Set Up Brick and fences around Swimming Pool

Primitive Survival Tool
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Joao Gabriel Da Silva Rocha
DinoBoy Gamer
DinoBoy Gamer Hace 6 horas
they should do a tutorial on how to make spears and then do some fish catch n cooks. -Dont you Think-?
Marta Perez
Marta Perez Hace 6 horas
Buenísimos todos tus videos dale like ami comentario
Javi Ortega Delgado
Javi Ortega Delgado Hace 9 horas
What do you do with the dirty water?? Do you change It regularly?? What are your names: Paco & Julián??
Ali Matador
Ali Matador Hace 9 horas
My respects !!!
PizzaGamer 1011
PizzaGamer 1011 Hace 10 horas
They should make a zoo because they rescued a lot of wild animals and make cool pools
jiggazoid Hace 16 horas
that pool water is gonna stagnant as hell!
wolf playes and ice reaper playes minecradt
its cool when you put flags
Robert Meissen
Robert Meissen Hace 18 horas
I want them to do my front yard!
박건범 Hace 19 horas
한국인 손~!!!
콜록콜록 Hace 20 horas
수입 창출 하시는 건가??
MAKEINZ Hace un día
These guys have a mad squat, perfect posture.
Leandra Cristina Piana
Eu também só do 🇧🇷🇧🇷 não é só visse😙😙😙😙🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
DankMan Hace un día
If people think they're poor then they aren't. If they were poor then who bought this land?
Gael Guitarrista
Gael Guitarrista Hace un día
Muy bien👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Annabelle Legault
Annabelle Legault Hace un día
Minecraft in peaceful
Thunderous Shock
Thunderous Shock Hace un día
You guys make the coolest things I think you should make your own town for poor people to live in
miso Led
miso Led Hace un día
미친 저번편이 끝인지 알았는데 오진다진짜ㄷㄷ
Oier Lezama
Oier Lezama Hace un día
Oier Lezama
Oier Lezama Hace un día
Ray Ray
Christine joy bautista
They are cool 😊😊💕💕and awesome😵😵😊😊😚
뵤리 Hace un día
물은 어떻게 갈지
Avelia Roman
Avelia Roman Hace un día
Que nice
無名 Hace un día
なんの設計図も無しに ここまで綺麗にできるって すごいなぁ…
Mario Junior
Mario Junior Hace un día
handy mady and fix it felix
Claudia Falla
Claudia Falla Hace un día
WoW wath talent
Elijah Soto59
Elijah Soto59 Hace un día
That house is better than my house
Dominick Vela
Dominick Vela Hace un día
They are the master builders
Qualitytap Hace un día
These two build these amazing structures by thenselves when it takes a year for a whole team of contractors to make a patio in America
Matthew Weller
Matthew Weller Hace 2 días
You guys should make your own village
Ana Mega Pro
Ana Mega Pro Hace 2 días
Minecraft kkkkk que trabalhão 😰😰😰😰😰
Johnny K
Johnny K Hace 2 días
i want these guys on my team for the apocalypse
Kishin Hace 2 días
o ser humano é incrivel vim pelo Davy Jones
Me producer
Me producer Hace 2 días
And the Egyptians built the Pyramids# poWer of the Human RacE💥
sidthemyth Hace 2 días
in the middle a fountain would be nice, filtering water also
Seema Kushwaha
Seema Kushwaha Hace 2 días
Dinta Azzahra
Dinta Azzahra Hace 2 días
SUBSCRIBE Primitive Survival Tool !!!! Creative channel :D
watch of x2 speed
Lazy Panther
Lazy Panther Hace 2 días
Who records the video
Fanta Say
Fanta Say Hace 2 días
FANCY 😂😂(*・∀・*)V
Maria Luisa Vivar Gil
I really want to swim in that pool
Black Hole
Black Hole Hace 2 días
Wont keep out the mosquitoes
rose gold
rose gold Hace 2 días
Can we see a house tour
Denise 86
Denise 86 Hace 2 días
on this day have my little sister Birthday!
Tony DiLorenzo
Tony DiLorenzo Hace 2 días
They didn’t spend any money in this amazing work
Elizabeth Ullom
Elizabeth Ullom Hace 3 días
Who the fuck is filming this
hectorj 280
hectorj 280 Hace 3 días
Pretty cool not tryna hate but I don't think they know how to swim
Michał Biskup
Michał Biskup Hace 3 días
JB57gaming Hace 3 días
1:37 they're not actually all alone. You can hear a dog in the background
Louis Le Goff
Louis Le Goff Hace 3 días
Herr Schweizer
Herr Schweizer Hace 3 días
What happens when the water gets dirty?
