Shaq & Guillermo Give Summer Haircuts to Pedestrians

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It’s very hot right now so we are doing our part to cool people off. Shaquille O’Neal and Guillermo went out on Hollywood Blvd to give some lucky pedestrians summer haircuts.
Trump, Twitter, Area 51, Bachelorette & Garth Brooks esvid.net/video/vídeo-nYqNlfKO0UY.html

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Shaq & Guillermo Give Summer Haircuts to Pedestrians


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17 jul 2019






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Comentarios 968
Gabbar Singh
Gabbar Singh Hace 3 horas
All i can say Joseph is not a Good actor I mean you can see regrets in his eyes
RGkong Hace 10 horas
The first guys haircut wasn’t actually bad
Mr Silence Dogood
Mr Silence Dogood Hace 17 horas
Guillermo is related to the guy he’s cutting lol
jan 05
jan 05 Hace 3 días
the second guy kinda looks like jean girard after the haircut.
The Actor boy is literally crying 🤣🤣😂😂😂
John Edward Jacob
John Edward Jacob Hace 5 días
Jimmy: Talks about global warming and how hot it's going to get in the next 40 years Also Jimmy: Let's put this time, money, and energy into giving random people haircuts instead of doing something useful
Lane Hughart
Lane Hughart Hace 5 días
I completely disagree with your political views but that doesn't stop me from watching your stuff and laughing my ass off 😂😂 keep it up
Charm Rose Brand - Music Industry Platform
He's probably keeping that look. A haircut by shaq, baby sign me up
Orlando Relax
Orlando Relax Hace 10 días
SirPsycho0607 `
SirPsycho0607 ` Hace 14 días
I remember the first guy. Gus and my dad were good friends for a long time. Hope he's doing good.
Seb And
Seb And Hace 18 días
Mr osman 89
Mr osman 89 Hace 20 días
I feel like they got paid to get a haircut
Havizo af
Havizo af Hace 21 un día
That's awesome the guy is from McAllen Texas I'm from Mission Texas...
Marvin Astro
Marvin Astro Hace 27 días
I feel I was watching a porn video lmao
huge creature
huge creature Hace un mes
McAllen,Texas wow never knew someone from the valley would be on tv
The real Humphrey
The real Humphrey Hace un mes
I will never cheat on my barber
Lil Plump
Lil Plump Hace un mes
Shaq grabbed the second guys head like he was an actual barber 😂
Mao Hace un mes
6:22 wtf
Blue Devils
Blue Devils Hace 2 meses
Taking shots at Trump , tssk tssk
Caiden Hunter
Caiden Hunter Hace 2 meses
Screw you, trump is the best you lib 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Shohaib Rafi
Shohaib Rafi Hace 2 meses
Second guy is already crying 😅
Alex Lincoln
Alex Lincoln Hace 2 meses
I live in McAllen Texas
Alex Lincoln
Alex Lincoln Hace 2 meses
Wow I am from McAllen Texas
Vlex GG
Vlex GG Hace 2 meses
seems like straight up harassment. unless the dude knew what he was getting into.
harrypotteravenclaw Hace 2 meses
4:58 the way his face DROPPPED
ramz93 momentum
ramz93 momentum Hace 2 meses
Jimmy if you read this I could really use that barber chair and barber pole, I will work and save up money to pay it back help me out that chair and pole will absolutely change my life including my family's.
Aqila Ebrahimi
Aqila Ebrahimi Hace 2 meses
I don understand why they letting them to cut their hair ???
TC RES Hace 2 meses
Who won Shaq or Guillermo?
Grove Bai
Grove Bai Hace 2 meses
Omg the 2nd properly wanted to cry when he saw what Shaquille o'neal did. Your still a handsome guy.
Mr. Ghosty
Mr. Ghosty Hace 2 meses
Lets be honest, they probably paid the people afterwards
Maze Hace 2 meses
bro , you can go outside with this haircut , everybody knows shaq did it , they will take pictures with you , you will be famous
Dr. Q
Dr. Q Hace 2 meses
4:22 That laugh though 🤣 😂
john doe
john doe Hace 3 meses
wendy naazi
wendy naazi Hace 3 meses
Joe's got me feeling some typa way
Alain Rojas
Alain Rojas Hace 3 meses
First guy...From McAllen texas....representing South Texas.😎🔥
Arthur Morgan 2019
Arthur Morgan 2019 Hace 3 meses
6:22 that laugh sounds so evil
NeoLegendX Hace 3 meses
They all get paid
crazy indie hacks
crazy indie hacks Hace 3 meses
2nd guy facial expressions are like Pennywise.
King Brilliant
King Brilliant Hace 3 meses
2nd guy took his own life in the green room, but nobody noticed for 20 minutes because they were still laughing.
Chy Hace 3 meses
Guillermo looks like a kid
noah vt
noah vt Hace 3 meses
this is how bexey was born
jim hike
jim hike Hace 3 meses
This guy is an idiot. We had 5 ft of snow this last winter. And havent had much of a summer. And if it wasnt for global warming we would be in an ice age still.
Louis Hace 3 meses
Shaq. Always being a people person. Always spending time with the public and fans. That's what makes him a great person.
Alan Corp
Alan Corp Hace 3 meses
Not even Infinity War had such an ambitious crossover.
Ok Hace 3 meses
Kay Locs408
Kay Locs408 Hace 3 meses
Guillermo should of tied the dude's ponytail and cut it with scissors and gave it to him. It was his first time having it long
Katrina Belleza
Katrina Belleza Hace 3 meses
Does anyone know Joseph's full name lol
Eddo Reyes
Eddo Reyes Hace 3 meses
Wouldn't it be crazy if 10 years from now people are watching this and Joe is like a big celebrity.
հokцƽ ρokus
հokцƽ ρokus Hace 3 meses
I love these haha
Tom Issmer
Tom Issmer Hace 3 meses
That actor is Joey Tribbiani in real life
Smile Always
Smile Always Hace 3 meses
2nd guy will definitely come out of the closet.
Gali Hace 4 meses
I’d let shaq shave my head
Skelleeton :/
Skelleeton :/ Hace 4 meses
Wtf was that shroud
Dimitri. L. Clark.
Dimitri. L. Clark. Hace 4 meses
Custody hearing? Not funny Jimmy.
Pasang fever
Pasang fever Hace 4 meses
Not funny at all
Katarzynamaria Muszynska
Joseph is sweet handsome guy I hope they finish his hair cutting
Bike and scooter Kid
Lol he didn’t want him to shave the top he got so sad when he shaved the top
Enzo Anania
Enzo Anania Hace 4 meses
Shags the best man..lol..
Majo Cadena
Majo Cadena Hace 4 meses
Shaq is taller than the barber shop poll 💈😂😂😂
Miriam Hnamte
Miriam Hnamte Hace 4 meses
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