Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason Week 1 Highlights | 2022 NFL Season 

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Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers - Highlights | 2022 PreSeason Week 1, 08/13/2022
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@ABEdits7 Hace un año
Best pre-season game I’ve seen in a minute… the future looks bright
@nickhendo3960 Hace un año
Then it was ruined by nfl network
@snuppy563 Hace un año
Im prettt sure hes just experiencing puberty.
@joshuaslappe3041 Hace un año
@@snuppy563 🤣🤣🤣most definitely
@silicondominion420 Hace un año
You ain't lying thank God I have NFL +
@jimjoneston1893 Hace un año
You realize this is pre season 🤣🤣
@joehoardical Hace un año
The Steelers QBs weren’t competing against the Seahawks, they were competing against each other
@TASTER1147 Hace un año
Amen brother
@PsilocybeJedi Hace un año
Same with the Seahawks QBs lol
Bro fr
@BrennanDipippo Hace un año
@MustacheDLuffy Hace un año
Isn’t that the point of preseason?
@erichudson3608 Hace un año
Ok Ok As a Ravens fan I must say. The AFC NORTH is going to be LIT this Year. Good Luck Steelers Fans. Great Game. By the way, I hope injuries don't plague your team like it did us last year. When both teams are healthy, it AIN"T NO NFL GAME LIKE A RAVENS VS STEELERS GAME. Flat out💜🖤💜
@bakerstshit9281 Hace un año
Afc North the most exciting
@maxwilkin4823 Hace un año
Hell ya. Steelers vs. Ravens are always my favorite games of the season. Smash mouth football!
@shunw1984 Hace un año
@pourattitude4206 Hace un año
Steelers fan here and I agree 👍 🍻
Not even close to top rivalry in NFL.
@fourthdownback6035 Hace un año
As a Steelers fan, this Seahawks team is respectable, good game to them and I hope you shock the division.
@mustardtiger6062 Hace un año
Appreciate it. We aren’t going to be great by any means but I think we’ll be a lot better than people are giving us credit for. Good luck this year, Pickens and Pickett are going to be nasty (in a good way)
@seahawks12thman12 Hace un año
Good game by both teams, Hawks would've got the DUB if it weren't for the fumble that haters will say it's Locks fault... GGs man
@realmadzero Hace un año
For sure I think they are underestimating us but same can be said about Pittsburgh this year. Definitely have alot of great new talent on both teams!
@jaysonkelly4830 Hace un año
Thanks bro! Y’all looked great today. Should be a very fun season.
@lordbaelish19 Hace un año
Thanks fam
@timmyg569 Hace un año
All 3 Pittsburgh QBs played well. Yes it’s only preseason but I think Mitch looked the part of QB1 with a TD on the opening drive, Mason actually took shots down field the TD pass to Pickens was great, and Kenny showed his athleticism and made some good throws showed he could be the future 🖤💛
@sonsofliberty3081 Hace un año
You're bias is showing a little. Rudolph had the better night. He threw 2tds at the end of the 2nd that were dropped. Just like last yr vs lions. Drive into scoring position 3x in 4qr and ot just to have someone give it away. Rudolph made better throws. What I didn't expect is kp to grow that fast.
@Dxdan23 Hace un año
@@sonsofliberty3081 agree to disagree, the TD to Pickens was late, Pickens had to adjust, rudolph made a couple bad throws into double coverage (one shown in this vid) and shows very little confidence in the pocket. Mitch looked the best moved when he needed (wish he made that last throw but hey 🤷🏻) made smart reads and good throws. Pickets passes were beautiful and on the money, he scrambled a little much but showed so much energy that the other 2 didn’t. Mitch qb1 Kenny right behind Mason trade bate
@outerspace3657 Hace un año
@@sonsofliberty3081 lol naw he the worst QB of the bunch, gotta go.
