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A confusing incident in which a man exposed himself to a teenage Sean Patton and his friends winds up having all kinds of unexpected consequences. (Contains strong language.)
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About This Is Not Happening:
Now hosted by Roy Wood Jr., This Is Not Happening features long-form storytelling from stand-up comedians, musicians and more. These outrageous stories show why real-life experiences always make the best material.
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6 feb 2019






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Comentarios 713
TheArtz19 Hace 4 horas
bad story was almost as bad as that guys laugh.
HIJINX RC Hace un día
Worst one ever
Question Your World
Question Your World Hace un día
Man, these guys suck at rolling... But they're still better than me. All I had were apples back in the day.
Ragnjórdvikr Fahlgren
He looks so much different with a beard and a different hair cut its crazy
Sir. Smoke a lot
Sir. Smoke a lot Hace 4 días
Sean Patton in this time period of his life he was high as balls son! If uuu ever get to see him ask him about his first times being in Comedy Central & ari
Dread Lunero
Dread Lunero Hace 4 días
Hilarious 😂 Loved the crowd
Matthew Fulton
Matthew Fulton Hace 5 días
Dude looks like artie lang before cocaine
Andrew Carroll11087
Andrew Carroll11087 Hace 5 días
I love him and Bert kreichler
Jon Hace 5 días
The one guy laughing harder and louder than everyone else.... I want a supportive friend like that..
MrsPoodle78 Hace 5 días
2:18, that's why we sealed them with honey. 90s kids for the win!
JaeDeeKae Hace 6 días
I hear The Price Is Right when they lose song Dah Dah Dahtohont thonnnnnnnnt
joeluns74 Hace 7 días
What an annoying laugh
Ai Cen
Ai Cen Hace 7 días
That laughter gave this video dislikes
shug Hace 7 días
I love all the audience members giving that guy with the obnoxious laugh the stink eye :D C'mon man, he's having a good time. Let him live a bit.
Serena Hace 8 días
I love the laughter in this. So lovely.
Cameron Pestel
Cameron Pestel Hace 9 días
I always wondered what the guy who exposed himself to him and his friends was doing walking around in the middle of the night being weird it's a scenario straight out of a horror movie it's creepy as fuck, leave it to one of my all-time favorite comedians Sean Patton to turn this horrifying encounter into a hilarious stand up bit LMAO 😂 my theory that guy was the Devil in human form maybe his idea of a good vacation from his job in hell is to come to earth and go roaming around late at night to freak out stoned teenagers seems like something that asshole would do for fun lol hahaha 😂
Blake Shiv
Blake Shiv Hace 9 días
When is the baby due Sean?
Will Thompkins
Will Thompkins Hace 9 días
and then the whole ballsack clapped
TheMythCraft Hace 10 días
a mary jane clarinet. awesome.
AEO Co Hace 10 días
Enough of these overly long, drawn-out needless intros. I came here for the stand-up, not for a two-bit POS skit.
FPS.Russia.FTW Hace 12 días
when he said the joke about down syndrome the woman behind him looked pissed af
soandso Hace 13 días
At 10:30 you can see the woman get upset when he says “Down Syndrome” like she looks super blown
Ethos Music
Ethos Music Hace 13 días
Who tf taught you how to roll a blunt? Who tf are you hanging out with that allows such nonsense and also cannot roll a blunt? This is a tragedy... #potrelateditisnotdebated
Thundernugget Hace 14 días
Whoever was laughing like that needs to be banned from all comedy shows
Lucas Mercier
Lucas Mercier Hace 14 días
This was a full story
Jake Hace 16 días
Bring back Ari Shafowitz
Mtcproductions 28
Mtcproductions 28 Hace 17 días
Why is Ronnie from the Jersey shore laughing so much?
Cole Herbst
Cole Herbst Hace 17 días
Quick summary: Dude panders this entire set about balls.
Cannabro Hace 19 días
I was so high, it took me five minutes to realize that Sean Patton and Patton Oswald are two different people.
