Sherlock: The Loner Genius Myth

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Sign up for Skillshare: skl.sh/thetake36 | What is Sherlock saying about our culture's myth of the Loner Genius? Watch our take on the BBC series (starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) and find out how it challenges our assumptions about great minds. Support The Take on Patreon: www.patreon.com/thetake
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9 feb 2019






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The Take
The Take Hace 8 meses
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the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
we have done wrong in media,and yes we are,well i know i feel bad,probaly social justice feel bad too,for lack of diversity and not enough diversity in america=everyones welcome,not criminals though, criminals dont listen to us as their to busy listening to themselves on the media, as the media is where they live, but we population live on earth and explore the media and earth and we are large, but criminals are medium large, we still outnumber them 10-1, they only hold the power because they play as campers,sweaty nerds, and most of us are beasts, not all,those people need to stop following people and start standing up for themselves,and say "fuck you status quos!!"
the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
@D. N. BHATTACHARYA im pretty sure were apologizeing for the 1700/1800 racism and the lack of diversity in media,[i think its inspiration,not racism,as your characters are inspired by what you see] plus 1 of your people[like everyone is power/money hungry and his company is spying on you/everyone=google], if hes in india stop this guy and put speakers on him,and get him to foribly remove his ceos and higher ups,stop collecting data,leak his own data,and delete all spying tec. yes im talking about you guys useing him as spy to kill his own company, freedom is worth more then him getting blackmailed/thretened by you the people, plus he has blackmailed/thretened before so its poetic, shifty people always use a single mindset and therefore all do same actions, i know both what he has done,thus i know what hilary has done because the mafia have done that for power and money already.
D. N. BHATTACHARYA Hace 8 meses
This is very informative. However, I feel there is an exaggerated need for diversity when it comes to western media narratives. I'm a brown guy in India. It was Hollywood that made a biopic on Srinivas Ramanujan, not our Bollywood. I find it odd that you people feel the need to apologise for being a white majority population.
the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
plus you can feel the emporor in the videos.
the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
knowledge people always get knowledge sponsors.
mansi shukla
mansi shukla Hace 5 días
In the BBC series John Watson was elevated to a more important level than in the original stories. And yes, the series also focuses on him. The writers clearly had fun drawing inspiration from the original stories and adapting the character of Sherlock Holmes in an unconventional way. But their decision to make John more than an outside observer and delve into his character was good. Beneath that impartial, mild and kind manner, he was driven by a need to be involved in dangerous situations, and since he was not the sort of person who would be that introspective, it required Sherlock to dragged him out of his dull existence. For Sherlock, he could have no better friend than John because he correctly realized that Sherlock was brilliant but also an idiot and he would more often than not run into danger to prove himself clever and right. John was tolerant enough for his behaviour, level headed enough to keep him grounded and in touch with his surroundings and loyal enough to always believe in him.
muscledog666 Hace 19 días
The google employee didnt write that.
DiscoverKyle Hace 24 días
I really don't see the point of criticizing geniuses being white males. That point feels completely irrelevant to this video. Otherwise, loved the perspective on Holmes!
Ziree Ziree Daimary
Ziree Ziree Daimary Hace 24 días
Do one on Sherlock and Irene Adler? Hero and Anti Hero
Allen McIver
Allen McIver Hace un mes
Its not a Myth. People in a certain genius range develop Sociopathy. they can't empathize with lesser intellects.
Sean McDonald
Sean McDonald Hace un mes
Im still not sure i like the series and its take on Sherlock. Dont get me wrong, Benedict Cumberbatch is superb but i still dont feel any urge to go back and lets not talk about the last series. . . . . .
Th'kaal Hace un mes
Someone obviously did not read the books. I noticed that you forget a few of those loner geniuses who are different races and genders. What about the loner genius from Krrsh? Or the loner genius from Bloom County? Or the loner genius from Warehouse 13? Or the loner genius from Person of Interest? Hmmmm? Just because you ignore them doesn't mean they don't exist.
Rathelm MC
Rathelm MC Hace un mes
James Damore didn’t say that. He said basically the opposite of that. He said tech needs to change if it wants to attract more women into the industry.
Bungalow Feuhler
Bungalow Feuhler Hace un mes
You shouldn’t lie about people. That makes YOU a piece if shit, not them.
Annuo Cao
Annuo Cao Hace un mes
That is not what James Damore said.
