Sen. Schumer Breaks Down Massive Coronavirus Aid Package | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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The White House and Senate leaders reached an agreement early Wednesday on a massive $2 trillion coronavirus spending bill aimed at alleviating the economic impact of the outbreak. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 3/25/2020.
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Sen. Schumer Breaks Down Massive Coronavirus Aid Package | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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25 mar 2020






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Coach Chris
Coach Chris Hace un año
Don't trust this guy
thepeople Liberty
thepeople Liberty Hace un año
Deprivation of Rights is met by Death
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones Hace un año
Of course big corporations get 500B and hospitals get 130B...smh
I do not believe this tape going around from the FRENCH .This is a fake, it cannot be true. Let’s pray for them, please.
Fenty Rayess
Fenty Rayess Hace un año
kloviactools net has really be helpful to me and my family with the transfer I got from them
james Smith
james Smith Hace un año
Chuck Schumer should resign.
Nilda Hudson
Nilda Hudson Hace un año
Just wondering if trump and family will get the virus what do you think will he think enough the consequence ???????if he have a heart or brain ????
Paul Oneill
Paul Oneill Hace un año
This is the biggest give away in the history of mankind. The workers get crumbs not even peanuts while corporations get 2 -3 trillion dollars of taxpayer cash. Anyone who signs this should be charged with treason.
Micah Bell Online
Micah Bell Online Hace un año
I REALLY need my dose of pink adrenaline guys....Ill go total psycho soon. HELP??!!!
Jin Wong
Jin Wong Hace un año
giving corporations so much money is evil
Digital Innovation
Digital Innovation Hace un año
Coronavirus tips: Stay home, stay safe: Full video see: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-YslK2_hBzt4.html
John Cole
John Cole Hace un año
I pray for you people..wake up
John Cole
John Cole Hace un año
Ventilators do not work people stop wasting tax payers money.its in the air ,food,water.instead eat greens and I mean raw,eat peppers, onions,garlic, a little raw ever day...make stews with your ,meat it last twice as long..soups and do not broil,grill,or fry.follow my advice you will survive.grow your own food do not buy.save seeds from what you eat..raise your own meat..wake up do not buy..buy alive raise yourself Jc
John Cole
John Cole Hace un año
People people are not passing it on to each other they get it by not eating right they put it in the air...so all the people put ventilators on you are not safe still don't buy into that.
John Cole
John Cole Hace un año
Arrogance I have a plan for people who have that disorder
John Cole
John Cole Hace un año
Stop buying into them
John Cole
John Cole Hace un año
Do not take any pills,smoke mj.before pills Jc
Richard Dastrup
Richard Dastrup Hace un año
Do you know why MSNBC wanted to cross the road . To get to the Democrat side. They wanted to give the America people a hoax. Murderer joe is on the loose.
Carol Davis
Carol Davis Hace un año
EA ouldnt we be able
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Hace un año
Chuckie is still fighting vc2 Pirates
John S
John S Hace un año
Schumer is a leach on this bill don’t think he isn’t getting something for himself
bssni touir
bssni touir Hace un año
No mention of all the thing in the bill. Pelosi added a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with the virus. Tell us about those Schumer.
John S
John S Hace un año
Fake news
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Hace un año
Chas Burns
Chas Burns Hace un año
Only the rich will line their pockets. The poor will be left to stave in the streets.
bssni touir
bssni touir Hace un año
We are nothing more then a Human chess game to them,.. government was set in place to create wars and divide this country..
The Face of Q
The Face of Q Hace un año
Satan has Schumer on lock
AL G Hace un año
Democrat focused in a fight against for the last three years. That fight consumed America's wisdom and energy to fighting mortal viruses such as Corona.
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Hace un año
Virus break out ...give money to corporations 🤷‍♂️
James Kirkland
James Kirkland Hace un año
Chuck and Nancy delayed the bill because they wanted money given to boys who think they're girls and who think they're boys
James Kirkland
James Kirkland Hace un año
@bssni touir it's not really a bail out for the big businesses being that they have to pay this money back. It's mostly beneficial to lower and middle-class America which deserves this money
bssni touir
bssni touir Hace un año
insurance racket on more beds and equipment, they spend it on thier ceos .
Jack Bourbeau
Jack Bourbeau Hace un año
What a phony. Never misses a day to lie and be political.
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy Hace un año
Wisconsin has already denied my unemployment benefits. I worked part time only for 6 months and don't qualify. Hopefully it will change.