CdtHager Hace 18 días
Cannabro ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻
Cannabro Hace 19 días
Lemonade is stored in the balls.
william Miranda
william Miranda Hace 20 días
Galaxy Lion
Galaxy Lion Hace 20 días
Who is that guy that laughs soo hard I hear him every single episode
Zach Mudafuqin Cobb
Zach Mudafuqin Cobb Hace 21 un día
How you fuck up rolling one blunt that many times....it's just sad
Soul -Z
Soul -Z Hace 21 un día
Dude does not know how to roll its not that hard..
Pebb Lo
Pebb Lo Hace 21 un día
He looks like if sky does Minecraft let himself go
no stop
no stop Hace 23 días
That sure af isnt how you play a marijuana clarinet
Cha Boi
Cha Boi Hace 23 días
Who was that woman in the back laughing every 3 seconds? Annoying. As. Shit.
bullybreedsaretops Hace 24 días
Why does every one of these have some guy laughing like a jackass?
IAmBecomeJeff Hace 25 días
“God damnit... Should I go back there and give them a future?”
IAmBecomeJeff Hace 25 días
Jesus Christ that dudes laugh just got worse as the story went on
Son Of Batman523
Son Of Batman523 Hace 25 días
That one dudes laugh esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-zu6RdWX5Vdg.html
Foxy Moxi
Foxy Moxi Hace 26 días
I couldn’t listen the part about balls just hanging I skipped it hope didn’t miss anything important
TheMythCraft Hace 10 días
you missed like the whole thing
T3hChaerlz Hace 27 días
LIke a young arty lang.. xDD
Robert McKinnon
Robert McKinnon Hace 28 días
I’ve never that kinda issue with a blunt.
YCCCm7 Hace 28 días
Really wish Sean would dial back the embellishment on his stories. Very interesting story, but the level of absurdity has me in legitimate disbelief. Great comedy. Just not what "This is not happening" is supposed to be about. I had reservations about his Cumin story as well, although that one undoubtedly had an amazing base to it.
Ian Sullivan
Ian Sullivan Hace 28 días
Scared straight, the street version.
Alif Muhammad
Alif Muhammad Hace 28 días
Sean Patton in The Artie Lange Story Coming Soon Rated Everything
Katana Hace un mes
I haven't laughed ike that in a long time. Well done sir.
Max Aggropop
Max Aggropop Hace un mes
sean patton is great. he should be in more things.
Donetta Lowe
Donetta Lowe Hace un mes
2:18 😔👎 I'm already irritated by listening to him try and describe how to roll a blunt This is highly disappointing for a cali boy😒
Kurt Kugel
Kurt Kugel Hace un mes
Sean is the most underrated comedian of our time. The man is a fucking genius.
Scotty miller
Scotty miller Hace un mes
Lmfao!! He looks and sounds like my Uncle Tony. Miss you Uncle . Resting in paradise
Tyler Tee
Tyler Tee Hace un mes
The laugh.
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Hace un mes
He completed his story too quick and then just said "its just balls" several times
Kelly Ann
Kelly Ann Hace un mes
He can not roll lol 😂
Wylona Hace un mes
Look, I'm glad the guy behind him was having a good time but goddamn! At one point all I could think about was that I wonder if the girl next to him that he talks to is his girlfriend/wife. Imagine committing the rest of your life to listening to that laugh. Decades upon decades of loud, obnoxious "HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!!"
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Hace un mes
He was cumin right at you guys. Stay safe man.
Logan Craig
Logan Craig Hace un mes
This guy looks like Q from impractical jokers
SlightlyWrong Hace un mes
I laugh harder knowing that the woman in the background was offended by the down syndrome joke!
FightingChickenMan Hace un mes
Chanel West coast in the front row
Tyler ZoSo
Tyler ZoSo Hace un mes
Anything Patton does is hilarious < 3
Jack MeHoff
Jack MeHoff Hace un mes
OMG... Does Zach galakanfikis know his brother has really really gay curly bangs?
kai manning
kai manning Hace un mes
Bet his friend said he should do comedy as a joke and he went with it, and he jus goes to every show to watch him flop, and he is the one laughing so loud.
kai manning
kai manning Hace un mes
He don't smoke....
