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Channeling his Sex Therapist mother, inexperienced teen Otis decides to set up a Sex Therapy clinic at school for the hopeless students of Moordale High. Get ready for love, laughs, lube, and the best time of their lives.
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Sex Education | Official Trailer | Netflix
Insecure Otis has all the answers when it comes to sex advice, thanks to his therapist mom. So rebel Maeve proposes a school sex-therapy clinic.


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2 ene 2019

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Is there coming a Season 2? LOVE IT!
Lerin Sebastian
Lerin Sebastian Hace 21 un hora
I'm fuckin' waiting for the next season !
Hermar Ewen Calang
Hermar Ewen Calang Hace 2 días
We want season 2!
Authentic Gay Blog
Authentic Gay Blog Hace 2 días
Watch this show it really is awesome on so many levels!
FULL HD Hace 2 días
Like if still virgin
Dana Scully
Dana Scully Hace 3 días
This series so fucking good!
Aditya Kamble
Aditya Kamble Hace 3 días
Waiting season 2
Kevin David
Kevin David Hace 4 días
Voir NetFlix v1.800 gratuitment sur : *VotreFlix* *.* *f* *r*
Manish Verma
Manish Verma Hace 5 días
Bc hindi me bhi banao
Deterjan Born
Deterjan Born Hace 6 días
Değer mi izlemeye
Carine Rahantanirina
Maeve and Otis, love them
Gaitonde Hace 6 días
I want the video of headteacher dancing.
Flamez Hace 6 días
0:59 I died 😂😂😂😂
Çılgın Oyuncu_HD
Çılgın Oyuncu_HD Hace 7 días
Pls 2 .sezon 16 bolum Yapin
Ozan Arayiz
Ozan Arayiz Hace 7 días
An another job opener shit show for negroits from Netflix. I don't know when but there will be revolt and blood against Jewish supremacists, gay mafia, liberal leftists and cuckservatives along with their black hordes, Islamist colonialists. They have an alliance but they hates each other in this alliance.
Alfred Christanto
Alfred Christanto Hace 8 días
the song doesn't fit.
bloo jkl45
bloo jkl45 Hace 8 días
Hold on- wasn't this on ESvid like years ago? I could swear I watched a TV show like this on ESvid...
Will Hulme
Will Hulme Hace 8 días
Am I the only one who thinks the blonde girl with highlights looks like Lele Pons?
Son Goku
Son Goku Hace 8 días
Virgins. We all are.
Razor Hace 8 días
(((sex education)))
Name Hace 8 días
Good series 100% watch it
Name Hace 6 días
DRAGON EMPERROR pubg lite Netflix
Name where to watch
Light Hace 9 días
Gave such good vibes!
QRS_60 o
QRS_60 o Hace 9 días
فيه جزء ثاني ولا لا؟
Yucuklu Sumurta
Yucuklu Sumurta Hace 9 días
1:46 coach ?
acx kckp
acx kckp Hace 10 días
내baneᅢᄀ Hace 10 días
Pretentious Arrogance
Pretentious Arrogance Hace 11 días
can you please stop showing an ad for this
Doggos for President
Doggos for President Hace 11 días
Ummm my name is Maeve..............
norah Kalunda
norah Kalunda Hace 12 días
I'm I the only one who finds Otis handsome??
godjk _
godjk _ Hace 9 días
No I find him cute af
Honey mae Pogoy
Honey mae Pogoy Hace 12 días
My favorit is space between us
Double Depresso
Double Depresso Hace 12 días
how df did they get bruno? didnt he die in the gas chamber?
ifyouwantbochin Hace 13 días
0:48 Discount Margot Robbie
Call me Kanda
Call me Kanda Hace 13 días
Laerth Oliveira
Laerth Oliveira Hace 13 días
Queria quer NETFLIX
ganeshan ganeshang993
ganeshan ganeshang993 Hace 13 días
please this movie tamil language dupped
A J Hace 14 días
No wonder we dont have Netflix when it has this shit on it!!!! They cancelled Gypsy which was really good and they have a cheek to put this garbage on?? anybody who watches this really needs to get a life!