Burt Collins
Burt Collins Hace un año
Why does tRUMP like corporations more than the rest of us?
Burt Collins
Burt Collins Hace un año
Your a very intelligent man Mr. Schummer
Tom Barron
Tom Barron Hace un año
No mention of all the thing in the bill. Pelosi added a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with the virus. Tell us about those Schumer.
Misael Diaz
Misael Diaz Hace un año
What about the poor in America
2 U
2 U Hace un año
How. Is it that Federal Govt is Out Bidding the states on PPE & Equipment?: Basically we have no federal government thnx to 54
Justice Furee
Justice Furee Hace un año
Don't let these dumbocrats fool you , they have padded the pockets of their special interests , they are using the hospital excuse so we don't revolt , hospitals wouldn't need a bailout if they ran an ethical business, most major hospitals are private companies and offer very little and make huge profits , they don't spend those billions of dollars from the insurance racket on more beds and equipment, they spend it on thier ceos .
john kemp
john kemp Hace un año
What about the $53000.00 raise each congressperson gets????
black pepper
black pepper Hace un año
I agree with Joe on the point he is making for sure the employees should not be punished and the business should not go under because the owner holds public office. The law should be fair and open to all equally...But I agree with Schmer on the reasoning. Unfortunately the current President has shown a pattern of behavior to self deal while in office. No only to that but a boldness to flaunt the law openly and with out remorse. This language though it includes all is specifically targeted to stop one. Having a pot of money THIS BIG! may be to much of a tentation. Can you imagine if $400 billion of that money just floated away to the Camens or Switzerland. And this could still happen the President has no qualms or fears of prosecution. With the help of Mitch he has pack Federal courts and the DOJ with individuals more loyal to the President than their oath including the AG. If this were any other President Republican or Democrat you wouldn't need it. If this were McCain, Bush, Romeney, Obama, Clinton, Reagan you probably wouldn't need it but this is Trump and I do think the reasoning is sound.
Craig Gallie YL
Craig Gallie YL Hace un año
Schumer and his communist cronies made sure sick Planned Parenthood gets money. And these murderers want to allow free abortions during the crisis.
Switch Back Image
Switch Back Image Hace un año
Rainbow Bright
Rainbow Bright Hace un año
Wisconsin has already denied my unemployment benefits. I worked part time only for 6 months and don't qualify. Hopefully it will change.
Drilla Z
Drilla Z Hace un año
Cooperations get more money than Hospitals/ State and local governments do..... hahaahaha makes sense! 😂😂😂🇱🇷
Jackie371 Hace un año
100% agree with Joe on equal treatment for all businesses. Trump's so stupid that he might just veto the whole bill if he doesn't get money for his business. Jan. 20, 2021, go back to normal.
Gloria Roma - San Diego Real Estate Agent
Trump won't enact the defense production act, because he's trying to work a deal for himself on the side. Once he gets that deal then he'll enact it. Its all about his personal income/growth/campaign
Pancho Villa
Pancho Villa Hace un año
In hindsight Mr President, maybe, just may be, it would have been cheaper to fund the federal pandemic center and super fund the CDC. Who is going to pay the $2 TRILLION? Are we going to see taxes go up on non-existent wages? Are we going to stop pentagon spending? Perhaps stop foreign aid? We know the filthy rich aren't going to pay for this.
Richard Wind
Richard Wind Hace un año
Give everyone a Million Dollars it's cheaper than this Bill
Richard Wind
Richard Wind Hace un año
Brute Beats
Brute Beats Hace un año
Stimulus check- If you owe child support kiss that all goodbye.
Johnny Jones
Johnny Jones Hace un año
boatman222345 Hace un año
To answer the question as to why Trump doesn't force manufacturers to produce much needed medical equipment and supplies: 1) The Republican establishment has long been devoted to the principle (ridiculous though it is) that Free Market Capitalism is always the answer to every problem and the mere thought of the Federal Government forcing them to,do anything is repulsive to them. Corporate autonomy is uppermost, people get the breadcrumbs if anything at all. 2) The longer the demand for goods and supplies remains unfilled the higher the prices his corporate pals can demand! 3) Trump may well be using the supply chain funding issue as leverage against New York to get investigations into him dropped? 4) The Donald is mad at NYC and he wants revenge
Scott Norris
Scott Norris Hace un año
The 4 months unemployment insurance is a really good deal. Hopefully, we can contain and defeat this virus within 4 months.
