Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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11 jun 2019






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I_am_a Box
I_am_a Box Hace 30 minutos
Its been eleven months
Revali Champion of the Rito
Ganon forgot to stay hydrated
Kenza Hace 48 minutos
Link + zelda = ❤️ 🤷‍♂️
Revali Champion of the Rito
I forgot to watch this today
Linkytral Hace 3 horas
Ganon: call an ambulance ...... but not for me
Himanshu Bansal
Himanshu Bansal Hace 4 horas
A theory about green hand of link-: At 0:43 by using slowest playback speed , the green hand of link which we saw, is the hand which will help him get into a person's body . so in this way we can play as zelda. And as we know zelda can destroy malice so we'll see the tutorial showing how to play as zelda and removing malice from the rat which will become monster by effect of malice.
Val Hace 3 horas
@Himanshu Bansal Maybe... if that were the case. Besides this eerie trailer I don't see a reason to expect or at least want a necessarily "dark" game. That doesn't mean much by itself.
Himanshu Bansal
Himanshu Bansal Hace 4 horas
@Val this can also prove that this game would be a dark game .
Val Hace 4 horas
Creepy to possess Zelda instead of just playing as her.
Pepe Shitpost
Pepe Shitpost Hace 4 horas
Im calling it now. The title is going to be something with heart. 0:43 , the arm is holding his heart. 1:06 , there is heartbeats. *PLUS* The gimmick or special object thing is going to come from 0:44 . *ZELDA: HEART OF DARKNESS HERE I COME*
Derick Delica
Derick Delica Hace 6 horas
Wow i wish i had that i got the master sword freed all 4 divine beasts and got the memories i got all towers whats next?
Stormbubi Hace 7 horas
i am so glad this series didnt evolve into a shitshow like other big gaming companies do with some franchises. im still so in love
Aryan 09
Aryan 09 Hace 7 horas
If you think of how massive and immersive BOTW is, then there is no doubt that the developers that have started working on this game will want to make it better then the first, add new things to make it more awesome. So when it said it is in EARLY development, then we can expect around a maybe 2-3 year wait, considering the fact that already have started it, if not, we can expect around 3-4 year wait because personally I wouldn't want the developers rushing instead I think it will be worth the wait. Considering the situation now (self-isolation and stuff) we can expect it to be more delayed as the developers won't be able to meet and stuff. But I also hope it comes out soon.
Val Hace 5 horas
Development started as soon as they decided to stop making DLC for BotW and put their new ideas in a sequel, by the end of 2017. So by early 2021 it will be 3 years into development. We don't know how the pandemic affects this project, but as speculation goes 2021 seems feasible (2020 too but that would imply communication very soon).
sara pancera
sara pancera Hace 7 horas
I have a theory where to put it on the timeline: it could be in the child's timeline because in the trailer when they pass near the wall there is a certain character with the trident, this makes me think that it is the same Ganondorf as the child's timeline. it's just a theory so take it with a pliers
S. jv
S. jv Hace 7 horas
Have you see that: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-3qz_vcGyw4k.html
UnderScore _
UnderScore _ Hace 8 horas
People in 2050 be like: I can’t wait for the next trailer
UnderScore _
UnderScore _ Hace 8 horas
Ryan Newman
Ryan Newman Hace 10 horas
Note to self: Don’t watch this at night, alone, in the dark...
kiki carraway
kiki carraway Hace 10 horas
ed edd n eddy
Blhu Hace 11 horas
This is gonna be crazy
I Screamed Today
I Screamed Today Hace 13 horas
Just played the first botw, couldn't get off for a long time.
Irrational Charisma
Irrational Charisma Hace 13 horas
I often come here to remind myself this exists so I can't give up on life yet
Kerazil Hace 14 horas
Can’t fucken wait
Kanno GD
Kanno GD Hace 15 horas
I have the first and haven’t completed it but once I get this I am gonna beat both
Kaleb Price
Kaleb Price Hace 15 horas
what if its vaati?
FlexBalls695 Hace 3 horas
@Kaleb Price that’s Zelda, she got a haircut
Kaleb Price
Kaleb Price Hace 13 horas
@FlexBalls695 pretty sure i saw her in the video tho dude ;)
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace 13 horas
Kaleb Price The jewel on his forehead is something only Ganondorf has, also which witch are you referring to? Twinrova? Because it’s definitely not Twinrova and it most definitely wouldn’t be Vaati. It’s Ganondorf.
