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Ivan Drago is back and he brought his son with him.
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19 mar 2018

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Comentarios 228
Thanos Hace 20 días
moral of the story: TMZ is cancer
Le parolier Le parolier
Ray210 RODRIGUEZ Hace 4 meses
Hell yea
joske103 Hace 5 meses
the speaker is so annoying
RaMoN Hace 5 meses
Hate g00glekillg00gle
Other one? ?? WHAT??????
Brandon Judah
Brandon Judah Hace 5 meses
It wasent racist he just meant michael b jordan getting all the good black roles he prolly is racist like most whites but niggas so sensitive harvey felt uncomfortable cuz he knew it was gon get blown outta proportion wit negros around 😂😂😘😘
Files Hace 5 meses
Black people: We really need to focus on real systemic racism in this country *Harvey says "they"* Black people: ThEy WhOoOOo!?!?!
Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson Hace 5 meses
Papa Murphy's last quarter gained 5 times more than amzn is predicted to do amzn investors should leave for Frsh Because Frsh is 5 dollars per share pizza is winning vs amzn corporation why I don't see more shares on Frsh is confusing twenty minutes left now of the trading day it doesn't matter what you do papa Murphy's is earning better
Arnold Bliss
Arnold Bliss Hace 5 meses
Lolph Dundgren!
SAINT FRANK Hace 5 meses
The other 1 what 😂😂😂
Steve Costas
Steve Costas Hace 5 meses
When Van says "the other one, what?" ...check out the doped out mouth breathing red head next to him. She has no idea what's going on. 🤣
Tina M Harrison
Tina M Harrison Hace 5 meses
Toneka Williams
Toneka Williams Hace 5 meses
He ment the other one from black panther yes I am black but this is a time when you have got to be more specific
Craig Patterson
Craig Patterson Hace 5 meses
OH HARVEY ... You just slipped ! He's the other one ? Other one what ?! Then ( They ) .
Exxotic FSK
Exxotic FSK Hace 5 meses
Does all tmz videos have this annoying guyyyyy?????? No offense ?????? I’m dumb
Ryan Jackson Creed
Ryan Jackson Creed Hace 6 meses
Sage Northcutt should've played as Ivan Drago's son instead of Florian Munteanu
Steven Clark
Steven Clark Hace 6 meses
Should be sage
Elli chacon
Elli chacon Hace 6 meses
God no!!! The first creed was horrible!!
rzagza11 Hace 6 meses
Florian looks nothing like Drago. Sage looks everything like Drago. They shouldve just given Sage no dialogue and had him stone-faced just like his dad. Poor choice unless theyre gonna dye Florian's hair blonde for the film.
D!ØИ 420
D!ØИ 420 Hace 6 meses
Let me guess Creed is gonna loose against this dude in the movie. The thing is shits getting old but I get it they trying to make a boxing film realistic by the main character not winning but that's happened to much in Rocky films & now Creed got a taste of it at the end of the first movie so pretty sure he'll bounce back in the second part if not like I said shits getting old it's like watching a horror movie where the stupid chicks trip and fall just so the killer can catch up in a dramatic scene that's what I compare these boxing movies to
Orion Pavlos
Orion Pavlos Hace 6 meses
Sage looks more like Drago then this guy
jblazeRNFL Hace 7 meses
The other one???? They???? Come on Harvey...lol
TMT 50
TMT 50 Hace 7 meses
Awwhh!!! I thought it was going to be sage northcutt that would of been legendary!!! He looks exactly like drago
Josh Jenkins
Josh Jenkins Hace 7 meses
im sure their will be a extreme racist agenda in this movie lol
mikeym 2018
mikeym 2018 Hace 7 meses
Yeah let’s all cheer for the black guy to beat the white guy..NOT!! Not watching this crap! Same ole pro black garbage that’s been going around the past few yrs
mikeym 2018
mikeym 2018 Hace 5 meses
Sean MacDonald - Oh and one last thing,I remember being in another argument with some guy not too long ago on a ESvid video of Rocky 4. I was arguing how it seemed racist that Apollo was killed off in the rocky series by a white guy,so that another white guy "hero" could get revenge for him, because Apollo(the black guy) was obviously too weak to beat that white guy himself right? See where I'm going with this? Or would you rather keep running those circles?
