SEE Official Trailer (2019) Jason Momoa, Apple TV Series HD

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SEE Official Trailer (2019) Jason Momoa, Apple TV Series HD
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10 sep 2019






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Comentarios 1 116
علي جبار
علي جبار Hace 12 horas
احلى مسلسل بالعالم 😍
Devil Hace 4 días
can anyone tell me when it comes out season 2?
EL Plagua
EL Plagua Hace 8 días
So funny looking back on all these idiots passing judgement based on a trailer and talking about plotholes 😂😂 fucking idiots try watching the show and you will have fairly simple answers to all the dumb misconceived notions you had based on a 3min trailer
Endo Renrohim
Endo Renrohim Hace 13 días
I actualy loves this series than the Witcher i need more season
Dylan Barsby
Dylan Barsby Hace 14 días
Uuhh.... I really don't know about this. It just doesn't seem plausible at all.
Koobitz Hace 16 días
So everyone is making series these days....
Sandra Pullen
Sandra Pullen Hace 22 días
I love this and just hate that they’ve already got the finale for the season. Can’t figure out when new season starts. I hate waiting.
cristian olmedo
cristian olmedo Hace 23 días
Where la Dainerys ??
Mister Albert
Mister Albert Hace 23 días
Toxic android fan in the comment
vertisync Hace 23 días
Anyone wondering how they detect friendlies and enemies: they put on some mud on their face with a distinctive smell. Any friendly would smell the same cuz of that mud. They even show the shadow girl close up inhaling the mud with joy since its a very familiar scent for her, like the smell of home, their own soil.
George Papastergiou
George Papastergiou Hace 24 días
This show is very informative. I, for example, didnt know that babies turn black after their third year of development.
Mimi Larue
Mimi Larue Hace 28 días
the babies really said rip to your vision but im different
Jacklyn Seiuli
Jacklyn Seiuli Hace 28 días
Omg love this show! Had to borrow my aunt's iPhone to watch it. And now I'm in love. Just hate that it's on Apple TV only. Booo. But love the story line and the show. Jason did awesome. 🔥🔥👍👍😉😉❤❤
Nika139101 Hace 28 días
what's name of this movie?
Switcher Production
How the fuck are they fighting with each other blind like whos who lol
bookworm Hace un mes
As some ones already said how do blind people know these kids can see,whats with the books can some of them see,and if they can't why keep them as can any of them read how do they know what a book is,it does'nt look as if any of them spent time learning braille,how are these kids a threat as the only people around are blind so they will only learn from them unless they think being able to see suddenly lets them beable to read,create new machinery as it looks like every thing is over grown, rusted, broken so how can they repair anything and if these two where born does'nt it mean that what ever made them all blind in the first place is wearing off so they will have other babies in the future so it want stop any thing killing these two
otal_antonio do_free_fire
Eu ja assisti esa serie e é foda de mais #nota 10 #portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Glorious Beard
Glorious Beard Hace un mes
None of them can see, and yet they all have fashion sense for some inexplicable reason. Seems feasible etc.
Chhaya Bithi
Chhaya Bithi Hace un mes
Season 1 was amazing guys! Jason was mind-blowing ♥ Eagerly waiting for the next season ♥♥
curlygurlyS Hace un mes
People are very critical in the comments.... as someone who watched it I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKED IT XD
Lois Balding
Lois Balding Hace un mes
this is the tits!
Gimo Tipaza
Gimo Tipaza Hace un mes
I start watching season 1 episodes 4 it's amazing series Probably the best of 2019
Code 6219
Code 6219 Hace un mes
This is gonna be bad☹️
Kent Seaton
Kent Seaton Hace un mes
I yoinked the first couple of episodes off the torrents (because I'll be damned if I give any money to apple). I wasn't impressed. Seems to be a type of flash-in-the-pan money grab more than anything. Was it worth watching? Not really.
Mozzman Hace un mes
Download it for free at eztv. Fuck the apple nazis
Mozzman Hace un mes
Sort of show you'd expect from Apple, garbage
lehninger Hace un mes
this is too stupid to... see.
MUGO MUGO Hace un mes
i kinda hate it, not exciting
E. Seraphim
E. Seraphim Hace un mes
So i have this idea for a show....
Sad Muaz
Sad Muaz Hace un mes
One of the stupidest ideas I have ever seen in my life !
