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send this to your non-kpop parents

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My parents don't get what's so cool about kpop so yours probably don't either.
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I don't own BTS (though I wish) or any other kpop group shown in this video pls don't hate me, I just like to edit videos.


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Taesty Kookie
Taesty Kookie Hace un mes
PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU COMMENT. To those of you saying there is a lot of BTS, I made this as a personal video to show to my own parents, I only uploaded it so I could send it to them. I also made this when I didn't know many groups, so I put in what I knew best. I didn't expect others to see it, if I did, I would have tried harder. For this video to randomly get popular just for me to receive hate is not cool. I didn't upload this with the intent for 1M people to see it so before you go commenting everything I did wrong, just don't comment at all. If you're someone that likes many groups, maybe you should watch my other videos because I'm now trying to learn over 80 groups just to please the kpop community and it'd be nice for you to at least give me another chance. Don't let this be the impression I leave on this platform. Thank you for understanding ❤
hoseok madness
hoseok madness Hace 10 días
gurl no need to apologize do what you wanna do
Kim Yoonie
Kim Yoonie Hace 10 días
Can you make more of these? I wanna shove the truths to my family's face so they can stop judging me ._.
Animoo Weeaboo
Animoo Weeaboo Hace 10 días
Okies:) ppl do listen to music because of lyrics tho,so thats sth impt
NCTzen Hobi
NCTzen Hobi Hace 11 días
I liked the video and you do you boo. 💚
Bella and Cara.
Bella and Cara. Hace 11 días
Taesty Kookie it’s ok I’m learning too <3
Hunter Thornhill
Hunter Thornhill Hace 7 horas
help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Dachi Salchipapa
Dachi Salchipapa Hace 7 horas
Si le envío esto a mis papás me lanzan la chancla por cuestionarlos :’v
Rebeca :3
Rebeca :3 Hace 8 horas
My parents would just woop me for listening to bts 😔🤘
ItzTay_ YT
ItzTay_ YT Hace 8 horas
My friend:what ru listening to? Me:just some Kpop Friend:Oh is that the chinese thing? Me:Kpop is korean... Friend:Same thing! Me:..ru kidding me...
Blue Pines
Blue Pines Hace 8 horas
**shows mom video** Mom:why do you listen to this trash Me:eXCUSE MEEE WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?!?! Mom: it's horrible Looking for a fellow army to adopt me because I dont have parents anymore
Trude Martinsen
Trude Martinsen Hace 9 horas
Kpop is gay
G Hobbs
G Hobbs Hace 11 horas
I could send this to my mom and she'd be like, "You're not my child." Just kidding, she really doesn't care that I like it, she just thinks it's odd.
i hate everything
i hate everything Hace 11 horas
Thank god my mom stans G-Dragon so she understands
Yt Karinaplays
Yt Karinaplays Hace 12 horas
I think mah mama blocked me
CuteDiPie Hace 12 horas
*hmmm... Let's see* *great, now no gadgets today but I can use it for 1 hour🙁😑*
Luna M
Luna M Hace 14 horas
Idk idc
Idk idc Hace 14 horas
All the dislikes are from the parents
Kawaiichanel MSP
Kawaiichanel MSP Hace 14 horas
*sends to mom*
Sushi Forever
Sushi Forever Hace 15 horas
I love Kpop so much but I can’t play it when my dad is around because he can understand Korean...he also speaks Korean...but he isn’t Korean 😅
alex b
alex b Hace 15 horas
Yoongi'sWifeu Hace 18 horas
•Amber Cupcakes•
•Amber Cupcakes• Hace 18 horas
*Imma will send it to my parents right now*
karina kitty
karina kitty Hace 18 horas
I love BTS ❤️ but my mom speaking Chinese when she heard my music she thinks it's Korean song😂😂😂😒