9I9JA Hace 14 días
Where is this school?
Sophia Nguyen
Sophia Nguyen Hace 14 días
Amazing show with alot of heart!! Eveeryone should watch it
Doc Lex
Doc Lex Hace 14 días
finally we left the Dark Ages!!!
Gaming For A Day
Gaming For A Day Hace 14 días
I'm confused, this is British or American show?
Bunny Lawler
Bunny Lawler Hace 13 días
Gaming For A Day britishhhhh
X AMO X Hace 15 días
We need season 2 plz !
Pyro Hace 16 días
He’s Out of his striped pyjamas nice
TP4554 Hace 17 días
It actually starts out surprisingly good. I enjoyed the humor, the acting is solid, liked the characters (at first). Like the British accents (don't understand why this show is trying so hard to be American though but it doesn't bother me that much). ***Foggy generalized spoilers that kinda still reveal stuff ahead*** A couple of episodes in though it just starts force-feeding you the cringiest SJW crap imaginable. It's like an amalgamation of feminist tumblr profiles. Gay dudes, black of course. Lesbian students. Lesbian parents. The flat chested girl with short hair that kind of looks like a boy but is sooo smart and likeable. Gay bullies. Clumsy dudes that are bullies, then suddenly become gay (but still clumsy) bullies. Strong, smart women that realize the men in their life can't get their shit together so they need to move on to bigger and better things on their own. An insecure gay dude, misunderstood by his father, that becomes strong and suddenly his father understands that he needs to accept him the way he is. LGBTQI everywhere and of course boys being hilariously clumsy all the time. Even the abortion and "no means no" crap absolutely needed to be tackled by this show. They had a good thing going. The clinic was a fresh idea, lots of good setups at first. But the in your face SJW stuff totally ruins the mood. Don't mind these things if they have a place in the story but in this show it was like they had a list of every damn SJW mantra out there that just absolutely, forcably needed to be in there. Since apparently entertainment without PC-culture stuff in it will die out from 2019 onwards... at least tone it down a bit? Because otherwise the show is actually really enjoyable. Would like a season 2.
TP4554 Hace 15 días
@Damon242 You are right, they are always about things like that, it's just that back in the day it used to be subtler. Ok not exactly subtle... they are teen shows after all but they would pick 2 to 3 stereotypes, that would be a minor annoyance and that was that. I am just so sick of the effects that whole political correctness movement that now rages all over the internet and the media has. It kills humor, it forces speech and since I am fully capable of feeling sympathy for the plight of a misunderstood gay son without them forcably walking me through it over and over again, I wish they would just go away. It's everywhere. Everybody now *needs* to be lesbian, everybody *needs* to be a transqueerpinkelephant and you better know your privilege around them. Because how would you know otherwise? Common sense and decency is not enough. The real shame is that it snuffed the ability to spot real, well made characters that happen to be a part of one of these minorities having them force-fed for so long and in that magnitude now. I'm so passionate about it here because I think the show is really good and would be much better if it was just a little less social justice... much less actually. I am from Germany but most shows and movies I watch are British and American. I don't watch TV, gave up on that years ago.
Damon242 Hace 15 días
TP4554 when was the last time you watched a teen show or film? They’re always about this - start with as many archetypes and stereotypes as can be included, then break each of them down over the course of the story and by the end all of the characters come together. It’s always the same template and every successive version of it just incorporates the themes relevant to that current generation (every generation has their own). Productions from the US have always played things conservatively for decades and now loudly celebrate small milestones being reached such as having openly gay characters or couplings on screen (whereas the rest of the world hit these milestones decades ago and are far ahead of the curb). From your comment, my guess is that you’re from the US (I may be wrong and I apologise if I am) and the media there is very heavy handed with this kind of content and the politics surrounding it - but that’s the problem there, not a series about teenagers going through regular teenage problems and the story beats falling prey to the same conventions as every other teen story.
