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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
What do you think about KD and Draymond’s heated exchange?
96 BREAD Hace 4 meses
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED this is the best and most entertaining sports show right now
VGP Hace 5 meses
Curse is beginning... esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-cEyRBJtOINQ.html
The Rock Just Layed The Smackdown On Your Candy Azz
Thanks for leaving klay out the situation. Now they think klay doesn’t have what it takes. Kd trash to me. I rather have klay hit the game winner then kd.
Pete park
Pete park Hace 6 meses
I think he's salty about KD he's a good shooter and Draymond is extremely unconscious about his thoughts and just wanted to be a hater
Liam Borkgren
Liam Borkgren Hace 5 meses
Draymond is not clutch at all
Phenom AL
Phenom AL Hace 5 meses
You know what these games sometimes reminds me of is them dudes that would perform for the bulls halftime show from time to time! My real sportstaz would know what I'm spitting! 👆🥋✊
Mentor Tairi
Mentor Tairi Hace 6 meses
Shannon sharpe needs his own sitcom. Or on a comedy show. Guy is too funny
Jorge Velazquez
Jorge Velazquez Hace 6 meses
If kd goes to rockets . Another super team.
Seaver Rene
Seaver Rene Hace 6 meses
The media is the only one making a big deal about this. As always
based statement
based statement Hace 6 meses
Antonio Tucker
Antonio Tucker Hace 6 meses
respect is everything when you don't respect me as a man I don't care if you are billionaire or you have one penny in your pocket I'm still a man and I don't care about rules and Revelations on a team or anyting my manhood and my pride is going to stand in the way when you call me profanity lace words in front of 20,000 fans with no respect for me personally as a human being and I'm your teammate you act like you want to fight me physically and we're playing basketball together that not only hurts the person that you're talking to like that it hurts your other teammates because everybody is afraid of you and then they know you're tough and they know you're not scared of anyone but when you have people living in fear and playing alongside of you on the basketball court you're going to throw off the team chemistry so you have to be a better sport towards your teammates and respect each and every one of them and get out there and play some good basketball and even if Kevin Durant and Draymond Green apologize to each other things will never be the same as men because of that respect Factor men demand their respect because it's a mono e mono thing eagles clash and when you don't respect me I personally don't want to be bother with you anymore even if you do apologize to me it gets personal that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it 🤔🤔🤔
felix168 Hace 6 meses
KD wants to make the Warriors his team. Not happening. The Warriors is a true team team.
speedoflite1 Hace 6 meses
Strike 1: Heroballism Strike 2: Profanity Strike 3: "Being Draymond" ...yer OUTTA HERE!!
Kevin E.
Kevin E. Hace 6 meses
Somehow this conversation about the Warriors deviated into a conversation about lakers vs clippers, then the Patriots not being that good. Lmao
Marc Gipp
Marc Gipp Hace 6 meses
Draymond holds that team together. he was entitled the shot
Marc Gipp
Marc Gipp Hace 6 meses
A Hera
A Hera Hace 6 meses
They were BOTH wrong. Black athletes are LARGE on CASH, and SMALL on SELF AND GROUP RESPECT. Durant was wrong for DEMANDING the ball. Durant - It's the beginning of the season!! You get mad? Why? Let the coach deal with it after, but don't get indignant!! But If Durant had any self respect, he would not get mad. You make 250K+ per game!!! WTF? Durant - If you want a good PR move and restore harmony - OFFER TO PAY HALF THE FINE!! YOU ARE RICH!!! Say: "you know, I should not have been annoyed, and when I did that things spiraled out, MY BAD!!" You know Green is just a dumb, very dumb jock, he came from nothing. When Lebron and JR had the ball incident last season, Lebron did not get mad. But Lebron is more pro black than most. Look at how he hooked up Tristan with his contract. EVERYBODY knows black men cannot practice kindness and support of each other.
