Shannon Sharpe reacts to Myles Garrett hitting Mason Rudolph with his own helmet | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Shannon Sharpe reacts to Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett hitting Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with his own helmet in a brawl at the end of the game.
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Shannon Sharpe reacts to Myles Garrett hitting Mason Rudolph with his own helmet | NFL | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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15 nov 2019






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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
What are your thoughts on the brawl between Myles Garrett and Mason Rudolph?
J M Hace 8 días
It’s like he ripped his head off and then hit him on the head with his own skull lol
FastTwitch24 Hace 22 días
Trevor Labay you can never hit someone with a helmet. What if he got hit in the temple? What if he died?
Carolyn Allen
Carolyn Allen Hace un mes
Steelers are THUGS
marylain69 Hace 7 días
6:45 Miles Garret might be gone for years! :D :D :D :D :D
TootsiesCreationz Hace 20 días
Shannon needs to buy the NFL. We need his brain to do things the RIGHT way!! 💜
RandomGamer Sara
RandomGamer Sara Hace 23 días
i totally agree. it wasn't right for steelers to act that way but you tackled the qb way after the throw. fights always start because of that, so that was unescapable. The fact that he ripped his helmet off and hit him was totally wrong. i get your angry, but that was totally uncalled for. Honestly he shouldn't even be allowed to play but I can't judge as steelers made it a bit worse, but the other qb tackle was way out of league. I think he should've had more then one game but what can ya do? Not trying to show bias to Steelers, but damn Rudolph didn't deserve that.
Sam X
Sam X Hace un mes
Why dose it gotta be, "yo moma" he said?
Spartan R3
Spartan R3 Hace un mes
We all understand that was a late hit. So I can see why Rudolph would get mad but he shouldn’t have tried to take the helmet off. But deep down I think there was more too the situation. You don’t get that mad to point where you hit a person with the helmet. It doesn’t make sense if Garret got that mad bc Rudolph tried to take his helmet off. Yeah there might have been some punches but it wouldn’t have escalated like that. I wish Garret handle it a different way but something triggered him. Rudolph had to say something to get under his skin.
Mama Jedi
Mama Jedi Hace un mes
Skip praised God 10:34. Yessir. Thank you Jesus!
gwen gunn
gwen gunn Hace un mes
game should have been given to the browns by default and the team should not be able to play for at least a year
Michael Adderley
Michael Adderley Hace un mes
MYLES GARRETT VS NFL TRIAL - esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-yYEvCHXEgT8.html
Player 1
Player 1 Hace un mes
Skip lookin like the last don
Marquette Edwards
Marquette Edwards Hace un mes
Shannon sharps a crisis actor
AngryBlackMan 2018
AngryBlackMan 2018 Hace un mes
I think he was mad cause they didn't get to play on Thanksgiving
Willie Thomas
Willie Thomas Hace 2 meses
3 on one. Tell the truth.
Kevin Skipper
Kevin Skipper Hace 2 meses
Liberals eat the top of the brain first.
Kevin Skipper
Kevin Skipper Hace 2 meses
Where's the audio, Goodell????
luke bengston
luke bengston Hace 2 meses
Foxtrot 787, '06. lmao
Glenn Rubin
Glenn Rubin Hace 2 meses
They should send the stiffest most harsh, fines and penalties on the cheating refs.
truth and common sense warrior
Unbelievable that shapre didn't become Sharpton on this one. He actually made sense.
Ocir Smith
Ocir Smith Hace 2 meses
Skip stuntin on them with the all black chain and handkerchief
floyd martinez
floyd martinez Hace 2 meses
Shannon's been spending way too much time with Skip Gayless, talking about going to the police station and filling a report! He should be ashamed of himself!!
InviteTheLight Readings
Sorry but - clearly something happened or was said for a man to bash another man in head with a helmet. Not condoning it at all - but just saying - something had to have happened b/c that's too serious a choice to make without someone having not overstepped boundaries with you on some deep level -or... psychosis just temporarily setting in - which is a lot more unlikely.
