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Channeling his Sex Therapist mother, inexperienced teen Otis decides to set up a Sex Therapy clinic at school for the hopeless students of Moordale High. Get ready for love, laughs, lube, and the best time of their lives. Coming January 11, only on Netflix.
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Sex Education | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


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2 ene 2019

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Ella Fernandez
Ella Fernandez Hace 26 minutos
I've finished watching this for only 1 day.
Mαlєc Hace 31 un minuto
Its my favorite serie
Professor Hace un hora
Very nice series
Mohamed Knani
Mohamed Knani Hace un hora
it's very cool series! i like it
HumanHybrid Hace un hora
ccpwrlft Hace 2 horas
Looks shit
Oh My God
Oh My God Hace 2 horas
Y’all gunna make a season 2???
Morimoto Hace 2 horas
Here is my honest opinion. It was actually okay. It's not that good, it's not bad either. People are afraid of being in between. Lets be honest, it wasn't that amazing of a show, there are times that I got bored and play with my phones cause it was so cliche and convenient. But then it caught my attention and I was interested, then it bored and on and on... But tbh Maeve was a boring character typical emo girl that I would punch over and over again cause how I think her life is so lame.
Rebecca WK
Rebecca WK Hace 2 horas
I wanna watch this...but i dont want me mam to seeee😆😫
:D Hace 3 horas
Sex education is so good.
Johnny Wesley
Johnny Wesley Hace 3 horas
Brainwashing little children into a pathetic agenda is showing the dumbing of society. If you watched the show, NO ONE WAS HAPPY in this show! One was getting an abortion, one was unhappy with his son being a trannie, one was a divorced mum screwing every guy while her son could hear her getting pounded while he suffers from PTSD from it, and the black jock is unhappy with his lesbian parents. Everyone was unhappy in this fucking show! But yet, you call this progress? No wonder today’s generation is unhappy, broke, depressed, and not having children because they are spread with this propaganda filth.
Alexander Manko
Alexander Manko Hace 4 horas
Bts is the cause of my euphoria
I binged the show and WOW ✨
Brycen Parker
Brycen Parker Hace 5 horas
When you realize that Otis played Bruno in the boy in the striped pajamas
Sally말게 Hace 6 horas
Wark Hace 7 horas
The last episode thooo 🙁 otis and maeve💔 eric and adam 💔
Gulam Rusul
Gulam Rusul Hace 7 horas
Just watched Sex Education... ..it's a really amazing series...waiting for season 2. . From India...
Wark Hace 7 horas
Adam and eric thooooo ❤❤
Wark Hace 7 horas
Season 2 plsssssss hahahaha
Annah Niram
Annah Niram Hace 7 horas
Sriram Hace 7 horas
Waiting for season 2....
chris notyou
chris notyou Hace 7 horas
Also...If "High School" is unironically the best time of your life...You have utterly failed at life.
chris notyou
chris notyou Hace 7 horas
So....Let me get this straight. Based on the synopsis provided by the show itself. Its about a boy, who has no training in psychology who sets up a "clinic" in High school...HIGH SCHOOL (AGES 15-18) and gives advice to other inexperienced teens on sex...And there is laughter and lube.. I mean No one sees an Issue with this? Kids teaching kids about something they have no experience in? This is "good" Why consume anything that does not better you? Ask yourself this question. "When I die" (and you will) What will be the things you will wish you had done more of or less of? Will you honestly wish that you had more gay sex? Or watched more porn? Will you have a loving family by your side as you pass? Or will it be no one because you had no family? FFS people WAKE THE FUCK UP. There is literally a war going on for your mind.
bushcraft junky
bushcraft junky Hace 7 horas
Who watches this shit
Absar tariq
Absar tariq Hace 8 horas
Homosexuality is a disease
Caroline Lynch
Caroline Lynch Hace 8 horas
I shan't be watching it. Looks crap. James with some stupid whore yet again. Face it. James is never going to be paired with a nice girl. Always has to be a dirty whore.
Eunice Wamaitha
Eunice Wamaitha Hace 8 horas
first time I saw this virgin was in Merlin. he was a sourcerer tinny little boy with blue eyes.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Hace 8 horas
I fucking hate the modern world so god damn much.
Malachite Storm
Malachite Storm Hace 8 horas
More trash for trash. The propaganda machine is infinite.
tdthor420 Hace 8 horas
White guy doesn't get his crush and she fucks the black guy. This false insecurity is pushed upon us gorgeous white men by Jews in so many fucking movies just watch for yourself
chris notyou
chris notyou Hace 8 horas
Netfix...Not even once. If you are white straight and male....The (((Owners))) of netfix want you to know you are shit. Stop watching television (((Programming)))
Tami Ann
Tami Ann Hace 9 horas
What happened to encouraging kids to wait until they are married before having sex.
