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Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley fight during Lakers vs. Rockets game (1999) | ESPN Archives

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8 may 2018






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MaGaveli 23
MaGaveli 23 Hace 2 años
Shaq's punches almost accurate as his free throws 😂
Tee Bryant
Tee Bryant Hace 24 días
@John And you have No clue on what you're talking about. Shaq was a bully and beat up many. He would have Killed that white boy. You Fool.
Tee Bryant
Tee Bryant Hace 24 días
Yet, You can't do either. 🤣
Nitrivia Oshawa
Nitrivia Oshawa Hace un mes
@akabhai You typed a nonsensical essay of a reply that I won't read to an outdated conversation lmao. You played yourself sir, congratulations
akabhai Hace un mes
@Nitrivia Oshawa cry kid that’s why football is the most watched sport with the most famous players ,basketball is literally just throwing a ball in a ring your logic if the game is boring why does the game has more fans than basketball because basketball is only famous in USA through NBA and all your GOAT are from US MJ,Lebron,Kareem,etc influencing a country comparing it to football cr7 from Portugal,Messi from Argentina,pele from Brazil and many more influencing the world talk about money football >B-Ball popularity football >b-ball and ya I play all sports unlike you nerd and I know you can’t even play basketball in real life Internet warrior
Saeed Adam
Saeed Adam Hace 2 meses
@MaGaveli 23 You just admitted that your not a good fighter. So then you shouldn’t be trying to start stuff with people then an trying to act like your tuff. If you already know your really not. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zubi Productions
Zubi Productions Hace 6 meses
23 years later and these two are still always on the verge of fighting like this on inside the NBA. 😂😂
Lugger Philippe
Lugger Philippe Hace 4 meses
@Zubi Productions Fun fact: there's a clip somewhere on ESvid where Shaq says both of there mother's are friends and they fight with each other too..
Lord Cregan Stark
Lord Cregan Stark Hace 6 meses
Lol true. They definitely fight like brothers now though
Shadysif Hace un año
Love how Harlan seamlessly transitioned from NBA to MMA announcer. His vocal intensity is legendary.
Nick Caucci
Nick Caucci Hace un mes
@Mark Grace underrated? He’s a top 2 or 3 nba voice of all time lol
bigstar66 Hace 5 meses
He needs to a main NFL announcer already. Too good to waste doing side games.
prospect689 Hace 6 meses
Kevin Harlan is a legend
SancLunatic Hace 9 meses
He should totally do mma lol
Charlie Barnett
Charlie Barnett Hace 9 meses
Now we know why charles and Shaq always have heated moments inside the NBA.
SickNick Hace 2 años
Shaq was too slow, Barkley saw that punch coming a mile away. Barkley did an MMA takedown. Good stuff
Yo Gytea
Yo Gytea Hace 5 meses
Exactly a single leg takedown that 3 other teammates helped with by pulling him back as well
Kuryan Thomas
Kuryan Thomas Hace 6 meses
i always used to give barkley credit for that takedown and i still do. But now looking at it, he prob was helped by having cuttino on shaqs back when he went for shaqs legs
RIM03 Hace 6 meses
"MMA Takedown" he can barely lift shaq's left leg, and barkley dodge that punch like a 1st grader lol
Carlos Daniel Cruz Conceição
@Vegan Water it’s a double leg because you only lift *one* leg whilst pushing forward and holding the other leg by the back of the knee to lose balance
Terose Jemineh
Terose Jemineh Hace 7 meses
@Tommy Dashed bcos it's an American tin but worldwide, soccer is the greatest, it's not even debatable!
David Hace 2 años
How could you not love Barkley for standing up for himself!
Kiryu2022 Hace 2 meses
@Deven Tazz he was held back by over 4 guys
FarTraveler Hace 6 meses
@RIM03 Can't blame a guy for dodging hard when it's Shaq's fist coming at you.
RIM03 Hace 6 meses
He dodge that punch like how a 1st grader would dodge a punch
Judah Katzenberger
Judah Katzenberger Hace 6 meses
Because he went to Auburn. Roll Tide.
TRedd Hace 9 meses
@First BornPeople don't know that Barkley was a hot head back in the day.
