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Sigrid at Paste Studio NYC live from The Manhattan Center

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1. High Five 1:12
2. Raw 6:10
3. Strangers 11:55
Watch Sigrid live @ Paste Studio NYC! More performance sessions and interviews here: www.pastemagazine.com/studio


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27 jul 2018

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Lubis Zulkarnaen
Lubis Zulkarnaen Hace 10 horas
She have natural ekspression and smiley face, i love it
mauri luna
mauri luna Hace 12 horas
Loved you so much! Thank you!!!
Joel Castillo
Joel Castillo Hace 18 horas
Pocas veces he visto a una persona tan talentosa como esta chica. Es una barbaridad lo que hace
MyNameIsn'tDave Hace 2 días
She has an extraordinary ear for melody. Real talent, look forward to seeing her career grow!
barry johnson
barry johnson Hace 4 días
just love it you look so good & natural
Yukino Fairytail
Yukino Fairytail Hace 6 días
this is the first time I saw a celebrity sing with her normal clothes and without makeup. She has no stage persona, she doesn't even try to look different. she's just a normal person, she's not different, not perfect and she doesn't try to hide it. she's a very awesome person with a lot of talent and I love her for that.
Aday Indrawan
Aday Indrawan Hace 6 días
martin Bassett
martin Bassett Hace 6 días
So many amazing artists from norway
inchskater Hace 6 días
Cool performance. Really appreciated the harmonies! The keyboard player looks like he just stopped by while going jogging lol
7 addnine
7 addnine Hace 9 días
piano guy looks kinda like sausage fattener guy from dada life
Devyn Thurman
Devyn Thurman Hace 9 días
She's almost like a young Florence Welch. Awesome!
Isabell Fischer
Isabell Fischer Hace 10 días
I wish i could sing in such an easy way as they do... Stunning!!
Whatever Goes
Whatever Goes Hace 11 días
Her facial expressions when singing remind me of Barbara Streisand
Frederika Adamčíkova
This is so amazing but Martin... Those shorts... Really?
beeAudiophile Hace 12 días
I would so love to release her album on my label Deeeep Love Muzique
Jo Thomas
Jo Thomas Hace 16 días
She sounds like Joni.
Oscar haugeland ingebrigtsen
Edrian Rejano
Edrian Rejano Hace 19 días
love her personality she's so simple and beutiful love you sigrid😍💞
Bigfoot doesn't believe in you either
Umm its different ....
Basti Halligalli
Basti Halligalli Hace 23 días
15:13 ;)
51KTM51Hurricane Hace 24 días
she is just beautiful
Lukas F
Lukas F Hace 24 días
Holy shit they’re so young and good. Awesome!
aldrey bgs
aldrey bgs Hace 25 días
her voice is so unique ❤️
Ajung Jamir
Ajung Jamir Hace 25 días
Sooo refreshing...vocals,face and personality!
n Sj
n Sj Hace 26 días
I like her backup singer’s voice better tbh but both are good
BATERO1975 Hace 26 días
great stuff!! she's unique!!!!
hypoeddy Hace 26 días
I find her big pupils attractive
kri S
kri S Hace 29 días
Sigrid is my skin goals
Amanda Jocelyn
Amanda Jocelyn Hace 29 días
she reminds so much of maria mena
Elwira Hace un mes
I keep going back to this video. Again and again. Their voices are just perfect! Greetings from Poland :)
OscarM452 Hace un mes
Her voice is just incredible
Deion Turner
Deion Turner Hace un mes
This backing singer consistently performs my favourite harmonies. Something so amazing about them, not sure what.
Høy Retard
Høy Retard Hace un mes
Det er bare en ekte nordmann som møter opp i paste magazine med halvbustete hår og buff
Martin Haupt
Martin Haupt Hace un mes
Cornflake girl
Sarah Keeffe
Sarah Keeffe Hace un mes
Love you Sigrid, You're amazing and so talented, i love your singing voice it's so good! you're awesome :-)
Azutanah Hace un mes
Very sweet and genuine with a beautiful voice
IZ Hace un mes
Love how she’s being herself! ❤️❤️
Matt Tracks
Matt Tracks Hace un mes
that backup singer compliments the lead so well
misshappynun Hace un mes
They are beautiful together. Compliment each other.