@prollychiefin6470 Hace un año
@@sonsofliberty3081 Rudolph has a solid deep ball and always has, but has so many flaws in other aspects of his game. Can only really hit guys deep. Absolutely 0 pocket presence or awareness (check the strip sack) and doesn’t read defenses all that well. don’t hate the guy like everyone else, but his deep ball is all he has going for him
@eribango7708 Hace un año
@@outerspace3657 he the worst? But has had better yards and completion % as well as touchdowns with no pics in the offseason at training camp. He should be qb1 by week 1
@watergirl929 Hace un año
That was a great game! We may have lost from a turnover but it was a great matchup and exciting game to get me pumped for the season! Congratulations Steelers thanks for the great game and good luck to guys! 💙💛💚🖤
@danteandkyler7954 Hace un año
@sarge7719 Hace un año
You too that was a great game wish y’all the best of luck
@yankeesfan3961 Hace un año
Water Girl, you rock! As you see, I have a smile on my face :)))
@jordancook20 Hace un año
Great game!! Good luck to the Seahawks as well 🙏🏽
@charleskujawa1756 Hace un año
Lets make a mental note none of the steelers players that are already slated to start even played
@michaelclyburn5858 Hace un año
Longtime Steelers Fan here: Man we have a great looking team. So many super receivers and backs and our qbs played well. The team overall has a great vibe even the coaches Mr. Tomlin has hired...wow
@allenbraun7300 Hace un año
Amazing cast
25 points conceded should be concerning. The defense should step up!
@chuckrambo4401 Hace un año
@@anonymouscrimson1686 lmao, 17-3 with the first string D in. Steelers D great yet again
@Frost11511 Hace un año
@kennycollins1825 Hace un año
Lol its. Preseason
@RFitness485 Hace un año
The way #68 teammates showed him love for the hit at the end of the game was wholesome. Love the comradery.
@evil32u Hace un año
love to see big men make big plays
@jameswormsley460 Hace un año
@gabem9018 Hace un año
That's Khalil Davis. His brother Carlos Davis is also on the d-line. They're fighting each other for a roster spot rn
@twindragon5668 Hace un año
This was not a preseason game, felt like a playoff spot clench. though y’all can argue which Steelers qb performed the best. No one can deny that Kenny Pickett’s finish has made him more loved by Pittsburgh🖤💛
@jimjoneston1893 Hace un año
First time watching football I take it?
@dawnelizabeth7526 Hace un año
I literally just got home from being there and it was the most insane preseason game I’ve EVER been to and I’ve had season tickets for years. The crowd was pumped and it was a great game.
@@dawnelizabeth7526 yeah great game. Really fun to watch. Also gl with Pickett - he looks really good.
@Frost11511 Hace un año
@jtfike Hace un año
Ben who?
@Indycabindyca Hace un año
I know it’s preseason but seeing a opening drive finish with a TD is so nice to watch.
And seeing a 2nd drive come back from a mistake that throw was beautiful
@Indycabindyca Hace un año
@@prettycureforever7102 I feel like we will be able to compete
@taylorwebb362 Hace un año
I was here for the start of a new era of football in Pittsburgh! What an amazing night for football as a lifetime die hard Steelers fan and personally to me as a father! One of Steelers athletic trainers I believe is what he was tossed my son up a ball for his 8th birthday and his first ever NFL game. He was holding a sign he made with his mother. Thank you guys so so so much!! My son is so so so freaking happy and thankful! This is a memory me him and his momther will cherish for a life time. Again thank you so much! Wish I could personally thank you and not over ESvid.. Again thank you!
@bruh_man6777 Hace un año
This was my first football game that i went to and i will remember it for the rest of my life. Lets go steelers!
Awesome! glad you had fun
@dawnelizabeth7526 Hace un año
So glad you had an awesome time! I was there tonight as well! Definitely did not feel like a normal preseason game (hoped you enjoyed the wave). 😂
@lightning5273 Hace un año
Lol no need to tell us with that avatar. Might as well has some anime girl instead.
@joehoardical Hace un año
Were you the one with the sign?
@GoodNews-px2im Hace un año
I understand it’s preseason, but this was some of the best quarterback play in week one. A lot to digest and consider for both quarterbacks coaches, especially if all five of these guys continues to play well through preseason. Never know what could happen to the “assumed starter” throughout the season.