FlexBalls695 Hace 13 horas
And nah, abundance of malice, red hair, cave paintings, organ music, and Gerudo symbols all point to Ganondorf. Nothing about this screams “Vaati” to me.
Val Hace 13 horas
@Kaleb Price What witch?
JazzTooth64 Hace 15 horas
So I may be going crazy, but that final shot from the Great Plateau seems to not match up. It looks like there’s a stable or something on the plateau (which obviously wasn’t there in the first game). A similar figure can be seen on the top of the far left cliff. Idk what they are, but I’m guessing stables. Also, the map in general doesn’t look like it matches up. Right below death mountain there seems to be some hills/cliffs or even waterfalls, which I’m pretty sure are also new. I haven’t played BOTW 1 in quite some time, and I’ve sadly sold my copy, so this could all be wrong. But I’m hoping. I know it’s already confirmed that the old map is being reused, but that doesn’t mean they can’t add more overtop of it.
ink animates
ink animates Hace 10 horas
Honestly I think it'd be a huge dissapointment to just add more ontop of what we have. Maybe that sounds ungrateful cause botws map is so fantastic, but I'd love to see the castle rising affecting the map in weird ways plus a little more new map to explore.
Val Hace 14 horas
Not sure how you can see all that. The thing in the bottom center is a tree trunk present in BotW.
Moe Gamer04
Moe Gamer04 Hace 15 horas
Zelda: Open your eyes Ganondorf: 🎶Why don’t ya say so🎶
Tru Ultra
Tru Ultra Hace 16 horas
I quit breath of the wild because I thought that guardians were required to beat before anything
aeonjoey Hace 16 horas
Imagine if this was THE Ganon in his real form and he's been down there for like 100,000 years pumping malice up to his incarnations, and BOTW is 'THE LAST ZELDA GAME'? omg chills
ink animates
ink animates Hace 10 horas
BotW being the last game is Unlikely. It's Nintendo's third most iconic IP just behind Mario and Pokemon and in fact the game is doing better then Odyssey so far. (Both are at 17.41 mil I believe but zelda was appearantly above Odyssey so it's really likely it'll sell a little more then Mario before the switches life ends) Zelda is growing insanely quick and ending it here would be dissapointing if I'm honest. Probably won't end here though, it's too major. Nintendo will always find ways to use Mario, Pikachu and link in adventures forever, they're just too iconic and loved.
Val Hace 14 horas
This is Ganon's human incarnation Ganondorf. Idk how long he's been there but why would BotW be the last one?
aeonjoey Hace 16 horas
teavikyu Hace 17 horas
Drink a health potion ganon! Jeez.
KaeKae Hace 17 horas
Wait does link die?!
ink animates
ink animates Hace 10 horas
Unlikely though he'll probably get new powers instead of that hand killing him, maybe being like new runes though not being used with the shiekah slate.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace 13 horas
We barely know anything so far but Nintendo’s not gonna kill Link off, that’s a tad ridiculous
Squidy Hace 18 horas
We need this we want this we love this
João Marcos Vieira Costa
I think I will make the cartman way...🤔
Nick Button
Nick Button Hace 19 horas
I honestly wonder if Ganon is the one who is lifting the castle, or is it Zelda lifting it with some Sheikah tech to protect people living in Hyrule castle from Ganon. I mean, maybe its Master Kohingle... He fell so far that he ended up under the castle and decided to throw it like his spiked ball.
Nick Button
Nick Button Hace 19 horas
End of Botw Zelda: Yes we finally ended Calamity Ganons tyrannical rule over Hyrule! Ganon: Well yes, but actually no.
blowingupyourmind Hace 20 horas
I'll get this for my wii u
blowingupyourmind Hace 8 horas
@Val 600 us dollars for used nintendo switches upwards to 800 dollars us , it's a sad joke and i like nintendo but there's no way anyone in their right minds would pay those prices , if nintendo invested in creating an authorized outlet here then more people would certainly buy their products but you can't really blame nintendo for not trying this isn't exactly a very friendly region. Cant find a switch her for less than 400 dollars and thats used meaning already been played opened enjoyed , sometimes you can find them for 300 dollars but again they're used and not new.