Stuart McIntosh
Stuart McIntosh Hace un mes
Dam ! Outstanding !!!
Steven Marshall
Steven Marshall Hace un mes
When these guys sing together, they are bliss. They sound so perfect. Can't wait to see you in the UK.
Reba Wiles
Reba Wiles Hace un mes
this is moving me
Adrian Paul
Adrian Paul Hace un mes
class act
Anna Lawrence
Anna Lawrence Hace un mes
I wish I could like this more than once.
dorky dough
dorky dough Hace un mes
Hey that’s my name 😊
Mohan Siriwardena
Mohan Siriwardena Hace un mes
Absolutely origianl
Brian Newton
Brian Newton Hace un mes
I instantly was reminded of Joanie Mitchell. Sounds great!
Cloud Star
Cloud Star Hace un mes
Excuisite! Beyond brilliant! Thank you for waking me back up from this deep sleep I have been stuck in. The world needs more of this motivation. ❤️
Всё о сварке и самоделках.
Ух ты! Какая милаха.)
Mammon Hace un mes
Bishx43 Hace un mes
Unbelievable voice 😇
PanNikV Hace un mes
Такая же милота милейшая
Yucky. Hace un mes
She’s so great and happy my edgy ass self can’t handle it-
Alex Wang
Alex Wang Hace 2 meses
God I love her!whoa!
Thomas Aidzil Pratama
How old are she ?
coodude25 Hace 2 meses
Please come to Chicago! You are amazing!
Rachael Hace 2 meses
Can't get enough of Sigrid
Lorraine Lambden
Lorraine Lambden Hace 2 meses
absolute talent, beautiful girl and not fake - how refreshing!
James A
James A Hace 2 meses
Sigrid should be the new Ariana, but at the same time, I don’t want her being a big celebrity
The He
The He Hace 2 meses
She reminds me of Orla Gartland. Check her out too!!
Seyi Taylor
Seyi Taylor Hace 2 meses
DrumConnection Hace 2 meses
Beautiful, flowing and music like water, Love it.
moomin54321 Hace 2 meses
Oh my god she's adorable! I just want to wrap her up in cotton wool and never let this word corrupt her! 😂
Son of Hans
Son of Hans Hace 2 meses
what a doll
Alan Wright
Alan Wright Hace 2 meses
Love u Sig...
EVANMACDUCK1990 Hace 2 meses
Such swag love it.
Moslem Hamzehnejadi
Moslem Hamzehnejadi Hace 2 meses
OMG, she is so energic, beautiful and lovely! and then the music... perfection.
Hans Petter Vaagsaeter
Im from your hometown
Sparts Hace 2 meses
The coolest uncool girl on the planet. Never change.
Gabriela Poplawski
Gabriela Poplawski Hace 2 meses
i wanna cry at how good the raw acoustic version is bc it;s my favorite song and it sounds like liquid gold and honey and magic
stephany parhuana
stephany parhuana Hace 2 meses
I fell in love with both voices together
ErinScarlettMusic Hace 2 meses
Nice harmonies
kpeecee Hace 2 meses
I want to thank Sigrid and this session for leading me to Aurora. I must say that these two Norwegian’s must be the best vocalists in the world today. That’s not taking anything away from Christina, her excellent backing singer.
bon voyage
bon voyage Hace 2 meses
reminds me of First aid kit....which is no bad thing.shes great
Olaf Büschel
Olaf Büschel Hace 2 meses
Wonderful :) I like it
Samantha Griffin
Samantha Griffin Hace 2 meses
Oh my, I am so freaking lesbian
asr070568 Hace 2 meses
First time hearing Sigrid. At times, when speaking, she almost has an Irish/Scottish accent. Interesting point, but not very useful. Musically, I hear a huge Adele influence. Additionally, at one point I thought, "this is what Joni Mitchell would sound like today." This bodes well for her, of course. Best of luck to her.
