a a aha a a
MetryxAZ Hace 3 días
This dude looks like a fusion between two of my best friends 🤔😂
Brian Ortiz
Brian Ortiz Hace 3 días
What did the old guy say 😂😂
SheffieldsPark Hace 3 días
Man, that guy with the mustache. Must be a laugh riot at parties.
Wellokthen Hace 4 días
the one guy in the crowd hah hah hah if you look he laughs like a insane man
7ctony Hace 4 días
That laugh, I can’t watch it .
ghetto Doughnut
ghetto Doughnut Hace 5 días
this dude in the audience is so annoying
Pandahz Hace 8 días
You kids must have been terrible at rolling a blunt
D C Hace 8 días
The last 7 minutes or so kind of ruined it should have just stuck to the story
Kyle Hendershot
Kyle Hendershot Hace 10 días
Am I the only one that used to think/still thinks that he's standing with the crowd surrounding him vs a mirror? And the gold thing is just a pole.
Thomas Tolson
Thomas Tolson Hace 10 días
APeZ_CBo 85
APeZ_CBo 85 Hace 10 días
Funny ass story😂
B Hace 11 días
trying to eat during this is very very challenging
Max Vigil
Max Vigil Hace 11 días
that one fucking dude obnoxiously laughing ruins this
Live Lively
Live Lively Hace 12 días
This. One. Guy. Won’t. Laugh. Normally. And I want his head.
Michael Barnard
Michael Barnard Hace 12 días
They met satan 😂
Gage Foreman
Gage Foreman Hace 15 días
ope I found the dumbass laughing
Gage Foreman
Gage Foreman Hace 15 días
Damn I wonder if I can get through this with that annoying ass laugh
Blizzy Hace 19 días
Is that jimmy tatro in the background lol
00Alexis11 Hace 25 días
When he does the down syndrome bit, you can see the woman behind him to the right just goes "ah fuck man, why did you have to go there?" Was hilarious
blacksmith bones
blacksmith bones Hace 26 días
Famous last words I’m sorry
Spencer Biver
Spencer Biver Hace 27 días
Sean: "Balls...." Obnioxous asshole with the hyena laugh: " HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW"
Spencer Biver
Spencer Biver Hace 27 días
He reminds me of John Belushi!
Nyrone Moseley
Nyrone Moseley Hace un mes
“Marijuana Clarinet” is the most underrated joke of this story. Smokers know.
WitherWolf33 Hace un mes
"Balls are like a manatee in a hammock."
BoyofWar Hace un mes
Should I go back there and give these kids a future... wtf
Andromeda Kai
Andromeda Kai Hace un mes
I can't tell who's high
Ken Stoeg
Ken Stoeg Hace un mes
That dude laughing! His best laugh was at 11:30.
TurtleIsSlow2469 Hace un mes
As good as this is.... and it is great.... that loud laughing fuck stick needs to be horse whipped.... HAw, Haw,Haw HAw hAW,HAWWWWWWW. mother fu...@&er
Robustus Hace un mes
I worked at a convenience store in college and this guy (probably pledging a frat) comes in and at some point took out his balls and then walks around the corner so I could see. He walked around a bit but never came up to the counter. Pussy...
Alex Ayers
Alex Ayers Hace un mes
Hi I’m Sean Patton and this is my Ted Talk
Drada Hace un mes
Man who was rolling his blunts in the squad. My boy gets a perfect backwood in 3 minutes
B4lli5tix channel
B4lli5tix channel Hace un mes
That guy needs to chill at 13:45 no cap
nickgavis0305 Hace un mes
lol I remember learning how to roll blunts. Now they’re so tight and perfect
Derek McKeever
Derek McKeever Hace un mes
13:46 "he made me experience high tide"
Kratos Hace un mes
So your entire career is based off of seeing a man's balls.
IcyMidnight Hace un mes
1:07 for the start
Doug Hace un mes
The best.
