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Patrick Zhou
Patrick Zhou Hace un mes
So not fair
Nathan Panusky
Nathan Panusky Hace 2 meses
Video: showed the most shocking elimination in DWTS history Tom in the outro: *IF YOU ENJOYED THAT DANCING WITH THE STARS EXTRA, MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE DOWN BELOW!!!!!*
Grace Sweeney
Grace Sweeney Hace 2 meses
biggest mistake of the season. he would have won if the judges hadn't screwed this up.
sashabanks number 1 fan
Ally is like so sweet
Jon Page
Jon Page Hace 6 meses
On a regular day in a few minutes and a few minutes
Lesley Cora
Lesley Cora Hace 7 meses
The fact that Ally wanted to give away her spot is so sweet ❤️
Am rose
Am rose Hace 7 meses
Hmm yeh shock still. But what could have been done is knowing james situation beforehand, sure he gave it his all in his dance at the urging of his wife who almost died but yeh his heart not into the competition anymore. I mean can not blame him for just letting go of trophy shoot to be with his wife and kids. Probably the show could have dropped his scores down during that live vote to make it easier for him to just bow out and probable moved up gleb and lauren since they look generally shell shocked. James does not look unfazed at all. He might have had a clue to the plan just no reaction emma is just crying mess. She feels bad for James's tragedy but probable sad that her shot at her 2nd trophy is now gone they so close and he is good. Alley bless her heart begging them to let James have her spot but judges made the pick.
I died when Lauren was like: WHAT when she was in the finals and glen was like OMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG xD also, Ally was like: "Can I give it to James, please? ;~; awwwwwwww so sweet :3 but too bad Kel or Ally didn't win :( same with James Van Der Beek...
Epaminondas Ernesto
Epaminondas Ernesto Hace 7 meses
great human with a lovely heart
Andrew O'Malley
Andrew O'Malley Hace 7 meses
Bless Ally Brooke
Princess Devil
Princess Devil Hace 7 meses
“If you enjoyed that Dancing with the Stars extra, don’t forget to subscribe, I’m guessing the button is somewhere down here.” No Tom, I didn’t enjoy that
Jm Manahan
Jm Manahan Hace 7 meses
i know ally since fifth harmony. pls don’t hate her. if u only know she is the sweetest member of 5h. she LITERALLY the sunshine of the group. That's why we also call her allysus because she truly a gift from God. She is so authentic and has a very good heart.
Mor 98
Mor 98 Hace 7 meses
my heart oh my just ugh
Danielle Pereira
Danielle Pereira Hace 7 meses
ally e james foram os melhores, muito injusto
Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan Hace 7 meses
Luv Dancing with the Stars
Nancy Kirby
Nancy Kirby Hace 7 meses
Hannah and Ally, all the way! Lauren Alaina sucks.😣😣😣😣
NaTya Stanley
NaTya Stanley Hace 7 meses
Ally just wanted to give James some good news for once that week
MIY angel
MIY angel Hace 7 meses
Gleb and Alaina were awfully awkward!🇦🇩🇦🇶🇦🇷🇦🇸🇦🇹🇦🇬🇦🇫🇦🇶🇦🇴🇦🇩
Tima Glam
Tima Glam Hace 7 meses
this elimination was so sad that I almost didn't notice it was Emma against Sasha and how sad and painful it was for Sasha to win over Emma...I'm sorry in many ways...
Survivor Fighter
Survivor Fighter Hace 7 meses
Hannah looks fake sometimes
Carl Goff
Carl Goff Hace 7 meses
I like Hannah and Kel. I thought Lauren was gone! She looks silly.
literate spiritual
literate spiritual Hace 7 meses
Lauren who? I don't understand what's going on with this show anymore? There were better dancers. Lauren alaina is a lowlife troll. She doesn't deserve to be in the semi-finals.
Dan Kruger
Dan Kruger Hace 7 meses
Fixed, James danced great. Why can't the west coast vote.
marina putrus
marina putrus Hace 7 meses
Like I'm sorry I'm sure the judges are very much qualified but they could be bias and all that I'm so upset
marina putrus
marina putrus Hace 7 meses
I just wanna say that the judges picking who stays and who goes it so soooo stupid what happened to having people vote!! I'm so sad after that emotional performance from James 😭😭😭
Melissa Church
Melissa Church Hace 7 meses
Lauren Alaina still on the show? Wtf? She/Gleb should've been voted off 7 weeks ago!