Pedro Simas
Pedro Simas Hace 2 años
"Nobody can take Shaq down" C. Barkley: "hold my basketball"
Arthur Asesyan
Arthur Asesyan Hace 3 meses
@Joe Sessa well..no
R-Westhuis Hace 6 meses
@Joe Sessa you don't beat up no one stfu
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter Hace 9 meses
@Joe Sessa Shaq also has 6 inches in height on him.
Ethan Weeter
Ethan Weeter Hace 9 meses
C.B.: Hold my twinkies.
Prudencio Mangaoangiii
shaq went from dunkin backboards to dunkin donuts
bp Hace 2 años
Nobody going to talk about the fact Charles Barkley floored Shaq
geronimo Hace 4 meses
@Bong Productions this argument makes Sense size advantage is to crazy but Barkley do got hands
Bong Productions
Bong Productions Hace 4 meses
@geronimo id take shaq he can tank more hits and also what ive learnt is shaq never gets the end of it when hes mad
RIM03 Hace 6 meses
@BLaCkKsHeEp you watch to much WWE brotha, taking someone down doesnt mean you can beat them lol. Barkley cant even fight shaq on a fist fight. He dodge like a 1st grader
RIM03 Hace 6 meses
Chuck dodges like a 1st grader tho lol
RIM03 Hace 6 meses
@geronimo chuck didnt even fight him, he tackles him, if chuck fight him on a fist fight he had no match on shaq at this point
channelsurf17 Hace 6 meses
Barkley's face after hitting Shaq with the ball 🤣🤣
ZE Hace un mes
Man said 🤨 😂😂😂
SancLunatic Hace un año
Let's take a moment to appreciate how much of a Shaq and Charles moment this was. Charles threw the ball at Shaq's dome. They threw hands. Kevin Harlan makes the most dramatic call ever. They both get ejected. If they ever make a movie about Shaq and Charles Barkley's bromance, this is the epic prologue. 😂
PhenomProductions23 Hace 4 meses
The ball bounced right off Shaq's domeand Shaq was like: That Ball ain't gonna hurt, This Is! *Swings with the Dreaded Shaq Fist Of Fate!*
Champ Hace 5 meses
"Shaqs dome" ahahahaha lol
dominique9898 Hace 2 años
Barkley bouncing the ball off of shaqs head had me in tears😂
All talk and no action!
the whistle blown as the ball smacks his head definitely adds to the hilarious aspect of it all!
Lavar Ivy
Lavar Ivy Hace 4 meses
That will always be funny 😂🤣😂
Alex H
Alex H Hace 4 meses
no fear from chuck lmao
DieHardPizzaman Hace 6 meses
The sound it made. I'm dying bruh 😭😭😭
Mado Hace 6 meses
@SMR and till this day Everytime I watch it I laugh I don't blame ya this some funny stuff hahaha
Miko Philo
Miko Philo Hace 2 años
then: "ohhh there's a swing by o'neal, we got a brouhaha" today: "this is appalling, what are they doing"?
Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie Hace 6 meses
idk why but i read appalling in reggie miller's voice
TRVPMUSIC Hace 6 meses
Lmao we use to have basketball and boxing matches in the 90s now niggas play tag when they get mad 🤣
TRUEDONZ Hace 8 meses
Wolf Gupta
Wolf Gupta Hace un año
The Censored Muscle
The Censored Muscle Hace un año
@Hello Dankness My Old Friend sports fights are better than supporting burning looting and murdering in just about every major city recently.
Coonie Hace 2 años
Shaq missed wit that punch and got slammed Barkley won 🤷🏾‍♂️
Terrence Gleason
Terrence Gleason Hace 5 meses
5 people trying trying to get Barkley off of Shaq.
Terrence Gleason
Terrence Gleason Hace 5 meses
Yeah right, that’s why Shaq got body slammed!
Saren Arterius
Saren Arterius Hace 5 meses
Chuck knew that the fight was going to be broken up almost immediately. He talked about it years later. You dickriders are delusional.