Laura Benitez
Laura Benitez Hace un mes
At least this video gives Watson some credit.
shreya dhoot
shreya dhoot Hace un mes
Do the take on Psych tv series.
FabulousKilljoy917 Hace un mes
So glad you finally did this!❤️
Bree Travis
Bree Travis Hace un mes
You forgot to mention that in the show Sherlock supposedly had Asperger's.
Sues Anna
Sues Anna Hace un mes
And again … the smarter woman has to be destroyed because she is to dangerous for this world..... this was the dumbest episode of Sherlock 🕵️‍♂️
Alexa Hace un mes
Sues Anna she was a criminal tho. But i feel that, if the series intended to put her on a pedestal (by giving her the title ‘THE’ Woman) it was indeed a sexist episode.
I love that it rejects the stereotype. The show that broke my heart that tried to reject it then unfortunately subverted itself inna finale I STILL cannot bring myself to watch was House M.D.
fernanda romero-valdespino
I like how Sherlock dosent have an end date at the begging (when the name appears at the bottom) like they are also in denial
Eman Omer
Eman Omer Hace un mes
I like this narrative this why this show is my favourite you can see the growth.
Gas Station Bathroom in Nevada
that's not what the Google memo said, bud
Darkpwns Hace 2 meses
Like this channel, but way to misinterpret Damore. He didn't say that women weren't suited to work in tech. He said that the way the tech industry is currently structured does not take advantage of the general psychological differences between men and women and a restructuring to accommodate for those differences could possibly be beneficial. Alas, suggesting that men and women are different in ways other than the physical is seen as some sort of sexist idea.
Anna Rose
Anna Rose Hace 2 meses
After you brought up the idea of Sherlock ignoring technology (I thought of how he hated John's blog) & being a human computer, I remembered how Moriarty used his phone to break into The Tower of London; Bank of England and Pentoville Prison, and how he uses the internet as his weapon. Sort of seems to be a inverse mirroring of the two.
The BiggerPicture
The BiggerPicture Hace 4 meses
Please can you make a video on Michael Scofield, he’s a genius in his own right but in a different way. Like other ‘typical’ geniuses he uses logical thought and can plan ahead in inexplicable ways. But his main difference to these people, is that he understands emotions incredibly well and uses other people, some that he doesn’t particular like, in order to create a team because he knows it’s going to get what he needs done quicker. He completely rewrites what it means to be a genius because he is a genius logically and emotionally, which makes him so much more likeable because he seems like a ‘normal’ human being in the surface with a genius mindset. Another point to make as well is he isn’t arrogant with it. In fact he plays it down as much as possible due to how humble he is and the fact that it could ruin his escape. He has such a unique dynamic it would make for such an interesting video. All the best
Patrick Haines
Patrick Haines Hace 4 meses
If Sherlock Holmes is a true sociopath as he claims to be then trust me, there's no feeling behind anything he does it's just getting people to do his way by manipulation, think of Slytherin🐍
pearlite Hace 4 meses
It is not so much a myth as it is a reality for some that so happens to be unhealthy when allowed to the extreme.
Franchesca Mia
Franchesca Mia Hace 5 meses
Okay, but the true hero in this is Mrs. Hudson
Sarah Weigel
Sarah Weigel Hace 5 meses
There will NEVER be a time when I don't cry while watching Sherlock's speech at John's wedding. This video was so interesting, and geniuses truly fascinates me. "And then John Watson enters the picture ..." Indeed. This tv show is not really about Sherlok Holmes, the smart detective. But more about John and Sherlock, the beautiful friendship (or more ?). Just subscribed, your channel is so diverse and your videos are truly captivating.
BC LR Hace 5 meses
You should be ashamed for how you betray James Demoor’s name. You should apology
Daanish Ahmad
Daanish Ahmad Hace 5 meses
Tay Off The Top
Tay Off The Top Hace 5 meses
Tommy Rosendahl
Tommy Rosendahl Hace 6 meses
I do like their dry and sarcastic sense of humour, that this archetype typically possesses.