Jonathan Hoffman JB
Jonathan Hoffman JB Hace 7 meses
ally just doesn’t do it for me
Tina Joyce
Tina Joyce Hace 7 meses
Lauren Alaina will do anything in her power to stay on the show, she talks trash about other dancers and posting bad comments on their videos.. that' how she stays on the show.. She's an internet troll. The judges should've eliminated that ugly demon!😃😂😂 a long time ago!
The Voice Of Georgia
I want to be a friend with ally . she is so so sweet and pure . Look at her face when she asking to give up her place and the moment she days Pleeease ... I just wanna give her a hug . and to all the haters out there , sorry not sorry but not only she deserves to be in finale she deserves to WIN ! especially when we have hanna , lauren and ken in the finale. but since this is a popularity contest , not how u dancing i guess that mirror ball goes on different direction :)
galaxy:kiss Hace 7 meses
Not only Lauren Alaina is a karaoke singer, she dances like a clown. Is this a joke or what? She has no dancing or singing skills. From Argentina
Linda De Graaf
Linda De Graaf Hace 7 meses
DWTS has once again shown that it is a severely damaged show-and one might ask if the issues which were SUPPOSED TO BE ADDRESSED AND RESOLVED, have even come close. CLEARLY, SOMETHING REMAINS WRONG HERE. I honestly believe that despite the millions of dollars DWTS and ABC has dumped into the show with season 28...the issues actually appear larger and more outrageous than ever. Having spent the past 2.5mos contemplating the problems,I believe I have an offer for a very viable solution. My suggestion? Get rid of the 3 AGING AND CLEARLY USELESS JUDGES(Bruno appears far more inebriated than years past-referring to Sasha as 'Pasha" 2 weeks in a row, Carrie's bone headed decision undoubtedly led to Van der beek's demise..and Len..well, Maks Chermkovsky first suggested his resignation back a full 8yrs ago, during season 13, in 2011!), PLUS THE TWO COMPLETELY WORTHLESS HOSTS-Bergeron and Andrews. CLEAN HOUSE DWTS-WIPE THE SLATE, SAVE MILLIONS AND START WITH FRESH BLOOD!! Seriously, how many fans would love to see judges just like Maks, Tony and Karina for example (or Artem, Sharna and Louie, or even Corky, Derek and Mark!!). Hosting responsibilities could easily be picked up (and for MUCH LESS $!!), by Leah and Tony (if Tony didnt Judge), or Leah and Alfonso, or even someone such as Frankie Munoz or Joey Fatone joined by the heartbreakingly sad dethroned Brooke Burke Charvez. Seriously DWTS...we all sat back and waited a full year since 2018 for you to "fix the broken system", and this season has brought absolutely nothing but unfairness and heartbreak. I have already unsubscribed and doubt I will watch if you are even able to pull together another season next year...UNLESS YOU TRY ONE MORE TIME, TO REGAIN THE AMAZEMENT OF YOUR INFANCY. I can think of no other way than to get rid of the 5 folks I see as holding the show back, and trying something completely new and different. I doubt my words will ever be seen or considered...and that's fine by me. You've lost more fans than you can know...so hey, whats a few million more to you (except possible the final straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back)?
Caitlin Martinsen
Caitlin Martinsen Hace 7 meses
ally and Sasha
Dan Lambert
Dan Lambert Hace 7 meses
This is kidding right? Lauren Alaina is in the finale? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😭😭😭 Never forget who Lauren Alaina is...........She's a bully in real life and internet! About 10 years ago, she bullied a boy simply because he was gay. Lauren harassed him everyday by pushing him around and calling him "fucking faggot" He couldn't take it anymore, so he took his own life. This shit is crazy. She just pretends like nothing has happened. Vote off this ugly demon!
no more eliminating
galaxy:kiss Hace 7 meses
@JoAnna everybody knows it and you know it. She needs to go to jail. Fry her ugly face!
JoAnna Hace 7 meses
Source? Oh right, can't name one, because it didn't happen.
Abraham Longoria Rodríguez
Ally is such a sweet human being. Wanting to relinquish her spot, the one she has earned through the weeks and give it to James had me at the edge of tears.
