Sequels That Aren't Sequels (The Sequel)

Drew Gooden
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Today we finish what we started last week, with the help of a surprise special guest, and another guest that is neither special nor a surprise, and is also made of cardboard.
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A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.


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11 feb 2019






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Comentarios 3 793
Matt Miller
Matt Miller Hace 2 meses
omg he actually made tootfart.com
8_137 Yeet
8_137 Yeet Hace 23 días
Matt Miller i know
Giecko Gecko
Giecko Gecko Hace 25 días
What is that Fucking link that I clicked on
BiG BoIiIiIiIiIiI Hace un mes
BiG BoIiIiIiIiIiI Hace un mes
VAL A MELHOR Hace un día
At least they got Mila lol
JirousEarPhoneJack Lol
Finally a good fckin sequel
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Hace 2 días
Jingle all the Way 2 is actually a sequel to Tooth Fairy 2
Ryan Holloway
Ryan Holloway Hace 4 días
"With Christian Bale from hte batman mo-uh he hasn't done that yet"
Emma Hace 4 días
I’m so glad you talked about American psycho 2 that was awful
Carcosa Hace 5 días
Drew “Jontron” Gooden.
Marshi Moo
Marshi Moo Hace 5 días
I had headphones in and when he said, *i wonder if its gonna melt* I dropped my phone.
genny lenny!
genny lenny! Hace 6 días
*Yup, i just killed Brian.*
Qwikscopez Hace 6 días
This made me really wanna watch American psycho and now it's one of my favourite films
Little Cricket
Little Cricket Hace 6 días
Please react to the giver movie! We watched it in class and it’s soooo different from the book we were actually angry at it. Like it was so unlike the book it wasn’t even enjoyable.
Socialist Cat With A Laptop
I really didn't need to see Drew bring himself to completion by talking about the direction of American Psycho lol
Emma Blanche
Emma Blanche Hace 7 días
why did the american psycho girl wearing that jacket and those glasses look like she was doing a lazy cosplay of keanu reeves in the matrix
Autumn McBroom
Autumn McBroom Hace 8 días
Please do tooth fairy two it’s a disgrace to this earth and Larry is in it so yay.
Elysium Rod
Elysium Rod Hace 9 días
You should have Danny or something cast as "you" for the "sequel" in spirit of the "sequels" Make another "sequel"
Elysium Rod
Elysium Rod Hace 9 días
You could simultaneously record yourself for their video upload
Isabella Guzman
Isabella Guzman Hace 11 días
DarkShadic 9632
DarkShadic 9632 Hace 11 días
The Nazi’s killed hundreds of thousands of Jews ...well, this girl killed eight people?
Harvey Jones
Harvey Jones Hace 12 días
"That's what your momma said" *ooh yeah*
ayy lmao
ayy lmao Hace 12 días
Rado kwor hedaa
Briallyn Rose
Briallyn Rose Hace 13 días
honestly just from the clips you showed, the original movie concept reminds me of Heathers. but i think i'm giving it too much credit
kaysen cc
kaysen cc Hace 15 días
*drew hyping up the original american psycho for 16 minutes straight*
Charlotte Tuck
Charlotte Tuck Hace 16 días
I wish I could buy your Merch, bad sadly I live in the UK 😭😭 LOVE YOU ANYWAYS ❤️❤️😂
Jane Smith
Jane Smith Hace 18 días
It’s a sequel to the sequels video
writingthefuture [Sunny]
*wonder if it's gonna melt*
TheAlmightyCastform Hace 19 días
And for video games, every numbered Final Fantasy is a sequel that’s not a sequel.
Ashasel C A M E R O N
Ashasel C A M E R O N Hace 20 días
This sequel sucks ass, refund please!