RIM03 Hace 6 meses
"Slammed" he can barely lift shaq's left leg, and barkley dodge that punch like a 1st grader lol
sebbb1k Hace 8 meses
@Discpline Bible bro barkley slammed shaq stop making excuses
prlysis Hace un año
1:28 love the dude's reaction (left of Shaq, in the crowd). He's loving it
Achyut Badri
Achyut Badri Hace 5 meses
rayleigh8 Hace 5 meses
That’s how used to be. We love the fight, we love the physical play. We wanted them to kill each other, great times. What an era the 80s and 90s were
Mr Turtle
Mr Turtle Hace 10 meses
Good spot
BullMoose Hace un año
Mans really showed up for mma 🤣
Jon H
Jon H Hace 9 meses
I remember watching this live when I was 8 years old, classic, NBA will never be the same as it was in the 90s
Legion Prime
Legion Prime Hace 3 años
*Little did they know this was the beginning of a newly found friendship...*
Joaquin N Corral
Joaquin N Corral Hace 9 días
@Avril Lavigne 😊p
Sean swann
Sean swann Hace 19 días
They met up after this game for dinner according to Shaq.
Tina Serrano
Tina Serrano Hace 3 meses
Now they're Zion Parents lol
Reginald Richmond
Reginald Richmond Hace 5 meses
People don’t know they went out to dinner after this game, and Charles payed for it.
Jamirimaj Hace un año
@Bruno the Bruiser A.K.A left hook devastation Michael Jordan literally punched a guy that would hit a game-winner to save one of his championships
Roger Greene
Roger Greene Hace un año
Turned out to be two of the most amazing players both on AND off the court in basketball history
J34xalpha KING
J34xalpha KING Hace 11 meses
😂 I laughed so hard. Barkley’s the man. You see the ball bounce off his head?
original troll
original troll Hace 6 meses
Threw it hard asf I know Shaq blacked out for a second
Student Loan Rage
Student Loan Rage Hace 5 meses
Shaq started that sequence of aggression. He gave him a rough foul, then follows it w/ an unnecessary shove. Barkley was right to throw the ball at him. Shaq replies w/ a feral left, then promptly catches a single-leg take down from Barkley. Nice.
ErIcEmEnHeIsEr Hace 2 meses
Excellent observation. I see a condescending head pat then a blatant shove provoking the 🏀 throwing reaction.
griplimit Hace 2 años
“I’ll see you in the TNT post game Chuck!” “Shaq, that’s turrible!”
GODcentric Imagery
GODcentric Imagery Hace un año
tommy abrantes
tommy abrantes Hace 2 años
How many rings you got Chuck? Lol!
alfred Pagayawan
alfred Pagayawan Hace 2 años
L0r3n2 Hace 2 años
Kids today making fun of Charles, he's the only dude I've seen never back down from Shaq & he took him down too.
Wis Dom
Wis Dom Hace 4 días
@Ocean Of Success Of course he wouldn't fight now. That's stupid, He's in his 50's. What you want him to keep fighting Shaq until he 90 years old?! He grew up. Something you need to do. Fighting is a young man's sport. You don't fight when you old...you SHOOT!
Vinícius Hace un mes
Shaq wife also took him down, in a other way.
John Hace 4 meses
Few ppl delt wit Shaq or were equal to him atleast Ben Wallace Kobe Charles Yao Rodman
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz Hace 4 meses
@king savage shaq pulled guard?
Red Wolf
Red Wolf Hace 5 meses
Also Ben Wallace. He has a crazy block on shaq. It took his whole body to the ground
sirius black7
sirius black7 Hace 9 meses
Lmao this is comedy gold right here. Barkley face after plunking shaq in the head had my belly hurtinf5
lagaman11 Hace 2 años
I remember this game, exactly when this happened. Hey, I love Shaq, but he was working through some issues at this time, bullying people on the court, like overtly- both physically and verbally. He came up against a MAN in that game. Sir Charles was not having any of his BS. After this, Shaq settled down a whole lot! It was good for him.