Andy Noselberg
Andy Noselberg Hace 9 horas
Ding Ding
Ding Ding Hace 9 horas
My girlfriends black boyfriend loves this show
paamaxows Hace 9 horas
I love how netflix is excluding black -girls- QUEENS
Jeff O
Jeff O Hace 9 horas
I think this show rubbish Like to change my mind
Ding Ding
Ding Ding Hace 9 horas
Why is everything white girl black guy nowadays? what about the rest of the non-white/black people??
mario rossi
mario rossi Hace 9 horas
hey netflix BLACKEDRAW called they want their screenplay back
Carl the Cuck
Carl the Cuck Hace 9 horas
Your disgusting race mixing agenda is being called out more and more each day. The amount of white women who are attracted to black men is almost non existent. No amount of propaganda will change that netflix. Stop blocking comments.
Cale Cox
Cale Cox Hace 9 horas
you fucking jews just can't stop can you
charlie walsh
charlie walsh Hace 9 horas
loved it!
Anonymous Hace 9 horas
The Jew will use every possible means to undermine the racial foundations of a subjugated people. Just as he himself systematically ruins women and girls, he does not shrink back from pulling down the blood barriers for others, even on a large scale. It was and it is Jews who bring the Negroes into the Rhineland, always with the same secret thought and clear aim of ruining the hated white race by the necessarily resulting bastardization, throwing it down from its cultural and political height, and himself rising to be its master. In this world he will forever be master over bastards and bastards alone. As long as a race remains racially pure, and are conscious of the treasure of their blood, they can never be overcome by the Jew. The Star of David steadily ascends as the will to National and Racial preservation declines.
ShapeshifterAT Hace 9 horas
Based and Führerpilled
Jaylene Bravo
Jaylene Bravo Hace 10 horas
b- bruno ?
Social-Nationalist Hace 10 horas
Did you know that most Jews had typhus in camps during WW2? Let that sink in.
Gary Baker
Gary Baker Hace 10 horas
This is such anti white fucking degeneracy the producers of these shows should be locked in a cage and tortured.
SWA;;@@/.12 Hace 10 horas
This is some degenerate fucking shit, fuck modern society, goddamn.
Александр J
Александр J Hace 10 horas
Both guys seem gay
Cjx0r Hace 10 horas
G-g-ge-g get gassed
Minh Nguyễn
Minh Nguyễn Hace 10 horas
I really like Ola, hope Otis end up with her
Claude Sigma
Claude Sigma Hace 10 horas
More interracial propaganda. Exactly what Netflix lacked.
Oh My God
Oh My God Hace 2 horas
I havent taken a shower for 10 weeks but This is my why shows like this exist. To show arrogant people like you that not everyone is the same rascist trash.
I havent taken a shower for 10 weeks but
Oh My God no black people have far lower iqs than white people so if you mix the two the child will have a far lower iq than a white child which makes them easier to be controlled by a one world govenment
Oh My God
Oh My God Hace 2 horas
People can like who they like okay? Even If it’s black and white, and etc!
I havent taken a shower for 10 weeks but
Erinda Lika interracial relationships are disgusting
SwankBanker Hace 10 horas
Netflix is racist. Apparently only white girls get all the men? I guess no other women are good enough to date guys? FUCKING RACISTS. STOP THIS RACIST SHIT.
White Socialist
White Socialist Hace 10 horas
chris notyou
chris notyou Hace 8 horas
HA! "Enjoy binge watching Netmixer during this Hanankha season Goy!"
SAGE NOKO Hace 10 horas
No one wants to be with non-white women: the show.
SwankBanker Hace 10 horas
I know, I can't believe how fucking racist this show is! Only white girls get all the men? WTF! Racist ass netflix!
sivazh Hace 10 horas
This looks crap. Stick to Ghetto Gaggers for a more accurate depiction of how interracial relationships should be.
Casey Jones
Casey Jones Hace 10 horas
Idiots actually watch this degenerate shit.
Durukan Acar
Durukan Acar Hace 11 horas
Very very good
Potato Chip
Potato Chip Hace 11 horas
what is the name of that song?
End ZOG End israeL
End ZOG End israeL Hace 11 horas
Sexualize everything while Israel sucks you dry and the Chinese take over. Dumb.
Badgoyim Hace 11 horas
You fucking people are diseases. You idolize low iq shit skins. The world is fucking ending. Who’s side will you be on when full on class/race warefar breaks out? If it isn’t of people of like kin you will be slaughtered
Joseph Ducreaux
Joseph Ducreaux Hace 11 horas
More anti-white propaganda from Jewish owned Netflix. Narrative: White guy is useless and has a crush on a white girl. The white girl rather fucks a black guy and the other white girl fucks a half black guy. Wake up, people!