Camrentooreal cam
Camrentooreal cam Hace 7 meses
Camrentooreal cam
Camrentooreal cam Hace 7 meses
UNFAIR, I mean I’m a Fifth Harmony fan BUT James and Emma were the winners there.
Tammy King
Tammy King Hace 7 meses
We love Hannah Brown, kel Mitchell, Ally Brooks, but we don't like Lauren Alaina!😄😄😄
el_boricua_gringo 2006
Yo that’s so sweet of her, I can’t believe they rejected her offer on giving it to James, all she was doing was being a nice friend. That’s all
Taylor Rocheleau
Taylor Rocheleau Hace 7 meses
Go Hannah!!
Both Hope and Despair
Oh come on. I found this to be unfair. James is amazing, and he recently went through something heartbreaking. Look, I'm not saying anyone else really deserved to not be in finale, they're all amazing, but this is something else to be upset about, and James had so much potential. Also, how was Ally in jeopardy? They need to make it so the audiences votes count a little less. Still a great show.
Ashley Wade
Ashley Wade Hace 7 meses
James and Ally definitely should not have been the bottom two. At this point I hope Ally or Kel wins
Blazing Pika
Blazing Pika Hace 7 meses
I love you Ally. This elimination is so heartbreaking. I can't. Huhu James is really really good.
Ryan's favorite hat!
Lauren Alaina is a disgrace to this show! She has no dance skills. Why is she still on the show? She should've been removed from the show a long time ago!
sylvia walker
sylvia walker Hace 7 meses
You know why James got eliminated this week? Lauren Alaina posted the negative/nasty comments on his videos! She spends 24/7 posting hateful comments on other contestants' videos. She's jealous as hell cuz she can't dance like other contestants! Lauren Alaina should've been gone about 9 weeks ago 😇😇😇👡👡 what's the fuss? Eliminate that jealous evil!
no more eliminating btw
ItzBocaBitch Hace 7 meses
Can we take a sec to appreciate how quickly Ally was willing to give up her spot to James? It's so sweet of her, nothing calculated or fake about it, she was genuinely sad. And it wasn't shown her but there was a little more film where she's crying and hugging James. She's so pure and lovely💛😢
Jimmy Torres
Jimmy Torres Hace 7 meses
I have never followed Ally, for me she was another famous individual and that was it. Now she has all my respect, recognizing that some else deserves her spot in the competition requires to be humble and a great heart. She is amazing.
Sheena Thomson
Sheena Thomson Hace 7 meses
Omg, what's happening to this show? James van der beek was the best dancer in the show 😉😉😊 Lauren Alaina is the worst. This is crazy!
22 roses grow
22 roses grow Hace 7 meses
Vanderbeek 5th place... .. really? Hmm.
Gregory Nick
Gregory Nick Hace 7 meses
I think in this scenario, it should not have been up to the judges to save a couple. For all we know, James may have had more votes compared to Ally. How many times have she been saved so far. I think at least 4 or 5 weeks consecutively. If not for the judges save, she would have been gone weeks ago. It’s obvious she doesn’t have enough fans/viewers behind her the last few weeks. She’s not getting the votes.
My journey to Sydney
Lauren Alaina should've been gone. 😣😣😣😣😣
TFE niname
TFE niname Hace 7 meses
Emily Bear - Dancin (Official Music Video)
Debra Shorter
Debra Shorter Hace 7 meses
Laurens reaction is priceless! 👏👏👏👏
fuchsia Hace 7 meses
Ally have to win this We don't have to let them to shade her like they did with Normani
pixiejenny Hace 7 meses
I cried :( im done with dwts
Julia r
Julia r Hace 7 meses
These two should’ve been the top two! :(
k d
k d Hace 7 meses
I'm glad that other couple didn't go to the finals because I remember the girl who won was 1st and normani 3rd normani was way better than all of them and she deserved to win it and she was very cocy and now ally showed her so glad for her she worked hard constantly but James also deserve it
Thomston T
Thomston T Hace 7 meses
Ally seems so sweet.
Clau Hace 7 meses
kel and ally are great and the most improved. I hope one of them wins.
MIY angel
MIY angel Hace 7 meses
James should've been saved. It doesn't make any sense, James is gone and a trash dancer like Lauren Alaina is in the finale? 😃😃😎😎😎 this sucks. Venezuela
Clau Hace 7 meses
tbh the final 4 should've been kel, ally, james, & kate. l said what I said.
