Sigrid at Paste Studio NYC live from The Manhattan Center

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1. High Five 1:12
2. Raw 6:10
3. Strangers 11:55
Watch Sigrid live @ Paste Studio NYC! More performance sessions and interviews here: www.pastemagazine.com/studio


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27 jul 2018

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The He
The He Hace un día
She reminds me of Orla Gartland. Check her out too!!
Seyi Taylor
Seyi Taylor Hace 2 días
DrumConnection Hace 2 días
Beautiful, flowing and music like water, Love it.
moomin54321 Hace 2 días
Oh my god she's adorable! I just want to wrap her up in cotton wool and never let this word corrupt her! 😂
Son of Hans
Son of Hans Hace 3 días
what a doll
Alan Wright
Alan Wright Hace 4 días
Love u Sig...
EVANMACDUCK1990 Hace 5 días
Such swag love it.
Moslem Hamzehnejadi
Moslem Hamzehnejadi Hace 8 días
OMG, she is so energic, beautiful and lovely! and then the music... perfection.
Hans Petter Vaagsaeter
Im from your hometown
Sparts Hace 9 días
The coolest uncool girl on the planet. Never change.
Gabriela Poplawski
Gabriela Poplawski Hace 10 días
i wanna cry at how good the raw acoustic version is bc it;s my favorite song and it sounds like liquid gold and honey and magic
stephany parhuana
stephany parhuana Hace 12 días
I fell in love with both voices together
ErinScarlettMusic Hace 12 días
Nice harmonies
kpeecee Hace 12 días
I want to thank Sigrid and this session for leading me to Aurora. I must say that these two Norwegian’s must be the best vocalists in the world today. That’s not taking anything away from Christina, her excellent backing singer.
bon voyage
bon voyage Hace 13 días
reminds me of First aid kit....which is no bad thing.shes great
Olaf Büschel
Olaf Büschel Hace 15 días
Wonderful :) I like it
Samantha Griffin
Samantha Griffin Hace 16 días
Oh my, I am so freaking lesbian
asr070568 Hace 17 días
First time hearing Sigrid. At times, when speaking, she almost has an Irish/Scottish accent. Interesting point, but not very useful. Musically, I hear a huge Adele influence. Additionally, at one point I thought, "this is what Joni Mitchell would sound like today." This bodes well for her, of course. Best of luck to her.
Philip Healy
Philip Healy Hace 17 días
Do all people from Norway sound Irish or is it just her lol. Swear she has an Irish accent (I'm Irish so I'd know)
Feodor Onso
Feodor Onso Hace 17 días
Очаровательно! ^_^
Sammiesty Hace 19 días
shnaps Hace 20 días
man should be the main
shnaps Hace 20 días
evil feminism
Marianne Johansen
Marianne Johansen Hace 21 un día
Sigrid is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and talented girl on this earth! Stay true to the music, and stay true to yourself. Heier på deg, og ønsker deg masse lykke til videre i din karriere! Heia Sigrid!
Wanderyen Erin
Wanderyen Erin Hace 21 un día
She has an extremely good aura. Stunning
ItsameAlex Hace 25 días
too cute (in my opinion)
Leo Freitag
Leo Freitag Hace 26 días
It is a great pleasure to hear and see them make music. And I would like to join the choir of unrestricted admiration. But I do have a few small doubts - unfortunately. If I don't hear any weird sound "live" at all, but the unmistakable use of reverb effects, then I ask myself, has anything else been edited?
The SoundBrothers
The SoundBrothers Hace 19 días
+Paste Magazine And this reverb sounds just amazing! Would love to know which one it is!!
Paste Magazine
Paste Magazine Hace 25 días
Yes there's a little reverb, just like a live concert. Good ear! Dry recordings sound quite uncomfortable for most styles of music. But absolutely no editing. It was streamed and mixed live.
John Mckillop
John Mckillop Hace 26 días
390 comments on a video with over 250k views. I revisited this video today because every time I watch a Sigrid video, this one is recommended as the next video to watch. I don't know what you folks at Paste Mag do to get this common recommended result but it has defo worked in strong view numbers. The recording is great as well of course! I still remember watching it live and commenting in the box you can see next the video. The acoustic versions of Sigrids songs are every bit as great as the studio versions. Sucker Punch Acoustic is so fresh rn! Such a great new artist.
Bas Bear
Bas Bear Hace 26 días
I don't want to hear this dude talking inbetween. It's annoying.
Senko Chan
Senko Chan Hace 26 días
she's always so confident and casual. like shes never afraid of showing others who she really is
Rogerio Ferrari
Rogerio Ferrari Hace 28 días
You all nailed it! Congrats! Beautiful voices!
