Sherlock & Irene Adler Locker Fight Scene

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Agna Maria Rejy
Agna Maria Rejy Hace 7 días
I just come here at least once every week just for a glimpse of his sexy ass... @2.47.. #slowmotionsexiness
بندر المرسى
بندر المرسى Hace 14 días
Best sherlock episode everrr. Full of great scenes. I like the way he repeats saying I don’t know wow
Reyna Soraten
Reyna Soraten Hace 22 días
sherlock knows where to look huahahaha
SeerOfTime Hace 25 días
So boss.
Elvis 2011
Elvis 2011 Hace un mes
That "sorry Sherlock" 😢
Shreya Jawale
Shreya Jawale Hace un mes
3:10 minutes of Adlock sexiness. Wow
Wasserhahn24 Hace un mes
Ok I can finally say that I am not able to tell apart an american accent from a british one.
Can we appreciate that she looks so beautiful in Sherlock's coat
leah x
leah x Hace un mes
What did Sherlock say to John and what did it mean
Ravenclaw Percabeth
Detective Sherlock's reaction: Attack intruder The Woman Irene's reaction: Attack intruder Army Doctor John's reaction: "Is this man alive or dead?"
Prottoy Islam
Prottoy Islam Hace 2 meses
I think whatever you press it will open and shoot. Sherlock dosent know the code, and it dosent matter
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips Hace 3 meses
God I miss this show
Daniel C Treidene
Daniel C Treidene Hace 3 meses
Ms "irene adler" hope you dont mind me visiting an old address of yours....
Trixia Santiago
Trixia Santiago Hace 3 meses
2:52 best and hottest angle of Sherlock.You're welcome😂😍
Trixia Santiago
Trixia Santiago Hace 3 meses
2:37 is just so freaking amazing daaammmnn Sherlock looked hot there 😂😂😍😍
Sudipa Hace 3 meses
Well, he's always hot but here, he's incredibly hot.
Ryan M.
Ryan M. Hace 4 meses
1:50 Me archer American spies Sterling archer?
Jiggle PHD
Jiggle PHD Hace 4 meses
Now I always duck when I open a vault
Guilherme Hace 4 meses
That woman make the rule of an evil vampire in Underworld Blood Wars!
KyodaiKen1979 Hace 25 días
...then she makes a mistake of trying to mess with Selene.
Luisa Mendoza
Luisa Mendoza Hace 5 meses
"Amazing how fire exposes our priorities" Ahh... remember when John was almost burned and Sherlock had no hesitation for running into a bonfire just to save him
Lana Jaleel
Lana Jaleel Hace 3 meses
Luisa Mendoza the man's caught red handed
little Maid of the moon
"Sherlock Holmes doesn't-" WHAT? IRENE, TELL MEEEE
Valar Dohaeris
Valar Dohaeris Hace 5 meses
D A M N.
somekid Hace 6 meses
I like how he says "American interesting"
scarlet letters
scarlet letters Hace 6 meses
sherlock: "amazing how fire exposes our priorities" and then when they threatened to kill irene he did nothing but deny that he knew the code, yet the second they threatened john he started to freak out to the point of shooting in desperation and tried to guess the code as fast as he could. OH WELL
JNike Hace un mes
Apparently if the thought of your friend getting shot in the head makes one worry about said friend, then they are most definitely romantically in love with that friend. Geesh, people like you sometimes make me doubt whether we really are an intelligent species.
lemonade sour
lemonade sour Hace 6 meses
"Vatican Cameos" -Used mostly in war when a non-military figure enters a military-base armed. "Vatican Cameos!" They would yell, and the military soldiers would duck. An example of this is when John H. Watson, a former soldier from Afganastan, ducks when Sherlock yells that word.
Aryan Saxena
Aryan Saxena Hace 27 días
Thanksss a lot!
gzwerpjgbf Hace un mes
Thanks for the explanation
Rebecca Lostetter
Rebecca Lostetter Hace 7 meses
This is one of those Sherlock scenes that just kills my suspension of disbelief. Her measurements? Come on.
Annabeth Jackson
Annabeth Jackson Hace 7 meses
I can't brEaThe
G Lombard
G Lombard Hace 7 meses
Comment il sait dans quel ordre mettre les mensurations ? Y'a une norme pour ça ?