Glassyboi Hassan
Glassyboi Hassan Hace 11 horas
I'm uncomfortable
Alisha Holder
Alisha Holder Hace 12 horas
Hoping they make another season. This shit was funny.
zZZSPARKZZz Hace 12 horas
This actually very clever and amazing, can relate to it so much. And anyone binge watch the whole season in one night. Way too short. Such an amazing show quality!
Mame Hace 12 horas
Asa 😍😍😍😍😍
giraffe neck
giraffe neck Hace 12 horas
Wes Anderson meets Big Mouth.
Ariapins Hace 13 horas
I always want to see him on netflix and now there he is oh im so glad my asa❤❤
Jairus Escobar
Jairus Escobar Hace 13 horas
Regina Dela Paz
Regina Dela Paz Hace 13 horas
Finished the 1st season...and I want more of ASA.
mell erguvan
mell erguvan Hace 14 horas
Even tho i hate sexualized shows, i actually really liked that one give it a chance its so funny!
Akward Teenager
Akward Teenager Hace 15 horas
Butterfly Girl
Butterfly Girl Hace 15 horas
I finished the whole season in about eight hours and then I cried because I had nothing to watch after
Dhaivat Patel
Dhaivat Patel Hace 15 horas
Watch sex chat with pappu and papa
Georgie Hace 16 horas
ZONTER Hace 19 horas
The besttt😍❤️
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos Hace 19 horas
série muito boa!acabei de terminar agora,ansioso para a 2a temporada
HotCoals Hace 19 horas
Who runs Betflix.. Messiah Obama ?
xGoldenSniper17x Hace 20 horas
Ok I'm pissed off, I literally got no closure from the last episode of this show......
BO4さいこう Hace 21 un hora
bianca katalbas
bianca katalbas Hace 21 un hora
i actually dont like maeve and otis together
charlie walsh
charlie walsh Hace 9 horas
me neither! her and jackson made such a cute couple
The Internet Explorer
The Internet Explorer Hace 21 un hora
This show is amazing.
Glenn Hutchison
Glenn Hutchison Hace 22 horas
What is that song??
Zoro p
Zoro p Hace 22 horas
The first scene of this show is the cringiest shit you'll ever see
mijaro Hace 23 horas
Nessa Hace un día
Why are people hating on this? honestly we need to stop casting sex as a negative thing.
harro_lawrie Hace un día
Season 2 now plz
Luis Asmr
Luis Asmr Hace un día
Is the best fucking serie for my in this moment, I need a season two right now, letsss goo netflix, roading season two pleaseee🥺🤣
RJK Music
RJK Music Hace un día
Just finished the series... Wtf am I meant to do with my life now
Johnny Wesley
Johnny Wesley Hace un día
This show is nothing but Black on White propaganda. Every major relationship in this show is about a white person getting with a black person. They tried to fit all diversity points as they could: trans, lesbian couple with a child (also interracial), immigrants, and white bad boy becoming gay. Even the damn plumber in this show had an interracial marriage and popped a biracial daughter! I kid you not - this show has an agenda for black on white shit.
Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez Hace un día
maeve is like if eva green had a baby with margot robbie
Wimbledorf Hace un día
Maeve's voice reminds me of Emma Watson, maybe that's why I cant help but be attracted to her hahah fantastic show! Powered through in 1 day
Liam Matthews
Liam Matthews Hace un día
Looks like an SJW'S wet dream
Dayaneira _
Dayaneira _ Hace un día
Is This Show Worth Watching?
Sabin Hace 21 un hora
Yes! its very funny and also serious at the same time and akward XD
Global Movies
Global Movies Hace un día
Who wants Maeve and Otis will be couple ♥️ in *Sex Education Season 2* Luckily If i get a chance to write *Sex Education S02* I will make them Couple 😍 #miracleneverhappenedwithme 🙁
johns wand
johns wand Hace un día
I kinda have a crush on meave
Jane Barraza
Jane Barraza Hace un día
I need the season 2!!!! pleasee!!
Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes Hace un día
Such a great show!!!!! Love the topics they cover. Only down side is waiting for season 2.
Captain Average
Captain Average Hace un día
Raunchy but heartfelt. Also, Asa Butterfield is wonderful. That's all you need to know about this show tbh. It's worth a watch.
lehoang_tung12 Hace un día
Season 2? please, netflix
Charles H.E Elliott V
This show has left me with am ambiguous outlook on sexual relations with friends with benefits
GucciKage Hace un día
TOM OKINAWA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂♥️
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