Should I Give Up On This Connection? PICK A CARD Tarot Reading / Wait or move on? (Timeless)

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Kindly Note: Card reading from Left to Right as you look at the screen. Group No.1 is on the left and Group No.3 is on the right. Blessings x
Hey Lumies and Friends,
My name is Clair Summer. This channel is dedicated to bringing you intuitive tarot readings for your heart and soul. I hope you enjoy it. Love and best wishes xx
This Pick a Card reading is timeless. Time is not linear and is more fluid than our usual understanding therefore if you discover this reading then there may be a message here for you. Use your intuition to guide you. If this message doesn’t resonate with you, feel peaceful and find the one that does.
Disclaimer: Please use the information offered responsibly. Ultimately, you must always use your own judgement, wisdom and discrimination when making life decisions. Caution: Language may be strong at times.
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Time Stamps
Group 1 = 03:53
Group 2 = 25:29
Group 3 = 41:41
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Wen Raey Quejada
Wen Raey Quejada Hace 6 meses
Time Stamps everyone❤️ Group 1: 03:53 Group 2: 25:29 Group 3:: 41:41
Stuff Hace un mes
Bless you 💫
Just a Witchling
Just a Witchling Hace 2 meses
I picked the first group. I was asking about a friend who has just gone through a lot. It hurts to say but i knew this. Thank you all for helping me swallow this pill x
NJ Lily
NJ Lily Hace 2 meses
Chose pile #2 . spot on.
MyDiva18 Hace 3 meses
LUMIERE Group 3 ... i really loved your reading. Thank you so much. Love fron India. Really thank you. Namastey. May god bless you! Love and Light.
los._.nopalitos Hace 3 meses
You uuuu you
Aishling O'Hanlon
Aishling O'Hanlon Hace 8 horas
This lady is soooooo amazing! Scarily accurate is all I can say....I have no words xxx
Eric Phon
Eric Phon Hace 16 horas
OK wow #3 it was spot on with what has happen
Allison Mudliar
Allison Mudliar Hace 18 horas
Crying (tears of joy and relief)! I needed to hear this so badly! Thank you thank you thank you! (I was Group 3 and EVERYTHING makes perfect sense now ❤️)
Kiana Walton
Kiana Walton Hace 19 horas
6 months after you posted this, this game up and I was so close to giving up. Group 2 is the one I chose. I’m so close to giving up but I felt the need to write him letters pouring out the love I still have for him. The fact that you said to write letters...that was the sign I needed. I won’t give up. I’ll give him his space. I’ll work on me. I know we’ll come back together soon 💕
Kiana Walton
Kiana Walton Hace 19 horas
Priya Ramakrishnan
Priya Ramakrishnan Hace 23 horas
Awesome reading
Cate K
Cate K Hace un día
just happened to click and chose #2 ... I must have chosen and watched this video before, but I can't see my comment that id'd what pile I chose... as always - thank you...
Sofi Brac
Sofi Brac Hace 2 días
g 2: Thank you, yes you gave me clarity, this video helped me a lot, God send you to me in the right moment, you described my situation exactly as it is, and now I feel a lot more relaxed, now I don't have to decide anything it's decided
Sophia Nequinto
Sophia Nequinto Hace 2 días
Ava Kendrick
Ava Kendrick Hace 3 días
this was scarily accurate
charu11ful Hace 3 días
Such a beautiful reading... You are always on point... Lots of love towards your way 😇🤗
Lisa Goldstein
Lisa Goldstein Hace 3 días
It was like you described my life and his life in #3. this is insane.
LA Union starseed ABB lalabanks
Yes I would absolutely I have
Ishita Naha
Ishita Naha Hace 4 días
Just hope he comes back!
