Simulating a Minecraft Civilization with LEGO 

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In this video I attempt to simulate a Minecraft Civilization using LEGO Bricks. Additionally I attempt to do this in 200 Minecraft days or 66 hours. This is the biggest project I have ever done and a very difficult challenge. Enjoy!
Also if you are a madman, count how many lego figures you see in the entire build, and comment it below :)
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25 sep 2023






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The ham man
The ham man Hace un año
Thi Bui
Thi Bui Hace un año
lucinda arnaud
lucinda arnaud Hace un año
Nice video
Mars Fracker
Mars Fracker Hace un año
TheKatPerson Hace un año
TD BRICKS Hace un año
The level of detail in these builds is 300iq! Can't wait to make my civilization
Aiysha Sajjad
Aiysha Sajjad Hace un año
Add a cave aswell
JosephplayzYT Hace un año
Finally early to a verified man
Cool guy
Cool guy Hace un año
@JosephplayzYT same
WDUDE Hace un año
I think you gave yourself away for ypur newest video
Baby Kayden
Baby Kayden Hace un año
Cant wait!
The B3
The B3 Hace un año
Tiling the roofs off make them look SO much better. This whole world turned out incredible!!
SA_Bricks Hace un año
hey b3 love your content
The route to Lego
The route to Lego Hace un año
Sacred Hace un año
Appreciate that bro!
Branlk3 Hace un año
@Sacred 5:32 Its a church
Hyper_Extra Hace un año
love ur vids man
LeeToons Hace un año
rip techno, a legend that will never die
Mecha LegoBricks and memes
our local cube•1000 yr's ago
technonoblade never dies
LeQuassler_lp Hace un año
Men only really die when their forgotton. It is our job now to make shure that Technoblade never dies.
Mr. Gers
Mr. Gers Hace un año
Blood for the blood god
Eli Rubin
Eli Rubin Hace un año
the spruce doors didn't look too good at first, but they actually looked REALLY good when placed down
Legotaku Hace un año
Another 16 minutes of pure entertainment! Great content :D
VertexGP Hace un año
@Darth Gonk's appertince no no he was right. We don’t include the 36 seconds of him breaking LEGO sets LOL
Greg S
Greg S Hace un año
your right. 😃
Galactic_Cupcake Hace un año
Even the nordvpn advert?
Tarsal156 Hace un año
Waluigilover69 Hace un año
Bob is definitely built different because he’s holding the blade of a light saber!
Lego Cooking
Lego Cooking Hace un año
Dude this video is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G
kalelover15 Hace un año
how does this comment have no likes ur literally verified
Helen Shaw
Helen Shaw Hace 6 meses
Elizabeth Marsden
Elizabeth Marsden Hace un año
Rest in piece Technoblade, your legend lives on
The Boip
The Boip Hace un año
That was honestly amazing adding techno with all the pigs and his house. Maybe next time you could make a custom mini figure of techno!
Bex Balaro
Bex Balaro Hace un año
Yeah he should next time I’m also giving your comment a like
GojoPlayz Hace un año
Did you know that technoblade died?
The Boip
The Boip Hace un año
@GojoPlayz 😐
Senga Jermyn
Senga Jermyn Hace un año
I was your 47th like even though no one asked
Wise_Kife Hace un año
@GojoPlayz we all know that
PrehistoricFan Hace un año
These builds are so well detailed!
Lego Emmet
Lego Emmet Hace un año
This set should be called "The history of SacredBricks and TechnoBlade"
Mr. Gers
Mr. Gers Hace un año
What about “bobs palace”
P-J Hace un año
Like- *YES*
M Riz
M Riz Hace un año
YAAAA!!!!! Buddy
Hyper_ Hace un año
"the history of sacredbricks and technoblade" no just no
Lego Emmet
Lego Emmet Hace un año
@Hyper_ Jeez, can't be creative with my self without getting bashed.
Tommyoskiao Hace un año
All of your custom builds are so good! They should be real Lego sets.
Hat Lock
Hat Lock Hace un año
You must agree that Techno is the hero without a cape. The "we need more people like you" the fucking GOAT!
Isaac Gould
Isaac Gould Hace un año
Doesn't his character have a cape
Shrek Hace un año
RIP techno
Turbomunks Hace un año
@Isaac Gould rip techno
idrinkchocolatemilk Hace un año
The fucking goat?
Hat Lock
Hat Lock Hace un año
@idrinkchocolatemilk Yeah the heroes without capes.