Mark Kuiper
Mark Kuiper Hace 17 días
This show is awful
Emre Güneş
Emre Güneş Hace 17 días
Filmin amacı ne aq
Anurag Kushwaha
Anurag Kushwaha Hace 17 días
Harley Quinn ?
"I'm addicted to wanking"😂😂😂🤣
PaintedBooks Hace 19 días
Adam better come back and get together with Eric or imma start hell
Tauane Martins
Tauane Martins Hace 20 días
Eu amo essa serio ja to anciosa para novos episódios ❤
Abhishek Mitra
Abhishek Mitra Hace 20 días
i just wanna see Maeve and Otis together, for christ's sake, they better have a season 2
Sajjadul Islam
Sajjadul Islam Hace 21 un día
When season two is gonna come?
Boss Rokstar V
Boss Rokstar V Hace 21 un día
Why does it feel like it's set on the 80s? I almost got confused with the time period in episode 1
Boss Rokstar V
Boss Rokstar V Hace 14 días
Damon242 i didn't know that stuff... interesting
Damon242 Hace 15 días
Boss Rokstar V the benefit of small towns vs city settings is that they’re always slightly behind on otherwise current things and largely dominated by older generations - so in this case the town setting becomes a mish mash of the parents generational elements and delayed stuff from this or the just-previous generation. They obviously play coy with the exact year of which this is set, but it feels like a mashup of 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s with a dash of 2010 technology (otherwise known as an out of city UK town😁)
Jean Reneld Ylve
Jean Reneld Ylve Hace 21 un día
sorry but i hate gay
succmedia Hace 23 días
Isn't this the exact same show as the show about a guy getting paid to be a dream date? Very lazy
Damon242 Hace 15 días
succmedia The main crux of this story is the sex therapy clinics and they provide a means to explore the individual lives of the students at the school - from their abusive relationships with their parents, drugs, poverty, identity, etc. it’s just an exploration of school and teenage life (like misfits, shameless, etc).
Cyfiical Hace 23 días
Who else got mad at the end of episode 8
Shaggy with 0.0001 % power
U meant episode 8
Oyun Style
Oyun Style Hace 23 días
biz soktumun zengin fakir aşk dizilerden bıktık adamlar ergen dizilerden
DysfunctionalBubble Hace 24 días
"Ahh, i wish my Mom was a sex guru", SAID NO ONE EVER!
Adarsh GO
Adarsh GO Hace 25 días
I found Eric's character the best Change my mind
ganondorf66 Hace 21 un día
povs povs
povs povs Hace 22 días
me too
Umut Bey
Umut Bey Hace 26 días
Very good Who is join me
ANIRUDH .L Hace 26 días
Rehan Poonawalla
Rehan Poonawalla Hace 26 días
*"you are who you are, don't let anyone take that away from you"*
Revol Hace 26 días
1:00 I just love this girl. Pubes are sexy.
ThatZenoGuy Hace 27 días
DonnaKebab Hace 27 días
Anyone else get Charlie bartlett vibes?
bn dri
bn dri Hace 27 días
شسالفت الفيلم؟
RyanL181095 Hace 27 días
I officially start this show on May 31, 2019
Miguel J
Miguel J Hace 27 días
I'm so glad I'm watching the trailer after watching the show. This thing is full of spoilers 😂
David Stephens
David Stephens Hace 3 días
Miguel J no it’s not
KennyWakafloca 1
KennyWakafloca 1 Hace 28 días
Bruno has grown up
Attaphon Thongkam
Attaphon Thongkam Hace 28 días
Who shipped Adam and Eric like me?
Redeemer Hace 29 días
Honestly how is there even an audience for smut like this? What the hell is wrong with you people? Are these youtube comments made by bots? I refuse to believe anyone could unironically enjoy this If people seriously enjoy this smut then you are proof that we need to kick natural selection up a few notches and cull off parts of the human race
Redeemer Hace 28 días
​@Vedant Deshpande Why would I want to watch anti white propaganda?
