Should I Give Up On This Connection? PICK A CARD Tarot Reading / Wait or move on? (Timeless)

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Kindly Note: Card reading from Left to Right as you look at the screen. Group No.1 is on the left and Group No.3 is on the right. Blessings x
Hey Lumies and Friends,
My name is Clair Summer. This channel is dedicated to bringing you intuitive tarot readings for your heart and soul. I hope you enjoy it. Love and best wishes xx
This Pick a Card reading is timeless. Time is not linear and is more fluid than our usual understanding therefore if you discover this reading then there may be a message here for you. Use your intuition to guide you. If this message doesn’t resonate with you, feel peaceful and find the one that does.
Disclaimer: Please use the information offered responsibly. Ultimately, you must always use your own judgement, wisdom and discrimination when making life decisions. Caution: Language may be strong at times.
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Time Stamps
Group 1 = 03:53
Group 2 = 25:29
Group 3 = 41:41
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Wen Raey Quejada
Wen Raey Quejada Hace 8 meses
Time Stamps everyone❤️ Group 1: 03:53 Group 2: 25:29 Group 3:: 41:41
Jessica Hace 7 días
3 ty 💜
M. H
M. H Hace un mes
Mariam Najim
Mariam Najim Hace un mes
AI Martins
AI Martins Hace 2 meses
Based on Pile 1 it's hinted that I should encourage them to consider me. But all contact info has been lost. And their parents have been against the relationship due to different cultures and my not being rich (everything else I am beyond their standards), so they started and completed ignoring me. As a result, I moved hundreds of kilometres away. So it'd take a miracle for either of us to contact each other, unless I were to look up their dad's company phone number, but he's a bully and so is his wife. (not that I'm a wuss, because I did stand up to them but was gentlemanly while doing so...apparently their family including siblings are violent and alcoholics)
AI Martins
AI Martins Hace 2 meses
Because I thought pile 1 was our far right (you organized it opposite to my thought), I thought it was mine. Since I'm an Aries, here is Lumiere's Pile 3 simplified: The other fears commitment with anyone and only wants superficial relationships, so the answer depends if you're willing to wait for the other to change their mind (if they ever will) or if you aren't willing to wait. ;P
Lacey Ellis
Lacey Ellis Hace 4 horas
Wow, this is literally exactly what’s happening and what I thought needed to happen in this relationship, you’re amazing, great job (group 2)
Lauren Laguna
Lauren Laguna Hace 8 horas
Is it possible to choose two piles? I chose 3 and then I decided to see what if I chose pile 2, and I felt like they both resonate with me.
Maria Callista
Maria Callista Hace 12 horas
thank you Claire, you are such a light.
lexi pegg
lexi pegg Hace 13 horas
The accuracy of ur readings is fucking insane
Nikki Troyan
Nikki Troyan Hace un día
I think spirit brought me to this video today because I mentioned giving up and I need help from them. This was there answer and I have also gotten the world card in 2 other readings recently when it came to this person. Thank you so much!
baby girl
baby girl Hace un día
I’m not gone lie weirdly my energy is drained now and I had a couple of negative thoughts today about never seeing him ever again because of this coronavirus. But weirdly now just sitting in my chair in my room I thought to myself f it I’ll just go and type in ESvid weather I should give up or not on him. I came across your video and you said not to give up so now I’m not going to give up. Thanks your readings are always on point. God bless ❤️ #3
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 17 horas
As there is a legit way to make them commit
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 17 horas
But there is a solution
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 17 horas
Been through I can tell it a bad experience
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 17 horas
My dear
Madelyn Rose
Madelyn Rose Hace 2 días
i picked group 3 and it's so interesting. a few weeks ago he reached out to me after a few months and i didn't think anything would come of it so i didn't respond. after that a lot of people around me have been asking me if i think he misses me and he's started coming up in conversations and liking my pictures again. i've been asking the universe to give me a sign to whether it's worth it or not to keep holding on and here we are
Hace 2 días
#1 ..always right about my current situation...let's see if I am brave enough to let him go
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 17 horas
But there is Way to get reconciliation and commitment
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 17 horas
I have been through this
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 17 horas
It's not easy to find true love
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 17 horas
Don't let g
Kristine Kimm Choa
Kristine Kimm Choa Hace 2 días
Areli Tapia
Areli Tapia Hace 2 días
i opened this video around 11:05 , i checked the time and it was 11:11 and i decided to choose pile 1. and I feel like it resonated so much.. Especially when you mentioned the virgo and cancer signs... Hes a virgo and I am a cancer.
