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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Shenmue III.
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11 dic 2019






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The Escapist
The Escapist Hace 9 meses
Watch this week's ZP episode where Yahtzee reviews a bunch of games you've been bugging him to review: www.escapistmagazine.com/v2/2019-games-i-havent-review-roundup-zero-punctuation/
Logan Langor
Logan Langor Hace 5 meses
Smoke pot (considering the rate of speech you are on meth) than play shenmue 1, 3 sucks.
Shalkar Hace 9 meses
I've been impatiently waiting for this one...
gozzilla177 Hace 9 meses
@Brit Animations Nope I'm talking about shenmu lol
Brit Animations
Brit Animations Hace 9 meses
@gozzilla177 If you're referring to my comment I love the Edge of Time
David Castro
David Castro Hace 9 meses
Well, his Borderlands 3 review went as I expected.
Juni Post
Juni Post Hace 4 días
Why do people like this game again?
Sanchez Harper
Sanchez Harper Hace 11 días
Christoph Brinkmann
Christoph Brinkmann Hace 12 días
Hey Shenmue fans! Just a reminder that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a great game from 2019, just like this one turned out to b- BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA God I couldn't finish that sentence without laughing.
orangeapples Hace 17 días
“Shenmue fan, be sure to leave a lot of comments telling me what I should have done.” Shenmue Fans: What? That’s it? Please. Continue.
Luigi Vercotti
Luigi Vercotti Hace 17 días
Why does this franchise even exist, we have Yakuza now, I don't get it
I Wong
I Wong Hace 19 días
Wait, were you still using an ax to cut the firewood? Well, of course you got nowhere. You've got to split logs with your fists about several hundred times before you're strong enough to split them with a twig.
PaleVoyager Hace 21 un día
I sniff glue-ey and sit in my blue-ey chair before taking my cue-ey to play Shenmue-ey.
Daveth Hace 22 días
These games are a never ending carnival ride, like by now the third game is something completely different...I still don't know what the fucking mirror is and why his dad got killed over it.
Mike C
Mike C Hace 22 días
The first one was close.
epiccollision Hace 22 días
The creators said 5-9 total “stories...good luck! Is he pronouncing the “e” at the end of Shenmue, I guess Yahtzee is now an asshole.
BobBigWheels Hace 25 días
What you should of done is just never played the game.
Herman Cillo
Herman Cillo Hace un mes
Shenmue? Shenmue was basically the 1st tutorial town of a JRPG. Edit: It was a plan for episodic gaming before the term episodic gaming even existed.
Nanimations Hace un mes
But D2 on the Dreamcast was such a fantastic fun adventure game! D is actually a series that needs to come back...
Trenchcoat Joe
Trenchcoat Joe Hace un mes
Why would anyone play Shenmue when Yakuza exists.
Matthew Cusanelli
Matthew Cusanelli Hace un mes
"Catch Ten of those Chickens" "SHOOT THE GUN!!!" -Dunkey
Ifrit Hace un mes
The hubris of this man (Yu Suzuki) is astounding. Can you imagine if Stephen Spielberg said "Oh no, I don't watch movies"?
Ron Bert Lomarda
Ron Bert Lomarda Hace un mes
No wonder Yu Suzuki had an argument with Sega. The gameplay sucked.
Nobs McNoble
Nobs McNoble Hace un mes
Not only have fans gotten incredibly snippy with me for just saying the game looks terrible, they unironically defend it by saying "well yeah that plot in 3 was ass but just wait till 4, that's when it's all gonna come together"
asari shepard
asari shepard Hace un mes
Its shenmooo not shenmoooeee.
Nicholas Kandas
Nicholas Kandas Hace un mes
I highly recommend super eyepatch wolf's review of this game. He is a part of the Shenmue is great cult and is deeply upset about this installment. It is a very funny video, if a little sad.
Stam Lam
Stam Lam Hace 23 días
I see
HylianBran Hace un mes
"Shenmue is and always was a terrible, terrible, game, and I refuse to accept that any of you seriously believe otherwise". No, it wasn't a terrible game 20 years ago, because there were no precedents for similar games, as none others of it's ilk existed at the time of it's release. Obviously neither it nor its direct sequel have aged particularly well in many areas at all, but they are certainly important, and sure as hell weren't terrible 20 years ago. Your critique on the franchise itself is extremely shallow, and shows clear disrespect for the art you are critiquing, which shows that you just don't give a shit about the legitimate quality of this respective work of art. I'm not calling your statement(s) invalid, as Shenmue is certainly a product of it's time, and is completely open for criticism, just as any other work of art.
