Shenmue III (Zero Punctuation)

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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Shenmue III.
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11 dic 2019






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Escapist Hace un mes
Watch this week's ZP episode where Yahtzee reviews a bunch of games you've been bugging him to review: www.escapistmagazine.com/v2/2019-games-i-havent-review-roundup-zero-punctuation/
Shalkar Hace un mes
I've been impatiently waiting for this one...
gozzilla177 Hace un mes
@Brit Animations Nope I'm talking about shenmu lol
Brit Animations
Brit Animations Hace un mes
@gozzilla177 If you're referring to my comment I love the Edge of Time
David Castro
David Castro Hace un mes
Well, his Borderlands 3 review went as I expected.
retrogamelover2012 Hace un día
Sometimes, I feel like some people are too eager to egg on the series. I mean, don't get me wrong, I can admit that it hasn't aged well, but I also kind of respect it for some of the more positive impact the games had on tech as a whole. And this is coming from someone who never really had any "nostalgia" playing the original releases, and had only got to sample it on the HD collection. So either way, I kind of enjoy it in places, despite all the niggles. I mean, I still enjoy Dead Rising 1, despite some of its dated and frustrating mechanics. I've enjoyed Wolfenstein The New Colossus, despite all the backlash that feels more painful to sit through than most of Super Spesh's especially wince-worthy dialouge. Heck, there are some things I can find salvageable in even some of the biggest black sheeps of some of the most well-known game series out there, so if anyone wants to try and kick me down and call me an idiot, then COME AT ME, BRO!
Natic Cruz
Natic Cruz Hace 3 días
This is one of those things I really like but keep to myself because I can’t defend it
Pooky1991 Hace 7 días
Things got heated in the kickstarter comments. Alot of backers still haven't got the game apparantly and there's silence on Fangamers end. Also this game is apparently getting DLC alot of backers knew nothing about and will apparently have to pay for.
Moody Sav
Moody Sav Hace 13 días
Yakuza is the game Shenmue wishes it could be
angeldeb82 Hace 17 días
So very funny with the imps and Shenmue losing to the giant imp twice by stomping on him with "Ow ow ow"! XD
ryu zero
ryu zero Hace 17 días
I love the shenmue series always have but I'll never say it's a good game, it's living in the past and has massive flaws and that bulllshit with the gang-leader, knocking you out twice with a fucking lariat was infuriating. They made the quick time events even worse, by giving no time to press them whatsoever. You would have to have the ability to slow time to catch the fucking things. So many bad things about shenmue, but i don't think I'll ever stop loving it. Brainwashing at it's finest lol.
MrFlipperInvader792 Hace 18 días
Why is shenmue bad again?
ScouseMouse Hace 21 un día
I'm a huge Shenmue fan (and by that I mean 1 and 2) but number 3 is an absolutely awful game
Ed Le Toggaf
Ed Le Toggaf Hace 21 un día
i heard it looks like shit play yakuza instead or judgement
Joshua Generous
Joshua Generous Hace 21 un día
D++. Prime D++ by D++.
saturnotaku Hace 23 días
I don't know if I should be depressed or proud that I rage quit this game before Yahtzee did.
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler Hace 24 días
The Shenmue series sounds like another case of being a good idea on paper but not so much in practice.
Matt S Berger
Matt S Berger Hace 24 días
The key is to actually practice the Horse Stance in real life, while doing in the game. Anyway, the game is great.
The7thSeal Hace 25 días
What I'm getting from this is that Shenmue 3 (and by extension 1 and 2) are akin the part of Monty Python's Holy Grail, where everone starts yelling "Get on with it!", only it never does.
Christoph Brinkmann
Christoph Brinkmann Hace 25 días
Hey Shenmue fans - good news! The turd game, I mean, third game managed to hit Yahtzee's end of the year awards and beat out 2 games on the worst list!!!!!
Cala Maria
Cala Maria Hace 25 días
Shenmue fans just need to get out of their nostalgia and realize that it's a bad game. Then go and play the Yakuza series.
just due it
just due it Hace un mes
I own shenmue 3 and this review makes me excited to play it.
Renato Corvaro
Renato Corvaro Hace un mes
Shenmue is bad. It has always been bad. Sure, it could have been great. There was a lot of potential, and a lot of the ideas in the original were ahead of their time. But their implementation was terrible and all that potential was wasted. Shenmue sucks and I wish people would just stop talking about it.
"... pays worse than giving handjobs to church mice..." This shit right here is what makes me come back to this bastard for laughs more than 10 years later....
Dilean Hace un mes
This but unironically.
torque8899 Hace un mes
It was an awful game
kap1618 Hace un mes
So skip Shenmue 3 and just play Yakuza 0 instead.
HypnoPants Hace un mes
If you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.
dying inside 7
dying inside 7 Hace un mes
Since you asked for advice, the proper method was to take the dico out, burn it Infront of the family dog and then maybe have a little cry, hope this helps :)
Jie Pon
Jie Pon Hace un mes
As Yiahtzee is a competent writer, I bet Disco Elysium is Yiahtzees GotY.
monkeywolfe Hace un mes
"Don't miss the next three shenmue sequels after which Ryu will have finally completed the first third of his character Arc" Ah, the Disney Star Wars method.
Chickenbowser Hace un mes
There's only one wooden emotionless Asian man who communicates through punching hoodlums really hard in my life and his name is Kazuma Kiryu.