Adrian Jutronich
Adrian Jutronich Hace 6 meses
I won't list my resume, but I'm above average when it comes to being smart, and have the degrees, awards and research to prove it. I'm not a complete social outcast, but I do live quite a lonely life. Not because I don't want to share with people, I really try to. But I just don't have anything in common when it comes to basic conversation. I don't care about trivia, just as they don't care about the parallels I've drawn from books about ancient civilizations and our own, and how one can predict when and where a conflict is going to ensue. They just listen out of politeness while glancing at their phones and interrupt me with their fascinating conversation about a meme they received last night. So of course I have a terrible time whenever I go out. And since I'm in my early 30's, all my acquaintances are raising their numerous families, working two jobs, and don't have free time. I do have free time because I've worked enough and invested wisely, and I'm pretty sure I can retire tomorrow and live a comfortable life, so work is essentially a pastime that gives me more income. I've lately become kind of an eternal tourist, travelling and going on climbing trips, but I only interact with other tourists, so those friendships are short lived. Still, I wouldn't change it for the world. I just want to find a female counterpart gifted in the areas I'm not (ie. networking and communication) and can mutually respect each other on an intellectual level, to not only start a family, but an empire. So I don't need "people", "people" are just means to an end, which is to find someone. And you don't need to say it, I've been told everything you're going to type, and I do think you're right.
Chronically Fabulous
This video illustrates several of the reasons why I don't generally tell people in my life that I'm a "genius". I don't consider it something to brag about, because I didn't earn it and while it certainly is advantageous in many ways, it also causes me problems. IQ isn't static -- you can work to increase your IQ, over time -- and it only measures one kind of intelligence. It also tells you nothing whatsoever about a person's character -- whether they're a *Good Person*. When I tell people I'm considered a genius (tbh, though, I cringe at that word), usually in the context of expressing feelings about the problems it's caused me, they often react badly. They might suddenly see me as aloof, even though I've never behaved that way, and assume that I think it makes me better than them (I don't and it doesn't). They might assume it means that I can't maintain healthy, respectful relationships with others, even though being an outstanding friend to the people who are most important to me is something at which I constantly strive to be better. The *Best Person* I've ever known is an intellectually disabled, middle-aged woman. I'm immensely fortunate to have earned her friendship and it pains me that she has such a low opinion of herself, because she's spent her entire life being treated as less-than, because she's "not clever". The ableism baked into the way we, as a society, view intelligence is infuriating, to me. She's by far the best mother I've ever known (and her sons will fucking FIGHT you if you try to assert otherwise, lol), an immensely loving, patient and supportive wife, and an outstanding friend. ALL of those things are far more valuable than being "clever" and she deserves to be valued accordingly. She has so much to teach others and I've personally learned a great deal from her. People miss out on so much by dismissing her.
Angel truth
Angel truth Hace 6 meses
i don't have friends too, most intelligent people don't need other people, because they are independent and view life in another perspective than average folks.
Jérémy Hace 7 meses
And suddenly, out of nowhere (and going nowhere) "bouh, they're white !!" Latent racism ?
PLEASE READ James demore didn't give his opinion, he just cited psychometric data. The most extensive research done in social sciences. He isn't sexist as you implied. Please please don't take this channel in a feminist white-man-hating direction, because I love this channel and don't want to stop watching it. Identity politics is everywhere, it doesn't need to be here. Please no politics!
Christmas Outcast
Christmas Outcast Hace 7 meses
This is why the 3rd and 4th seasons of Sherlock were so divisive; there are people who prefer the loner genius and there are people who like to see Sherlock grow emotionally.
Alberto Lopes
Alberto Lopes Hace 7 meses
It's good to remember that in the Conan Doyle stories Sherlock is a nice man. A bit distant, but not arrogant and definitely not abusive against Watson.
zinaa Hace 7 meses
I love Steven Moffat's Sherlock
Last Time
Last Time Hace 7 meses
I never thought for a second that mark zuckerberg was considered a genius.... he's a billionaire sure but genius? For making a website? Like seriously?
Niina's Fairychamber
Brennan from Bones would fit into this category.
Samridhi Kaila
Samridhi Kaila Hace 8 meses
Please make a video on himym analysis.... I'm desperately waiting for you to make one:)))
Patrick S
Patrick S Hace 8 meses
Most people have a distorted view of reality, go back in time and see what they valued; you think you're different cos you live in the 21st century. We live in primitive times.
Patrick S
Patrick S Hace 8 meses
Yeah, but what I'm saying is that it's time limited, his whole philosophy. Learn eternal truths or learn little truths. By accident, his little truths became longer lasting.
