Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason Week 1 Highlights | 2022 NFL Season

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Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers - Highlights | 2022 PreSeason Week 1, 08/13/2022

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Joe Hoardical
The Steelers QBs weren’t competing against the Seahawks, they were competing against each other
AB Edits
Best pre-season game I’ve seen in a minute… the future looks bright
Eric Hudson
Ok Ok As a Ravens fan I must say. The AFC NORTH is going to be LIT this Year. Good Luck Steelers Fans. Great Game. By the way, I hope injuries don't plague your team like it did us last year. When both teams are healthy, it AIN"T NO NFL GAME LIKE A RAVENS VS STEELERS GAME. Flat out💜🖤💜
As a Steelers fan, this Seahawks team is respectable, good game to them and I hope you shock the division.
Timmy G
All 3 Pittsburgh QBs played well. Yes it’s only preseason but I think Mitch looked the part of QB1 with a TD on the opening drive, Mason actually took shots down field the TD pass to Pickens was great, and Kenny showed his athleticism and made some good throws showed he could be the future 🖤💛
Water Girl
That was a great game! We may have lost from a turnover but it was a great matchup and exciting game to get me pumped for the season! Congratulations Steelers thanks for the great game and good luck to guys! 💙💛💚🖤
The way #68 teammates showed him love for the hit at the end of the game was wholesome. Love the comradery.
This was not a preseason game, felt like a playoff spot clench. though y’all can argue which Steelers qb performed the best. No one can deny that Kenny Pickett’s finish has made him more loved by Pittsburgh🖤💛
Michael Clyburn
Longtime Steelers Fan here:
This was my first football game that i went to and i will remember it for the rest of my life. Lets go steelers!
I grew up watching Ben's super bowls but honestly it feels so refreshing with new quarterbacks 🏈
Indica Fuerte
I know it’s preseason but seeing a opening drive finish with a TD is so nice to watch.
im so glad we got george pickens, hes gonna be an absolute stud
damen mcdermott
That last hit to seal it Tomlins face is priceless
Good News
I understand it’s preseason, but this was some of the best quarterback play in week one. A lot to digest and consider for both quarterbacks coaches, especially if all five of these guys continues to play well through preseason. Never know what could happen to the “assumed starter” throughout the season.
Taylor Webb
I was here for the start of a new era of football in Pittsburgh! What an amazing night for football as a lifetime die hard Steelers fan and personally to me as a father! One of Steelers athletic trainers I believe is what he was tossed my son up a ball for his 8th birthday and his first ever NFL game. He was holding a sign he made with his mother. Thank you guys so so so much!! My son is so so so freaking happy and thankful! This is a memory me him and his momther will cherish for a life time. Again thank you so much! Wish I could personally thank you and not over ESvid.. Again thank you!
Brody Sodon
I know it's just preseason but all five QBs that played today just made a solid case why they should start. Both teams are much better situated at QB than anyone gives them credit for.
By far the best throw of Rudolph’s career
I don’t care if it’s Preseason or not, It’s GREAT to have STEELERS FOOTBALL BACK🖤🖤🖤💛💛💛