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18 mar 2023






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Sidemen Hace 2 meses
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WG Hace 2 meses
w treasure
w treasure Hace 2 meses
Stan treasure
Miniharibos Hace 2 meses
Yo admin
VS Recaps
VS Recaps Hace 2 meses
Craig Baker
Craig Baker Hace 2 meses
Sidemen: puts any group together Fans: omg this trio is so gooood
Rafa Garcia
Rafa Garcia Hace 2 meses
Well any of their trios are good
Craig Baker
Craig Baker Hace 2 meses
@Rafa Garcia exactly. Which is why it's funny when people say it on every video
Tony Ngo
Tony Ngo Hace 2 meses
@Craig Baker also, sidemen’s does something any other person would do, fans say “that’s so wholesome”
brnlln Hace 2 meses
@Rafa Garcia its so repetitive to the point that it makes it pointless
Sean Harrison
Sean Harrison Hace 2 meses
​@brnlln they say it to farm likes
bvck Hace 2 meses
16:55 “It’s like the Ferrari of cable cars” “Oh don’t say that it’s gonna break down now” Love Harry’s little F1 references lmao
GuruGauthamYT Hace 2 meses
Thats golden lolllll
zak _unlimited999
zak _unlimited999 Hace 2 meses
I love seeing the other people make jokes about sports I like
Shaji Qazi
Shaji Qazi Hace 26 días
ikr, was crying at thatt😂
ElliafromOx Hace 2 meses
It is just so wholesome watching Simon, Josh and Ethan dancing together
efk Hace 2 meses
MovieBits Hace 2 meses
@efk I know yeah it’s so overused that word is
bella rose
bella rose Hace 4 días
Little Heck
Little Heck Hace 2 meses
Harry & Toby not believing Vikk's driving was really funny 😅 Vikk definitely surprised them.😊
Darkness Devours
Darkness Devours Hace 6 días
Who's Toby?
Supersonic family
Supersonic family Hace 2 meses
When Simon says “I think he’s matured” then at 7:45 it cuts instantly to Ethan swerving around is hilarious 😂
Natasha Howard
Natasha Howard Hace 2 meses
That montage of Vik, Harry and Tobi taking turns in the passenger seat whilst the guy drove them around was so wholesome! Seeing how much they all genuinely really enjoyed it! 🤩
Texture Hace 2 meses
Harry being chaotic as ever is such gold
Chameleon Hace un mes
Mixing texture
Vlad Animation
Vlad Animation Hace un mes
​@Chameleon Killing Chameleon😂
The Real Eman
The Real Eman Hace 2 meses
The look in the drivers face at 38:48 when vik said they were going at over 100kph killed me
Solo Vector
Solo Vector Hace 2 meses
what's the phonk song in the background?
OptimisticEnigma Hace 2 meses
@Solo Vector Supra - STRLGHT & Nightcap
getty Hace 2 meses
John Spartan
John Spartan Hace 2 meses
It was Miles per Hour so that's kinda fast but not that fast in that track though.
Preston Sims
Preston Sims Hace 2 meses
28:55 vik and Harry vibin with eachother when no one else will always warms my heart
Little Heck
Little Heck Hace 2 meses
The random cuts to Harry throwing massive chunks of compact snow yelling "snowball fight" is hilarious
brianna Gomez
brianna Gomez Hace 2 meses
Tobi’s shining in this video! His energy was contagious the whole video. Love the three of them together! 🎉
Barely Noticeable
Barely Noticeable Hace 2 meses
26:20 This was probably the most unexpected thing. The cherry on top was Ethan appreciating his friends RIGHT before that reveal 😂
jack dee
jack dee Hace 2 meses
the driver's face when he was behind the wheel with harry and them in the passy was so wholesome someone genuinely enjoying their job
chez Hace 2 meses
Henry Marks
Henry Marks Hace 2 meses
AkinCzar Hace 2 meses
@Henry Marks 43:37
Sheryl Riar
Sheryl Riar Hace 2 meses
The Vik, Harry and Tobi trio is what we never knew we needed! 😍
kennzs Hace 2 meses
HERACAT Hace 2 meses
TheOfficialoddity Hace un mes
They were on same team before in the second calorie challenge
keegan forde
keegan forde Hace 2 meses
30:19 everywhere we go and Harry just throwing massive snowballs plus the remake of the titanic is bloody hilarious 22:28 😂😂 I loved seeing Tobi, Harry and Vik on the Misano Marco Simoncelli track.