IYIZ Jewels Isley
IYIZ Jewels Isley Hace 2 meses
if you call someone out of there name what do you do !
Prof. Dina Reyes
Prof. Dina Reyes Hace 2 meses
Lock him up
William Dawson
William Dawson Hace 2 meses
There was no assault. It was just footballers doing what we pay them to do....entertain us. That’s all that pro sports is about. Entertaining the masses and getting paid millions to do it. Was what happened really so egregious in the big picture? Nobody got seriously hurt. There should be no suspensions or fines. Play on.
janice ginexi
janice ginexi Hace 2 meses
Lyle Alzado snatched Abdul Salams helmet off in Shea Stadium . ,,,, I love Shanon , a very animated guy .
Dan Gray
Dan Gray Hace 2 meses
’Ari’el [YS]
’Ari’el [YS] Hace 2 meses
Nobody doesn't have anything to say about Rudolph trying to take a helmet off first or is everyone blind
Victor Neckar
Victor Neckar Hace 2 meses
So B.S. that he called him a racial slur. No way don’t believe it at all!!!!!!!!
Brian Ford
Brian Ford Hace 2 meses
Hey you nitwits. Myles Garrett could have been seriously injured by Rudolph twisting and pulling his head. Is Rudolphs life and well being more important? Sure seems so listening to you two. Mess with the bull you get the horns.
Derrick Andrews
Derrick Andrews Hace 2 meses
I just lost respect for shannon and just like everything else whites never get any blame
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones Hace 2 meses
Suspension for the rest of the season is light.
brandon g
brandon g Hace 2 meses
And for the record it's obvious that Mason Rudolph didn't call him the inward hes just try to play the race card in its gross
Marshall Banana
Marshall Banana Hace 2 meses
I like how he says, "He called me the N-word." So why did you then choose to prove him correct by acting exactly like an N-word?
AmeliYah Barboza
AmeliYah Barboza Hace 2 meses
Myles Garret was thinking this chump trying to fight me . Ok 👌🏾 bring it. Looks like mason rudolf was attempting to pull off Myles helmet first. Why? Fk all that he got what he asked for.HaHa.
Keenan Schouten
Keenan Schouten Hace 2 meses
Stand your ground laws should apply. Every man has a right to Self defense from someone charging them
Korey V
Korey V Hace 2 meses
It’s called the Lyle Alzado Rule.
Travis Brown
Travis Brown Hace 2 meses
Skip! A man don’t ever have to THINK that he was hit in the groin he knows it immediately FOH
EAB Hace 2 meses
Do you really believe he did it out of nothing???
Ron Pierce
Ron Pierce Hace 2 meses
Myles should not have done that..
Todd Barber
Todd Barber Hace 2 meses
Remember Trevon Martin stand your ground rule, looks similar,mason chased him down after fact, stand yo ground, #milesGarret
Barrack O’Bezzy
Barrack O’Bezzy Hace 23 días
Why you whites always got bring race up ?? America would be better without y’all
C Hace 2 meses
Did we watch the game confrontation because first Ruldoph gets sacked after the play. Rudolph is angry at Miles so he starts grabbing Davis' helmet and tries to take it off. De Castro pulls off Davis which was a mistake. Rudolph charges Davis aggressively while he's being held by DeCastro so he swats at Rudolph with the helmet because he's being held by DeCastro so he can't exactly push Rudolph off. While hitting him with the helmet was wrong it's not like he wasn't in a confrontation. It wasn't one of those stituations where the guy thinks about doing harm and then attacks the guy with a sneak attack with a weapon. I feel like Rudolph is just as responsible for this as Davis was. If Davis never swung the helmet I would blame Rudolph for the whole thing. It's obvious why the confrontation happened though. Rudolph got sacked hard three times in a row. And Davis was rubbing that in and Rudolph tried to attack him twice. I feel like it's easy to look at the potential harm that could have happened its easy to blame everything on Garrett but Rudolph kept escalating things. If he never tried to grab Garrett's helmet off and then charge him when he was pulled off then nothing would have happened.