JoshieGymGod1500 Hace un año
I saw this game live when it happened...I just now realized how hard he threw the ball at Shaq head ..I always thought Shaq overreacted but when u watch it u can almost hear the ball hitting off the side of Shaq face...I think how hard it hit him sent him into a rage
Jeremy Allen Glover
Jeremy Allen Glover Hace 2 años
Think about attempting to tackle Shaq and get him to the ground. Barley did it so easily. Legendary
Droppa57KgX Hace 3 años
😂😂😂Charles Barkley was a savage. Never backed down from anyone.
crazymonkayy YT
crazymonkayy YT Hace 7 meses
@Divine Mirandq they pulled shaq out
Tenryuu Black Rose
Tenryuu Black Rose Hace 10 meses
@ryacus you capping like crazy, you clearly must be watching a diffrent video from everyone else
Tom storm
Tom storm Hace 2 años
plmn93 yal act like Shaq didn’t have Mobley and other people hanging on his shoulders
FlyGod! Hace 2 años
@Meadow Apple slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp 🍆🍆🍆🍆
W.T.C 1990
W.T.C 1990 Hace 2 años
He backed down from Charles Oakley and ran and hid 😂😂😂
Rafael VG
Rafael VG Hace un año
No one at the time doubted that Charles was going to put Shaq in his place. The guy was from the old NBA physical school, he had very tough fights with Lambeer and Roodman in their prime.
MND17 Hace 2 años
Chuck aint no punk. He really slipped the punch and shot for a double-leg, successfully.
Jonathan Cauchi
Jonathan Cauchi Hace 3 meses
geronimo Hace 6 meses
@Grineck chuck was like 300 pounds at this time ... And he definitely grabbed both legs... And if they had a rematch chuck would win again
Grineck Hace 9 meses
wasn't a double leg, more like a single leg, no one out of their mind is going to try to double leg Shaq who is 330+ lbs.
Upstate Communications
@Tenryuu Black Rose I don kno... Looks to me like Chuck scooped Shaq. Then they broke it up.
Tenryuu Black Rose
Tenryuu Black Rose Hace 10 meses
Yall really need glasses or your eyes checked, what actually happened bark avoided the punch shaq grabbed him and put him in a soft headlock people tried to break the fight up which caused both of them to lose balance and fall, shaq at the end ended up on top of Bark, there was no double leg take down involved
Dawn of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead Hace un mes
I remember when this happened, I was 15 years old. I felt soooo bad, because to me, Shaq was the strongest person in the world and to see Charles take him down so easily, I was like in shock.
Melissa Lona
Melissa Lona Hace 4 meses
Charles Barkley to Shaq on TNT “And you’re not a good fighter” 😂😂😂
Princess Hace 2 años
The announcer tho “OH THERE’S A SWING BY O’NEAL” they went from basketball to wrestling quickly 🤣
Jon Cal
Jon Cal Hace 5 meses
@PhenomProductions23 hahahahh
The Black Kakashi
The Black Kakashi Hace 7 meses
Brew Haha
Bobo Vieri
Bobo Vieri Hace 7 meses
and the arena is looooooving it😂 2 for 1
Steve Hace 11 meses
@SamoaVsEverybody_814 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan Hace un año
Ray F
Ray F Hace 2 años
Barkley timed that takedown beautifully
Dj Swisher Sweet Houston, TX
i knew Shaq from high school. i am amazed how chuck picked him up and basically body slammed him if you look closely. Shaq is a good guy. I never met Charles but he seems pretty cool too. they're good friends now.
Johnny V.
Johnny V. Hace un año
Barkley and Elgin Baylor are the two greatest 6'5" rebounding forwards of all time! Both routinely averaged in double figures in rebounds!
redmurder13 Hace 4 meses
I wonder if Barkley had a wrestling background because that was actually a good double leg entry
QANGOR Hace 2 años
Charles Barkley & Shaquille O'Neal are now like REAL BROTHERS. Love can conquer hate and they both show it together specially with the loss of our beloved Kobe Bryant.
Mr. Balawis
Mr. Balawis Hace 3 meses
He took the guy down by pulling a leg. Barkley knows how to scuffle.
P. B.
P. B. Hace 4 meses
chuck doesnt hesitate to hurl the ball at shaqs head then dodges a punch right after. So funny to see their relationship now
Tyler S
Tyler S Hace un año
Honestly this was Shaq trying to bully and Charles wasn’t gonna stand for that
Babbo Natale
Babbo Natale Hace 2 años
I laugh every time when the ball hits Shaq's head. It's like a cartoon
SancLunatic Hace 9 meses
they just need to add the sound effects like they do in Shaqtin a fool 😅
Crowns ON Browns
Crowns ON Browns Hace 2 años
You funny
TC Hace 2 años
Charles faces
David Blacketer
David Blacketer Hace 2 años
I forgot about some of these "fights".
