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Rayaqin Hace 2 días
I feel like the backup singer probably has a massive minority complex because of how beautiful, attractive and talented the main singer girl is. I hope she can cope with it, get over it and be happy.
Michael Cockayne
Michael Cockayne Hace 3 días
SwordsMasterie Hace 3 días
Adidas socks, Nike Shoes,... i dont give a damn. ;D
Gary Boyce
Gary Boyce Hace 3 días
I love her session musician.She can grab every harmony.. Probably doesn't dance with her cervix either...
Sofie Brækken Stein
Vi digger deg Sigrid!
Hailey Williamson
Hailey Williamson Hace 5 días
She sounds exactly the same acoustic. Such a lovely voice.
Ben Binks
Ben Binks Hace 5 días
Discovered Sigrid a short while back and now are now favourite. I think they should do a collaboration with The Beautiful South/Paul Eaton 👍
Johnny Hace 5 días
This girl is unreal.
dddvision Hace 5 días
This sounds better than the official versions that apply tons of vocal processing, IMHO.
Elliott Gilman
Elliott Gilman Hace 6 días
This is Amazingly awesome, I like it
Matias Uppstad
Matias Uppstad Hace 7 días
How many times did that guy thank her for coming on the show?
Elliott Johnson
Elliott Johnson Hace 7 días
I'm in love with Sigrid
Andrew Parry
Andrew Parry Hace 7 días
I wish I was pure but I would rather be raw. Beautiful melodies. Very original. Not like in the movies.
Liam Anderson
Liam Anderson Hace 8 días
hRMONY! I LOVE IT. very close, very clean
HogbergPhotography Hace 9 días
Sounds like recording, absolute perfection all way through! Mindboggeling!
aires69uk Hace 9 días
She supported George Ezra in Manchester and I thought she was rather good.
Tom pæng pung Tom pæng pung
Ja Norge e faen mæ bæst
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez Hace 9 días
The Showcase Showdown was a punk band? Yes. Now never ask a question that stupid again.
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez Hace 9 días
I oughtta cut the fucking Norways off The Showcase Showdown: wasting my time queuing memories of childhood, over and over, like acid-flashbacks that scatter in my brain like words and porn and music.
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez Hace 9 días
Heck, these people don't look like the handfuls of silocybin Vikings ate before going into battle.
Richard Lopez
Richard Lopez Hace 9 días
Norway? Eff me, The Showcase Showdown was wrong: these people don't look like vikings at all.
애니프사 Hace 10 días
갓시그리드 갓갓갓갓 💕💕💕💕
Demonitized Hace 11 días
how tf are norweigans so cool.
Mijochda Hace 15 días
That first song in particular has a scrumptious flavour. I can hear Regina Spektor, Kate Bush as well as notes of country music. Not to mention the operatic stability of her voice. Loved the whole set, I'll be searching her up for sure.
Burdette Hace 16 días
how have i never heard of her? shes amazing
Hace 20 días
Roksana Dawidowska
Roksana Dawidowska Hace 21 un día
Wow! The harmonies! - in the last song! And her relaxed attitude
zoe malonnek
zoe malonnek Hace 25 días
She needs to be more recognized, she is so amazing 💕💕💕💕
Tenny Shabong
Tenny Shabong Hace 26 días
Nice keys arrangement especially on the first n second song.
Mike hunt
Mike hunt Hace 27 días
High five...is terrible
Mike hunt
Mike hunt Hace 27 días
Christina is awesome
ATLHooligan Hace un mes
Damn I wanna go to Bergan to find a girlfriend...
ᄒuᄒ Hace un mes
I'm gonna listen to Sigrid's song till I die.
keflar5 Hace un mes
Good advert for not smoking......what a voice.
sugar rush
sugar rush Hace un mes
that's why I always love Norwegian
NoUse001 Hace un mes
It is something special! Marvelous stuff! Totally explode my brain :D
Neuronwhisperer Hace un mes
I was genuinely surprised. Then spotified her. The originals are shit. This is so much better than the studio versions of the songs.
OOO OOO Hace un mes
found out about her just today.
Terence Healy
Terence Healy Hace un mes
Signed to island records cool 😋 they've had some great signings hope they look after her for many more albums to come
Graham Bootscoota
Graham Bootscoota Hace un mes
Sigrid you have the voice of an Angel
follow suit
follow suit Hace un mes
Her voice embodies the fun and soul of my mother and the exciting yet tumultuous path of the future.
Jason de Almeida
Jason de Almeida Hace un mes
I had never heard of them until just now, wow what sweet harmonies and such a unique voice, I'm loving this whole album! Thanks youtube recommendations!
Metamorfose Ambulante
Looooooove her accentttt thoooo
damn bicthes!
damn bicthes! Hace un mes
this is literally world class!
Mason Scimone
Mason Scimone Hace un mes
I like their Nike's
Cayo Santo
Cayo Santo Hace un mes
Os artistas da Noruega tem qualidade!!!
John Matthias
John Matthias Hace un mes
What are they putting in the water in Norway? So much talent.
Matty Harkin
Matty Harkin Hace un mes
Sigrid is great live!
kyle bleich
kyle bleich Hace un mes
She's just so freaking amazing
harmonykrieg Hace un mes
@7:43 don't encourage him! he'll start doing it all the time.
LakeLucy 77
LakeLucy 77 Hace un mes
Am I the only one who thinks that Sigrid can, like, TOTALLY HIT HIGH NOTES! If I did that I’d shatter a window and probably break peoples ears 😂
Kevin Hookham
Kevin Hookham Hace un mes
Beautiful voice, beautiful songs, beautiful harmonies and piano. I'm 62 and been a gigging musician since I was 14. I don't think I've ever seen such natural beautiful talent. Wonderful stuff... your music made me cry tears of joy. Good luck in your career... go get 'em Sigrid. Greetings from Southport UK.