Philip Healy
Philip Healy Hace 2 meses
Do all people from Norway sound Irish or is it just her lol. Swear she has an Irish accent (I'm Irish so I'd know)
Feodor Onso
Feodor Onso Hace 2 meses
Очаровательно! ^_^
Oh No No No No
Oh No No No No Hace 3 meses
shnaps Hace 3 meses
man should be the main
shnaps Hace 3 meses
evil feminism
Marianne Johansen
Marianne Johansen Hace 3 meses
Sigrid is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and talented girl on this earth! Stay true to the music, and stay true to yourself. Heier på deg, og ønsker deg masse lykke til videre i din karriere! Heia Sigrid!
Wanderyen Erin
Wanderyen Erin Hace 3 meses
She has an extremely good aura. Stunning
ItsameAlex Hace 3 meses
too cute (in my opinion)
Leo Freitag
Leo Freitag Hace 3 meses
It is a great pleasure to hear and see them make music. And I would like to join the choir of unrestricted admiration. But I do have a few small doubts - unfortunately. If I don't hear any weird sound "live" at all, but the unmistakable use of reverb effects, then I ask myself, has anything else been edited?
The SoundBrothers
The SoundBrothers Hace 3 meses
+Paste Magazine And this reverb sounds just amazing! Would love to know which one it is!!
Paste Magazine
Paste Magazine Hace 3 meses
Yes there's a little reverb, just like a live concert. Good ear! Dry recordings sound quite uncomfortable for most styles of music. But absolutely no editing. It was streamed and mixed live.
John Mckillop
John Mckillop Hace 3 meses
390 comments on a video with over 250k views. I revisited this video today because every time I watch a Sigrid video, this one is recommended as the next video to watch. I don't know what you folks at Paste Mag do to get this common recommended result but it has defo worked in strong view numbers. The recording is great as well of course! I still remember watching it live and commenting in the box you can see next the video. The acoustic versions of Sigrids songs are every bit as great as the studio versions. Sucker Punch Acoustic is so fresh rn! Such a great new artist.
Bas Bear
Bas Bear Hace 3 meses
I don't want to hear this dude talking inbetween. It's annoying.
Senko Chan
Senko Chan Hace 3 meses
she's always so confident and casual. like shes never afraid of showing others who she really is
Rogerio Ferrari
Rogerio Ferrari Hace 3 meses
You all nailed it! Congrats! Beautiful voices!
Learning Man
Learning Man Hace 3 meses
Like what others have said, there’s a real purity about her. Incredible talent.
rusty travels
rusty travels Hace 3 meses
66 people dislike this lol
Victor Lavrent'ev
Victor Lavrent'ev Hace 3 meses
This Alt J :)
frankie4you2013 Hace 3 meses
FAKE FAKE FAKE! The grammy goes to.............The Antares Auto-Tune live plug-in
frankie4you2013 Hace 3 meses
+Paste Magazine Well, i have strong doubts about it cause i know her different live performances ;) And there is light reverb on her and the other girl´s voice. Sigrid NEVER sang in such perfection without showing any faults. Magic don´t happen just like that.
Paste Magazine
Paste Magazine Hace 3 meses
No Auto-Tune here Frankie
frankie4you2013 Hace 3 meses
+ensteffo Stop fapping for a while and clean your sticky fingers :D
ensteffo Hace 3 meses
+ frankie4you2013 So apparently Sigrid have a new stalker troll spamming all her videos.
Elizabetta Rivera
Elizabetta Rivera Hace 3 meses
Her music is so good😊 desde Puerto Rico
Thomas John
Thomas John Hace 3 meses
This is so underrated
Hangry Zombie
Hangry Zombie Hace 3 meses
Holy frick those high notes nailed 😦👏🏼 Love these songs. And Sigrid herself
Keith Geddes
Keith Geddes Hace 3 meses
Theres a comment about that being her sister hence the harmonies..shes a knockout, theres something about people from that part of the world..a different maybe free`r state of mind.
2Sxmmer Music
2Sxmmer Music Hace 3 meses
Beautiful atmosphere and music.
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