WG Hace 2 meses
Why was Harry’s hysterical laughter while he was being driven so wholesome😭
Estrell6 Hace 2 meses
Right, he was just havin a blast, too cute
Austin Hace 2 meses
Is it me or does that sentence make no sense
Random guy
Random guy Hace 2 meses
@Austin cringe tbh
Add Hace 2 meses
VIK always delivers when it matters yk , dudes a legend
Deasiah Hankins
Deasiah Hankins Hace 2 meses
44:23 this part was so wholesome , harry and tobi seem genuinely happy
Yukino Fox
Yukino Fox Hace 2 meses
Vik and Tobi: casually walking Harry: snowfall fight!! *picks an entire mountain of snow*
Fiery Turtle
Fiery Turtle Hace 2 meses
It looks like recently Tobi has been a lil down for whatever reason (not in vids but on his insta story) so seeing him smiling and happy again brought a tear to my eye. He deserves so much good and I'm glad he got to enjoy the drive
dxbnelle 🇦🇪
dxbnelle 🇦🇪 Hace 2 días
Vik, Toby and Harry - absolute dreamteam. I haven’t laughed this hard for a long time 😂
Ian Paul
Ian Paul Hace 2 meses
Harry, Tobi and Vikk giggling inside the car was wholesome
efk Hace 2 meses
Dragon Dog
Dragon Dog Hace 2 meses
"wholesome" learn literally any other word
Ha ha, He he, Ho ho
Ha ha, He he, Ho ho Hace 2 meses
I wanted to know who went fastest 😐
Prod. 7ixon
Prod. 7ixon Hace 2 meses
@Dragon Dog haha bro ur too funny im dying 😐
fartus dork
fartus dork Hace 2 meses
43:49 best part where they’re all just giggling
Little Heck
Little Heck Hace 2 meses
plus, as a Greek, watching Ethan, Josh and Simon learning how to Greek dance was wholesome🎶🇬🇷
Dighno89 Hace 2 meses
Props to Josh, Miniminter and Bez for actually dancing a classic greek dance. As a greek im proud of yall
Asher Iheme
Asher Iheme Hace 2 meses
Harry, Tobi, Vic 😂 44:22 they were getting driven, Harry was such a Joy to watch 😂😊
Little Heck
Little Heck Hace 2 meses
Simon and Josh trying not to laugh at “Olive Wood” had me dead 💀
Macy Fraser
Macy Fraser Hace 2 meses
These videos always make me realize how genuinely fun it would be to be around Harry. 😂😂😂 He's absolutely hilarious!
Ethan Hace 2 meses
34:32 had me dead 😂😂
Justin Angelo Alvarez
20:44, Vik and his puns, never gets old.
Little Heck
Little Heck Hace 2 meses
I love that these videos are just a group of friends of having a good time together no matter where they are or what they're doing
Max Thomas
Max Thomas Hace 2 meses
Harry is absolute gold, saying the waxwork looked like Simon had me in bits, especially the edit with Simons hair.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Hace 2 meses
Harrys laugh when he was being driven around the track was so genuine, that boy was in heaven 😭
Kieran Hace 2 meses
Vikkstar is actually the crossbar king, literally always saves the sidemen from the depths
Adrian Hace 2 meses
Everyone says Vic, Harry, and tobi is the greatest trio but let’s not forget Vic,Harry, and Chris MD is goated…. We need that again
Virgil finna snitch
especially when vikk is drunk
Drhobnob1 Hace 2 meses
Loving all the Italian flags for San Marino 😂 🇸🇲
FuzionDroid Hace 2 meses
This is gonna be a banger I can already tell
Jangan Baca Foto Profile Saya 😡
Don't read my name
WithoutContext Hace 2 meses
npc comment
Jamie Caslin
Jamie Caslin Hace 2 meses
Bro was eagerly waiting all day for that bot comment
FootyRemomers Hace 2 meses
Funky Frick
Funky Frick Hace 2 meses
Honestly might be the best sidemen video in a while, completely unmatched energy
AshBot Hace 2 meses
1:17 everyone needs a friend like josh in their life😭
rahaf khatib
rahaf khatib Hace 2 meses
Simon unzipping his jacket to Ethan on his shirt is pure comedy 💀😂
RBXjames Hace 2 meses
The sidemen editor's really taking their edits to the next level!
