Sen. Kamala Harris: This Won't End With A Wall

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'The Truths We Hold: An American Journey' author and Senator Kamala Harris makes a guarantee about Trump's border wall.
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11 ene 2019

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Comentarios 3 537
Tony Christian
Tony Christian Hace 2 horas
She is as far off what the majority of America wants as nutty Nancy!
Eshter Maria
Eshter Maria Hace 2 horas
borshch is Ukrainian beet soup not Russian.
page Turner
page Turner Hace 3 horas
One Smart Woman.
kaykay Evans
kaykay Evans Hace 4 horas
Love Kamala!! She is awesome.
Yolanda Edwards
Yolanda Edwards Hace 7 horas
I absolutely love her! She is poised and intelligent 👍
Randy Potter
Randy Potter Hace 8 horas
Is Colbert supposed to be funny?
Javier Harth
Javier Harth Hace 9 horas
It's nice to know they make such good use of their flying expense account. Be a little cheaper on the tax payer if they teleconference their votes. Especially whilst the government is shutdown and so many people are not getting paid. Sometimes I think this is all a show. They're all in cahoots milking us with their charade. Television runned state!
Anthony Jacobs
Anthony Jacobs Hace 10 horas
This is one sharp Woman.
Gary Wickert
Gary Wickert Hace 14 horas
How wrong she is. She is the antithesis of articular. Partisan hack scrambling for fame and political ambition.
Stevie fan
Stevie fan Hace 20 horas
People in the United States: Vote for this woman. Do yourselves and the world some good after all your evil. America is a continent not a country!
Brian Wurch
Brian Wurch Hace 21 un hora
Mice get free stuff too, then they find they are caught in trap and no more free. Don't be that lazy stupid greedy coveting mouse America.
Brian Wurch
Brian Wurch Hace 21 un hora
Illegal. Look it up. Comprehend.
Jonathan Still
Jonathan Still Hace 21 un hora
Kamela Harris- Style, class, beauty, tact, etiquette, keen intelligent and astute...if l were to vote for a woman......this lady would be the one.
Brent Foster
Brent Foster Hace 22 horas
Some of you are COMPLETELY THREATENED by the intelligence, strength, and fierceness of Sen. Harris. It’s really sad.
Milton Samarasiri
Milton Samarasiri Hace 23 horas
She gets pissed every night.
Dan O'Leary
Dan O'Leary Hace 23 horas
thank you madame president
Julie Doner
Julie Doner Hace un día
My girl crush on Kamala grew three sizes after watching this. We need more women in power. Bottom line.
Roman Rivera
Roman Rivera Hace un día
Our great state? Nope liberals have destroyed our once great state. #Recallnewsom
Nicole Arnold
Nicole Arnold Hace un día
She is crazy
Jason Reese
Jason Reese Hace un día
Puerto Rico is and was very ancient in its infrastructure way before any hurricane ! It would take an act of God to bring that dump into a modern country. Obama did nothing in his 8yrs I don't hear any liberals opening up their shit holes about it? Nancy and Chucky are obstructionists not invisionists 8yrs with worthless Obama and they did NOTHING ! Trump has North Korea holding back missels ,China negotiating, NAFTA obolished , the economy thriving. But all liberals can do is find petty shit to whine about just like Chuck and Nancy!!!!!! Trump4more years
Jace Cavacini
Jace Cavacini Hace un día
That assumption of the people in power not abusing the public trust... that’s well gone. There is no public trust in the people in government.
Clavers1369 Hace un día
Why do we call her the Poop City Princess?
eveningcook Hace un día
All Trump supporters are Russian trolls who also support Putin.
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez Hace un día
Horrible show horrible senator I think I'm going to puke.
Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen Hace un día
The more i see of her the more I dislike her ?? She is not likable ?? sorry
Alan Leake
Alan Leake Hace un día
Sen. Harris, you are right that this won't end with a wall. With travel means by air or by sea, people will still enter the USA and not give a Squat about the wall. The Koch brothers, the Murdoch brothers, Sheldon Adelson may say we need the wall but, with over $110 Billion dollars in assets, they will not chip in $5.7 Billion to help out.