Elin van der Ent
Elin van der Ent Hace un año
How far imagination can bring you... i used to always want to make this sort of stuff never had the pieces tho... Techno's house also was amazing Rest In Peace Techno We loved you
Alastor Hace 8 días
Legends never die
Tudor 73
Tudor 73 Hace un año
I honestly hope that, somewhere there, in heaven, technoblade is seing what the people are doing for him, rest in peace legend
callandavishood Hace 9 meses
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton Hace un año
Hey scaredbricks, you really are cheering me up with your humor as ive been a bit down. With my dog not having much longer too live and my grandma having cancer. Thank you for making me smile, your one of the very best.
Ghost Outcry
Ghost Outcry Hace un año
That cobblestone castle has always been a mystery to me, I can’t tell if it’s a castle, or a church.
SoTired Hace un año
I always thought it was a church
FilipST Hace un año
its a church,why else would it have windows that resemble a church window and why would it have a nrewing stand(probably to brew some Holy water) in it?
Ghost Outcry
Ghost Outcry Hace un año
@FilipST oh ok, thank you
Leni Tabay
Leni Tabay Hace un año
its a church
Cutest Creeper
Cutest Creeper Hace un año
miloandloki Hace un año
I love all of your content! Keep up the great work Sac.
McShellos Hace un año
Thank you for honouring techno in this build, may Alex Rest In Peace ❤️
Michael Keppel
Michael Keppel Hace 10 meses
Zr2c,Hillary has to do it with his 👋 for his first day at work in his office so we had some time and I didn't want you guys Ju is a great place to work for and I am
Noraini Abdul Rahman
I Love how he gets angry at himself for the wrong design which is very funny 😂
Helo Hace un año
Watching him throw all the Lego down the stairs re-awakened a hidden pain in my heart
Bob Builds
Bob Builds Hace un año
yup i dropped a massive lego volcano on acident. you know how heavy those little bricks get in large numbers. i rebuilt it later so it's fine
Jay's Lego Studio
Jay's Lego Studio Hace 10 meses
Absolutely amazing 🤩 nice video with many great details and visuals 👍👍👍
Happyman Hace un año
I love the village it’s super nice and detailed keep up the work man!
Benjamin Skatzes
Benjamin Skatzes Hace un año
The segment of you throwing the sets down the stairs really hurt my soul. Yet, I still don’t know which was worse, the destruction of the sets and the fact that there were so many pieces to clean up, or the PTSD inducing noise of the sets crashing to the ground. (Though now that I think about it, I think it may be the latter.)
Pudcast7 Hace un año
This dude not only made an entire civilization in minecraft to Lego he honor techno by recreating his house 🫡🫡🫡 respect
karolis bartkus
karolis bartkus Hace un año
R.I.P Technoblade
Xander Van Brunt
Xander Van Brunt Hace 4 meses
He was one of the best Minecraft ESvidrs out there R.I.P techno he’ll never be forgotten 🫡
Ticaltheaes - TSRIB
Ticaltheaes - TSRIB Hace un año
9:32 as durable as the in-game one. 10/10
Lil_Bryndza Hace 9 meses
For the portal could’ve bought the ruined portal set I own it and highly recommend it (it works well with the nether bastion)
ProfessorZoom606 Hace un año
Techno would love this ❤️ hope he does get his own Minecraft set since they made those other mc skin based ones
Timlba63 Jonesy
Timlba63 Jonesy Hace 10 meses
We don’t talk about them!
ProfessorZoom606 Hace 10 meses
@Timlba63 Jonesy I know the other ones suck
Christian Ballesteros
Christian Ballesteros Hace 11 meses
sooo, you make detailed legos to sit in a shelf for a few months than destroy them to make more detailed legos that sit in shelves for months then the cycle repeats? i love this channel
when you inevitably have to destroy this set, don't destroy techno's house, he deserves to live on. Techno shall never die.
Cortnie Curran
Cortnie Curran Hace un año
MrBacon Shorts
MrBacon Shorts Hace un año
R.I.P Funni Pig with crown
Corey TV ( CTV)
Corey TV ( CTV) Hace un año
I would break it just to make it into pewdiepies house Sheesh this is a dangerous thing to say.
MeltedDan Hace un año
@Corey TV ( CTV) i Will take that as a joke
dagelijksdrukheid Hace un año
@Corey TV ( CTV) you did not
Tom Tom
Tom Tom Hace un año
Can we just admit these are the best Lego Minecraft videos out there?