Val Hace 8 horas
@blowingupyourmind I see the market must be rough. Hope scalpers are not all overzealous...
blowingupyourmind Hace 9 horas
@Val crappy pakistan land
Val Hace 9 horas
@blowingupyourmind OOF ok. I understand how 300 is overpriced purely in components but still think it's viable taken as a system. But _that_ is rough. What region if I may ask?
blowingupyourmind Hace 9 horas
​@Val Nintendo's switch sells for an exorbitant rate of over 600 USD here! That's not feasible at all for what you're getting in an already overpriced 300 dollar retail product. If Nintendo wants me to buy their products they need to make those products available to me through proper channels at originally intended prices, instead you have to go through cut throat scalpers and their prices are a joke. So you see emulation is the only answer here where atleast the gaming laptops are selling for what they are worth and not twice to thrice the original intended amount.
Cooing Maxito
Cooing Maxito Hace 20 horas
Ganon comes back, gets outta castle, he wanna fight Link... But what Ganon didn't know was that the flower lady was more powerfull that he had ever imagined
samantha abarza
samantha abarza Hace 20 horas
In quarantine I've seen him thousands of times waiting for him to come out.
samantha abarza
samantha abarza Hace 21 un hora
I already want all link games to come out are good 😍
D-MAN Hace 21 un hora
In this game i'd like to see ganon's backstory, where he's from, why he wants to take over hyrule and why he FREEKING COMES BACK TO LIFE every game.
FlexBalls695 Hace 19 horas
Ah, well, Ganon keeps coming back because of the villain in Skyward Sword
D-MAN Hace 19 horas
I have only played a little of ocarina but never skyward sword
Meep Hace 20 horas
I'd like there to be sections where you play as Ganondorf before he turned crispy
FlexBalls695 Hace 20 horas
Have you played Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword? Explanations there.
Oradio10 Hace 22 horas
So take game of the decade which lacks an endgame. And make the endgame a hole goddamn game. Sounds good to me
Trakker1985 Hace 22 horas
jeez, haven't heard anything on this in nearly an entire year =(
Chantelle Norman
Chantelle Norman Hace 23 horas
Comes out in 2021 April 6 midnight release
Tay James
Tay James Hace un día
This trailer is so well made
Coco M
Coco M Hace un día
I’ve never been so excited for a game. EVER and Ganon dude, have you been through enough? Keep coming back to this making sure it was real life, SO EXCITED
ChloeGamez Hace un día
I finished botw in like 2018 and I was hoping for a sequel. I JUST found out about this trailer lol 😂
[WUT] Tiffleaf
[WUT] Tiffleaf Hace un día
its like how majoras mask was the dark sequel to ocarina
Ultrite SansTube
Ultrite SansTube Hace un día
Very epic when you live after you die
MatTheMasterBuilder N2006
Ganondorf? More like Ganondwarf! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!
AuraSphere01 Hace un día
We need another sequel to A Link to the Past/A Link Between Worlds, cmon
Xforce Foxi
Xforce Foxi Hace un día
Scarlet Martínez
Scarlet Martínez Hace un día
Kagitori Hace un día
The chicken are more scarier than Ganon
Leorio for Chairman 2020
I can’t wait for when we hear ganondorfs voice for the first time and he sounds like Dio
-:. Wizzy The Frog .:-
I don’t think you wanna know how many times i’ve been scrolling through these comments
Chaoscontrol2015 Hace un día
No joke this trailer actually disturbed me the first time I saw this and now almost a year later I am more hyped up for this then any other game
Sotiris17 Hace un día
Need new Zelda!!!
saloohi [MS]
saloohi [MS] Hace un día
It’s been 11 months and I’m too bored in quarantine so ples speed up
Cody Mitchell
Cody Mitchell Hace un día
I see this as possibly the return of majora which would be awesome
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace un día
Majora’s kinda.... dead
Val Hace un día
MM was a contained title and nothing points to it.
Hamza Nabih
Hamza Nabih Hace un día
I dont think I’ve ever been this excited for a game EVER
stuffing _.
stuffing _. Hace un día
items better not brake
Val Hace un día
That's not a problem in itself. Also weird if they flat out cut this out from a sequel.
Soybean 194
Soybean 194 Hace un día
Majora's Mask: Finally! A worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!!
Hylix Hace un día
when I saw the torch that’s when it hit me
That one Zekrom
That one Zekrom Hace un día
one thing I hope breath of the wild 2 introduces is tamable monsters each monster would their own strengths and weaknesses, for example a helasuar and a gemesuar helmasuars are a little bit slow, but they make it up with strong defenses and fire power gemesuars however are more nimble, but in turn they would rely more on steath and brute force due to being not as defensive and durable as helmasuars
That one Zekrom
That one Zekrom Hace un día
I know helmasuars and gemesuars weren't in the original breath of the wild, I just added them as examples of mounts and what abilities they would offer and yes, I know gemesuars don't exist ... kinda, the thing about gemesuars is that only one has existed in the series, being the gemesuar king in link between worlds
austinrrrodrigues Hace un día
*I remember so well, watching this live during the Direct, and absolutely S C R E A M I N G*
Fire Ball2
Fire Ball2 Hace un día
Its almost been a year and we barely have any more information about this game than what's shown here..... I love it!