@ws8080 Hace un año
Agreed. My post was more to that point of yours - I don't expect the offenses to execute like this in preseason week 1, and expect the defenses to blow up more plays: because it is easier to destroy than create. And yet the offenses managed to score for both teams and make it interesting.
@sebgaming4205 Hace un año
im so glad we got george pickens, hes gonna be an absolute stud
@kongmlee92 Hace un año
Pickens would of been a first rd WR if not for injuries. Fell right into our hands
@szn1580 Hace un año
League gonna regret passing on him.
@realmadzero Hace un año
Definitely. Seattle fan but he is definitely gonna be a big problem and Steelers are looking pretty good at QB too
@evil3775 Hace un año
@@szn1580 nah
@jbo6096 Hace un año
@@kongmlee92 supposed to be a bear. Gordon better be a beast
@jamessalanoa Hace un año
1:26 Myles Jack making the read and attacking the gap while avoiding the block is a thing of beauty! Looking forward to seeing more from him as a Steeler!
@thetonyinator9108 Hace un año
I was happy too last night we have been struggling trying to find someone of that caliber since shazier got injured
@jamessalanoa Hace un año
@RC2 man, he didn't look good at all! Lol.
@brodysodon611 Hace un año
I know it's just preseason but all five QBs that played today just made a solid case why they should start. Both teams are much better situated at QB than anyone gives them credit for.
@asssssssshvvf2569 Hace un año
No its pre season. All 5 are garbage.
@IAmStealth Hace un año
@@asssssssshvvf2569 kenny pickett hasn’t even played smh 🤦‍♂️
@thehoundgamer4602 Hace un año
@@asssssssshvvf2569 lol wonder what you’re saying about guys like Deshaun Watson and other starters that struggled… shouldn’t everyone be perfect if it’s so easy? Didn’t think so bud.
@MidKnightOTC Hace un año
@@thehoundgamer4602 no he's mad because he left madden on the title screen and watched a demo game. He'd much rather be holding a controller and control the players.
Ok geno smith was trash in the first quarter. Start lock.
@B.I.G.Tone3 Hace un año
I don’t care if it’s Preseason or not, It’s GREAT to have STEELERS FOOTBALL BACK🖤🖤🖤💛💛💛 #HereWEGO
@aquariusmix Hace un año
Highly agreed
@steelers_fan14 Hace un año
Agreed especially to kick it off with a win
@kylebecker8180 Hace un año
Well said!
@todoplays6205 Hace un año
Respectable 😃
@damenmcdermott6344 Hace un año
That last hit to seal it Tomlins face is priceless
@Ryan-zt2xw Hace un año
By far the best throw of Rudolph’s career
@ReadyFreddy1011 Hace un año
Na idk I’m not a fan of his but I’ve definitely seen a couple of his better throws
@jorgegaytan3012 Hace un año
@jerrynaylor4092 Hace un año
He should save it for the regular season lol
@zebradino2534 Hace un año
@@ReadyFreddy1011 Right!!!😃
@sage296 Hace un año
He’s had some really good ones
@TheTimberwolf90 Hace un año
This was a great way to finish the football game by Pittsburgh. I really like what Seattle Seahawks accomplished with their tackles stopping the run. But once Lock lost the ball in 4th quarter and got hit from behind Steelers pretty much came up with the biggest key play. Way to earn a rushing touchdown Geno Smith. Having Deejay Dallas score and then Travis Homer get those extra two points was nice to see. Good job Steelers for making all necessary plays when it really mattered. Pickett at quarterback should be fantastic for this franchises future.🏈📸🍿
@Andy-rz2tc Hace un año
I grew up watching Ben's super bowls but honestly it feels so refreshing with new quarterbacks 🏈
@yankeesfan3961 Hace un año
I am thrilled about Conner Haywoods play #83. I think he is going to be good, and very helpful for us. I think Pickett had a strong game too, for his first game for the Steelers.
