Selena crime scene #2

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Published as a curiosity.

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3 jun 2018






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Princess kaylea
Princess kaylea Hace 2 días
😭😭 come back! :(
Vanessa Contreras
Vanessa Contreras Hace 2 días
Marie Marte
Marie Marte Hace 5 días
Angel Garciaa
Angel Garciaa Hace 6 días
(Only fill my comment section with the lyrics) Como La Flor...
Valeria Campos
Valeria Campos Hace 16 días
Selena love😢😢😢😢
Aaliyah Blackwood
Aaliyah Blackwood Hace 19 días
Selena didnt deserve to die... Rest in Peace Angel 💔🕊
Lilia Gissela Coba Muñoz
Porque dios tubo que llebarle a Selena 😔😔😔🙏🙏🥺🥺😢😢 pero ella es aora un angel😇😇😇😇
CynCity Hace 20 días
So freaking sad
Diana Aguirre
Diana Aguirre Hace 22 días
Diana Aguirre
Diana Aguirre Hace 22 días
Ernest Garcia
Ernest Garcia Hace 27 días
Una lastima haver asesinado a tan bella artista.
Taylor ASMR
Taylor ASMR Hace 27 días
Angie Avelar
Angie Avelar Hace un mes
cancelled tea
cancelled tea Hace un mes
Why would someone ever kill a beautiful soul? Rip Selena ❤️
Antonio Ca
Antonio Ca Hace un mes
Jamie Ramirez
Jamie Ramirez Hace un mes
Something I don’t care to remember Selena her being murdered. Geez
Jamie Ramirez
Jamie Ramirez Hace un mes
Anthony C. I started reading my comment and it looks confusing sorry
Anthony C.
Anthony C. Hace un mes
Jamie Ramirez I misunderstood it . My bad .
Jamie Ramirez
Jamie Ramirez Hace un mes
Anthony C. I don’t want to remember Selena being murdered that’s what I said. I love ❤️ her and I grew up to her music and I rather remember the good then the bad. You got a problem with my opinion on that or did you miss understood my comment.
Anthony C.
Anthony C. Hace un mes
What are u trying to say?
Yesenia Rivera
Yesenia Rivera Hace un mes
2013 agosto 17 murió mi padre cerca de casa el?seguía orden del bou en el rancho de julio talar de Luis su hermano tío oracion q no me violen tío y tía
Iliana Sapién
Iliana Sapién Hace un mes
Este vídeo lo puedo ver millones de veces y millones de veces admiro a la chica más linda creadora de la TecnoCumbia LA REYNA SELENA
Wow wow Lulu
Wow wow Lulu Hace un mes
If they had an iPhone in 1995 Selena would call for help.
Berta Nuñez
Berta Nuñez Hace un mes
Ojalá que está vieja Yolanda siga en la cárcel es una asesina Selena ya descansa nunca la olvidaremos y que esa vieja de Yolanda pague por su crimen como debe de ser malvada asesina ojalá ahí se pudra en la carcel y que reciba su castigo que Dios le de
Susan Desanto
Susan Desanto Hace un mes
Im sad when this happened I can't believe Saldivar will shot Selena a very young beautiful Lady. It's better let Saldivar be in jail forever no parole.
The truth is the light
I always knew she really didn’t want to kill herself, it was all an act, She’s a piece of Shit and couldn’t make it on her own so she knew if she went to jail she could have somewhere to sleep and eat for free and be safe until she gets out , she a bitch
Mandy martinez
Mandy martinez Hace 2 meses
Selena had her hands full. She had a purse, a briefcase and a phone that were found on the floor outside scattered. Yolanda shot her intentionally and may have shot her while she was already out of the room. If she was shot while still in the room, I assume she would have dropped everything in that moment and area. However, if she was shot while already out of the room with her back turned, it was a complete shock feeling the pain and maybe realized what happened and started running. Then along the way dropped her belongings one by one.
ೃ Vee the latte ೃ
Such a tragedy. Can’t imagine how scared she was. Her last words was “Yolanda. Room 158.” Yolanda basically left her to die alone.
