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The 20th Century saw a great global uprising against European imperialism as the former colonial countries shook off their shackles and rose up for independence. More than a half century later, global inequality is sharper than ever before. To understand the current predicament of the vast majority of the world's people, we must understand the intervening decades. Matt Kennard and Claire Provost's book, Silent Coup: How Corporations Overthrew Democracy, looks inside the international architecture of global corporate governance that exists to flout and crush any attempts by the former colonial world to enact development on their own terms. Matt Kennard joins The Chris Hedges Report for a look at this intriguing and essential history.
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21 sep 2023






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@johleby8048 Hace 2 meses
We extend our sincere gratitude to Chris Hedges and our esteemed guest for their dedication to the advocacy against wealth disparity. 🙏❤️🙏
@MJ-es5vo Hace 2 meses
Great interview! A multi-level panorama of control by a cabal of corporations. And their servants/puppets.
@misscameroon8062 Hace 2 meses
silly,rather than extending gratitude against wealth disparity urge him to advocate for educating his listeners of the power of informed citizenry and methods to assure the equality of opportunity for all members of society.This wealth distribution disparity is just a straw man for lefties to fuel discontent and unrest instead of proposing constructive solutions to a problem of social injustice,
@Uncanny-yh8eh Hace 2 meses
There's a direct link between Scientology, Trump, and the techniques used by the right wing echosphere, who also tie to NXIVM (Elon promoted it) Epstein (Trump's bff for20+ years) and Saville, (who Brand idolised) and the Monarchy who (Shapiro and Piers Morgan defends). Tate dated Peterson's daughter and Elon went to the same Jesuit University as Trump, and Epstein hooked up Elon's brother, just like he did for Trump. Trump's lawyer Alan Dershowitz said he was introduced to Epstein by Lynn de Forrester Rosschild. Scientology is training these people in the tactics of brainwashing, basically what MK Ultra became, and probably run by the CIA, and Opus Dei, which is basically the same thing. Their principle strategy is Gaslighting. Gaslighting, aka Grooming. Accusation in a mirror (AiM), mirror politics, mirror propaganda, mirror image propaganda, is a hate-speech incitement technique where one falsely attributes to one's adversaries the intentions that one has for oneself and/or the actions that one is in the process of enacting. It was used in Rwanda, Guatemala, Brazil, and Burma, each having ties to Mossad. Trump, Barr, Bannon, Cippolone, Gore, Guiliani, Leo, Alito, Thomas, and Barrett are all Opus Dei. Trump trained alongside Epstein and Roger Stone under Roy Cohn, who used kids to blackmail politicians on behalf of Mossad. Cohn trained under Meyer Lansky, who trained under Hoover. Robert Mercer and Rupert Murdoch are both Knights of Malta. Saville, Bezos, Gates, Koch, Rogan, Walsh, Crowder, Kirk, Fuentes, Dore, Knowles, Kulinksi, Ball, Iverson, Icke, Woods, Watson, Cernovich, Abbott, Jones, Robinson, Woods, Pool, Rubin, Peterson, Posobeic, Duke, Molyneux, Yilanopouse, Gionet, Richardson, Tillerson, Greene, Manaforte, Flynn, Ducey, Acosta, Attwood, Stone, Pence, Desantis, Meadows, Trump, Eastman, Black, Kerik, Melania, Barr, Bannon, Hawley, Gingrich, Abrams, Comey, Cuomo, Kerry, Abrams, Gore, Spencer, Blassio, Pompeo, Bolton, McCarthy, Nugent, Cruz, Rubio, Gaetz, Santos, Tucker, Gutfield, O'Reilly, Beck, Scarborough, Devos, Kasich, Mercer, Murdoch, Rosschild, Ingram, Kelly, Lake, Conway, Coulter, Huckabee, McEnany, Hannity, Spicer, Christie, Prager, Maher, Colbert, Corbett, Hayes, Biden, Harris, Fauci, Pelosi, Menendez, Pirro, Manchin, Cooper, Maddow, AOC, Newsom, Uyger, Dawkins, Hitchens, Hancock, Sitchin, Ventura, Morgan, Cowell, Farage, Johnson, May, Merkel, Blair, Cameron, Brown, Blair, Mogg, Benjamin, Trudeau, Putin, Bolsanaro, Stalin, Lenin, Tito, Trotsky, Hitler. Special mentions (adjucants): Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, Miller, Watters, Greenwad, Blumenthal, Maté, Camp, Brand, Loomer, Shapiro, Thatcher, Bush, Obama, Merkel, Greer, Summers, Silverstein, Adelson. Greenblatt. Wexner. Also Hindu Nationalists Ramaswamy, Tulsi, Haley, Hirsi, DeSouza, Modi etc. Edward Snowden worked for Pentagon Comptroller Dov Zakheim and was bought to us by Glen Greenwald, who now rubs shoulders with Jesuit Agent Provocateurs Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan, whose mutual friend with Steven Crowder Brian Callen is the founder of Diligence, a spook Contractor to the CIA. Julian Assange helped Roger Stone and the Trump Campaign in 2016, being the first to suggest challenging the outcome if he lost, and asking to be made the Australian ambassador to the US. Margeret Sunbyrne, the head of the Sun Worship Cult he was raised in was also protected by the CIA in the Australian Supreme Court, on grounds of "National Security" Trump paints himself Orange to represent Apollo. Aleister Crowley inspired NXIvM and Manson, and was a master of mind control, his Protege L Ron Hubbard was the founder of Scientology, which uses the same mind control tactics displayed in right wing media. They were also instrumental in Trump's conception as the Moon Child, born on a Super Wolf Blood Moon on June 14 700 days before the founding of Israel, who he gave sovereignty over the Golan heights on its 70th anniversary, and was inaugurated aged 70 years 7 months and 7 days old. June 14 is the birthday of Osiris, Known as the Day of the Pharoah. Scientology uses the same tricks as Religion and Freemasonry, including isolation through strange acts (rituals/hazing) Gaslighting and intimadation, these can also be seen in right wing propaganda. Peterson's hero's journey comes from the transit of the moon through the zodiac, which is why they're called months. Blame the victim: The strategy is to make the aggressor's feelings the goalposts, everything is oriented around their needs and approval; a war of attrition using subjective language and logical fallacies such as incredulity, which amounts to disbelief, and acting as if this belief is something the victim is responsible for. "Look what you made me do" *In the context of child sexual abuse (CSA) the **_gaslighting_** is often used to convince the victim all the abusive behaviours are fine, normal and an expression of “love” (for eg Patriotism, Christianity, Service). It is used to ensure the victim doesn’t speak out about it and doesn’t fight back. It can also be used in concert with other **_grooming_** tactics like fear and isolation. Ultimately the aim is to legitimise a worldview that is detached from reality, and therefore arbitrary. Now they can call evil good and good evil* *>>Trivializing:* *The victim’s feels are made to feel like they don’t matter, are **_unfounded_** or they are weak for thinking so.