@xavierwren0212 Hace un año
I watched this game. This was one of the best games Ive seen in a Preseason. Trubisky, Pickett and Rudolph all had a great game watching all 3 play was really epic! I feel like Pittsburgh's got exactly what they need to have a great team in the next few years
@willharmon2506 Hace un año
By far the most entertaining preseason game I’ve ever seen
@scottstevens2752 Hace un año
I think all 3 qb's did great. Rudolph was pretty damn good honestly (2:19 BEAUTIFUL pass!), but I think Kenny was the shining star over all.
@toddtoure7041 Hace un año
Damn!! Preseason is showing Tremendous progress 👏 on both of these Teams!!
@ws8080 Hace un año
Given the Seattle defense strength last year was stopping the run, I expected a better showing in that area. The CBs and safeties were all backups and did OK. Backup LBs missed a lot of tackles. Sea special teams is usually a strength too, but there were hickups today. Seemed like both teams did better on offense than expected in 1st preseason game.
@csick11 Hace un año
Most of the defensive starters didn't play much. The new players has good closing speed. This next couple years will be focused on what the new players can do well
@jcfiggy Hace un año
Just remember these aren’t the starters
We do not have bwagz anymore
@36090pburke Hace un año
We're they I remember they being trash for awhile now
@ChasedownMomo Hace un año
@@csick11 they didn’t play at all 🤦🏾😭😭😭😭 Seahawks better idc
@MacBobby1408 Hace un año
Steve Simms looks like AB on those returns with the way he runs, his movements, his quick cuts. I mean it was almost uncanny.
@tonyduncan919 Hace un año
He’s so quick
@Madbootdestruction Hace un año
I know its only pre-season but Im soo amped-up for Steelers 🏈❤
@adamquraishi1127 Hace un año
My thoughts on the Steelers win will be plain and simple. -The offense as a whole looked really promising. All 3 quarterbacks played very well, George Pickens is already proving to be a lethal weapon down field, and the running game looked solid tonight! -The defense, I am more critical of that than the offense. I mean they played alright, but there are many huge concerns that I hope this team addresses quickly. Such as that run defense. Looking just as bad as last year's.
@joshuagrizzel4246 Hace un año
None of our starters played.
@adamquraishi1127 Hace un año
@@joshuagrizzel4246 so? A good amount of the rookie players that played tonight have potential in my view!
@micah2426 Hace un año
@@adamquraishi1127 I think he's talking about the defense
@timmyg569 Hace un año
Yeah we definitely need to clean up the run. It’s bad but we should get better
@danteandkyler7954 Hace un año
Dude Spillane looked trash. I wouldn’t be surprised if the make a trade for a LB after this next week of there aren’t improvements because can’t just have Myles Jack with our scheme
@ticcitobi4789 Hace un año
Drew Lock looked good. And boy the Steelers got to be happy with Pickett, he balled out
@djkinney3483 Hace un año
Always felt bad for him with not having a consistent OC. He's really talented and hope he proves that this year in Seattle.
@GenghisKaz Hace un año
Was actually surprised how well drew and gino performed in this game. Let's hope they keep it up and good luck to Seattle!
@BruhMoment-hu1ot Hace un año
@@GenghisKaz geno sucked until crunch time, lock bodied that d
@labounti Hace un año
Pickett has that "gonna get hurt" type of play style.....
@xCraftabIe Hace un año
@@BruhMoment-hu1ot pause
I’ve always questioned how mason Rudolph has kept a job this long even as a back up, but that was actually one of the most impressive throws I’ve ever seen. I’ll just assume he does that in practice a lot or something cause he’s never done anything close to that in a regular or preseason game
@dabsteelpimp Hace un año
That atmosphere was electric for a preseason game 🤯
Best pre season game I’ve seen this season and for the past couple of years for sure
@ArmyAlex95 Hace un año
Hats off to Matt Canada for orchestrating this offense last night. If this was his plan last year, he killed it.
@DanielSon123 Hace un año
#93 coming up big! That’s Steelers defense is always great to watch
This was such a typical Steelers game: not great against the run, some nice shots down field, some displays of offensive firepower, forcing a key turnover, and then finally sealing the deal. They never give the fans a routine, straightforward game lol. HERE WE GO STEELERS
@Noel_Medina Hace un año
I saw that forced fumbled under 2 mins and said of course 😆
@hayden199516 Hace un año
Tomlin has himself a great team, well done Steelers!
