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9 feb 2019

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the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
we have done wrong in media,and yes we are,well i know i feel bad,probaly social justice feel bad too,for lack of diversity and not enough diversity in america=everyones welcome,not criminals though, criminals dont listen to us as their to busy listening to themselves on the media, as the media is where they live, but we population live on earth and explore the media and earth and we are large, but criminals are medium large, we still outnumber them 10-1, they only hold the power because they play as campers,sweaty nerds, and most of us are beasts, not all,those people need to stop following people and start standing up for themselves,and say "fuck you status quos!!"
the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
+D. N. BHATTACHARYA im pretty sure were apologizeing for the 1700/1800 racism and the lack of diversity in media,[i think its inspiration,not racism,as your characters are inspired by what you see] plus 1 of your people[like everyone is power/money hungry and his company is spying on you/everyone=google], if hes in india stop this guy and put speakers on him,and get him to foribly remove his ceos and higher ups,stop collecting data,leak his own data,and delete all spying tec. yes im talking about you guys useing him as spy to kill his own company, freedom is worth more then him getting blackmailed/thretened by you the people, plus he has blackmailed/thretened before so its poetic, shifty people always use a single mindset and therefore all do same actions, i know both what he has done,thus i know what hilary has done because the mafia have done that for power and money already.
D. N. BHATTACHARYA Hace 12 días
This is very informative. However, I feel there is an exaggerated need for diversity when it comes to western media narratives. I'm a brown guy in India. It was Hollywood that made a biopic on Srinivas Ramanujan, not our Bollywood. I find it odd that you people feel the need to apologise for being a white majority population.
the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
plus you can feel the emporor in the videos.
the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
knowledge people always get knowledge sponsors.
Niina's Fairychamber
Niina's Fairychamber Hace 16 horas
Brennan from Bones would fit into this category.
Samridhi Kaila
Samridhi Kaila Hace 2 días
Please make a video on himym analysis.... I'm desperately waiting for you to make one:)))
Patrick S
Patrick S Hace 3 días
Most people have a distorted view of reality, go back in time and see what they valued; you think you're different cos you live in the 21st century. We live in primitive times.
Patrick S
Patrick S Hace 3 días
Yeah, but what I'm saying is that it's time limited, his whole philosophy. Learn eternal truths or learn little truths. By accident, his little truths became longer lasting.
Cassandra Hace 4 días
Why do we have to bring race and sex into everything? If you think there is not enough diversity or women represented, watch more tv shows and movies. I can count at least ten off the top of my head that satisfy all criteria without rubbing diversity in the viewers faces. This weird desire to cram diversity into everything is taking attention away from the other more important aspects that make a good movie.
Dillon Verburg
Dillon Verburg Hace 4 días
Enjoyed the video until the last part. James Damore's firing was unjustified as he simply wrote the essay based on scientific data illustrating gender dynamics in the work place. ITS TRUE! Women tend to be more empathy based but as is the point of this very video that is a strength not a weakness. His essay was not stating an absolute rule just accounting a phenomenon. I appreciate the passion for film this channel has but when you force in gender politics it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Please don't contribute to the slander and propaganda.
Patrick S
Patrick S Hace 4 días
Take Sherlock out of his environment and he's lost. He's a guy who's totally attuned to his local environment. His knowledge and studies have no value outside of the 19th Century.Put him down today and it would be year zero for him.
Francis Board Coppola
Sherlock does take place in the modern day. This one at least
Tristan Hayden
Tristan Hayden Hace 6 días
May you please do videos on the Oscar nominated film! Please I miss those types of videos! 😊
KaMau Mau
KaMau Mau Hace 6 días
Sounds like the Rickest of Ricks.
BD Wednesday
BD Wednesday Hace 6 días
This Sherlock was pretentious nonsense, they'll never top Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce as Watson.
Niall Connolly
Niall Connolly Hace 7 días
Why does his race matter?
MVS_Maïa Hace 7 días
I must admit I never liked theses kind of characters. Lacking empathy is never interesting to me no matter how genius you are!