Ruhi Alok
Ruhi Alok Hace 4 días
Choose 3 Yes, it's been difficult but I'm willing to stand in my power and I'll keep loving him. We'll grow together. Because he's worth all. ❤️
Janet Thoh
Janet Thoh Hace 4 días
I wanted to choose #3 at first but in the end I took #2 and it totally resonate with our situation especially the part U mentioned “practical matters,life circumstances “. 👍
KP Burn
KP Burn Hace 4 días
#3 “they realize they’ve been an idiot” he better
Sachi _13331
Sachi _13331 Hace 5 días
I’ve had a very rough week with my relationship and I chose like no 1 and I’ve NEVER FELT MORE SEEN ,EVERYTHING RESONATES AND I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER THANK YOU SOO MUCH , It’s exactly what I needed to hear 💕💕😭💖💖🥺
jaya mini
jaya mini Hace 5 días
3 ♥
ElenaMemole Hace 5 días
Wow, this is the second reading that I watch from you and you just explained in details my situation.. wow
carla existe
carla existe Hace 5 días
2... I’m an Aries and he’s Cancer
Daian Mata
Daian Mata Hace 5 días
I Trust you, and Love too
khyxl Hace 6 días
Pile 2..yeah😂
Metal Fan 1981
Metal Fan 1981 Hace 6 días
#2. Thank you.
Helena Du
Helena Du Hace 6 días
I love your reading. I am going through a difficult on and off relationship. I only want true love and nothing in between. Now that I know he has true feelings for me that I will work at from my side to continue sending my positive energy toward this relationship. We have been wrong from both sides and I have totally forgiven him. He will need to totally forgive me as well... Thank you again... it's a fantastic feeling for me!
MoreDanFilms Hace 7 días
It all resonates with me!
Enlightened Storm777
I love your voice💙
Ehi Obanor
Ehi Obanor Hace 8 días
oh my God... the first reading was so spot on. I was already in shock by the accuracy and then you said you sense Virgo and Cancerian energy. I’m a Virgo sun and a Cancer moon and the person this per the reading is a Cancer sun. Wow. I’m so impressed thank you so much 😭.
Adiitu Addy
Adiitu Addy Hace 8 días
she is telling everything right
Daniel Heo
Daniel Heo Hace 8 días
#3 i just gave up 😢
Marissa Williams
Marissa Williams Hace 9 días
Group 3 100% Percent everything you said ON POINT. All the way! I am shook!!!
Lina Boadi
Lina Boadi Hace 9 días
Wooooow I'm so happy to hear this. #2 said it all about me thanks
Will Phillips
Will Phillips Hace 9 días
Indeed dear!
LF Hace 11 días
I love how you encourage self love 💕
D KK Hace 11 días
Thankyou dear 😇I am thankful and grateful to the universe ♥️sending much love & light 💜💜💜
Maddy Wyd?
Maddy Wyd? Hace 11 días
I couldn't decide between pile 1 and 2, so I watched both and you said so many similar things in them and that's quite crazy to me because it magnifies the most important aspects I need to pay attention to and for all the other things I'm combining them and kind of finding a common ground there
fangirl __
fangirl __ Hace 12 días
I chose group 3 and I don't know if I really should wait for him anymore, I really want to be happy and if all I get from this connection is....nothing well I don't see a point in waiting anymore. I waited so much but at this point I'm just tired.
Anu drita
Anu drita Hace 12 días
#3 .. you can't be any more right.. but as we are students.. all the "financial" word is exchanged with emotionally. Prize??? Wtf.. i told them what i want. But. He said. He had something to say.. but he never did.. maybe he was playing.
Nanao Hace 12 días
We aren't in a offical relationship, met each other back in oct. We had a great time but he started growing distant and I was so confused where we were going. He says he's been through alot and that he can't trust anyone that's why he doesn't look for romance. After getting ignored despite me reaching out, I sent a text this year trying to let him go saying that I understand that things didnt work out. But to be honest, I didnt want to let him go. It hurts while knowing that I felt a connection and i think he does too but he is afraid because of his past. My friends are telling me that letting him go was the right thing to do but I still want to reach out to him. Pile 2 showed some clarity but I don't know if I should send him a text to try and clarify and find out the truth with him.
Sydney Kneeland
Sydney Kneeland Hace 13 días
Number 2 is for real for me 🙌🏼
Tashamarie Cordero
Tashamarie Cordero Hace 13 días
This was amazing 💖🥰
Ana M
Ana M Hace 13 días
Picked #1 already knowing what’s going on but damn I wasn’t expecting this being so accurate?!?!?!
Chee Woon Chung
Chee Woon Chung Hace 13 días
picking up pile 2.. Indeed he is an idiot.. hopefully he will come back after this. Going to withdraw all my energy, focus on loving myself and manifest my desire outcome. Thanks for for your reading. Lighten me up a bit.
