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SEULGI's 1st Mini Album "28 Reasons" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: SEULGI.lnk.to/28Reasons

01 28 Reasons
02 Dead Man Runnin’
03 Bad Boy, Sad Girl (Feat. BE’O)
04 Anywhere But Home
05 Los Angeles
06 Crown

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SEULGI 슬기 '28 Reasons' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


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3 oct 2022






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Althea Hace un mes
This is such a masterpiece, I got chills, it's that breathtaking. Seulgi never fails to surprise us!!
Alexandr Ilchenko
Alexandr Ilchenko Hace 5 días
felícitas c.
felícitas c. Hace 15 días
She is amazing! Super talented and she deserves more recognition… glad her fans are able to appreciate such talent
Gg Love
Gg Love Hace 23 días
rey Hace 29 días
It is actually a ✨Masterpiece✨
MaxReczOnYT Random Games & More
I'm never surprised since she always surprises me
trias Hace 13 días
Im so proud of you Kang Seulgi
UKIYOYUME Production
UKIYOYUME Production Hace 13 días
Seulgi voice is so strooong
Lunna Hace 10 días
Eu simplesmente amei essa música, como essa mulher pode ser tão linda, Seulgi, você é tão talentosa! 💗
Seulgi Don't play the game🔪
Seulgi literally has her own genre
Orange Hace 4 horas
@MS nice
MS Hace un día
@Orange no I was saying they both made made there own genre of music
Orange Hace un día
@MS I think billies music genre is bop pop or chime bop or whatever name fits idk sorta like Olivia Rodrigo except Olivia Rodrigo has more rock in it
MS Hace un día
Just like Billie Ellish
ittosnumberonefan Hace 5 días
Kazuhas Hace 28 días
Some videos dont need billions of views to be called a masterpiece
sarah Hace 7 horas
@JRVN0 ZER0 saying that wont change the fact their the biggest gg
Lilac Clover
Lilac Clover Hace un día
@🖤𝓐𝓪𝓼𝓱𝓲💗 yeah I rember when they were fighting over the bill Lol 😂
@JRVN0 ZER0 if you're praising red velvet then okay I am with you as I am a reveluv but why are u dragging another group which haven't done anything wrong to RV. And also don't forget that Irene and Jennie are besties
Junnie Lee-Rasco
Junnie Lee-Rasco Hace 3 días
hihi Hace 4 días
@JRVN0 ZER0 agree
유잼찾기 Hace 7 días
진짜 간만에 듣는 색다른 곡인데 안무도 완벽하고.. 진심 1억 찍어야할 곡.. 이 노래를 한 달 지나서 알게되다니
MyBear Seulgi
MyBear Seulgi Hace 15 días
i love you seulgi
ItsMeAna Singh
ItsMeAna Singh Hace 12 días
I'm not exactly a Rv listener but she took my breathe away.. Her voice is incredible
Jwngma Basumatary
Jwngma Basumatary Hace 8 días
I love u seulgi 😘😘
vie Hace un mes
i don’t care what y’all say THIS is the best solo debut in any kpop girl groups
Lilac Clover
Lilac Clover Hace un día
Choerry and Jinsoul and Rose had the best solos argue with the wall
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Hace 2 días
@vie laalisaaaaAa🤣 Lali lali saAAaa like pika pika chuuuUU
Anam Ahmed
Anam Ahmed Hace 3 días
@vie and still outsold whole red velvet with her just ONE solo😘😘😘
tyun stan 💞
tyun stan 💞 Hace 4 días
@vie i mean yeah sure 28 reasons is WAYYYYY better than Lalisa but I don’t think hating on the girl is gonna make things any better?
Andrés Once
Andrés Once Hace 5 días
Nayeon best solo debut
owo Hace 13 días
I'm obsessed with this song, I love you seulgi
Jichu_blink Hace 3 días
same, she is perfect
UKJATIBE Hace 13 días
Perfect Performance
d. Hace 7 días
i'm a red velvet casual listener, but this just single-handedly make her my bias- i love this concept so much!