Irene B
Irene B Hace un mes
I love that guy's laugh! So genuine
Samy Hace un mes
Seeing him without the beard is weird
Pilot Folofolots
Pilot Folofolots Hace un mes
I want that man to show up at his house and act like a proud father
Obamathanosgoku -Obamanosoku the final memélord
christian wheatcraft
is this artie langes son?
FOxXyYgRaMpA Hace un mes
I’ve never had that many issues rolling a blunt. Ever
BAD FORM Hace un mes
the guy laughing in audience makes me not want to watch this.
Vlerden Smoid
Vlerden Smoid Hace un mes
Peter Andre really let himself go
Alex Muir
Alex Muir Hace un mes
Sean patton needs to write some movies. Love the way he thinks
IronRyan Hace un mes
Yo the new episode of stranger things is getting weird!
Jackson The Epic
Jackson The Epic Hace 2 meses
Astral Projection
Astral Projection Hace 2 meses
Lmao! This one killed me
Kablou Hace 2 meses
Learn how to roll a blunt
Gary Howard
Gary Howard Hace 2 meses
blunt roll game is garbage....
Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin Hace 2 meses
I really wish he said “blunt trumpet”
Balak Hook
Balak Hook Hace 2 meses
I was thinking flute haha!
Rachel W
Rachel W Hace 2 meses
Underrated. This is one of the most original and hilarious stories ever on this show.
thatguy473 Hace 2 meses
Sounds like Chad Williams
Demetri Wayne
Demetri Wayne Hace 2 meses
jumped into the top ten for sure
AnointedFlow Hace 2 meses
Groovy Shots Shots ect.
Look st his eyes, he's high af.
JOHN XIE Hace 2 meses
Now I know why I am here. Nobody showed me his balls.
Mišo Deák
Mišo Deák Hace 2 meses
This guy looks like how Artie Lange could look like if he didn't destroy his life.
asdf asdf
asdf asdf Hace 2 meses
such confidence to perform without any front teeth
Pat Power
Pat Power Hace 2 meses
ball cleavage mall breast
Jillian Glazar
Jillian Glazar Hace 2 meses
He's so cute
Bimbop Hace 2 meses
F😠CK that loud laugher, who needs to steal attention away from the person who spent time crafting a show bec they have a black hole in their soul needing validation. Sitting in the audience like "everyone is looking at me right? Everyone is interested in me sitting at a show, right?" Same douche is instagraming pics of what he ate for breakfast. Ugh.
Joseph Griffin
Joseph Griffin Hace 2 meses
I love how u can hear roy laughin in the background
Andrea Brooklyn
Andrea Brooklyn Hace 2 meses
And I oop! I thought you we're Thomas Dale, but gained weight. Lol
Yatty Yat
Yatty Yat Hace 2 meses
Mr Ignatius J Reilly of the 21st century
Jeffrey Phillip
Jeffrey Phillip Hace 2 meses
Jesus that dude needs to stop laughing he's ruining it...
Justin Flynn
Justin Flynn Hace 2 meses
This *fool did not grow up in Nor-Cal. We smoke our weed.
jd stuart
jd stuart Hace 2 meses
Anyone see that stupid bitch go from laughing to pissed when he referred to balls as a down syndrome person waving at you lol made me laugh harder seeing her reaction
TrueBueno Hace 2 meses
I know any of my friends wouldve thrown a rock or something at them balls.
Zachary Mahoney
Zachary Mahoney Hace 2 meses
Yo I can roll a blunt for u nd get u fucked up homeboy lol
Dirty Red
Dirty Red Hace 2 meses
After 7 minutes and I have not laughed or smiled yet...
Sneeze Music
Sneeze Music Hace 2 meses
bro can't pearl for shit
Lily Bolanos
Lily Bolanos Hace 2 meses
This is literally the funniest thing I've heard in a long time
NiinaChu Hace 2 meses
white people have an interesting way of smoking blunts
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