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Come now set the past on fire 🔥 Together is out everywhere now! sia.lnk.to/togetherID
This is the first single from Sia’s upcoming album and from the motion picture Music. Sia wrote + directed the film, and wrote 10 original songs for it. The film stars Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr., Maddie Ziegler & more.
Put your 🎧 on and welcome to the world of Music 🌈
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Director: Sia
Producers: Vincent Landay, Jason Baum, Will Weiske
Director of Photography: Wyatt Troll
Camera Operator (Steadicam): Ari Robbins
Choreographer: Ryan Heffington
Production Designer: Leigh Poindexter
Visual Effects Supervisor: Janelle Croshaw
Color Timer: Timothy Stipan, Company 3
Kate Hudson
Leslie Odom Jr.
Maddie Ziegler
Beto Calvillo
Mary Kay Place
and Hector Elizondo
Dance Ensemble:
Alyssa Gore
Angelina Capozzoli
Artyon Celestine
Cody Copley
Lily Rose Silver
Noah Citek
River Sadlon
Sophia Frilot
Valentina Acosta
Website: siamusic.net
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@sia
Twitter: twitter.com/sia Instagram: instagram.com/siamusic
Facebook: facebook.com/siamusic
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I can hear the thunder
Coming from your mouth
And I know my number's up
Give me some Stevie Wonder
Quick put it on before we go under
I can see the lightning
Coming from your ears yeah I see you're frightened
I can see the lion
Sleeps tonight in the tears you're crying
Can't love me unless you love you too
Treat yourself like nothing but a fool
Can't love me unless you love you too
Love you too
Come now set the past on fire
Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
Together we can take it higher
Together we can take it higher
Come now set the past on fire
Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
Together we can take it higher
Together we can take it higher
I can see the rainbow
Coming from your heart and it's all ok so
Come now see you're my angel
Say bye to the past, hello to tomorrow
I want love
I want to give it
I want love
Please deliver it
I want love
I want to give it
I want love
Please deliver it
I want love
I want to give it
I want love
Please deliver it
I want love
I want to give it
I want love
Please deliver it
Come now set the past on fire
Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
Together we can take it higher
Together we can take it higher
Come now set the past on fire
Stand up raise your face to the sky my love
Together we can take it higher
Together we can take it higher
We can take it higher
#Sia #Together #Music #MusicTheMovie


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20 may 2020






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Sia Hace 6 meses
We can take it higher ❤️ Together out everywhere NOW 🌈🎧 sia.lnk.to/together - Team Sia
Emma Rossin
Emma Rossin Hace 9 días
I love you si
Aleks Kevyn
Aleks Kevyn Hace 27 días
This song is an energy bomb for every human being with heart and soul.
Sidelya BERRU
Sidelya BERRU Hace 28 días
Reginald Lopez
Reginald Lopez Hace un mes
@witch in atlantis np
Milagros Rodriguez
Milagros Rodriguez Hace un mes
bouarouri azzouz
bouarouri azzouz Hace un hora
I talk about how this music make you happy 😊
Masnir Munandar
Masnir Munandar Hace 2 horas
Wow sia
isleboy7 Hace 3 horas
I absolutely love this song!!! love at the first sight!!!!
Adrienne Miller
Adrienne Miller Hace 4 horas
It is not a biography, she is not pretending to be a specific existing person in history, and she is not representing a whole community. It is a fiction, she is playing one fictional character, one individual. ❗️Also it is not Sia’s job to help people with autism, so why don’t you pour the same energy into being constructive and get the goverments, education systems, health care systems and parents to help more? It is THEIR job, not an artist’s... And just because somebody has autism, it doesn’t make all their accusations and thoughts true. Neither the number of people saying it. Learn some debating skills instead of accusing and namecalling everyone who dares to disagree.
Sejahtera Sembiring
Sejahtera Sembiring Hace 5 horas
Who else notice that nickelodeon uses this song to 👇👇
XxAimeeXx Bloxburg
XxAimeeXx Bloxburg Hace 7 horas
So grateful to be apart of this movie ❤️❤️
abort coven
abort coven Hace 6 horas
you were in the film?
Alice Stikkelman
Alice Stikkelman Hace 8 horas
Alright, I just saw the trailer for the movie, and now this, just because this was the video next after it. Now seeing that there is a neurotypical actor playing an autistic person, makes me sick. They're just putting up a middle finger to the autism community! Honestly, I am dissapointed in Sia, she directed and wrote everything. I don't know if she wanted to support autism and research and stuff, but if she wanted to, this was certainly not the way. Not with a neurotypical actor at least.
justine tuttle
justine tuttle Hace 4 horas
@Alina Grozea criticism =/= hate
cwutey Hace 4 horas
its not acting or anything! Just because a neurotypical person acted as an autistic person doesn't mean its wrong. It's always been in the filming industry. She created this to raise awareness, if she didnt care about raising awareness she wouldn't have done so. But as soon as one thing is wrong she's an awful person in your eyes.