* (woke/ lib/ groomer/ infidel etc) *>>Countering: This is quintessential gaslighting.* *They **_directly counter the memories and perceptions of the victim._* *>>Repetitive Questions: The abusive partner makes the victim doubt what they think or feel by asking the same question multiple times.* by doing so they preemptively assume the role of an authority by proxy. *>>Diverting: The abuser diverts the subject and puts the blame into outside circumstances.* *>>No true Scotsman, or appeal to purity* is an informal fallacy in which one attempts to *protect their generalized statement from a falsifying counterexample* by trying to _exclude the counterexample_ improperly. This is the Core of White Supremacist ideology. *"What Others Say" (Appeal to populism)* The abuser tells the victim what other people "think" about the victim, the abuser and/or the situation on whole. Also known as an appeal to populism, the basis of Authoritarian Communism, and Cults, "if many believe it then it must be true" (whether people actually agree with the position and whether it is true or not). Bolshevism itself means "the Majority" and is no different to Fascist appeals to a "Moral Majority" Patriotism is a form of Authoritarian Communism. Other than direct contradiction and disbelief other strategies for Gaslighting include Begging the Question, and the use of Strawman arguments; refuting a reframed argument *different from the one actually under discussion* while not recognizing or acknowledging the distinction. Through the exercise of overwhelming a subject with countless contradicting premises and subjective terms a game of Pigeon Chess is played to deter criticism and break down a person's defences, until they no longer trust their own feelings, and rely solely on an outside source for direction. This is clearly demonstrated in the Maga cult, and is repeated in the convoluted dogma and magical thinking of Evangelism, New Age Spirituality, Ancient Aliens, and Graham Hancock. Always alluding to a secret to be revealed, but always in vague nebulous terms and undefined benefits of a far away place with no means to verify one way or the other. "Trust me bro" Effectively they all play the same role of an Enlightened Guru with deep understanding of life matters who can solve all your problems. It's likely no coincidence Reagan emptied the mental health services in the US, over half of those in Jail and living on the streets have undiagnosed ADHD. Auyawasca and Psychotropics are also a staple in brainwashing, as is telling the target they've been brainwashed and that the Guru has the cure, right wing propaganda uses this language heavily by flipping the script and arguing they are the victims, that they're the ones being silenced and cancelled, that they oppose child abuse while also defending it, that the deep State is out to get them, when they're the Deep State and always have been. Aleister Crowley was a big advocate of using Psychotropics to brainwash, just like the CIA, Opus Dei and MK Ultra. Brand and Trump both use hand waving and holding them outspread in a "settle" gesture called pacing. They can also stare at an opponent, "asserting dominance" to put the target on the back foot and unsure how to respond. Peterson does this a lot, along with rapid fire speech, and using an insulting or demanding tone. By using these tactics as well as loaded language (Newspeak) and inference (plausible deniability) only to move the goalposts and reframe when challenged. Trump's Mentor Roy Cohn admitted to using kids to blackmail politicians on behalf of israel, and trained under him alongside Epstein and Roger Stone. Trump's Jesuit mentor was Norman Vincent Peale, a 33rd degree Master Freemason. He was born June 14 during a Super Wolf Blood Moon to Fred Christ and Mary McKleod, he keeps a book of Hitler's speeches called _My New Order_ and uses it verbatim at his rallies. The Von Drumph family come from the same place as Hitler, Vienna Bavaria, Capital of the Holy Roman Empire. He paints himself Orange to represent Apollo; the Dawnbringer of Aleister Crowley's Golden Dawn. Jamal Kashoggi's Mossad brother Adnan sold Trump a Superyacht for Russian Roman Abromavich, who was also paying Boris and Farage for Brexit. Most of israel's govt are non religious Russians.
@peterodonnell4404 Hace 2 meses
"You can not understand the world today unless you are looking at it through the lens of corporate power." That is truest statement I have heard in a very long time. Corporate power has always been the problem, and it is unquestionably the greatest threat not just to democracy, but to humanity.
@TheJester-ct5pi Hace 2 meses
It's also why you have a plethora of goods relatively inexpensive which has likely improved your standard of living tenfold. The world is not black and white
@peterodonnell4404 Hace 2 meses
@@TheJester-ct5pi : That is simply not true. I have seen even over my own lifetime how the standard of living follows an inverse correlation with the degree of corporatisation. There is seldom quality in anything anymore; there is no artisanship; there is no variation; there is no choice. We are surrounded by a plethora of junk for which we pay dearly. Societies that shun corporations, and especially those with high degrees of independence, have higher standards of living in most regards, unless of course our only metric is material ownership. But even if your premise were correct, it is obscene to suggest that this somehow compensates for the murder and suffering caused by corporations. Corporations have no moral purpose. They simply shouldn't be allowed to exist.
@hippychikforever Hace 2 meses
If corporations are people, then the CEOs and boards of directors should be held personally responsible for any criminal activity their corporation does. The Sackler family immediately comes to mind.