Myrian Jara
Myrian Jara Hace 2 meses
X culpa de ellos mataron a selena .. donde esta la plata .? Borraron las evidencias de la plata. ? Quien tiene el dinero. ? Pueden ser tan choooooorros. Pobre selena .q en paz descanses .Y algún día lo sabremos que ocurrió. ? X q la mataron .? Quienes .?
Ezzie Fabian
Ezzie Fabian Hace 2 meses
Cristian Castañeda
Cristian Castañeda Hace 2 meses
kacdela Hace 2 meses
Chanel bag
Sonia Torres
Sonia Torres Hace 3 meses
Muy lamentable qué tristeza Descanse en paz una artista con toda su vida por delante da mucha tristeza siempre la recuerdo
Asia Asia
Asia Asia Hace 3 meses
Was that Selena truck at the very beginning of the video?
Laila Puli
Laila Puli Hace 3 meses
😃 nooooo 😢😢💝💔
Tee Mee
Tee Mee Hace 3 meses
Am I the only one who sees a face in the concrete at 2:09???? VERY ERIE! omg! pause the video!
Alex Mora
Alex Mora Hace 4 meses
I wonder if her spirit still there .............
Donna King
Donna King Hace 4 meses
Selena’s father should have handled that nut, not Selena.
SLUTESHA09 Hace 4 meses
Dat B Holanda should be whipped several times daily to wipe that damn smirk off her blasted face when she was been interviewed!
Anai Stephania
Anai Stephania Hace 4 meses
She is always going to be alive in my heart❤️
La Camara de Manualidades
R.I.P Selena😣😣😣
Carlixta Abad Mejía
Pero en ese hotel no habia camara que pudieron grabar lo que paso
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Hace 5 meses
This is heartbreaking. Rip Selena
Abel Deleon
Abel Deleon Hace 5 meses
I dont know how Saldivar states it was an accident. When Selena got to the lobby where the Hotel employees were, she just mentioned her Killer's name to make sure they new in case she didnt make it. She never mentions it was an accident. Had that been the case Selena would said it to them no doubt about it. She just stated, it was Yoalanda Saldivar that shot me room 158. Again she stated, it was Yolanda Saldivar. She was frightened for her life. She knew once she was laying down in the lobby that her life was fading away. Yolanda is a cold blooded killer, sociopath, and ex nurse who knew exactly where to shoot Selena for her not to survive. It was so planned that she rented the hotel room farthest to the Lobby. She was so obsessesd with Selena and forever desired to be attached to her. The only way for that to happen was to take her life, she thought, if shes not mine she is for no one! Sadly, Yolanda will be out of prison on year 2025!
Mac Aguilar
Mac Aguilar Hace 5 meses
Rocío Ramírez
Rocío Ramírez Hace 5 meses
The ring...
Mario Torres
Mario Torres Hace 5 meses
Te odio damos yolanda
Bella Gastelum
Bella Gastelum Hace 5 meses
Pobrecita Selena qu terror y angustia tubo al sentir qu la vida se le escapaba..😕
Claudia patricia Soto
grenslidr85 Hace 5 meses
We love you
grenslidr85 Hace 5 meses
God keep Selena safe in heaven
Daniiel Montecillo Solh
No que nunca encontraron el anillo ???
Jaiden Garcia
Jaiden Garcia Hace 5 meses
Thats so sad how hate makes people want to kill the person who hurt them but selena did nothing to Yolanda
Adam A
Adam A Hace 5 meses
You know what I'm starting to wonder what if God is taking the good people slowly when you leaving the bad here on Earth to suffer or to go slowly die and eventually all the evil people will be left here on hell on earth. Theyve taken all the great ones. I heard her for the first time at 8 or 9 years old on my brothers cassette walkmen first song i was hooked second i heard her i was in love with her, my brother would always find his walkmen and cassette missing bcz i always had it. it still hurts me and i didnt even know her. Rest in peace with looking over your husband and family. Im beyond shocked Chris didnt didnt want to end it for himself bcz of the pain of being alone and agony. He maybe tried just to be with her. Poor Chris God be with your hurting heart
Mia Mori
Mia Mori Hace 5 meses
I wish she would've never gone to that hotel. Forget about the money about that witch. RIP Selena 💜💜💐
Bentley III
Bentley III Hace 5 meses
Why was she the one confronting Yolanda? Couldn't someone from her family do it.