Twan Remixx
Twan Remixx Hace 2 meses
Skip playboy bunny
This is Dre
This is Dre Hace 2 meses
I want to see him gone forever
Dawn13Patrol Hace 2 meses
Let's take a minute to remember that NONE of this takes place without Mason's instigation via his initial non-football aggressive actions.
Dawn13Patrol Hace 2 meses
mason not going to file charges because he assaulted garrett first. Garrett would be equally able to file assault charges.
Dawn13Patrol Hace 2 meses
how is pouncey punching and kicking a defenselss player ok but ogunjobi shoving mason down an egregious act. Shannon is clueless.
art Hace 2 meses
Totally not a Steelers fan and was rooting for the Browns but Personally I think an act like this should be termination from the NFL. It was indisputable! Grow some balls Goodell, if it had been Zeke Elliott he would banned, if it was Brady that got hit, Myles Garrett would be history!
kaligatorlegwhip Hace 2 meses
Surprised shannon didnt bring up the 2003 bill romanowski vs Marcus Williams helmet removal..where bill ended Marcus Williams career ..crickets
CM D Hace 2 meses
The blackkk clan is alive and well. Keep the hate rollin'.
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Hace 2 meses
🤣Shannon called James Thrash “James Trash..” We Eagles fans love him even more now. “Freudian slip” I guess
Ray Black
Ray Black Hace 2 meses
5:38 Affulutlie
ERIC ARCIERI Hace 2 meses
These guys are lying their is all kinds of guys hitting guys with helmets taking guys helmets I’ve seen it also look up the NFLs dirtiest players I guarantee you see dirty helmet hits and just as bad or worse then miles Garrett and only one game suspensions and fifteen yard penalties that’s it I bet if miles Garrett didn’t play for the browns it wouldn’t of been so bad a suspension and domican sue and burfect guys who have done things just as bad as Garrett maybe worse suspensions or penalties weren’t have as bad just saying
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Hace 2 meses
isnt skip the guy who caused problems with the head coach of his sons college football team??
ERIC ARCIERI Hace 2 meses
These guys are lying their is all kinds of guys hitting guys with helmets taking guys helmets I’ve seen it also look up the NFLs dirtiest players I guarantee you see dirty helmet hits and just as bad or worse then miles Garrett and only one game suspensions and fifteen yard penalties that’s it I bet if miles Garrett didn’t play for the browns it wouldn’t of been so bad a suspension and domican sue and burfect guys who have done things just as bad as Garrett maybe worse suspensions or penalties weren’t have as bad just saying
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Sad part of the race of each player was reversed, there would have been matches, protests and riots in the streets that night and the entire story would have been about race. Sad testament of our society. Skip and Shannon were even too afraid to say the words they were thinking of because the topic of race is so taboo in any conversation. We are all doomed, LOL. I'm gonna start building an ark.... I have a feeling a steady 40 day rain is coming soon!😂
Robert Price
Robert Price Hace 2 meses
Ray Hall
Ray Hall Hace 2 meses
Thank you guys for seeing it for what it is! CRIMINAL ASSAULT!
Chanel S.
Chanel S. Hace 2 meses
Unpopular opinion here, but fights should be allowed in the NFL and whoever wins should win a point for their team... The steelers would've lost regardless but still lol
Hurricaneplays Hace 2 meses
Skip and Shannon should be tough on crime District Attorneys-assault with deadly weapon? Even hyperbole thinks that is over the top.
Hurricaneplays Hace 2 meses
Shannon was right on with the rest of season. Still, it sounds worse than it actually was, a few games at most, to me. But since Myles got the rest of season, the QB deserves at least 1 game for instigating and trying to rip off Myles helmet when they were both on the ground. A case can be made that Rudolph got what he was going to try to do to the other player.
Days Hace 2 meses
4:32 had me dead😂
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