Lemon Lime Soda
Lemon Lime Soda Hace 22 días
Is this where you come in?
elliot campbell
elliot campbell Hace 22 días
Listens to billie eilish once * -mila kunis in this movie " I'm just so goofy "
09ziyad Hace 23 días
out of focus
Shut up meg
BeenieBombYT Hace 23 días
"Do not contact me." -Arnold
Allie Graceee
Allie Graceee Hace 23 días
Can’t forget about mean girls 2 and legally blondes those were horrible I legit thought they were both Disney channel originals
Kyle Rivers
Kyle Rivers Hace 23 días
starting a gofundme to raise money so make my own movie, Canadian psycho
TRASH Hace 23 días
Auth Entic
Auth Entic Hace 24 días
American Psycho 2 is like the third grade essay I finished the night before
Edgar Lopez
Edgar Lopez Hace 24 días
so we’re just gonna ignore the tooth fairy 1/2 huh
Jessika McCuaig
Jessika McCuaig Hace 24 días
the fact that im watching this on a saturday night scares me so thank you
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Hace 24 días
...............i watched this on saturday..... get out of my house
Jade Williams
Jade Williams Hace 24 días
Best squarespace plug I've ever seen
Fanficandthisdic k
Fanficandthisdic k Hace 25 días
Jingle All The Way 2 was hilarious! please don't kill me
ZombieMiezz Hace 26 días
American Psycho is such an incredible book and film! I don't understand why Bale didn't got his first Oscar for this!
jaya mini
jaya mini Hace 26 días
shut up, Meg.
Lmao nah
Lmao nah Hace 27 días
Is it just me, or is her line delivery terrible?
Yeontan's Eyebrows
Yeontan's Eyebrows Hace 20 días
I feel like it might be because she's more used to voice acting so she really seems like she's putting on a character
sloth astronaut
sloth astronaut Hace 27 días
is it just me, or does the plot of ap2 sound like macbeth??? she has to kill everyone higher than her to gain power? ...also, i think its funny you mentioned having a good sat. whenever it may be, bc this sat. is my hs prom. so thanks! i do plan on having a good saturday!
The Man Who stopped racism Skipper
Notice me senpai
Samantha Loudermilk
Samantha Loudermilk Hace 7 días
senpai wouldn't notice me so i baked him into a sen pie aNd ThEn I aTe HiM uP ~dále~
[The Sketchy Gecko]
[The Sketchy Gecko] Hace 27 días
I eat the pringle without the crust
Yes No
Yes No Hace 28 días
OoOOOh! 8:33 YoUu!
Sweet Baby Richie
Sweet Baby Richie Hace 28 días
When ever I hear Mila's voice all I think of is *Meg*
Ima Go Apesht
Ima Go Apesht Hace 28 días
I really need some merch that says AMERICAN NUT JOB.
Kelsey Robinson
Kelsey Robinson Hace 29 días
The concept of a kid who develops a taste for killing in a Dexter-type route could work if it was a) made with more effort and b) its own movie, rather than crappy non-sequel to American Psycho.
Alex Hace 29 días
would much rather watch you than danny btw
Alex Hace 29 días
you're too right
Aubreyh0506 Hace 29 días
My stepdads name is Larry...
Samantha Holz
Samantha Holz Hace un mes
For Christmas, I want a compilation of Drew's ads.
Cody Simpson
Cody Simpson Hace un mes
Shut up Meg!
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson Hace un mes
Son of the mask
midnightmcflurries Hace un mes
shit its saturday
Phil S
Phil S Hace un mes
Shut up, Meg.
chloe c
chloe c Hace un mes
omg do home alone 3 and 4
Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker Hace un mes
Do more movie reviews.
Sarah Cats
Sarah Cats Hace un mes
omg I found tootfart.com
Kennedi W
Kennedi W Hace un mes
I don't know if you will see this but you should react to Mommy's Little Princess.
Kennedi W
Kennedi W Hace un mes
or Mommy's Little Girl
Chacha Hace un mes
Larry’s got some else up his sleeve, or should I say *up his shovel*
Madi Becca
Madi Becca Hace un mes
But... have you seen The Butterfly Effect 2?!
howdy im a gay demon
oh my gosh I'm so mad with this sequel Danny gonzalez was such a great actor in the first video and I have no idea why this "drew gooden" is trying to replace him smh also what happened to the relationship between drew and Arnold. In the first one, drew constantly flirts with Arnold. They clearly love each other. The stupid sequel though completely messed it up, making them only just become friends at the end of the movie.