Sima Denisova
Sima Denisova Hace un mes
omggg! I am in love with these songss and sounds 🤩
to bear
to bear Hace un mes
so beautiful, pure talent and good energy
lio lef
lio lef Hace 2 meses
Movies and stuff with Mike
Sigrid and Aurora, perfecto
Boris Yorbis Silva Castillo
If every girl in Norway is like Sigrid and Aurora, I definitely want to move to Norway.
가 징
가 징 Hace 2 meses
Her voice at start of High-five is really special.. I dont know how to say, anyway it sounds like the Marimba's sound. I dont know i just felt like this. I really love her voice. It sounds like fairy's whisper💕
Darren Cahill
Darren Cahill Hace 2 meses
She is amazing
rosy thongcham
rosy thongcham Hace 2 meses
You need a little more practice.
JeredtheShy Hace 2 meses
Hmm, Mountain Man vibe, so good.
Laurence Bell
Laurence Bell Hace 2 meses
They are all stoned.
Kryptonite Hace 2 meses
ah, that girl-next-door goes to art school charm
Alex Lydiate
Alex Lydiate Hace 2 meses
No end of good things from this lot, I can't get enough. I'm feeling a lovely Kate Bush flavour coming though on the first number here.
mickey munkchunk
mickey munkchunk Hace 2 meses
Who are the 89 people giving a thumbs down ? You obviously have mental issues, this young lady is a breath of fresh air and extremely talented, beautiful songs, voice, looks, and she has her own style of dancing, Sigrid, you are a beautiful very talented young lady ❤
ju za
ju za Hace 2 meses
Sigrid.... Please come to Imphal.
nfs z
nfs z Hace 2 meses
damn their voice so beautiful
OOOuise Hace 2 meses
her skin is luminous
SPLlFF * Hace 2 meses
Heard her on bbc radio one recently and she has the most amazing voice and she's so beautiful the qwerky faces she pulls when singing makes me smile with joy such a god send
Pseudo Nym
Pseudo Nym Hace 2 meses
Last comment.... stunning. Bye
Pseudo Nym
Pseudo Nym Hace 2 meses
Awesome. I don't know what else to say. 😕😉 ok amazing. Brilliant. Natural. ....at last. Thank you!
John Murphy
John Murphy Hace 2 meses
How is electric keyboards "acoustic"?! Struggling.
Deion Turner
Deion Turner Hace 2 meses
It may not be 100% acoustic by definition but it's so stripped down when compared to the album version they might as well label it acoustic just so people know what to expect from this video 👍
David Agnew
David Agnew Hace 2 meses
This is how music should be, they're brilliant.
Joe Knaggs
Joe Knaggs Hace 2 meses
I do actually love her
Alyusr G
Alyusr G Hace 2 meses
i loved the first and the third , upon all i like ur voice wish u the best
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Hace 2 meses
Love the 'raw' stripped-down essentials of this performance too.
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Hace 2 meses
Sigrid, please Stay #Raw! Beautiful, unaffected girl... such a rare thing.
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud Hace 2 meses
Suxx to be Air France :-(
matt rick
matt rick Hace 2 meses
God is my boss ❤
Wahid Fayumzadah
Wahid Fayumzadah Hace 2 meses
My front teeth look like her front teeth. Asked my dentist for dental braces long ago, he said no. It makes you you.
Lukas Kern
Lukas Kern Hace 2 meses
i love the songs. i love them even more when played raw like this. such a legend.
Kelvin Smith
Kelvin Smith Hace 2 meses
Her voice is heavenly
BATERO1975 Hace 2 meses
So talented and down to earth.. xx
MoZ Hace 2 meses
needs antidote to stop coming back here to this video. im at least 120 views in
Lubis Zulkarnaen
Lubis Zulkarnaen Hace 3 meses
She have natural ekspression and smiley face, i love it
mauri luna
mauri luna Hace 3 meses
Loved you so much! Thank you!!!
Joel Castillo
Joel Castillo Hace 3 meses
Pocas veces he visto a una persona tan talentosa como esta chica. Es una barbaridad lo que hace
MyNameIsn'tDave Hace 3 meses
She has an extraordinary ear for melody. Real talent, look forward to seeing her career grow!
barry johnson
barry johnson Hace 3 meses
just love it you look so good & natural
Yukino Fairytail
Yukino Fairytail Hace 3 meses
this is the first time I saw a celebrity sing with her normal clothes and without makeup. She has no stage persona, she doesn't even try to look different. she's just a normal person, she's not different, not perfect and she doesn't try to hide it. she's a very awesome person with a lot of talent and I love her for that.
Aday Indrawan
Aday Indrawan Hace 3 meses
martin Bassett
martin Bassett Hace 3 meses
So many amazing artists from norway
inchskater Hace 3 meses
Cool performance. Really appreciated the harmonies! The keyboard player looks like he just stopped by while going jogging lol
7 addnine
7 addnine Hace 3 meses
piano guy looks kinda like sausage fattener guy from dada life
Devyn Thurman
Devyn Thurman Hace 3 meses
She's almost like a young Florence Welch. Awesome!
Isabell Fischer
Isabell Fischer Hace 3 meses
I wish i could sing in such an easy way as they do... Stunning!!
Whatever Goes
Whatever Goes Hace 3 meses
Her facial expressions when singing remind me of Barbara Streisand
Frederika Adamčíkova
This is so amazing but Martin... Those shorts... Really?
beeAudiophile Hace 3 meses
I would so love to release her album on my label Deeeep Love Muzique
Jo Thomas
Jo Thomas Hace 3 meses
She sounds like Joni.
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