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President Trump defends holes in a border wall prototype and holes in his financial plans for the Mexico-funded barrier.
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11 ene 2019






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Comentarios 7 909
VEGANSAM Hace 17 días
The funniest 17 seconds anywhere for over a year: 7:32. Period.
Sawyer August
Sawyer August Hace 17 días
Not going to lie, I was completely expecting the punchline with the airport skit to be that everyone gets through except for some woman in a hijab.
Russell Miles
Russell Miles Hace 25 días
Why would you put a wall on your next door peoples wook it out:)
Russell Miles
Russell Miles Hace 25 días
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Hace 27 días
Google border wall tequila.
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Elizabeth I Hace 29 días
Wanna stop? Donald wall make you stop 😂 idk why I just remembered that weird family guy scene lol. "Peter wheel make you go"
Siboniso Goge
Siboniso Goge Hace un mes
Every president had their own flaws, Donald Trump is the most disrespected because he's against the New World Order and not in favor of satanic worship that is going on all around the USA mostly in the entertainment industry. Only Donald Trump has the book written against him which the so-called celebrities (devil worshipers) read in the Grammy Awards... USA's motive is disgusting but the day of the Lord is coming.
Mike Russo
Mike Russo Hace un mes
Such a little cry baby
Dee Lg
Dee Lg Hace un mes
Wheel wall..i doubt whether I m able to understand English !!
Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
This guys is freaking funny can’t stop nice jokes bro well done 👍🏼
Gina Lopez
Gina Lopez Hace un mes
What a fucking DEMENTED Fake Leader.
Rohan KANNAN Hace un mes
Build it from Legos
Abhishek singh yadav
It's just amazing videos...
Sahara Finnegan
Sahara Finnegan Hace un mes
Somebody should do a try not to laugh challenge listening to him
Sahara Finnegan
Sahara Finnegan Hace un mes
MegaDJcubano Hace un mes
I dont care whos goimg to paid for the wall Mexico or even Trump out his money we need a f****** WALL
MegaDJcubano Hace un mes
ET Silverman
ET Silverman Hace un mes
Cut Melania's hubby a break, this is his most coherent... anything at all... to date.
Sean Garvey
Sean Garvey Hace un mes
Countries with open borders have major social and eco terrorism issues. Fact
Awudu Awudu
Awudu Awudu Hace un mes
Man Trump Trump is the greatest Comedian of all time..
Peter Vesalius
Peter Vesalius Hace un mes
Also, that weatherman Trump is waaaaaay more coordinated than actual Trump!
Peter Vesalius
Peter Vesalius Hace un mes
“You, ese!” ... Good one, Trevor!
Vanessa Riley
Vanessa Riley Hace un mes
Believe it or not there are Americans sneaking over there to live. They find it way cheaper and convenient because it's too expensive where they live so they get apartments over there and then come back home to work. I saw it on the show Sunday Morning. Don't ask me any Questions about it because this is what I saw but that's all I can tell U and evidently people are not supposed to know it's going on. Who knows though U might find something about it on ESvid .
lindon James
lindon James Hace un mes
Keep going we are not going behind you. 😂
Zed Hace un mes
It took me 10 minutes of explaining. My mom has finally understood but my dad doesn't get it #wallvswheel
WeepingAngel1999 Hace un mes
1:42 was the best part 😂
Swinger Man
Swinger Man Hace un mes
I Cant believe people still support trump
Laura Espinoza
Laura Espinoza Hace un mes
Shut up Grandpa
Jace Cavacini
Jace Cavacini Hace un mes
The TSA does not work hard to keep us safe. It’s FUD. It was ALWAYS FUD.
sunshine201063 Hace un mes
does mista trevah actually fully recognize the pivotal role he is playing in modern american history....simply through informed, intelligent but playful humour.....noone NOONE ELSE has ever done this....nope - noone. ...nevah .evah. mistah trevah has sb achieved this///////.....actually having said that - please watch your back....americans have no sense of self deprecation.......please keep one foot on that plane for home ......in the meantime we will continue to enjoy watching the news of america....like never before......
Puffa Fish
Puffa Fish Hace un mes
Man I feel bad for trump and I hate him, he doesn’t even know what to do know hope he cites the bs and starts with other important things
Jennifer Mbaegbu
Jennifer Mbaegbu Hace un mes
For real -a short sighted president.
John Lee
John Lee Hace un mes
after seeing what's happening, i wish Obama would come back.
Bubba WT85
Bubba WT85 Hace un mes
The cowboy fan in me is pissed about the pic with Allen Hurns however, this is a solid piece by Trevor Noah 🤣
Ruth Brent
Ruth Brent Hace un mes
Wheels were not invented in mid evil times idiot.
Matt Newman
Matt Newman Hace un mes
fuck you t-boy Trevor
Michelle Mais
Michelle Mais Hace un mes
what an illiterate ass
0009stephanie Hace un mes
I don’t get why people don’t think the caravans are real. My husband is from Honduras and most of his family still lives there. His own family actually there says that so many of the gang members have left to the point they are no longer collecting money from the people’s businesses.