LassetUnsSpielen Hace un mes
my pain is constant and sharp...
Hugo Tollan
Hugo Tollan Hace un mes
You can't say that Jingle all the way 2 is bad because it has Mater from Cars in it.
Golden Moon
Golden Moon Hace un mes
We need a mad lad who would analyze disney sequels
I just came for tootfart.com
Souper Spooks
Souper Spooks Hace un mes
Shut up meg
Jayla Seymour
Jayla Seymour Hace un mes
It's like in the original the writers actually knee the symptoms of psychopathy and narcissism. The second one had the romanticized tumblr version
supsarah Hace un mes
Commenting "The Same Ol' Burger King Taste" on every video I watch Video: 241
oh YEAH YEAH Hace un mes
“that’s what ya mamma said”
Imogen Howard
Imogen Howard Hace un mes
I’m glad this channel makes good content, otherwise I wouldn’t watch ESvid.
Suki Steele
Suki Steele Hace un mes
Shes not like most girls RAWR XD
Liquid Shit
Liquid Shit Hace un mes
10:08 that DUN is the sound that plays in the beginning of soulja boy tell em
Savanah DeBord
Savanah DeBord Hace un mes
It would be as of I did nothing at all. *BLOW*
Emmett Martin-Rosenthal
It took me like ten seconds to figure out it was Danny at 0:40
FastAsFrickBoi 420
FastAsFrickBoi 420 Hace un mes
Pumpking head blood wings
Thingy Nothingy
Thingy Nothingy Hace un mes
If the guy goes up north buy a toy for Pete’s sake
Cheyenne Hace un mes
0:35 I was watching the video and I didn't even notice it was Danny and not Drew until he said it was Danny...
Mc. Yeet
Mc. Yeet Hace un mes
iM laRrY ThE CaBle GuY
Angel Arrow
Angel Arrow Hace un mes
The narration Just fucking messed up the whole movie... without the narration, it would have been so much better
Xairen LIVE
Xairen LIVE Hace un mes
Oh wait- oh- you actually made a first part, i thought it was just a joke lol
Ava Laney
Ava Laney Hace un mes
That ad at the end though, brilliant
A Random Person On The Internet
5:11 I know this is unrelated, but this sounds kind of like Death Note... I’m too obsessed with anime o_o
Method Hace un mes
4:19 Shut up meg
HydroFall Hace un mes
What is his outro song?
h i
h i Hace un mes
You should review Leafie: A Hen into the Wild Just...you won’t regret it
Katy Killion
Katy Killion Hace un mes
why did arnold make me sad
Anonymous Dinosaur
Anonymous Dinosaur Hace un mes
Why are you blurry
Ally North
Ally North Hace un mes
“Played by the janitor from Zack and Cody” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Natalie Whitfield
Natalie Whitfield Hace un mes
How about mean girls and mean girls 2
Lexi Lannin
Lexi Lannin Hace un mes
Why he look like Danny doe?
Emily Burckard
Emily Burckard Hace un mes
Drew!! they are making a Benchwarmers 2 that is legitimately the furthest thing from a sequel. And quite frankly, purely based on the trailer, is a disservice to the first movie. You need to react to it, i've heard no one talking about this yet
Jennifer D
Jennifer D Hace un mes
Watch a pizza my heart
Steven Rogelio
Steven Rogelio Hace un mes
I'm gonna always prefer watching you talk about some 300 years old movie
dragonball slayer326
You should do tooth fairy 2 next
dragonball slayer326
American psycho 2 is not the true sequel to American pyscho the author said i didn't even know American psycho 2 even existed i watched it once on the hallmark channel i didn't even know this movie even existed
smash thebug
smash thebug Hace un mes
American Psycho 2 wasn't to bad lol.
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