@BV9429 Hace un año
The defense looked great team overall looking great I'm really excited for this season go Steelers
@bradysnyder4881 Hace un año
Are d needs to step up tho for sure if we wanna be great hopefully starters play like last year on defense and learn how to tackle a running back
@bradysnyder4881 Hace un año
Offense looking great tho super exciting
@BV9429 Hace un año
@@bradysnyder4881 exactly man I know it's just the preseason but I really really got to step it up considering how you defense was last year.... We really need to be a complete team
@@bradysnyder4881 offense looks great? Holy moly.
@chuckrambo4401 Hace un año
@@toomuchdiponmychip5838 umm when 3 different QBs have a QB rating of over 100 and 3 running backs average over 5 yards per carry then yeah
@saavon991 Hace un año
McFarland actually surprised me. Guy looks good. I was real pessimistic about still keeping him on the roster over some of the more utilized skill guys who play ST, but jeez he’s never looked better. Warren is my guy though 🤙🏽
@klass_1221 Hace un año
Warren impressed me. Better than Snell and McFarland. Najee has solid backups. PS4L
@shawnengles8771 Hace un año
@@klass_1221 warren also fumbled it though. Luckily we got it back
@Indycabindyca Hace un año
Whoever payed the block out for picket to get an 8 yard run is my choice
@thetonyinator9108 Hace un año
Honestly I say we cut snell I haven’t liked how he’s performed over the years and the guys we have I think are better. Warren is obv better, McFarland actually can get downfield, and teague is just so quick
@eternal_napalm6442 Hace un año
Steelers are loaded at HB and WR. Cut players will find new teams quick.
@AlBeQuirky Hace un año
Davis hit on final play was beautiful 😍
@johnnyringo2690 Hace un año
Dallas from the Seahawks is lightweight giving me Marshawn Lynch vibes with how he moves.
@kindersan6756 Hace un año
This is the comment i was looking for. The way he leaped in the endzone. Same build sorta as well. Kind of even wears the uniform the same. All he needs is a dark visor.
@maxmuster8053 Hace un año
Thank youuu!!!! I scrolled all the way down to find this. Looked just the same
@arsoras1019 Hace un año
He was a stud at U of Miami as well, both him and Homer showing out
@johnnyringo2690 Hace un año
@@kindersan6756 exactly and how he laterals back and forth on his toes like Marsh did.
8:52 is easily the best part! "With a minute, 17 left after the 4th down play FAILS!" What a hit 😂
@hardtailhero3667 Hace un año
The Steelers are looking like a new team this year, good things to look for 👌
@davidnguyen270 Hace un año
Unfortunately, Seattle also looks like a whole new team too. 😂😂😂
@i.chuloo Hace un año
This game in person was certainly something to watch loll .. GOHAWKS man 💚💙
@DrAshes-he3sl Hace un año
It's only preseason but I love how our Steelers came out strong
All 3 Pittsburgh QBs played well. Yes it’s only preseason but I think Mitch looked the part of QB1 with a TD on the opening drive, Mason actually took shots down field the TD pass to Pickens was great, and Kenny showed his athleticism and made some good throws showed he could be the future
@KingDizzleLTDinc. Hace un año
The fact that you have Flores on Tomlin staff,that defense gone be next level
Man yesterday was such a good day for me especially that we won made it way better🖤💛
@thechodinator263 Hace un año
Steelers look really good this preseason, Pickett looked really good and so did Pickens (Go Dawgs!!) so far cant wait to see the battles between the AFC North this. To bad we wont have Deshaun by the time we play Pitt Week 3. Cant wait for this NFL season.