@macduece2112 Hace 2 meses
They do. Remember N R G ?? the Texas based energy company. The CEO committed suicide when he learned he was prison bound. This self-serving act deprived the people who were robbed this POS.👈💯👍
@Sam-nx8wo Hace 2 meses
@kirilgotzkov2654 Hace 2 meses
​@@macduece2112 Enron
@tedmusson5179 Hace 2 meses
The only way the sacklers look good is in prison denim.
@ttystikkrocks1042 Hace 2 meses
Chris, I see what you're up to; you're finding people to interview who are saying the same things you've been telling us for years and even decades now- and you're giving them the chance to bring their own evidence to bear on the issues. Well done! This is extremely important work and I am incredibly grateful for your efforts.
@tedmusson5179 Hace 2 meses
U$a... IMF... CIA... FBI... R.I.P. R.I.S. (where S = shame)
@jasonlacroix6083 Hace un mes
What does it matter what Chris does or says? This interview has reached 150k people in two weeks. The non mainstream media like Rogan, the Turks and whatever one people listen to, talk up a bunch of nonsense like gender, woke, Trump, etc.. Plus, the ever shortening attention spans can't focus for 30 minutes, which is the minimum time it takes to really get into an issue.
@warrenthomas1253 Hace 5 días
What I find hard to understand is why anyone has to tell us what is obvious. I'm a 56 year old man with a GED education that has smoked weed on and off since I was 13 years old. I didn't know the fine details of any tools/law's the elite were using but I have understood exactly what they were up to and the results of their actions. I've listened to I was a burnt out crazy pothead since I was a teenager by my highly educated family and associates. Some might think this is funny there's nothing funny about hundreds of millions human beings allowing 1% of the people to steal the world from the 99% . Just keep on obeying authority and don't question your betters. Don't be shocked when you find out this 1% are members of the 33% degree of masonic order of Mason's .
@jonathanash4280 Hace 2 meses
I am currently reading Silent Coup and I would recommend it to anyone. This is not the stuff of fringe politics but one of the most important issues today that concernes us all. The Coup that no longer should be silent!
@coolioso808 Hace 2 meses
Good one. Also a few other good reads include: - The New Human Rights Movement by Peter Joseph - Moneyless Society by Matthew Holten - Ubuntu Contributionism by Michael Tellinger I also want to read Zero Marginal Cost by Jeremy Rifkin, Less is More by Jason Hickel, The Sickness is the System by Richard Wolff.
@mehrimazedeh Hace 2 meses
@@coolioso808 thanks for the list, havent read any of them but will. I read a book by Rifkin years ago about the cattle culture, it was a truly fascinating and easy to comprehend book, that really changed how i view/ed the whole food industry, esp behind the scenes and its prob more relevant than ever with our open border, cos those are the people the meat packing companies love to "hire", when they get mangled and killed, no problem, just throw another illegal in the rendering vat w a scrub pad- they always were expendable even when the border was closed...its a scary thought....and sad too. To me, corporations are inherently evil unless the CEO is a God fearing man or woman.
@user-zu8nf1lx3g Hace 2 meses
The whole world needs to stand against all this
the simplest of truths
@owensthilaire8189 Hace 2 meses
The whole world would have to know about it to stand against it. These same corporations are making certain it doesn't.
@user-zu8nf1lx3g Hace 2 meses
@@owensthilaire8189 year we are working on that .a lot of parts of the problems are being turned into parts of the solutions.what about you. Are you sitting on a fence. Or standing on the side lines. Life or right is out the window. We are the people good people of the world. Evil can not triumph when good people do something.
@marilynmesange1610 Hace 26 días
I’m reading Silent Coup, everyone should, read this! Fantastic investigative journalism . Bravo and congratulations to Claire and Matt. Their book and thorough research opens our eyes to understand how corporatism has replaced Colonialism, and how the various treaties our government sign us into, bind us under international laws for the benefit of special interests at the expense of the wellbeing of citizens and our environment.
@qjtvaddict Hace 2 meses
The people of the UK need to revolt against the corporate tyranny
@AJ-hi9fd Hace 2 meses
Corporate Communism is alive and well in the UK, but the majority of people haven’t realised it yet.
@hawkbartril3016 Hace 2 meses
You couldn't be more right. What about the facism?
@archyology Hace 2 meses
The whole world needs to
@karengrice2303 Hace 2 meses
His final sentence was telling! So interesting that all the elites have untouched homes on large swaths of land in Maui and the low and middle income people had their homes burned down under very suspicious circumstances. It makes me wonder if they are attempting to separate and isolate themselves from the rest of us because of their evil behavior. Greed is truly the root of all evil.
@RojaJaneman Hace 2 meses
They could do that anywhere in d world. Without suspicious activities
@@RojaJanemanyou are correct and they do do it all over the world…it’s just not obvious or suspicious as you say to those that believe life is better being willfully ignorant. Propaganda and manipulation is certainly a powerful tool.
That whole fire smells like a planned disaster.
@macduece2112 Hace 2 meses
​@@defianceforhumanityI like the term "wilfull blindness."
@attovishnu Hace 2 meses
Abolish Corporate "personhood" NOW!!!!!
@Lyra0966 Hace 2 meses
@abetheape6309 Hace 2 meses
@carycunningham9510 Hace 2 meses
Welp, there ya go! That fixes that! 😂
@@carycunningham9510 Of course not. "Our" legislators will not undo Citizens United. They're all gaining wealth from corporations.
Ain’t gonna happen.
@Jay...777 Hace 2 meses
Silent Coup is a major piece of the puzzle in understanding realpolitik, hegemonic power & our fate as fodder for the Empire's last gasp. World domination it seems requires our servitude.
@katiekane5247 Hace 2 meses
Or our elimination 🤔
@Jay...777 Hace 2 meses
@@katiekane5247 Effective Altruism beloved by billionaires, would say its the most efficient way to meet our future requirements.