King 1985 legend
King 1985 legend Hace 5 meses
1995 was a sad year for the industry her and Easy E passing away
Mine Garcia
Mine Garcia Hace 5 meses
Javier Emilio
Javier Emilio Hace 5 meses
Maldita Yolanda Saldivar, vil asesina!
Joeliton Boia
Joeliton Boia Hace 5 meses
Por favor pq não consigo acessar a série da Selena na Netflix? Alguém também aqui não consegue ?
Adryana Fernandez
Adryana Fernandez Hace 5 meses
Yolanda is ugly Why she kill her 🦋 Rest In Peace
Amber McRae
Amber McRae Hace 5 meses
So crazy back in October 2019 i went to her museum for my birthday well when i 1st got there my original hotel i was going to stay at was horrible so me my mom an sister google an drove all over corpus Christi couldn't find anything well long story short my mom found one an we ended up in the same room that this horrible event took place at that time i didn't know that they changed the name to knights inn until i sat on the bed trying to Google the name/location to go site see it was saying the length to get there was zero mins i have plenty of pics i also met her sister the next day an her dad he ask me did i want to take a pic with it was a sad an wonderful experience best bday ever
Lida B
Lida B Hace un mes
Wow really? Sounds like a sad, but good experience as well. Do you have the pics of that room?
Ruth Abigail Rodriguez
The older I get, the worse this seems. She was way too young to be handling corrupted staff or employees or friends. So sad.
Nicole Crandall
Nicole Crandall Hace 6 meses
after confronting Yolanda saldívar they should of fired her and let police investigate her embezzlement
Love Always
Love Always Hace 6 meses
Papers left behind, the purse, her phone.....the ring. After the gunshot, nothing else mattered but her life. Everything stood except for her. Was the fight really worth it? Selena is dead but her father is swimming in millions. Money is the root of all evil.
Amie Fletcher
Amie Fletcher Hace 6 meses
I think she wanted her own family with her husband hope Yolanda stays in prison
1Oplanets Hace 2 meses
Nixie Neptune she’s in prison for life
Evelynlee Rivera
Evelynlee Rivera Hace 6 meses
Yolanda is like 65 or 66 years old now
Jimena Hernandez
Jimena Hernandez Hace 6 meses
She didn't deserve this at all she just wanted to live and make more music 💔😭💐🎤💄👑💅🌹💋
Kelly Brackin
Kelly Brackin Hace 6 meses
My heart still aches for her and her family. What a beautiful woman. She didn’t deserve to have her life taken away
Hevelyn Alencar
Hevelyn Alencar Hace 6 meses
Já vai fazer 25 anos que a Selena morreu gente eu nao tinha nem nascido
Berto _OnLine
Berto _OnLine Hace 6 meses
Eliana gisvel Henriquez
Peggy Jimenez
Peggy Jimenez Hace 7 meses
She was running for her life and killed by a so called employee . Poor thing. So sad.
xx jorge mobile
xx jorge mobile Hace 7 meses
Este crimen es más falso que las extensiones de una mujer
cupcake monster
cupcake monster Hace 8 meses
Such a wonderful life but a terrible end.
tziritmich1 Hace 8 meses
Sheena p Moffett
Sheena p Moffett Hace 8 meses
Why was she carrying that gun? That lady is a snake in the grass whomever was in charge of the case didn't do their job. DA EITHER. THATS A CLEAR CUT CASE MURDER 1ST. SELENA IS DEAD AND SHE GOT A FEW MEASLY YEARS AND SHES HAPPY. WELL GUESS SHE DOESN'T FEEL JEALOUS ANYMORE SHE GOT AWAY WITH IT ALL
Emanuel printer
Emanuel printer Hace 8 meses
She didn't believe her father or her family and then when she found out it was too late
SC Lee
SC Lee Hace 8 meses
During the Miss Universe final stage i watched a singer sang a song named Dreaming of you. In a while a fell in love n started search information about the song n real singer. I was shocked when i read that she was died a long time ago. Such a tragic. She has a bright future but someone took it from her😔
jet Knight
jet Knight Hace 8 meses
DEFINITELY THAT IS A CHANEL TOTE BAG. .. today's market for a purse smiler to selena's would be around $4,000 dollars her's is priceless. ...