Colin Smith
Colin Smith Hace un año
Hi, i really enjoy your videos and was wondering if you would consider making extentions onto this, i loved this video and would like to see more things like this
Abegail Marcelo
Abegail Marcelo Hace 7 meses
Rest in Peace Technoblade The G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time). You will always be better than Dream.
ChrisGotDeleted Hace un año
thanks for the homage to techno, really appreciated in a video like this ❤️
Lin dan Matt
Lin dan Matt Hace un año
This is amazing! Can you give tips for beginners to make Lego builds? I can only build a square house with no roof 😂
KBTV Studios
KBTV Studios Hace un año
I really like how you included Techno’s House! He will be missed…
Cash money
Cash money Hace un año
Yeah RIP techno it’s sad
Scorchillager Hace un año
Man this is the stuff I would do everyday, all day if I had infinite LEGO pieces
Republic Clones
Republic Clones Hace un año
This is so cool! The level of detail is insane! So cool to see you pop up in Jaxish stream today!
Ria Hace un año
Is there any place we could get the list of pieces you used for the techno house? It’s absolutely amazing
Gaming with Armyguy
Gaming with Armyguy Hace un año
I like how he didn’t use custom cobblestone for the actual cobble stone castle, but Instead on the villager house.
40c Hace un año
i never thought how much i want to see more lego building montages
Bogan Bricks
Bogan Bricks Hace un año
Might have just been the only nord vpn ad I havent skipped. Just shows how entertaining he is :)
kadu yeah!!!!!
kadu yeah!!!!! Hace un año
You honored techno without promoting your video with It, respects to you my guy ❤️
Sacred Hace un año
RIP to a legend
AR_LegendEDITS Hace un año
I really love to watch TD bricks and sacred bricks videos love you guys keep it up!
Naomi Wilkins
Naomi Wilkins Hace 5 meses
You,Tyler and Riley are all Awesome (Scared,TD,Brick Science)
dAt bOi
dAt bOi Hace un año
If u picked up the new sets u could of used the new chest mould they put in. It much more accurate and if u bought all 5 sets in the wave u should have like 6 of them.
Limitation Hace un año
Its the same but a flat surface lol
dAt bOi
dAt bOi Hace un año
@Limitation exactly
There is a rabbit set with an explosion area too. But you can do it with a breeder, some rabbits and a zombie
FoxyGLC Hace un año
I love the amount of detail into these, and I also like how you decided to create Techno’s house. R.I.P Techno.
Terezi Pyrope
Terezi Pyrope Hace un año
When you're throwing your sets down the stairs and picking up all those shards, what do you think about. Do you listen to music? Or do you just sit there in silence painstakingly picking up brick after brick. How do you pass the time? Do you regret doing that? When all is said and done, was it worth it?
prospy7777 Hace un año
Nora Kong
Nora Kong Hace un año
SleekWithIt Hace un año
sitting in silence is better , i always loved silence when i was a kid
Polish mapper
Polish mapper Hace un año
Geez dude, it’s just a construction toy
Kiara Hace un año
Crying at all the broken/damaged bricks lmao
Spade Hace un año
I love this channel. I like how he added something to represent technoblade.
kris Akula
kris Akula Hace 7 meses
This lego set looks massive.
A dude
A dude Hace un año
This is a very good video!Keep up the good work.
Rooveyst Hace 10 meses
can i possibly get a detailed list of all the lego pieces used for technos house? i wanna attempt to make it lol
FastBrixProductions Hace un año
Love this video so much! Every video is just incredibly entertaining! 👏 #RoadTo1M!
Салат / L3ttuce
I think you could also use Lego bricks 4738a and 80835 to represent the minecraft chests
Talos N
Talos N Hace un año
Rest in peace techno blade he was a legend...
KTGaming Hace un año
You are way too funny sacred. I watch TD Bricks too. Same with Brick Science.
你的母亲 / jellylungsman18
I loved the part where he said “It’s Redding Time” and redded all of the white beds
ayesha taji
ayesha taji Hace 9 meses
I know! That was awesome!
Cringey Central
Cringey Central Hace un año
Love the effort put in, rip Tecno
Treevor Hace un año
The "cobblestone castle" is actually a church. Many have been calling it that and it is the job site for the priest villager which is related to church
TMSB Fan Hace un año
sacredbricks: finally fix the door to 2x3 into 1x2 also sacredbricks: haven't fix the bed to be 2 blocks long instead of 3
Krea_tor Hace 11 meses
This guy is too based for me, couldn't resist the subscribe button
Hunt3rYT31 Hace un año
Great video! We gotta get a part 2!