Jenn Le Vvintre
Jenn Le Vvintre Hace 2 días
I had number one and let me just say that this was exactly what I needed and it was spot on with what’s going on in my life thank you so much
michael madriaga
michael madriaga Hace 3 días
seeing this video for the first time and i picked the 3rd group. this is a great guide for me. thank you
SteveE Bear
SteveE Bear Hace 3 días
weathergirl 🌧
weathergirl 🌧 Hace 3 días
I picked 1 & you're right. He's been ignoring me & I knew before I got here I should have moved forward. He wants nothing to do with me so I need to hurry up and move on.
Rosily Pianist
Rosily Pianist Hace 3 días
he left me in the cold and is with someone else now no contact since the 5th and im waiting for him to reach out
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 17 horas
There is a way to get reconciliation and commitment
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 17 horas
The good thing is we are married now
joy daniel
joy daniel Hace 17 horas
@weathergirl 🌧 I have been through this
weathergirl 🌧
weathergirl 🌧 Hace 3 días
What number did you pick?
Lex Vand
Lex Vand Hace 3 días
My new fave ❤️❤️
SHARON Fulton Hace 3 días
You picked up on a whole other person whose Aries wowww
Ami K
Ami K Hace 4 días
Wow... amazing reading x
stephen kirkup
stephen kirkup Hace 4 días
I have never heard something so spot on even when having a one to one reading. Actually caused me to have goosebumps
Anamika Kumari
Anamika Kumari Hace 5 días
You're the best...💗💗
j L
j L Hace 5 días
Thanks for that message! Really needed to hear every word that you said ❤️
Vanessa Rodrigues
Vanessa Rodrigues Hace 5 días
This was really accurate!
Ghadah fkal
Ghadah fkal Hace 5 días
Ok this is so weird, i chose group two and it resonated so much to my situation right now, my card is on the table (cancer), and most of the cards have been showing on my tarot reading, woah 😳 Thank you so much for this, ps I didn’t know it was posted 8months ago till i went to the comments section, crazy
Tania Arriaga
Tania Arriaga Hace 5 días
thank you so much Clair! I needed to hear that!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 blessings to you
dishpar17 Hace 5 días
Lay Gica
Lay Gica Hace 5 días
So he wants me but third party's involved? So who does he like more?
Shonnetta’s Divine Tarot
Lay Gica Do u want him to want you as much as you do?!
Shonnetta’s Divine Tarot
Lay Gica Hey there
onediary Hace 5 días
You are just soo sweet
Beautiful sweetness
Beautiful sweetness Hace 6 días
Amen 🙏❤
Erika Hunter
Erika Hunter Hace 6 días
omg i picked pile 2 and my boyfriends an aries and ima cancer im shook
Lennon Ice
Lennon Ice Hace 7 días
If your person is not there, they're simply not there. Just assume they're never coming back and move on with your life. Yes, there really are more fishes in the sea and yes, it will get better.
Elizabeth Dulaj
Elizabeth Dulaj Hace 7 días
Reading #3... WOW
kuruta Hace 7 días
The thing about general tarot readings, at least in my opinion, is that it should be used in a time that your heart is truly desiring some help from your higher self and guides. You are in a hurtful situation and you ask for help from the universe, and then something will always pop out of nowhere that makes you quickly go "yep, that's exactly what I asked for and theres no hint of doubt". Tarot readings on youtube work that way. It's a quick insight that you get after asking for help that makes you go "yep, this video is for me, it's exactly what I asked for". Sometimes when I get incredibly desperate I'll go around youtube looking for these sort of videos and they rarely do any good. You need to focus on your own mind first, analyse your problems and send to the universe what is it that you truly need counseling with. And then, it will work out wonderfully. This video was even more insane to me ((in a totally good way)) because 10 minutes ago I set down crying and asked for help because "I don't know if I should go forward with this relationship". Opened youtube, this video pops up first thing. Intuition led me to pile 3, and this was one the most accurate readings I could've received. SO THANKFULL FOR YOU, Lumiere. You're amazing. I was guided to watch 2 videos of yours, both of them have given me amazing help and insight. Sending you blessings and good energy
Christine Clifton
Christine Clifton Hace 7 días
Ok im gobsmacked by three we started in a bad way he was with someone and she wasnt comunicating with him at all and wouldnt see him made excuses me my ex broke up and i was losing my way i couldnt look at anyone he was the only guy who i allowed in my life, dare i say he also a leo, we have been struggling financially his job not been stable and the financial issue has come on to me even thou i only work part time i do think he been feeling like he not bring enough to the table and he been distancing himself from me i love him he had a big impact in mylife he made have more ability to grow i am currently trying to better myself after him barly speaking to me while he been away i got to the point where i chose to not reply to his unopen message he said he would message me through out the day but they never really open and calls just not happening i feel he not been putting the effort in to communicate with me i feel i deserve better treatment i am always there for him through his difficult, but he is a good man just ive been feeling im not enough for him, he the first man who hadny dragged me through the mud i dont knkw im having a hard time with it all
Christine Clifton
Christine Clifton Hace 7 días
I am tryin to work thro myself and work toward what i used to love doing
sha bhaois
sha bhaois Hace 8 días
#1 I am letting him go ❤
I have tried many tarot reading but yours is accurate for me ... Love from Nepal ❤😊
Taal Hace 8 días
You are such a beautiful Soul. God bless u❤️
Janet Roberts
Janet Roberts Hace 8 días
Thank you Clair I chose pile 2. Sound advice . Love and Light xx
Jacqueline Corona
Jacqueline Corona Hace 9 días
Got Pile 3 I was really hoping spirits told me to give up. I feel so emotionally drained :/
QuietStorm DE
QuietStorm DE Hace 9 días
Spot on. Thank you!