Houston binkley
Houston binkley Hace un mes
Yeah as if 2008-2016 was so great under obama. Lost my 401k, health care and forced to pay thousands for others healthcare. 2016-2018 tax cuts, increased pay, lower health care premiums so I can ACTUALLY afford it. Got rid of individual mandate. 401k doing amazing. Yeah think I'll vote Democrat.NOT. #TRUMP2020
Tee Perry
Tee Perry Hace un mes
Wheel and wall....😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Stephen Wilson
Stephen Wilson Hace un mes
This guys makes me weak 🤣🤣
The Mad Mystic
The Mad Mystic Hace un mes
I see a lot of bots in the comments. You can tell because they will defend TrumpleOrangeSkin with no regard to logic, and cite numbers without evidence. You can also tell because they lack avatars and their names are like "real american" or "bigboy40cal". Wonder how many times he had to suck Putin off to pay for them all.
Sonofgod Jesuschrist
Leo el Teniente
Leo el Teniente Hace un mes
Hahahahaaaaaa I died lmao with Trump in Weather Caravan man
Allen Jiang
Allen Jiang Hace un mes
Trump, do you care more about your government or your wall?
Allen Jiang
Allen Jiang Hace un mes
Let’s not forget about Andrew Jackson
Tenibiaje Miracle
Tenibiaje Miracle Hace un mes
This dude says more shit than my president
Arely perez
Arely perez Hace un mes
I love how someone's friend pulled them away from the chanting 😂
Tomas Šedys
Tomas Šedys Hace un mes
America, best reality show ever.
J R Hace un mes
Trevor, you just had to use the N word didn't you? You know how insulting that is coming from you, oh wait, you too may have Neanderthal genes, having European blood cursing through your veins! HaHa
Kimallmighty Hace un mes
What kind of banana republic is paying people by the week.... DAyum son.. Thats so 1880s
Pit Gutzmann
Pit Gutzmann Hace un mes
I imagine the face of the Secret Service men when their president asks them if their cars really have wheels...
If the shutdown continues they will eventually have to go to a temp agency and hire most illegals cheaper and might do a better job its funny but true .Whats up with most Americans not saving if you get paid more than 20hr you should have a little stash I understand but at the same time you never know .
allen liu
allen liu Hace un mes
so funny
sergio linares
sergio linares Hace un mes
A Mexican into America? What the fuck this even means, like Mexico is in Africa or Europe, you mean United States, ignorant!
YKMPRINCE Hace un mes
He really is not funny
MC- CSzn
MC- CSzn Hace un mes
He makes it sound like the white walkers are on there way, we need Jon snow!,!
oil9vinergar Hace un mes
extra votes in komifornia and NYCommies just wasted.....
oil9vinergar Hace un mes
that ugly and old sow Pelosi won't let President Trump's state of the union address in the PEOPLE'S House and which is not her House, BFD, until Woody "God-only-had-ten" Wilson did a grandstanding move that became tradition, presidents wrote letters with the state of the union message...... SPOILER ALERT: The 12th amendment says President Trump won, period, end of story! And, I don't like it when those people try to disenfranchise me, 62million of us are waiting for 2020 and it's getting here sooner not later!
Rebecca Sowell
Rebecca Sowell Hace un mes
Trevor is a media whore..anything for a paycheck..
The Mastema
The Mastema Hace un mes
As an European, please, continue with this fuck up, we're lovin' it! Everyday is a new popcorn refill!
faunbudweis Hace un mes
Trump is such an idiot it is almost unbelievable
Mortarstrike Gaming
It’s not just trumps fault it’s both parties faults
Hoover E Londono
Hoover E Londono Hace un mes
Liberal cunts clowns idiots
Legodog890 Hace un mes
How a wall technology I mean I guess it made by other technology but it a wall
J. Muller
J. Muller Hace un mes
The Democrats want the shutdown for two reasons. They do not want Trump to be able to say in 2020 that he built the wall to save American lives like he said he would do. And they want all the illegals here they can get for future votes.
Sean Casey
Sean Casey Hace un mes
The Dems don’t give a shit about the American people, all they care about is opposing Trump. They don’t want the wall because they know a huge chunk of their voters are the minority’s that come into this country illegally, and with that wall, they have less votes. Truly saddening that they care more about votes than the safety of this country and the people that live in it.
Sean Casey
Sean Casey Hace un mes
House GOP voted to give all government workers their first paycheck, all Republicans voted yes, and only 6 Democrats voted yes. The remaining 200 voted no. Let that sink in. F all you librards.