Rory Murray
Rory Murray Hace un día
Cannabis activists put Harris in office with help of the "Nothing Cool About Cooley" campaign. She has done nothing for them in return. No thanks, Kamala.
Harry Callahan
Harry Callahan Hace un día
CipherBytes Hace un día
MAGA Moron's Actively Gutting America
Michael Vanbragt
Michael Vanbragt Hace un día
All this from a woman who slept her way to her position with a married man.. typical liberal democratic: do as I say, let me make millions and give nothing, while I demand hard working Americans give their money to lazy.non-working.leeches.
Kamala is one of my girls my trifecta of freedom here in CA
meh Hace un día
She's a corporate shill.
Megpie Hace un día
Every time I see this woman speak I feel like this country has hope for a better future. I will most definitely be voting for her in the 2020 election
Michael_TEACHER-UK Teacher
CRY CRY BABY TRUMP - “Wheres my Dummy”, he asks? bababa MuMuMu Babaabbaaa!! Hahaha He's a joke!! The boy who never grew up into a Man! Time he took his duties and responsibilities seriously! Stop blaming other people! It goes with the job as President! Or doesn’t he know? A CEO of a Corporate Business does not blame others when the business fails or has some disaster! Trump said he would be proud to shutdown government. He rejected a unanimously bill Dec 18 for funding. The President - the BULLY - TRAITOR - COWARD - CRIMINAL - SCAMMER - FAKE -CON-MAN - look how he stole money from hard working fellow Americans in his FAKE, ‘Charity Business’ and spent it all on himself to buy his own Portrait! “I love me” he said! What a JOKE! LOCK HIM UP - the CROOK! A USA President who has no education and who cannot read or write words longer than 5 letters in them - Pathetic - an embarrassment to America and the World.
1st Cavalry
1st Cavalry Hace un día
The great state of California? Perfect use of an oxymoron.
Putins Cat
Putins Cat Hace un día
Maybe ends with a glowing mushroom.
Yves Aubert
Yves Aubert Hace un día
She is soooo hot & bright
joe D
joe D Hace 2 días
You sheep will never learn
Angela Payne
Angela Payne Hace 2 días
I have been a RN for 35 years and I so know and have seen how our healthcare system sucks totally! Healthcare is a human right NOT a privilege for the rich and famous only!
Edmund Banks
Edmund Banks Hace 2 días
Another Looney Demorat.What A Waste of time. Just Another Con.
Jon Balocco
Jon Balocco Hace 2 días
Good Ol' Camel Toe Harris....She like the "Rest Of The DemonRATS" want this country "Overrun By Mexican Sewage RATS"....
Donald Ducko
Donald Ducko Hace 2 días
She should be in PRISON.
linda hansen
linda hansen Hace 2 días
Kamala Harris talks and talks but never says a thing... she should die like all the rest of the government. Just a bunch of paid off talking heads.... DEMS SUCK
Kaze's Corner
Kaze's Corner Hace 2 días
hitler wasnt completly wrong
Keith Whiteley
Keith Whiteley Hace 2 días
The govt has doubled in size in just 20 years and it seems like they get less done. Maybe the unessential people should be laid off and the ones left should do a days work. I forget which dept it was but there were people watching four hours of porn a day on their computers. They weren't fired. In the private sector that would be your last day at your job. Computers have parental controls govt computers shouldn't be able to pull up porn. I don't care what people do with their time but work is work.
Ed Farms
Ed Farms Hace 2 días
It won't end until the Democrats have completely turned the United States into a third world country!
Keith Whiteley
Keith Whiteley Hace 2 días
The reason the govt is shut down is that is the only way to get congress to do what American citizens have expect them to do. Build the wall it should have been done 30 years ago. Will it fix everything no but it's needed and necessary.