BlueMo Hace 2 meses
6:44 Harry desperately asking Vikk for help to get up and then instantly pushing Tobi off instead of helping him is hilarious 😂
Nuve Hace 2 meses
JB Word
JB Word Hace 2 meses
Harry always seems to make me laugh, love how goofy he is…and that was a great impersonation of the titanic 😆😆
Vespo Hace 2 meses
i actually love that they went kefalonia, island with so much history and mythology dating back to ancient greece, when the dart hit i was instantly like omg kefalonia is finally getting some recognition!! great video boys
Mad Lad Dillon
Mad Lad Dillon Hace 22 días
This whole video is just Harry's intrusive thoughts winning. Glorious
JJ Bailey
JJ Bailey Hace 2 meses
This is the greatest video from them, so many wholesome and just pure fun moments.
Little Heck
Little Heck Hace 2 meses
Bro the way vik was pedal to the metal going 120 just having a friendly chat what a guy 😂
Grant Wilson
Grant Wilson Hace 2 meses
34:37 Simon saying he’s drunk and starting the dance then Ethan immediately clapping along had me weak😂
Muhammad Adil Cheema
Best part of the vid 😂
Chokor Obaro
Chokor Obaro Hace 2 meses
I was looking for this comment
liad0236 Hace 2 meses
I love how everyone are so tired and Harry is keeping the vibe up😂
NikolafS Hace 2 meses
the humor from the boys in this sidemen sunday is what i wanted for like a year and a half
Little Heck
Little Heck Hace 2 meses
Simon, Ethan and Josh are always top quality together!!
Mitchell Fell
Mitchell Fell Hace 2 meses
actually really entertaining when they are both on the good team enjoying them selfs
noone cares
noone cares Hace 2 meses
As a Greek all I can say is... Ti malakes 😂 I've been waiting for so long for an episode in Greece ❤
Hanebel Asaah
Hanebel Asaah Hace 2 meses
I love how Harry doesn’t throw snow balls but ice and it’s a constant thing 😂
Sacred 7
Sacred 7 Hace 2 meses
Ethan’s happiness in this video was peak I’m glad to see him in such a good state of mind
Trashinnit Hace 2 meses
harry is the embodiment of QUALITY content
Shivam Hace 2 meses
Vik is soo clutch player when moments come he delivers. He hits the crossbar everytime.
Little Heck
Little Heck Hace 2 meses
Seeing the boys in greece speaking and dancing greek dances, as a greek made my day
Mikey Duffy
Mikey Duffy Hace 2 meses
Josh booting the ball away because he is a dead baller is a highlight of this video 🤣
Loue T
Loue T Hace 2 meses
Harry’s laugh when being driven around was so wholesome 🥺
Mystic Hace un mes
this makes no sense "Harry's laugh was trustworthy"
Rakeem Naidoo
Rakeem Naidoo Hace 2 meses
I love seeing these guys have so much fun, I wish my friends and I where still this close
Awais Siddiqui
Awais Siddiqui Hace 2 meses
This is without a doubt the funniest sidemen travel video, Laugh so much on Harry's jokes man..😂🤣
Shaun Collinson
Shaun Collinson Hace 2 meses
Honestly the boys can go anywhere and I mean anywhere and have a good time. 😂
I I Hace 2 meses
Watching Harry actually enjoy himself other than playing games is so refreshing.
Xxx_EDITS Hace 2 meses
Harry worrying that the cable car was gonna break down for some reason made me laugh 😂
Ace Carwell
Ace Carwell Hace 2 meses
The driving segment was the best yt video I have seen in a minute. Pure joy. Was contagious.
jia Hace 2 meses
The way Harry was carrying his family’s ducks was so endearing
Deez nuts
Deez nuts Hace 2 meses
It's always a wholesome/funny video I love it 😂😊❤
RoboticInk 69
RoboticInk 69 Hace 2 meses
I don't usually enjoy these vids as much but this was very funny and entertaining
lily carter
lily carter Hace 2 meses
Harry’s giggle of straight enjoyment when he was riding in the bmw was just pure joy
bandz Hace 2 meses
Record amount of cringe in one sentence, congratulations.
zwebackshyper Hace 2 meses
cringe comment
Strokey Nonce
Strokey Nonce Hace 2 meses
Man broke the record for most cringe comment
TheLegend05 Hace 2 meses
As a greek I think Ethan has greek genetics! He was dancing pretty good he was living it!! Gj Ethan and the rest of the Sidemen!