XanderVll Hace 8 meses
This was hard to watch , because it’s sad to imagine how scared she was 😢😣 hurts my heart because the hotel staff was there her family didn’t even get a chance to see her alive before she passed 💔. Only Chris seen her that morning , I know it was how hard it was for him after reading his book 😣. I know it’s wrong to hate but I despise that woman that took Selena from us so much 😡💔. I miss & love her everyday
Diana Valdivia
Diana Valdivia Hace 8 meses
Dios mio..cuanta sangre ...
Bahiyah Nash
Bahiyah Nash Hace 8 meses
It’s funny in the movie she drops the ring in the ambulance truck but while she was running after getting shot she drops her bag 🤔 but not the ring so the whole time u telling me she was holding that ring smh nah something ain’t right about this shorty rs
Bahiyah Nash
Bahiyah Nash Hace 8 meses
That truck smh the first pic is a lie smh they showed the shooter sitting in a red truck when the police tried to get her to surrender her self Smfh wow
lhormigatomica Hace 8 meses
So when she was running she had taken her belongings with her?
Omar Campos2
Omar Campos2 Hace 8 meses
why would anybody dislike this?
iiiStephanieii1 Gaming
Yolanda was a nurse of course she will know where to shoot Selena and which spot will she will die fast
F. P
F. P Hace 8 meses
If Selena still alive....she would have instagram & facebook.. Of course with many followers and likes. Took selfies with iPhone and having babys with Chris and be proud😢❤️
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
See why no more Selena s music on ESvid someone will kill you for your egg and now you all understand I make no money off ESvid channel I respect those whom have crossed last wishes as Egyptian s want there things back to Egypt with there eggs you'll die tho shall not steal
Checkerzzz gaming Hi
Can someone please help me a little Spanish boy wrote me on Facebook I didn't know him he said his mom was sick and asked me to hold on to his mom's pursue I told the boy I don't hold on to people s belonging s he said that was good I haven't heard from that boy iam worried if something happened to him and his mom please investigate this this makes me sad He wrote me on Facebook Message I don't even know him or his mom this is sad
Sarah Stewart
Sarah Stewart Hace 9 meses
I know I commented before but watching this again put it all in perspective for me. I can't even for the life of me imagine what that girl when through when she was shot by her so called 'friend' and business manager. Such a shame. It wasn't a stranger but someone close in her own circle. Wow, just watching her personal items strewn all over as she tried to get away from that devil that psycho 'b'. Such a shame what happened to sweet SELENA. And no one could save her. Rip wasn't to be.
Erika Silva
Erika Silva Hace 9 meses
Aunque sigan pasando los años,.es una gran tristeza su partida, era tan jovencita.
Honey Love
Honey Love Hace 9 meses
I wish Selena never trusted that backstabber 😢 long live Tejano Queen 👑
Genesis Montiel Velarde
Toda la sangre se pasa debería de morir en la cárcel Yolanda saldibar
ohmusicsweetmusic Hace 9 meses
not a hwhole lot of blood. if someone there knew emergencey first aid, i bet they could have saved her.
olga perez
olga perez Hace 10 meses
Quisiera naser en 1997
Segarinna Johnson
Segarinna Johnson Hace 10 meses
Selena story is why you can no longer get close to celebrities anymore. They learnt a lesson
Alyssa Henson
Alyssa Henson Hace 10 meses
Wheres part 1
Jose Perez
Jose Perez Hace 10 meses
Ay esa vieja asesina
piggyanimatiomsUwU sanchaz
😢😭😭😢 i hate Yolanda the killer. Her pres and 📚 sad
Myrian Jara
Myrian Jara Hace 10 meses
Y a quien le quedo el teléfono cartera debe tener alguna evidencia. ? Lo revisaron todo ?
Madison Cooke
Madison Cooke Hace 10 meses
seeing all the blood droplets broke my heart. can't imagine how terrified she must have been running for her life.
Wow wow Lulu
Wow wow Lulu Hace un mes
Chelsea Dorcélus
Chelsea Dorcélus Hace 10 meses
It’s so hard to see at the time that the person who you trust killed you, Selena was such a good person she didn’t see that coming. Poor baby she ran for her life 😢😢😢
mrsmer1 Hace 10 meses
If it hadn't been for Yolanda she wouldn't have died
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