James C
James C Hace 29 días
Like what others have said, there’s a real purity about her. Incredible talent.
North East fishing
North East fishing Hace un mes
66 people dislike this lol
Victor Lavrent'ev
Victor Lavrent'ev Hace un mes
This Alt J :)
frankie4you2013 Hace un mes
FAKE FAKE FAKE! The grammy goes to.............The Antares Auto-Tune live plug-in
frankie4you2013 Hace 23 días
+Paste Magazine Well, i have strong doubts about it cause i know her different live performances ;) And there is light reverb on her and the other girl´s voice. Sigrid NEVER sang in such perfection without showing any faults. Magic don´t happen just like that.
Paste Magazine
Paste Magazine Hace 23 días
No Auto-Tune here Frankie
frankie4you2013 Hace un mes
+ensteffo Stop fapping for a while and clean your sticky fingers :D
ensteffo Hace un mes
+ frankie4you2013 So apparently Sigrid have a new stalker troll spamming all her videos.
Elizabetta Hace un mes
Her music is so good😊 desde Puerto Rico
Thomas John
Thomas John Hace un mes
This is so underrated
Hangry Zombie
Hangry Zombie Hace un mes
Holy frick those high notes nailed 😦👏🏼 Love these songs. And Sigrid herself
Keith Geddes
Keith Geddes Hace un mes
Theres a comment about that being her sister hence the harmonies..shes a knockout, theres something about people from that part of the world..a different maybe free`r state of mind.
2Sxmmer Music
2Sxmmer Music Hace un mes
Beautiful atmosphere and music.
Reynard Fox
Reynard Fox Hace un mes
A lovely goofy girl
Varun Kumar
Varun Kumar Hace un mes
Amazing harmonies
Nathan Pounds
Nathan Pounds Hace un mes
the live version of strangers is so good.
Mikaila Ems
Mikaila Ems Hace un mes
She’s authentic. I love her!
Hobbes schroeder
Hobbes schroeder Hace un mes
Best acoustic performance!
Sean Lane
Sean Lane Hace un mes
Cool set - keep up the good work! :)
Rhazel Briones
Rhazel Briones Hace un mes
Love that simple long hair of hers.. Hope you'll stay like that throughout ur music career.
Rhazel Briones
Rhazel Briones Hace un mes
alanfender123 Hace un mes
is it just me or does Sigrid sort of look like Matt Damon?
Andrew Hace un mes
*Don't you get tired of looking for wi-fi?*
K SS Hace un mes
wait... she's actually from Norway? be she a viking?
republic.right Hace un mes
Where is zed remix?
Erin Bower
Erin Bower Hace un mes
Sigrid, you sound sooo good live!
William Buildwahl
William Buildwahl Hace un mes
Liberals want to flood Norway with Muslims. Why? So there are no more Norwegians to produce music like this? Fucked up.
ensteffo Hace un mes
+Billy Buildwall Your brain is fucked up.
89happyfeet Hace un mes
Amazing set 🤙 I'm a tattooed scotmans that's normally rocking to Sabbath or some rock genre but this is top class. And the lead singer is a beautiful lass. Feel free to get intouch 29yr single man available here haha. Drummer aswel so we could work together. Passing though you sound alot influenced by joni Mitchell ? Anyone think the same.
sarah c
sarah c Hace un mes
sigrid and kristina work soooo well together. their voices blend perfectly. this is amazing!!!!
Rebecca Vocal Athlete
Telay Rocks
Telay Rocks Hace un mes
come to Asian Countries please? Philippines ? pls ?
Lars Andre Stavseth
shiiiit....the backing vocals on raw....strangers aftert his? gawd
Yhunyele Magh
Yhunyele Magh Hace un mes
She reminds me of Lauren Daigle....☺
Dave P
Dave P Hace un mes
God what a voice.
Morten Flobekk
Morten Flobekk Hace un mes
Every time I hear you sing, you make me another beautiful day! 💖
Vjhv Cjhcv
Vjhv Cjhcv Hace un mes
Absolutely amazing
Raaa Sverige
Raaa Sverige Hace un mes
Gosh, this is sweeter than honey 🍯
markozam90 Hace un mes
Holy shit, that version of strangers, fucking beautiful!!
Kate W
Kate W Hace un mes
I’m gay for her
martina smith
martina smith Hace un mes
funny face hahahahahhahah
Jakob Hace un mes
Its called a musician and they are lost in between al the artists
Brian Vickers
Brian Vickers Hace un mes
She is a breath of fresh air to the music scene!! Lovely!!