Tara Curry
Tara Curry Hace 7 meses
Last week: Easiest decision the judges ever made. This week: "Uh...can we go to commercial? Oh crap, we just came back from a commercial."
Sonny A
Sonny A Hace 7 meses
I love James and I hate that he was voted off, he deserved to be in the finals. Ally earned that spot in the finals tho. She is the most improved and consistent dancer on the show. I hope she WINS!
Sloth Miki
Sloth Miki Hace 7 meses
Ally didn't deserve to be put in this position. She was about to give up her spot for James, she is the most caring and sweet person on this show. Literally the 2 best dancers were in the bottom, I really hate this voting system. I hope Ally and Sasha win the Mirror Ball Trophy!
Becca B
Becca B Hace 7 meses
Lauren or Hannah should have been in the bottom 2, not them. All of James and Ally’s dances were jam-packed with content to double that of Lauren’s. This is so aggravating.
bbyicebearr Hace 7 meses
I'm so happy ally Brooke and Sasha got to stay even with the best score
Amberlyn Faulstich
Amberlyn Faulstich Hace 7 meses
Legit these two couples shouldn't have been the ones that were last! They were two of the best dancers! But yea, I get SO pissed becuz the people voting r so dumb! Like they kept the old senater guy on when he should've been yeeted a long time ago! And ppl cant make up their minds, like one week they'll save somebody becuz of emotional background and somebody good will go home, and then the og person they saved they'll send home next week!! I'm like, dont look at the emotions, it's called DANCING with the stars, not emotions with the stars! If u look at dwts a few years ago it was a LOT more uplifting than this crap! I mean James, I understand, but like all the rest of the emotions in this r not needed just have fun!! I either want Kel or Ally to win. It used to b James on that list too
Conny Pequeño
Conny Pequeño Hace 7 meses
Wth whyyyyyyy but i do love allá but i want ed both of them 2 win this is straight Up sad
Mara natha
Mara natha Hace 7 meses
ALE JUAREZ Hace 7 meses
I'm tired of just seeing hateful comments towards Ally without commenting out of respect for everyone, but this time I can't shut up, ALLY is not to blame for "being the favorite of the judges" she doesn't deserve any of the shit that she is pulling, she is the sweetest person there can be in this world, I just can't do it anymore and I want to tell the haters to go to hell, Ally has fans that we support her and that we love her and we won't let them follow her hurting. The #Allygiance and #Harmonizers will defend you from you bitches.
Tonya Reddinger
Tonya Reddinger Hace 7 meses
I definitely agree with comments of Linda
Shirlyn Mwangi
Shirlyn Mwangi Hace 7 meses
James you are a winner either way, May the Lord be with you and your family ❤️
Shirlyn Mwangi
Shirlyn Mwangi Hace 7 meses
The best two at the bottom, really America!!! I wish I was American, I would be voting like my life depended on it😔 this is clearly a popularity contest meaning Ally will not win, Hannah is taking the mirrorball home for sure.
Vithun Illankovan
Vithun Illankovan Hace 7 meses
Why is everyone there so shocked that Ally got saved over James when she had a higher series average? What happened to James is so devastating but the judges must be respected for voting so professionally. This would not have happened in the UK.
Vithun Illankovan
Vithun Illankovan Hace 7 meses
Wow is Ally really unpopular? Scores high on the leaderboard every week yet been in the dance-off 3 times! Very unfortunate bottom 2 as it was between 1st & joint 2nd in terms of series averages.
Ana Espinoza
Ana Espinoza Hace 7 meses
Wow, not what I expected at all. James deserved to be in that finale. He could’ve taken the whole thing!
Kelly JF
Kelly JF Hace 7 meses
What a rough position for Sasha. He probably felt so torn and he felt so horrible for his wife and James. At 2:12 he looked over at her and couldn’t hold it together. 😢
katattacksweetheart Hace 7 meses
Honestly Lauren's been great but I felt that when she was shocked to not be bottom two...think this week was her time to go 🤷‍♀️
Logan Terry
Logan Terry Hace 7 meses
Okay, fire all these judges.
gmail com
gmail com Hace 7 meses
Hannah should have gone home
selena brannan
selena brannan Hace 7 meses
Sad and happy At the same time. Sad that James wears sent home because he was so talented but happy now he can stay home with his family and be there for them! Maybe Sasha can win his first mirrorball!!
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