Somebody Hace un mes
OMG I laugh so har I cried 7:34
Jaire Torres
Jaire Torres Hace un mes
I thought Mexico was paying for the wall guess not!!!!! Either ways the wall is a waste of time they will find a way to get by it by making a tunnel underground or flying by air is a waste of time 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️open the government back up !!!!!
jhill76john Hace un mes
Wolfy Kaname
Wolfy Kaname Hace un mes
Would that not be a honduraccane?
alain alvarez
alain alvarez Hace un mes
The last part unfortunately is becoming true especially not eating since Tuesday for federal workers
GrilledCheeseGaming /additive studios
Trump is the greatest president ever in American h/x. I did not vote for him last time around. But if he survives from the haters of America like this assholes who made this video I definitely will vote for trump. A Muslim supporter for Mr. President trump. trump is doing what he promised. He is the man of his word. I like that in a person. wall, nafta, atlantic treaty, nato spending, end wars which costing trillions, china trade deficit, iran deal, N korea solution, List goes on and on... hard working man. And we have this nigga talking bad about president. SHUT UP
Aphyrius Hace un mes
Everinne Hace un mes
Everinne Hace un mes
*person gets pulled away*
Michael Filmore
Michael Filmore Hace un mes
Has anyone noticed that huge TRUMP CAMELTOE under his neck???
Jack Landis
Jack Landis Hace un mes
If Ted Cruz ran for president again with that beard, I would be genuinely afraid of him winning the election.
كربلاء كرب وبلاء
OMG it's not a funny matter ...so many govenment employees threatened in their very existence....but this SHOW HAMMERS ON MY LOUD LAUGHING NERVES :D!
jimmy jimmy
jimmy jimmy Hace un mes
Non essential says it all
Tulop Hace un mes
He is really bad at convincing arguments,
Tulop Hace un mes
Are you serious he thinks they want him to keep going ?Wtf
James White jr.
James White jr. Hace un mes
Obama was elected to murder Muammar Gathafi and Osama bin Laden Trump was elected for this shut down and immigration the next president elected will bring the country to war.
CountDuckula Hace un mes
I just want to slap him when he talks, Trump I mean... This is a scary time for those who are in financial problems, but what else can we do then continue on shouting "Impeach!" or "Reopen Government" We got to laugh people... When it looks like a dark times, best to keep such thoughts at bay is to laugh and keep going. Bless those folks who are struggling cause of this shut down, hold strong, every night must always have a dawn!!
john doe
john doe Hace un mes
Fucc boi
Justsomekid12 Hace un mes
The wall is older than the wheel
T Mox
T Mox Hace un mes
When is Trump going to change his name to “Nehemiah Scudder”?
Estee Leurima
Estee Leurima Hace un mes
Meaning there never been any Terorist in USA ever, coz they are not worry about the security.
Drea Esco
Drea Esco Hace un mes
The caravan is real... ask the people who live in San Diego... we see it, we see the people and the shelters. Go to Tijuana and see it for yourself... everything else may be BS.
Admire Mkhululi Ntini
this nigga is busy talking about donald ,,trump why dont you address whats happening in your country ,,which will soon be like zimbabwe ,,, the fact that you live in america ,,, it doesnt make you one ,,
realism spectrum
realism spectrum Hace un mes
1234constantine Hace un mes
Keep Going President Trump!!! We love you!!!
Laura B
Laura B Hace un mes
No matter how you look at it, the government shutdown IS A DIRECT ATTACK ON THE MIDDLE CLASS of this country. It's affecting 800,000 federal workers and... ALL THE GOVERNMENT BENEFIT RECIPIENTS (children, disabled, elderly people) who are not getting their Food Stamps, Social Security benefits, Disability, etc. We are talking millions of people affected!! Everyone is comfy watching Trump's 'hostage tactics' on their TV. In other countries, thousands of people go out in the street with pots and pans in protest and MAKE NOISE. I applaud the protesters but the rest of the country: lots of talking and not enough guts to organize and make things happen.
Kyle Robinson
Kyle Robinson Hace un mes
Build the wall
J Walker
J Walker Hace 2 meses
I have heard from people in Central America that Trumps people are making those caravans happen. To distract US citizens for his failures and for him to be a hero by building a wall and stopping the caravans that he is perpetuating in Central America. He is really working hard not for the people but for his reelection.
marc s
marc s Hace 2 meses
Make america great again😂 yea trump cares about trump not u ...so for the ones who supported and thoight obama was so bad....trumps the worse by far
yahuchris heavenly
yahuchris heavenly Hace 2 meses
TimelessVisionary -TheMageofTime-
or maybe figure out exactly why people come in illegally, whether it be crime or the simple complexities of the process, and find a way to eliminate any reason to come in illegally. Not saying make it easier, but find a way where it doesn't take 14 years for a family of 3 to actually be american citizens. crime has no place in our country, I get that, but if you cut a weed without taking out the root, it'll grow back. Trump has the right idea with bolstering our borders, but he's doing it all the wrong way.
sasapienza Hace 2 meses
Crusade prayers, 24, 33, and 158 daily. Get back some soul.
sasapienza Hace 2 meses
Keep going does msm want to come clean? TSA is an experiment on American and other Nations. To molest Citizen to psyc prepare them for servitude (slavery). So keep going and stop putting Israel First.
Ashutosh Anshu
Ashutosh Anshu Hace 2 meses
Make Trevor Noah the US president
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