Cassandra Hace 8 meses
Why do we have to bring race and sex into everything? If you think there is not enough diversity or women represented, watch more tv shows and movies. I can count at least ten off the top of my head that satisfy all criteria without rubbing diversity in the viewers faces. This weird desire to cram diversity into everything is taking attention away from the other more important aspects that make a good movie.
Dillon Verburg
Dillon Verburg Hace 8 meses
Enjoyed the video until the last part. James Damore's firing was unjustified as he simply wrote the essay based on scientific data illustrating gender dynamics in the work place. ITS TRUE! Women tend to be more empathy based but as is the point of this very video that is a strength not a weakness. His essay was not stating an absolute rule just accounting a phenomenon. I appreciate the passion for film this channel has but when you force in gender politics it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Please don't contribute to the slander and propaganda.
Patrick S
Patrick S Hace 8 meses
Take Sherlock out of his environment and he's lost. He's a guy who's totally attuned to his local environment. His knowledge and studies have no value outside of the 19th Century.Put him down today and it would be year zero for him.
Francis Board Coppola
Sherlock does take place in the modern day. This one at least
Tristan Hayden
Tristan Hayden Hace 8 meses
May you please do videos on the Oscar nominated film! Please I miss those types of videos! 😊
KaMau Mau
KaMau Mau Hace 8 meses
Sounds like the Rickest of Ricks.
BD Wednesday
BD Wednesday Hace 8 meses
This Sherlock was pretentious nonsense, they'll never top Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Watson.
Niall Connolly
Niall Connolly Hace 8 meses
Why does his race matter?
MVS_Maïa Hace 8 meses
I must admit I never liked theses kind of characters. Lacking empathy is never interesting to me no matter how genius you are!
Shahin Tajeri
Shahin Tajeri Hace 8 meses
Tim Kramar
Tim Kramar Hace 8 meses
Deletes information that he deems irrelevant. Like...your name.
Mistress Morrigan
Mistress Morrigan Hace 8 meses
*sighs* Why does no one understand that genius indicates simply a high I.Q. and a high I.Q. only means you're a faster learner, it is NOT a measure of how smart you are. For example, 2 people, one with a 95 I.Q. and one with a 145 I.Q. start work in fast food. The 145 I.Q. may only need the concept of the fryer explained once to operate it perfectly while the person with the 95 I.Q. may require different forms of teaching depending if they are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner. At the end of the day, they're both fry cooks. If the 145 I.Q. rests on his laurels, he may move up the chain of command, sure. But if the 95 I.Q. goes to school as well, studies and works hard, they learn more, ergo are smarter. The tragedy of the modern view of genius means many people with high I.Q.s are actually taught to expect success will just spontaneously happen, so often do not apply themselves.
Cordelia lee
Cordelia lee Hace 8 meses
WOW do dr Temerance Brennan from bones!!
Serai3 Hace 8 meses
The one thing I find unforgivable about the recent versions of Sherlock Holmes is the constant trope of turning him into an unmitigated asshole. Holmes was NOT insensitive, or rude, or contemptuous of his clients. On the contrary, he was known for his discretion and his delicacy in dealing with the people who sought his help. He reserved his disdain for criminals, whom he looked down on precisely because they were criminals. But this stupid "edgy" nonsense infects everything these days, even to turning a beloved character into the opposite of what he actually was. FEH.
Hyena Edits
Hyena Edits Hace 8 meses
A lot of these geniuses show signs that they are on the autism spectrum. This normalization of the loner genius can be toxic to autistic people because they relate to the characters and they see the loneliness being glorified. Autistic people tend to have difficulty interacting with people. It can be exhausting, and it's easy to give up. Some autistic people can start to define themselves by their loner tendencies and that is dangerous because no matter what, we are social animals.
NeoSoldner Hace 8 meses
Imagine not realizing that Sherlock's emotional growth was literally the reason not only his sister tricked him, but why he failed so many times in the 3rd and 4th season. Emotion destroyed Sherlock's talent, it did not enhance it.
NeoSoldner Hace 8 meses
In this video the same tumblr fangirls who are responsible for ruining the last two seasons of Sherlock excuse it by denying that geniuses exist. It's not a myth, it's the story of almost every great inventor or artist in history. And so many of them lost their genius when they gained social skills. Emotion destroys great men. Which, of course, its the goal of the type of people who run this channel.
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