Susmita Guha
Susmita Guha Hace 13 días
Seriously.? How does u know everything? I picked group #3 . I hope everything is going to happen
Jhayc Miranda
Jhayc Miranda Hace 13 días
I don’t usually comment on these kinds of videos, however this one really hit me. I picked pile number 2 1.) she said she sensed a Cancer vibe and I am a Cancer sign 2.) she sensed that there was a practicality problem that maybe because of individuals living in different places, work and family 3.) all the practical problems she mentioned are all the problems that my person is going through and is not communicating with me So I think it’s safe to say that her readings can definitely resonate with you if you focus on the cards that you feel most drawn to
Karishma Arora
Karishma Arora Hace 13 días
Ah you resonate with me so much. I wish I could get a personal reading with you.
Jenni Ann
Jenni Ann Hace 13 días
this is my second reading and both have been crazy accurate with my situation. I feel at peace with my decision thank you.
Dee Hace 14 días
Holy shit! (sorry) I picked #3 and it resonates so much....right from the beginning. I was just so shocked when you interpreted how this connection started and about how to stay in my power and keep focusing on myself. It all resonates and it feels good. I almost didn't pick the video but I just felt called to and the time when I picked the cards was 22:44 and the reading for group 3 started at 41:41. Definitely a pattern going on. Thank you for the reading, I'm happy and will continue to focus on myself as I am doing now :)
chantel anderson
chantel anderson Hace 14 días
I was drawn to group 3 and honestly it resonates 💚💜 yes he has been in and out of my life he pops in to check on me.
Missy Lee
Missy Lee Hace 15 días
#2 we're both stubborn assholes but I'm right lol. Seriously I am he has a girlfriend!!! I said I love you but this isn't healthy call me when you're single.
Missy Lee
Missy Lee Hace 15 días
Obviously I'm pining like a b-hole or I wouldn't be here but still I made the right choice.
Mark Forrest
Mark Forrest Hace 15 días
💯% how I'm being affected, just subbed.. Card set 2.
I’m Broke
I’m Broke Hace 15 días
I had been watching this video 3 times at every 3 different time i ask myself if I should give up and I for some reason always choose the 3rd pile, When I choose i tend not to remember I picked the 3rd pile but then start realizing its the pile i picked last time is this a coincidence ? Or its what the spirit are trying to tel me everytime I ask this question?
KeltonFX Hace 15 días
This was incredibly accurate for me and extremely enlightening. Thank you for your reading. Also your voice is extremely calming !
Andreea Ghita
Andreea Ghita Hace 15 días
I choose pile 2 and it's spot on. He blocked me on all social media and my number because I wasn't really giving them space to heal from some family problems and I'm afraid that he doesn't love me anymore but I have trust in him and in his love so I'll be waiting
Popee Chanda
Popee Chanda Hace 15 días
You nailed it for me. Deck 2 your reading was on point. thank you:)
Maria Acevedo
Maria Acevedo Hace 15 días
Group #1 Thanks so much.
Sagittarius Nation
Sagittarius Nation Hace 15 días
Wow !!! I was Group 1 I felt like I knew this stuff already but to actually hear this. I think it’s really a sign that I need to let go. Focus more on me. Stop reaching out. I need to get back to me but I’m really having trouble. I need a good cord cutting ritual. Can anyone help ?
Lhara Barnig
Lhara Barnig Hace 16 días
#3 I've been very confused whether to give up or not for months now. I'm glad I bumped into this video. It's telling me not to give up which is what I subconsciously want. Now, I'll just let things flow naturally and trust the process. I almost got teary eyed when I heard "you are the real deal" at the end of the reading.
Yifei Hace 16 días
#1 was completely accurate. he recently ended things with me and said he wasnt ready for a relationship and that he didnt feel like he was good for me. he even said that we could maybe hang from time to time w/o being a “thing”, but he doesnt wanna pursue a relationship. though he was the one who approached me first and convinced me of wanting a relationship with him, he decided to leave and now i’m really confused. our communication used to be perfect, i felt a connection that i’ve never felt before, but now he barely replies :( this reading was amazing tysm!
UK Hace 16 días
Thankyou for the reading 😇🙏
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