Scott Norris
Scott Norris Hace un año
Politician Pinata Party
The Amazing Goldfish
Lies lies lies. Amazing how the Dems leadership let's businesses die while they throw in 70 million for the liberal arts & NPR (national public radio) and money for ABORTION clinics. Great reasons for holding up the bill. Schumer you "LIAR" accountability & transparency's what a joke.
Ernie Henshaw
Ernie Henshaw Hace un año
lala blu
lala blu Hace un año
Thank you for fighting for us as usual !!! I bet the Republicans was stumping their feet about this!!! Thank Warren, Pelosi and Schumer!!!
Lucky Puck
Lucky Puck Hace un año
God FORBID America know everything in this Bill that we have to pay for.
Lucky Puck
Lucky Puck Hace un año
Lucky Puck
Lucky Puck Hace un año
Let me save everyone some time, Everything is Trump's fault, Orange man bad. Trump can't do anything right. And Alzheimer Biden will be a great PRESIDENT. Ask Schumer how much money he's got in the bank.
Lucky Puck
Lucky Puck Hace un año
So you guys brought one of your Bosses on. He's not talking about all the things that have nothing to do about the Viruse. Like millions to the fine Arts, ect.ect.ect. put up the full list. Stop lying to AMERICA.
Khembara White
Khembara White Hace un año
What about raises?
Khembara White
Khembara White Hace un año
MrQbenDanny Hace un año
Chuck, You look terrible. Have you been tested?
rslouis66 Hace un año
You people STILL DON'T GET IT!! OF COURSE, Trump is gonna be dragging his feet.....he KNOWS that the vast majority of virus cases are taking place in the larger cities, where mostly DEMOCRATIC VOTERS reside!! The more Democratic voters that he kills off, the greater HIS chances become of winning in November!! SHEESH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rslouis66 Hace un año
The Republicans have ALREADY STARTED siphoning funds away from hospitals! Schumer lists $130 Billion for hospitals. But EVERY REPUBLICAN who ever mentions the plan calls for just $100 Billion for hospitals! What happened to that other $30 Billion???????????????????????????????????????????????
Michael Szczys
Michael Szczys Hace un año
Hi, I’m Charles Schumer and I approve this bill. Because it’s my idea. If it were not my idea I would be all against it.
"subpoena power". You think they'll actually work, this time?
Joanna Church
Joanna Church Hace un año
Would love to hear from a libertarian about their solution to this
Helene Papageorge
Helene Papageorge Hace un año
The only problem the Democrats probably could not fight was that Hospitals should have gotten 350 Billion and Corporations 300 billion but only the Pharmaceutical companies for Research & Development for vaccines and other illnesses & Insurance companies because people will not be working and will lose their health insurance so can't pay their hospital bills.
Shannonography Hace un año
I think all politicians should donate their salaries until America gets back on their feet in exchange for $1,200 for every 3 months so they can live at the level they expect the people they work for. Their salaries can then be given back to the tax payers that paid them.
Dan Reidy
Dan Reidy Hace un año
SCMUCKYSHUMER married a DUDE "I fixed Madonna's video" esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Jy3JW3nnVkI.html
Lisette Hace un año
Let me give a shout out let me find out
Jse contractors Inc.
Democrats in public office are try to pass this bill so they can profit off of this Bill Schumer is a liar and a hypocrite, large amounts of aid are going to his personal donors 150 million to the art foundation??
Ernest F
Ernest F Hace un año
Utterly ridiculous!!!! there both complacent won't even state the 500 billion going to corporates, but argue about government officials being able to benefit off the laws they pass🤔
david Rhodes
david Rhodes Hace un año
The knife in the backs to the American people is the description of this bailout
Jse contractors Inc.
130 Billion for hospitals. For supplies that goes directly back to China because as we all know 90% of medical supplies comes from China how about we have a grant for corporations to start manufacturing medical supplies in america? Also have any of you actually read the Bill? It's a joke! 150 million to festival of arts. A large amount of relief aid is going to Democrat donors....Hmmm that's wierd..thought this was a non bipartisan Bill. No wonder Trump won the election in 2016 I think I'm going to vote for him in 2020 after this Scam!
Leo Battenhausen
Leo Battenhausen Hace un año
This old creep wants to give a "shout out?" Seriously?
drifter1dc Hace un año
Wouldn’t it be nice if we had M4A?
Igor Sergiyenko
Igor Sergiyenko Hace un año
Schumer is a DEMONcRAT who just dreams to destroy US ! Shame and sad.
Tina Antonelli
Tina Antonelli Hace un año
Igor Sergiyenko who signed the bill?