@brianneece4418 Hace 2 meses
When I was a kid a video game came out called final fantasy 7, and it blew my mind because aside and underneath all of its fantastical content of powers and essentially magic, the corporate evil is the plot device. A company runs the world, assassinates resistors, controls resources, there’s a gigantic wealth inequality and oppression…it’s honestly so realistic. And I now wonder just how much and how far back in the worlds literature/ story telling, how far back will you find companies ruling the world. Also, in that game anyone fighting against it was deemed a terrorist and shown as such in the media and their paramilitary group was always sent after them.
@cathjj840 Hace un mes
Life mirrors art, said Oscar Wilde more or less.
@amp9672 Hace 2 meses
thank you Chris. I binge-listened every possible interview you did this summer and you really changed me. You'll the only person who makes me feel that faith isn't antithetical to being marxist. You have so much humanity talking about war, about everything. Love you so much, we are so lucky to have you ❤☭
@peterhardie4151 Hace 2 meses
Yes, life changing indeed. A modern day prophet.
Faith and Marxism ARE antithetical - mutually exclusive in fact. Belief in the supernatural or “spiritual realm” is diametrically opposed with dialectical materialism, the cornerstone of Marxist philosophy. Still, that’s not to say that a “person of faith” cannot be in accord with certain Marxist ideas and principles.There are plenty of capitalist atheists and agnostics (as well as all manner of professed theists, deists, pantheists, animists, spiritualists, witchdoctors, etc.) but atheism is absolutely essential to Marxism.
@numbersix8919 Hace 2 meses
I don't think it's so important to be an atheist. Liberation theology was developed in Central and South America, and it isn't a problem in any way.
@USARealityCheck Hace 2 meses
It is dangerous for corporations to "rule the world" because they are not subject to Constitutions granting personal freedoms and rights. When they lobby and fund politicians, they expect legislation in their favor which generally involves relaxing environmental rules or rules contrary to consumer protection and personal freedoms. Also, there may be rules allowing the reduction of free speech to curtail public outcry and reaction.
@mikehayne538 Hace 2 meses
Good one. I am going to watch Citizen Kane. I think he was alone at the end except for servants. Just working for money was unfulfilling.
@charleskesner1302 Hace 2 meses
It's always good to hear from Chris. He tells it like it is. When will people wake up?
When? Never. Waking smacks of effort.
@LilouDesigns Hace 2 meses
We'll look round... I'm guessing never!
@ttystikkrocks1042 Hace 2 meses
Many of us HAVE woken up; the issue now is how do we deal with the fact of corporate led global Fascism?
@mikemccarthy1638 Hace 2 meses
“Corporate colonization of the State” - the best characterization of the phenomenon I’ve heard recently. When I was with the Labor Department in the Nixon-Ford years in Florida, a “right-to-work” (for less) state, the term that occurred to me was, “private Communism”.
@nkenchington6575 Hace 2 meses
Matt Kennard opened my eyes further. He's done fantastic work.
@juneelle370 Hace 2 meses
Real journalists are real life heroes. ❤️ Just like all whistleblowers and people who stand up for truth from whatever position they are in, in any way they can with whatever talent they have that places them at some risk in some way. Thank you both 💜
@markymouse007 Hace 2 meses
Yes!!! And to ALL THE REAL ONES out there...Thank and for the love of GOD keep it up. We see you, we recognize you and we love and need you
@DavianSinner Hace 2 meses
This was covered in the film "Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery", when Number 2 said to Dr. Evil in response to his desire to conquer the world, "You don't realize there is no world anymore! It's only corporations!"
@Inkulabi Hace 17 días
Many movies allude to it such as Network (1976)
@Suburbangeek Hace 14 días
Oh, behave!
@Inkulabi Hace 14 días
@@Suburbangeek someone's playing a prank on me!
@carpediem44 Hace 2 meses
Thank you for the truth about Oxfam and other corporate-linked NGO parasites.
I concur when you use the word "parasites". When people talk of the "elites" I wish everyone use parasites. A very fitting & more accurate description.
@dansonthetube Hace 2 meses
Great that you allowed the extra time to let this conversation expand 👏
@luciavalente1002 Hace 2 meses
I've read all of Chris Hedges' books. He is an amazing author and speaks truth. When I listen and watch the news, I continue to ask myself why journalists do not highlight WHY events happen. For example, there is a current issue in the US and Europe of mass migration of people trying to get into the countries illegally. It is tragic and it is an issue for the countries receiving this flood of people. Yet, never have I heard any MSM journalist state WHY this is happening. If there was more information shared with the general population about WHY people have to leave their respective country (due to all of the issues being discussed in this video), perhaps it could, possibly, begin the change that is needed......
@cathjj840 Hace un mes
You've answered your own question: the situation is by design, or at least very useful to the corporate powers among whom are the establishment media outlets.
@jamesryan4325 Hace 2 meses
Your best interview yet. How illuminating. We need to address this obsession with the holy $. This is end stage capitalism played out. Really dystopian like stuff.
@coolioso808 Hace 2 meses
Out of the darkest times can come the brightest light. We have to be the ones who turn on the light, however. And keep the light on! One way to do that is community mutual aid networks of cooperation, collaboration and co-ownership. Like the One Small Town Contributionism model, it's available, ready and set for people to join and contribute to.
@bobhope5114 Hace 2 meses
So much more to come!
@jamesryan4325 Hace 2 meses
@@coolioso808 Thanks for this! Great ideas, I will read up!
@lauriecraw5033 Hace 12 días
Amazing journalism and journalists. Thank you, Mr. Kennard and Ms. Provost.
@dansonthetube Hace 2 meses
I am familiar with Matt who appears an unlikely expert but always delivers 👏 Great work as ever #TCHR ❤
@harpran346 Hace 2 meses
So true. Wish Indians would realize how we are still ruled by external powers such as big.corporations, big.pharma.
@brehgankage6242 Hace 2 meses
Always great to hear from Matt Kennard. This guy has important things to say about how corporations influence politics and decisions on the highest level.