Whimsical🌨 Hace 13 días
Amazing debut!
Scapy Hace un mes
The fact that she took part in the majority of this album really speaks of her talent as an artist not just an idol
Whimsical🌨 Hace 12 días
@liliana Oh ok
liliana Hace 12 días
@Whimsical🌨 she wrote 2 out of 6 songs. its not the majority but it would be different if it was 2 out of 8, 10, 12,etc. she also formed the concept and took part in most parts of the creation of the album
Whimsical🌨 Hace 12 días
@Confused Oh okkk, ik she likes horror movies so I see the inspiration and her influence on the image/visual side but she definitely didn’t do a lot for the actual musical side of the album.
Vicki Bee
Vicki Bee Hace 12 días
@Whimsical🌨 but it's a lot though.
Confused Hace 12 días
@Whimsical🌨 she formed the concept of the album... An album doesn't equal lyrics
Emerald Hace 11 días
‘28 Reasons’ has surpassed 17 MILLION streams in 44 days, becoming the fastest RV member song to surpass the milestone on Spotify!
MY CARAT's insomnia  in NCT
Reveluvs should definitely stream this more...this is one of the best if not the best solo debut ever
Clovdy.Skiies Hace 13 días
No matter how many times i listen to this i still get chills, like the vocals om it's crazy
Emerald Hace 13 días
‘Los Angeles’ becomes the 5th track from ‘28 Reasons’ EP to surpass 2 MILLION streams on Spotify!
glenda santos
glenda santos Hace 9 días
Beauriful song
Manchester United
Manchester United Hace 15 días
- 28 Reasons - Dead Man Runnin’ - Bad Boy, Sad Girl (Feat. BE’O) - Anywhere But Home - Los Angeles - Crown PERFECT SONG for PERFECT GIRL
Angel Lisova
Angel Lisova Hace 13 días
Love this song so much
Len Santos
Len Santos Hace 14 días
I love you Seulgi 😊😘
boohoo Hace 28 días
honestly so proud of 28 reasons being her solo debut song, she has so much talent and never fails to surprise us
L Hace 28 días
Her solo is PERFECT!
sseulayingsince1994 Hace 8 días
Little by little, as we put effort in str3aming, we'll be able to reach our everyday goal. Fighting everyone! Lezzgo 18.9M!
Emerald Hace 7 días
🏆 ‘28 Reasons’ has now surpassed 18 MILLION streams on Spotify! - It’s the fastest song by a Red Velvet member to do so, achieving it in 48 days.
A Hace 7 días
Still amazes me to this day that there is such idol like Seulgi. The amount of talent she has… 🤯
SUPAW Hace 13 días
my RV bias from day 1
golden hualian
golden hualian Hace un mes
OMG!!!!! Way more better than what I was expecting!!!!! Seulgi is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAA
K D Hace un mes
Agreed 🫶🏾🫰🏾👏🏾👏🏾
crooker Hace 7 días
Bop of the year..this would be very hard to surpass
Manchester United
Manchester United Hace 13 días
Seulgi is nominated in MAMA 2022
shy bae 25
shy bae 25 Hace 8 días
Seulgi raised the standard
𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓼𝓽
Never saw an aesthetically,visually,vocally,rhythmically,choreographically, artstically,lyrically,instrumentally,fashionably pleasing music before. It is what we call real music. Seulgi is the genre. Shoutout to all other talented people who helped to create this masterpiece. They gave us the best possible version
Len Santos
Len Santos Hace 14 días
Seulgi your so lovely 😘
Mickey Hace un día
She said she wanted to make something that was artistic for her fan’s, not something trendy, but in following her heart she did both an showed the whole wide world, just how amazing she truly is… is is pure perfection and a bop of a masterpiece of music and how video’s should be done from here on out. 🥰🥰🥰
sseulayingsince1994 Hace 7 días
Did you guys see SEULGI's teaser photos? She's so fire
👑SeulCity👑 Hace 14 días
This album is perfection!!
Emma Hace un mes
WOW!! I feel like this is a whole new side of Seulgi that we haven't seen before, and I'm absolutely living for it! Her artistry and charisma was just overflowing in this. What an amazing artist.