Shahin Tajeri
Shahin Tajeri Hace 8 días
Tim Kramar
Tim Kramar Hace 8 días
Deletes information that he deems irrelevant. Like...your name.
Mistress Morrigan
Mistress Morrigan Hace 9 días
*sighs* Why does no one understand that genius indicates simply a high I.Q. and a high I.Q. only means you're a faster learner, it is NOT a measure of how smart you are. For example, 2 people, one with a 95 I.Q. and one with a 145 I.Q. start work in fast food. The 145 I.Q. may only need the concept of the fryer explained once to operate it perfectly while the person with the 95 I.Q. may require different forms of teaching depending if they are a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner. At the end of the day, they're both fry cooks. If the 145 I.Q. rests on his laurels, he may move up the chain of command, sure. But if the 95 I.Q. goes to school as well, studies and works hard, they learn more, ergo are smarter. The tragedy of the modern view of genius means many people with high I.Q.s are actually taught to expect success will just spontaneously happen, so often do not apply themselves.
Cordelia lee
Cordelia lee Hace 9 días
WOW do dr Temerance Brennan from bones!!
Serai3 Hace 9 días
The one thing I find unforgivable about the recent versions of Sherlock Holmes is the constant trope of turning him into an unmitigated asshole. Holmes was NOT insensitive, or rude, or contemptuous of his clients. On the contrary, he was known for his discretion and his delicacy in dealing with the people who sought his help. He reserved his disdain for criminals, whom he looked down on precisely because they were criminals. But this stupid "edgy" nonsense infects everything these days, even to turning a beloved character into the opposite of what he actually was. FEH.
Spotted Hyena
Spotted Hyena Hace 9 días
A lot of these geniuses show signs that they are on the autism spectrum. This normalization of the loner genius can be toxic to autistic people because they relate to the characters and they see the loneliness being glorified. Autistic people tend to have difficulty interacting with people. It can be exhausting, and it's easy to give up. Some autistic people can start to define themselves by their loner tendencies and that is dangerous because no matter what, we are social animals.
NeoSoldner Hace 10 días
Imagine not realizing that Sherlock's emotional growth was literally the reason not only his sister tricked him, but why he failed so many times in the 3rd and 4th season. Emotion destroyed Sherlock's talent, it did not enhance it.
NeoSoldner Hace 10 días
In this video the same tumblr fangirls who are responsible for ruining the last two seasons of Sherlock excuse it by denying that geniuses exist. It's not a myth, it's the story of almost every great inventor or artist in history. And so many of them lost their genius when they gained social skills. Emotion destroys great men. Which, of course, its the goal of the type of people who run this channel.
Ginny Weasley
Ginny Weasley Hace 10 días
What I'm not crying over Sherlock and Watson's beautiful friendship that's just ridiculous
Hallows4 Hace 10 días
You may already have this in the works, but this year marks the 80th anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz", and I think it would be a crime to not do at least one video remarking on its technological and story-telling breakthroughs, as well as its unmatched cultural legacy.
Andres Coronado
Andres Coronado Hace 10 días
Dear Screen Prism Since you are amazing at analyzing movies and series, and since Sex in the City is obviously off the table, could you do Desperate Housewives?
Jack Steel
Jack Steel Hace 11 días
Love your channel but you literally through James Damore under the bus for his memo encouraging Google to scrap the loner myth and place more emphasis on relationships in order to attract women. Exactly what this video is about.
Jaee Ponde
Jaee Ponde Hace 11 días
This was the same case in house! He keeps pretending as if he doesn’t care about anything at all, but we see his soft side with cuddy and his softest side with Wilson. Wilson does something to house that makes him feel a comfort and feel like he doesn’t have to put up a face that’s inhuman. The series ends with him and Wilson to show that above everything, his job his love life or his ‘I don’t care’ nature he chooses Wilson i.e, he chooses emotion
Regan Levitte
Regan Levitte Hace 11 días
This may be your best and most important video yet. Thank you.