@whiskeystraw Hace 2 meses
Corporations get a huge boost in US since Americans decided to trust Billionaires more than the public servants we should be voting for. This all arranged by the Unaccounted for billions of dollars in political donations allowed by a mostly bought and paid for U.S. Supreme Court. So what corporation problems? Bribery, rigging the laws or pay the fines is how big biz gets its way.
@EWischan Hace 2 meses
This is why I'm 100% for a citizens dividend. Citizens created the landscape for corporations to take advantage of. ALL citizens deserve a piece of that pie.
@terrytari1891 Hace 2 meses
Oh Billionaires love me because the bible tells me so!
The whole system needs reform. I just hope it won't get violent, but they will use force to maintain their power. 😢
@platosbeard4449 Hace 2 meses
The USA was established as an oligarchy by oligarchs (then they went by the various titles of land “speculators”, that is land thieves, such as George Washington, plantation owners, that is, slavers, such as Thomas Jefferson, and big business financiers, that is bankers, such as Alexander Hamilton). Of course as is the typical practice, the oligarchs coopted the masses of settlers into fighting the crown in their behalf but the oligarchs stood to benefit the most and indeed, the emerging empire that was established concentrated political power in the hands of wealthy landowners who, through the states they controlled, selected the members of senate, the electors for the electoral college which ensured that it was from their ranks that the president emerged, who then appointed the judges to the courts (such judges duly approved by their senate). That system remains largely intact today although it suffered some minor rollbacks (such as the senators having to stand for election by the dirty masses). So no, US Americans did not later on decide to trust billionaires, they have always been led by oligarchs and have assisted such oligarchs in the rape and pillage of the earth.
@pitchforkparty Hace 2 meses
One of the best interviews yet, Chris! The more I learn about the world, the more the words, "workers of the world, unite," resonate. Always thought they sounded odd, utopian, delusional. Now I realize, it's that, or we become a third world planet.
@cathjj840 Hace un mes
Let's hope the re-emergence of unions and their increasing successes in favor of working people is a harbinger for more good things to come. A lot more, in ever more domains.
@annesaunders3851 Hace 2 meses
Thank you, Chris, for talking to Matt Kennard. He is a great truth teller of our time in UK.
@user-pk6fh5us1x Hace 2 meses
Superb journalism, thank you Matt, keep up the good work.
@Chowringhee Hace 2 meses
Tremendous information, and most enlightening. Thanks Matt & Chris!
@bruceclark4754 Hace un mes
Thanks Matt for your brave and intrepid journalism. Keep up your wonderful work. Congratulations tp you and your co-author
@Mike-B. Hace 2 meses
You guys have transcended greatness here. Great work by the authors. These are the types of intellectual risk-taking that is required in these times. Also see Naomi Klein taking risks -- that's it, we need everyone on full throttle presently. Great to see young writers taking such strides. GREAT WORK! Thanks Chris.
@l.w.paradis2108 Hace 2 meses
I used to think Klein was bought, but now I am persuaded that she means well. She doesn't know how detached and contemptuous she has become. I can't understand it, actually. A lot of strong people were brought down by the pandemic, and now we know we cannot count on them when times get truly tough. Chris is nothing like that. He's real.
@Mike-B. Hace 2 meses
Real or not, we need all hands on deck now. More than anything, my point is that these intellectuals can be real and still fall short if they are not willing to take chances -- and take them now. We have to swing for the fences here. Trump is on deck, the economy is going down, and the Unions are at bat. We need all that any and everyone can muster so as to let them become an even bigger disaster.
@lorishumate Hace 20 días
This dovetails nicely with John Perkins' books concerning his work in the 70s &80s as an 'Economic Hitman'. If anyone seeing this hasn't heard of him, definitely worth reading as well. Thank you both.
@michaelscott1060 Hace 2 meses
This is brilliant it articulates exactly what some of us thought and explains why we are where we are today. My suspicion prior to seeing this was we have evolved into Mussolini’s definition of fascism.
@kurtk4223 Hace 2 meses
great work and reporting. proving what a need it is to have boots on the ground in the right places to bring any real understanding to light. such dedication. good luck! it's got to be an incredible book.
@mackbedunduk1305 Hace 2 meses
The neo-liberalism (based on the Washington Consensus) that has long been defended and enforced by any means on behalf of spreading what is so-called “the true democracy” by the collective west has made this phenomenon even fluent, more entrenched and widespread.
@johannesc9660 Hace 2 meses
Yes indeed.
@madyak222 Hace 2 meses
Matt is a sensational person to interview, very knowledgable in areas that impact all our lives, yet we hardly hear about this information. We should remeber that well armed corporations have been used to enforce foreign aid objectives, lead by the British East India company the British West india company, the Dutch east india compay, the Hudson's bay trading company... Black water-Academi-Xe-constellis holdings-all the same company, with many name changes, a CIA tactic to make any entity more dificult to track, such as the Mujahideen in Afghanistan-foregn fighters in Yugoslavia-Al Qaeda & Daesh in Iraq, v Al Nusra & SDF & ISIS in Syria, etc.
@cheri238 Hace 2 meses
Thank you, Chris Hedges & Mat Kennard, speaking truth to corporate powers of greed. American history on all sides. Great job, Mr. kennard connected the dots of understanding. Thomas Samuel Kuhn, American historian of science and technology "The Strucure of Scientific of Revolutions" 1966. One of the most influential works of history and philosophy was written in the 20th century. He had a PHD. in physics, and born July 18, 1922, Cincinnati, Ohio - died July 17, 1996. 1. Pre- science 2. Normal Science3. Model Drift. 3. Model Revolution 4. Paradigm change Anomalies (violation of expectation) The model uses itself mostly for paradigm markets economy of democracy, a collection of national goverments and some central coordination like the UN, The World Bank, is no longer solving the worlds top problems. The model was good enough to navigate through the Industrial Revolution, 2 World Wars, the Great Depression, and the Cold War. The model shows no sighs to serve the global sustainability problem because to fill the gap of the silent spring of 1962. This gap is so large and difficult, and this new field to solve is thus not the sustainability problem itself but finding the new paradigm to solve it. EnvironmentalIsm and civilization may not know, but they both are in search of a new paradigm that works. Interesting, I found in discovering him. Three paradigms have to dominate sociological thinking because they are structural functinalism and symbolic interactions. 1. Individual difference 2. Group behavior 3. Organizing behavior 4.Human factors 5. Cognitive Science Five paradigm shifts 1. Educational Equity 2.Fixing Marginalized Families > Eradicating Marginalized Practice 3. Color blindness- self education 4. Learning about other cultures 5. Celebrating diversity - Committing to Equity. Cornel West for president 2024. Free Julian Assange and all political prisoners and whistle blowers bring Snowden home. Who are we? American is in decay with politicians on both sides , media , corporation power and banks. We can and must be better than this. Thank you both again for your knowledge and wisdom.