Eureka Hace un mes
I borderline get angry that Shenmue killed Sega with its budget... then 20 years later the series gets revived only to be a complete filler episode.
boris Hace un mes
To anyone reading: Shenmue 1 and 2 are better than your favorite game :)
Big Sweet Owl
Big Sweet Owl Hace un mes
It's weird coming across this guy's videos on my recommended and being like ... "THIS IS THAT GUY WHO MADE THE CHZO MYTHOS! WHAT A LEGEND!!! Wait, what about Shenmu?"
Dus10 Hace un mes
Wait, what was wrong with the Dreamcast?
Emily Stewart
Emily Stewart Hace un mes
How dare you insult Captain Scarlet like this.
/////// Hace un mes
I liked it.
Martin Rangecroft
Martin Rangecroft Hace un mes
Superb game with more originality, creativity and love put into the designs on the Smart Ball and Lucky Hit boards than appears in the whole of Spider-Man 2018, to pick one example.
naejin Hace un mes
What you should have done is not play the game & just watch SuperEyePatchWolf's review of the game. I suppose being a video game reviewer might compromise the viability of this option, but he actually played...no, suffered through the entire game for us, and thoroughly dissected why the game was so awful.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones Hace un mes
As someone who was never a fan of the series, isn't this what fans wanted though? I mean, it's pretty much the same as the first game, I think?
tutucox Hace un mes
you should not open your pie hole to talk bad things about the best game ever made , ty , love you :D
Soothingwinds Hace un mes
Guys, it's a life sim. If it seems boring its because it manages to capture exactly that. Life is boring.
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Hace un mes
Or, you know I could do something that isnt boring instead
inphanta Hace un mes
I enjoyed the first two games for what they were at the time. This third instalment really brought home just how far things have moved on since then, but my biggest problem with it was the wobbly camera that gave me motion sickness. I couldn’t continue playing for that reason, and by the sounds of it, I haven’t missed much.
brooza664 Hace un mes
I loved the franchise and didn't even manage to get as far as that
EvtheNev Hace un mes
They were great at the time. Shemue 3 is shite, just play Yakuza instead.
Mohammad Ahmad
Mohammad Ahmad Hace un mes
Will people ever stop comparing shenmue to yakuza they are different games
Flame Haze
Flame Haze Hace un mes
This video was funny, but now seriously, Shenmue franchise offers a unique and difficult to explain experience. It takes a certain maturity to face it, and a taste for simple things. I'm a big longtime fan and I have to say that Shenmue is one of the best franchises I've ever played, and Shenmue II is still the best game. Frankly, Shenmue III disappointed me a lot in the story part, because in Shenmue II Ryo knows people who try to teach him about how bad the desire to get even is, but he is so obstinate about it that he doesn't give up ... I hoped that in Shenmue III there would appear at least a moment when some great master tried to teach him about how bad it is to want to take revenge, which being one of the main themes of Shenmue II, I honestly felt that this part was left out in Shenmue III. Another thing I didn't like was the unnecessary moments of humor, especially in high tension fights. Another criticism I make is the amount of events that this new game brings, it is considerably much smaller than Shenmue II, and even Shenmue I had more events than this new game, at the end of the game I got the feeling that I have progressed in almost nothing in history. Precisely because it fails with history, presenting little content, there are few exciting moments, few pauses for Shenmue's incredible songs to be played and contemplated with the beautiful backgrounds in the background. It seems that Yu Suzuki forgot to be romantic and made his masterpiece a kind of comedy without much content. The game also has several sidequests, they are cool and meet the modern demand that says that every RPG needs sidequests, but I find many of them out of place, because for a character as obstinate as Ryo, I really don't think he would stop his investigations to help someone in a sidequest have nothing to do with their goals. On positive aspects, we have very beautiful scenarios, which meet the expectations of the fans precisely because they are not ultra realistic cinematic scenarios of the great AAA games, but at the same time it is not as if we were playing a Playstation 2 game. On the positive side, we have the expectation if we see Shenmue IV, maybe Yu Suzuki will be able to make a great game again, just like Shenmue II.
Karakta Hace un mes
says the guy who made a bunch of shitty point and clicks 10 years ago.