Jobs mine
Jobs mine Hace 11 días
This tv serious is so overrated and the Sherlock character in this show is just too much of perfection, which is highly improbable. I quickly got fade up with it, I prefer the Robert Downey Jr ones.
Zac Bergart
Zac Bergart Hace 11 días
good job
Temple NUT!
Temple NUT! Hace 11 días
Fan of your channel. Alot of your content is framed as "Why we like x". Do y'all plan on producing videos focusing on critique of media? There is some similar content here but mainly neutral toned breakdowns.
djhutchison Hace 11 días
Modern interpretations of Holmes push the genius angle *way* too far. Holmes was never meant to be some unattainable freak of nature, he was meant to show that scientific method and reason could be applied to criminal investigation to the benefit of society. Holmes himself maintained that anyone could do what he did, with the proper training and knowledge base...
sp24 phillips
sp24 phillips Hace 11 días
Love to see another series
Carla Blue
Carla Blue Hace 11 días
We can always count on the ESvid comment section to reveal all the hidden geniuses of the internet
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney Hace 10 días
The Snark is strong in this one!
Elaffi Hace 11 días
So true! I feel like I'm living through a second Age of Enlightenment when I read them
palehorse2032 Just here to talk
You had me until you completely mischaracterized the essay by James Damore. By the way, that was extremely irresponsible.
Rosie O
Rosie O Hace 12 días
This is a bad take: this version of Sherlock is almost myopic in how he worships his own excellence, and the writing of the show is just awful. Sherlock Holmes, as a character, has never really fitted into the stereotype of the loner genius. There were Conan Doyle stories where he just decided to *help* people, because he wanted to, and he had a deep respect for other people and a deep understanding of human nature, as in the Pearl of Death (a loose adaptation of The Adventure of the Six Napoleons). Just because Stephen Moffat misunderstood the point of Sherlock as a detective and as a human doesn't mean that every does, or that the (rare) instances when Sherlock acts like a human and not a super smart Übermensch are praiseworthy when the rest of the series is so abysmal.
wariyoshidirector Hace 12 días
I don't know, I didn't fall in love with the idea of Sherlock opening up to people. Sociopaths can on rare occasions form bonds with people, but in my eyes he only kept John with him for his own benefit. John built up his ego by calling him a genius a lot, and it also becomes more practical to have a partner on your team when you're chasing after criminals- ESPECIALLY a skilled doctor. Sociopaths don't care about making people feel good. They're emotional manipulators and extreme narcissists. Sherlock blatantly displays these traits, and I think that instead of the show being about Sherlock slowly becoming a good person, the show SHOULD have been about John slowly realizing what having a sociopathic friend means, questioning his relationship with Sherlock and confronting him about it only for both characters to come to mutually respect one another's differences. John should have accepted that Sherlock was a sociopath who couldn't be changed and should just be accepted for who he is, and Sherlock should have realized that his narcissism was blinding him to how his friend has some sort of use besides as a lackey due to his ability to form emotional attachments and his above-average intelligence that Sherlock underestimates. What we should have gotten was a critical look at how we interpret sociopaths/psychopaths in media as these "misunderstood" characters whereas what we got was boring, samey assurance that "everybody has some good in them, and all it takes is a few good friends to make them bring it out," which is honestly a dangerous mindset to have. A lot of people go into abusive relationships with people like that thinking that they can fix them, and they stay with these evil people because they just keep getting emotionally manipulated which is exactly what Sherlock does. Yes Sherlock does good things, but he isn't a good person because he does good things for his own personal gain. So really while I loved the first season and liked the second season (although it has a lot more dumb bullshit in it than the first), the third season didn't really hit home with me because every episode played out like an episode of Doctor Who. Which is fine for Doctor Who because it's about a guy who's a stand-in for the ideal British protagonist- The ultimate good- Fighting against a generic antagonist, but Sherlock was supposed to be a thrilling crime drama about semi-realistic humans doing remarkable things.
meg arbo
meg arbo Hace 12 días
As usual, the BBC does it best.
