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Time to CATCH and RELEASE some SHARKS!
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We tagged and measured these sharks for research, and then safely released them.
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Huge thanks to Josh at BlacktipH for helping us make this happen!
Josh is trained professional who helped us measure, tag, and safely release all sharks that were caught!
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Comentarios 80
Walker Pressey
Walker Pressey Hace 2 horas
Poor garret
Tim S
Tim S Hace 8 horas
i think it should be football
Braidon Fielding
Braidon Fielding Hace 11 horas
What if th caught a dolphin and not a shark
Ng Ayden
Ng Ayden Hace un día
Blake Balcomb
Blake Balcomb Hace un día
make a barracuda fishing battle video
FTB GOON Hace un día
It’s kinda scary how many sharks on the shore
Tanya Kitchen
Tanya Kitchen Hace un día
can you help me fish. Nathan
Sabit Prince
Sabit Prince Hace un día
tanks of your vidos
Nova Gaming
Nova Gaming Hace 2 días
Shruti Mushroomie
Shruti Mushroomie Hace 2 días
You should do diamond finding next
Porter Taylor
Porter Taylor Hace 2 días
Leron Lepps
Leron Lepps Hace 2 días
Go ty
LB Woolley
LB Woolley Hace 2 días
You should make a channel with just bloopers
Jeanie Johnson
Jeanie Johnson Hace 3 días
baseball battle
Kimberly Morrow
Kimberly Morrow Hace 3 días
200 likes for Garrett
Kimberly Morrow
Kimberly Morrow Hace 3 días
When I saw this video I said" Who would get a idea like that!"
Nolan Gelowitz
Nolan Gelowitz Hace 3 días
Please do shark fishing battle 2
Keagan Stelzer
Keagan Stelzer Hace 3 días
FortniteM3ster16 Gaming
How are there sharks in the beach? And deadly ones whi bite?
kirtTV Hace 3 días
Ty is pro at fishing sharks and fish
Bubbleguy2001 Hace 3 días
sshark on! shark on!
Spencer G.
Spencer G. Hace 4 días
Who else is in the great toilet paper shortage of 2020?
Nick Scarlata
Nick Scarlata Hace 4 días
hillsish1 Hace 4 días
What about the sharks 🦈☹️
heather bonokoski
heather bonokoski Hace 4 días
Dude perfect I am one of your biggest fans
Ryan Schwartz
Ryan Schwartz Hace 4 días
When you realize there were probably only a couple of sharks and they were just getting caught over and over again
Michael Briggs
Michael Briggs Hace 2 días
They were being tagged
Priya Easwaran
Priya Easwaran Hace 5 días
How is Garret?
Help Obby King
Help Obby King Hace 5 días
CØRE Hace 6 días
Who's Still Watching In 2020 ?
Xavier Morse
Xavier Morse Hace 7 días
Who feels bad for garret
Gabriel Downum
Gabriel Downum Hace 7 días
Dude perfect shou have a boat racing contest
farkhunda rasheed
farkhunda rasheed Hace 7 días
Fish iment
farkhunda rasheed
farkhunda rasheed Hace 7 días
Should the next one should be who as the biggest shark or fush
Bedrijf 10
Bedrijf 10 Hace 7 días
What if they caught always the same shark He had the baddest day ever
Ryuga Hace 7 días
2020 Anyone
Wayde August
Wayde August Hace 7 días
MinecraftVlog 7
MinecraftVlog 7 Hace 8 días
1 like Dude Perfect
Ansh Naidu
Ansh Naidu Hace 8 días
Does anybody Garrett’s never here and in the fishing battle
Ansh Naidu
Ansh Naidu Hace 8 días
JacobExCraze but he wasn’t there for the deep sea fishing battle
JacobExCraze Hace 8 días
Ansh Naidu he threw up and then he got a iv
Vidhya Kamala Lakshmi
I think they were throwing the same shark into the water n catching them again( 4:05 taking shark back to water) ... Note : They never showed up all the sharks caught by them together
Tater Tot
Tater Tot Hace 9 días
Dude Perfect- Catching Sharks 🦈 Me- Cant even catch a fish 😔
Ian Hernandez
Ian Hernandez Hace 9 días
ridge boehms
ridge boehms Hace 9 días
Where are you guys? What beach and State?