Alina Grozea
Alina Grozea Hace 5 horas
did you come here too, hate mob? leave her alone. You don't deserve her and her art. fuck off!
Pony Girl
Pony Girl Hace 9 horas
Sia, I love you very much and you are an inspiration and an icon. This is very offensive to autistic people. It's like saying autistics are childish and think like kids. I understand that you mean well.
Alina Grozea
Alina Grozea Hace 5 horas
The film is about an autistic KID
taj masindi
taj masindi Hace 9 horas
I don't know how music looks like, This is what I call good music.
NigooPigoo Hace 10 horas
This is one of the most annoying songs on the planet
Yet, you listened to it.
Sia fandoom
Sia fandoom Hace 7 horas
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno Hace 11 horas
Imagine casting all those autistic people only to deny them the main role because you don’t actually give a shit about autistic people
Lucas Pérez
Lucas Pérez Hace 11 horas
well , now cry
SK TAJ MOHAMMAD Hace 13 horas
You guys are mad at her for no reason
pondinariver Hace 13 horas
Reading all the comments on this video from one month ago...they did not age well.... 😬
ava rose
ava rose Hace 14 horas
Next time please hire an autistic person to play an autistic person. As someone on the spectrum, I see this as nothing more than exploitation
bouarouri azzouz
bouarouri azzouz Hace 14 horas
It's really hurting me when i see what peoples say about sia and maddie....its too far guys, that's not kind of humans who following sia... It's always amazing and give a feeling around her she always try to be happy even she is seek, she say that she try with a autistic person but i think all we know that an autistic person its hard to stay noise and lights and people, and all we know there is so many movies that the autistic person he just a normal person pretending and acting that he is autistic so please, that's kind a hurting and stupid in same time... Just be a human give love not hate ❤️
Ana Hace 15 horas
true representation? its not always possible. for example, people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum arent always happy when non LGBTQ+ actors interpret LGBTQ+ roles. prolly some of the critics are the increasing number of self diagnosed autistic persons...
AsapIzzy Hace 16 horas
not the pretending to be autistic in order to raise awareness- should’ve just hired actual ppl with autism for this...
Bryan Bautista
Bryan Bautista Hace 15 horas
Gisele Souza da Silva
Gisele Souza da Silva Hace 17 horas
(Kety Perry) (full álbum Smile) (Com Todas As Novas músicas) (Oficial) (Canal) (Kety Perry) 🥇👑💎🎶😍💞🤡💖🎊🎉◉‿◉ esvid.net/group/OLAK5uy_l_Af8WOISt5XSUihSPKUbsCh-VJjP9fPI
This video is EXTREMELY disrespectful and rude to the autistic spectrum and with a brother who is autistic this hurts to watch
Pony Girl yeah like why couldn't they just use an actual autistic actor
Pony Girl
Pony Girl Hace 9 horas
I love Sia but yeah. Agreed.
Apparently she was autistic in this but she doesn't look it IM HELLA CONFUSED
Alina Grozea nah I'm not watching this crap
Alina Grozea
Alina Grozea Hace 5 horas
wait to see the movie and all will be clear!
Blackheartsclub bc when a person is autistic you can tell if they had a high stage while others who have a lower stage you can't really tell
Blackheartsclub true but the stage she had in the trailer was a high one
Blackheartsclub Hace 18 horas
An autistic person doesn’t look any particular way
Musaed AlShmas
Musaed AlShmas Hace 19 horas
oh my when im sad i hear the music its make me happy thank you sia
mila Hace 19 horas
fucking idiot.
Eliott Le Bris
Eliott Le Bris Hace 19 horas
WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! 0 autistic person have been used in that, which is a real shame 😭😡💙💙💙
Eliott Le Bris
Eliott Le Bris Hace 3 horas
@CHIMHAM MALAIT okay then, there may be 13 autistic people in that movie, but who knows if she was speaking of actors, of crew members, or of autism 'specialists' Sia spoke with to do that movie (Autism Speaks do not count, they don't have a real representation of autistic people and they shock autistic people with electricity as a 'cure') ?
@Eliott Le Bris twitter.com/Sia/status/1329740173610004480?s=19
Eliott Le Bris
Eliott Le Bris Hace 4 horas
@CHIMHAM MALAIT seriously, please show me a link about it, because I did not find anything saying what you tell me, I'd like to be proven wrong and to learn more about that movie
You jumped in to a conclusion, with just an assumption. Judgemental.
Eliott Le Bris
Eliott Le Bris Hace 7 horas
@Sia fandoom really? I did not know that! Do you have a link, so I can learn more about it?
