Shaq & Guillermo Give Summer Haircuts to Pedestrians

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It’s very hot right now so we are doing our part to cool people off. Shaquille O’Neal and Guillermo went out on Hollywood Blvd to give some lucky pedestrians summer haircuts.
Trump, Twitter, Area 51, Bachelorette & Garth Brooks esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-nYqNlfKO0UY.html

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Shaq & Guillermo Give Summer Haircuts to Pedestrians


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17 jul 2019

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Comentarios 924
Gali Hace 14 horas
I’d let shaq shave my head
Skelleeton :/
Skelleeton :/ Hace 2 días
Wtf was that shroud
Dimitri L. Clark.
Dimitri L. Clark. Hace 4 días
Custody hearing? Not funny Jimmy.
Pasang fever
Pasang fever Hace 6 días
Not funny at all
Katarzynamaria Muszynska
Joseph is sweet handsome guy I hope they finish his hair cutting
Jake Badaracco
Jake Badaracco Hace 9 días
Lol he didn’t want him to shave the top he got so sad when he shaved the top
Enzo Anania
Enzo Anania Hace 9 días
Shags the best man..lol..
Majo Cadena
Majo Cadena Hace 10 días
Shaq is taller than the barber shop poll 💈😂😂😂
Miriam Hnamte
Miriam Hnamte Hace 10 días
JVas21 Hace 13 días
Hair grows back... this memory will never fade!
AppleYou Hace 15 días
Shaq was about to make a dunk with his head
GFY Hace 17 días
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown Hace 18 días
Zapatero’s Vlogs
Zapatero’s Vlogs Hace 18 días
Am also from McAllen tx 🥳🥳
bunnydino hi
bunnydino hi Hace 20 días
Dont know if I should laugh at them or cry for them😂
Fast Money
Fast Money Hace 21 un día
That first guy look like the guy from Moana with the magic stick 😂😂😂😂😂
D Me
D Me Hace 22 días
Shaq kiss any Trump ass today?
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez Hace 23 días
That head kiss probably felt like an ass sitting on his head to that guy
LOGAN Seaman
LOGAN Seaman Hace 23 días
When u deepthroat too far *4.22
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Hace 24 días
Lmao it's a Nohawk
Exnited Hace 24 días
Serhat Mert
Serhat Mert Hace 24 días
AFluffyWhiteKitty Hace 24 días
I hope he brought a hat...
Hunter Wiley
Hunter Wiley Hace 25 días
That guy what’s your name Shaq hold my backboards
Manuel F
Manuel F Hace 25 días
4:54 the face of immediate regret.
McAddley Manuel
McAddley Manuel Hace 25 días
4:59 just dies
Murling Hace 25 días
The second guy kinda looks like Camila Cabello if she had a twin
dean ✓
dean ✓ Hace 25 días
I love Jimmy but 6:47 was really rude, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t ‘attacking’ just playing. I hope Jimmy was joking though.
Joshwin Daniel
Joshwin Daniel Hace 26 días
Joseph : I'm an actor Shaq : *I'm gonna end this man's whole career*
Keisha Hughley
Keisha Hughley Hace 26 días
How hot? Off the charts
Mobile G yt
Mobile G yt Hace 26 días
So bexey swan gets his hair cuts from shaq🤒😂
Cedric John Albao
Cedric John Albao Hace 26 días
I honestly feel bad for the second guy hahahha
IDK Hace 26 días
The arm rest, I’m dead 😂
Yuseong Park
Yuseong Park Hace 26 días
XV Hace 26 días
5:30 Bexey been wearing that
Edison Umanzor
Edison Umanzor Hace 26 días
Whole time chaq like damn . I can’t believe am bout to touch this lil fagots head
jaa.mes_ Hace 26 días
Shaq literally ended the 2nd guys career
Daw Ood
Daw Ood Hace 26 días
what a disrespect
Terofied Hace 26 días
They won't be able to chart it because we all ded
fla la
fla la Hace 26 días
He _had_ such nice hair! 💈💇🏻‍♂️
XXX NINJA KID XXX Hace 26 días
Awww man im only 10 so im gonna be living at 2050 so i will 40