Preston Loewenstein
Preston Loewenstein Hace 9 días
Who else is on a Dude Perfect binge in the middle of the world on fire?
Paul Flint
Paul Flint Hace 4 horas
Just checking the score of total win dont mind me
Jake Hace 23 horas
Preston Loewenstein me bro
Olga Leyria
Olga Leyria Hace 10 días
Sebastian Gonzalez
Sebastian Gonzalez Hace 10 días
Poor Garrett
Hemanth Reddy
Hemanth Reddy Hace 10 días
Under sea metal detector battle
Muhammad Abyan
Muhammad Abyan Hace 10 días
Orang Indonesia like
Tendyman Hace 11 días
shark on, shark on
Andrew Matychak
Andrew Matychak Hace 11 días
You guys better let the sharks go
Emery Nuner
Emery Nuner Hace 12 días
Garrett just can do sea fishing battles can he?
Leah moi
Leah moi Hace 12 días
Oh mah gad
TheWoah Hace 12 días
I holpe none of the sharks died
TheWoah Hace 12 días
Did you let shark away!
The Shape
The Shape Hace 14 días
Why are they torturing the sharks! Especially Cory at 2:47
YouTube Turtle
YouTube Turtle Hace 14 días
Why don’t they have a dude perfect fishing rod
Electric Skyhightower
Electric Skyhightower Hace 15 días
Charles David Trazona
Charles David Trazona Hace 15 días
Whale fishing battle
Lucky Gaming
Lucky Gaming Hace 16 días
Do a overnight video at a aquarium with MoreJStu, and go fishing! Please like so they can see, I never get a lot of likes on a comment that I post :(
Taj Grills
Taj Grills Hace 16 días
Like amazing
SHAHUL HAMEED Hace 17 días
5:25 best line ever well said 👏 it’s help for everything we love you guys
md uzzal
md uzzal Hace 17 días
Looks like Taku went fishing in Silent Hill lol
Gomatsho Shoosh
Gomatsho Shoosh Hace 18 días
Sorry Garret
Priti Gupta
Priti Gupta Hace 18 días
Who's here from 5 years later
uncrackable Hace 18 días
catching sharks and relesing them means dead sharks in water bcz when a shark is caught it dies
uncrackable Hace 18 días
catching sharks must be a crime
Bhagath Ragesh
Bhagath Ragesh Hace 18 días
I am giving an idea to make a overtime with all of the dude perfect playing fortnite at game time
Nolan Nicely
Nolan Nicely Hace 19 días
Wolfie Animations
Wolfie Animations Hace 20 días
Wait what did they do to the sharks?
Cool Guy
Cool Guy Hace 21 un día
They are fighting in the finale and then Josh eating pizza
Nicolette Fensham
Nicolette Fensham Hace 21 un día
Poor Garett😷😷😷Shame
Nicolette Fensham
Nicolette Fensham Hace 21 un día
Ty wins almost all of the competitions. Congrats Ty!!!
Meghan Speers
Meghan Speers Hace 22 días
Rage on rage monster!
Soledad Valtierra
Soledad Valtierra Hace 23 días
Poor Garrett
Landon Putnam
Landon Putnam Hace 23 días
Mix V
Mix V Hace 23 días
samurai yt
samurai yt Hace 23 días
Plot twist these sharks are robots
Ranju Regmi
Ranju Regmi Hace 24 días
Sara Srolis
Sara Srolis Hace 26 días
Awesome ty
Zachegame Hace 28 días
Shark on, shark on!!
DEADLY_HITERR31 Hace 28 días
2020 anyone???
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