@paulettescott9042 Hace 16 días
Love ❤️ your assessment of the World 🌎, it people like you that give me hope in our Humanity. I am 62 years old and really would love for my Grandchildren to inherits a better world 🌎 than we have now. Thanks again. Love conquers All😢 .
@cheri238 Hace 16 días
@@paulettescott9042 🙏❤️🌍🕊🌏🙏🎵🎶📚
@GladysAlicea Hace 2 meses
An extraordinary guest, Chris. You're a great truth teller and humanitarian; thank God we have you. I knew about the horrific acts of United Fruit in Guatemala, El Salvador and corporate power. Still, until I heard the end of this interview, I always hoped that if all of humanity boycotted corporations and protested en masse against inequality and corporate power, TPTB would finally understand. I now realize how naive I was and how short our window of time is. As more private militias are created, we, the people, will have no choice but to surrender all. Many will refuse, thus Revolutionary War 2 is likely.
@shahlaahy4372 Hace 2 meses
Thank god to have a few journalists such as you two!
@arendjedonk863 Hace 2 meses
Thank you very much for your outstanding piece of real journalism.
@EllinJimmerson Hace 2 meses
Kennard is spot on about free trade agreements. What people don't understand, as he well explains, is that FTSs off-shore national sovereignty, making the corporations which have home offices in signatory can overwhelm local environmental and other efforts just with the presumption that such efforts have the potential to undermine corporate profits.
@brusselsprout5851 Hace 2 meses
One of the most honest expose on the current conditions. Thank you for the truth. It’s like salve on my sore brain. Much much much respect!
@karenapaxagape1686 Hace 2 meses
Reading Silent Coup now. I can't read it at night because it is so upsetting and it keeps me awake to know that this evil persists with little to no acknowledgement by mainstream media.
@shiddykiddy Hace 2 meses
That "silent coup" reminds me of the big corporations and wealthy trying to overthrow the Franklin Roosevelt administration while he was in office. Thank you Smedley Butler 🙏
@LittleOrla Hace 2 meses
When corporations were given the same rights as persons in 1986 I knew that we had made a grave mistake.
@brianwheeldon4643 Hace 2 meses
Matt that was Great. Thanks so much Chris for this interview. People everywhere need to look at corporate power in their own country. Private security is ready and willing to enforce for a price almost any atrocity in the global south. It's coming here too. The legislation is being put in place in the UK
@gnatandgnu6015 Hace 2 meses
Incredibly enlightening interview! Depressing but edifying
@colettemccoy2921 Hace 2 meses
Finally someone gets it who can explain it in such an eloquent informative digestible mini documentary thx
@YananoBere Hace un mes
SO RELIEVED that people in the developed world are waking up to the complex, neo-colonial apparatus that keep us poor and disenfranchised while we get ridiculed as "banana republics", dehumised and blamed for our circumstances.💔
@elderbob100 Hace 2 meses
One day Matt will wake up and say "Wow, was I surprised when I found out all those conspiracy theories were true!'
@cathjj840 Hace un mes
Didn't that already happen, and that's why he's been inspired to research and publicize it all?
@scottdavis3571 Hace 2 meses
The Corporations pretty much own people now. We have only empowered them to bring back a sort of neo-slavery, where we are paid a small wage for our work.
@limitisillusion7 Hace 2 meses
Ownership is a concept bound to currency and depends on the perception of the people using that currency to accept it. Power can override that ownership with nothing but organization. Power is found in numbers. Organization is found through free thought. That's why the corporationa control thought in mainstream media... And people are inevitably getting sick of it. Just stop watching mainstream media, and voting for the people they tell you to vote for. It's that simple.
The wage is only necessary so that they don't have buy food to keep their slaves alive and working. Contract their sustenance to the slaves themselves, so to say.
@macduece2112 Hace 2 meses
It's called: a "service fee" provided by corporation(s) for your "service."
@jmka4l Hace 2 meses
​@@limitisillusion7that's the start of it but it is not that simple unfortunately.
@mrzooks2383 Hace 2 meses
This was a real lightbulb moment video for me, it helps show the history and nature of organisations like the WEF, precedent for ESG etc
"The last human left will be the CEO of WORLD CORP. He'll proud proclaim, ' We did it! !'. & look around & realize to his horror , there's nothing left to consume" - Michael C.Ruppert. R.I.P.
@howwwwwyyyyy Hace un mes
No, they'll need servants,worry about bio weapons (covid) more than nuclear.
@6TROPIC Hace 2 meses
The major problem with the masses is they stop in their reasoning about corruption. Yes the government has been corrupt for decades but who corrupts the government? Corporations do. It’s so frustrating to watch people never take the next steps.