Han Panhaboth
Han Panhaboth Hace un mes
Emma Hace un mes
@miptach udin of course I know monster!! I just feel like this is still a completely new side of her, even though 28 reasons and monster have similar vibes. She’s just absolutely shining
miptach udin
miptach udin Hace un mes
You don't know existence of monster ?? it's in same lane with monster tbh
Fräulein Hase
Fräulein Hase Hace un mes
I feel like it is the same "dark side" from her debut with Irene in Monster - and I am totally here for it😍♥️
BB Hace un mes
جميلة رائعة مذهلة
ashie b
ashie b Hace 15 días
Seulgi always leaves me speechless a true artist, she is so entrancing
MD Hace 8 días
Let's reach 19M!
Manisha Singh
Manisha Singh Hace 6 días
Not even a fan but love it so now I became her fan
★彡All rounder K-pop彡★
I'm not a fan of red velvet but I like this girl's face She looks so strong and she could play a strong female leaf in an action movie or drama
browsthon Hace un mes
I LOVE this mv and song the album is a master piece! FIGHTING SEULGI!!
idxxia Hace un mes
@pepe peps Shut up
Langit Biru
Langit Biru Hace un mes
RRC PROJECTS Hace un mes
Behind the scene esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Pz8RDCkN7Q8.html
Zehra🇲🇦 Fasya Tazyà
Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mhboba tv
boomboompow Hace 14 días
can’t wait for her next release actually she’s so talented it’s crazy
LISARANG Hace 5 días
Seulgi's vocals is very difficult to understand she is the main vocalist when she sing it's like she singing in deep vocals but it is actually her high notes
j Hace 12 días
Seulgi 🐻
Seulgi 🐻 Hace 13 días
almost there to 19M!!!!
Bisma Haris
Bisma Haris Hace 22 días
I'm not a Reveluv but??? This is low-key such a bop?? Like I feel like only very talented people could pull off such a concept and song so well... Wow. I think I'm falling in the Red Velvet hole aniyaaaaaaaa............................
Ashley Hace un día
Stan Seulgi!!!!
Bisma Haris
Bisma Haris Hace un día
@mrs lippington i said low key because I'm not a Reveluv and have other ult groups and this stood out among those, but of course, yes.
Samantha Kim Manoban
Straight factz
Dušan Hace 9 días
Remarkable Soul
Remarkable Soul Hace 10 días
Same i like it
Anne J
Anne J Hace 6 días
여자 태민, 혹은 태민 노래 속에 나오는 치명적인 여자 주인공이 있다면 이런 느낌 아닐까 싶을 정도... 너무 좋아요 진짜
Das_ist_mein_Name Hace 7 días
If I'm going to be an idol I want to have this debut song
Len Santos
Len Santos Hace 12 días
I will support Seulgi always 😊
Clarissa Moniaga
Clarissa Moniaga Hace 13 días
I am back for you Seulgi~
lomon Hace un mes
28 Reasons is such a masterpiece, I never heard a kpop song like this, it's rare, this song deserve better
Hazel George
Hazel George Hace un mes
Doesn't this give kinda Boa vibes?
blie Hace un mes
@Z not really, HYO’s song is obviously EDM/DANCE music but this is more slow..?, r&b
OSA Mashups
OSA Mashups Hace un mes
@lomon yup love them two
lomon Hace un mes
@Z yeah me three with you, but 28 reasons still different even if you tell it's like other songs
Z Hace un mes
Listen to HYO, This sounds like her song, so its not super unique lol.
Siti nur Hidayah
Siti nur Hidayah Hace 12 días
I really like Seulgi's song Suka banget sama lagunya 슬기 노래 진짜 좋아 スルギの歌がとても好きです Песни Сыльги очень качественные
sleepybear. .💤
sleepybear. .💤 Hace 12 días
There is 28 Reasons why this is called a masterpiece
er_san Hace 14 días
Without the intention to bring others down I have to praise Seulgi for her artistic approach regarding her solo. This is more than an overly produced epic music video. You can feel her DNA all over this which sets her apart from other artists.