@JT-lk1rv Hace un año
Pickens will be an immediate impact player, Seattle rookie DB’s gonna be really good down the stretch, boye mafe and Darrell Taylor looked good, Steelers got a good QB situation goin into this season, Lock looked much more poised and in control than Geno. Deejay Dallas seems to have taken that next step. Steelers gonna surprise a lot of ppl this season, if seattles defense doesn’t clean up the missed tackles and miscommunication quick then it’s gonna be a long season
@hestoncjr.3560 Hace un año
This was one of the best preseason games I have ever watched
@samurainugget4191 Hace un año
I don't know how much more perfect a preseason game can get. Everything Steelers fans wanted to see happen happened. It's kind of ridiculous when you think about it. If you told me beforehand that every QB would get a TD pass on their opening drive, our rookie wide receiver would make the catch of the preseason so far, and the shiny new rookie QB would compose a game-winning TD drive with 3 seconds left in the game, I would be hard pressed to believe you.
@ChrisThomas-hg4ne Hace un año
I agree. I’m good on Mason though. I’ve seen enough of him in real games to know he’s trash.
@samurainugget4191 Hace un año
@@ChrisThomas-hg4ne I concur and Kenny Pickett outplayed him for sure, albeit against 3rd and 4th stringers
@eternal_napalm6442 Hace un año
13 of 15 passing. Great touch on deep outs
@Tony-si5rw Hace un año
@Tony-si5rw Hace un año
Facts..them boys killed it
@clux5305 Hace un año
I think what we're seeing right now with the Steelers off just this preseason game, Trubisky is easily your starter right now. Pickett could be good enough to be your starter within a couple years depending on how he's able to grow in the league, or Trubisky could finally prove his worth and be here to stay. No matter what, the QB situation in Pittsburgh is looking solid. Rudolph isn't great but he's a relatively competent backup, and they have two other good options for a potential QB1 with plenty room to have a great offense around them.
@ohb3 Hace un año
Absolutely well said
@LZYDOG Hace un año
Feeling good, most of our star power kept off the field today was Defence, so with such promising young offensive players were really looking to bring the Steelers back!
@raulvito6246 Hace un año
Green as Guard looks good, great additions from Free Agency and Moore looks like he added a lot more muscle to his frame… moving the pile, opening holes and doing some pretty good plays. The QBs played good dont get me wrong but to see that kind of cohesion on the Line will do wonders for any QB who plays this year. Oh yeah Pickens is the real deal tio
@brianhughes701 Hace un año
Best preseason game ever. Just remember Steelers fans, they have a killer schedule, but I like what they have to play it. Go Steelers!
@garbonzobean1 Hace un año
Steelers look like they're gonna have quite the rebound year. Good on them 👍 All 3 qbs looked good, too.
@sirokat Hace un año
As a Bengals fan, all I can say is that Kenny Pickett, Mitchell Trubisky, AND Mason Rudolph all looked great here. Pickett looked just as professional and confident as Trubisky did, which is already a sign that picking him in the draft was the perfect move by the Steelers organization. Being a Bengals fan, I’m supposed to hate the Steelers, but as someone who’s hand size is a solid 7” (despite being 5’10, 196 pounds), I want nothing but to see Kenny Pickett succeed in this league! 🤣
@steelernation4128 Hace un año
This is Gonna be one of the best young units coming into the League expecting a more dynamic explosive Offense.
@mlee81 Hace un año
all I can say is the future is bright for Kenny Pickett, but Steeler fans be patient and don't destroy him when he goes through some growing pains he's going to be good if he is brought on correctly.. so far 👍
@g13magurany Hace un año
Good luck Mitch ! Didn't look bad out there, hope ya get that #1 QB spot.... Sincerely-A Bears fan 💯
@cityofchamps66 Hace un año
Haven't been to a Steelers game since pre pandemic and the energy was electric and really only wanted to see Kenny Picketts debut, man that was some homecoming crowd went nuts when he ran on the field, sadly he probably never played a Pitt game with that many people
@chrisgriffin5913 Hace un año
I honestly had my doubts about Lock. But man did he play well today
@threeohhhthreee372 Hace un año
Hes pretty good give him a shot.in denver he had new new coordinator every year he went 4 and 1 as a starter his first year with a win over desaun watson and than they changed coordinators on him vic didnt give him a fair shake
@alexavalos4815 Hace un año
he did really good nobody blocked for him on that final drive there was a big open gap
@JGARY92 Hace un año
Nice to see Trubisky putting points in that first drive and at the same time Steelers Qbs look good.