James Neave
James Neave Hace un mes
I have to disagree on the combat. Shenmue 1s combat was, in retrospect, very dark souls. Based on virus fighter It required you to get good with very little assistance. You could Wade through and hope and win eventually. Or, you could get gud with much practice you could actually get through untouched and that was a serious achievement.
James Neave
James Neave Hace un mes
Shenmue 3s combat is garbage though.
Sept77 Hace un mes
I think the problem is that in Shenmue 1 all the timesink stuff was meant to make it feel more real and immersive- it sold itself on being a game where you had to go to work, and shops would only be open at certain times, just like in real life. In Shenmue 3 it's not aiding the immersion, it's just making everything take much longer.
mangaas Hace un mes
The best part of this review is Yahtzee assuming he'd get hate from Shemnue fans for his review. Trust me, stopping the game there and never playing again is the correct way to play.
dff Hace un mes
Dude, beating the first boss is easy. All you have to do is join a crime syndicate, spend several years working diligently so that you get promoted for your efforts and are given a gun and then you just shoot the guy. I don't know why you think this is so difficult.
Average Joe
Average Joe Hace un mes
I learned on Super Eyepatch Wolf's video that all you would've found after getting past that thug were QTE's, more money grinding for a supposedly "improved" version of the secret technique the old master already taught Ryo Hazuki, & a VERY disappointing showdown with the unbeatable final boss kicking Ryo's ass. If the horrible minigames didn't send you down Mt. Ragequit, then any of those other downsides I just mentioned would have. I honestly think this review would've been MUCH harsher if Yahtzee had found that out himself!
blu phoenix
blu phoenix Hace un mes
Hank Dundon
Hank Dundon Hace 2 meses
The title screen turned out to be one the best metaphors for this game. If a game developer doesn't realize the importance of a good title screen, what else was he oblivious to?
jacob berry
jacob berry Hace 2 meses
the final countdown
CarJamLaw Hace 2 meses
I love, LOVE, parts I and II. I don't care what anyone says to the contrary. But...this third one turned out to be so bad. BAD! Boring. Toothless. I can't get past five hours, and I'm fine with slow pace story games. There was always a certain feeling of tension in the previous installments. Mysteries and puzzles to get into. Interesting characters that give you a boost while contributing to the world build. Now it's fake. Fake characters, fake villages. Infantile investigation narrative. And don't get me started on the dialogue. It's much worse than anything that came before. They ruined everything that was good before and tripled downed on the crappy. How could this have happened? Beyond disappointing.
Shane G
Shane G Hace 2 meses
Fuck you the game isn’t meant for you you clearly don’t get it
duple_flamingo Hace 2 meses
@Andrew Jackson Right on man.
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Hace 2 meses
Yeah it's ment for retards who hate good games
Yeah Dude
Yeah Dude Hace 3 meses
Yahtzee I love you but stop with the intro music it's very bad.
The Obsidian Tiger
The Obsidian Tiger Hace 3 meses
Just press 'L' exactly once at the start of each video. The video will jump ahead 10 seconds and skip most of the intro music.
Garrett Oliva
Garrett Oliva Hace 3 meses
Can't wait for Shenmue 4.
Courier 6
Courier 6 Hace 3 meses
Garrett Oliva In about 3 centuries
MrSHURIKENCHO Hace 3 meses
"Pays worse than giving handjobs to church mice" holly fucking shit I love this guy phahahahah
Mr. Korzack
Mr. Korzack Hace 4 meses
The more I hear about Shenmue, the more I start to sense it's what happens if you gave Ride to Hell: Retribution a dreamcast exclusive
Pope Goodvibes
Pope Goodvibes Hace 4 meses
You should have used the SuperPlayer Feature!
Vicky Squeeze
Vicky Squeeze Hace 4 meses
No, I haven’t.
BadJokeZach Hace 4 meses
'No I DONT know the WAY to the POST office'
Becca Porten
Becca Porten Hace 5 meses
I'm disappointed. I come down here and I expect a bunch of hate comments to read and have a laugh at but everyone here agrees with him! Where's the anger? This is a video criticizing a cult classic, people should be angry, so we can all laugh at it
Retro Game Lord
Retro Game Lord Hace 3 meses
@Becca Porten Not to all of us lol
Becca Porten
Becca Porten Hace 4 meses
@MrAsaqe wait Shenmue III was a failure to people?
MrAsaqe Hace 4 meses
It's like Mighty No.9 and phoenix point, two games that played on nolstagia and anger against the heartless corporate machine only for them to sell out hard and fail to deliver on their promises and realizing the ones who loved them have learned to cope with loss and the new generation too busy to care.