mikeym 2018
mikeym 2018 Hace 5 meses
Sean MacDonald- You're low iq is shining bright again 😂. "I'm not pushing no black vs white thing" What?? This is EXACTLY what you are doing! 🤣. You ain't fooling nobody oh dim witted one😂 "Black.people do not have the power to be racist" You're right about blacks not having the power ,the black race does seem pretty weak,needing sympathy and to be the "victim" any chance they get, but even still,that doesn't stop the MAJORITY of blacks from thinking they do have the "power" and from trying as hard as they can to be racist towards other races,especially whites. Don't purposely be in denial. Just look around in society,social media,etc. The majority of Blacks hate whites and have no respect for them,or their women,and vise versa 😉. I'm not going to hold your hand and guide you to the truth. Put in the work and research properly in an UNBIASED WAY yourself. You'll find the answers that you refused for so long to accept,guaranteed. Bet in the end you still won't accept it though. It's what slow minded ppl like you do. A ball of truth can be dropped right in front of you,and you'll just close your eyes and run around it in circles,blindly fearful and mentally weak in handling what that truth brings. And back to mayweather,he is a scrub,and his style of "survival" jab and run boxing is not only a cowardly way to win,it's boring as he!!. The majority of the boxing public have no respect for Mayweather, he couldn't get outta boxing fast enough . Oh and some gift decisions went the bums way too! 1st fight with castillo for one? Watch the fight in an unbiased way. Castillo easily won that fight,outboxed and outpunched Mayweather, even compubox stats show this. But I bet you won't accept that either. You'll just keep running circles around the truth,same as your hero Mayweather ran circles in the ring 😂🤣
Sean MacDonald
Sean MacDonald Hace 5 meses
mikeym 2018 ..my bad for assuming you were white, I shouldn't make assumptions like that because I am aware that people of all races can be ignorant. That being said, u do sound fucking crazy...I'm not pushing no black vs white thing, I'm observing it. Black.people do not have the power to be racist, to say Blacks are as bad or worse than whites in terms of that is absolutely without basis..give examples please...and not examples that have to do with something someone said or thinks, I'm talking actions...now back to the mayweather thing, boxing is a sport, the point is to outpoint the other fighter or knock them out and he did that 50 times without anyone doing it to him. It doesn't have anything to do with street fighting, but I'm sure he would hold his own in that too. If u don't like his style, that's fine, u don't know shit about boxing then, u just want to see brawls and that's fine, but you're making yourself sound real stupid calling him a scrub.
mikeym 2018
mikeym 2018 Hace 5 meses
Sean MacDonald - First of all I'm Puerto Rican ,not white, secondly, I have black family members and ancestors,which last I checked,they were all American. So you automatically putting me in the "white" category shows how ignorant you are. Making such an assumption just because I disagree with you and your opinion automatically makes me white? That's ridiculous! Blacks in this shi*ty country today are just as bad as the racist whites of yesterday, and today as well. Always pushing for superiority,always wanting to be viewed as being the superior races when compared to everyone else. While native americans, hispanics,asians,middle easterns,etc are looked at as inferior to both. All I got to say to that is the day will come when blacks and whites (Jews especially) will fall,all in good time,the strong will rise again and correct the wrong that's been done, not only to this country,but to the world. Yeah call me crazy,but you'll see. So keep pushing for this black vs white thing. You're just helping make that downfall easier and faster And Mayweather is a scrub. His jab and run style was garbage. That dude would've gotten beat down in my streets growing up 100% of the time. He fights like a sissy. 20-30 yrs down the road what great fight highlights they gonna remember him by? Him winning decisions by jabbing? GTFOH 😂🤣
Sean MacDonald
Sean MacDonald Hace 5 meses
mikeym 2018 ...my point was instead of viewing it as American vs Russian, u viewed it as Black vs White, which shows that white people don't view Black people as American, until it comes time to pledge Allegiance to the flag and stand for the national anthem....and now I definitely know I'm talking to an idiot since u referred to one of the greatest boxers in history as a scrub. And Mosley rocked him ONCE and than Floyd made adjustments and toyed with his ass the rest of the fight. Wasn't no almost involved, fight was lopsided.