@davd1986 Hace un año
Perhaps the Hawks won't be as bad as the media think. I am not expecting any miracle runs, but a they could have a solid season. More importantly, they could be building nicely for the future.
@seahawks12thman12 Hace un año
AYE man, respect!! Drew Lock looked good in this game and he didn't have DK or Lockett in here. But yessir GO HAWKS BABY
@gameofstones6560 Hace un año
They upgraded at QB (assuming lock starts) but still not sure they are a playoff team
@yzfool6639 Hace un año
@@gameofstones6560 With all those scrubs in their division, you should be sure.
@gameofstones6560 Hace un año
@@yzfool6639 the Rams aren’t scrubs, the 49rs look like they are tanking with Lance but they have a great roster outside of QB, Cardinals are somewhat decent. Seahawks are probably second best in that division. With the emergence of the Vikings and Carolina, the NFC, is going to be tough to make the playoffs but they might. I think it’s gonna be: 1. Vikings 2. Rams. 3. Bucs 4. Washington 5. Packers 6. Panthers 7. Seahawks/Cardinals
@XTheeKing Hace un año
Still feels weird knowing Big Ben wont be out there but God feels so good to see a QB with some life in their legs making moves and plays with both their legs and arms futures bright hopefully
@the9red9one Hace un año
Opinions on a few steelers players: Positives: Pickens is a beast, excited for him. All the QBs looked pretty good, but some of Mason's throws were scary to watch, it's like he doesn't ever know where the DBs or LBs. OL was good in the middle. Boykin I think has some real potential to make a spot especially with some pretty good special teams play. I was impressed with Conner Heyward, I didn't think he showed much talent in college but he's picking it up well. I hope Gunner makes the roster, even if we don't use him for returns he's shown he's valuable on the offense as well. RBs looked pretty good, I think Warren should be the backup to Najee based off what we saw. Hopefully we'll see some Benny Snell, supposedly he's improved so there could be competition at that spot. Ant Mc might make a case in special teams, but I'm not sure he's capable of going up against a starting defense, Master Teague is right on the line too if he can keep his feet under him he'll be great. Negatives: There's a lot of guys who obviously won't make the roster, and there's definetely a few I wouldn't mind seeing off the field on sundays. There were plenty of the 2nd team and 3rd team defense that were blowing tackles, overshooting, allowing extra yards after contact, and showing pretty low effort. For guys that are supposed to be fighting for roster spots there doesn't seem to be much fighting going on. DL is pretty rotational during the season, if the 2nd team can't run block players that won't even make a 53 man roster then we're right back where we were last year, which is dead last in run defense. I was also hoping to see more out of some of the new faces on the D (Myles Jack, D Kazee, Levi Wallace, Costin) but those guys didn't seem to show up that much. LBs overall didn't look good especially considering Spillane and Bush are supposed to be fighting for a starting spot, neither looked like starters tonight
@fernycastillo619 Hace un año
One thing about the Steelers is they know how to find talent and usually draft well. They must have great scouts and with a coach like Tomlin I won't be surprised if they're competing for a wildcard spot again.
@caseyprins9500 Hace un año
Damn Mason Rudolph! That throw to Pickens was nice. Didn't know he could sling it like that. Also, nice catch George.
He played in a vertical offense at Oklahoma State and made throws like that all the time. The very few Pitt fans in this comment section might remember his game from 2017 where he threw for almost 500 yards and 5 touchdowns and led OSU to a blowout win. My dad remembers it, I don't because I'm a Penn State fan and didn't pay attention to Pitt football until this year.
@ChumblesMumbles Hace un año
Can't believe the TV broadcast went to the Cowboys while this exciting ending was still playing out.