Sejong TheGreat
Sejong TheGreat Hace 5 meses
It's double ironic, because the game get's you nowhere in the end, and Yahtzee wasn't even smart enough to beat the first boss.
Atreuso Hace 5 meses
You should have gotten a gun
Dark Arts Dabbler
Dark Arts Dabbler Hace 5 meses
Long before this came out, I remember people wistfully describing shenmue as an insanely innovative, truly open world super game Now all those people have seemingly disappeared and I’m confused
Free To Play KING
Free To Play KING Hace un mes
let's just say reality hit them way too hard with this one
AKos Hace 5 meses
i thought it was pronounced shenMOO
Bloodyshinta1 Hace 5 meses
it sucks that yahtzee wont review shenmue II considering its undeniably the best in the series.
Retro Game Lord
Retro Game Lord Hace 3 meses
Shenmue 2 is a true work of art
hamuka Hace 5 meses
I thought the "PRESS START in massive plain white Arial font" bit was a joke. I was wrong. So horribly, horribly wrong.
Umu !
Umu ! Hace 5 meses
No, I haven’t.
RainAngel111 Hace 5 meses
I think this games appeal was purely from the impressive graphics in the first game. Now that every video game is gorgeous, shenmue is revealed as trash
Eatinbritches Hace 5 meses
I'm late to the party, but I must act the apologist. I got Shenmue when it came out, and at the time absolutely loved it. Even when it did drag on, and it did, it was the first time I had seen a game world so compellingly rendered. It was the first game with semi-realistic dialog, during a time when everything was either text boxes, or horribly mistranslated. The insane detail had me hooked for a good week as I played through it. I even got used to the combat and wanted more of it. And the story... it just sucked me in, enough to make me wade through all that downtime. When I got to the ending, I about cried, the feeling of being a lonely boy leaving home to a foreign land, after what seemed like a hell of a climax. It was a seriously flawed game, and I knew it, but there was nothing else like it at the time. Nothing. I never played 2, however, and I'm not sure I ever will. A decade past, and one day after getting my DC going again, I decided to fire it up for old time sakes. Boy howdy. The design, the graphics, the detail is all still there, but the gameplay has aged terribly. Knowing that the formula has been drastically improved simply killed the magic. At this point, Shenmue serves as a museum piece for the burgeoning development of open world games. It's a hell of a milestone, I loved it when it was new, but it'll be too soon if I bother playing it again. Yakuza does a much better job imo anyway, though sometimes I miss the more personable character of Shenmue, where it's not all just angry dudes swearing at you and picking fights for no apparent reason.
Jallek Hace 5 meses
Shenmue 3 is legitimately one of the worst games of this generation. It's like the 'Foodfight' of video games. Except Foodfight has Charlie Sheen.
Dirk Dingle
Dirk Dingle Hace 5 meses
Shenmue 3 is just Takeshi’s Challenge for zoomers
Dirk Dingle
Dirk Dingle Hace un mes
Shuyin781 it’s takeshi’s challenge for zoomers.
Shuyin781 Hace un mes
@Dirk Dingle posting the exact same comment makes you sound like a broken record, you know that?
Dirk Dingle
Dirk Dingle Hace un mes
Shuyin781 it’s takeshi’s challenge for zoomers.
Shuyin781 Hace un mes
@Dirk Dingle really ? I wasn't aware that you could permanently be soft-blocked and lose shenmue 3 on some random BS...
Dirk Dingle
Dirk Dingle Hace un mes
boris it’s takeshi’s challenge for zoomers.
Shenmue is the the Star Wars prequels of video games.
JC Hace 5 meses
Shenmue is not for everyone, it is made for whoever wishes for a meditative and immersive experience that needs a lot of patience and calmness to truly enjoy. It was not really made for dopamine/adrenaline inducing gameplay that we are used to nowadays. Whomever says Yakuza is similar to Shenmue ignoring the fact that Yakuza is the polar opposite, while Shenmue is a very slow and chill experience, Yakuza is pretty much an adrenaline junkie's wet dream. The only similarities are the minigames.
Thomas De Guzman
Thomas De Guzman Hace un mes
If you can call gambling for potentially hours straight to progress the story then yeah "meditative". You can take this game out of existence and it wouldn't have made a difference in the progress of the story. This is exactly what happens when you get a guy who doesn't even play video games to design a third one to a series that frankly should have just retired. But go ahead and crowd fund for the 4th one cos I doubt any decent publisher would be willing to fund it after this game bombed in terms of sales.