Will Ferg
Will Ferg Hace 6 meses
8:00 “I gotta see how it shakes up”...okay skip🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Will Ferg
Will Ferg Hace 6 meses
Shannon with the facts as usual🤦🏽‍♂️💪🏽
Georgian Bay Paranormal
"Call for pass ignored"
Malketamusick Hace 6 meses
Shannon, the black guy from the projects...
Elijah McElroy
Elijah McElroy Hace 6 meses
I still miss Joy Williams. 🤷🏾‍♂️
DdiVine1 Hace 6 meses
well steve kerr wont be letting that happen again. that decision cost them the game
fatboyblue269 Hace 6 meses
Durant the best player on a Allstar team but LeBron James is the best man because he will play all 4 quarters because he isn't afraid to go to terrible teams and put that Akron drip on them
Hace 6 meses
Bo Dent
Bo Dent Hace 6 meses
30 is the best player period
Purpl3 Grape
Purpl3 Grape Hace 6 meses
Shannon: YEAAAA!!
Kay Auset Amem
Kay Auset Amem Hace 6 meses
Curly D 🙊😂🤣🤣😂
GuelphRacing Hace 6 meses
Hey random person scrolling down the comments.. Have a pleasant evening :)
Gershom-ology Hace 6 meses
The real problem here (with GS) that no one's talking about, is WHY did Draymond pick himself to shoot the last shot OVER winning...it's clear that maybe Draymond doesn't value WINNING as much now
markissable Hace 6 meses
I'm really loving Jenny Taft as the moderator now! She's WAY more involved with the discussions than Joy was....
Kenneth nelson
Kenneth nelson Hace 6 meses
Draymond was trying to make a pass to the inside and the defender poked the ball out.
Reginald Williams
Reginald Williams Hace 6 meses
"Draymond had 6 points"- Shannon 😂😂😂
Isaiah Sandiford
Isaiah Sandiford Hace 6 meses
Idk I think Draymond was trying to dribble to get one of the many options on his team the ball for a set catch and shoot. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Jason Keith
Jason Keith Hace 6 meses
LeBron has a lot of gamewinners what Skip talking about?!?
Sebastian The Third
Sebastian The Third Hace 6 meses
Bunch of idiots acting like children
Ant Edwards
Ant Edwards Hace 6 meses
Even Draymond know KD a cupcake😂😂😂
Ayanna Jones
Ayanna Jones Hace 6 meses
“Curly Neal” 😂😂😂
rosspadilla27 Hace 6 meses
Wrong move for draymond. He is trippin as all star. Too big of a head already. Warriors should let this guy go
Xclusive Products
Xclusive Products Hace 6 meses
KD better not go to Lakers that would be another weak move. *asterick behind those rings
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis Hace 6 meses
Deja Vu...seems like i saw this happen last season
So Cool1
So Cool1 Hace 6 meses
Leave it up to skip to hate on LeBron any chance he gets lmao
Jay Grant
Jay Grant Hace 6 meses
Shannon Sharpe love some Mountain Dew. 😂😂😂😂😂
therealestsista Hace 6 meses
Stop Lying Shannon daaamn!! Draymond was NOT trying to get the Last Shot! He KNOWS thats Not his. Role! However as Steven A Smith sees it? I do too! Draymond was ONLY tryna get THE Ball 1/2 Court to then Pass Off! Kevin Durant should had been still running down court for position as Opposed to staying behind damn near under the basket. motioning for the ball DUH!! Draymond should had also gone to the Free Throw Line because of the Trip Up Foul! Did He?
Nick Jalbert
Nick Jalbert Hace 6 meses
Pats fan, but Skip is an idiot. The Pats defense coming into the game against TEN was 11th in the league, not "below average" and Edelman had like 10 catches for 100 yards how is he blaming Jules for Brady's bad performance?