Damian Magno
Damian Magno Hace 20 horas
La coreografía esta bien Qlera
sausage sammy
sausage sammy Hace 20 horas
we love an abelist queen /s 😍😍😍😂😂🤪🤪👩‍🦲👩‍🦲😏😏🙀🙀🙈🙈😹😹😹😺😺👏👏😸😸👍👍😁🥺😭😭🤩🤩
Jo Parker
Jo Parker Hace 21 un hora
Everybody praising maddies facial expressions and not realizing she’s pretending to be autistic in the most sterotypical and condescending way possible 🙃
Noble Potato
Noble Potato Hace 21 un hora
Can we talk abt the black kids facials when the lights were blinking 😭🖐🏻
Rachel Alvarez
Rachel Alvarez Hace 22 horas
this aged so badly 💀
moogie joogie
moogie joogie Hace 22 horas
Everyone is so hateful over a movie they haven’t even seen. Maddie has been working with sia for over 10 years. It’s Sia’s movie. If y’all are so mad, make your own movie.
Saiko Yamauchi
Saiko Yamauchi Hace 19 horas
cause it's abiest
Alexander Garcia
Alexander Garcia Hace 20 horas
That's it ❤❤❤❤ I love you Sia ❤❤
Addieee Hace 23 horas
Coming back to this video after realising everything that is wrong before the movie has been released. More than anything I feel angered my Sia's disrespectful tweets and responses
neic fazbear
neic fazbear Hace un día
"uh Together " love music saludos desde chile
Kaittia Hace un día
seeing the facial expressions now knowing that she is playing an autistic character disgusts me
Kasi Clucks
Kasi Clucks Hace un día
It's a good song. But I'm not okay with the fact that Maddie, a neurotypical, is playing a person on the autism spectrum, instead of just having an autistic actor playing them
2 0 0 2
2 0 0 2 Hace un día
Ourari Rayan
Ourari Rayan Hace un día
Love 🌈❤️
XXXtraHotBibleGirl Hace un día
Fuck this film
mila Hace 19 horas
​@Alexander Garcia this music video and film it's from is spreading hate. sometimes people want to "spread hate" and dismay to something that's spreading hate.
Alexander Garcia
Alexander Garcia Hace 20 horas
Spread happiness and not hate
Sunsett Centrl
Sunsett Centrl Hace un día
Yes smh 🤦‍♂️
i'm tired
i'm tired Hace un día
I never thought an autistic version of black face exists but here we are
Natasha Mccallum
Natasha Mccallum Hace un día
Why is it that so many people find this offensive? There are many movies portraying disabilities. Rain man, temple grandin ect. Omg what is wrong with this generation. This is beautifully done. Atleast sia is recognizing autism as a beautiful thing.
Natasha Mccallum
Natasha Mccallum Hace 17 horas
So your saying rain man was offensive oh and grandin who temple helped put the movie together. Btw Dustin Hoffman played a beautiful roll. Wake up seriously.
Nadežda Kireeva
Nadežda Kireeva Hace un día
@Crazy About Drawing are you serious...
Nadežda Kireeva
Nadežda Kireeva Hace un día
you're a neurotypucal, shut the fuck up
Judgement Kazzy
Judgement Kazzy Hace un día
It's offensive because a neurotypical actress is portraying what they think autistic people act like. Just get actual autistic people to act, it's not hard. There are already so many people in Hollywood who are autistic and you may not have even realised that because of the way they portray autism in movies/tv shows.
Arts Of art
Arts Of art Hace un día
Cuz people just want to hate what they want i hate that . Sia is the bestt
Nada a ver
Nada a ver Hace un día
alguem já comprou algum moletom da sia?
8Rincewind Hace un día
Would've been nice to cast an actually Autistic person to play the Autistic character in this film.
Arts Of art
Arts Of art Hace 5 horas
@Daddy Thanos soo no muslim can play muslim ??? Straight can play gay?? If we gonna take everything then there s no acting
Sunsett Centrl
Sunsett Centrl Hace un día
Yes smh 🤦‍♂️
Daddy Thanos
Daddy Thanos Hace un día
@Arts Of art so what a white person can play a black person because now it's acting?
Judgement Kazzy
Judgement Kazzy Hace un día
@Arts Of art Yeah it would be nice if they did that.
Arts Of art
Arts Of art Hace un día
And would’ve been nice if they cast gay as gay , muslim as muslim , Egyptian as Egyptian, a real mother as mother and etcc... this called acting a d acting means that you play diff role than yours
BlueJay Hace un día
Am I the only one who's off put by the constant, exaggerated smile by Maddie?
Sunsett Centrl
Sunsett Centrl Hace un día
Yes smh 🤦‍♂️
Call Me Ghoul
Call Me Ghoul Hace un día
This makes me so uncomfortable with the knowledge that Maddie is supposed to portray an autistic person, it feels so over exaggerated
The Hace un día
A T Hace un día
I’m so over Maddie acting like a spastic in SIA’S videos. The first few were ok but come on are you really just a one trick pony?