Hydro Hace un mes
You're so jaded and sardonic like a well written character that exists solely to counter act the overly optimistic protagonist and it's beautiful. This has been my ted talk.
Cero Cero
Cero Cero Hace un mes
I literally saw a post from a shenmue fan talking about his first impresions of the game listing the admitedly bad graphics and animations as a positive.
Ekkk Hace un mes
Because he was wearing nostalgia goggles.
Texelion 3D prints
Texelion 3D prints Hace un mes
Nobody seems to really know how to pronounce Shemue. And I sure don't.
Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor Hace un mes
To this day I'm not sure if he's shit at games or not.
Tom Hill
Tom Hill Hace un mes
Shenmue is respected not because it is good but because it helped make the Yakuza series. Also this review is a very long-winded way to say Shenmue is a fuckin forklift driving simulator for assholes.
Jaz Tenchi
Jaz Tenchi Hace un mes
Despite how campy it could be at sometimes... I still like it lol. It's kinda charming to me
cannon Hace un mes
1:51 You know Miyamoto doesn't play games either right?
cannon Hace un mes
1:07 "It would have been so much more competitive if it had the games" Nah, Dreamcast had alot of great games, it was marketing and pirating that made it a failure, do your research next time Mr. game "journalist"
Ekkk Hace un mes
Not really, most standout Dreamcast games were arcade ports and by 1999 that wasn't much of a selling point.
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
The Shenmue franchise is bad, and you should feel bad.
Nathan Cawley
Nathan Cawley Hace un mes
Fucking hilarious. I laughed hard enough at this to draw concerned looks from my mother's dog.
Senor Corbuiser
Senor Corbuiser Hace un mes
handjobs to church mice @ 04:40 my sides rip
Josh Y
Josh Y Hace un mes
Ah. Yahtzee is an ATP fan.
NON Hace un mes
Shen Mue is just Yakuza without any of the things that make Yakuza good.
Hidoi Music
Hidoi Music Hace un mes
For anyone interested the correct way to say it is shenmoo
ldmt1995 Hace un mes
I love it when Yahtzee gets reaaaally pissed at a game.
akun50 Hace un mes
Iirc, you have to make sure not to goblin hop when you're supposed to gremlin squat
NamelessXsilent Hace un mes
shen mooie
hollowedhope Hace un mes
This is mean and stupid. The game is not without its faults and shortcomings. It's a kickstarter sequel to an ambitious game in scope. It was bound not to be perfect. But it has a distinctive charm, immersion and beauty. It's not GTA or Yakuza, nor does it want to be. It's much more down to earth and intent. The reviewer does seem smart enough to realize that, but goes for the easy, cheap shots in a trademark snarky and bitchy tone in order to get views. Sad to see how something like this does well
Majora Hace un mes
Judging by the review the game is badly written, boring, and unreasonably obtuse. It's a bad game you spineless clown. Grow some standards.
minty Hace un mes
This has been his shtick for over a decade lol
LordSnoodles Hace un mes
I have no horse in this race, but it's not "shenmooey."
ArcaneAzmadi Hace un mes
It's close enough for someone who doesn't actually speak Japanese like Yahtzee. Before I learned to speak Japanese, I pronounced it "Shenmoo" (and did for decades afterwards even when I should have known better, just out of habit). I give him credit just for acknowledging that you're meant to pronounce the "e" on the end separately.
Cr0sshare Cr0sshar3
One game I would like to see Yahtzee review is Pathologic 2. You are a surgeon who had gone away for medical school before returning home due to a letter from your father. When you return to your hometown, everything is completely screwed up, along with an emerging plague. It is bleak, depressing, frustrating, and the choices are never easy to make. Anyone else know this game? If so, let Yahtzee know so he will review it in the future.
Arg Etect
Arg Etect Hace un mes
What's with the klansmen? Is that supposed to be a tinfoil hat?
Scott Shafer
Scott Shafer Hace un mes
I've never even played Shamu before. But after watching the first cutscenes of the third game I'm inclined to agree with Yahtzee on this. (That was a joke)
mrmonkeyman79 Hace un mes
I remember enjoying the first one when it came out, but looking back the only things i actually remember about the game is driving a fork lift truck, petting a kitten and playing space harrier rather a lot. And if one of the only things your players remember about your game is the other game that came with it then you probably did it wrong.
allooutrick Hace un mes
I'll take this over Yakuza. Mainly because I really dislike Yakuza's combat and there's too much of it for me to want to see the story through.
Cory Guy
Cory Guy Hace un mes
You speak as if you're trying to compress your review to an, at most, 2 minute minute video, but here you are going on for nearly 6 minutes. Once your witty banter wears out you just sound monotone and incomprehensible, especially for those wearing headphones. The discussion is in fact informative, but goodness...
jeremy debraccio
jeremy debraccio Hace un mes
Dreamcast sucked. Everything on it was worse
Jose 84
Jose 84 Hace un mes
Btw, you forgot to mention the stamina system, some annoying gameplay mechanic that wasnt even present in the original games...RELEASED TWENTY YEARS AGO.
Jose 84
Jose 84 Hace un mes
I'm a big fan os the series, and this game was TERRIBLE...plus, 60 dollars, plus...lol...A SEASON PASS. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?
Superthrust Hace un mes
Sooo...you DIDN'T like it...?
*SPOILERS* Shenmue 3 is just a filler arc
Super Steve
Super Steve Hace un mes
I see.
BorkFate Hace un mes
Shenmui fan here pres x not to die. Ah fuck it im a fan of nothing of the night, or anything in general
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