@jordangeer8964 Hace un año
Legit the most fun I’ve had watching my Steelers in *years*
What about the countless heart attack games from last year. Those were fun when they won...10 minutes after the fact because you didn't suffer said heart attack. Week 5 vs Denver Week 6 vs Seattle Week 8 vs Cleveland Week 9 vs Chicago Week 10 vs Detroit Week 11 vs Los Angeles C Week 13 vs Baltimore Week 14 vs Minnesota Week 15 vs Tennessee Week 18 vs Baltimore In 18 games, the Steelers had 10 heart attack games, going 7-2-1 in them.
@GudFella7 Hace un año
You must didn’t watch our games last year lol
@akahee22 Hace un año
Damn that was a good ass hit at the end 🤣🤣🤣🔥
Team looks like it has energy and excitement good way to start the year
@bentmercer Hace un año
This was a really good game for being preseason. Steelers have a tough decision to make for who will be their starting QB.
@trfreeman1 Hace un año
Go Steelers...I know it's only Pre Season but I'm hyped! 🖤💛🏈
@thekevinharvick Hace un año
Game of the year..and we're not even a week into the regular season yet
@gldmj55 Hace un año
That TD pass by Mason was a beauty. If he continues to make those kind of passes, I hope he wins the starting job.
@_theKopboy Hace un año
HereWeGo. Great game. Hopes high for the Steelers
@allanmuc2241 Hace un año
Surprised by the depth at rb for the Steelers every single 1 had a great game
@stevengalyinug5017 Hace un año
Love you steelers I enjoyed this preseason game. Outstanding job everyone at steelers nation. IMA ride or die let's go for the super bowl thank you all
That hit at the end though 👌 👏👏👏
@ronalddoherty2244 Hace un año
the steelers are gonna be very exciting to watch this season
@adityaakshay1 Hace un año
Considering Seahawks had rested all their Offsenive starters this is not bad. they were competitive. Steelers look a good team though they have 0 chance of ever being considered serious title contenders since they are in AFC and there is literally 10 teams ahead of them.
@atibagaskin77 Hace un año
In the start of the season every team is even. Trust & believe Mike Tomlin not settling for just being a good team. He wants to win. Don't be surprised if they're competing for 1st in the division at the end of the season.
@atibagaskin77 Hace un año
All Steelers starters didn't play neither. Still was a good game considering.
@ceebee8042 Hace un año
They’re having big time football fun in Pittsburgh! Hometown QB passes for TDs plus run game and big time D hit to end it. Football alive and well in Pittsburgh.
@choiyatlam2552 Hace un año
That game sealing fumble was definitely hall mark of Brian Flores. We saw so many in Miami.
@mr_alex147 Hace un año
Not to bad 🙏🏼💯🔥 let’s go Seahawks
@kelceyallen433 Hace un año
The whole team need to be competitive against each other Just like the quarterbacks.. STEELER NATION 👑
@michaelheard3003 Hace un año
The Steelers have a chance to make some magic this season and future seasons. Have some fun fellas.
@ahgasegg1205 Hace un año
Fun game, and VERY glad the last play was included in this video 😂😂😂
@sushifishh Hace un año
Seahawks going to struggle hard this year but I'm still rocking with them🤙🏽
@ultradank4799 Hace un año
That final hit had me levitating.
@aaron6008 Hace un año
Wow Steelers! They got some nice running backs right now.
@danielperkins7362 Hace un año
Mitch doesn’t always look the prettiest but that man wins consistently. Steelers might have a shot at the playoffs with the game manager and strong run game if McFarland can back up Harris like that
@datsko6339 Hace un año
Man, if the Steelers could run an offense with 7 recievers, we'd be unstoppable 😂
@eternal_napalm6442 Hace un año
I'm thinking we should keep 6 on the roster
@shawnkemp3399 Hace un año
My Steelers looking good out there 💪🏾💪🏾
@annemarie1507 Hace un año
You just knew Lock was going to come through in the clutch with a turnover. Just like he did so many times with Denver.
@luclefebvre4209 Hace un año
How was that his fault at all? Let’s see you not fumble with a blindside rusher coming at you
@stevedeleon8775 Hace un año
It's gonna be a great Steeler Season..👍
@Save-money1 Hace un año
It’s good to see Brian Flores being a defensive coach for Pittsburgh
BMX racing coaching!!