Duygu Aksu
Duygu Aksu Hace 7 meses
My lovely ❤
ilkay Yilmaz
ilkay Yilmaz Hace 8 meses
cool, ıııııı no NO , more cool
BURAK Hace 8 meses
ım coming to oyun bozan relpfh madafakaa
G Lombard
G Lombard Hace 8 meses
Just how could he knew the precise order of the numbers ?
Magyar Attila
Magyar Attila Hace 18 días
from top to bottom, its always counted that way.
Someguy14201 Hace 8 meses
Where are the "viral" Ralph videos?!?
Sude Ceylan
Sude Ceylan Hace 8 meses
Perfect Scene
Equilibrium Infinity Productions Ltd
This is about the 50th time I've seen this scene, and I've only now noticed that Irene LOOKS DOWN AT HERSELF to tell Sherlock "it's my measurements." Rewatch it, right at the dramatic part, she looks down at her body and then Sherlock gets it! He didn't figure it out, she freaking told him cause John was gonna die. Omg, how did I not notice this before! Edit: Then she only goes and TELLS HIM THERE'S A GUN INSIDE! God damn, just watch her eyes throughout the entire scene. Maybe the whole "a mother looks to her children" line was a hint of "watch Irene's eyes in this scene". Well done, creators. Well done.
a random pigeon
a random pigeon Hace 9 meses
DevWrat Sachdeva
DevWrat Sachdeva Hace 9 meses
poop you are
maruftim Hace 9 meses
I thought this was the actual "BuzzTube"
Owen M
Owen M Hace 9 meses
you are so trash delete your channel
maruftim Hace 9 meses
Owen M says someone who was a trash itself.
Bảo Nhân
Bảo Nhân Hace 9 meses
Come here from Wreck It Ralph 2 :v
somekid Hace 6 meses
wait, what?
maruftim Hace 9 meses
Bảo Nhân lol same
Revior Hace 10 meses
The Plantaria
The Plantaria Hace 10 meses
This isn't like the novel!
somekid Hace 6 meses
it's supposed to be more "modern" (i never read the books though, so I couldn't tell)
Selina Qi
Selina Qi Hace 11 meses
the woman...the woman...
Asjad Abbasi
Asjad Abbasi Hace 11 meses
Irene adler real name?
Sylvania Hace un año
2:44 ;)
Doww Hace un año
Sorry but this is the best group of scenes in all of sherlock
Julka Kliś
Julka Kliś Hace un año
This scene is brilliant
Abhay Singh
Abhay Singh Hace un año
Wow amazing 😵😵😵😵😵😵
well I may have faked it
im attracted to the 3 people who arent unconscious in this room
nusrat sabir
nusrat sabir Hace un año
how did he know the code?
Emmanuel Oluwagbemi
Emmanuel Oluwagbemi Hace un año
Bilbo really did like adventure!
Shrek Hace un año
Is she in any other episodes?
intrinsictremblings Hace un año
This is one of my favorite sequences in all of Sherlock. Looove this episode
AAAEA Hace un año
Cunning Smile
Cunning Smile Hace 3 meses
No one needed to know that
Philip Webb
Philip Webb Hace 6 meses
32? I've got bigger boobs than that, and I'm an old man.
Matapati Harish
Matapati Harish Hace un año
Bless you child...
will last
will last Hace un año
AAAEA her chest, waist, hips measurements ..... Sherlock was checking her out naked and was trying to play it off (like whatever chick) earlier in the episode. lol nice try
Amy Lou2005
Amy Lou2005 Hace un año
My form tutor is in this..
Zoe Vong
Zoe Vong Hace un año
what is inside the safe
ZXA ZXareo
ZXA ZXareo Hace un año
2:38Irene goes for the elbow.2:41Irene has her hands above her head.That, is some tactical sh*t there
Kristoffer Hace un año
The scandal in bohemia. Still brings memories. I love that book.
Sonali Dasgupta
Sonali Dasgupta Hace 9 meses
@Ishaan T ...no...Bohemia...as in the Doyle's story..the original Adler
Ishaan T
Ishaan T Hace un año
Kristoffer Belgravia*
Stephy The Bride
Stephy The Bride Hace un año
If American actors were to star in the show,that would be more or less impressive,right?
harsh kothari
harsh kothari Hace un año
I had the same reaction as Dr. Watson had when I saw this episode for the first time.😂😂
Hansini Hace un año
Poor Jawn's confusion at the end
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