69 Solo
69 Solo Hace 7 meses
Hope Ivan Draga's son wins this time. If I can change, you can change, the script can change.
john boboson
john boboson Hace 7 meses
Hollywood loves racebaiting... and promoting when it happens smfh
D Brown
D Brown Hace 8 meses
whites cant hide their racist ways, its impossible.. cats always comes out of the bag some how...
James Baker
James Baker Hace 8 meses
Who cares if he said THEY, THEM THE OTHER ONE did we see how quick the ONLY ONE was to jump on an opportunity
Christy Jia
Christy Jia Hace 8 meses
There was nothing at all racist. It was a comment on Hollywood's lack of casting more black actors. It was the exact opposite of racist, and the TMZ crew were playing it up for effect.
Christy Jia
Christy Jia Hace 6 meses
klynch Harry realized how the others REACTED, which is why he grabbed his head at the end. If it were 'offensive,' TMZ would have edited it out in the first place. TMZ isn't going to broadcast 'racist' stuff by any of their show's people -- they're not going to sabotage themselves. This show is all about playing stuff up for comic effect, because it's a show designed to entertain.
klynch572 Hace 6 meses
Christy Jia they weren't there playing it up. And Harry realized his comment sounded offensive, which is why he grabbed his head at the end
Delete Mexico
Delete Mexico Hace 8 meses
If he dies....... he dies
lmao he supports trump smh
jake wilson
jake wilson Hace 8 meses
Sage northcutt should be dragos son
Andrei-George Kuji
Andrei-George Kuji Hace 8 meses
Oh stop making those movies
Nick Gurrs
Nick Gurrs Hace 8 meses
Thank god they didn't cast sage
Amocoru Hace 8 meses
This video is delivered like a terrible fucking episode of a late 90s VH1 show. Jesus this is awful.
UrbanExplorer1000 Hace 8 meses
these TMZ people are bottom feeders
Ryan Davey
Ryan Davey Hace 8 meses
Sage Northcutt would of been a better pick
Dark Truth
Dark Truth Hace 8 meses
Snowflake over there got bent out of shape... his protected group was encroached upon with..... words... Brrr.... White people accept you're evil. Black people, you have the protection of PC. Fuck that. That said, yes, I know it was all in jest. Sorta. The offense... and the retreat behind the PC wall... is also very real.
Dr Phot
Dr Phot Hace 8 meses
"If he die, he dies!" Most savage movie line ever!
Gregg Allan
Gregg Allan Hace 2 meses
Bernie Madow
Bernie Madow Hace 8 meses
"The other one" no you didn't........
Jordon A
Jordon A Hace 8 meses
Still think Sage Northcutt should have played Drago’s son
SNAB1987 Hace 8 meses
Caught him lol
David Fox
David Fox Hace 8 meses
robert sanchez
robert sanchez Hace 8 meses
Racist mfker, but this isn’t really “shocking” tbh
James Lawson
James Lawson Hace 8 meses
I thought Draco son was supposed to be played by sage northcut this is super lame not watching anymore
Hector Soria
Hector Soria Hace 8 meses
The narrator makes me want to kill myself
deuce of spades
deuce of spades Hace 8 meses
What happen to pretty rickaaaaaaaaay conley
dvlarry Hace 8 meses
Could have gotten Vladmir Klischko
Clint O'Donnell
Clint O'Donnell Hace 8 meses
probably looks too heavy compared to Michael B Jordan
45blackX Hace 8 meses
They should have switched it up made ivan dragos kid a runt trying to prove himself and gain his father's respect by bringing honor back to the family name only to lose but still get loved by his father and respected by everyone or loses the first fight then draws/wins the second
Nikki Jeremiah Rodriguez
It better with Brock Lenser
Iliyan Tanchev
Iliyan Tanchev Hace 8 meses
It should of been sage northcut he literally is a young ivan drago
thesprintmaster Hace 8 meses
i wish ppl would stop with this sage northcutt shit smh.... so what if he looks like him, sage is far to short and not big enough to play dragos son. michael b. jordan is bigger than him that would be laughable to see. they made the right choice.