Koldo Goran
Koldo Goran Hace un día
this song remember me sue from the middle
Iron Man Ashton A. Fans
Kamal Bansal
Kamal Bansal Hace un día
I'm happy that i started my journey to listen other songs then my mother language with this lovely song thank you 👍
likelolwhat Hace un día
Maddie's face alone makes me feel like I'm being mocked. Autistic people get enough mockery, we don't need more.
Esperanza Everlast
Esperanza Everlast Hace un día
This is problematic on so many levels. The depiction she has made is Ableist. Maddie Ziegler is not Autistic. This is an insult to the Autistic community....sincerely Brittany...an Actually Autistic Adult.
Bass Central
Bass Central Hace un día
Bruh look at the comments on this video and the video of the trailer😭😭 YALL switched up so fast😭😭
ariana tornow
ariana tornow Hace un día
this is so wrong. how hard is it to find someone with actual autism and not someone that doesnt, especially when you’re as big of a star as sia. it doesnt make sense.
Owyn Brewbaker
Owyn Brewbaker Hace un día
Those dresses are hideous
Dallas Goodson
Dallas Goodson Hace un día
Wait a minute....... does this video have all of the “neuroatypical” (as she called us) people she hired????
Immanuvel Luvenn
Immanuvel Luvenn Hace 6 horas
Gurl you are wrong
abort coven
abort coven Hace 9 horas
@Finn Ed criticism ≠ hate
Demin Hace 13 horas
@Ludo Adena nobody spreading hate lol they are just pointing out an issues
Demin Hace 13 horas
@Finn Ed how about stfu cuz she lied it’s not hate they just pointing out an issue get educated on what hate is and what pointing out an issue is
Finn Ed
Finn Ed Hace 17 horas
Get a life, stop hating!
nikko Hace un día
putting aside the everything wrong with this movie, yall talking about maddies strong expressions but the Black kid in the pink???? hes more expressive than anyone there
Vanessa Andrade
Vanessa Andrade Hace un hora
Diane Kayirangwa
Diane Kayirangwa Hace un día
the boy ??
Junior Dash
Junior Dash Hace un día
La amooooooooooooooooo9
Can you guys to and watch the trailer and like it 🙏
Neves이사 벨리
Neves이사 벨리 Hace un día
나는이 노래를 사랑한다 😍
AlrauneDee Hace un día
There are different varieties of autism, just like there are different ways to portray them. The way I see it, Sia has not done harm with her choices. Music is a fictional character who “lives in a world of her own”. This is how she sees the world. Perhaps it’s not the best portrayal, but its her way of portraying it. You cannot just jump onto “cancel culture” because its the norm of today’s society. All you have been doing is actively degrading an individual for how they presented themselves and their world- the same things you have been accusing Sia of doing. I get that its wrong, but the backlash she’s receiving seems unjustified (from a preview of an unreleased movie) compared to the false accusations of the movie members of the “cancel culture” have been making. She herself has said; “[she] believes it will do more good than harm”, and should she be wrong, she knows she will carry that guilt with her. Seriously, just take a moment to appreciate what this woman is doing for a community that is rarely touched upon- the fact some of you can’t do that shows how you really only care about degrading her, and not for what she is/ has done.
Judgement Kazzy
Judgement Kazzy Hace un día
@asava17 And with the full context it will be fine? Yeah no I don't think so. Looks like it's you who's the dumb bitch.
Judgement Kazzy
Judgement Kazzy Hace un día
@Crazy About Drawing Worked on this for 3 years and at the same done the research for 3 years too. Yet doesn't know what Autism Speaks is. Yeah she's just ableist. What are even talking about. So many autistic people have voiced their dismay at this movie. Ffs one of the comments in this thread is from a autistic person. But sure speak over their voices
asava17 Hace un día
@music by stormy YOU haven't seen the movie yet you dumb bitch
music by stormy
music by stormy Hace un día
Are you autistic? Because if you aren't, it's very problematic for you to be speaking for us and essentially telling us to stop being upset about this. This movie trailer hurt me in many ways. As an autistic person, watching this didn't not make me feel represented, it made me feel like I am being mocked and caricaturized. This portrayal of autism is offensive and inaccurate, and we have a right to demand that our disability be portrayed better.