Sven Poelmans
Sven Poelmans Hace 3 días
OK Sam, so you hold the stick while I hit it as hard as I can, OK?
az00z1011 Hace 3 días
السلام عليكم ما في عربي هنا 😊 كيفكم يا عرب ؟؟ أنا من السعودية
Xitlaly Guadiana-Orozco
You guys are awesome and creative I need to see you in person and give you 2 both a high five for that you guys create that is lit
AnPrime Hace 3 días
How do you prevent the water from becoming stagnant?
lama Nasser
lama Nasser Hace 3 días
Where are they from?
TheAlexDF AlexisBenavides
Mis respetos para a estas personas.
It's Input
It's Input Hace 3 días
but what is the point of this
TheEVN7 Hace 3 días
Christian Lagunero
Christian Lagunero Hace 3 días
I'd Really Salute theses guys.....They were able to make impossible to possible things.....They were so creative even thou they don't use any gadgets to plan for a design......
Christopher Franko
Christopher Franko Hace 3 días
I bet these folks arnt making any money but the guy paying them to do this is.
Donald Watif
Donald Watif Hace 3 días
Mosquitoes will deal with these guys
Parkros Zone
Parkros Zone Hace 3 días
so this is what minecrfat was aiming for, hmm
jullins Hace 3 días
when you find the federal who’s been be snitching on social media
TA 11
TA 11 Hace 3 días
*When I read the title of the video written in it, I sat down and said that they had turned the channel into a great electronic games*
Gerda Nurlingga
Gerda Nurlingga Hace 3 días
れいこー Hace 3 días
2倍速でちょうど良いくらい! 見ててすごく楽しい!
Kang Adie
Kang Adie Hace 3 días
respect these two man . omgg
DISS KID Hace 3 días
if this gets 300 likes I will do something like this
Zsombor Hace 3 días
4:38 dino 😂😂
Relativo Hace 3 días
Jeiss Hace 3 días
*MINECRAFT REALISTA* picale a mi perfil para ser feliz
alan warlet
alan warlet Hace 3 días
Los admiro
鬼木太郎 Hace 3 días
Sadie Marie
Sadie Marie Hace 3 días
what happens if it rains? it seems like a heavy rain would wash away the clay bricks and flood the moat. also, how do they have internet to upload this
DAMB Hace 4 días
Yo Si tuviese Todo ese Bamboo me pusiera a jugar a los espadasos con todos mis amigo 😂
sleepy cabbiege
sleepy cabbiege Hace 4 días
When you crashed on a island and you have to use your 4 years of mincraft skills
JONA LIKE Hace 4 días
Estos amigos son impresionantes que aguante tan fregon
GamingRango Hace 4 días
Add me on Snapchat @ julio.espino7
GamingRango Hace 4 días
Follow me on Instagram @ julio.espino7
Tasha Clark
Tasha Clark Hace 4 días
You guys are very smart you guys should get famous or paid
Rafa A. de Jesus
Rafa A. de Jesus Hace 4 días
sensacional 👏👏👏
Canal do Cael
Canal do Cael Hace 4 días
Só tem eu de Brasileiro aqui?🇧🇷
Sergio Rey
Sergio Rey Hace 4 días
Age of empires workers
urbania nunez
urbania nunez Hace 4 días
Somebody should give them 1B to see what they would build
プチュクチュ Hace 4 días
竹を打つシーンで自分だったら絶対相手の手を打ってしまうと思って無駄にヒヤヒヤして観てしまった🙀🙀笑 いつ見ても凄いものばかり作りますね✨
boris molina
boris molina Hace 4 días
How they changes the water of the pool?🤔
Lislie Prado
Lislie Prado Hace 4 días
Ah mga Pinoy Yan
I’m Japanese. I knew yours from Twitter.
The ZGamer
The ZGamer Hace 4 días
Cuando van a construir el Nether :v
Splashgang_Rik Hace 4 días
You homele u To
David Janeiro
David Janeiro Hace 4 días
UAU!!! I'm shocked!!!
Eel the Seawing Nightwing Hybird
This... Is... BEAUTIFUL! I'll suggest this to my parents and see if they'll sell the house and make a ton of stuff like this XD The funny thing is tho, I've never seen a woman do a channel like this 0_0 Did anyone else notice that?
Владимир Жуков
Mine kraft in real life )))))))
なすねこ Hace 4 días
Enrique Peña Nieto
Enrique Peña Nieto Hace 4 días
I need to hire these guys
Evelin Araujo
Evelin Araujo Hace 4 días
Lindooo, Eles são muitos inteligentes!
にょん猫 Hace 4 días
ZeLordSloth Hace 4 días
Whats the grey and brownish substitute for cement? is the brown mud?
sleepy cabbiege
sleepy cabbiege Hace 4 días
ZeLordSloth yep
Yisheng Jiang
Yisheng Jiang Hace 4 días
How about spending sometime seeing yourselves a shirt?
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