Nathi Hace 2 meses
Harry's definition of snowball fight: An entire chunk of ice lifted up & thrown at his friends' feet
Vyk Epp
Vyk Epp Hace 2 meses
All of the locals are so fun snd such big personalities. Really enjoyed this
Aryan Pandey
Aryan Pandey Hace 2 meses
Vic, Tobi and Harry, One of the best Trios 🙌🙌
TheBigDog97 Hace 2 meses
Harry giggling like a school girl when he was being driven was gold
svnova Hace 2 meses
6:38 Harry's weeee😂 plus, as a Greek, watching Ethan, Josh and Simon learning how to Greek dance was wholesome🎶🇬🇷
RasputinIVO Hace 2 meses
was it real dance?
R3012 Hace 2 meses
​@RasputinIVO yes its called zeimbekiko
lilkoukdog Hace 2 meses
I was waiting for them to bring out the tsamiko or the kalamatiano was not expecting zeimbekiko 😂
svnova Hace 2 meses
@lilkoukdog haha same!
Blrch Lasagna
Blrch Lasagna Hace 2 meses
i feel like this is going to be a slept on video but I laughed my way through it and would probably enjoy something similar in the future
TheDarkHunter81 Hace 2 meses
I think a team of Tobi, Vik and Harry is always my favorite
philipp1 mogul
philipp1 mogul Hace 2 meses
Every person watching would love to try this experiment with their friends. Good job sidemen
Steve Lee BS5
Steve Lee BS5 Hace 2 meses
I like it when they smash plates Ethan’s too funny 😂😂😂😂
Βασιλειος Σιμος
I am from Greece and i couldn't stop laughing
Tau Hace 2 meses
Vikk hitting the crossbar is the best part of the video. I was so happy😂 34:08
Turki Hace 2 meses
Josh, Simon, and Ethan are the best trio, they're so funny😂😂😂❤❤
Leyla Fawdry
Leyla Fawdry Hace 2 meses
These will never get old. Another elite video!
Hipbo96 Hace 2 meses
Shout out editor man, always makes everything so much better
SCE | Super Car enthusiasts
Simon and Harry should join a choir, the vocals are at another level😂😂5:55
AarnaK💎💜 Hace 2 meses
U mean Simon and Josh?
Lemdon Hace 2 meses
Jose Sebastian
Jose Sebastian Hace 2 meses
Harry was hilarious this entire video 😂
TheFlemishGuy1 Hace 2 meses
harry''s titanic impression had me dying of laughter for 5 minutes straight 😂😂 ( 22:30 )
Trinidad101 Hace 2 meses
They gave him too much white stuff that day
Ywamo Dude
Ywamo Dude Hace 2 meses
@Trinidad101 snow ain’t the type of white on Harry’s wishlist
Jaden Trower
Jaden Trower Hace 2 meses
Them noises were out of a alien movie
Amemji Hace 2 meses
16:54 that’s genius by Vik and Harry I laughed so hard at this
Kiki Devine
Kiki Devine Hace 2 meses
Can't wait for the day the dart hits Mariupol. That's going to be an episode and a half
Daniel Reberg
Daniel Reberg Hace 2 meses
How tf does Josh not know what a flippin’ kill switch is💀💀 and how him and Simon got scared when he pushed it had me dead bruv😂😂😂
Neeki Hace 2 meses
Keep this editor. Matter of fact give them a raise 😂
Amanda _Xx
Amanda _Xx Hace 24 días
I would love to see em having a video about racing in cars! Sick video guys!!!
Aileen Sigua
Aileen Sigua Hace 2 meses
I can’t with the Greek dances, Simon, Ethan and Josh killed me 🤣 35:21
MarloSoBalJr (Gaming)
Don't forget JJ... 😂
GIORGOZ Hace 2 meses
As a greek i really enjoyed the sidemen learning about greek culture
Salah Dahouchi
Salah Dahouchi Hace 2 meses
Ethan is the best human bein to ever live i swear to god, just full of joy and fun, what a soul✨💐
Saturn God
Saturn God Hace 2 meses
This Video was really Fun. Good Job Lads.❤
Myles Brackenbury
Myles Brackenbury Hace 2 meses
i’m so glad the driving coach showed them how to really drive on a track. vik reaching 100 mph and saying it’s the fastest he’s gone yet he has an aston martin
Abhishek sHARATH
Abhishek sHARATH Hace 2 meses
This is such a wholesome sidemen Sunday