Psychopunk XXX
Psychopunk XXX Hace 5 meses
Plus Sage is a shit actor
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Hace 8 meses
thesprintmaster far to short? So your the same height as your dad? Gtfoh with that fake excuse.
Phil Deep
Phil Deep Hace 8 meses
thesprintmaster what??? There the exact same height
Blake Larson
Blake Larson Hace 8 meses
Sage would tower over Jordan.
hand to hand combat
hand to hand combat Hace 8 meses
He skipped leg year!
Chris Hansen.
Chris Hansen. Hace 8 meses
This, and the new Halloween are automatic must see’s at The Theaters.
Justice Divine-Allah
"He's the other one" I laughed so hard.
aniruddh nag
aniruddh nag Hace 8 meses
Sage obviously fit the father son aesthetic, plus his mma made him a suitable casting. But I doubt that he would've pulled off such an intense role and an antagonist father's story carry over element acting wise. Moreover he's too nice lol.
adnanojd Hace 8 meses
bryan taylor
bryan taylor Hace 8 meses
Yeah racist dude
Sav Vong
Sav Vong Hace 8 meses
Farrrrkkk TMZ content is cancer
taylor trash
taylor trash Hace 8 meses
TMZ is so desperate they are making their leads appear as racists just for views. that’s fucking sad
Fernicus Maximus
Fernicus Maximus Hace 8 meses
The Rocky movies need to stop this is getting ridiculous.
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Hace 8 meses
Fernicus Maximus noo never stop lol. It’s turning into comedic gold lol.
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Hace 8 meses
Fernicus Maximus noo never stop lol. It’s turning into comedic gold lol.
Uchiha Madara
Uchiha Madara Hace 8 meses
Lolz the other what? xD
B Woods
B Woods Hace 8 meses
they did not choose sage and it was prolly because of his voice. he looked the part though.
Derek Fisher
Derek Fisher Hace 8 meses
Sodomite narrator lost control of his demon when those pictures came up...
jason newstead
jason newstead Hace 8 meses
It’s the sequel I’ve always wanted 👍🏽
Overstanding God
Overstanding God Hace 8 meses
You were supposed to dig a little bit deeper Van
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Hace 8 meses
If he dies..... he dies.... did this dude just call him "e-von drago" 😂😂😂
Viva Leigh
Viva Leigh Hace 8 meses
Check out the black guy , picking and choosing what to be offended by. Any other time laughing with them and their open racist jokes. Even adding to the salty punchlines, now he wants to remember their laughing and talking about him and his ancestors? Wow ? Don’t lose your job. Massa don’t like being reminded and checked about how ugly they are or can be...............
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Hace 8 meses
Viva Leigh you need to stop hitting the bong so hard.
Lay Royalty
Lay Royalty Hace 8 meses
Damn, the son is delicious
C.J Schwartz
C.J Schwartz Hace 8 meses
So stupid...he looks nothing like him. They fucked up not using Sage Northcut.
Daddy long dick
Daddy long dick Hace 8 meses
They shouldve put sage northcut :(
Shane Hace 8 meses
They didn’t pick Sage Northcutt because Sylvester Stallone’s agent said Sage did not have a tough enough face or personality
Flexb123 Hace 5 meses
Sage looked awesome though. This other guy, blah. People remember Drago because of his look, he barely spoke.
GodWontSaveU Hace 5 meses
@ Phil deep why do you fanboy over LeBron a guy you dont even know?
The Next Ruler
The Next Ruler Hace 6 meses
That dude is too nice he would be trying to hug and smile the whole time lol.
agentbuckwheat Hace 6 meses
I was just about to say they should've casted sage, I feel like they could've made him look meaner.