Jeff Plimpton
Jeff Plimpton Hace 2 días
Bravo, Senator Harris!!! We need to open the government and then work out a compromise...
J T Hace 2 días
Remember willy brown kamala ? She slept her way to the top lol
Mo Fo
Mo Fo Hace 2 días
racist pig
Kendra Pimental
Kendra Pimental Hace 2 días
Please Kamala run for president! Get crazy orange man out of our lives .
Jess Willyard
Jess Willyard Hace 2 días
Never would I vote for her.
Anthony Hace 2 días
mike boultinghouse
mike boultinghouse Hace 2 días
the wall is to provide a last chance barrier for families. It is a humanitarian gesture. Because anyone coming over or under that wall is going to be destroyed as a terrorist invader much the same fashion as in Israel or North Korea. the United States is full up. ..Head north to Greenland, its wide open.
Kinky Hace 2 días
Spoiler Alert: I don't buy books from people who screw their own constituents. And I don't vote for candidates who invite big corporate campaign funding. Bribes for favors. No thanks. And she's a RussiaGate hoaxer? She slams Russia for something they allegedly did with ZERO evidence? Yeah...no thanks! We need a leader who isn't delusional.
Kinky Hace 2 días
What a shame Kamala Harris sold out Californians to help out Trump's Steve Mnuchin, allowing thousands of homeowners to be illegally foreclosed on and not holding Mnuchin, the owner of the bank, liable in any way. No way she can win after that godawful betrayal of her constituents! Even worse than Corey Booker voting against lower drug prices for Americans!
Virian Bouze
Virian Bouze Hace 2 días
Harris, "Can- Not" be a candidate for president, "She-Has-Nothing" in her head to think with!!!
Marty ponish
Marty ponish Hace 2 días
when it comes to safety you never back down sorry boo whoo all you want but pres trump is right !!!
Madina Khan
Madina Khan Hace 2 días
she is so gross inside and out
lilli lilli
lilli lilli Hace 2 días
Harrrris for president 🙏🏻🙏🙏🏽
Franklin Lopez
Franklin Lopez Hace 3 días
She's the dark version of Hillary Clinton, a corporatist, half way measure. 🖕out of here
Texas Made
Texas Made Hace 3 días
If she was so worried about the people not getting paid why was she not working to get to a solution instead out trying to sale her book and get political points?
Colleen Kelly
Colleen Kelly Hace 3 días
Impeach Trump AND Pence and Pelosi becomes President - Kamala could be VP, then take over top spot in 2020.
Jo Hannes
Jo Hannes Hace 3 días
"I had sex with politicians in high places to get to where I am today." -- Kamala Harris -- 2020 Presidential Candidate
closed course films
closed course films Hace 3 días
She has made no difference, she has not lived up what he hoped. She has no claws. As a California resident I am disappointed
Randy Potter
Randy Potter Hace 3 días
Everything that Kamala Harris does ends with her in bed with someone.
Daniel Hofer
Daniel Hofer Hace 3 días
probably danced like that for Willie Brown to, but was naked for him.
Reb Short
Reb Short Hace 3 días
"Not that I smoked a joint or anything, even though we legalized it." I heard that. Did anybody else? Her attitude in regards to that is just one of the many reasons I would be glad to vote for her.
9avedon Hace 3 días
Obama worst president ever !
Rob Vespa
Rob Vespa Hace 3 días
The nobility of office? Sorry. There is none. Where have you been?
Rob Vespa
Rob Vespa Hace 3 días
That's called precedent. Also, the issues you mentioned, Steve, are real.
Rob Vespa
Rob Vespa Hace 3 días
Words are just that. Where's the action? How is this allowed?
Mark H
Mark H Hace 3 días
Knee pads Kamala ...
Lars Saint Morning Glory
With all of the meddling the US has done worldwide throughout history, it's more like the "chickens came home to roost" with this Russia thing. US has to regain some sense of unity and integrity from the bottom up and all the way to the farthest reaching tendril.