Courier 6
Courier 6 Hace 3 meses
JC This game is anything BUT immersive, the voice acting, graphics, and animation are all garbage. The gameplay is also extremely tedious and is the virtual equivalent of doing chores. Not to mention how disappointing the ending was lol
gru Hace 5 meses
If you want a meditative experience just play Death stranding
JustAnotherPsyco Hace 5 meses
If this is the third installment, and the original is just Shenmue, then whatever happened to the second one?
Adrian Vigil
Adrian Vigil Hace 5 meses
Jeez Yahtzee you really had no mercy with this one
FireBomberBassist Hace 6 meses
How dare you insult Shinmuey
The Zigzagman
The Zigzagman Hace 6 meses
When you boil it down, Yahtzee's review is, "Fans of the series will enjoy Shanmue 3, but its style and presentation are probably too dated to impress new players." No matter how vitriolic his rhetoric gets, his criticism is well reasoned and accurate.
Junior Junior
Junior Junior Hace 10 días
@Kildaer Was just thinking about Eypatch Wolf. His video really went into detail about the downgrade of the game play and the heavy lack of story.
Kildaer Hace un mes
4 months too late, but Super Eye Patch wolf released his Shenmue 3 video, in summary lots of Shenmue fans hate 3: it did nothing to progress the story, it had one section of the story that was fun but then was killed by the core gameplay loop, and 3 completely ruined the combat which was a beloved feature of the original 2.
Drewdog Hace 6 meses
If anyone is curious about playing through the Shenmue trilogy, I always shake my head, and refer them to the Yakuza series instead. Even as a kid, I never loved Shenmue when I bought it, in fact, I stopped at the forklift bullshit and didn't go back to beat it for a year. I tried to replay it recently, and it's aged so badly, it can't be considered fun. It's all flash and nothing else.
LeeTSimba Hace 6 meses
you should have played it to the end for Maximum Disappointment.
I AM Zero223
I AM Zero223 Hace 6 meses
The ending is dry as hell you go through the whole game and get your ass kicked at the end for the guy to get away. Mad just Mad
javier landry
javier landry Hace 5 meses
Xavier Grose
Xavier Grose Hace 6 meses
I think the e at the end Is silent or am I the idiot probably me
JoaoRCL15 Hace 6 meses
People don't understand this game, thats why they say its bad
Joeyfield0 Hace 6 meses
Because of you and Dunkey, I went on metacritic on it, and I found the game got like a 7.6. So it looks like a lot of people still like it. I'm more incline to believe you two
Variant Hace 6 meses
in the squats minigame i thought he was just taking a shit
Andy Gilleand
Andy Gilleand Hace 6 meses
Dreamcast actually had a really solid lineup of games. Sega gave up on it when it was actually still selling fairly well.
Ecomillion Triheart
@Andy Gilleand it was nightmare fuel for my 9 year old self
Andy Gilleand
Andy Gilleand Hace un mes
@Ecomillion Triheart Seaman was hilarious and unique
Ecomillion Triheart
I for one am glad the system failed, Seaman was the worst game of all time.
futurestoryteller Hace 6 meses
Cupriferous Catalyst
I don't really get why all the negative critiques I've seen are from people who disliked the first two games. I haven't played any of them, but if I played the first one, didn't like it, played the second anyway and didn't like it either, I probably wouldn't expect the third one to be any better. Actual fans of the series have been very quiet, so I have no idea how it actually holds up comparatively.
Francisco Reyes
Francisco Reyes Hace 6 meses
I think it comes from the fact that the game took 18 years to make and they had to use their fans money to make it. Only to through out this game
Michael Janko II
Michael Janko II Hace 6 meses
Holy... you talk fast...
Cupriferous Catalyst
ok boomer
Courier 6
Courier 6 Hace 3 meses
Cupriferous Catalyst He isn5 a boomer lol, this game is just bad
SkyDiams Team
SkyDiams Team Hace 4 meses
What even
Wide And Nerdy
Wide And Nerdy Hace 6 meses
lol brownian motion.
Adam Thompson
Adam Thompson Hace 6 meses
its like every bad video game trope you remember from your childhood all rolled up into one game
endlessrskies1 Hace 6 meses
k I couldn't even finish ur terrible vid first cuz u don't appreciate the game, and second, please pronounce it correctly. its Shenmue, shen-MOO... not shen-MOOEY, good god man, I don't where ur from, pronounce with respect....pathetic....