Kpop Fan
Kpop Fan Hace 19 horas
Ncttttttttttt btssssssssss psyyyyyyyyyyy monstaxxxxxxxxxx redvelvettttttttttt theroseeeeeeeeeee deannnnnnnnnnnnnn Blackplinkkkkkkkkkkk
Geeta Khuraijam
Geeta Khuraijam Hace 21 un hora
I show bts fake love to my mom Mom: Is that girl? Me: 😠 Mom: oh I got it!! They r gay Me: T_T
BTS 야내 인생은
BTS 야내 인생은 Hace 21 un hora
1:38 My Tae Tae ❤💜❤💜
CHD Benedicto Beltran
CHD Benedicto Beltran Hace 22 horas
Still cannot relate. I don’t hate them tho. ✊
Anime Lover lol
Anime Lover lol Hace 22 horas
Me: listens to bts fake love. Mom: stop looking at these chinese dying goats and go study. Me: *I'm like T-T*
Pewdiepie 2
Pewdiepie 2 Hace un día
Very good
Muffinlynz OwO
Muffinlynz OwO Hace un día
I was just born in the right country but MY MOM LIKES KPOP... but on,y a few and she won’t let me go to a damn dong concert
Blue eyed CAMEL
Blue eyed CAMEL Hace un día
Sloppyjoie224455 Boi
이건 말 그대로 내 아빠 야. 😂😂
Anthony9170711 Hace un día
you probably should've but dreamcatcher at 3:16
Sulastry Saiman
Sulastry Saiman Hace un día
Cough cough Me - kpop fan Sis - kpop fan Bro - reveluv (mostly a red velvet fan than other grps) Dad - likes chill and cool kpop Mom - doesnt mind listening to blackpink Grandma - k drama Grandpa - watches withe grandma Sooooooo Thats my family lifeu
cat d
cat d Hace un día
me showing this 2 my mom (we are latin american) mom:que me quieres mostrar ahora, que no sea de eso chinos(what do u want to show me now, please make it not about those chinese guys) me:son coreanos y si es sobre ellos (they are korean and yes its about them) me: *puts subtitles on* mom:?!?!?!?! me: solo miralo( just watch it) mom: *video is done* entonces por esos es que gastas tu dinero?, sigo sin entender...(so those people are the reason why u waste all ur money?, i still don´t understand...) me:yup!! 2 hours later mom: asi que eso es lo que le gusta..(so that´s what she likes) me :lmao sigues pensando en eso!?!?!(r u still thinking bout that?!?!?) story ends my mom is still confused xd xd xd
SUPERJOE012 Hace un día
Any Blinks here?💕
Gemma Kenyon
Gemma Kenyon Hace un día
I'm 8 I don't like it though it's horrible...
Jungkook_Is_ Life.
Jungkook_Is_ Life. Hace un día
I sended this to my dad, and his reaction was Dad: ''I'm not gonna watch it!'' And gave me the middle finger..😂
クッキーKukki Hace un día
... my mom introduced me to korean stuff. She inspired me to listen to kpop, she watches soooo many korean shows, i got obsessed to the songs in them lol
Dazzling Ella
Dazzling Ella Hace un día
I was looking through ny daughters ESvid chanel and found this, SHE IS OBSESSED with BTS
Tae’s Gucci bag
Tae’s Gucci bag Hace un día
If only my mum did knew English 😂😕
jjh127 Hace un día
My mom loves kpop but I’m still sending her this😂😂 she might find a bias lmao
TaeStoleJiminsJams Hace un día
I thought in the title were send this to Your non-parents lmao im blind
meme addict
meme addict Hace un día
Stella the Dark wolf
Reana Kim
Reana Kim Hace un día
My parents would love this but they want to know the educational purposes of kpop☹️
•Mint Meme•
•Mint Meme• Hace un día
K-pop is a *DrUg*
Gang Gang
Gang Gang Hace un día
I saw @2:26 , i liked the video sorry i love them🥺🖤
:p Itymnee :p
:p Itymnee :p Hace un día
“Let’s discuss dancing” Parents:”we can dance better” Parents:sees the dope song” Parents”OMG I DIDNT KNOW THEY MADE THIS SONG”
Pamela Muscat
Pamela Muscat Hace un día
Joy Yang
Joy Yang Hace un día
Kacchan Hace un día
My mom won’t understand ;-;
Chim Chim
Chim Chim Hace un día
My mom:*Sees random japanese guys on tv* Oh look its BTS. Me: *MOM HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN....* Edit: This really happens
Krysta _kittydog
Krysta _kittydog Hace un día
Excuse me but.. WHERE THE HECCC IS IKON?!?!