SNYPERWULF Hace 7 meses
And he was too small,
Rob Norwood
Rob Norwood Hace 8 meses
Finally got exposed as a covert racist he’s the other one
James R
James R Hace 8 meses
Arturo Quiroz
Arturo Quiroz Hace 8 meses
Should've been Sage Northcutt smh
Psychopunk XXX
Psychopunk XXX Hace 5 meses
Dude just... no... plus he's too small
Steampunk Lady of time
But there acting in a movie so real life personalities shouldn't matter.
Wilder vs AJ
Wilder vs AJ Hace 6 meses
Had too soft voice and personality
Matt Hace 8 meses
hand to hand combat yeah he would've been acting, goofy ass, he wasn't going to play American nice guy Sage Northcutt in a film where he's Ivan Drago's son, was he? Come on mate, you have a brain I presume, use it.
deuce of spades
deuce of spades Hace 8 meses
Arturo Quiroz yea
sik tekkers
sik tekkers Hace 8 meses
Sage looks well like him
Psychopunk XXX
Psychopunk XXX Hace 5 meses
Expendable Because he's a shit actor who has a soft face.
Expendable Hace 8 meses
I thought Sage Northcutt was the person they were gonna go with... A legit Athlete who really has the Arian Look like Drago. Who knows why they decided to Can him?
Surah Online
Surah Online Hace 8 meses
Uh oh. Harvey just stop lol 😐
thomascampr Hace 8 meses
Milking Rocky for all its worth . Nope
Lif3 With Playstation
Omg the other one
Matthew Gibson
Matthew Gibson Hace 8 meses
Harvey is a racist got caught slippin.
Elephant Grass
Elephant Grass Hace 5 meses
Nothing. It's just nice to call out someone on fake racism to feel good about virtue signalling.
Cholo Teriyaki
Cholo Teriyaki Hace 6 meses
What exactly did he say that made him racist because I'm still confused
Phil Deep
Phil Deep Hace 8 meses
Matthew Gibson not really this show is scripted it’s not real
Justin Lee
Justin Lee Hace 8 meses
Matthew Gibson so what
Mathew Cole
Mathew Cole Hace 8 meses
Absolutely no idea what that was about. TMZ at its best.
lavertb74 Hace 8 meses
It's funny how people "Really" think and what they want to say just some how slips out. The office should get him a Klan hood for Xmas. Smfh...
Mike Hunt H
Mike Hunt H Hace 9 meses
I️ feel like tmz has covered the shit out of both creeds and I have no idea why 😂😂
vangoghmatisse1 Hace 9 meses
Michael B Jordan is truly a HOLLYWOOD HUNK!
Dana Jo
Dana Jo Hace 4 meses
Starscream91 😄
rickcologne6 Hace 5 meses
Starscream91 Hace 5 meses
What is wrong with your faaaaaaaace?
Hey Hey
Hey Hey Hace 9 meses
one thing is for sure. He will never be the sexiest man alive, nor will he be the highest paid actor. only the Dwayne Johnson can do that.
Mia Orange
Mia Orange Hace 6 meses
Clint O'Donnell YOU SERIOUS? 😧
Clint O'Donnell
Clint O'Donnell Hace 8 meses
When DJ becomes President in 2020 someone will have to step up and be the highest paid actor.
Donald Wilson
Donald Wilson Hace 9 meses
Hey Hey wtf? Lol why couldnt he be sexiest man alive? Bc YOU arent hot
Khalid Ben Mohammed
Khalid Ben Mohammed Hace 9 meses
Sage northcutt is the best for son ivan drago
Braun Strowman
Braun Strowman Hace 8 meses
Andrew Alarcon It’s a movie...