Mina mina
Mina mina Hace 13 días
waw ♥♥♥😭 gret Vocal and dance ♥ princes
Bok Chen
Bok Chen Hace un mes
It hits different when an artist is hands-on on her own album, it surely gives a masterpiece. Congrats on debuting uri Seulgi!!
lalapink Hace un mes
You can definitely tell
luna Hace 14 días
his solo was perfect! her voice, her dance, everything was so beautiful. I'm sorry it didn't get the credit it deserved...
ꋬꏂꇙꉣꋬ 𝄞
deveríamos colocar isso em 28 milhões
MD Hace 13 días
Let's gooo
MD Hace 13 días
500k more to reach 19M!
valeria Hace un mes
I absolutely love the song, the choreography, the MV, the vibe! Got chills from the very beginning and till the end, I mean every second of the MV is pure masterpiece!! Seulgi congratulations and thank you! ❤️🫀
앗녕하세요 Hace un mes
pepe peps
pepe peps Hace un mes
Here is the final video esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
Amazing Rofa
Amazing Rofa Hace un mes
Finally it's here the clip you all wanted. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-8r3QOKRka8Y.html ,.
Coffee and Book Meal Delivery Review
I love this song I've listening to every second of the day man she did a great job writing the lyric too few this song is fire 🔥 get queen 👸
Fe Hace 7 días
Ace Kang Seulgi, you gave us the best solo debut of 2022. Thank you. 💛
aya_ Hace 7 días
Watching the mv while reading the lyrics get me goosebumps
Itzy ‘s cherry 🍒[ moa time ]
After she released this I got more reason to Stan her
loro lisa
loro lisa Hace un mes
I'm speechless oh lord this is something else that I've never seen this evilness & dope in SM entertainment , this fit's her like a glove!! Seulgi you are amazing
loro lisa
loro lisa Hace un mes
@Topsu9 yess
WTF IS THIS 😫 Hace un mes
Here is the final video esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
Topsu9 Hace un mes
its true lord archenemy in Sm entertainment. seulgi are badass
YOU Hace un mes
Finally its here esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-xqbEsQ31HkM.html
Manchester United
Manchester United Hace 10 días
I really want Seulgi winning for MAMA award
Seulgi 🐻
Seulgi 🐻 Hace 13 días
alright will definitely listen to this before going to sleep!
glenda santos
glenda santos Hace 12 días
Love and support for Seulgi ...
carol mercy
carol mercy Hace 9 días
This song deserves 100m views
sims2lovealot Hace un mes
Now THIS is how you do a solo debut! This is an absolute masterpiece and you can see how much of Seulgi's personality and talent is expressed in every little thing. Congratulations on your very well deserved debut Kang Seulgi!!
pepe peps
pepe peps Hace un mes
Here is the final video esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-f_TJ9KMAGQg.html
Sag Ast
Sag Ast Hace 13 días
❤SEULGI '28 Reasons'
Kang Seulgi's Girl
Kang Seulgi's Girl Hace un día
Guys tomorrow is finally our girls comeback!let's watch this masterpiece while waiting
Noala Hace 4 días
I can't get over how perfect this solo debut is! she exceeded all of my expectations - the album is such a masterpiece, the visuals, the theme, the message, her dance and vocals!!! everything is perfect💛 I know that she just debuted, but i can't wait for her first comeback!! i just know she's gonna be big in time like Taemin or even Taeyeon! maybe even 3rd generation Boa!
La rouge
La rouge Hace 3 días
meowwww 😼
Wishful 秘祝 Lullabies
I know red velvet’s song can be eerie and chill.. but i love this so much.. i think i love her
ひなの Hace un mes
I've been waiting for this time!! Seulgi, congratulations on your solo debut. I'm so happy🐻💛
Chayma Mejri
Chayma Mejri Hace un mes
nice to meet you
Langit Biru
Langit Biru Hace un mes
Robin Skull
Robin Skull Hace un mes
فان 2017
فان 2017 Hace un mes
ace Yang??
ace Yang?? Hace 8 días
MD Hace 8 días
I have more than 28 reasons to love Seulgi
shy bae 25
shy bae 25 Hace 11 días
Seulgi being better & better there's no backwards...She keeps growing her talent... IT DOESN'T MATTER IF PEOPLE SLEEP ON HER TALENT WE SEULMATE ARE HERE
gracieecs Hace 4 días
Maturing is realizing this isn’t just a song. This is art created by seulgi, the emotions, the lyrics, the references, the meanings. Everything is perfect, but that’s just an understatement.