Lou Pinkracelink
Lou Pinkracelink Hace un mes
I stop watching just 15 mins in to the first Episode 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I can’t see this crap 😂
Deborah Harper
Deborah Harper Hace 2 meses
An chance will it ever be released on DVD to buy since I don't have internet access except my phone
Geoff Foster
Geoff Foster Hace 2 meses
Can't see what everyone is moaning about. Looks and sounds fantastic. A lot of very smart and dedicated people have invested their passion and energy into the sets, costumes - CGI (as opposed to churning out any old garbage for money). Thought Jason Momoa might be the weak link acting-wise. But he's fine. As are all of the surrounding cast - especially Sylvia Hoeks who is well on the way toward created yet another totally unique villain (although I'm a bit concerned by how painfully thin she's looking). Love the guy playing her Witchfinder General. Writing and dialogue are spot on. This series has real potential - provided they don't go all GoT S08.
Andrew Jeff
Andrew Jeff Hace 2 meses
never knew Gether was a snitch, and i never knew the queen love mastrubating.
jay Garris
jay Garris Hace 2 meses
Nobody : absolutely Nobody: Blind woman to blind army : find the babies bring them to me Me: I ll SEE what I can do
Sendooran_sCaR Hace 2 meses
This show is amazing , you be legit hooked on it , 10/10
Davy . M
Davy . M Hace 2 meses
See you later
Simony Ribeiro
Simony Ribeiro Hace 2 meses
how do they shave if they are blind??? how do girls make the hair?? and ok there's a lot of things that doesn't make sense
Simony Ribeiro you don't need to see to shave
Olga Olga
Olga Olga Hace 2 meses
Such n unbelievable bullshit! Was thinking better about Momoa!
Anonymuse Hace 2 meses
I need to see more of Jason Momoa on the screen.
Galym Kerimbekov
Galym Kerimbekov Hace 2 meses
This funny TV Show makes me sleep well, at least
Unasty !
Unasty ! Hace 2 meses
This is trash y'all; 😝💩💩💩💩
Unasty !
Unasty ! Hace 2 meses
Non sense crap
Unasty !
Unasty ! Hace 2 meses
When r u gonna stop this crazy shit? U disgust me
Max Johansson
Max Johansson Hace 2 meses
When are Hollywood gonna learn that you shouldn't aim to target all audience groups at once. (Children, Teenage Girls, Teenage Boys, Men and Women) For a show to succeed it can't be aimed for more than 2 groups. And if it is aimed at 2, it must have a balance between the two. Most series only therefor succeed targeting 1 group.. That is why game of thrones failed so much at the end. It was not only because the last episodes were rushed, but the characters were tweeked and others removed that caused an unbalance. Ex. Khal Drogo, Tywin Lannister and Robert Barathian were all characters that men appreciated. Adding to much drama and focus on characters like Sansa, Khalesi and Jon snow disrupted that balance.. This show is obviously aimed mostly for men, and perhaps teenage boys. I hope it stays that way..
ALL DO CHANNEL Hace 2 meses
Farcry Primal like this
Angel Smyre
Angel Smyre Hace 2 meses
Move over Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, you disappeared and "Jason Momoa" Appeared. 😄😄 But great Movie🎥!!
Avengers Level Threat
Kraven is that you?
Zehra Hozic
Zehra Hozic Hace 2 meses
They can't se but they see.They see but they can't see.This is peace a shit.
sphm74 Hace 2 meses
There's a lot of modern art directing going on for a bunch of blind tribal people
kaatumakhan ffc
kaatumakhan ffc Hace 2 meses
Ithu nammade lalletente guruvallr🤔
Deep Thought 42
Deep Thought 42 Hace 2 meses
After 100 years - most of them should be echolocating. Momoa even said he learned how to do it after months of training - and he's not even blind!
The President of The Internet
This is hilariously dreadful - almost worth watching just for the unintentional humor - but not quite.
Zoneangel Hace 2 meses
Didn’t see this one coming
Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee Hace 2 meses
Seriously, how the fuck did this shit even make it this far as a production? Who funded this bullshit? Their is nothing they can make up to make this shit make sense. Why in the hell would you think this is a good idea?
Kenny Lee if you haven't watched it, you cannot say that
Pieter-Bas Beijer
Pieter-Bas Beijer Hace 2 meses
Hey, come and see, its a show with Jason Momoa played by Jason Momoa!
Suncho Hace 2 meses
why did they put mud on their faces before the battle. it's not like the mud will make them harder to spot when you look at them... and no it won't hide their scent or something. just think about where you use your deodorant, yeah, it's not on your cheeks.
Bored Eats
Bored Eats Hace 2 meses
this is a movie not a tv show. you watch and done.teranova made the same mistake
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