SkyDiams Team
SkyDiams Team Hace 4 meses
endlessrskies1 "He didn’t like the game, terrible vid 0/10" lol
endlessrskies1 Hace 4 meses
@SkyDiams Team incorrect good sir/ma'am
SkyDiams Team
SkyDiams Team Hace 4 meses
That first reason is total shit and you know it
Jacob Edenfield
Jacob Edenfield Hace 5 meses
endlessrskies1 lol that game is shit and you know it.
Sonic1994CD Hace 6 meses
Making Shenmue 3 was a mistake
Super Pochaco
Super Pochaco Hace 6 meses
Shenmue III in a nutshell: 1. Run around talking to people who will stonewall you at every opportunity. 2. Grind money and catch chickens over and over to learn martial arts 3. Finally confront your father's killer and fail to land a single hit before he gets away. 4. Swear vengeance as the credits roll and be told to buy Shenmue 4 in 50 years.
John Smith
John Smith Hace un mes
@Ventus S And Disintegration, from the old Bungie dev. And Lawbreakers. And the game they made after Lawbreakers, that somehow looked and sold significantly worse than Lawbreakers, one of the worst selling AAA games of all time.
belle tho
belle tho Hace un mes
@Amalaric GoTH Yep it's that bad. Ryo finally faces Lan Di....only to get his ass kicked, Lan Di makes a hasty retreat, and the game ends with Ryo swearing that he will find Lan Di one day and get revenge. In other words....Ryo is on THE EXACT SAME POSITION at the end of Shenmue 3 that he was in at the start of Shenmue 1!
Ventus S
Ventus S Hace un mes
And people funded millions of dollars for it. Such stupidity. That's why I stop bother funding those "old dev who got drove away from a big company but they want to reboot old IP" Trend. Majority of those games are bad, far worse than Indie game, yet those games usually got funded the most. 3 big disappointment of recent year reboot: Shenmue 3, Mighty no. 9, Bloodstained (before you say anything, basically bad story, cardboard thin character, stiff animation, mediocre art direction, cheap 3D engine with 0 identity, unmemorable music and boss fight )
Amalaric GoTH
Amalaric GoTH Hace 3 meses
Jesus Christ! ITS THAT BAD?
Milanous Hace 6 meses
Shenmue 3: FAILED Your description of Shenmue 3: NAILED
Sammyboy7266 Hace 6 meses
Who on Earth pronounces it "Shen-moo-ee"? Lol what.
nikolai bahtin
nikolai bahtin Hace 6 meses
Gota get the moooooooooooneeeeeeeey...
Sept77 Hace 6 meses
Shenmue was groundbreaking at the time for doing something no one else had done at the time: giving you a town that you interacted with as a normal person. You could talk and interact with anyone and everything, and you realistically had to wait for time to pass and work a day job to get cash. It was an interactive slice-of-life simulator. Only problem now is, between games like Yakuza, Animal Crossing, and to a lesser extent Skyrim, we have games that do that better, and without all the shit that sucks.
David Ambrozi
David Ambrozi Hace 6 meses
Now fetch me 10 more chickens
Canadiansamurai Hace 6 meses
And yet Jet set radio still hasn't gotten a third installment...
Michael O'Keefe
Michael O'Keefe Hace 6 meses
Zero Punctuation is VERY VERY BRITISH!!!!!!!!
Courier 6
Courier 6 Hace un mes
Wipeout325 Ah I see, makes sense
Wipeout325 Hace un mes
Kevin I he was born and grew up in Britain, then moved to Australia and then moved to America to be with his girlfriend (now wife)
Courier 6
Courier 6 Hace 3 meses
Michael O'Keefe Australian actually (at least I’m pretty sure about that)
ThisThingEaten Hace 7 meses
Why was THIS the game that got a III? Why not Mega Man Legends?
ArchAngel121996 Hace 7 meses
i honestly enjoyed it 4 the most part
meu02136 Hace 7 meses
With regards to your Olympics simile, it's like wanting to be a video game reviewer but being too shit at video games to play said video game.
Courier 6
Courier 6 Hace 3 meses
meu02136 It’s not that he’s impatient lol, it’s just that the game isn’t fun to play, he has no problem playing difficult games (he has fully completed the dark souls games, bloodborne, and a bunch of other similar titles)
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