Odrunn Kolltveit
Odrunn Kolltveit Hace un mes
I love your music! And I understand you don`t wan`t to have an image..but you cind of have one when it comes to clothes..Why are you making an afford looking as bad as possible..? You culd just loock normal if you don`t wan`t to stand out.. Couse now you are standing out in a bad way. Greetings from a norwegean..
Wild child
Wild child Hace un mes
why are her eyes dilated ?
Rory Storm
Rory Storm Hace 23 días
You're dilated
Peculiarities Hace un mes
Well this was lovely
stu harris
stu harris Hace un mes
scared of the internet,,,
Andreas Nøkleby
Andreas Nøkleby Hace un mes
7:02 Lemme just sit here, legs crossed, scratching my back, do some music. Yeah
Stéphane English
Stéphane English Hace un mes
Live and acoustic, these songs sound so much better to me than the produced versions on the EPs. Great, natural performance. Let’s have more “unplugged” music from Sigrid.
rUckAmIng Hace un mes
yes pls
Dina Barbosa
Dina Barbosa Hace un mes
where was i? in the moment of this live? =(
Mercy Monroe
Mercy Monroe Hace un mes
So cool! 😍👌🏾
Sam Tipton
Sam Tipton Hace un mes
1:52 must be one of the most beautiful sounds to ever enter my ear
Hemara Otimi
Hemara Otimi Hace un mes
Her sound is unique like her dope dancing
Matthew Slough
Matthew Slough Hace un mes
That backing singer tho! Can't stop listening to her harmonies.
Dave Sad
Dave Sad Hace un mes
Well performed angels
Victor Svold
Victor Svold Hace un mes
wauw.. in modern pop productions I find it hard to spot when artists are unique or talented above standards. This video really opened my eyes to Sigrid. Lovely hamornies, lovely songs.
Kenneth Stead
Kenneth Stead Hace un mes
God l love you so sweet that's my tip of lady
Yt t nygård Nygård
Sigrid are a star?11k likes?
stu harris
stu harris Hace un mes
Jonny Austad
Jonny Austad Hace un mes
Nyydelig - du er flott - elsker at du er naturlig uten tatto, sminke, big….osv...….
Gable Hace 2 meses
So glad I randomly clicked on this vid, what a talent!
iambeare Hace 2 meses
I love Sigrid, this everybody knows. But why am i in kove w her backing vocal? Shes awesome
Wiktoria Ostrowska
Wiktoria Ostrowska Hace 2 meses
Nobody dares to speak against your word So they just sit quiet Do what you want, who cares if you get hurt? No, I don't know why you wonder why Wonder why, wonder why You're surrounded by the type of people That never say what you don't wanna hear So they just stay quiet Oh, everybody loves a show Lights on, they all go home You won't let anybody close That high five is all you got Ooh, they keep saying you're the best You ask and they say, "Yeah" Ooh, when you add up all that's left That high five is all you got You say it's hard, feel sorry for yourself And I don't know why you You take it out on everybody else No, I don't know why you wonder why Wonder why, wonder why You're alone at night, when they're all up on ya You know I tried, but you won't call me back So I just stay quiet Ooh, everybody loves a show Lights on, they all go home You won't let anybody close That high five is all you got Ooh, they keep saying you're the best You ask and they say, "Yeah" Ooh, when you add up all that's left That high five is all you got Oh, oh, oh, right Don't you get tired of looking for high fives? Oh, oh, oh, right Don't you get tired of looking for high fives? Oh, oh, oh, right Don't you get tired of, don't you get tired of And you wonder why, wonder why No one's by your side, by your side When the room goes quiet Ooh, everybody loves a show Lights on, they all go home You won't let anybody close That high five is all you got Ooh, they keep saying you're the best You ask and they say, "Yeah" Ooh, when you add up all that's left That high five is all you got
cowfinatic101 Hace 2 meses
not gunna lie, I judged the ginger before she sang, now I'm tapping my foot like a damn goof to these sick jams :P
Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell Hace 2 meses
They're pretty healthy!!!(Or are you one of those "Negatives are Positives" people?
A Dan
A Dan Hace 2 meses
I love u so much
stu harris
stu harris Hace 2 meses
Echo Hace 2 meses
She's adorable.
El Australiano
El Australiano Hace 2 meses
She's a joy to listen to - pure natural talent! Her sincerity and humility are valued bonuses!
Parvenu Ghost
Parvenu Ghost Hace 2 meses
Wow that support singer could carry it all herself, makes me want to be able to isolate her vocals :)
Andrew Montpetit
Andrew Montpetit Hace 2 meses
I love these versions of the songs. @PasteMagazine is there somewhere we can download or buy just the songs?
La Ode Rendrian Maharsya
the keyboardist only changed shirt right after playing tennis
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