ApplePieClub Hace 6 meses
32 seconds in, Shannon ended Westbrook haha
Raptors Nation
Raptors Nation Hace 6 meses
KD embarrasses Lebron every time they play how TF he above KD 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ the hate is real... That boy got too much sauce and I hope he comes to the Raptors, we just 1 player short of dominating the league 🔥🔥💯✌🏿
Trice Scott
Trice Scott Hace 6 meses
Fatherless Freddy
Fatherless Freddy Hace 6 meses
Kd needs to go to lakers or 76ers
Jarthur Hace 6 meses
Bring Joy back
Simon Dunkan
Simon Dunkan Hace 6 meses
That ''outrageously bogus call'' Skip is talking about should have already happened when reff's blatantly refused to give him his 6th foul at the end of regulation. LOOK THAT STUFF UP YOURSELVES.
MoJo 2K
MoJo 2K Hace 6 meses
I agree with you SKIP! Without a boubt KD gets the ball. If KD was Michael Jordan for this same play, we would be saying that MJ should have got the ball.
Felix Gabriel
Felix Gabriel Hace 6 meses
How sad that GSW player getting mad each other! No unity and the spirit of a team that unite each other!!!better KD go to other team like lakers
Vangie talacay
Vangie talacay Hace 6 meses
Remember two warriors was ahead of theme should green did not tumble he can give the open wsrriors for a dunk,
DeeRell7 Hace 6 meses
Skip look like a little devil
All Units Respond
All Units Respond Hace 6 meses
I bet The Clippers bust the Lakers head's
Greg W. Tyree
Greg W. Tyree Hace 6 meses
kurt king
kurt king Hace 6 meses
the problem is Draymond thinks hes on their level because hes the more vocal of the group.
Patrick Lee
Patrick Lee Hace 6 meses
No doubt Green is a fierce competitor but his weakness is his hot head. KD got more talent in his pinky than Green has in his whole body.
Dwayne Recardo
Dwayne Recardo Hace 6 meses
i'm sorry but shannon you look like Urkel on steroids XD, he stepped in the transformation machine XD.
Ronnie Pratt
Ronnie Pratt Hace 6 meses
Skip and Shannon is the best!
j l
j l Hace 6 meses
K D Go to the Lakers.
kobe bryant
kobe bryant Hace 6 meses
I wonder if skip ever misses rebuttling Stephen a smith!!! They always brought the best out in each other.
Strong Island Hip Hop Radio
Shannon is thee funniest commentator besides the TnT Boys
Kois Rojas
Kois Rojas Hace 6 meses
Draymond is the new JR Smith 😂
Josh Alfred
Josh Alfred Hace 6 meses
I'm still waiting for basketball fans to start treating the Warriors like they did Miami when LeBron made the move back in the day. Damn near Everyone is cool with the Warriors winning championships and adding stars left and right but back in the day they hated Miami when they were trying to win chips and adding pieces lol. People even hated Cleveland when LeBron went back. I guess as long as you're keeping LeBron from adding rings so he doesn't catch Jordan everyone is kool with 4 or 5 stars on a single team huh?
Eric Matterson
Eric Matterson Hace 6 meses
Draymond wins the Shaqtin A Fool award for the season
jmac05r1 Hace 6 meses
Go Spurs GO
joseph bethrant
joseph bethrant Hace 6 meses
He's leaving anyway because he's been taking less money for 2 straight years, he's not doing it this year. He wants his 200 plus MIL. I don't blame him get your 💰
David King
David King Hace 6 meses
You guys are a lot of fun to watch.
Zack Morse II
Zack Morse II Hace 6 meses
"Put some Deeeeeew on it"
sebastian Hace 6 meses
8:22 put some dew on it lol
chris vaughn
chris vaughn Hace 6 meses
Mike Keyz
Mike Keyz Hace 6 meses
This was way bigger than basketball Shannon...Its one thing to respect a players talent and another to respect that man.
Micah Stone
Micah Stone Hace 6 meses
I got a question why didn’t KD get back and get to his spot?