David Uziel
David Uziel Hace 12 días
Feelings play no part in genius
David Uziel
David Uziel Hace 12 días
History’s greatest inventions and scientific breakthroughs have been done with men who were alone, think Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Nicola Tesla.
Rahim Yazid
Rahim Yazid Hace 12 días
Edison never invented anything. He just a businessman.
PhilFromSchool Hace 12 días
good video, as usual. it heavily spoils the season 4 finale though, so a warning might help for unfamiliar viewers
Justin Holmes
Justin Holmes Hace 12 días
Another shameless misrepresentation of the Damore memo.
Aldozzy Hace 12 días
Loner genius probably comes from people with Asperger syndrome
olivia slusser
olivia slusser Hace 12 días
Great analysis! Would love to see a video on Moriarty
khnopff71 Hace 12 días
The 'loner genius myth' was invented, for the most part, by people who weren't genius-level intellects to begin with. Which, when you think about it, is why intelligence is so poorly represented in movies and tv. It's why 35% of the eligible voters in the US think Donald Trump is "a very stable genius." It doesn't take money to make money but it does take intelligence to portray intelligence properly. Furthermore, geniuses come in all forms: from atypical loner to gregarious leader. As a dramatic fulcrum, and due to lack of true intellectual breadth, the atypical loner myth, with anti-social tendencies, tend to make better characters (in the same way villains are more interesting to watch than good guys, for the most part.) A happy, well-adjusted genius, successful (both personally and socially)...imagine that kind of person in a 'modern' situational drama?
bluebanshee3 Hace 12 días
All the things I love about Sherlock. :) The series had the most beautiful heart.
atenahena Hace 12 días
I mean, why’s it a lie tho...u named all those successful loner geniuses who are arguably at the top of their respective fields
Merkwurdiig Hace 12 días
You’re sponsored and still have two ads? Jesus Maria
TinyMustache Hace 12 días
Could you do Spider-man into the Spiderverse soon?
Chayyiel Hace 12 días
Nice turning it into the Oppression Olympics, about race and sex. Anyway, Sherlock shows all the staples of high-functioning autism, as do almost all the characters in that trope. Kind of fascinating how many of these videos miss that.
Hannah Joseph
Hannah Joseph Hace 12 días
I love him 😍
cheekyboy5000 Hace 12 días
Socialism FTW! Lol, seriously, the reality is that all great innovations are about teams and groups and communities. Even things like novels and great inventions and art and music.
Francis Board Coppola
In SOME cases.
Ricky Hunt
Ricky Hunt Hace 12 días
We as a society venerate genuis or people with higher above average intelligence. However our view of intelligence is really limited to scholarly, technological, or scientific intelligence. When in reality their are many different kinds of intelligence of course this vid covers emotional intelligence or empathy but theres also survival or ingenuity intelligence. For example we see the inhabitants of North Sentinel Island are simple people without any intelligence yet they have been able to survive at least 60,000 years on a isolated Island cut off from the rest of the world. In that time period they have had to undoubtedly deal with numeous natural disasters, low numbers, sickness, etc. And they have managed to thrive in that environment. If that does not show a type of intelligence I don't know what does. We need to open our minds about what Intelligence is. If Neil Degrasse Tyson was put in a Robinson Crusoe type situation it is highly unlikely that even with all his knowledge he would be able to survive. The way we measure in intelligence is extremely limited even in testing the intelligence of other animals.
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney Hace 10 días
+Ricky Hunt Don't know if it has a formal name but that's what I call it.
Ricky Hunt
Ricky Hunt Hace 12 días
+Johnathon Haney Didn't know it had a name. I agree Coyotes are a good example.
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney Hace 12 días
That type of intelligence you're citing is of the adaptation variety. Coyotes (that is, the actual animal and not the human smugglers who have taken that name) are another good example of this and THEY managed to survive the modern world cutting into their habitat.
Kira The Renegade
Kira The Renegade Hace 12 días
This was a nice breakdown. Would you guys consider going near Hannibal (2013-15) and dissecting the character of Will Graham? In many ways, they are smilar but Graham's character is a more realistic interpretation of a loner genius.