Just a Normal gurl
Just a Normal gurl Hace un día
Why do the worst movies have the most beautiful production
Aesthetic_ Vibe
Aesthetic_ Vibe Hace un día
Dizem q estou chorando até ainda por causa dessa música
BBL Fighting Organization
Yogesh Patil Ghorband
Camila Campo
Camila Campo Hace un día
Muy bonita la cancion 😁😘 La descubrí gracias a Disney
Gisele Souza da Silva
(Kety Perry) (full álbum Smile) (Com Todas As Novas músicas) (Oficial) (Canal) (Kety Perry) 🥇👑💎🎶😍💞🤡💖🎊🎉。◕‿◕。 esvid.net/group/OLAK5uy_l_Af8WOISt5XSUihSPKUbsCh-VJjP9fPI
Kety Perry Smile
Kety Perry Smile Hace un día
(Kety Perry) (full álbum Smile) (Com Todas As Novas músicas) (Oficial) (Canal) (Kety Perry) 🥇👑💎🎶😍💞🤡🎊🎉。◕‿◕。 esvid.net/group/OLAK5uy_l_Af8WOISt5XSUihSPKUbsCh-VJjP9fPI
benzo !
benzo ! Hace un día
this would be so cute if maddy wasn't supposed to be acting like a non verbal autistic girl
Andrew Red's O'connel
Lmao go to cancel at other side like stupid people do
Mantha Hace un día
Imagine thinking this is appropriate representation for autistic people.
abort coven
abort coven Hace un día
@Andrew Red's O'connel andrew you seem to be commenting on a lot of peoples comments here, is everything okay at home buddy?
Andrew Red's O'connel
Lmao fucking stupid
TLG Design
TLG Design Hace un día
What a horrible video. Love the song. The video is as dumb as it gets though. Kids celebrating being gay? How far has society sunk?? What's next, 70 year olds marrying 13 year olds and being this happy? Disgusting...
Oliver Vasquez
Oliver Vasquez Hace un día
are u okay dude?
zehnwa zehnwa
zehnwa zehnwa Hace un día
@Shrek he's clearly not. Homophobia is a disease
Shrek Hace un día
Consensual adults or even children being together (to clarify before you twist my words, two children together) aren't the same as a 70 year old and a 13 year old being together are you okay in the head?
Rosita Books
Rosita Books Hace un día
The main character is based on Sia's friend, who is on the spectrum and is non-verbal. Sia made this movie out of love for her friend and his mother. She worked with people who are on the spectrum while making this movie. Actors with autism were the ones who suggested Sia cast Maddie as the main character. Sia didn't work with Autism Speaks until after the movie was finished; she was disheartened to learn that it is a controversial group. The aforementioned information can be found in Sia's Twitter posts.
Joe Mcdunna
Joe Mcdunna Hace un día
This is the most offensive thing I've seen in a long time. I have a son with autism, this is just nauseating.
Olivia Grubbs
Olivia Grubbs Hace 14 horas
@bouarouri azzouz i know she’s bad representation because she’s not autistic, it’s incredibly difficult to correctly portray someone who’s autistic if your not actually autistic
bouarouri azzouz
bouarouri azzouz Hace 14 horas
@Olivia Grubbs human just know how talking... It's always easy to say... But how you know that she bad in representation from a trailer of 20 seconds. That's kind a weird
Olivia Grubbs
Olivia Grubbs Hace 15 horas
@bouarouri azzouz i would much rather have to play her part and give more accurate representation than to be incorrectly portrayed for the millionth time
bouarouri azzouz
bouarouri azzouz Hace 15 horas
Ah you want go and play the representation that maddies are do " autistic"? What you want plz?
Olivia Grubbs
Olivia Grubbs Hace 16 horas
@The the people who praise her are ableists and have been fed lies about autistic people. we are so much more than what the media portrays and to fix that we need to represent ourselves in the media. there is absolutely no way that you can accurately portray autism without being autistic or working extremely closely with an autistic individual
Naomi Bethell
Naomi Bethell Hace un día
What the fuuuck sia
Anita Pea
Anita Pea Hace un día
This is actually a good song, shame it comes from such a bad movie
Anita Pea
Anita Pea Hace un día
@Liam Jack Rabbit excuse me? What are you taking about
Liam Jack Rabbit
Liam Jack Rabbit Hace un día
@Anita Pea Grow up.
Anita Pea
Anita Pea Hace un día
@Liam Jack Rabbit no but the trailer is very offensive
Liam Jack Rabbit
Liam Jack Rabbit Hace un día
The movie isn't even out yet?
AlrauneDee Hace un día
Not yall judging a trailer 😭😭
Kety Perry smile
Kety Perry smile Hace un día
(Kety Perry) (full álbum Smile) (Com Todas As Novas músicas) (Oficial) (Canal) (Kety Perry) 🥇👑💎🎶😍💞🤡🎊🎉。◕‿◕。 esvid.net/group/OLAK5uy_l_Af8WOISt5XSUihSPKUbsCh-VJjP9fPI
Vibes Hace un día
Kate is so gorgeous oml
Johnny Few hairs
Johnny Few hairs Hace un día
Am I the only one that feels like this song is on repeat like it sounds the same through the entire song plus this movie is a slap in the face to people with actual mental conditions and issues
Hariom Kushwaha
Hariom Kushwaha Hace un día
@Tala twh thank you for not hating this just based on movie's trailer. You are awesome🔥
Hariom Kushwaha
Hariom Kushwaha Hace un día
@Tala twh ❤️❤️
Tala twh
Tala twh Hace un día
Speak for yourself, I'm autistic and I find it a really nice thought. You haven't even seen it and you already hate it, childish
Georges Lui
Georges Lui Hace un día
celestial moon
celestial moon Hace un día
Is that Kate Hudson?