@gregorysmull8068 Hace 2 meses
I am truly astonished how Rome managed to thrive as an empire for so many centuries. I don't think we really know how they managed to uphold the ethos that made them great and resist the corruption fueled downfall that inevitably takes hold within a century or two. I suspect that enforcing the republic mindset was at the core of it's longevity. The other thing that seems to promote longevity and cohesion of an empire is when there is a focus on continuing to expand the borders. It seems then that the contrary: contraction and concentration of power brings about it's downfall. The core problem with humanity is this one: Despite thinking we are advanced due to our evolving technology, we are still primitive when it comes to morality and ethics. We allow megalomanic psychopaths to rule. They progressively concentrate power and wealth to themselves alone. The system becomes stratified, static and meritless led by these corrupt rulers. Language itself becomes corrupted to conceal the deprivations of these elites and totalitarian states are crafted. In antiquity merely the behavior of the serfs was controllable using knights and secret police to shake down the peasants. Now modern times have afforded these psychopaths the gift of mass media to not only control the behavior but the thoughts of the serfs. Also, the world has shrunk allowing constant surveillance to root out any hint of resistance like in CCP controlled China. But China is now learning even that is not enough to avoid ruin and collapse of the empire. With all of the wealth grabbed by the elite, the economy dies and with it their wealth ebbs away. With dissent crushed by the elimination of free speech, there is no way to course correct colossal blunders made by the elite. With all hope of reform and rebellion crushed and oppression at historic levels, the youth give up and choose to die by not living and having children. The people die and there is nothing left of their economy and wealth. If they thought they were clever and stashed it overseas, without people and an army it will just get taken by force and they will be left with nothing.
@tyvanhworkout Hace 2 meses
I knew that corporations had taken over, but not to the extent of the agreements with governments all over the world as outlined here! The picture is even clearer now...wow! Great interview, thank you! Also, what I can't understand is, who are the people who work for these private security and private military firms, and why do they do it? Aren't they the least bit concerned, or curious as to how this undermines our democracy and the future of the 99%?
@simon_does Hace 2 meses
Generally they are from another country and therefore often do not care about the individuals they are committing atrocities on.
@tyvanhworkout Hace 2 meses
@@simon_does Thanks for the response!
@chinookvalley Hace un mes
How many of us were well-off, maybe even wealthy, but after a run-in with someone wealthier or more powerful than ourselves, have lost everything? Power play is won by the ones who don't care, and those who have a heart and a conscience are seen as weak and sub-human, and end up losing. Power and corruption run the world.
@PresidentPaul2024 Hace 2 meses
I’m ordering all 3 books, now! Thank you for this excellent and eye-opening interview!
@katiecannon8186 Hace 3 días
Add Stephanie Kelton’s book “The Deficit Myth”. Essential.
@mamiegraziano9737 Hace 2 meses
Chris, Please take care of yourself and remember you are loved and so needed in our community. Time to get to know Matt more. Thank you.
@ianwood8465 Hace 2 meses
Great to see this interview Chris; Matt is an intrepid reporter and I hope his book does well. He gave an hour-long interview with Novara Media; a left-wing new media outlet in the UK whose small group of independent journalists produce great content. It is Inspiring to see people are catching up with the Voice that has led the way on the issues That being the critical voice, your voice and writing.... That of Mr Chris Hedges. Thank you for all you do Chris !
@davidgood7621 Hace 2 meses
If we want to survive as a species, corporations all have to be capped.
@womanoftheozarks Hace 2 meses
Isn't the meaning MIC = Military + Industrial (industries&corporations) Complex exactly what Matt Kennard has described ? Thank you both for this presentation. It certainly shows how sovereignty has been taken from the countries and the people including those of us in USA.... Serious changes need to be made in the Nations' interest to protect country and people from these criminal thinkers, shakers and thieves!!!
@rangylillian Hace 2 meses
Behind the gubment -> corporations. Behind corporations -> Banks. Bankers rule the world. They control corporations and governments via the flow of credit.
@nigelholmes5572 Hace 2 meses
if the citizens of all the countries were truly educated properly.. half of the worlds corporations would have been hanged by now.
@DivineRight66 Hace 2 meses
This reminds me of my concern with slavery reparations. I suspect there is enough documentation not only for the land swindles, but of the wealth generated since the 1600's. That wealth is most likely in Fortune 500 companies, Wall Street, London, and Brussels. It would be fair for them to pay the bill. A payroll-like tax not only is pretty unfair, but it would also make race-relations worse than it is already.
@robbieelliot9491 Hace 2 meses
Brilliant interview. Making sense of what we see. Thank you
@Busto Hace 2 meses
"It's much, much easier covering up atrocities when they are committed by corporations"
@scooble Hace 2 meses
Very good book. Special Economic Zones have been implemented which effectively means corporations can create their own mini country within a country, with its own laws, own tax, own police...
@Sam-nx8wo Hace 2 meses
Company towns to the max
This is a fantastic video. I watched it 5 times. Took notes; and bought the book.
@user-xc3bz6cj9o Hace 2 meses
Fantastic interview that puts the final piece of the puzzle in place. An old piece, but one that has tried to camouflage itself.
@KAZVorpal Hace un mes
The politicians CREATED corporate law. The problem isn't corporations buying politicians, it's that the politicians own industries via corporations.
@borisnegrarosa9113 Hace 2 meses
Fantastic insights. This guy should win the Nobel peace prize
@user-ns6js4hn3e Hace 2 meses
I don't think they have a Nobel category for this....hmmm....but if followed thru by public pressure, Peace would work, cuz that's what this would strike.
@howwwwwyyyyy Hace un mes
Kennard modern day hero.
@zeljkot6854 Hace 2 meses
Probably the most important topic of today. Well unpacked. Thanks Chris and Matt.
@billmagorian490 Hace 2 meses
Chris another great interview. Thanks for being a light in this dark world.
@Marius_vanderLubbe Hace 2 meses
Surely the only assurance in all of this is that the people have the numbers. There has to be a final straw that these corporates know hangs over them, that if they employ, the masses will rise up and finally rid themselves of this filth.
@katiekane5247 Hace 2 meses
@uradragon Hace 2 meses
"The government isn't making policies, the corporations are" time and again in America while the politicians get rich from legal insider trading.
@staninjapan07 Hace 2 meses
I am sure his book is very good. People have been writing about some of these things for quite a while. Jon Perkins' Confessions Of An Economic Hitman and Naomi Klein's No Logo and The Shock Doctrine come to mind.