Slottie2Hottie Hace 26 días
steven w
steven w Hace 26 días
Used to like Kimmel, a Trump joke here and there is funny but now that I can't watch a video without hearing him bash the the president that's fixing our economy and putting more money in his pockets is unbearable
Kassem Alhamdi
Kassem Alhamdi Hace 27 días
Michael Morales
Michael Morales Hace 27 días
Jimmy you cured my depression
Gear5GoldRogue Dragslayer
How mawk will be the new trend of 2019
Allusioner Hace 27 días
McAllen! Yo that’s crazy reppin the valley on jimmy kimmel
trapperz united
trapperz united Hace 27 días
The second guy was straight until he saw shaq
Tyler Roberts
Tyler Roberts Hace 27 días
Why did an actor let him cut his hair
Tyler Roberts
Tyler Roberts Hace 27 días
I just want to watch one video anywhere without a political view
Philo0525 Hace 27 días
How high was the second guy, all that jaw movement lmao.
ha HAA
ha HAA Hace 27 días
Shaq attack🤣
88Beats Hace 27 días
Kimmel is annoying but shaq is the man
African Rebel 18
African Rebel 18 Hace 27 días
The second guys looks like hes having an orgasm
Cruz Nieto
Cruz Nieto Hace 27 días
Aqua man or vaca man
Igor Gamzukoff
Igor Gamzukoff Hace 27 días
Really cool hair cute shaq
Igor Gamzukoff
Igor Gamzukoff Hace 27 días
Cool video
Jerry Ruiz
Jerry Ruiz Hace 27 días
Puro 956 cuh
Dj Boss
Dj Boss Hace 27 días
The second guy got the bexy special
Joe Ramirez
Joe Ramirez Hace 27 días
Mcallen, Tx representing the valley 🙌
Em Jae
Em Jae Hace 27 días
4:22 ?
Sammy Hace 27 días
Let’s go macallen Tx. I’m form thetr
KKK - CottonPicker
KKK - CottonPicker Hace 27 días
That second guy has a face you just wanna smack.
Tseleng Botlhole
Tseleng Botlhole Hace 28 días
If I were a movie producer, ( pre haircut ) Gus would play biblical Moses Don't ask me why. I saw him and immediately thought Moses
Tony Montaña
Tony Montaña Hace 28 días
The 2nd's ball are bigger than his teeth
r a
r a Hace 28 días
Ricky Matting looking guy😂😅😆
Chu Ka
Chu Ka Hace 28 días
I am not homophobic and so should you.
MAD species
MAD species Hace 28 días
If you have a Filipino bloods, please subscribe my channel if you love Pokémon cards!! BTW. I Love Shaq!! I can wear that hair style he did to the guy and guess what Shaq did my haircut bro!! Lol
Ruirodtube Hace 28 días
Shaq is the best. He loves being goofy.
Juan Camilo Tinoco
Juan Camilo Tinoco Hace 28 días
Why do you have to always bring politics
Dr. O
Dr. O Hace 28 días
Plz,....remind why I don't watch this garbage anymore.
John Diepenbrock
John Diepenbrock Hace 28 días
The only thing i hate about you guys is that you always go against trump.
Gurung Smaran
Gurung Smaran Hace 28 días
I wonder how much were the paid 😂
Khent Emmanuel
Khent Emmanuel Hace 28 días
I bet the guy got depressed after seeing his hair
Dev Yud
Dev Yud Hace 28 días
Things people do for money
MrHothead099 Hace 28 días
If you really want to stop the use of fossil fuels, stop having kids, & let those with illnesses die. Short answer: there’s too many of us living here. 8 Billion & counting. Starting to think Thanos was onto something.
Noah Osubuckeye
Noah Osubuckeye Hace 28 días
I feel so bad for the second guy
Enijah Daisey
Enijah Daisey Hace 28 días
Wendy: Shannon Ellen: Andy Steve: Ruben Jimmy: Guillermo
money maker
money maker Hace 28 días
Jimmy kimmel is not funny at all. He is just such an tool. His laughter everything is just fake....
Basketball highlights
Basketball highlights Hace 28 días
Shaq:"its not a stripe, it's a work of art" haha
King Tut
King Tut Hace 28 días
Why would guy number 2 do that to himself
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