Tala twh
Tala twh Hace un día
Facundo Moheda
Facundo Moheda Hace un día
Kate hudson is BEAUTIFUL
Facundo Moheda
Facundo Moheda Hace un día
This is GORGEOUS and so PURE
Elliott Kane
Elliott Kane Hace un día
Can we have actual neurodivergent people cast as neurodivergent characters, it isn’t that fucking difficult
Good Natured Gamer
Good Natured Gamer Hace un día
@Tala twh Autism Speaks came on board 4 years after the film was finished, but she still worked with them. This is from her own Twitter account. And you still couldn't dispute any of the points I made, just rudeness and ramblings. You are clearly the toxic one as you are unable to see any fault. It's a shame you are letting your fandom blind you to reality. Paragraphs are your friend, by the way, I would recommend using them.
Tala twh
Tala twh Hace un día
@Good Natured Gamer My fucking god, seriously? People have been writing the same shit for days. THAT'S ENOUGH. THOSE ARE FAKE NEWS. Can you inform yourself? IS SIMPLE. Autism Speaks and Sia NEVER COLLABORATE, EVER. BOTH AUTISM SPEAKS AND SIA SAID SO. I'm fed up with reading misinformation. Close your mouth. You haven't followed the shooting for 5 years like I did. The film was created with the help of truly autistic people and was shown to an audience of autistics. It was approved by everyone who saw it. It is a celebration and includes all minorities. You probably don't even know the plot. Are you saying that I'm ignorant? ME? I am not judging and throwing trash on a film that I have not seen. I'M SICK OF THIS MISINFORMATION. You are toxic and you just want to hate about things you don't know. Your behavior is childish, you say things without basis. I'm sorry if I answered rude but honestly I don't give a fuck, Too many fake news and disinformation. Heck, we're in 2020 and you can't use the internet for research, but you can find fake news, who knows why. It's ridiculous, you should shut your mouth, you don't know the story behind the casting and the film. Wait, watch it, informed yourself and then throw all the shit you want. We are in 2020, do you realize how childish it is? Don't reply to this comment, you'd be a fool, I'm ashamed, as an autistic, of all superficial people like you. End of the conversation.
Good Natured Gamer
Good Natured Gamer Hace un día
@Tala twh Not everyone who is autistic will think the same thing. I'm on the spectrum, I work with young people with autism and I have friends who are as well. Frankly, I find your response very ignorant and immature. Sia also said she worked with an actor who was non-verbal etc but she became overwhelmed etc. First, there are many other actors with disablties who could play the role. Secondly, accommodating to the original actor would be the correct thing to do, and would also be in the spirit of the movie (e.g. accepting people for who they are etc). I suggest you educate yourself on the medical vs social model of disabilities. Sia worked with Autism Speaks, which many are boycotting due to harmful views this charity has, Sia should have researched this charity before working with them. Madie is portraying stereotypes and tropes that are so overused in media, and personally, she isn't a strong actor and I doubt she will do this with taste, which is evident as she took the role, to begin with.
Tala twh
Tala twh Hace un día
@Good Natured Gamer Sia broadcast the film to an autistic audience and they all approved it. you haven't even seen it. I think you should shut your mouth
Good Natured Gamer
Good Natured Gamer Hace un día
@Tala twh Good intentions still don't make a good product. And it doesn't make it right either.
Sensory Sensitive Adult
Representation matters. This ain’t it. Maddie studied ESvid videos of parents posting “their children’s episodes” in order to prepare for the role. Sia consulted Autism Speaks, an organization regarded as a hate group among autistics. This is why we fight so hard for true understanding. Sia studied hard for three years and this is what the world taught her about us. We are reduced to a set of symptoms, behaviors, and special abilities all the time by neurotypicals attempting to understand us. We are full humans with many facets and it just isn’t going to be that easy. Sia is faced with the hard journey many of us take. The world miseducated her and the world thinks shitty things about us, but I hope she becomes open about our community re-educating her. I know everyone here is coming from a place of love. 💛
Brilliant Light Productions
This. Thank you for putting my thoughts into words.