Rex Alien
Rex Alien Hace 3 días
the wall will slow things down tremendously
transformercharger Hace 3 días
Totes awk. These Dems seem to have very little charisma. Seems to me the only legitimate contender against President Trump would be Joe Biden.
raboox9 Hace 3 días
Ocasio-Cortez for President in 2020! Enough of these corporate Democrats.
Douglas Compton
Douglas Compton Hace 3 días
frankie carbone
frankie carbone Hace 3 días
Dear america what a chump please your embarrassing the democratic we the real democratic wants a wall!!! Do your homework people democrats always wanted a wall !!
ibo Hace 3 días
I get the feeling that Russia is ramping up its troll machine, I keep seeing "Corporate Democrat" in the comments (first here and now also at Sen. Gillibrand) and pushes for Bernie Sanders that don't sound like Sanders supporters. Looks the same as when Sec. Clinton was running.
Joe Hanick
Joe Hanick Hace 3 días
clearly her comfort is when shes speaking as a prosecutor. she needs to learn some charisma if shes gonna run.
Brendan Day
Brendan Day Hace 3 días
Invaders are an emergency
Brendan Day
Brendan Day Hace 3 días
A wall should be bipartisan
Brendan Day
Brendan Day Hace 3 días
The doing of democrats who,prefer illegals
Brendan Day
Brendan Day Hace 3 días
If you're against a wall you're a hypocrite and a traitor
Ed Cox
Ed Cox Hace 3 días
Camilla gets ousted he'll be impeached by the end of the year
Wayne Altman
Wayne Altman Hace 3 días
alechuerta Hace 3 días
now that's what i call a president
Paul Richard
Paul Richard Hace 3 días
Our next president looks good here, don’t you think?
Marlene Sewell
Marlene Sewell Hace 3 días
You know who trump reminds me Giraldo remember him anything for ratings how many times he had his nose broken for being a jerk that's who trump reminds me of stupidity in a nut shell.
Lord Byron
Lord Byron Hace 3 días
Kamala Harris for President!
California Girl
California Girl Hace 3 días
When McDonnell Douglas Corporation was on shut down due to UAW strike, nobody was paid salary. We had to take vacations to be paid. If someone did not have vacation days, that person was not paid. Are government workers expecting that they will be paid for the time they did not work?
eli wol
eli wol Hace 3 días
I had a dream about Kamala Harris. She was the nurse at this sperm bank and was helping me get off. She kept saying one load for the jar, one load for my mouth. So weird...
Sheebert Hace 4 días
Do not vote for Harris in the primaries, she is a curropt corporate democrat, when she was attorney general she refused to prosecute Steve mnuchin for causing the 2008 economic crisis solely because she took campaign money from him. She is a fake progressive running on identity politics and will not represent the people. Only banks and large corporations, she just met with Wall Street this week
Antonio Montana
Antonio Montana Hace 4 días
"This won't end with a wall". Absolutely true!!!! Also, Russia and its puppet have to be held accountable, or else we cease to exist as a democracy!!!!
helen k.
helen k. Hace 4 días
These two Despicable pieces of shit have walls and fences around their homes and they have armed bodyguards. But they don't want protection for America look at these two traitors,, drugs shipped in by the drug cartels. Illegal aliens are destroying our country and killing Americans and they're laughing about it on TV sick
CJS channel
CJS channel Hace 4 días
Lora Scelsi
Lora Scelsi Hace 4 días
Keep fighting for these families. Shameful and employee abuse.
Amadayus TV
Amadayus TV Hace 4 días
I love Kamala but I don’t think 2020 is her year...I think the bigots would show up in droves to keep a black women out of office ..it’ll be sensory overload for the bigoted portion of America.
Monroe Taylor
Monroe Taylor Hace 4 días
I do not want a wall. I did not vote for trump.
J T Hace un día
Ok have some stay at your place and be a provider
Matthew Savoy
Matthew Savoy Hace 4 días
she has my vote
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