YiMing Hace un mes
What a mind blowing debut solo!! SEULGI simply so talented!
DETECTIVE K Hace un mes
Shin Hyo
Shin Hyo Hace 14 días
i will always back to you seulgi
sseulayingsince1994 Hace 10 días
Midzy 🜲
Midzy 🜲 Hace 12 días
One of my top songs I listen to ❤❤
Emerald Hace 15 días
‘28 Reasons’ (title track) has surpassed 16 MILLION streams in 40 days, becoming the fastest RV member title track to do so on Spotify!
TC Candler
TC Candler Hace un mes
Quite simply... Seulgi is my favorite and the most interesting artist in music today. I love this!
Langit Biru
Langit Biru Hace un mes
Savegomtokki Hace un mes
vitha sitaraga
vitha sitaraga Hace un mes
Yash... Me too
Miles Cy-ty
Miles Cy-ty Hace un mes
@Karen Dzikra you care😂
muji arifah
muji arifah Hace un mes
Lee_chae #soyeonbestfrapper
mükemmel ya
Gretell P.
Gretell P. Hace 11 horas
Ya paso un mes desde el estreno de la canción, pero sigo demasiada obsesionada debido al ritmo, vídeo y voz de Seulgi. Una obra de arte. (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠)⁠❤
WOW İARKI GERÇEKTEN MÜKEMMEL HERGÜN DİNLİYORUM!❤kırmızı kadife gerçekten harika!!seni seviyoruz seulgi!❤️
anne 🖤🤍
anne 🖤🤍 Hace 6 días
honestly took me some time for the song to grow on me, but damn when I first saw the visuals and the whole concept of the music video I was already kind of obsessed with the vibes this song was giving and after a couple listens I am now obsessed and couldn’t adore this song more. I love when seulgi does dark concepts, it’s just fits her so perfectly 🖤
clownzen Hace un mes
Congratulations for your solo debut our Seulgi!! This is a masterpiece
lafasi43 Hace un mes
Chayma Mejri
Chayma Mejri Hace un mes
nice to meet you
Chanel Games
Chanel Games Hace un mes
@AK I know they do nothing
AK Hace un mes
@jyoonana Funny that some people still believe this nonsense with the emojis. Where’s the proof??
Langit Biru
Langit Biru Hace un mes
ksg Hace 9 días
ksg Hace 8 días
@sseulayingsince1994 yes!
tya Hace 8 días
@sseulayingsince1994 ohh, alr thanks !!
sseulayingsince1994 Hace 8 días
@tya best female solo? artist
tya Hace 8 días
what is bsf?
x15 Hace 4 días
How does this masterpiece only have 19M views this is such a bop???!?
JK Jeon
JK Jeon Hace 10 días
the ENTIRE album is amazing my favorite is dead man runnin'
Emerald Hace 9 días
'28 Reasons' EP (6 songs) has surpassed a total of 30 MILLION streams on Spotify!
Seulgi's 덴
Seulgi's 덴 Hace un mes
7 years as a trainee and 8 years in the industry a total of 15 years, Kang Seulgi finally showed her hard work and charisma in this masterpiece!! You're worth the wait my love. I'm so proud of you and I'm glad to witness your excellence Kang ACE Seulgi 💛🐻💛🐻
Zelda ZHZ
Zelda ZHZ Hace un mes
Meme Meme
Meme Meme Hace 8 días
Imagine guys!! Imagine this after 4 years or so 🥺 it would be such an iconic peice that we’ll remember the times we first watched the vid ❤️❤️❤️
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