Vedant Deshpande
Vedant Deshpande Hace 28 días
If you've watched the show, it would be interesting to hear your opinion about it. What makes you think it is terrible?
Eslem Vatansever
Eslem Vatansever Hace 29 días
What was the name of high school
Bluebell Barn
Bluebell Barn Hace 29 días
They were filming in monmouth yesterday, at a shop called Pegasus.
Shlomo Shekelberg
Shlomo Shekelberg Hace 29 días
Should have thrown a brick through the window.
whoosh Hace 29 días
did you see them? it's amazing that they're already hitting filming for the second season.
AdmiralSnackbar7 Hace 29 días
Haha we're so degenerate! Don't you wish you were like us, proles!
Marcos Vinicius Carmo
a maeve deveria namorar o otis
Furkan Gün
Furkan Gün Hace un mes
When is 2. Season
Redeemer Hace 29 días
People like you are proof that the human race needs a massive cull
Furkan Gün
Furkan Gün Hace un mes
I wait 2. Season. This series is perfect but I dont like ending for 1. Season
Xtino Burgovich
Xtino Burgovich Hace un mes
I see Gillian Anderson and think about X-Files!
Zia Haniff
Zia Haniff Hace un mes
Is that Bruno from thr boy in the stripped pyjamas
Skinny legend
Skinny legend Hace un mes
I love it
Sou A Caty
Sou A Caty Hace un mes
Série on film?
Rajat Kashyap
Rajat Kashyap Hace un mes
Can't wait for next season
Chocolate Biscuit
Chocolate Biscuit Hace un mes
I feel like this show could’ve been far more successful if it wasn’t titled “Sex Education”. Lmao. It’s soooo good. And funny as hell.
M.A. Zaki
M.A. Zaki Hace un mes
Bedelia Du Maurier now a teacher??
Shane Hughes
Shane Hughes Hace un mes
Can't wait for season 2. Rewatching as it's been too long. Amazing casting, amazing writing and belirvable stories. Also as an Irish-English citizen I appreciate the decision to blend schooling this side the Atlantic with US schooling. Works so well. Best teen show in ages
MaleboJ Sniper
MaleboJ Sniper Hace un mes
is this about sex? dont my family watching it if it is.
Majirunrun Gokigenmaru
I knew that boy at the beginning. He is that Druid boy from Merlin
Jakov Pavelić
Jakov Pavelić Hace un mes
Netflix is satanic
kokoriko999 Hace un mes
If I didn't hear the accent I would have thought it was USA....
nagima Andasheva
nagima Andasheva Hace un mes
I love Asa Butterfield
R1X1 Hace un mes
What i just came to this trailer for the song.
Doğukan Payza
Doğukan Payza Hace un mes
Zagica Hace un mes
So Gillian Anderson left x-files for this bad show?!
Surgicaldamage Hace un mes
Feminist trash
berra. Hace un mes
Moruk 2.sezonu fırlatın ya
Kağan Tenekeci
Kağan Tenekeci Hace un mes
@berra. Ya keşke ola ile otis in öpüştüğünü görmeseydi meave ben otis ile meavin sevgili olup öpüşcrğini zannediyordum 😢
élvio's channel
élvio's channel Hace un mes
the series was the legend towards the end !!
Просто Р
Просто Р Hace un mes
Redeemer Hace 29 días
You are proof that the human race needs a massive cull
Big Smoke
Big Smoke Hace un mes
The only hentai you'll ever see on Netflix.
maro isabelo
maro isabelo Hace un mes
Wasted my time ugh
C&CM- -İLKER Hace un mes
Artık rahat bırak amk fragmanı ne izlesem çıkıyosun sikecem ananı
Wesley Yu
Wesley Yu Hace un mes
This is the most disturbing video I have watched in 2019.
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