Mikkel Skadhede
Mikkel Skadhede Hace 9 días
thank you so much I chose the second deck of cards and it was so telling of my current situation at very happy to I have stumbled upon this channel
nsifonte Hace 9 días
Group 2: “aries energy is represented here as well as cancerian.” He is an Aries, I am cancer.
Raphael Alaba
Raphael Alaba Hace 9 días
Thank you so much.. Pile 2. Thank your advice i was so lost and confused.. Thank you.
Julie Sloan
Julie Sloan Hace 10 días
I picked 3, I don’t see him coming back. I would be so surprised if this even happens.
sadsavvy Hace 3 días
Me too, very suprised i would be.
Megan Calder
Megan Calder Hace 8 días
Julie Sloan I’m in the same situation. Zero contact and last contact didn’t end well. Anyway I hope your person comes back to you!
Vidya Upadhya
Vidya Upadhya Hace 10 días
Thanks!!!deck 2
mldf _
mldf _ Hace 11 días
Watched two of your vids. The other one told me to hold on because he’s gonna fess up soon. Chose pile 1 in this and it told me to let go lol ofc being the stupid self that I am, I’m still gonna chase 😂
Barbara Douka
Barbara Douka Hace 11 días
Love you, Claire! I chose pile 3. ❤
Lulu Romero
Lulu Romero Hace 12 días
Thank you Clair. Super nice reading. 💞
unoriginalname04 Hace 12 días
wtf this was posted on my bday, i picked group 2 and im a cancer,the person i was thinking about- an aries. lol everything else was more or less inaccurate though.
The Empress
The Empress Hace 12 días
Chose #2 ! I have a feeling your right!
Ela Dan
Ela Dan Hace 12 días
I was just to about give up on this connection and I saw your message Nr3🤔 Nothing happening, no movement but I can just let it be and see what happens 😋
ZANELE KUBEKA Hace 13 días
Thank you so much. You just told me what I really needed to hear. Group2
INDIRA REYES Hace 13 días
i picked pile 2 and...wow...i originally clicked on the video this morning but got side tracked and never finished it but i remember initially picking pile 2 as well. so i gave into watching it now and im stunned. i was talking to my mom about my situation and....everything you said was brought up and discussed. this resonated. thank you. im redirecting the energy right back on me now.
Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta Hace 14 días
Why there are so many if and but.. why not yes or no....it's like ' jalebi' our sweet dish... Round and round... Just say that she will come or she will not come... But still thanks...
Georgia Meagher
Georgia Meagher Hace 15 días
two i'm not sure but... everyone tells me to move on but everything you have said is very accurate because they turned cold on me out of nowhere. "they need to sort out the fact that they have been an idiot" they honestly do!!!
Lacey Hace 16 días
OMG! I picked Deck 2 and it was SPOT ON. I wasn't going to watch this video at first. Wow. We live in different places, he basically ended things with me. But was like let's still be friends your role is important in my life. I still love and care about you blah blah. I told him I needed time and space, now I feel like he's irritated about that, almost like he's trying to rush my process. He texted me the other day about stopping communication. And recently I have been writing him letters I don't plan to send. You've literally said EXACT things from my situation. After a heated disagreement a couple weeks ago I texted him "the intensity of my emotions were misplaced". I told myself I need to step back from this in a big way and work on myself! You saying pull your energy back made me change perspective. I feel crazy sometimes Like he just ended things, girl why do you still have hope lol But I feel deep down this is my person.
ALL SIE Hace 16 días
thank you so so much. this has helped me like you would not imagine. sending an abundance of gratitude your way.
Lovely Rose
Lovely Rose Hace 17 días
Deck #3 You hit right on in what I am going thru! Another amazing shocking reading❤ Your so gifted! Thank you!
Divine Manifestor
Divine Manifestor Hace 17 días
Chose pile 3 - the timeless stamp made me come across this reading in perfect timing 😍🙌 thank you for this encouraging reading 🙏
Judyta Maria
Judyta Maria Hace 17 días
I am freaked out... how accurate this is...