Anthony McArthur
Anthony McArthur Hace 6 meses
It took Shannon Sharpe this long to realize Skip is a hater
Kevin Dunn
Kevin Dunn Hace 6 meses
Why does skip always hate on Lebron James. A Damn shame. Lebron has made his career
True Blue
True Blue Hace 6 meses
Skip picking Clippers over Lakers? That's when you know he's lost it and shouldn't talk BB.
Just Awesome ::
Just Awesome :: Hace 6 meses
Make up please ig beastsbeauty21
Broken Mans Convo
Broken Mans Convo Hace 6 meses
Why does skip make everything about LeBron... Geeze... Stop it
Mark Whitely
Mark Whitely Hace 6 meses
Skip don't like Labron James he just said KD is the best player in the NBA. I would say he is the Second best player.
Papo King World
Papo King World Hace 6 meses
Doron Bond
Doron Bond Hace 6 meses
How in THE world is LeBron apart of this conversation??? Only Skip...SMH
julian rl
julian rl Hace 6 meses
Why is KD unhappy in okc? He got a ring they have the 2nd best record in the league... im confused
James Williams
James Williams Hace 6 meses
KD and Kahwi Leonard will be on the Lakers next year.
Edward Smith
Edward Smith Hace 6 meses
Draymond is demanding a trade!!!! Have a look for yourself!!!esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Wy-nQRQA4qU.html
Raheem Wilson
Raheem Wilson Hace 6 meses
Justin Rakestraw
Justin Rakestraw Hace 6 meses
As always somehow Lebron comes into. Just cancel this show already the ratings are horrible anyway. Give Shannon his own, he's the only reason people watch anyway.
u2ten Hace 6 meses
Just a speed bump to the road for Three-peat!
ishermanjr Hace 6 meses
This maybe the beginning of the end.
tcnascar1 Hace 6 meses
Guyz -once in awhile - you gotta let Green score or try to- Thompson, Curry, and KD all make the headlines - he wants in!! They are winning - let him shoot the ball!
Francis Wielgorecki
Francis Wielgorecki Hace 6 meses
jaylen gittens
jaylen gittens Hace 6 meses
sienna sings
sienna sings Hace 6 meses
“Draymond had 6 points” LOOL that took me outttttt
Afdhal Malik
Afdhal Malik Hace 6 meses
Lol i just came to see in what way will they bring up lebron haa ha😂😂😂
Noob Icon Gaming
Noob Icon Gaming Hace 6 meses
God bless Unc Sharp & Skip 😂
Tylek Entertainment!
Check out my artist jashanah give me your heart new song.
Sharif Woods
Sharif Woods Hace 6 meses
If that pass haven't been deflected and Looney caught that ball... We wouldn't have this story line!
John B.
John B. Hace 6 meses
It is a big deal!Greene going to be traded
S2k Lily
S2k Lily Hace 6 meses
Shape needs to put a TALLY BOARD for all the dew skip owes him
Nabil Villamil
Nabil Villamil Hace 6 meses
🔥🔥🔥🔥 check this out esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-hHxQx0SKXc4.html soundcloud.com/noah-dakid-hayes/sets/after-the-credits
odeestube Hace 6 meses
Kevin thinking 🤔 hard I think he gone from warriors
james lawton
james lawton Hace 6 meses
LeBron happy as sh** right now he talking to kd about. Next season
nonsense conscience
nonsense conscience Hace 6 meses
draymond should have snuffed kd and said “you came to US, u needed US fam cause you couldn’t give o.k.c a chip. YOU R MY SON!!!
Helping community
Helping community Hace 6 meses
KD vs Draymond do you want to know who's the main cause of this whole situation?? its LOU williams fault. if he made that last shot this whole thing would never happen
Michael McDonald
Michael McDonald Hace 6 meses
You a Hater SKIP!!!😂😂😂
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