Mark Madachik
Mark Madachik Hace un año
Schumer and pelosi screw with it then pretend they are saviors. Busy scratching his but
I say turn out the lights the party is over
John Smith
John Smith Hace un año
No Leadership ! Just Noise. Murica Not so Great.
tomcat8662 Hace un año
I’m going to say the same thing the shrimp fisherman said after the deep water horizon incident: I don’t want free money from the government. I want to go back to work. These politicians believe throwing money at people will make them happy. The priority should be getting the economy rolling again and making special accommodations for the elderly and people with weak immune systems.
LAM GEAR Hace un año
Respect for ups workers
Michael Goodwin
Michael Goodwin Hace un año
Dominique Hace un año
Meanwhile Chuck and Nancy try to sneak into the Stimulus Bill, a 35 million donation to the Kennedy Center. Millions are having to file for Unemployment and democrats want to Fund the Arts. They only got 25 million. Only 25 million.
Brandon Griggs
Brandon Griggs Hace un año
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Dominique Hace un año
Every time is see this Liar, I think of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.
KW000d9 Hace un año
Sorry to say this but Chuck Schumer is not an effective rep for New York. Knowing the dire need of New York due to the onslaught of COVID19, how he allowed the stimulus package to fund so little to his state is incomprehensible.
Euph0ricBliss Hace un año
Hospitals need more of that money considering this is where the cure will be found. They are the front line against this virus. Corporations probably need the money ALOT less than the small business owners to stay afloat. I think it’s a great idea, it’s just that the priorities seem out of whack.
Matthew Mayo
Matthew Mayo Hace un año
Bernie explains it better 🙃
Anthony Keegan
Anthony Keegan Hace un año
Help me understand how are Americans going to get the said amount of $1200.00 / $500.00 per kid.. how does that work? Is it only for those who had a job or for any American citizen? Regardless of income...?
far22186 Hace un año
How about you grow a backbone and stick up for yourself against Pelosi
Major Steve Austin
Major Steve Austin Hace un año
Democrats gave themselves a huge raise included in bill.
Laci Adams
Laci Adams Hace un año
Right, because the "trickle down economy" theory, worked so well for Americans the last time.. Not to mention... If the economy was doing SO great; then multi-billion and/or million dollar corporations, after only 10 days, wouldn't need such a large chunk of the stimulus package. It doesnt make sense to do so especially since we have no idea, economically, the total damage. Why? Because it's not over. The majority of that stimulus package, at this time, should've gone towards Americans (more $$ for ESSENTIAL WORKERS) hospitals and the production of TEST KITS/PPE...
bayareamacaddict Hace un año
Morning Jew
ted101975 Hace un año
Where is student loan support
Brett Pechatsko
Brett Pechatsko Hace un año
The cdc is saying that enfluenza is way more dead and than corona virus.Do not believe what the talking heads and these corrupt politicians are saying.They are the people that planned all of this.Dont take it from me.They said it on tv and in the articles.
sweetwildflower Hace un año
Sky Watcher
Sky Watcher Hace un año
I wonder if the invisible man is there with him. I bet* Elizabeth Warren is good with money!
Angie 29
Angie 29 Hace un año
What about if I was self employed?
sweetwildflower Hace un año
What if my taxes have been held up?? My bank account is the same. Do we have to fill out a form?
Chris Gianfrancesco
Chris Gianfrancesco Hace un año
I work for a grocery store and was not laid off. However, I was allowed to take an unpaid leave of absence since I take care of my father who has underlined health conditions and I also have asthma. So where would someone like me land on that list?
Marcus Reid
Marcus Reid Hace un año
“And that’s #2, workers 1st “😂😂
Catholic Renewed
Catholic Renewed Hace un año
Schumer is playing no games here like the usual games he plays
S Vac
S Vac Hace un año
NBC is terrible! Schumer is only interested in NYC
Julia Franco
Julia Franco Hace un año
Patience, Americans!
Juan Valenzuela
Juan Valenzuela Hace un año
Hello, I thought you might be interested in supporting this GoFundMe, www.gofundme.com/f/help-americans-with-corona-virus?sharetype=teams&member=4009556&+share-sheet&pc_code=em_db_co2876_v1&rcid=8f94f019875d4eeabb226aea29997293 Even a small donation could help reach the fundraising goal. And if you can't make a donation, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word. Thanks for taking a look!
Julia Franco
Julia Franco Hace un año
Why was he stuttering with the loan? Hiding something?
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