Fat Chicken
Fat Chicken Hace un día
I hate kpop...
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Hace un día
I send this to my mom then she said that "now i understand you,but do you know what theyre saying?" after a few months i see her watching bts dope i said "mom what are you watching" she said "im watching bts dope,and now im a armyy!" i was wtf mom..after a few months i was serching for my missing poster of bts..i walk to my moms room then i said "mom did yo-" i was speechless bec i see my poster in her room then she said "ohh hello dear! Can i barrow these poster?" then i said "o-ok? " Sorry for my bad english cause im a filipino🤣
TailiaXecept Tailia
TailiaXecept Tailia Hace un día
ur mom
ur mom Hace 2 días
when my mom sees anyone that is Korean she says “look it’s your bts” no mom. it’s not.
Taekook Nothing Like Us
Finally something to help my parents understand Me THANKS
JinWorldwideHandsome owo
Make a Spanish version of this video of wut the narrator is saying lmao
HelloHobi _straykids
I sent this to my mom and she blocked me I think she hates me as her daughter bc my room is filled with kpop merch especially light sticks and album s
Kenji Ling
Kenji Ling Hace 2 días
All the plastic surgery people... ugly asf
Melanie Xiong
Melanie Xiong Hace 2 días
Smth. Stereotyping much
Mia Ramos
Mia Ramos Hace 2 días
u state facts
Korean Dramas
Korean Dramas Hace 2 días
Everyone is just jealous of Koreans because they have better skin than them
Bellalovescookies _101
Friend: WHY do you even bother listen to kpop? You can’t even understand what they’re saying Me: *puts on despacito* Friend: oh I LOVE this song!! Me: And do you know what it’s saying???? Friend: Uhhhhmmmm They dress so WEIRD Me: *shows a pic of BTS* Friend: Oooh they look nice!! Me look closer, pattern on pattern. You are no longer allowed to speak of kpop in such manner
Yoongi’s Raps
Yoongi’s Raps Hace 2 días
My mom doesn’t care for them but after I went to their concert with my dad he started stanning And he likes seesaw by yoongi
Afrin Joti
Afrin Joti Hace 2 días
MY Mom: Sees a asian guy on TV Look isn't it's your BTS?? Me: No mom it's not.. My mom: But they look same..always makeup😓 Me:......... 😒
Sarah Annie
Sarah Annie Hace 2 días
Yaaaaassssss deeean Instagram is a good song honestly
Black._ avocadotoast
this video is great tho but... hyuna and no dancing?
Error--User101Megan Hace 2 días
I mean personally, I like songs for the lyrics and if it’s catchy. Maybe that just me •__•
Min Jxnnix
Min Jxnnix Hace 2 días
*loL iMma seNd tHIs mY FamiLy GrouP ChaT*
Smol Pancake
Smol Pancake Hace 2 días
SummerBaby Games
SummerBaby Games Hace 2 días
*Sends to mom*
Angelina Rose
Angelina Rose Hace 2 días
Lock screen: Taehyung Mom and Dad: who is that Japanese girl? Me: *HE’S* kOREAN Mom and Dad: what’s the difference? Me: Forever triggered
Angelina Rose
Angelina Rose Hace 2 días
I love this but my parents would get triggered at 4:30 because we’re Hispanic and Despacito without Justin Bieber was around way before also we understand it :(
ChloeKitty Hace 2 días
uwuesketit Hace 2 días
*-my parents still dont care or like it-* thank u fo trying
illicitbae Hace 2 días
Mathilde Malpartida
Mathilde Malpartida Hace 3 días
my parents are actually against the whole industry, they don't like that everything is manufactured and perfectly planned. not to mention how idols are treated. and I understand where they're coming from but idols deserve the attention because of their hard work :(
Alma San
Alma San Hace 3 días
Can you translate this for me? Into Chinese? (My parents approve PSY but doesn’t approve BTS)
Jasper Doggo
Jasper Doggo Hace 3 días
I watched it and now I lve k-pop
coolest cat
coolest cat Hace 3 días
As a kpop fan since 2013... the cringe is real.