Tala twh
Tala twh Hace un día
@Sensory Sensitive Adult she never did. Autism Speaks said it in their profile. do not spread fake news. The only thing that happened was that someone from Sia's team retweeted a tweet from AS. nothing more. Delete this shit immediately. It is disrespectful to me, an autistic who has learned and knows the story of the film.
Sensory Sensitive Adult
@Tala twh First of all, take a deep breath. Calling people names isn't going to get you anywhere. Sia herself said she worked with Autism Speaks. I'm sorry, but this is not a case where "the thought counts". The execution matters a lot and she did not hit the mark. 💛
Tala twh
Tala twh Hace un día
Autism Speaks never collaborated with Sia or the film, they admitted it themselves on their Twitter page. Shut up and respect the work of the autistic community behind the film. You know nothing and you have no right to talk about it. I am autistic and there are hundreds of autistics who appreciate the thought. It is you addicts who judge something you have not seen. DO NOT SPREAD FAKE NEWS
Tala twh
Tala twh Hace un día
Don't share fake news please
Imogen Claire
Imogen Claire Hace un día
i know a lot of people who are autistic are actually really pissed she didn't hire an autistic person. she shouldn't have maddie playing an autistic person, it's not right
Imogen Claire
Imogen Claire Hace 18 horas
@AmunetAmun-ra sorry! i should've thought about this, I was just trying to reflect the opinions of different autistic people that i've heard from, who were saying that they should've chosen an autistic actor. i know that i'm not on the spectrum and dont' have a firsthand account of what seeing myself portrayed as on screen feels like, i was just trying to say other people's opinions.
AmunetAmun-ra Hace 19 horas
I am autistic. I am truly baffled that anyone thinks a character in a film HAS to be played by a person who has said traits in real life. It's called acting for a reason, anyone can act as anything regardless of whether their real life or internal world is accurate to the characters. It's not a documentary, humans have been acting as things they are not for a very very very long time. Acting is pretending to be something you are not. Whether the portrayal is offensive I do not know, it doesn't seem that the film has been released yet. So I'll hold my judgement on that until I have seen it. It's also referred to as a spectrum for a reason, perhaps Maddy is portraying a person at the more severe end of the spectrum. There are certainly people with autism who are mute, perhaps some who are mute appreciate a representation of that. It's impossible to represent every individual autistic person in one character just as it would be to try and represent every neurotypical person in one character. The character has to be created and they will never represent everything at once.
Mandi Lu
Mandi Lu Hace un día
Now that I know Maddie's portraying someone with autism in this video, I see it completely differently.
Jason Dietz
Jason Dietz Hace un día
Some people said comments that somebody with autism should have been in the music video so the movie rain Man in the movie radio the movie Rudy there should have been somebody with some kind of problem in them that's just not right they were actors that's what Maddie's sigler doing acting
c0rpse. clown
c0rpse. clown Hace un día
the problem is the overexaggerations. this is such a stereotypical portrayal of autism and allowing one of the many good autistic actors to play this role would honestly improve the character because they actually know the experience. if a character in a movie is black we don't hire a white actor.
Jewels Nonya
Jewels Nonya Hace 2 días
We can make it happen together ❤️💙💛🖤💚🧡💜
Cherisse Bend
Cherisse Bend Hace 2 días
I love Sia ❤ all the way from Barbados 🇧🇧
Lady Gaga Dance covers
Sia you've saved my life a million times.❤️
이이 Hace 2 días
Asia Xx
Asia Xx Hace 2 días
Y'all made this girl famous because of the weird faces she pulls, now you're about to get mad that she's gonna use all these same faces to portray a character with autism. Keep that same energy lmfao
yes lmao.
pheevielle Hace 2 días
shes famous bc shes a great dancer.
Ibrahim Mousa
Ibrahim Mousa Hace 2 días
لعنة الله عليكم
Peter Langdale
Peter Langdale Hace 2 días
Great to see all those #actuallyautistic dancers!
Natalia Bennett
Natalia Bennett Hace 2 días
This hurts. Knowing shes pretending to be me doesnt feel nice at all. I feel so misrepresented and like. Im queer and autistic. I am so disappointed. Its not acting its portraying and taking away from a minority, particularily the female autistic community, who (if youre unaware) cam behave INCREDIBLY different to your fucking rainman stereotype rebuttle) Mute or non verbal, or not, no neurotypical should replace a role that could be filled with a fucking REAL neurodivergent human. We are real and we do not need to be replaced and turned into something lile this. This hurts so much.
Sam Bunnyfluff
Sam Bunnyfluff Hace un hora
She is not pretending to be autistic in this video. Before you freak out and take it as a insult. Watch every music video sia has made with Maddie. They are all like this. Same body movements,same expressions etc it’s “overly happy” Get background on the videos and how Maddie has evolved in all of sias videos. (Ps myself and my son are both on the spectrum. )
Adrienne Miller
Adrienne Miller Hace 4 horas
It is not a biography, she is not pretending to be you, and she is not representing a whole community. It is a fiction, she is playing one fictional character, one individual. Also it is not Sia’s job to help people with autism, so why don’t you poor the same energy into being constructive and get the goverments, education systems, health care systems and parents to help more? It is THEIR job, not an artist’s...