Karol Bielik
Karol Bielik Hace 12 días
mark zucc is reptilian
purplecat paws
purplecat paws Hace 12 días
You should look at the series 'The Librariand' on TNT. It's comprised of a cast of geniuses working together to both save the world and be better people. It does a lot to make geniuses look less like robots
Buchi Chu
Buchi Chu Hace 12 días
But...isn’t every “loner-Genius” character arc exactly this? I don’t see how this is any less cliche than every other example. They all end up learning they have a heart all along to evolve, usually through a friend or lover, if not they become villains. This is nothing new.
Sidd Sen
Sidd Sen Hace 12 días
The loneliest of men aren't thinkers. They are feelers.
Richard_22_ Hace 12 días
Sherlock is the most non Batman, Batman on tv. Also love the Sherlock show. From season 1-4.
Byron MacGreggor
Byron MacGreggor Hace 12 días
My opinion probably won’t be popular, but I didn’t like this adaptation. It deserves credit for bringing new fans to the classic stories - but classic Holmes had plenty of friends - there are plenty of stories where he solves cases while a guest at a friends home, respect from and for Scotland Yard went both ways unlike in this show where they both seem to dislike one another, and he wasn’t obsessively jealous of Watson and his wife, on the contrary, Holmes is enthusiastic of Watson marrying Mary Morstan. Another thing is that Sherlock often felt that Watson only wrote stories about his boring cases, the sensational ones full of adventure, gunfights and singlestick were rarely documented. This Sherlock Holmes is just a mean person. It works for the first season, but he never develops or grows... it becomes hard to imagine anybody wanting to stay around him for months, let alone years.
Nikhil Kishore
Nikhil Kishore Hace 12 días
I like your eassy about me, quite flattering ofcourse and yes I have learned empathy makes me a better detective and I love Mrs. Hudson!
Queen V
Queen V Hace 12 días
This is because the ignorant people who work behind the scenes have no idea how real geniuses or even individuals with above average intellect act or how they are. They don't even go and observe scientist before making up entertaining looking shit.
Ai Fan
Ai Fan Hace 12 días
They never heard of or tried out meditation? I doubt they are geniuses. They don't even really know or understand themselves. They are just high functioning autistic people that should be cared for instead of idolized.
Francis Board Coppola
Meditation is dumb.
diligos Hace 12 días
Although not a fair comparison, CBS's modern take of Sherlock Holmes made the character more human and shows his struggles before the BBC's more subsequent seasons and did a better job depicting a highly intelligent person's interaction with a wider range of people, and the people in the lives of the ones he cares for.
Yearim Aithne
Yearim Aithne Hace 12 días
Empathy is overrated.
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney Hace 12 días
Not as much as genius is.
Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker Hace 12 días
Lack of emotional intelligence is just lack of emotional intelligence. It doesn't make you special and logical and in control of your emotions. It makes you emotionally disabled.
Rose Hace 12 días
What's interesting is that the show is pitched at the idea that "Sherlock is the mind, John is the heart." yet by the end of the show, Sherlock is the one who is more compassionate and self-sacrificing for those he cares about, whereas John is kind of a jerk; a neglectful dad, a kinda-cheating husband and a pretty bad friend who beats Sherlock to a pulp for unfair reasons. It's why I hope the show has another series because it's John who really needs the character development.
coltekr Hace 12 días
I thought this was an early April Fools joke or something. Sherlock doesn't debunk the genius is a loner archetype, and you cherrypicked the narrative to base your claims on. Plus, a genius being a loner is not a myth to begin with, it's a trait seen in real life geniuses, translated into fiction because it has valid reasonings for most geniuses to have experienced some period of isolation and prefers to keep it that way. Whether that works out for the character is purely up to the writer's imagination, it is NOT some kind of myth that needs debunking. I truly thought this channel was better than this.