Andrew Alarcon
Andrew Alarcon Hace 8 meses
Khalid Ben Mohammed if the movie was a comedy? Sure. Sage being himself a well mannered, polite, always smiling, yes sir, no sir, complete opposite of Ivan drago scary dead serious all the time. Idk man he probably couldn’t act for shit, he makes me feel uncomfortable watching an interview. It’s like talking to an old acquaintance, looking for a way out of the conversation.
pride Hace 9 meses
i don't get what happened at the end
Clint O'Donnell
Clint O'Donnell Hace 8 meses
I gather the other actor named is also dark skinned.. got taken to a racial place when that one dude was like, Ohh hes the other one. Dark skinned dude at tmz took it as 'hes the other black actor.' TMZ being TMZ
jhgjhghgjhgasd Hace 8 meses
yeah me too... im looking in the comments for an answer but i cant see anythyng...
The Elpresador
The Elpresador Hace 9 meses
i think it should have been Brock Lesnar
MMK Hace 8 meses
except for Brock being super HW and being like 40
ktown4211 Hace 8 meses
hellllllllllllll no
Biblical Adrian Hes not good enough he can’t even act
Hydro Fit
Hydro Fit Hace 8 meses
MrTruboy and your point?
embiid Hace 8 meses
sage or coen hess
Chris Bishop
Chris Bishop Hace 9 meses
Wow this dudes voice makes me want more cocaine!
Justin Lee
Justin Lee Hace 8 meses
Chris Bishop oh cool loser
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Hace 9 meses
Mmmmm that fine ass man
Sam Nelson
Sam Nelson Hace 9 meses
It's called creed not the guy who killed creed!! It's going to suck.
David  Lee
David Lee Hace 9 meses
well technically, creed was about his son
Herman Booger
Herman Booger Hace 9 meses
I'm ready for Creed 2 I know it's gonna be badass.
tj baby
tj baby Hace 8 meses
Expendable He's not directing it. Steven Caple Jr is. I don't feel good about this movie.
Expendable Hace 8 meses
Hell yeah, Ryan Kugler (However you spell his last name) is a dope ass Director/Producer, he just keeps cranking out hit movies, and doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.
Amadden mind
Amadden mind Hace 9 meses
Harvey is racist? What a surprise😂
O'Hara Young
O'Hara Young Hace 4 meses
Hahaha harvey is the best always fawks up and no harvey is not racist
Roy_Thousand Hace 5 meses
Amadden mind ,no everybody in that room are a bunch of sensitive ass race baiters!
Cruzan26 Hace 5 meses
Star Brand I think everyone know he's not racist. It was funny though.
Star Brand
Star Brand Hace 6 meses
Amadden mind No he's not. We all know what he meant, he just said it wrong. He meant no harm. Real racists like Trump and Roseanne do mean harm.
Town Bizznizz JS
Town Bizznizz JS Hace 6 meses
Not surprised at all
Georgie82 Hace 9 meses
We already know how it going to go he loses one fight and at the end of the movie wins it's all the same
Agnesta Majaliwa
Agnesta Majaliwa Hace 8 meses
gshift 6 what do you mean we?! Speak about yourself man then don't you know how movies go?
Jason Richard
Jason Richard Hace 9 meses
Thought it was Sage?
Orlando Anderson
Orlando Anderson Hace 8 meses
Jason Richard sage nortcut
hand to hand combat
hand to hand combat Hace 8 meses
Naw he was rejected.
Ethan Olson
Ethan Olson Hace 8 meses
they saw his last fights
Amars Bar
Amars Bar Hace 8 meses
Jason Richard ikr
Nate Mothafucka
Nate Mothafucka Hace 9 meses
WTF!!! What happened to sage ?!?!?
Johnathon Hace 5 meses
He looks way to friendly to play drago’s son
Vazcular Hace 8 meses
Sage Northcut, people. The young MMA fighter, not Sage Stallone.
David Jackson Sr.
David Jackson Sr. Hace 8 meses
Sage passed yrs ago
Jalal Hace 8 meses
he probably cant act for shit
Nate Mothafucka
Nate Mothafucka Hace 8 meses
Sorry shouldve typed his last name. Yeah northcutt
Leeana Diaz
Leeana Diaz Hace 9 meses
So this is true?? I thought it was one of those fan made films....
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