GrizzlyShaq Hace un mes
Long dick Willy walks past Roy: what's your secret LDW: cheerios Smh
sidney moore
sidney moore Hace un mes
This guys laugh 🤦🏽‍♂️
Y Kal
Y Kal Hace un mes
new way to make a blunt lol
KraZe Elk
KraZe Elk Hace un mes
When life gives you balls, make cumin
GrizzlyShaq Hace un mes
CometTamer Hace un mes
I almost snotted iced tea listening to this story...fuck thats funny.
SquareB0t Hace un mes
That was a religious experience
Kay D
Kay D Hace un mes
Sounds more like a gay orgy than a smoke sesh.
fullmetalpoison xx
fullmetalpoison xx Hace un mes
Good im not the only one tht heard tht horrible laugh lol
Ann Marie
Ann Marie Hace un mes
But also, money's good... and I'm into it... so please, give me some.
Ashleigh Holmes
Ashleigh Holmes Hace un mes
Starts at 1:10
Mister Bateman
Mister Bateman Hace un mes
There's only onedude laughing
Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka Hace un mes
9:48 It’s cold 🥶 I’m scared
Ivaylo Katov
Ivaylo Katov Hace un mes
DomSharpeXL Hace un mes
Sean Patton is the only guest of this show to comeback and look worst
KamekoBruns Hace un mes
10:33. Black girl to his immediate right. She's having none of the "Down Syndrome" bit.
Ivano Violante
Ivano Violante Hace un mes
That fucking loud ass motherfucker laughing out loud in the back ruins the whole story,sometimes he ain’t even laughing at a punchline!!! Goddamn it he’s so annoying, and he’s in another couple videos as well..
Markus Staudt
Markus Staudt Hace un mes
Literally couldn't finish it because of the dudes laugh in the audience
Jonjon Vital
Jonjon Vital Hace un mes
That still in the closet laughing motherfuker needs to stfu
Vance Burger
Vance Burger Hace un mes
I really wanted to watch this but I had to turn it off 1 minute in because of that guys laugh. Jeeeesus
Indica Pine Acosta
Indica Pine Acosta Hace un mes
Wtf kinda shitty blunts were you smoking lmfao
Josh Hollon
Josh Hollon Hace un mes
Always the one asshole with the awful annoying laugh right beside the microphonenv
Tony Alicea
Tony Alicea Hace un mes
Intros gotta go man
Jake Chafin
Jake Chafin Hace un mes
That fucking irritating laugh ruined this for me
wvusmc Hace un mes
Joints > Blunts
Jake Estrada
Jake Estrada Hace un mes
favorite story
Michael Hoff
Michael Hoff Hace un mes
If you cut it with a razor... You... Are... A... BITCH... Thank You for Your Understanding... :)
Indie Sindie
Indie Sindie Hace un mes
OMG! This video was so boring, I couldn't watch the whole thing!!!!!
Matthew Gallo
Matthew Gallo Hace un mes
am i the only one thinkin sean was high as hell while telling this story?
I Just Shit My Pants
How is this funny?
JTGTV Hace un mes
Y’all was high high
Jarred Howe
Jarred Howe Hace un mes
Sounds like he’s just shit at rolling blunts lol
Colonel Sanders
Colonel Sanders Hace un mes
Heheheheehahahaahahahahaha Hooohoohahahahahahahahhaa Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahaha
Timothy Upshaw
Timothy Upshaw Hace un mes
The woman at 10:34 got so offended at the down syndrome joke . Relax lady its just a joke lol
YCCCm7 Hace 28 días
My guess is she's known someone with the disorder and it's ruined the joke for her. That or she doesn't belong in a comedy club and took a wrong turn.
David E
David E Hace un mes
What's yo secret
McOwen Sauramba
McOwen Sauramba Hace un mes
Private sexy video 18+ Ynot5UVXpo.mcdn.design/MIMjEEV67T
Postal Patriot556
Postal Patriot556 Hace un mes
You roll blunts wrong.
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