Jai Jai
Jai Jai Hace 3 días
LaLisa Hace 3 días
Who Blink?
Venus Mejia
Venus Mejia Hace 3 días
Imma send this to my parents
Stephania Guerra Asitimbay
Si hubiesen mas grupos y no tanto bts un poco mejor xdd, pd a mi me gusta tambn bts pero otros grupos tambien son geniales wey
Jay Mx
Jay Mx Hace 3 días
Omg i was like where is monsta x dont tell me they forgot about them an then hero came on and my soul left my body
Water Angel Koto
Water Angel Koto Hace 3 días
My grandma was like, "hmm what's this?" *Clicks Kpop vid* "uhm ok.."
*I think my mom blocked me*
Luna Moon
Luna Moon Hace 3 días
I think my mom actually likes k pop....
Bluue Charky
Bluue Charky Hace 3 días
This helped me make a speech on why kpop is great for my stinky friends
łKylëGächał Hace 3 días
I trapped My mum and dad and forced them to watch this video...They understand
_LessAmazigPhan_ Hace 3 días
i actually got into BTS, The Rose, and Stray Kids because of their lyrics. i listen to other kpop groups, but that’s mostly for the best and general vibe of their music. lyrics have always been a really big thing for me when it comes to music, so once i started actually paying attention and started reading the lyrics of BTS’ songs, i became hooked. i’ve been an army for about a year now, and am just now opening up to more groups. the only other group that makes me feel really extremely connected to them (other than bts) is Stray Kids. like. i could talk about them forever. i’ve been listening to The Rose for a few months now, and i love them so much, the lyrics and songs and Woosung’s voice is just beautiful. i listen to monsta x and exo mostly for the best and vibe of their music, but i also really like some of their lyrics as well. if an artist can make me feel emotionally connected to them, then they already have my heart. anyway this is longer than i wanted it to be. stan The Rose 😌👌🏼
_LessAmazigPhan_ Hace 3 días
Jiminie's Smile
Jiminie's Smile Hace 3 días
BTS is wayyyy better than Despacito.. I don't really understand why it became that popular.
meme potatoes chips
meme potatoes chips Hace 3 días
my mom kicked me out.
Letrantantai Le
Letrantantai Le Hace 4 días
K-pop talent my ass when i hear they sing and how they make me feel being a autistic kid
Assassin RedWolf
Assassin RedWolf Hace 4 días
I love bts!!!! My bias is Suga 😘
xionIsBroke Hace 4 días
Lmao told my dad that I like Kpop and he said “LMAO WHATS WRONG WITH MY CHILD”
Isaiah.Schell Schell
I am boy but I don't wanna show my mom this because she might call me gay then show my manly dad
please give me some holy fucking water
me : *shows this video to my mom* my mom : *stop watching and listening to these useless chinese kiddos and pay attention in school* typical asian parent
I am What I am
I am What I am Hace 4 días
Monsta X appeared. I screamed, just monbebe things ok no
4D Alien
4D Alien Hace 4 días
so this happened when i was in the car today (im filipino ) i was editing jungkook's picture and my mom was like : why are you editing this useless stuff? me : *inhales and exhales* mom : edit a girl instead. wait this is a girl right?? or is he gay?? me : *inHaLeS aNd eXhaLeS* mom it's a boy. after few hours like one or two me : *editing picture of irene* aunt : whyre you editing them who eat animals? like do you even understand the language? like why do you like them? mom : oooh the useless stuff right? me : ..... *SMFH* my mind : LITERARY TWO HOURS AGO YOU TOLD ME TO EDIT A GIRL AND YOU GIVE ME THIS SKOWMSIWKAJLSNDKSND AND THEY DONT EAT ANIMALS WTFFF YOU BEING ASIAN AND RACIST?!?! OOOOF LET ME BEEEEEEE LET ME LIKE WHATEVER I WANT STOP INTERFERING IN MY LIFE! like istg i was so fu- ing annoyed and so angry i literary wanted to smash their head against a table so bad.. like not really but it makes me so triggered when someone especially my parents judge me for how I want to live smfh imma send it to my mom and tell you the details later skksks
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