Amanda Pike
Amanda Pike Hace 12 días
But Sherlock's relationship with Watson and his relying on him exists in the original Doyle stories. It's only our pop culture of the last eighty or so years that perpetuated the longer myth. "Modern Sherlock' didn't invent Sherlock's secret need for friends and company, that was always in the lore. You even see it in The Great Mouse detective.
Cam James
Cam James Hace 12 días
"In all shapes and sizes" *Shows a bunch of white women*
Ti My
Ti My Hace 12 días
Their ulterior motives are obvious lol
deni sherlock
deni sherlock Hace 12 días
BBC's portrayal of Sherlock Holmes was so robotic. Doesn't look like a real human tbh...
Lisa Parrott
Lisa Parrott Hace 12 días
is zuck really a genius? honest question
Francis Board Coppola
He’s a genius con artist.
April Richards
April Richards Hace 12 días
Edison was a total thief! Most of his ideas came from Tesla!
April Richards
April Richards Hace 11 días
+Johnathon Haney I know. He was a horrible man. That poor elephant!
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney Hace 12 días
+April Richards THAT is a valid point. Remembering what Edison did to that poor elephant when trying to villify Tesla's concept of AC power made me conclude the former was a real dick.
April Richards
April Richards Hace 12 días
+Johnathon Haney actually, I didn't. I know Tesla had help,but Edison is and was a bully and a thief. I feel sorry for the people who had to work for him.
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney Hace 12 días
Missed the point of that quote, which is Edison didn't do it alone. Neither did Tesla.
Ric Sanches
Ric Sanches Hace 12 días
Wheres Girl with the dragon tattoo oh and Rick sanchez
soymatadora Hace 12 días
who dislikes this?
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney Hace 12 días
Every one pissed about the righteous dressing down Damore got in this video.
Maria Stefani
Maria Stefani Hace 12 días
Propaganda in disguise
-- Hace 12 días
ehm... so because he's human and has a best friend it's a myth? People that think abnormally and have difficulty with emotional empathy are often loners because they find it hard to relate about the little things
TheBigGameTheoryHDx Hace 12 días
well the steriotype that they're almost always men is actually true. Men and women are roughly as intelligent as the other but there are more really really smart and more really really dumb man than there are women so this depiction is just accurate. Know your statistics
Jasper Buan
Jasper Buan Hace 12 días
Also, in associating anti-social behaviours with genius, people (especially men) get deluded into thinking that they're geniuses just because they're anti-social.
Moni B
Moni B Hace 12 días
Please do video essays about House. I'd kill for this content!
Shubham Jain
Shubham Jain Hace 12 días
Why I watch The Take by Screen Prism's video - Excellent Interpretation - 10% Amazing Voice of Susanah - 20% To watch some amazing scenes of my favourite shows - 70%
kateofthecity Hace 12 días
That's not a loner genius myth, that's called having a character arc. As you've proven with Eurus. She's a loner genius, too. Some of them never get the arc to begin with. It can go both ways.
Isolation party
Isolation party Hace 13 días
And please, ScreenPrism, read the paper and change your analysis of the topic accordingly. I'm pretty sure if you have that opinion is because you just briefly saw what difamatory content news procured.
Isolation party
Isolation party Hace 10 días
+Johnathon Haney I clearly said I'm NOT ARGUING ABOUT GOOGLE'S DECISION.
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney Hace 10 días
+Isolation party The premise was simple enough: more women don't work in the tech industry because less of them are interested...which is shit and Google knew it was. Worse, they also knew what kind of a message that sent, which is why Damore had to go...not because he was oppressed but because he dared drag tech bro stereotyping out into the light. On some matters, I see no reason to bother being kind.
Isolation party
Isolation party Hace 12 días
+Johnathon Haney how does that address any of my points? I'm not even arguing wether Google had grounds to fire him or not, but no one "deserves" to have their views grossly misrepresented even if you disagree with them. That's so basic that if you can't agree I'm not going further into this discussion.
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney Hace 12 días
Get over yourself, omega. Every once in a while, some of us get exactly what we deserve in real time. Damore got just that.