David Blacketer
David Blacketer Hace 2 años
Yeah it's hard to land a punch that is coming from seven feet back and telegraphed while Barkley is waiting.
AmericanStrat Hace 9 meses
When Shaq Finally Meets His Match
Martin Saldana Boxing
Chuck went straight for the takedown, good move !
Aras Kuyumciyan
Aras Kuyumciyan Hace 2 años
I love how Barkley rugby tackles Shaq easily
Jamirimaj Hace 2 años
Chuck won that time because Shaq had no MVPs or even a single ring to use as an excuse in an argument lol
SilkySmoothYT Hace 2 años
2:27 LOL. That dude tried to give charles a high 5.
Leafy Peach
Leafy Peach Hace un año
@Brad144 but in that situation where he got ejected for a scuffle 😂
Brad144 Hace 2 años
That happens literally every single NBA game afterwards...lol. fans reach..players ignore them if they're not in the mood.
Michael Stallworth
Michael Stallworth Hace 2 años
Kevin Harlan’s commentary on this scene was PRICELESS 😂
DG31 Hace 2 años
That was hilarious!! Shaq even made Charles fall as slow as he does 😂 🤣
Archie Hace 2 años
that double leg takedown was a thing of beauty! lol
JONZUN Hace 3 años
In today’s league, you get a technical foul for ‘staring down’ a player.
Silver Hace 3 meses
Boy Bill Russel got a T for laughing at a dude stop it
Arthur Asesyan
Arthur Asesyan Hace 3 meses
Wait what?
PhenomProductions23 Hace 4 meses
You can't even give somebody the Undertaker stare anymore. You'll get ejected and charged with deadly eyes.
Man Jackson
Man Jackson Hace 6 meses
TRUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuE... da new NBA too soft and foney
The Censored Muscle
The Censored Muscle Hace un año
If you're Tim Duncan you get kicked out of the game for smiling on the bench.
royer ybarra
royer ybarra Hace 2 años
“Well first of all you’re not a good fighter” LMAO
Christopher Duncan
Christopher Duncan Hace un año
royer ybarra
royer ybarra Hace un año
@Alejandro Avalos he’s dead serious too that’s why shaq gets in his feels when he says he can’t fight LMAO
Alejandro Avalos
Alejandro Avalos Hace un año
Cody Wizman
Cody Wizman Hace 11 meses
Lmfao this is an awesome fight scene in NBA history. ❤️😇🙏🏀
Shidpants Hace 9 meses
Charles and Shaq fighting, and Ernie calling the game, some things never change huh? I bet they never thought in that moment that they’d be working together. Crazy.
Hoff The Great
Hoff The Great Hace 2 años
Barkley is the most underrated player ever! All heart & hustle!
Johnny C
Johnny C Hace 4 años
Shaqs punching was like his free throw shooting !!!lmao
Ronnelle Thursday Bautista Sancho
100% accurate 😂
Alessio D'Agosto
Alessio D'Agosto Hace 2 años
ProtectOurFreedom Hace 2 años
Lol so true
gt-r smokes
gt-r smokes Hace 2 años
Did he lean in little bit? He's 🤣🤣🤣
LovelyP Hace 2 años
In this instance that probably was a good thing because had he truly connected he could have done real life damage
Hockeydude Hace un año
Legend has it there’s still some kinetic energy from Shaqs massive hand/punch dissipating in the arena
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Hace un año
Who would’ve thought they would go on to be good friends and be on NBA talk many years later.
M K Hace 10 meses
The slip to the double leg 💪
Riley Hace un año
Barkley’s head shot was accurate af
Dug Nice
Dug Nice Hace 2 años
People can say what they want about Barkley, but one thing he wasn't was a coward.