Dominique Cantin
Dominique Cantin Hace 18 días
three pile
Nàng Hương
Nàng Hương Hace 18 días
#3 very interesting!! ^^ thank you Lumiere :-* xx
Isabella Bell
Isabella Bell Hace 19 días
Wow! 2!!! My partner and I have been together for over a year and he currently moved away for the next two years. I have been feeling his been a bit controlling as well in the fact of getting a bit jealous with me alwys hanging out with friends. But I felt like our communication is becoming an issue as he can never talk or ring at the same time as me.
Eric Woody
Eric Woody Hace 19 días
Virgo man loves Pisces girl jamia. She is not communicating with me. I havent heard from her in five months. She had many childhood wounds.
Kentut Kuman
Kentut Kuman Hace 19 días
I pick pile number 1 and it resonates with me as well, but not gonna Lie, i don’t wanna Love anybody else i just want him in my life...i really Love him...istg if i don’t ended up with him, I better be a single forever
Lynn Ebel
Lynn Ebel Hace 19 días
I have my wall's up so am sorry i close my doors n will never open them so look somewhere else...
Danii Hace 19 días
#1 resonates to the T about this person. Every readings also said the same. He is a virgo sun, scorp moon. I'm cancer sun..
Krisztina Eli
Krisztina Eli Hace 19 días
Thank you Clair! I picked group 3. If o ly 1/3 of the reading is true - I am over the Moon!!!! 😊😘❤ lots of love to you - always!
Emma S.
Emma S. Hace 19 días
I don't need to watch this, respectively. You know when you know. Look inside your heart, and there's your answer 🥰💗. Blessings 💕
Healing Corners
Healing Corners Hace 20 días
Group 1 was spot on and was the trigger to my final descision to break the connection. Thanks Claire 🙏🏼💜✨
Koustav Ghosh
Koustav Ghosh Hace 21 un día
Wow !! Bang on !! I chose option 1 and your guidance is so accurate .. Thanks a lot 🤗💛✨✨
Rose S
Rose S Hace 21 un día
Picked group 3 , yes we were in a relationship gone into separation he’s my twinflame.. got back together separated again .. and no communication.. he was with his karmic partner but he broke up with her and now is working on healing since he had dark knight of the soul / tower moments and he’s working on himself right now.... yes I would love for him to be more consistent with his feelings as he has hell of a time expressing his truths and emotions.. yes I feel defeated some days because I just want him back.. yes I talk to my friend about the situation to help.. I expressed how I felt he shot me down because he was with his karmic at the time so my guard is up and I won’t express truth until he does... he’s the one not being vulnerable.. yes he’s scared to express his feelings... yes no contact and separation as I said above but we didn’t start off as a fling and we were stable when first started...that’s right I am letting him work it out for himself... I would really love this about communication and clarity to come quickly... yes he’s been so slow and I’ve been seeing 999 lately which means coming to end of a cycle or phase and fuck yes I am the real deal
stethacp 617
stethacp 617 Hace 21 un día
Amitha Babu
Amitha Babu Hace 21 un día
2. You are right.....we have problems and I am struggling so much......hope everything is going to work
arju scarlet
arju scarlet Hace 21 un día
1. Wow you really hit the spot. I have been talking to this guy's and it was just this and that in the beginning but now it's kinda different. He tells me good morning and good night and talks to me a lot, sends me songs he loves and he thinks I might like, listens to my bullshit but he has a girlfriend. He doesn't talks about her at all but he has one, I see her at uni. And it gives me this high and low feeling. For a minute I'm at cloud nine and then I feel like shit. I don't want to be the other girl or whatever, he seems like a really great guy when he talks to me but in real life he is just off.( Btw we only talk online) I'm so fucking confused.
11:11 Peace On Earth
11:11 Peace On Earth Hace 21 un día
Pile 3: thank you ❤️
Bernadette Bernadette
Bernadette Bernadette Hace 21 un día
#2 🤔🐝🙏🥰🐛🦋🥰🙏 Thank you 🐝
Deb K
Deb K Hace 21 un día
I am totally flabbergasted how you know my situation 😳😳
Jayson S
Jayson S Hace 21 un día
#3 This video has popped up on my recommendations everyday now for the past few days. I’ve been scared to watch it because of what it might say. I finally watched it just now and again, it’s like you’re speaking directly to me about my situation. Everything resonated especially when you talked about the first time we met and how it started as a FWB/just for fun and at the end when you said they didn’t see my value but now they do and that they desperately want to reach out. I’m gonna let him come to me, as you said. Thank you for this reading, Clair.
Danielle P
Danielle P Hace 21 un día
Picked group 2 and I cried too much lmao
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