Isolation party
Isolation party Hace 13 días
I'm beyond disappointed on your take on the James D'amore case. He is a brave man who refused to be institutionally bullied into the hive mind. His paper merely tries to explain a phenomenon by a different, more scientific lense. It is true that there are substantial differences between men and women. He didn't say women couldn't work in tech, he said that ratio of women-men in technology might be explained for the aforementioned differences instead of being just a result of sexist discrimination. Please, I BEG YOU, anyone reading this comment take media reports with a grain of salt. Don't read magazines and instead get informed both by the original source and the current scientific research. I'm a woman who loves tech, but as many others, I'm more inclined to pursue another type of career. Not saying there's no such thing as workplace discrimination (James never said that either) but it's definitely not all there is to it.
Maya Kern
Maya Kern Hace 13 días
I love Sherlock so much. Please do more vids about the show.
Laverne Blaszczyk
Laverne Blaszczyk Hace 13 días
Sooo...he's kinda like Buffy??
fristi61 Hace 13 días
Great video! This was pretty much exactly what I loved about the show. I don't think the "Loner/Anti-Social Genius" is necessarily a myth... think of people like Isaac Newton. On the other hand other great geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci were far more gregarious. The mistake some people make is to try and affix "genius" to a single particular archetype. But like with every other character trait it can occur and manifest in a lot of different ways. That said like any unusual trait it comes with a high risk of social/emotional isolation due to a lack of commonality with peers, and it'd be foolish to deny that many highly intelligent people struggle with that in some way or the other. But that only makes me appreciate the show more, to see someone climb out of that.
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez Hace 13 días
He doesn't always remember the Earth revolves around the Sun. Or the other way around. I forget, too. One of us is the bigger idiot though.
Johnathon Haney
Johnathon Haney Hace 12 días
Straight from the original stories, that bit: "What the deuce is it to me? You say that we go round the sun. If we went round the moon, it would not make a penny's worth of difference to me or my work."
Glen Lauderdale
Glen Lauderdale Hace 13 días
I would like to see how the "Loner Genius Myth" relates to the show "Elementary".
Breeze Hace 13 días
The take on House would be awesome. Still waiting on the take of scandal. Good video!
WonderBoyDKB Hace 13 días
Two unskippable ads, one skippable ad AND an in-video promotion?! That’s a bit excessive, don’t you think?
BohemianRebel Hace 13 días
Ok, now I want a video about Elliot and Mr. Robot!
Meera Maren Blair
Meera Maren Blair Hace 13 días
I wish you hadn't brought Demore into it, felt a little too SJW
kashmira raghu
kashmira raghu Hace 13 días
The most annoying thing about the loner genius myth is that in reality, self proclaimed geniuses often behave like a-holes.
the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
privacy or genicide, how did watchmen end to save lives? ok,temporaly save lives.
Cassiopeia Hace 13 días
Finally!!!!!!! A BBC Sherlock featurette!!!!!
the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
hey nsa? have you noticed my name yet? your like humanity in 40,000.
the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
You JUST GOT BURNED!!! weather you literally get burned is on you. no litterly,play nice,suside yourselves for privacys sake or i hert you? well,suside inplies you fight back against terriny, and terriny lacks both empithy and morals. thus privicy,munipulation and lies, you guys are not lookig that just as seeing 911 happened a long time ago, i have a bad memory?,how many school shootings have we had? oh wait?,werent you guys "apprently" goig to stop those? either your failing your objectives horribly or maybe mr hated is on to something? i can feel your lunitic anger now. with how mad you are.
the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
does phycoligy plus deduction equally empithy? [trademarked] famous guy in scottish looking guy who flys around and has a device elergic to wood because wood is life.
the night hAunter f88k the 1%!! PRIVACY OR gen8cide
and the nsa thinks im being open with them, you should watch/read deadpool.
Kimmo Laine
Kimmo Laine Hace 13 días
I had 4 ads during the video, with a condescending blonde robot voice.Sometimes the human mind is better.
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