AnDCaster Hace 7 meses
I remember Barkley thru a Drunk fan out of Sports Bar window🤣🤣🤣
FlyGod! Hace 2 años
@doug dimidome still better than getting brain damage
FlyGod! Hace 2 años
@doug dimidome he's sitting in millions
Flower Hace 2 años
@Keith Morreale yep
james bondero
james bondero Hace 2 años
@rock that's probably because he knows his own race can throw shade just like Kevin Hart said towards katt Williams
Dusty Marc
Dusty Marc Hace 7 meses
Charles slipped tf outta that punch 🤣🤣🤣
Payso Prince
Payso Prince Hace 6 meses
The whistle sounding at the exact moment the ball bounces off Shaq's head makes it even funnier 😂
Master Builder Productions
Let’s acknowledge how a 6’7” forward took down a 7’1” center!
Mark Grace
Mark Grace Hace 10 meses
Shaq always was a punk when he played. Glad Barkley bounced the ball off of his empty rock head.
Willy Fleureus
Willy Fleureus Hace 3 años
This is the reason why Charles said to Shaq "first of all you're not a good fighter"🤣😆
Arthur Asesyan
Arthur Asesyan Hace 3 meses
I didnt know when he said that but yeah his right 😂😂😂
AnDCaster Hace 7 meses
Dark Eco
Dark Eco Hace 11 meses
parodysam Hace un año
Then Shaq went dead silent
George Dennis
George Dennis Hace 2 años
Iceberg Slim
Iceberg Slim Hace 7 meses
The way the ball bounced of shaq head 🤣🤣
Synthia Pyre
Synthia Pyre Hace 2 años
Moments like these make the best friendships.😁
Melanie Brandt
Melanie Brandt Hace 2 años
Charles Barkley cracks me up. He loves every minute of torturing Shaq! 🤣🤣🤣
Banealot Hace 11 meses
The sound of the ball coming off Shaqs face 🤣
Aeolous Hace 9 meses
this has to win the award for funniest fight of all time if ever the nba had one
SissyAltravis Hace 2 años
The accuracy of that shot to the head...........the way the ball bounced off Shaq's head. 💀💀💀💀💀💀
Ryan Scribner
Ryan Scribner Hace 6 meses
Decent take down by Barkley
My Other Car Is A DeLorean
I wish I had a guy like Shaq in my crew. On second thought, I wish I had a crew. :(
Mik D
Mik D Hace 2 años
Imagine if a bunch of normal sized human beings tried to break up this fight! Lol
Ms Tiff
Ms Tiff Hace 10 meses
Jacob Parker
Jacob Parker Hace 11 meses
That’s the thing. Half of those people trying to break up the fight aren’t “normal” sized humans 🤣
Joe Sessa
Joe Sessa Hace 11 meses
@screw you 2 also look 1:01 that guy walking shaq of the court is easily close to 250lbs at 6 foot he obviously not heavier but can still stand a bit of chance holding shaq back I’m 230lbs 6 foot and feel I can to I have a big build at 6 foot with 26 inch shoulders
Joe Sessa
Joe Sessa Hace 11 meses
@screw you 2 I have a friend 5’7 325lbs about 20 percent body fat 🤷‍♂️ not all normal size humans are small I’m a little above average height about 6 foot and weigh 230lbs 15 percent body fat also there are people way shorter then shaq that are heavier then him muscle wise Brock lesnar 6’3 barely and only 20 pounds lighter then shaq
[?] Question Block
[?] Question Block Hace 2 años
Lmao 😆
Odai Hezam
Odai Hezam Hace 8 meses
"And there's a swing by O'Neal" 😂😂😂
I bring the Last words
10 years later, they have their own show 😂
dumbpersoncorrector Hace un año
Charles won, no debate at all. Everyone agrees. This proves Charles is stronger than Shaq both then and now. Shaq was in his prime, yet still taken down with ease by an older Barkley far from his full strength. This also shows that Chuck is a better basketball player Shaq. Shaq's "claim to fame" was his dominance, this video clearly illustrates the most dominant is Sir Charles. Chuck woulda won more rings than Shaq had he had the same teamates as Shaq.
Steve Yoon
Steve Yoon Hace 8 meses
It’s funny how Shaq went from the bottom of the pile to the outside of the circle.
chibiak2112 Hace 2 años
If you weren't around when Michael, Larry, Shaq, Kobe and Sir Charles played.....you really missed something.
Blake Hansen
Blake Hansen Hace 6 meses
Karl Malone's elbows were bonafide dangerous weapons.