Art by Alex
Art by Alex Hace 17 horas
Exactly. I'm also autistic and queer, and I really loved Sia's music, and didn't really think of her queer songs as pandering before. But yeah, this hurts. As a girl with autism, diagnosed late, good representation is incredibly important to me, and this just ain't it. Nothing about us without us!
sabserab Hace 19 horas
@Tala twh Not autistic audience, a Child Medical Center that works with Autism Speaks. NTs
Tala twh
Tala twh Hace un día
@S mucher the representation is accurate and Sia passed the film to an autistic audience and they approved it
Abdülhamid Yılmaz
Abdülhamid Yılmaz Hace 2 días
Niye böyle mal mal hareket ettirion bu insanlara sia bacı
Someone Hace 2 días
Kylie Bakke
Kylie Bakke Hace 2 días
Now I understand why MADDIES facial expressions are so OVER the top
StrongEagle Hace 2 días
2:51 how you doin Dean?.. How u doing how ya been?
Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose Hace 2 días
Hey. So umm, this music video is attached to a very able-ist movie called "Music". Sia did not work with people who were actually Autistic on this film, and partnered with "Autism Speaks" who is considered a hate group by the Autism community to create this project. So maybe...we shouldn't Stan?
Itsfinepal Hace un día
Well, you got the title of the movie right. The rest is provenly wrong. You're that kind of person, that sticks to healdines and doesn't want to actually educate yourself. Sit down, take your time and read the actual facts. Clout chaser.
Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose Hace un día
@e chan no, it's documented she *did* work with them. So you back tf off. I'm actually Autistic and it's clear they didn't actually talk to Autistic people. Maddie admitted in an interview she only watched docs and videos of parents recording their kids' meltdowns. So sod off
Claire Reeds
Claire Reeds Hace un día
@e chanThe thing is, you can't tell me to stop whining for expressing my concern towards Maddie's performance. I'm guessing that your nerotypical and have no utter clue about people with ASD, I highly suggest you do research on it but check your sources. Even after you've done that you still don't have any right to tell autistics to not find someone impersonating them offensive as we have every right to.
random panda
random panda Hace un día
@Claire Reeds yup exact same situation here!~ this whole mess just makes me sad tbh, but despite having this diagnosis for only two years- ive learnt tbh its...never gonna stop
e chan
e chan Hace un día
She did work with autistic people, she doesn’t partner with autism speaks, that has been debunked. Please fucking read things before you whine.
G G Hace 2 días
imagine hiring a person to pretend to be autistic when you could have just hired an autistic person instead
The Hace 10 horas
@G G the one with butthurt is you my friends
Skooter Hace 11 horas
@Aditya shukla as a person on the spectrum their not doing a very good job. I don’t like being seen as seemingly airheaded and unable to live as seen in the trailer.
G G Hace 16 horas
@The thanks for giving me a laugh with your ableist stupidity xoxo stay butthurted
Izzy M
Izzy M Hace un día
@The imagine being this ableist
The Hace un día
Imagine being an idiot who is butthurted because actress can play autistic person.
N S?
N S? Hace 2 días
After seeing the trailer and going back to this video I hope the movie shows more of what Sia is trying to portray within this particular community of people. From the comments I don't think people understand and maybe that was done on purpose for marketing, however it may explain why so many in the autistic community are upset.
Paul Hace un día
@BookloverFantasy92 she explained on Twitter that she made everything before being in contact with this shitty group
We didn't ask to be falsely portrayed... infact we've been fighting for decades against such portrayal.
BookloverFantasy92 Hace 2 días
Because she's making fun of us. She went with autism speaks which is a hate group who want to cure us and remove our autism like it's a disease. Our brain is literally wired differently. That's all. Watching this clip actually makes me angry.
CJ Hace 2 días
Little did we know, this film is actually quite harmful 😀
Aditya shukla
Aditya shukla Hace 7 horas
@CJ maybe...yes.... I don't have complet info about autism so I will not speak on that matter...
CJ Hace 9 horas
@Demin lmaoooo Fr
Demin Hace 13 horas
@The still wrong get an actual autistic person to play an autistic character yall dumb for thinking nothing is wrong with that Sia is in the wrong if y’all are ableist just say that
SK TAJ MOHAMMAD Hace 13 horas
@SqeakyZ nope
Acer Roberts
Acer Roberts Hace 16 horas
@Aditya shukla the point of a book cover is to judge it, if it didn't matter all book covers would be blank, also people judged the sonic movie and they completely change it so...
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