@dentonfender6492 Hace 2 meses
I've listened to Matt Kennard on the Jimmy Dore Show in the past, and he is very knowledgable. Good guest!
@michaelkenney2857 Hace 2 meses
Excellent interview. Thank you.
@wadesmith666 Hace 2 meses
Wow! Fascinating, and scary stuff. A lot of the content needs bringing up in talk shows, social media so corporations, or the board members of these corporations, are forced to change their methodologies ,or face inprisonment for their actions
@gferraro100 Hace 2 meses
Corporations now rule us all. The government is nothing more than a PR firm that works for them now.😢
@anthonyeden2677 Hace 7 días
The hunter shall become the hunted.
@BeaHindebars Hace 2 meses
Here in the UK we are building 20,000 new prison cells, I believe they are preparing for mass disobedience.
@thomashand1316 Hace 28 días
Incredible interview. Super eye opening. You cannot solve a problem until you know the root of the problem, AND it's mechanisms. I now understand both. Is there a similar deep dive into the media?
@mariag3605 Hace 2 meses
A great convo... When NZ started signing into FTAs, with secret undisclosable clauses, I knew that our country was being sold to the highest bidder... Global elitists own the corporations that own the governments - you stated that yourself. It's not a conspiracy, it's a fact and it's why cultural-marxist ideologies now dictate all behaviours and policy (i.e. SDG, ESG, CRT, DEI, SEL, etc.). These subversive ideologies have infiltrated all unelected agencies (UN/WHO/WEF/IMF), prescribe government policy, university programmes and all levels of school curriculum. BTW, you forgot to mention the missing trillions of dollars that Donald Rumsfield also announced, the day before the fateful genocide that became the start of modern day, full-scale, human rights erosion...
@tjpopsit Hace 2 meses
Pulitzer Prize-winning story. Excellent job of investigative reporting. A truth the entire 🌎 deserves to be made aware of.
@pragmaticpoet Hace 2 meses
The bit I understand of categorical political concepts is that corporate control IS fascism 😎
@douglasnewman4163 Hace 2 meses
SHARED!! Please share this important video as widely as possible, folks!
@harrymunden7905 Hace 2 meses
Big up Matt and Chris ✊
@robertlawson4295 Hace un mes
Saw this trend many years ago and called it (to myself) as "The Rise of the Merchant Princes". Wealth always seeks to protect itself by controlling its environment ... you can see this everywhere at different scales from your local small town wealthy family all the way up to supranational companies. It's not surprising, really.
@darrenalevi3006 Hace 2 meses
Great to see Matt on with you Chris would love to see more US Independent Media work with UK Independent Media figures as we are very similar people and share the same ills, political corruption, scourge of Neoliberalism and class antagonism
@cathjj840 Hace un mes
Good idea. Someone above mentioned Novara Media who do excellent work. Amazingly, some of their people get onto establishment media where they run circles around the usual blabbing suspects and their lackies.
@Sershine Hace 24 días
This guy has done some great work. I would just add that towards the end he dismisses the concept of a "cabal" as a conspiracy theory and the real problem is corporate power. I hope that soon enough he realizes that there is a cabal behind this corporate power take over
@niteriderband4713 Hace 2 meses
Outstanding interview Chris. I went ahead and ordered the book!
@lighthouse7x70 Hace 2 meses
I like the way Matt used the term "public money" rather than "taxpayer money", because there is no federal taxpayer money recirculated back into the private sector, ever.
@OhAwe Hace 2 meses
@katiecannon8186 Hace 3 días
@@OhAwe Actually, the U.S. & Uk (and other countries, but not all counties) just “print” money. Taxes just help regulate inflation & inequality by removing excess government spending. During WWII we suppressed bank lending to make more room for non inflationary government spending. As well as using other inflation dampening tools we no longer use.
@OhAwe Hace 2 días
@@katiecannon8186 What do you think the word "actually" means? What you've said doesn't contradict what I've claimed, at all. "Taxes remove excess government spending"? What?
@katiecannon8186 Hace 2 días
@@OhAwe Let’s say our government decides to spend a 💵 to pay you to build a highway. Now you have a 💵 Now let’s say our government taxes you a 💵 You give that 💵 back to our government Now you don’t have a 💵 In other words, taxes remove government issued 💵 from the economy Right?
@OhAwe Hace 2 días
@@katiecannon8186 "because there is no federal taxpayer money recirculated back into the private sector, ever." This is the comment I answered. I asked if they were being sarcastic because it's so wrong. I've no clue wtf you're on about.
@artoaco Hace 2 meses
Thank you Matt for your impressing and important information. The draining of the working classes and developing countries has come to an end with the final greed pandemic killing a lot of the misled. Everything planned since a very long time. Light destroys the darkness. Truth will win. We know it. Love is universal. You are a hero.🌼🌺🌸
@gerhard7323 Hace 2 meses
Mussolini described fascism as when the interests of corporations and the state could barely be separated by a cigarette paper. We seem today to have dispensed with the cigarette paper even and the real genius is we've all been sleepwalked into this with barely a shot being fired in its name on our streets and without a jackboot hitting the cobbles.
@cathjj840 Hace un mes
This has been a specific, extremely well-funded and concerted incremental effort over more than 80 yrs (New Deal era) if not more (WWI and before). See James Corbett, among others.
@bonnieblodgett Hace 6 días
Fantastic interview. I am a victim of this. I wrote about this "silent coup" as an opinion writer for a major daily newspaper, and the more I connected the dots (especially on agriculture .. see Cargill) the more I was censored and then threatened with termination unless I stopped. Inevitably I WAS fired, by not just one major newspaper but two! Good to have kindred spirits in lieu of the friends I used to have before I was labelled a nutcase.
@corinnagast4004 Hace 2 meses
Masai are thrown of their own lands even killed because corporations want their land. This happening to all the original inhabitants around the World!!!