The 90's were real.
i RATE Hace 8 meses
Theres a thing called ESvid.. Its like a time machine gramps 💯
Gucci Malcs
Gucci Malcs Hace 9 meses
As someone who wasn’t, I agree. Modern nba is trash. I feel like I missed out on a lot
Yusuf Hussein
Yusuf Hussein Hace 2 años
I really wish I was there watching the 90s nba.
Justin Bowen
Justin Bowen Hace 9 meses
Kevin Harlan: the best voice and narrator of unexpected chaos in America
Boogity Bear
Boogity Bear Hace 10 meses
Charles will always be the TOAT(Toughest of all Time). He was so dangerous on the Court!!
Matt Snee
Matt Snee Hace 11 meses
1) Shaq is gigantic 2) he’s from Newark. Barkley is crazy
Self made dallas💪🏽
Great reflex by barkley. A left punch at that size at the given distance by shaq is impressive af.
Clown’s Grin
Clown’s Grin Hace 9 meses
It’s good to see these two being in peace (kinda) with each other
J.B GamingTv
J.B GamingTv Hace un año
I said it when I first saw this brawl I'ma say it again in 2021, Barkley won this fight 🤣🤣🤣
Patrick Bering
Patrick Bering Hace 2 meses
That was a smooth take down after sliding away from a punch. Shaq would have landed hard if not for other players.
Elkin Castiblanco
Elkin Castiblanco Hace 2 años
Creci con estos NBA.....un sueño y una suerte absoluta...
Rafael VG
Rafael VG Hace 9 meses
If Charles Barkley wasn't afraid of Shaq then he wasn't afraid of anything in the world.
Saeed A
Saeed A Hace 2 años
Anyone else bust out laughing every time chuck throws the ball at shaqs head especially the way he looks at Shaw after? 😂😂
jester Hace un año
barkley was quick with that single leg
More Cowbell
More Cowbell Hace 11 meses
I didn't know Barkley was playing in 1999. I thought he retired in 1995
Tap Hace 2 años
I remember seeing this live..that ball to the head was great. I also saw the fight with Pistons and Pacers live too, now that was one for the books
Neil Wilson
Neil Wilson Hace 6 meses
Chuck got a nice double leg takedown there lol
R.J. Hace un año
Shaq has said this a few times, but after this incident, Shaq's mom called him to apologize to Charles, since their moms were close friends. Heck, that might be the reason why they can get along right now on TNT!
DingusTheGenius Hace 7 meses
This is what is in Shaq's head very time he asks Chuck "how many rings you got?".
Seear Hace 2 años
He's lucky Shaq did not use his shaq fu in this fight.
Maulee Hace 2 años
🤣😂 Shaq Fu
dudeOVER9000 Hace 2 años
Shaq is lucky that he did not have mcdonlds fies stuck in his mouth cuz Charles will beet him for one fries
Cassana Moge
Cassana Moge Hace 2 años
OrestisX Hace 2 años
I'm crying
Mark Gomez
Mark Gomez Hace 2 años
Yup lol
Darius Bostic
Darius Bostic Hace un año
So Shaq and Barkley been beefing way before “Inside the NBA” 😂😂😂
Lord Cregan Stark
Lord Cregan Stark Hace 5 meses
Lol yes sir
mariyaa111 Hace 2 años
They are lucky that Shaq gave up on his own! Imagine trying to stop the power of Shaq in his prime ! I don’t think it was an “over reaction,” from Shaq, he was obviously trying to block the shot but the other guy knocked the ball out of Barkley’s hand and Shaq was flying mid air!! They always treated Shaq as if he was a bully because of his size.
Iam Thepapi
Iam Thepapi Hace un año
Charles face is hilarious 😂
Taylor Pack
Taylor Pack Hace 2 años
Funny thing is they actually went to dinner together afterwards lol 😂
BloggerMusicMan Hace un año
I'm seriously against fighting, and O'Neal should have been called for the foul, but you can't react like that. If you're playing competitive basketball, you have to know fouls will come. That's not an overly hard foul. Throwing a basketball at someone's head is completely unexpected and uncalled for and I don't blame O'Neal for being angry.
Edwin Infante Leocadio
I remember back in the early 90s when Barkley was with the Philly, he used to fight all the time. He wasn't to be fucked with. He would swing on anyone real quick.
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