Flaming Phames
Flaming Phames Hace un día
If link could just say one damn word
AlexRN Hace un día
So does ESvid think Zelda will be playable or not?
ViolinOfTime Hace un día
...We’re waiting for another trailer Nintendo!!!
ink animates
ink animates Hace 10 horas
A trailer will probably will be shadow dropped or something next month or July if nintendo doesn't want Zelda being the main focus that much and wants to focus on a r m s in smash.
ATB Hace un día
I am wondering a few things: What is that heartbeat from? What is that distorted voice from? What is that spirit hand thing and where did it come from? WHY HASN’T NINTENDO TOLD US ANYTHING ELSE IN 11 MONTHS?
Screemu MSM
Screemu MSM Hace un día
1:06 WAIT WHOSE HEARTBEAT IS THAT- THAT SOUNDS FAMILIAR SKYWARD SWORD FANS YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT this comment made by that one girl that wants to hug koloktos
Nicolás Vázquez
Nicolás Vázquez Hace un día
Cmonnn give us more info about this my balls are already blue !!!
bruh Hace un día
The Facility underneath China headquarters causing the virus.
Dr Quinn Fenix
Dr Quinn Fenix Hace 2 días
I hate the background music of this trailer
FlexBalls695 Hace un día
Cause it’s fricking creepy that’s why lol
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace un día
Yamilet Sandiero
Yamilet Sandiero Hace 2 días
Anybody notice the madalion around it's neck is the same as the symbol in gerudo town?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace un día
That would be because it’s Ganondorf’s body, Ganondorf being the king of the Gerudo
Smol Blue Fox
Smol Blue Fox Hace 2 días
Sidon and Kass better be in this, p l e a s e
Stair Worse Studios
Stair Worse Studios Hace 2 días
This was never a real game, Nintendo just wanted to show off their engine.
Revali4Ever Rito
Revali4Ever Rito Hace un día
Shut up! Of course it’s real game! And I’m not going to stop saying “Breath of The Wild sequel” until they release a gameplay trailer of this! Breath of The Wild sequel! Breath of The Wild sequel! BREATH OF THE WILD SEQUEL!
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace 2 días
lizzie Hace 2 días
everybody gangsta until the castle starts shakin
Megan King
Megan King Hace 2 días
Nintendo come on. We're all stuck in quarantine and are in desperate need of some news. Even if it's just concept art I need something
Magicat -san
Magicat -san Hace 2 días
BOTW 2 is fake news.
Michael Pomales
Michael Pomales Hace un día
Magicat -san your proof?
owningpkz Hace 2 días
Please makers give us a new plot im sick of killing piggy time after time after time.
ink animates
ink animates Hace 10 horas
I do Agree we need a new villian. Ganon(dorf) is great and the main villian and such, however new villians would be tons of fun. He can of course return every so often which would be fun but yeah, new villians pls
Val Hace 2 días
@owningpkz Sure they can make up any excuses, like SS was genesis after the fact. But I think the core interest of the lore is really the "legend" aspect, so the repetitive story has a mythical aspect that games like Mario don't have. Plus having BotW reconsider many conventions might hint at an exciting take on that story now. Idk.
owningpkz Hace 2 días
@Val it started a long time ago somehow so there should be a way to fix it aswell but that might be just me? XD
Val Hace 2 días
@owningpkz I like that it has a constant baseline but goes through ages and contexts. We know the inevitability of Demise's curse, but we don't know exactly yet "who" this Ganondorf will be.
owningpkz Hace 2 días
@Val another storyline would be nice its like mario the same everytime xd give me a totally new villian with a new storyline that would be nice :)
stavinnies Hace 2 días
I hope they make it where we can explore hyrule castle 🏰 without it being infested with Ganons influence
Aaron Hace un día
​@Woogie That's a rather popular request, from what I've seen. That, and the blessed ability to pet dogs, anyway.
Woogie Hace 2 días
Same but I feel like I’m the only one who actually wants new mounts like maybe horse breeds and or like a cow thing in the trailer idk 🤣☺️
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