Mr.Cinnamon  gaming
Mr.Cinnamon gaming Hace 8 meses
Lego needs to hire this man
Wafles Hace un año
He should have made it so there would bea button that he could press and it would lift up arms. So he can attack Pillagers, Vindacators, and Evokers. But over all looks super cool!
ItzBlackz Hace un año
Looks so good! Great Job
Daniel Taranin
Daniel Taranin Hace un año
One his first custom build,he did make a Plains village in a set based on the savanna, but I still like it.
agnelo dmello
agnelo dmello Hace 11 meses
It’s not a mistake it’s a masterpiece
agnelo dmello
agnelo dmello Hace 11 meses
Clydoscope Hace un año
Bro, this is so accurate! Well done
gamejolt user
gamejolt user Hace un año
When you think that you cleaned up every brick but find out late at night by stepping on it
The Brawl Guy
The Brawl Guy Hace un año
Bro doesn’t even know what a Minecraft church is. But Techno’s house was a nice tribute and was really well done!
GioLegoCraft Hace un año
I mean can you really call that stone structure a church? it has a brewing stand and littery nothing else
JAT Hace un año
For all my, years of playing minecraft, 7 years, It was a *CHURCH?!*
Julius Ceaser
Julius Ceaser Hace un año
@GioLegoCraft in older versions priests worked there
DWoods324 Hace un año
@JAT yeah it’s a church
Baby sloth productions
This is way better then anything Lego has done
DaW4yz Hace un año
It is so nice you have honored technoblade. Rest In Peace techno
Jeffy Hace un año
Lego needs to hire you because ur so good at building
StanLeFox Hace un año
My Mama Calls Me Special :D
simulation starts at 16:39
Glow_melon Hace un año
Me: Hearing he’s gonna call it Dave. Me showing my friend ‘see, someone used my name!’ BTW keep up the AMAZING content!!🤩😄
Bryce-Uchiha Hace un año
Hey sacredi love your videos and you got me back into legos keep up the good work
BrainlessSaysPro Hace un año
Make this man get hired in lego He's legit a master builder
Leon Wauters
Leon Wauters Hace 8 meses
Love you vids keep it up man !!♥♥♥
Kerloft Hace un año
Epic, that’s just so great! Nice idea too!
I Am Him
I Am Him Hace un año
I wish someone would make instructions for those custom builds, they are chefs kiss of lego minecraft
LDK Hace un año
Hey sacredbricks. Can you answer my question? What do you think of Chima?
Fandom Ben
Fandom Ben Hace un año
If only I had half the time, bricks, money, or dedication that you did. Maybe my dad wouldn’t had left me?
KATBOI Hace un año
Dave, the legend we all needed
Phoenix Clay
Phoenix Clay Hace 5 meses
Dave is the best build. C H A N G E M Y M I N D
blue. Hace un año
It makes my day when SacredBricks uploads.
IIIEXT1NCT88 Hace un año
(Don’t yell at me if he fixes it later in the video because I’m at 5:00) to make the beds size accurate you should use a 2x3 flat plate and and a 1x2 plate so it’s 2 “blocks” long
Skrill 4599
Skrill 4599 Hace un año
5:34 cobblestone castle : its called plains village church in the game files
Zaltear Hace un año
This man needs to be hired to lego
Tinny420 Hace un año
This makes me want to play with Lego again
GameTime Daily (NEW)
Imagine when he was filling his sets down his stairs one of the pieces snapped in half
Jesse Hace un año
I love the part where he simulates it
DWoods324 Hace un año
Lelon Musk
Lelon Musk Hace un año
What color did you use for the roof of the villager house?
Elena Alekseeva
Elena Alekseeva Hace un año
2:29 he is literally built diffrent, his arms are backwards
Ben Bouchard second account
Least Carl (or it’s Karl) won’t be alone cuz he has a Lego version of him to chill with and some pigs that are like his owner (r.i.p techno blade you’ll be missed)
Darth Gonk's appertince
It's Alex, did you not watch "so long nerds"
The Sturminator
The Sturminator Hace un año
Those look so awesome!!! My favourite is probably techno’s house
The squishmallows next door
When you drop big sets down the stair I literally felt like you destroyed the Lego Death Star
Nay La
Nay La Hace un año
Rest in peace technoblade rest in are hearts we'll never forget you